Saturday, November 24, 2012

"White on Rice."

“You’ve got grumpy old (white) men going after a young accomplished woman of color,” Milbank wrote in a piece this week. “It’s arguable this is not the path to convincing the American people that the GOP is truly a big tent where all races, religions and classes are welcome.”

That was Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writing about the GOP's latest attempt to find skeletons in O's presidential closet. This time they are hoping that Susan Rice will be the crack in O's armor that will lead to his ultimate downfall. (Good luck with that. They will find that Troy was a cake walk compared to getting to O.) Poor "grumpy old (white) men", they tried to make Eric Holder their Trojan Horse but to no avail. Now, unfortunately for her, Susan Rice will have to face the wrath of the "grumpy old (white) men".

Some have attributed nefarious motives to the GOP's actions, and some, while not excusing their actions, have seemed to have read their minds.

“The GOP letter is wrong. It is partisan. It is angry. It is sour grapes. It is inaccurate. It is unfair. It is grossly misdirected against Susan Rice, who did absolutely nothing wrong. But in my humble opinion the letter has nothing to do with race.” [Source] 

Your humble opinion sir, not mine.

Of course, as is to be expected, the "grumpy" ones have declared that their actions are not racist but in the best interest of the country. They claim that they are simply trying to get to the bottom of what happened in Libya.

"Republicans, Graham foremost among them, made a patriotically tinged denial of the charges:
“Well, when you can’t answer the question, you attack the questioner,” he said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.” “The only color I’m worried about when it comes to Benghazi is red—blood red, the death of four Americans.” [Source]

But....but..., I thought they answered the question.

Sorry men, no matter how hard you try, you cannot make Benghazi into Watergate. And, sadly for you, this is not the Trojan Horse you were looking for.



Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Even bitter old John McCaine stopped flogging that tired old trouser trout and started looking for something, anything else.

Chuck said...

Gee. What a shocker! More people found guilty of being white colored.

You filthy bigots are sickening. What you scum don't realize is that you dehumanize the objects of your corrupt affection. You vermin see nothing but color.

May all Klansmen like you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Susan Rice as Secretary of State? Well, I am not sure about that. I don't know much about her but I knew Hillary so it was ok.

It's difficult being Black and looking for such a high level job because Whites don't know much about you in the South. Hell, even the quiet, mild mannered well-behaved Southern Blacks don't know anything about her. Get my drift?

Take Obama for instance. We just don't know that much about him but through the grace of Sandy he was re-elected President.

Now, you are expecting Susan Rice to fill Clinton's old job? Field, don't you think you are asking a lot of our country? And Please spare me the wingnut namecalling. You've played that record too many times, brother.

Brother Field, I am like you, I am part of the black race too. And please don't try to discount me and say I am not Black. I am from Jamaica, and I think you can sense that.

Anonymous said...

Please show some mercy toward the GOP. They are changing to fit the times and our country as best they can. But don't expect them to turn that GOP aircraft carrier around on a dime. It takes time and patience, which I know a very mature and compassionate Field has a lot of.:)

Field for President in 2016!!

PilotX said...

Crying wolf again. This is getting sad for the GOP. Like the gazelles with night vision goggles said "cmon guys, you're better than this". You think we can end the breathless "breaking stories" by Hannity about the next shocking act of treason that turns out to be nothing?
BTW, this is going to turn out just like the Sotomeyer confirmation, bad optics. A bunch of old southern white males patronizing a woman of color. If smart the GOP will lay off but they never learn.

PilotX said...

We lost one of our heroes this week. My uncle who was a Tuskegee Airman passed away.


Whites want to know why the black president left four white guys to die and why all the over-the-top stonewalling about it?

alicia banks said...

she lied for hobama

now it is time to pay for that lie

job hazard for any drone


1%'r said...

No need to open any closet doors, she's right out in the open at worst a liar, at best incompetent.

Urple said...

I hadn't been here in a long time and I see that comment moderation is now in effect. Should have been done years ago.

Anyway, this situation with Rice is a head fake and really has nothing to do with Rice per se but is a continuation of the senseless political battles that have been put out there for public consumption to keep up the idea that there's a democracy when there is indeed none. The real issue with Benghazi is the active conduct of coups in Syria and Libya managed by the CIA station there and led by Stevens. His death along with the death of the others was simply a return volley in a war that is being conducted by Obama which the republicans happen to agree with. Otherwise, why aren't they questioning the policy rather than doing something stupid like going after Rice? It's the policy that's responsible for the deaths.

