Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where is Vin Diesel when you need him?

Whenever I hear the words fast and furious I think of Vin Diesel and really fast cars. Now when I hear it I will think of really stupid republican politicians who like to overreach. (Oversight and overreach are two different things.)
The wingnuts in charge of the house oversight committee voted to hold the AG in contempt today. They think that there is a fire when most of us don't even see any smoke.   

But politircksters will be politricksters. It is, after all, political season. They have a presidential race to win, and anything to make the HNIC look bad will help their cause.

They want documents from the "Fast and Furious" gun walking "scandal", and they think that Holder and his peeps are hiding something. Of course O invoking executive privilege in the matter didn't help. A move that I personally didn't like and that I have to rip O for as well. I know that you have to protect your boy, (and possibly the office you hold, since W and his peeps were also mixed up in this mess)  but you have to remain consistent. That was not the case here.

I am no big fan of Lady Nancy, but she is right about this latest charade out of Washington. It's a joke.

"On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) slammed the House Oversight committee’s hearings relating to the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal and the imminent committee vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day,” said Pelosi." [Source]

One of the reasons that I am no fan of Mrs. Pelosi is that she didn't arrest the little bastard. Or at least make his life more uncomfortable while he was using Washington as his own personal playground.

Oh well, this too will pass. But it should be fun to see what happens as the summer heats up.

Finally, do you want to know why the GOP will never get more than 10% of the African American vote in this country?

Read the following:

 "You might recall that, yesterday, we reported that Arizona radio host Barbara Espinosa is defending comments she made about referring to President Barack Obama as a “monkey” and telling a caller to her show that she does not “believe in calling him the first black President. I voted for the white guy myself.”

As it turns out, there was a guest with her that day: Arizona Republican Party Chair Tom Morrissey.

RELATED: Radio Host Barbara Espinosa Stands By Calling Barack Obama ‘A Monkey’

And, as Think Progress is reporting today, Morrissey said not a word on the air regarding Espinosa’s “nickname” for the President. Instead, he shared that, as he sees it, Americans who do not support Obama are nothing short of patriots.."

"Patriots"? So that's what they are calling bigots these days?



Rottnkid said...

There is no evidence or even real suggestion that the constitution has been violated (other than by Republican's who say it about everything Obama does, even when they agree with him) in regards to the Fast and Furious controversy. Just as congress can step in when it sees fit according to rules governing the legislative branch of government so can the President of the United States according to the rules governing the Executive Branch. The DOJ is under the jurisdiction of the DHS which is Obama's domain (protecting this country). A guns across the Mexican border issue seems like very small potatoes compared to what was said and done to get us into Iraq. Thousands of Americans lost their lives for non-existing WMDs. Where was the Republican outrage then?

Anonymous said...

Field, this post is pathetic.

Not even worth debating or providing facts counter to your racist, waahhh, waahhh rant.

There is not only smoke the place is burning down.

shooting fish in a barrel said...

Despite his attempts to kill some people, this black moron is alive after a gunfight with police, which means he'll live to shoot someone on another day.

Inasmuch as blacks do not themselves design and manufacture anything, there would be very few homicides committed with guns if whites hadn't foolishly made it possible for blacks to obtain them.

However, crime in NY City has ticked up a little this year. But, the one bright spot is murder -- DOWN 15% year-to-date.

I think there have been more murders in Philadelphia than NY City. Keep it up, black people.

Armed teen opens fire in E. Harlem, leads cops on wild chase: police


June 20, 2012

An armed teen fired at a group of people in East Harlem late last night, then pointed his gun at cops as they chased him through two public housing developments, police said.

Cops in an unmarked car spotted Sean Terrell, 17, allegedly firing his revolver several times at a group of people on the west side of Madison Avenue, between 112th and 113th streets, about 11:15 p.m., authorities said. No one was hit.

Three officers, part of the Manhattan North gang unit, pursued on foot after Terrell, who fled on a walkway through the Taft Houses, which are between E 112th and 115th streets, cops said.

They then followed him across Fifth Avenue to the King Towers, where he was taken into custody, police said.

During the chase, cops said Terrell pointed his gun at the officers, who fired at him, but no one was struck.

The 27-year-old cop who fired at Terrell was taken to St. Luke's Hospital for tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, police said.

