Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colin makes a pick and Sarah is still "shucking and jivin".

“Not only am I not comfortable with what Governor Romney is proposing for his economic plan, I have concerns about his views on foreign policy,” Powell said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning” — adding that the Republican nominee had “some very, very strong neo-conservative views” and describing Romney’s foreign policy vision as a “moving target”.

This is interesting. Is it just a case of you Negroes sticking together? Or is it a Bushite hating on Romney thing? Naw, that couldn't be it; didn't Condi endorse  Mitt?

Anyway, it seems that this election is breaking down along racial lines. Colin is supposed to be "post racial" so maybe his endorsement will bring some of those other folks over to O's side. O, No matter what these Negroes tell you, you can't beat Flipper without the white vote. (Obama is trailing Romney by 33% for the white male vote.) White folks still make up about 75% of people who will actually vote in this country. Most of these Negroes will not be voting come election day. They will have other things to do, such as watch television and shop for clothes.

Finally, Sarah Palin took offense to folks saying that her "shuck and jive" statement about the president was racist. She actually used a variation of the "some of my best friends are black, meme". 

 "For the record, there was nothing remotely racist in my use of the phrase “shuck and jive” – a phrase which many people have used, including Chris Matthews, Andrew Cuomo, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to name a few off the top of my head. In fact, Andrew Cuomo also used the phrase in reference to Barack Obama, and the fact that Mr. Cuomo and I used the phrase in relation to President Obama signifies nothing out of the ordinary. I would have used the exact same expression if I had been writing about President Carter, whose foreign policy rivaled Obama’s in its ineptitude, or about the Nixon administration, which was also famously rocked by a cover-up.
I’ve been known to use the phrase most often when chastising my daughter Piper to stop procrastinating and do her homework. As she is part Yup’ik Eskimo, I’m not sure if this term would be deemed offensive when it’s directed at her or if it would be considered benign as in the case of Chris Matthews’ use of it in reference to Rachel Maddow." [Source]

So there you have it. Sarah's daughter is part Eskimo and she uses the phrase to her. So of course that makes it alright to use the same offensive phrase when speaking about the black guy in the White House.

That, my friends, is called wingnut logic.


MrCharlie2 said...

Better late than never: I will give $50 to Trump's favorite charity if he shows me his IQ test.

Dane Richards

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Sarah who? From where?

Anonymous said...

"O, No matter what these Negroes tell you, you can't beat Flipper without the white vote. (Obama is trailing Romney by 33% for the white male vote.) White folks still make up about 75% of people who will actually vote in this country. Most of these Negroes will not be voting come election day. They will have other things to do, such as watch television and shop for clothes."

You are so depressing when it comes to race. But you are right. There is no way Obama is going to win this race unless a 'whole' bunch of Whites have a change of heart. When did a lot Whites change their minds about Obama? As I said before, it was in the first debate. Obama came off as a pathetic weak Commander-in-Chief who shouldn't be a Commander-in-Chief.

If you are a black President you couldn't afford to have lost that first one to Romney. That debate made up a 'whole' lot of White minds.

I still can't get that damn debate out of my mind, and I am Black. Obama reminded me of how much the GOP kicked him around for 4 years and we don't need another 4 of that depressing shit. Besides, what sticks the most in my claw is Obama's treatment of my race.

Of all the people on the earth, the worst person I know of is another Black who treats his people like shit. I don't want another 4 years of that. And I don't care what Colin Powell says, he hasn't been so great with us either. He's a damn Republican.

I am sick of this shit. It's fucking depressing. I'll be glad when Nov 6 gets here so we can end this shit.

One other thing you are right about: Negroes won't be going to the polls in droves this time around. Hell, Blacks don't usually vote anyway. Even if they did, it wouldn't be enough to beat's over.

depressed Negro

John McClain said...

Sarah Palin? Really Field? That's all you got left, reminiscing about 2008?

And Colin Powell - one affirmative action hero applauding another.

Blacks are so racist. Especially the ones who look part white.

Anonymous said...

