Saturday, December 28, 2013

What brown did not do for you this Christmas.

Will all the folks praising the mighty private sector have something to say about the UPS Christmas fiasco?

It's not a good look when the company that's supposed to be putting the post office out of business can't deliver Santa's gifts on time.

Apparently, like the government, the boys with the big brown trucks didn't properly plan for the holiday spike in business.

 "UPS originally expected to ship about 7.75 million packages in its air network Monday, with about 3.5 million of those sorted at Worldport, as the Louisville hub is known. The facility handles on average 1.6 million packages a day. It isn't yet known how many packages arrived at Worldport during the last minute crush, but on Christmas Eve UPS said the volume of air packages in its system had exceeded its capacity.

It is still too early to know what went wrong, UPS said, adding that the company is analyzing the situation.

Some shoppers also complained of delays with shipments handled by FedEx. A spokeswoman said FedEx "experienced no major service disruptions during this holiday season, and we experienced no major service disruptions in the week before Christmas, despite heavy volume." She said FedEx is working with customers "to address any isolated incidents."

UPS carefully plans how it will handle the holiday peak. Extra resources such as additional cargo planes had been lined up as "hot spares"—company lingo for aircraft that could be fired up quickly in case of a logistics emergency. But it ran into a confluence of factors. Retailers have been encouraging online sales, which have grown much faster than retail sales overall. And retailers likely contributed to the logjam by offering some of their best discounts late in the season in a final push for sales. Many chains dropped prices on the final Saturday before Christmas to levels below what they were offering on Black Friday, according to Simeon Siegel, an analyst with Nomura Equity Research.

That, coupled with retailers' promises of just-in-time deliveries, encouraged many shoppers to put in orders at the last minute. People buying from more than 70 retailers including Toys "R" Us Inc. and Dick's Sporting Goods Inc., whose online shipping is handled by eBay Enterprise, were able to place Web orders as late as 11 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 23, a full 24 hours later than last year.

The result was a surge in online sales shortly before Christmas. UPS had been forecasting an 8% average rise in its daily shipping volumes during the holidays. But online sales in the last weekend before Christmas jumped by 37% from the year before, according to data from IBM Digital Analytics."

This all sounds familiar. But I am sure we won't hear talking heads pontificating about the death of the private sector in America. Rather, it's just a by- product of the capitalist system at work.

This leads me to another company in the private sector with some holiday issues.

Forty million people had data stolen from their credit and debit cards. That is a serious invasion of our privacy. But no outcry from the same folks who are worried about the government having our information and tapping into our phone lines and computers.

 "The retailer was alerted its systems might have been compromised by credit card processors who had noticed a surge in fraudulent transactions involving credit cards that had been used at Target, according to the source, who was not authorized to discuss the matter.

The timing of the breach could not have been worse for Target, coming just before three of the four busiest days of what has been a bruising holiday season for retailers, with the highest level of discounting in years. Target itself last month lowered its profit forecast for the year after disappointing sales in the third quarter.

Complaints from customers began to surface on social media as they learned of it early Thursday morning.

Most of these attacks are just a cost of doing business," said Mark Rasch, a former U.S. prosecutor of cyber crimes." [Source]

"Just the cost of doing business". The people who support the NSA being all in our business would argue that this particular apparatus is in place because they have to protect the American people, and the occasional infringement on our right to privacy is just the cost of living in America.

It's not a point of view I tend to agree with, but I am all to glad to point out the double standard when it comes to how we view the government as opposed to the private sector here in America.



Anonymous said...

Field, this post is a lot better than the Santa post. At least this one has some substance to it. BIB might be pleased with the upgrade in your post.

It's only fair that you upgrade, since you are always complaining to Anon Inc that it needs to upgrade its Anons. By upgrading your posts you are setting a fine example for Anon Inc by taking the lead.

Negrolicious said...

This is a story? Most people had rightly chosen to scale back this Christmas as Obama is still butt fucking the economy. At the last minute, many decided to get their loved ones something regardless, and the delivery people were swamped for a day or two.

The truth is that everything is going to suck until we get this Marxist loser out of the White House.

The Purple Cow said...

To be fair to UPC, how could they have possibly known that Christmas Day was going to turn up on December 25th again this year?

That's like 2000 years in a row, I mean what are the chances?

Black Sage said...

Idiotlicious said: “The truth is that everything is going to suck until we get this Marxist loser out of the White House.”