He has five years on the job, police added.

Terrell, who lives in East Harlem, was charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a loaded firearm and menacing of a police officer, cops said.

Police said he is also accused of reckless endangerment and criminal use of a firearm.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

""Patriots"? So that's what they are calling bigots these days?"


They've been calling themselves that all along Field. They are such "patriots" that they even remember their treasonous rebellions as patriotic.

hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil said...

field says:

They think that there is a fire when most of us don't even see any smoke.

Yeah, the US government selling guns to narco gangsters is everyone's idea of great police work.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration knows only one response to every problem -- It's Bush's fault.

But even our weasel-in-chief and his shyster-general know they can't use that one this time. Instead, they're simply locking the damning documents in a safe.

Accountability -- a word that has no place in the Obama administration.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

My favorite dickfor, little tucker carlson, is whining a little snit in the newscycle yet again.


Joan Wash @ Salon

"Is there anything funnier than listening to Tucker Carlson whine about why the White House “can’t not give us a pass!” in the wake of Neil Munro’s prep-boy heckling of President Obama?"


"Can you say entitlement?

Nothing says “spoiled child” like Tucker Carlson. The son of wealthy Republican William Carlson, a former Los Angeles television anchor who became the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a U.S. ambassador, Carlson used his family connections to sail into journalism. "


"We spend so much time lamenting the behavior of the poor, but the crises of the last decade make me think we need a better class of rich people. "


Anonymous said...

"Patriots"? So that's what they are calling bigots these days?

Yes you are a bigot. Obstinate in your views injecting skin color for EVERYTHING.

Is this your fam? Black dimmies telling kids they are going to burn in hell because they are singing god bless the country they live in? With the required wigga helping out?

This is why the majority of Americans despise liberal black racialists.

Anonymous said...

Field, what do you recommend Blacks should do about being called monkeys, esp. if we remind white people of monkeys?

I mean, that's the truth: in their minds we DO look like monkeys, esp Obama. It's too bad he didn't end up with some white features but he has none.

Just what the hell should we do? Keep trying to get in White Sports Bar and Grilles? We don't own any businesses to go to so what choice do we have?

I have said it many times before but you Negroes won't own up to the truth:

"It's depressing to be Black in America." Field, considering all the posts you write about the big R I would think you would admit it's depressing to be Black in America. Why won't you own up to the truth and do a post about the rampart depression that permeates the black community because of how they are treated and viewed as less than human....monkeys.

Depressed Negro

Anonymous said...

"Patriots"? So that's what they are calling bigots these days?"

Field, you are very confused. White racists have always been patriots. Just because they call Blacks monkeys or the N-word doesn't mean they are not patriots. Why must every white person be defined by his bigotry?

Let's not forget Whites are at the top and we are at the bottom. And judging by the way our black community and black race is going, we are destined to remain at the bottom, unfortunately. I mean, the Latinos have already surpassed us. And guess what? there is no one behind us!

Rottnkid said...


Here's the transcript and the fkn video:
Transcript after the jump.