Miss Marion was scolded by the current president — whom Chicagoans call “Bathhouse Barry” for his closeted gay lifestyle and enjoyment of man-on-man shenanigans in bathhouses back in his Illinois state senator days (and similar antics in the private locker rooms and steam/sauna areas of the golf resorts he visits so frequently…despite never improving his swing or game) — but the “First Grandmother” has never and will never be afraid of her “punkass son-in-law”, as she refers to him. One source who remains close to Miss Marion said, “She thinks it’s funny. Hilarious. Barack was screaming at her to stop telling people things and she just stared at him like she always does and didn’t pay him no mind at all. She does this thing when he talks that he hates, like this [puts index finger in mouth and makes popping sound by pulling it quickly out of her cheek]. Miss Marion loves to provoke him and get his temper up because she likes hearing him get all high-pitched and red in the face like a little girl. Then Miss Marion mocks him like he’s one of her granddaughters having a tantrum. It’s funny. He’s screaming at her and she stares him down and makes that popping sound and he gets so mad but he can’t do shit to her and he knows it. Michelle would beat his ass if he touched Miss Marion and everyone knows it”.

Additionally, I have been receiving reports that many of the young staffers that Obama took with him to Washington are actively seeking jobs for February 2013 or sooner. One of my contacts is a headhunter here in Chicago who has already fielded calls from “10 or 15″ Chicago-native Obama White House staffers who are moving back to the Illinois in January of this year; they are clearly looking to get a jump start on the search in the job market that Barack Obama helped tank and they do not want to be unemployed or allow too much time to pass between working in the White House and scoring a high paying position in a corporate setting (if they can find one). My headhunter source tells me some of these people are already having interviews and might actually leave before Mitt Romney’s inauguration on January 21st, 2013. “They need to get out before the investigations start and suddenly saying you worked for Barack Obama becomes a red flag on your resume instead of a prestige listing”.

The reason for the push to find jobs immediately is pure supply and demand in a tough job market and also the fact that once Obama’s defeated the Democrat Civil War will begin, where Clinton loyalists will start work purging all the Obama operatives from the party and attempting to restore the public’s faith in the Democrat brand by eliminating all traces of Obama from the DNC. This means that once they leave their White House positions the young Obama staffers will have a hard time finding new jobs in Washington DC because the Clintons will punish anyone who hires them. The Clintons want all the Obama acolytes gone so that in the next four years the Party can try to pretend that “The Golden Age of Hope and Change” never happened at all (much like Democrats isolated and banished most of the Carter people when they finally rebranded the Party as centrists under the Clintons).

Obama’s young staffers (many of whom are under 30) are thus facing a situation where they will be out of work when Bathhouse Barry leaves office…the usual places that White House staffers land after a failed administration will be closed off to them due to the Democrat Civil War that Hillary Clinton is going to orchestrate…and corporations looking to curry favor with the new Romney White House will be reluctant to hire Obama staffers into their ranks.

Read more

SickupandFed said...

Whitey's Conspiracy...You are just flat out wrong for using what I was gonna say first! How dare you!


rotflmwao said...


A white man beat you again. What do you know?

steve said...

@John McClain:

Old Colon Bowell sure loves his peeps.

As for the question of whether Obama benefited from affirmative action, well, he wrote that "undoubtedly" he did. As Obama wrote when he was at Harvard Law:

I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not felt stigmatized within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.

On the other hand, Harvard Law let Michelle in, and Barack's obviously a lot smarter than his wife. So, he probably didn't need as much racial preference as some of the other black students.

Captain Sugarballs said...

All the namecalling underlines the essential triviality of Obama and his Government Client & Upper Upper Class White Voter agenda. There is nothing to his campaign except very small social-progressive appeals to people who are simply not affected by the economy, whether they are too poor to notice a bad economy, immunized from the economy by being a government worker, or so rich they have nothing at all to fear from a bad economy.

This is underscored by polls that show only 35% of voters think the economy will ever improve under Obama. Since his support is almost 50%, that means at least 15% of voters will choose Obama even when they think his policies will make the economy worse. Amazing but true.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Obama is gone and we can get back to that post-racial society project we were supposed to be working on.

SickupandFed said...

BTW Field, I voted a couple of days ago. Went down at 10:30AM and had to wait 40 minutes to get my ballot.

The thing that is telling about those facts is this, I live in the battleground state of Ohio. In Cincinnati, which is in Hamilton County. Cincy is majority Black but the county isn't. We will be in the enviable position of deciding the winner of the state again, like in 2008. O will take the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Akron/Canton/ Youngstown areas. Whoever takes Hamilton County wins the state. All of that to say this, the real reason why our boneheaded Sec. of State Humphead Husted has been trying to limit the early voting is because the number of early voters is outpacing 2008 and here votes in known Obama precincts is more than 2:1 in favor of the O man. There is no lack of voter enthusiasm here. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict Obama takes Ohio.