It never ceases to amaze me regarding what some phuck-face, idiot Uh-Merikkkan will say. I was totally unaware of the fact that BomberO filled out an employment application and now works for UPS. I thought he resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Stupid *ish!

PilotX said...

Good post. We were talking about this on the flight tonight. The USPS is cheaper and guaranteed. One guy shipped an expensive guitar and it turned up missing from a certain shipping company. Yeah they paid the insurance but it didn't sit well with the guy that it could just disappear. The USPS has their own police force to make sure nothing like this happens to our mail.
As far as Target I read somewhere that the US is behind when it comes to credit/debit card security. In other countries their cards have imbedded data chips while ours have just the magnetic strip. Maybe our banks may find it cheaper to include the chips instead of shipping out millions of cards everytime this happens.

field negro said... can't blame everything on Obama.
Not even your wife leaving you and taking the dog.

Dr. Nuwang said...

You know I'm starting to question my vote for the President 2012.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Honestly, I've never heard of UPS screwing up this badly, especially on a major holiday.

It seems like it was, literally the perfect storm of the usual Christmas rush combined with last minute orders, bad weather and even more last minute orders from a country that doesn't seem to understand that Christmas may not be the best time to order something at the last minute and ordinary delivery times may be out the window. You pay your money and hope for the best when it's a few days before Christmas.

Honestly, USPS, FedEX and UPS have saved my butt last minute so many times, it's hard to be mad at them although I'm not the one who got any gifts late. But I wasn't naive enough to place a last minute order either.

I can't help but think that the economy contributed to all the last minute ordering. People waiting for that last direct deposit to shop or order stuff when they don't want to get out in the crowds.

Lastly, as for UPS and FedEx replacing the post office, that's a laugh because they both depend heavily on the US Post office to deliver the last leg for places they don't service. It's mandatory that the US Mail service anywhere with an address. There is no such mandate for UPS or FedEx.

Anonymous said...

Too many people buying online. UPS and FedEx can't keep up with all the deliveries. Soon they may have to set up that hilarious "drone delivery" service that Amazon talked about. LOL

I have to say, all this online buying can't be good for the ol' global warming. It seems like more gasoline and jet fuel is being burned while moving packages around in such an inefficient way, as opposed to buying from the old brick-and-mortar retailers.

Meanwhile, the for-profit delivery services' competitor, the U.S. Mail, is hurting because the GOP is trying to legislate it to death by making it overpay its pension obligations. The irony is that if they succeed in killing the post office, it will be rural white people who end up without delivery service to the unprofitable areas where they live; urbanites will be just fine getting their packages from the for-profit services.

Basically, Republican leadership is hurting its own voting base. I, for one, will be laughing when that base starts screaming because they can't get any mail anymore, courtesy of their dumbass leaders.

Bill said...

Things are getting so bad in minnesota that even white democrat mayor wannabes are getting beat up at starbucks.

The runner-up in the Minneapolis mayoral election is recovering after being robbed and brutally beaten Thursday night at the Mall of America.

When starbucks are not safe for white democrats you know things will be changing.

Nothing says white liberal like spending more on a cup of coffee every day than people around the world earn in a day of hard labor.

Barbbf said...

We ordered from and other online stores starting 1 December to 10 December.......everything was delivered by FedEx and UPS and everything arrived on time. I wonder if most problems were caused by late ordering.

Anonymous said...

If I'd ordered anything online it wouldn't have been at the last minute.

That would've been taking a chance and hoping it would work well.

I know the fed Ex planes here on the island have been working above and beyond, as I can hear them taking off and coming in during these last two weeks.

As far as I'm concerned the government can listen in on my telephone conversations any time. I really don't see what the big fuss is about if one has nothing to hide!

I read that Al Qaeda is trys to recruit young Americans, and also Al-Shabaab recruits from Somali communities in the U.S.

So I would venture to guess that's a valid reason to warrant the government listening in on phone conversations.

Either way, most of our personal info has already been gathered by Google,et al., so where's the problem?

Bill said...

"In all my years of experience, I have known (redacted) grade boys to talk about things like this, but Adam's level of violence was disturbing," the teacher told investigators. The teacher added: "Adam's creative writing was so graphic that it could not be shared."

So it was known Adam was a danger.

The teachers did nothing.

Children died.

Blame guns.

Democrat logic.

Black Sage said...

The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states in relevant part: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, papers, houses and effects against unreasonsble searches and seizures shall not be violated.

Pres. Kennedy said in 1961: "There is a very grave danger that an ANNOUNCED NEED FOR INCREASED SECURITY will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment."