Woman: Make sure you know that Lisa [Murkowski] confirmed Eric Holder and we disagree with that
Rachel Maddow: She what?
Woman: She voted to confirm Eric Holder
RM: and why are you against that?
Woman: because we're --
Man: --the most anti-gun attorney general this country has ever had.
RM: What's he done against guns?
Man: Well what hasn't he done against guns, let's ask that question, let's look at what his voting record beforehand --
RM: Eric Holder wasn't an elected official.
Man: Well - hey - you know all I'm asking is look at his record with Obama then, look at --
RM: What's he done on guns that you're upset about though, just so I --
Man: I don't know enough about that to answer that truthfully, Rachel
RM: Can i just ask what you are upset about Eric Holder?
Woman: because he's anti gun
RM: What has he done that's anti gun/
Woman: I don't have all the facts but i know that he is anti gun
RM: There's no specific thing that he's done that's anti gun?
Man: Just look at his press releases, that's all i say just look at his press releases, look where he's coming from
Woman -- yeah look at his press releases --
RM: I will but what press release -- about what?.
man: anything - just type into google Eric Holder 2nd amendment or Eric Holder and firearms, and you'll find plenty of ammo to go
RM: There's no specific thing he's done that you're upset about?
Woman #2: Yes there is
RM: What is it?
Woman #2: The voter intimidation and the black panthers
RM: That's -
Woman#2: That's what I'm upset about Eric Holder for, and Lisa Murkowski supported him. when they had those people out there in their military uniforms and nightsticks, and he refused to prosecute em because they were black? and that's what's happening in our judicial system right now? there's an investigation on it, how many people don't know about this
RM: You think in the lower 48 the New Black Panthers are making a difference.
Man: You won't have them up here.
RM: How come:
Man: It just, the way how the country, this state is set up. It's not conducive for what they're trying to do.
RM: Do you think the New Black Panthers are active in a lot of the lower 48?
Man: Uh, major cities. I'll just say major cities because I doubt they all have the support in the suburbs and in the, uh, counties outlying the cities.
RM: So do you know, I mean, what you are talking about is one specific precinct that you are saying they made a difference, but you think they have a broader influence.
Woman#2: You know what I am a busy mother and a busy American. I don't have time to follow every issue.
RM: I'm just trying to understand your concerns because you expressed them to me, so. . .
Woman#2: And who are you?
RM: My name's Rachel!
Woman#2: Are you Rachel Ma-? Oh! MSNBC. I've watched you very little.
RM: Oh thank you! Don't tell anybody! This is going to ruin your reputation.

Anonymous said...

• President Obama lied to the American people about his knowledge of Fast and Furious
• Eric Holder lied (again) to Congress
•The Obama administration happily announced the revamped Gunrunner Program (and Fast and Furious) in March of 2009
• The "constitutional crisis" Holder threatened last week means... he and Obama have been caught red-handed
• Eric Holder refuses "to put the Constitution of the people before the political agenda of the President"
• Executive Privilege is illegitimate to shield an administration from known crimes
• The DOJ Inspector General's "investigation" into Fast and Furious was part of the cover-up
• Eric Holder's ostensible "rationale" for withholding documents from Congress represents (yet another) lie
• Obama is protecting the Bush administration from prosecution

Today, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, possibly the dumbest person ever to walk the halls of Congress, blamed Bush for the Fast & Furious debacle. If that’s the case, since when does the Obama administration go out of its way to protect Bush?

Anonymous said...

The Preezy Nixobama knew all about Fast and Furious as Did the dirty head of the dept of injustice. That is why he is hiding all the documents and has invoked executive priv. He's dirty, a liar and hiding the truth.

March 2009 press conference. Key points of the conference.

1) An issue Important to the president
2) Under Obama's leadership
3) DOJ adding 37 employees and 10 million to fortify it's "project gunrunner"
4) To facilitate gun tracing
5) D.O.J moving agents to the border to increase gun tracing.

Eric knew it, Eric did it, Eric lied to congress, Eric got busted and retracted two lies from his statements to congress. Obama knew it and is covering up for Eric and himself.

This will be part of his history Obamagate.

Anonymous said...

Rottnkid said...

A guy looking in the mirror in a restroom calls someone else a a dumbass. Negro say what?

The Sanity Inspector said...

We understand that the murdered border patrol agent is of no concern to liberals. Nor is the attempted abrogation of 2nd Amendment Rights, that Fast And Furious was supposed to expedite. But that stuff still stubbornly matters to others, and so the investigation continues.

Rottnkid said...

"RM: You think in the lower 48 the New Black Panthers are making a difference.

Man: You won't have them up here.

RM: How come:

Man: It just, the way how the country, this state is set up. It's not conducive for what they're trying to do.

RM: Do you think the New Black Panthers are active in a lot of the lower 48?"

Man: Uh, major cities. I'll just say major cities because I doubt they all have the support in the suburbs and in the, uh, counties outlying the cities.


Keep Hope Alive!

alicia banks said...


why do u see no smoke???

u really see no smoke in eh's blatant sloppy serial lies and open mexican gun running???


please do tell me


hobama needs NO help making himself look horrid globally!!!

eh is a perfect clone of his amoral arrogant boss hobama...kudos!

eh has loyally earned a raise and a chi casino post too!!!

hobama has been consistent in brazenly violating the constitution/appointing his very own hitlerish super congress/waging 7 illegal wars etc!

hobama has been consistent in wielding africom/ndaa/sopa/cispa/dna arrests etc!

hobama has been a legendarily consistent fascist/global warlord/bankster/corparatist/racist/elitist

eh and hobama are hated because they are smug soulless liars

not because they are black/ish

we who do see their smoke are not racists

we are realists who are see and smell their smoke

ask van jones/rev wright/shirley sherrod/cornel west... if eh may soon become consistent smoking black fodder under hobama's evil politrickal bus!!!

ask van jones if eh may be kindred ashes soon!

hobama is the new hitler and the new nixon


Anonymous said...