Another thing, about two weeks ago I went to mittens FB page and challenged him to make an appearance in the hood. He had been here 4 or 5 times and, although it always said he was in Cincy, he had always been in the burbs. I challenged him to come to the hood. So when mittens came here today, he actually came to MY hood. The POS was actually less than a mile from my house. The only problem is, he was at a business. And even though he was in a 85-90% Black area, the only Black person you saw was a buddy of mine that is a News Photographer at one of my old stations.

These g-no-p slugs claim they want more Blacks, they send out their house Negroes to encourage others of us to leave the Democratic plantation but, when they have a chance to actually do something to make that happen, they chicken out.

I was formerly registered as a Rethuglican. Mainly because I was told if I wanted my career to take hold here, I should change parties. And the funny thing is, as soon as I did it, things changed. I was happy and I have always listened to what all candidates had to say.But the g-no-p gives me nothing. And I don't know if anyone else has noticed, this election ALL g-no-p candidates have engaged in nothing but lies and projection from the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom.

They are worthless sacks of human excrement. My biggest hope is they do what crap eventually does. Dry up and blow away. IF we can follow through, all across the nation, and remove the sources of obstruction on the 6th we will be able to send the nation on a period of expansion that we haven't seen since the 50's. We put people back to work and the deficit and debt will solve itself.

Lastly, they beat my Reds so I have to go GIANTS all the way. And they are up 2 zip heading to Detroit for game 3.

SickupandFed said...

@ rotflmwao...

funny, just like your handle. Only problem is, everybody knows, white boys don't has no ass. I guess that's why you all act like one so much.

FWIW, I can keep smacking that non ass all night.

When you've lost David Letterman... said...

Apparently even a moonbat like David Letterman can only be fed so many lies before he starts to choke:

“Here’s what upset me [about the last debate] … this playing fast and loose with facts. And President Obama cites the op-ed piece that Romney wrote about Detroit, ‘Let them go bankrupt, let them go bankrupt.’ And [in the debate] he brings it up again, ‘Oh no, Governor, you said let them go bankrupt, blah blah blah, let them go bankrupt, blah.’ And Mitt said, ‘No, no, check the thing, check the thing, check the thing.’

“Now, I don’t care whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you want your president to be telling the truth, you want the contender to be lying. And so when we found out today or soon thereafter that, in fact, the President Obama was not telling the truth about what was excerpted from that op-ed piece, I felt discouraged. …

“The fact that the President is invoking it and swearing that he was right and that Romney was wrong and I thought, well, he’s the president, of course he’s right. Well, it turned out no, he was taking liberties with that.”

“Taking liberties” means Obama was lying through his teeth regarding Romney’s approach to GM’s bankruptcy, which would have been much more beneficial for the company in the long run than Obama’s because he would not have sold out the company to the union that had crippled it. Maybe this is why the Detroit News endorses Romney, who has caught up with Obama in Michigan despite Obama’s bogus smears.

Obama lied, Americans died said...

Here's one thing we can be sure of about the Benghazi affair: almost everything we've been told since by the mainstream media is a lie, invariably one designed to shore up the creaky and desperate Obama administration.

The American media needs to reconcile their profession with their only legitimate purpose regarding govt- they are supposed to be the enemies of crooked, dishonest govt. on behalf of the citizens, not protectors and enablers to the Dem party. They are the reason Obama Admin felt they could invent a narrative and run out the clock to election. Media and Congress have about the same pathetic lack of respect or trust from the public.
lack of respect or trust from the public.

Anonymous said...


"They are worthless sacks of human excrement. My biggest hope is they do what crap eventually does. Dry up and blow away. IF we can follow through, all across the nation, and remove the sources of obstruction

Why don't you say it like it is, it isn't "obstruction" it's stopping Obama from printing more money that makes prices on everything skyrocket, so he can pay off his cronies and waste it on nothing. Isn't 16 trillion enough to learn yet?

"on the 6th we will be able to send the nation on a period of expansion that we haven't seen since the 50's. We put people back to work and the deficit and debt will solve itself."

