Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Virginia is not for cheaters, and move over George Zimmerman.

So now we know how Barack Obama won Virginia. I swear you Negroes can't win anything without cheating.

"Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican Attorney General of Virginia, agreed with WMAL radio host Cheri Jacobus Tuesday when she insinuated that President Obama may have illegitimately won the election through lenient voting laws.
Jacobus stated, “He can’t win a state where photo ID is required. So clearly there’s something going on out there.” In fact, President Obama won Michigan and Florida, both of which have voter identification laws.

Jacobus’ co-host Brian Wilson claimed to have received several emails from listeners wishing to report voter fraud. He then asked Cuccinelli, “When you hear these kinds of stories, one wonders, why isn’t there a way for the Attorney General of the commonwealth of Virginia to get involved and to look into these matters?”

Cuccinelli told Wilson he was unable to investigate election violations unless state officials first requested an inquiry, but agreed that there “ought to be a way” for him to look into these matters. After Jacobus seemingly became angry with him for not investigating the voter fraud allegations, Cuccinelli stated, ”Your tone suggests you’re a little upset with me. You’re preaching to the choir. I’m with you completely.”

Oh my! The Attorney General of Virginia implying that the president of these divided states stole an election? [Source]

Of course, as is always the case in these verbal slip-ups; Mr. Cuccinelli is now walking back his wingnut moment.

"After the interview, Noah Wall, political spokesman for Cuccinnelli, said in an email that Cuccinelli never meant to question the legality of President Barack Obama‘s campaign: ”There is no question that President Obama legitimately won re-election. Ken was simply talking about the fact that there were problems on election day which need to be addressed.”


Finally, if you haven't heard of Michael David Dunn, hang on; you will be hearing more about him soon. It seems that Mr. Dunn is Florida's latest version of George Zimmerman.

"The confrontation that resulted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis started over loud music, according to investigators in Brevard County, Florida.

The incident took place Friday outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, where Davis and four of his friends were hanging out inside a parked SVU.

Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department said 45-year-old Michael David Dunn and his girlfriend, both in town for Dunn's son's wedding, pulled up and asked the teens to turn down the music in their car.

Investigators reported that words were exchanged between Davis and Dunn, but did not elaborate.

The confrontation ended after Dunn, a gun collector, pulled out a weapon and fired at least eight shots at the SUV, striking Davis twice.

None of the vehicle's other occupants were injured.

Dunn's girlfriend, who was in the store buying wine at the time, returned to the car having heard a "popping" sound, and the two bolted from the scene. The unnamed woman told investigators Dunn admitted he "fired at these kids," but claims they were not aware someone had died until hearing it on the news.

Dunn, a Satellite Beach resident, was arrested Saturday at his home on charges of murder and attempted murder. He was booked into Brevard County jail, where he is being held without bail.

He is expected to be returned to Jacksonville shortly after pleading not guilty through his attorney Robin Lemonidis.

"It will be very clear that Mr. Dunn acted very responsibly and as any responsible firearms owner would have acted under these circumstances" [Source] 

I smell a stand-your-ground defense coming.



Hattie said...

I would like to say unbelievable but it's all too believable. God damn it.

NSangoma said...


Uh field booty, seems that your boi, Jordan Russell Davis, was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle:


we all know that Jordan Russell Davis, would not have mouthed off to any Black person who asked them to turn down their music.

Why, because someone would be due to get shot. I'm sure Philadelphia Negroes shoot each other for petty shit like this on a weekly basis.

Don't get upset field booty because the shooter is this case is a whidte boi.

Jordan Russell Davis, should have kept his mouph shut.


Improbable Joe said...

Fucking fuck?

Look, I live in the ghetto and there's loud music, and I carry a gun, and somehow in the last 13 months I've managed to deal with loud music without shooting anyone. I'm pretty sure I've never come close to shooting anyone. If I can tolerate barking dogs and screaming people and loud music without shooting anyone, why can't some guy make it through a convenience store purchase without murdering a person?

Anonymous said...

Dunn will claim stand your ground in self-defense. I mean, there were several black teens in that SUV. That can be frightening to anybody, Black or White. You just can't screw around with angry black teens or black men.

The problem that's 'hidden' in front of ALL Americans is that there are just as many if not more angry white men who should be in anger management. Instead, they are roaming free with guns.

If Florida has the death penalty I hope that sorry sick SOB is fried by electricity until he is black. Does anybody know if FL has the death penalty?

Field, do you know this is the holidays? Why the hell are you trying to ruin them for me?

You post a lot of depressing shit that happens to black men in America.

Dpressed Negro

Anonymous said...

Mr Field, re: Banks in your sidebar, I can personally assure you that Banks has changed his ways. He belongs to YOUR profession, for pete's sake.

Everyone knows that in order to become a lawyer you have to have good character and operate honestly.

Show some mercy for a fellow lawyer and fellow brother. Please remove his picture from your sidebar before you ruin his good name. Hell, it's XMAS, Field.

field negro said...