If we all, like good soldier Schweicks, pay all our attention to the manufactured non-event of FastNFurious...we won't have time to ask where our money went. Or why Issa is pushing this meme.

Freedom of Speech is also allowing utter morons to speak their piece...of nonsense. Or to sell it to even less mature persons.

Just think of all the wingnuts who are totally dependent on the selling of falsehoods. Without wingnut welfare they would all have to face the real Free Market...and the value of wingnut is far, far less than Liberal.


alicia banks said...

vin d is a movie star

therein lies the very problem that dooms us all

hobama the beloved american idol celeb and his blindly worshipped posses think they are movie stars too

we need real leaders
not fake movie/global reality tv stars like hobama inc

not vin
not that wannabee movie star bankster hoax hobama and his posse

hobama has failed
his movie is a cruel and fatal global tragicomedy


Kingnut said...

"They think that there is a fire when most of us don't even see any smoke."

"I din see nuffin!"

I guess Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of Black America. Fast and Furious was a boneheaded attempt to whip up anti-gun rights sentiment in the U.S. by flooding Mexico with American guns.

These guys should fry for being so dishonest and incompetent. At least Watergate didn't get anybody killed.

Anonymous said...

Rttnkid, you are dreaming like some deluded Negro. Eric Holder is toast. The GOP will see to it.

You and some FN Negroes are just making up stuff in the hopes Holder won't be held accountable. But believe me Brothas and Sistahs, he will be held accountable.

Obama is acting like Nixon with his "Executive Privilege" dodging. I bet the Repubs find a way to go after him prior to re-election.

And can you believe Field's attitude toward Pelosi? Hell, she's the only friend who has stood by Obama since he became President! Some Negroes can't be satisfied.

field negro said...

"Today, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, possibly the dumbest person ever to walk the halls of Congress, blamed Bush for the Fast & Furious debacle. If that’s the case, since when does the Obama administration go out of its way to protect Bush?"

Well, actually wingnut......

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
"Today, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, possibly the dumbest person ever to walk the halls of Congress, blamed Bush for the Fast & Furious debacle. If that’s the case, since when does the Obama administration go out of its way to protect Bush?"

Well, actually wingnut......

Wow. You did read this and connect what is happening today with this didn't you? You do know that Holder is being held in contempt because he was asked to provide all documentation into HIS handling of Fast and furious and when HE expanded the program and ALL he forwarded was documents from wide receiver, when the program was run during Bush's term? This is exactly what you linked to.

After seeing this I don't understand your concern or outrage in this post, obviously you don't have a clue what is happening and are just parroting Ed Schultz, Sharpton and Shiela Jackson. They should just come out and say something dumb like "dat shit be racist" and forget trying to be involved in the government and lawmakers or enforcers. Oh wait, that is precisely what they are doing.

I mean let me try it this way. Obama invoked executive privilege and by you Sharpton etc claiming Bush did it, you are confusing yourself but forgetting that no way Obama would protect Bush, he blames him for everything he does as do you. This is proven by the fact that the majority of documents Holder forwarded (that you just copied a story on) were pertaining to Bush's wide receiver and this is the problem congress has with holder. Holder expanded wide reciever into fast and furious, added agents, lots of money and got people killed and did NOT work with the Mexican government. Then lied about knowing anything about it.

What is at issue here is that Holder specifically announced that he and Obama were expanding Wide Receiver in 2009 and made a huge show of this to help with Mexico Drug Cartels.

See Here: Pretty clear they KNEW all about the program they were ANNOUNCING in 2009

The problem and the difference my moonbatty friend is that when wide reciever was run. They worked with the Mexican government, tracked the guns and ended the program, they didn't lie to congress and most importantly didn't get anyone killed, oh and or like you are doing blame Clinton under oath oh and slight oversight on your part, they didn't deny it.