You are right, democrats will lose the house and senate and there will be a purge of Obamabots by any surviving democrats - just to try and save the party - which has now been exposed as completely insane and incompetent, this regime under Obama has set democrats back at least 50 years.

But being that this nightmare is about to end you can still see the hand of unfettered liberal policies and politics. Check out California, Illinois, New York, Atlanta - Detroit, Camden and on and on - Funny how those liberal policies with completely democratic led most black politicians have all turned out.

California has been a state full of queers/steers and nuts for a very, very long time. How is that going? Why are they nearly bankrupt, blacks are being eaten alive economically by illegals and productive wealth creators are running to other states because the taxes never stop. Education is a disaster, crime is outrageous and most importantly all those Unions who you thought benefited are going to lose more than anyone, the state can't afford to pay the promises they made with all the tax and spend policies and free lunch for any illegal that makes it in and the taxpayers geting squeezed until they are broke of run from the state.

Sniff your shoe, you might find where that shit smell is coming from, if not there then try your upper lip.

Anonymous said...

SicknFedup said, "Another thing, about two weeks ago I went to mittens FB page and challenged him to make an appearance in the hood. He had been here 4 or 5 times and, although it always said he was in Cincy, he had always been in the burbs. I challenged him to come to the hood. So when mittens came here today, he actually came to MY hood. The POS was actually less than a mile from my house. The only problem is, he was at a business. And even though he was in a 85-90% Black area, the only Black person you saw was a buddy of mine that is a News Photographer at one of my old stations."

SicknFed, you are depressing the hell out of me. First you challenge Mitt to come to your hood and he does. Still, that's not enough for you. It's damn if he does and damn if he doesn't. Hell, he's done MORE than Obama has done for us since he has been President! But you are still complaining that Mitt didn't DO ENOUGH. When are you going to complain that OBAMA HASN'T DONE ENOUGH FOR US?

What really depresses me about my peeps and Negroes like you is you NEVER expect a damn thing from Obama and that's WHY he has given us NOTHING. Yet, here you are all charged up voting for Obama for another four years of insults, and ignoring us as though we don't exist. We have gotten ZERO from Obama. Does that tell you anything about him and his relationship to the black community?

Mitt has shown up EVERY TIME we have requested him to show up! He even showed up in your SickNFedup hood. Obama will NEVER show up in your hood. It's beneath him to do that. Now how in the world do you figure we folks should piss away our votes on a man who has proven many time over that he doesn't give a damn about us? Let me answer that question for you: BECAUSE WE ARE SIMPLETONS WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND LOW SELF-WORTH. The worse Obama treats us, the more we love him.

This proves that FN Negroes like you are not only sick, we are also 'masochistic'. That is, we used to being treated like shit. No wonder as a race we always get the short end of the stick and end up in last place.

As EVERY Negro knows FROM EXPERIENCE, there is no one more evil than a black man who is in the position to help his people but instead exploits and treats his people like shit. All the Mitt Romney's in the world can't match that. Obama has no love for us-no conscience- and will piss on us again if re-elected. I am sick-and-fed-up with this dumb-ass bullshit.

Being Black in America is distressing and depressing and it's NOT always because of the white man. Quite often it's because of us...we just fuck ourselves.

depressed Negro

Anonymous said...

From the previous thread, this is 'critical' info from CNBC that we ALL need to know before voting:

"The “fiscal cliff” — and the calamitous hit to the economy that will come with it — is more likely to be avoided if Mitt Romney becomes president, Goldman Sachs told clients this week.

Therefore, this November’s election is one of the most important in this country’s recent history, according to the investment bank.

“A Romney win seems more likely to lead to a short-term extension of the 2001/2003 tax cuts and some aspects of the fiscal cliff,” wrote Alec Phillips, the firm’s U.S. political economist, in a note Wednesday. “A status quo political outcome raises the risk of a game of fiscal ‘chicken’ at year end, in which policy goes ‘off the cliff’ unless one party reverses their long-held position on the upper income portion of the tax cut.”

With a President-elect Romney guiding the way, a Republican-controlled House is more likely to work with the Democrat-controlled Senate to hatch at least an extension of the tax cuts and delay the automatic spending cuts, according to Goldman and many on Wall Street.