The US Constitution and Kennedy's words are very succinct. I sincerely hope that no one is believing the NSA's story that they're tapping our phone lines and reading our emails to keep us safe.

How does that work??

focusedpurpose said...

thank you Black Sage.

folks acting like they don't have the right to privacy nor the need to be concerned when it is violated...have an interesting way of looking at things.

those that would trade their freedom/rights for "safety"...will end up with neither.

Bill said...

Black Sage said...
I sincerely hope that no one is believing the NSA's story that they're tapping our phone lines and reading our emails to keep us safe.

How does that work??

All the white right-wing fears about NSA spying is based on Obama's skin color.

Please don't start parroting right-wingers just to pretend you're not a democrat.

The Purple Cow said...

Quote Bill-Oh-The-Dimwit-Oh

"So it was known Adam was a danger.

The teachers did nothing.

Children died.

Blame guns.

Democrat logic."

Adam was a danger

Republicans gave him a gun

Children died

Repuglican logic.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution is an outdated document. Too antiquated for todays world.

It was written by the fathers of this nation with the purpose of keeping their/our country independent of the British.

If any of those items were to be violated by the British, it was then a cause for more war.

In todays world it is hardly relevant and laughable when you consider that most of our info is in the hands of all the companies.

So you might want to consider getting off the internet and disconnecting it from the net :)

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, papers, houses and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated."

Listening in on conversations is none of the above.

A country has the duty and obligation to protect itself against foreign takeover no? How is it supposed to do that in this day and age? Any ideas are welcome,'cos I sure would love to know :)

Black Sage said...

I have nothing yo hide from the gubberment. And since I have nothing to hide, doesn't necessarily mean that I should nonchalantly forfeit my right to privacy in order to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
folks acting like they don't have the right to privacy nor the need to be concerned when it is violated...have an interesting way of looking at things.

those that would trade their freedom/rights for "safety"...will end up with neither.
2:16 PM

Well,aren't you 'special'!

Look who's blabbering away about "rights" "right to privacy"and "freedoms"

How very fucking right wing of your crazy azz! :D

According to your gospel right?

You can have all the rights, but the gays have no right to be gay and you agree with the Ducky D the Blacks were happy without full and complete rights during Jim Crow!

Wow! La dee da! Now I've heard everything from this crazy lollapalooza! LOLOL!

But no, i'm sure there's more where that crazy crap came from!

It's called schizophrenia! Look it up idiot!

Anonymous said...

Black Sage said...
I have nothing yo hide from the gubberment. And since I have nothing to hide, doesn't necessarily mean that I should nonchalantly forfeit my right to privacy in order to prove otherwise.
2:38 PM
Don't you understand that you def have nothing to hide! No one on the internet does!

Your thoughts are possibly the only thing not on the internet ;) I mean, don't kid yourself, there is no privacy any more. Not really!

Bill said...

The Purple Cow said...
Republicans gave him a gun

You have a habit of making stuff up.

Please provide a link to a republican giving him a gun.

I'll accept your refusal to provide a link as your acknowledgement you do make stuff up.

focusedpurpose said...

"All the white right-wing fears about NSA spying is based on Obama's skin color."


folks can get that simple with the concerns if they just want to play divide the people + distract+ fan the race war flame.

it is not only white folks that understand that the gov't in your biz= bad. everybody looking at BO like he has bo is not doing that because he is black-ish.

Black folks that pay attention, already know, gov't in the mix is NOT the business.

get familiar + understand:

when the gov't starts with their surveillance...there is some disruption that goes with it. anyone trying to be self sufficient + free = enemy. now that all are slaves.

notice the language in the docs in the above link.

so while racists might stay fixated on skin color. some of US are not in the land of make believe pretending the government is our friend.

these folks DELIBERATELY try to keep Black Messiahs from awakening, arising, and getting other sleeping Blacks to do the same.

white folks that want less government will now have a chance to see what Black folks have been talking about all along.

ndaa 2014 pretty much makes all non drooling, non zombies "terrorists"...

it is not about not having anything to hide. welcome to america + the "justice" system. can't find anything because folks have nothing to hide?

that will fine.

think the government won't make some stuff up?

answer no + know...anyone talking that way has NO IDEA what life is truly like in america. ESPECIALLY since imprisoning + killing folks = increased profits.

don't know what day folks will learn...but they.will.learn.