Holder, despite publicly announcing in 2009 that he was expanding wide reciever into fast and furious, lied to congress and said he and Obama knew nothing about it.

Then after CBS broke the story that he did, he retracted this lie 10 months later.

See Here:

Obama said he didn't know anything about this at all, even though his press secretary advised in 2009 that under his guidance and leadership they were expanding the program and USING stimulus money procured and authorized by him to protect the borders by expanding fast and furious, now he still denys knowing, yet claims he had to know by invoking E.P. so stating he has to protect secret documents between he and Holder about Fast and Furious from the public knowing what he knew and saying he didnt when he did.

Oh, lies complicate things don't they?

But I know, it's all racism.

Anonymous said...

You are being railroaded by spouting Sharpton/Lee/Schultz memes. Holder himself disagrees with you guys.

"In fact today, Senator Grassley released a letter from Holder where HOLDER says there was no connection between a program which the Bush Administration ran called wide receiver (done in connection with the Mexican Government) and Fast and Furious."

On Feb. 4, 2011, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich sent a letter to Congress insisting that any allegation that the “ATF ‘sanctioned’ or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons to a straw purchaser who then transported them to Mexico -- is false.” Holder repeatedly stated that he and other top officials had no knowledge of the gunwalking operations until after Terry’s death. That's when he "stopped the program."

Whistle- blowers, supported by documents leaked to them by a U.S. attorney told the news media and Congress that agency officials were fully aware that straw buyers were moving guns into Mexico--- In December the department formally retracted the Feb. 4 letter, and Holder lamely told Congress that the officials responsible for the false claims “did not know at the time that the information that they provided was inaccurate.”

Also did you know that those 7,600 pages the committee received was about five percent of what they asked for? Do you know that most of the documents turned over were so redacted that they looked like they were dipped in black paint? And obviously a lot of them were related to wide reciever and not fast and furious?

Just make it simple, say being held accountable to the laws of this nation and expecting actions and behavior of an DOJ head to be of a high caliber and honest is just racist and has a disparaging effect on minorities.

Anonymous said...

Now we understand why He has so many problems.

Racy photos of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, have recently surfaced in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. The photos, taken at Frank Marshall Davis' house in Honolulu, appeared in Bizarre Life, Exotique, Secret Pleasures, and Battling Babes. They help illustrate the intimate relationship between Dunham and Davis. "My father was from Kenya, he grew up herding goats," Barack Obama told the cheering crowds. Did Obama build his political career upon a fairy tale? Was Obama misdirecting Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?

Obama's version of his early childhood is false -- the family did not split up when the Kenyan Obama went to Harvard as he claimed. In fact, Ann Dunham, took "Barry" to Seattle a few weeks after his birth, in late August 1961, and began studies at the University of Washington, while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. All evidence points to a "sham" marriage to cover up an illicit affair. Barack Obama began regular visits to Frank Marshall Davis' house at the age of 10, and Obama refers to Frank Marshall Davis throughout his autobiography as his childhood "mentor." Dreams from My Real Father makes the case that the Communist Party USA propagandist was both Obama's biological and ideological father, and likely indoctrinated Obama in Marxism during his formative years.

be my baby said...

Must be an example of the black interpretation of how you adopt:

Laquasia said to the judge, "Ah dopped him, das all, ah dopped him. Jus lak da so-shul worker said to."

Mother who dumped newborn down garbage chute now looking for work as home health aide


June 21, 2012

Share on emailShare on facebook More Sharing ServicesMore Print Go get a job— just not that job.

A Brooklyn judge was baffled yesterday when a mother who dumped her newborn down a garbage chute said she is looking for work as a home health aide.

Laquasia Wright must hold down a job as part of a deal in which she pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child — but Justice Patricia DiMango was stumped by her career choice.

“That’s probably the least appropriate job for her,” DiMango told Wright and her lawyer. “It defies logic. I don’t think it’s the best choice.”

Wright was 18 when she was charged last year with trying to kill her baby boy by tossing him out with the trash at a Fort Greene housing project.

A worker at the Walt Whitman Houses heard the baby’s cries and fished the boy out of the bottom of a trash compactor in May 2011.

As part of the plea, Wright must be on probation for five years, keep a job and earn her general- equivalency degree.