“There is simply more risk to the stock market with an Obama win because of the risks of going off the fiscal cliff,” said Lawrence McDonald, author, trader and political strategist. “He will have to work with Tea Party members of the House, and the president has also shown little skill in bipartisan deal making.” --CNBC

Anonymous said...


"The 'fiscal cliff' may sound like the name of an exercise retreat on a mountain top in Southern California, but the reality is not so pretty.

What 'fiscal cliff' actually refers to is the potentially dire economic situation the U.S. faces at the end of 2012.

The now infamous phrase was coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in February 2012, during one of his required appearances before Congress on the state of the U.S. economy. He described ... "a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases" on Jan. 1, 2013.

Since then, 'fiscal cliff' has taken on legendary status as a harbinger of economic gloom and doom.

So what does the 'fiscal cliff' trigger for the economy and how bad can it be? Here's a look.

How does the fiscal cliff come about?

At midnight on Dec. 31, 2012, a major provision of the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) are scheduled to go into effect. This was the deal signed by President Obama in August 2011 to end the Congressional battle over raising the government debt ceiling.

The Act was a compromise between Democrats and Republicans on economic policies while temporarily increasing the debt ceiling — the amount of money the government could borrow from itself to pay its bills.

The crucial part of the Act provided for a Joint Select Committee of Congressional Democrats and Republicans — the so called 'Supercommittee '— to produce bipartisan legislation by late November 2012 that would decrease the U.S. deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years.

To do so, the committee agreed to implement by law — if no other deal was reached before Dec. 31 — massive government spending cuts as well as tax increases or a return to tax levels from previous years. These are the elements that make up the 'fiscal cliff.'

What laws from the Budget Control Act will go into place?

Among them are the end of 2011's temporary payroll tax cuts — the result of which will be a 2 percent tax increase for most workers.

There will also be an end to several tax breaks for businesses, and changes in the alternative minimum tax (AMT) that could result in more people having to pay — the income range is currently between $45,000 and $200,000 — and higher tax payments for those who do.

Several of these existing tax breaks came from the George W. Bush tax cut bill of 2001, which were extended under President Obama until the end of 2012.

There will also be tax increases for higher income individuals to help pay for the Affordable Health Care Act (so-called ObamaCare).

At the same time, spending cuts will take place in more than 1,000 government programs, including cuts in the defense budget as well as social programs like Medicare, through 2022.

But some programs are exempt from the BCA. Those are Social Security, federal pensions and veterans' benefits."

Anonymous said...

"What is the impact of the tax increases and budget cuts?

While higher taxes and spending cuts would reduce the U.S. budget deficit by an estimated $560 billion, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicts that the policies from the BCA would cut gross domestic product by four percentage points in 2013. Many analysts say that would likely send the still-struggling U.S. economy into a recession, if not a depression, as the financial markets would likely go into a tailspin while businesses and consumers both cut back on spending.

As a result of the economic slowdown from the stilted GDP growth, the CBO also predicts unemployment would rise by almost a full percentage point, with a loss of about two million jobs.

Can anything be done to prevent the 'Fiscal Cliff' from happening?

The major problem has been getting Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House to agree on budgetary policy for the future. Republicans say they want cuts in government spending to reduce the country's deficit without raising taxes. For their part, Democrats say they want spending cuts with certain taxes raised.

There have been calls to extend some or all of the tax cuts and to replace the massive cutbacks in government spending with more targeted reductions. Some proposals include repealing the BCA altogether and just keeping what exists now until another agreement can be reached.

But so far, there is no consensus on what to do, and some analysts say nothing might happen to avoid the 'fiscal cliff' until the last week in December.

There is one ace in the hole, so to speak. Even if the BCA deadline comes and nothing is done, Congress can still act to change laws retroactively if it chooses." --CNBC.COM

depressed Negro

PilotX said...

Reagan lied, let a Marine take the fall, and so many more Americans died. Now he's a conservastive hero. Ya'll must love Barack or didn't he kill enough?

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...

Reagan lied, let a Marine take the fall, and so many more Americans died. Now he's a conservastive hero. Ya'll must love Barack or didn't he kill enough?

The problem you have is you keep seeing others through yourself. We are not you.

PreciousPalette said...

What I want to know is why Sarah Palin hasn't ripped Ann Coulter a new one for calling Pres. Obama the "r-word". Oh, that's right... it's okay as long as anyone uses it towards someone who shucks & jives.