Black Sage, i don't know if you have ever read this man's blog. him describing what he experienced back in the day reads like a science fiction tale:

some of US are aware that what he speaks of happens. folks have been working on this race war scenario for quite the while. notice the professional class zombies all in the mix with their crimes against humanity.

white folks too write blogs speaking of being tortured by government on the low. pres clinton point blank apologized for it. but it doesn't stop.

keep labeling folks trying to sound the alarm as "crazy", go drool + wait your turn.

listen in on everybody and anybody not saying what the powers that be want to hear- got next for torture. folks are passing laws where you won't even need to know who is making accusations, much less a trial.





off to someplace for torture, programming + slaving.

keep playing...accused, untried, yet in prison planet custody americans could find themselves in other countries according to the way folks are laying this all out. in writing. lawyers. lawmakers.

this poor white lady below REALLY needed some black friends. i AM sure one of them would have told her that she may have wanted to remain anonymous in her tipster role.

she went about it white folks that have no clue what time it is in america style. she writes about her on going experiences as a result:

since there is nothing new under the sun...

folks acting like the government = friend may want to hear what folks that have learned first hand what a lie that is have to say:

the patriot acts are cointelpro's babies.

cointelpro was for the coloreds.

patriot acts are for the patriots;)

welcome to america.

wake up, time.

focusedpurpose said...



just why, lady?


slow learner.


constitution outdated.

shred that bill of rights, too, huh?

act an ancient evil fool until it makes sense for me to shut you down...


you might say something that makes sense so patience is always good;)

we don't have to agree on anything.

clearly we don't.

you running up on some Bl, disrespectful bs will only get your wee little feelings hurt, lady.

may i suggest a cup of calming herbal tea + deep breaths...before you come for me?

maybe someone could UPS/Fed EX/ USPS you some self respect from santa? since you clearly don't have any and therefore lack the ability to show respect for others.

why you so mad this beautiful Sabbath day?

field negro said...

Bill, did republicans literally give him a gun? Maybe not. Did they make it far easier for him to get one? Yes.

PilotX said...

Field, don't try to expain things to our friend. He still won't get it. The mind of a 4th grader.

Anonymous said...

You can call me all the names you want fp! What I do wish, which I guess will never happen, but I'm just an optimistic idealist that way.

Is that you would for once, instead of ranting and raving and calling us devils and other silly slurs. Just debate your points!

Is that so hard to do? Yes,I guess for you it is *sigh*

You say "constitutional rights"must be defended. fine. I agree with that!

But then in the next breath, you steadfastly deny those rights to gays, and you agree with Ducky that African Americans were "happier" during Jim Crow!! Imagine !!!:O

I can understand you defending his 'right to say' this.

Although, voicing his personal and highly insensitive words, certainly does not make for easing and oiling the wheels of social interchange and compatibility.

On the contrary they make for dis-ease, anger and resentment!

But as for Duckys expressions being true, I have to energetically disagree.

But because I, or anyone else DISAGREES with your opinion is not reason for you to go on a tirade of calling us devils and other assorted names!

That's not debate my dear! That's craziness LOL!

Can you understand that! "cos I'm not explaining it again. Maybe someone else can do it better than me. No more Mrs.nice guy for you! ;*p

focusedpurpose said...


a lot of words. still makes no sense.

you are acting devilish and i reserve the right to call it what it is. more folks need to clue up and get down to business.

implement rules for yourself and abide in them.

it is you that rants, raves, teehees, refuses to comprehend what is read + says the dumbest things on the regular.

i AM not interested in debate.

i AM interested + talking to very specific people about Black American history + future. you clearly are NOT among the folks i AM speaking to based on your spirit, words, and behavior.

since you appear to think all is a joke + lie on me like it is in keeping with His Word...DESPITE the written proof that shows all with eyeballs what a liar you are...

what about you just keep playing + teeheeing with your crew?

said another way:

you do you.

i will do me.

fixate elsewhere DF. you will get better results.

you do know when you see fp you could just scroll, right?

that you can control.

you have got to get to know, believe + trust these facts.

Bill said...

field negro said...
Bill, did republicans literally give him a gun? Maybe not. Did they make it far easier for him to get one? Yes.

Correct me if I'm wrong... I'm under the impression Adam broke numerous state and federal laws when he stole the guns from his mother.

Please explain how republicans made it easier for a gun to be stolen.

Do you believe the country has degenerated to the point that law abiding citizens should give up their rights because of criminals and those that don't respect the law?

Do you also support the NSA spying and expanding that spying on citizens?