“She is getting help with a family member,” said defense lawyer John Rodriguez.

“We’re making every effort to help and rehabilitate her — none of us took this conclusion lightly.”

Prosecutors gave her the offer, DiMango said, because she is “somebody they think is worth saving or can be saved.”

If Wright doesn’t stick to the deal, she risks up to seven years in prison.

how now brown maddow said...

rottnkid and Rachel Maddow.

If Rachel Maddow is giving time on her show to inarticulate people with half-formed opinions who live in Alaska, it's clear she's desperate.

Fringe people from Alaska. What a laugh. Next she'll be talking to people who're opposed to animal nudity. The people who want your dogs and cats and zoo animals to wear nice clothes at all times.

I wonder if she'd give the same amount of time to Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam thugs?

BARBBF said...

"Finally, do you want to know why the GOP will never get more than 10% of the African American vote in this country?"


RIP Brian Terry & Jamie Zapata said...

You can bet your ass, that if the Border Agent & ICE Agent who were killed with Holder's guns were black, and the current President was white, every black (and Democrat....what's the difference?), would be screaming for his head & rioting in the streets.

cameras catching the black and white said...

It must have been a matter of her mental health that she went wild on the bus and attacked the white guy. Maybe he looked like Thomas Jefferson.

Seems that video of Rodney King got people to thinking. Now that cameras are recording the activities of millions of people everywhere, it's the same old story -- blacks committing crimes of all kinds every minute of the day.

Philadelphia Police Searching For Suspect In SEPTA Assault
June 20, 2012

(CBS) - Philadelphia police are searching for a woman who was caught on surveillance camera assaulting a man on a SEPTA bus last month.

The incident happened on May 31st on a Route 23 SEPTA bus on the 5700 block of Germantown Avenue.

Police say a little before 2:30 p.m., a woman described as black female, 5’5” with a stocky build boarded the bus and right after sitting down, she suddenly got up, approached a man sitting a few rows behind her and began assaulting him.

Watch The Video (Credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

Police say she punched and slapped the victim, causing injuries to his head and face.

The woman then exited the bus at the Germantown and Shelten Avenue stop and fled on foot in an unknown direction.

She was wearing a pink shirt, dark jeans and white sunglasses.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact: Northwest Detective Division 215-686-3353.

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder continues the campaign against America. Do they know they live in the USA and this is their country?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to explain why it has abruptly dropped terrorism charges against a member of a Middle Eastern family indicted in south Florida last year with providing material support for the Pakistani Taliban.
In all, six people were charged with sending tens of thousands of dollars to the terrorist organization, which is associated with Al-Qaeda and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against American interests, including a 2009 suicide bombing at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan. The ringleader in this case is a Pakistani imam (Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan) who ran a mosque in Miami. The others include his sons, daughter and grandson.

Khan founded an Islamic school that supports the Taliban’s jihad while living in Pakistan and continued controlling and funding it as an imam in Miami, according to a federal indictment. He used the school to provide shelter and support for Taliban soldiers and to train children how to kill Americans in Afghanistan, the indictment says. The rest of the family helped create a network that flowed money from the U.S. to Pakistan to purchase guns for the Taliban, according to the feds.

alicia banks said...

mindlessly saying that hobama has not consistently violated the constitution

is akin to saying that hobama has not been a bankster

this newest denial is just proof that hobama nazis are shamelessly and completely blind

cc this to ndaa/jp morgan etc/libya etc


as an atty defending eh & hobama for gun running

and fr daring to ignore ndaa

u have officially jumped the shark

u r now a consistent hobama nazi

shame bruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make Me Puke said...

Hah, hah!

Obama's Mama....but, who's the baby daddy?

What a white slut.



I find it rather interesting that in the midst of all these things People still find a way to blame Republicans for this administration openly allowing guns to fall into the hands of drug cartels. A border patrol agents is dead as proof. Yet you hear every other argument under the sun. Its WRONG for the govt to allow guns to be procured by drug cartels...What part of that SHOULDNT be investigated to the fullest extent of the law?

The only defense of these action Ive seen are "Bush did it First"
"Other Presidents used executive privilege "
" The republicans are Evil"

Weak tired no substance arguments....

alicia banks said...


cash cannot always buy

alicia banks said...

kudos to real dads!!!

we need millions more!!!

searches and seizures said...