Anonymous said...

of course!!!

reps = dems

hobama = the most bankster repub prez ever

colin/colon = a peer hnic warlord who bombed black countries just as that blackish racist clone hnic hobomba does/one more blind adoring bromanced hobama gurl

no shock here...

go mitt!!!!!!!

cc africom/ndaa/wwiii etc

Anonymous said...

kudos to sarah!!!!!!

she has never lied about that racist retard hobama or hobamacare!

no prez has EVER shucked and jived like that pathological incessant liar hobama

and the hobama nazi ruled msm HELP him shuck and jive always

ask libyans/osama/donald young/larry sinclair/vera baker/
& hobamacare's "units"/actual death panels etc

Anonymous said...

more proof that hobama nazis are morons:

hobama has slain women and blacks MOST!!!!

go mitt!!!!

Not everyone is like Whitey said...

The Washington Post reported Friday at the top of the front page "Whites' support for Obama eroding." Jon Cohen and Rosalind Helderman reported "Obama has a deficit of 23 percentage points" right now, behind Romney by 60 percent to 37. The networks have been much fonder of showing how Obama was winning big among blacks and Latinos.

Overall, Romney has edged ahead in the contest, garnering 50 percent of likely voters for the first time in the campaign, according to the Post-ABC poll. As Romney hits 50 percent, the president stands at 47 percent, his lowest tally since before the national party conventions.

Here's the hardest paragraph for Democrats to read:

The erosion of support Obama has experienced since his muted performance in the first presidential debate has been particularly acute among white men, whites without college degrees and white independents, the new tracking poll found. Nearly half of all of those who supported Obama in 2008 but now say they back Romney are white independents. Overall, whites make up more than 90 percent of such vote "switchers."

Maybe Obama's War on White People wasn't such a good idea?

Skittles said...

It’s not just white men… It’s white women, thinking black men, enlightened Hispanics, free market Asians…

Obama’s losing the whole rainbow of voters this year.

Ben Ghazi said...


Speaking to the “Lars Larson Show,” father of Seal Tyrone Woods — who died in Benghazi defending the consulate annex — shared his experience of meeting President Obama and Secretary Clinton at the memorial service for the fallen heroes a few days after the attack. Charles Woods said Obama “couldn’t look me in the eye” and “mumbled” an “I’m sorry”. He said Secretary Clinton assured him that they were going to “arrest and prosecute” the man that made the scapegoated youtube video critical of Allah… Which had nothing to do with the 9-11 terror attack in Benghazi.

First they say his son's death wasn't "optimal", and now they try to lie to us and tell us they called it a terrorist act all along. I am so looking forward to the end of this administration.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

AB, don't you ever learn? I would think you'd get tired of posting all your lame crap on field's blog, just to have him come behind you and delete it.

Perhaps this explains it:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

blind blogless lying assnon:

u r my insane inspiration...kudos!!!!!!!

go mitt!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's true. Romney has a solid lead with White voters. It's all over for some of you depressing Leftist tomming Obama FN Negroes.

Those of you, like Field, who called others a moron for speaking the truth about Obama and his impending loss in the election should look in the mirror where you will see the REAL moron.

Even after the Dems and Obama have shunned us, some of you FN fools still bow at his feet. The man is a loser.

Don't forget to vote...LOL

Anonymous said...

more proof that hobama nazis are insane:

this is proof that black racists are retarded and insane just like their false blackish god hobama

millions of white voters will NOT be fooled by hobama twice

millions of insane black fools will be happy fools anew
they are so insane that they demand others to be the same cloned fools for hobama


go mitt!!!!

A section of Black America has lost their minds – literally – unable to make contact with reality since November 2008. Despite the horrific and disproportionate damage suffered by Blacks in the Great Recession, a psychologically impaired group of African Americans believes they are better off than before the recession began, and that the future is bright. When Obama entered, their powers of reason exited.

The insanity is documented in the Pew Research Center’s recent report, “How the Great Recession Has Changed Life in America,” which shows that Black America, the group that has been the most damaged, by far, in the Great Recession, is also the most enthusiastic about the state of the economy. Twenty-five percent of Blacks tell pollsters that the economy is doing good or excellent; that’s almost twice as high as the number of whites that think so – even though Black unemployment is about twice that of whites. Eighty-one percent of Blacks say America is still a land of prosperity, while only 59 percent of whites think that way, even though Blacks make only 61 cents for every white dollar earned, the same as 30 years ago.