"Mr Field, re: Banks in your sidebar, I can personally assure you that Banks has changed his ways. He belongs to YOUR profession, for pete's sake."

Well then he might have gotten worse. :)

NSangoma, this isn't even about Mr. Dunn or Mr. Davis, it's about the laws of Florida and how they will be applied in this case.

We will see.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...

"Mr Field, re: Banks in your sidebar, I can personally assure you that Banks has changed his ways. He belongs to YOUR profession, for pete's sake."

Well then he might have gotten worse. :)

NSangoma, this isn't even about Mr. Dunn or Mr. Davis, it's about the laws of Florida and how they will be applied in this case.

We will see.

Do you know something you didn't post and that wasn't in the news? Did the kid point a gun at his killer and try and shoot him?

If not, why presume he would have a even a chance at a stand your ground defense in a running vehicle against an unarmed group.

As for comparing this case with Zimmerman - again do you know something that wasn't in the news? Did the teen physically attack his killer and was he in the process of murdering him by slamming his head into the concrete because he overheard him talking to police? What similarities do you see?

You are a lawyer correct?

AgentX said...

I think Mr. Dunn is toast. Unless the kid got out of his seat and bum-rushed him, this is a open-and-shut case. No Stand-yer-ground for this punk.

Anonymous said...

kudos to michelle hobama and the hobama bmbo factions!

they are the poorest/most hopeless demographic in america

her "share my baby deddy" dnc speech worked like a charm

the ebt swiping/turbo breeding/illiterate masses of bimbos answered her call rolling on dubs...

kudos to the shebot sheeple!



Anonymous said...

Re: Stand Your Ground. Angela Corey is State Attorney here. She is also the special prosecutor appointed to try Zimmerman in Sanford. They may try Stand Your Ground but it won't work. His best option is a plea deal because he's going to jail.

Anonymous said...

Who does that? Who in their right mind walks up to a parked car to complain about loud music.

If something is 'altering your peace' to that extent, isn't that what 'law and order' are being paid for?

Frustrated Negro said...


Field do you give your Obomber a pass on continuing in the same direction on this subject????

crazy/beautiful said...

I don't think the guy above me realizes that black people are only 13% of the population. If he did, it would expose a serious flaw in his "argument" and he may not have a reason to continue spewing racist shit...

PilotX said...

I love that gop talking point, which was used here by one of your trolls. B didn't win a state where voter I D laws were in effect. Well duh,it's wingnut conservative states that pass such laws. Such genius in conservative circles. No wonder Palin is a star on their side.

crazy/beautiful said...

Also, why are comments moderated if you allowed that jackass' post to go up?!

Jose Queervo said...

Now that Negro Incorporated has an actual example of a white man shooting a black teenager, can we let the "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman go?

Reggie Clavicle said...

So now that it has been exposed that Obama stole the election, is he going to jail? Or is he above the law, and nobody gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

more on hobama's fried rice

shame on that lying global warlord hobama!!!!!!!!!


shame on the sheeple!

Anonymous said...

Steven D

Just tweeted your post, Field. Looks to me they'll find a way for this guy to skate under the stand your ground law, or as I like to call it Florida's open hunting season on brown people law. I do not think I will visit FL ever again. My daughter has a black teen gay friend and I tell him that bad as it is he's lucky to live in NY. At least here people can't shoot him by the side of the road and claim self defense.

Rufus said...

Racism (noun) - sympathy for one group of people and skepticism of another group of people.

Due to racism, Dunn can expect to be convicted of manslaughter at most and expect his sentence to be reduced to time served.

You see, racism isn't as blatant as yelling racial epithets. It's as subtle as the aforementioned definition.

Did Dunn feel threatened? Of course he did. What White person doesn't feel threatened by a Black man? This perceived "threat" is burned into ITS psyche. Yeah, I said "its", because MOST I have encountered aren't human in my book.

tahidi said...

The Orlando Sentinal today:

Florida pastor Terry Jones, seven others sentenced to death by Egyptian court for anti-Islam film

Remember this?:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
— Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Those white folks in Florida are ITS, many across the country are ITS. They are inhumane hateful, entitled Demons. I want that guy to pay the same way he made that young man pay for playing loud music. He wanted an excuse to kill a black person and the loud music thing was enough. I am truly ready for the black panther party to come out guns blazin. I swear to you. White people are pissing me the fuck off. Im getting a gun.

Anonymous said...

What I am not understanding is these murdered children fathers sit back like punks while they seed, the addition to their life is destroyed.
Sitting back and letting another man destroy your family isn't even biblical. He had a lust and he used your son to feel the thirst and all you can say is some weak response. God gives you the authority to handle a lot of things go read the bible for real and quit laying down your existence. No other group of people would take their children being destroyed.

Anonymous said...


You must be the most misinformed, uninformed and ignorant ----- standing on two feet.

Ankita Tiwari said...