This cabinet member resigned because he's worried a medical condition might affect his ability to function. His medical condition caused him to have a couple of minor car accidents.

Holder, meanwhile, has another kind of condition that resulted in the distribution of 2,000 machine guns to narco-terrorists, who used them to kill numerous rivals and at least one US agent.

Despite the lethal nature of Holder's mental condition, he won't give up his job. It looks as though he'll have to get booted from his office, an eviction for which America's law enforcement officers would be thankful.

Commerce Secretary Bryson resigns following seizures


(AP)WASHINGTON - Commerce Secretary John E. Bryson has resigned, WTOP has learned, but will continue serving in an advisory role to the president.

In a letter to President Barack Obama, Bryson, 68, says he chose to give up his cabinet position following a "recent seizure and medical leave of absence."

The secretary was involved in two traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area in early June as a result of a seizure, the government said.

alicia banks said...

kkkiller lies on videotape


rip tm

we do not believe a word he says!

we know your hunter is a liar!!!

we know you saw the gun he had in his hand and you went out like a soldier baby boy!!!

we got next!

alicia banks said...

newest bath salt zombie alert!!!


Don said...

At least Nancy Pelosi found humor in her comment about Karl Rove. I suppose such roaring laughter or comedy wouldn't go over with the audience as well if spoken from the mouth of President Obama.

Wikfors claims Espinosa isn't racist. Lol. RIGHT. Add Barbara to the long list of "patriots" in America.

IAmNotACrookBushWas said...

Oh. I see said the blind man to the deaf mute.

This is why Obama doesn't want the truth out on Fast and Furious. Part of the coverup is that HE did have meetings with Eric Holder and they DID discuss how to get more gun controls and of all NewsMedia CBS is the one outing the documents that prove the ATF was using Fast and furious (the one they didn't know about) to make a case for gun control. That is ALL the entire program under Obama/Holder was.

Imagine if the media did their job at all the local Obamabot Affiliates? Like MSNBC, CNN. This is all going to come out and it is Barack Nixons watergate.

Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder says we need to teach our young people that guns are bad.

Because we know nearly banning guns or making them impossible to get for law abiding citizens works so well in Chicagostan, New Yussia and Detroitina, killedelphia and so on.

Do liberals ever connect the real world with their unicorn farts and donkey dust wishes?

Anonymous said...

The Obama Admin. gave over 2000 guns to mexican drug cartels. Over 200 Mexicians have been killed with these guns. 2 law enforcement officers have been killed with these guns. Hundreds of crimes, both here and Mexico, have been linked to these guns.

Eric Holder and folks at the DOJ have lied to Congress-at least 3 times.

So if there is no smoke, why the lies and cover up?

"since W and his peeps were also mixed up in this mess"

W and his peeps have nothing to do with fast and furious.{A program started in 2009}.

Anonymous said...

Make Me Puke said...
Hah, hah!

Obama's Mama....but, who's the baby daddy?

What a white slut.

Frank Marshall Davis. That's why he waited and promoted the birther scam. People knew there was something wrong but they were sniffing the wrong trail. His daddy be communist marxist who raised him as his "mentor"

Ann was sent away in shame when her porno shoots and subsequent colored baby came about. But she didn't want the baby so Granpappy and Frankie "reared him" I guess we can say Frankie inserted marxism into him repeatedly.

alicia banks said...

cc this to that racist blackish bankster hobama asap

we needed 22 x more of his help than jp morgan did


nobama 2012!!!!

Taylor said...

Let's flip the script just for giggles. Suppose Obama stooped waaay down to Ms Espinosa's level and called her a greasy wetback. Do you think the general reaction would be, "Oh well"?

field negro said...

"Eric Holder and folks at the DOJ have lied to Congress-at least 3 times."


And Flipper lies every time he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
"Eric Holder and folks at the DOJ have lied to Congress-at least 3 times."


And Flipper lies every time he opens his mouth.


Disgusted said...

Yeah. You *yawn when it's Democrats, you go all Mau Mau when it's Republicans.

I'd really like to see your *yawn* if Brian Terry was a black guy and Eric Holder & Obama were white.

I know you won't answer this simple question, and this will never see the light of day.

BARBBF said...