A 53 percent Black majority think that the economy is starting to recover. Only 40 percent of whites hold that opinion. Yet, for the average Black or white working class person with a mortgage to pay, the situation is as bad as ever – and for Black people, that means roughly twice as bad. The Pew poll shows that 35 percent of Blacks report their homes are worth less than their mortgages, compared to just 18 percent for white people. Fifty-four percent of Blacks took a pay cut, worked reduced hours or were forced to take unpaid leave during the Great Recession. Only 37 percent of whites suffered such employment trauma, yet Blacks are consistently – and insanely – more optimistic about the future, and feel better about the present, than whites do. Nearly a third of Blacks say they are in better shape than before the recession began – a figure with no basis whatsoever in real life, and a perception that is at total war with reality. Everything is worse for every major Black demographic since December 2007. There is nothing to be upbeat about – except, for Obama supporters, the election 0f 2008. From that point on, a large segment of Black America became disconnected from reality, numb to their own pain and to the pain of their children. They have been singing zippidity-doo-dah while all around them Black America is in economic free-fall. These deluded Black folks have been rendered incompetent and politically useless to themselves and their families by the mere existence of a Black president. Obama's election was, besides the Great Recession itself, the worse thing that has happened to Black people in a long time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"millions of insane black fools will be happy fools anew
they are so insane that they demand others to be the same cloned fools for hobama"

You are right but have some mercy for some of our insane Negroes. Much like Mr. Field, they are afraid of the wm. However, they ought to be MORE afraid of Obama after the way he treated us during his first term in office. But that is what insanity is: crazy thinking and behavior

Being part of the black race is no cake walk! I sometimes think it is a curse put on us by the wicked witch of hell.

I see no point in discussing this Obama stuff anymore. It's too depressing. FN has become the Black Stormfront of the blogosphere. I'm out of here. PEACE.

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting and pathetic that the majority of the black race are willing to sacrifice themselves for a man who has insulted and disrespected them. That is INSANITY at its greatest. Why would anybody in their right mind want another four years of that? Amazing.

PilotX said...

I see Herman Cain is on Fox. Fifty bucks says he's cooning for Sununu.

PilotX said...

Your trolls are funny, they ask how blah people can vote for Barack but then why would we vote for the white guy who didn't even see us as human until he was in his late 20's and has a campaign co-chair who makes racist comments. Yeah right, only squirrel eating hillbillies vote against their own interests. Were good.

Anonymous said...

more proof that that nasty pissy retard hobama is boldly unpresidential

his new ad is a new low for tacky and lewd!!!

hobama's new x rated desperete ad solicits deflowering jungle fever on selection day 2012

what a gd shame!!!!!!!!

PilotX said...

Maybe we would consider voting for Romney if he ever showed any kind of spine or moral courage. He said NOTHING as a Mormon bishop when his religion had racist practices. He says nothing when his henchmen make racist statements about a former secretary of state. He says nothing when his party makes ridiculous statements about rape. To top it all off he changes positions so frequently you have to wonder if he has any values. Gen. Powell had it right about that guy. Maybe you trolls should listen to the good military man, oh that's right he was just an AA victim. Carry on.

DREGstudios! The Art of Brandt Hardin said...

The racism of yesteryear has come full circle in our county. The entire world embraced our choice of a black President four years ago and most nations still support him. The fringe elements of bigotry have crept through into the mainstream once again with conservative mouthpieces planting the seeds of hate. The only doubt lies here at home rooting from bigotry. Watch the white hands paint Obama in Blackface at

Anonymous said...

the racism is all negroes and your boy bongo is going down in flames because of benghazi which stinks of val jarrett,the commie cunt.we are sick of the negro rich bongo who squandered trillions of our dollars on trinkets of no value.we already have our first turd world city in detoilet and we don't want bongo and his commies to turn the whole country in to detoilet.your boy is toast but we might impeach the bastard first.stupid negroes!

BARBBF said...

Talk about "Flipper"..what about the one-term president statement/interview on YouTube?

FLASHBACK: Obama: My Presidency Will Be 'A One-Term Proposition' If Economy Doesn't Turn In 3 Years - YouTube


Ankita Tiwari said...

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