What is revealing here is the silence of those on the left. If this were Bush, they'd be up in arms over the policy, but since its Obama, questioning the policy is off limits. There's plenty of time to talk the stuff that gets us nowhere like Rice, titillating affairs and etc.

field negro said...

PilotX, sorry for your loss. Your family should be proud of your uncle.

Coatesville Expat said...

You Communists are going to ride this "angry old white man" meme into the ground. You're going to shout this until its rubbed into the grain of the ignorant proletariat. I'm sick too of this fever dream of attributing every and all things to the sin of racism, its nothing more than a strawman.

Mr. Field, I left the plantation called Coatesville in 1978, refusing to live my life trapped in the field/house negro dialectic.

Anonymous said...

Racism? Of course!! There can be no other reason than racism for criticizing the Ambassador who had access to classified information but decided oh well let me go out of my way and spread far and wide an obvious fairy tale, a lie and say I only read the talking points that were handed to me?

Yeah, we know anytime a Black liberal is held accountable or lawdy forbid criticized it's racism.

So under Obama what other words can't be used in normal speech?

Golf,Chicago,Anger,Socialist,Incompetent,Muslim,Crime,Welfare Queen,Urban,Un-American,Food Stamp President,Kitchen Cabinet,Empty Chair,Professor,Obamacare.

And you really expect to gain respect with this nonsense and not become a complete joke? Especially with those of us who remember how liberals treated rice and the things they let those White boys say about her because she was conservative? A KKK grand poobah Robert Byrd went after that Black lady and you said nothing and you want to be taken seriously?

You might kid yourself into thinking otherwise but the race card has now become a dog whistle. When you have to hide Incompetence, fraud and corruption of your own that you excuse - you play the race card.

Dog Whistle for losers - Race card.

You are right, Benghazi is no watergate - It's a million times worse. An incompetent clown (oops is that racist) ordered Americans to stand down, sacrificed americans and either made no decisions and did nothing or made all the wrong ones whilst americans that could have been protected as is required by his job title died. Unnaceptable and no amount of race card fuckery and shucking and jiving excuses will wash this away.

The Purple Cow said...

The wingnuts grow ever more desperate and ever more delusional.

Ray Sitzcracker said...

Just as not endorsing anything President Obama has done is proof of racism, we now learn that criticizing the performance of any black government figure is a sure sign of an inveterate racist.

Rep. James Clyburn has further clarified things, by informing us that the word "incompetent" is code for "black". I did not know that, but when you think about it, it makes sense.

So Field, as sensitive as you are to the slightest hint of impure thoughts of the racist variety, perhaps you could do us all a favor and spell out the rules for the Hierarchy of Criticism that is now being enforced by the Democrat Media.

It's clear that "old white men" cannot criticize a black woman, even one as light as Susan Rice. If she were a little bit lighter, could they criticize her? Or is being a woman enough to make her immune from being criticized by white men?

And what happens down the road, once white men are forbidden from holding office? Things won't be so clear cut. Could a Hispanic female transgender congressperson criticize a black gay male administration official with a learning disability?

This situation is a potential mine field of social gaffes that could have serious consequences for someone who criticizes the wrong person. These rules need to be hammered out. Maybe the President could appoint you to a position (Minister of Truth?) where you can set down these rules on paper for all to see.

PilotX said...

Thanks Field.

Matt said...

When conservatives start calling moderate liberals 'communists' you know they have lost.

When they start calling Obama 'hobama' you know they have lost.

When they start posting as Anonymous and say everything Obama does is worse than Watergate then you know they have lost.

Fun to watch, though. I must say.

1%'r said...

"Rep. James Clyburn has further clarified things, by informing us that the word "incompetent" is code for "black". I did not know that, but when you think about it, it makes sense."
Post of the year! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks, I wish you'd take a flying hike on a trapeze somewhere. You're annoying as hell and take your "hobama" bs along with you. I get that you don't like the elegant president. Well, I detest you.

The First Joe said...


Trojan Horse is the wrong analogy.

"Breach in the wall" might work.

And it's disgusting that Eric Holder has weaseled out of responsibility for the massive fuck-up of Fast and Furious - that, in effect killed a whole load of Mexican folks and a US Border Guard.

Doubly disgusting, that after candidate Obama criticised GWBush for hiding behind Presidential privelege, that President Obama chose to do exactly the same when it was convenient to him.

Those of us outside Uhmerrikka find the cult-like nature of US political allegiance gob-smacking. There's no sense of policing your "own side" on either Left or Right. It's blind partisanship all round.

Anonymous said...

I hope President Obama treats Susan Rice better than he treated Shirley Sherrod.

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