Why shouldn't law abiding citizens give up their right to privacy when there are others that don't obey the law.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Goddaughter in Chicagoland's giftbox is missing in transit as is mine from the wife. I saw fedex making deliveries in the hood with huge trucks on Monday & Tuesday, but no one here spotted a upstruk the entire day. UPS stopped delivering to my sister's ranch about 10 years ago (without telling them) when one of their trucks got stuck to the axles in the deep mud beside the road doing a 3 point instead of driving a bit further to the paved turnout. So for about a year, everything shipped to them ups was returned as undeliverable.

Black Sage said...

Thank you FocusedPurpose at 2:57pm!

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...

you are acting devilish

i AM not interested in debate.

i AM interested + talking to very specific people.
you clearly are NOT among the folks i AM speaking to

what about you just keep playing + teeheeing with your crew?

you do you.

i will do me.

3:50 PM

Fine! "You do you", Then I guess I am to expect that you will also NOT read my comments and certainly NOT mention them in your commentary right?

Because although you are CLEARLY "NOT interested in debate" (that goes without saying:)It's so obvious ;)But that could be because you don't know how LOL!

And you're only interested in talking to very "specific" people. i

If you do mention my comments, I'll consider that an invitation to refute/debate you, and I will ;)

Whether you like it or not :D

As for teeheeing and playing with my "crew".

I don't tee hee. My "crew" and I laugh out loud and scream like this: AAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA! When something is really funny. Like some of the stuff you write :D That can't be helped, sorry. Oh, but it's all in love.

So sir, stay outta my way, and I 'might' stay outta yours.

Unless you enjoy getting your de-balled azz owned like this again!


focusedpurpose said...

lol @ this:

"You can call me all the names you want fp!"

i called you devilish D.F.

now since you appear a bit mixed up here...let me help:

THIS is name calling:

"Look it up idiot!"

get it?


i call devils devils when they reveal themselves as such. i agree with the Word + i AM not afraid to speak it boldly.

be mad about that all you want.

please know i don't require your agreement, approval, nor input. i AM real clear on who i AM and what i AM called to do.

it seems you need my approval, attention, etc. otherwise you would go find you some business and obsess over someone else. i AM starting to regret interrupting your married FN obsession;(

i was addressing Black Sage who appears to get it. also sharing additional info that elder BM have taken the time to put down for those Kings coming up + after. elders that are doing what they are supposed to be doing... teaching Truth to the next ones.

you on some agenda'd devilish mess as indicated by the assertion that the US Constitution is outdated.

like you haven't noticed when "terrorism" happens in is americans doing it. just as americans train + arm terrorists to go terrorize other nations. so what in the world are folks talking about no privacy= protection. there are a bunch of folks from other places, in america right now, that HATE america, americans, black americans + their history.

you may want to miss me with the nonsense. i AM not going to be the one to play nicely. tomorrow is not promised. why would i patty cake a lying devil trying to play nice today?

some of US already know we are under surveillance. everybody talking about white vans and strange folks trying to intimidate are not joking nor "crazy". when folks talk about being ELF'd by outside forces, there are americans that know EXACTLY what is being discussed.

you don't yet appear to be one of the in-the-know, enlightened ones. as they say around the on some more $hit.

as others here have called out appear to be full of $hit. only you can fix that. or not.

free will.

so what about we full circle this and i state again for the record:

hop in your lane + do your thang from there= no problems with fp.

i told you this from jump. i really don't care if you don't like my style. take that up with the Creator of your understanding in your prayer closet...where such concerns belong. as it is written.

hope that simple math helps you stand in the Light of Understanding.

other folks keep trying to tell you...but you keep accusing them of being me. so you won't listen.

i would appreciate it if you would stop lying on me as well.

many thanks!

Black Sage said...

@Desertflower, I understand that in this day and age, there is no privacy and that there is a plethora of personal info being held by private companies. However, don't you think that it's quite troubling to have Uh-Merikkka, a shining beacon of supposed democratic ideals to engage in collecting personal data of the citizenry under questionable circumstances??

focusedpurpose said...




i listen CLOSELY when folks i don't agree with speak.

you might want to give it a try. it could help Light up your darkness.


Black Sage you are more than welcome!

Stand Strong;)

Shabbath Shalom all!

Anonymous said...

Black Sage said...
@Desertflower, I understand that in this day and age, there is no privacy and that there is a plethora of personal info being held by private companies. However, don't you think that it's quite troubling to have Uh-Merikkka, a shining beacon of supposed democratic ideals to engage in collecting personal data of the citizenry under questionable circumstances??
4:26 PM
As I said before, no I don't.

America as everyone knows, is not totally "a shining beacon of supposed democratic ideals" I don't kid myself.

But, within what most other countries actually do with/to their citizenry, I think so far America is by far the fairest.

If one examines the rules laid down by all the major world powers where even the internet is monitored and censored, hey, we've got it pretty good!

I think so anyway. That includes monitoring calls. Because everyone rants and rails and brings up the Constitution,but when they wrote the Constitution, there where no phones!

Remember? It was all done more or less by pony express, using a real pony :)

That's my opinion. Every country's government will do what it takes to protect itself from invasion and takeover.

focusedpurpose said...

@ DF-

a few threads back you indicated that you would reveal who ordained you to come against me.


your stip was i needed to reveal first who chose + called me to His Purpose.

double back + see i did just that.

inquiring minds would like to whose authority/appointment are you ordained to step to me with your confusion + lies?

or was that yet another lie?

i suspect so + won't be holding my breath.

just thought i would remind you since forgetfulness comes with the process for some.

inquiring minds want to know.

what you are spewing has nothing to do with Scriptures, so please do let folks know what's up.

or not.

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
i listen CLOSELY when folks i don't agree with speak.
you might want to give it a try. it could help Light up your darkness.
4:32 PM
That's a lie. You don't listen.

If you did, you would have answered as to why you defend the "rights in the Constitution", and yet be so quick to deny the rights of gays, and the rights and freedoms of African Americans during Jim Crow, which you said you agreed with the opinion that Ducky voiced!

How could that be, what a dichotomy in your brain!!!

Either you defend rights and freedoms. All rights, or you don't!!! Which is it???

Anonymous said...

focusedpurpose said...
a few threads back you indicated that you would reveal who ordained you to come against me.
5:13 PM
Wrong! an Anonymous asked me, who ordained ME to refute anything you said!

And I answered the Anonymous, that I would answer that, if/when they asked you, who ordained you!

Were you that anonymous? Is that why you're so confused? LOL

That was the post,t and it can be very readily found :)

But you still haven't answered as to any clarification on the dichotomy of your comments though! :)

I'm waaaiiiting...

focusedpurpose said...

Black Sage-

despite all the greatest nation ever malarkey/mind control; much of what is done to americans is not permitted in other places.

from the phone tapping to the food tampering/poisoning to figuring out how to insure citizens without breaking the middle class.

folks in other nations are deliberately being impoverished. corrupt governments is not just an american thing. dig deep enough though and one is hard pressed not to find the us gov't + her bloody handed allies all in the other nation suffering mix.

this is why the government lies. to hide government ties to all types of corruption and just plain evil.

it has been my experience that the folks from other places in america are usually trying to escape turmoil..or they are traitors to their people being rewarded with escape plans from the scenes of their treasonous crimes.

america was designed to be a republic. even this was copied from people of color that white invaders oppressed then copied their form of gov't.

freedom was never apart of the original plan for america. Black Americans should know this better than anyone. despite all the written lies of freemasons/occultists/satanists/lucifer lovers.

though americans would do well to respect those documents. all this brand newness = bad.

as the lady that stood on the house floor told folks...freemasons wrote the docs white americans hang their freedom hats on. high freemasons already know that lucifer is at the top and is their l-rd. everybody talking about G-d are NOT talking about the Almighty of Scriptures.

i can't find the tape that shows her by the elevator speaking. this is why she was asking folks not to touch her. on some of the news stories, the elevator is beeping while she is at the podium supposedly speaking. if one looks at more tapes on the subject...they will see that when she stood at the podium there was no sound.

but most folks don't do that. it is on the news. they talk about it. forget about it and keep chasing the next trend as outlined by whoever tells folks to say the same thing over and over.

the "news" is heavily produced. so this one gives you audio. this audio actually happened by the elevators. not on the house floor. nevertheless- listen to what the lady is saying.

if time is interesting to peep the wm in the gray suit and the white lady in the pant suit before diane reidy/holly/molly or whatever that lady's name is for real, stood and tranced her way to the podium.

for those familiar with mk ultra, it is hard not to get a whiff after studying the footage.

what is funny...the devil seems to have forgotten that Almighty is able to flip the script with ease.

folks got the warning. even if they chose not to listen.

call her "crazy", but she called it out. don't take her word for it. dig deeper. always.

ps. the big black lady that couldn't wait to pounce on that lady calling it out, REALLY worked my last nerve.

but i guess it is no accident these kinds of negroes stay in the mix. Malcolm X talked about them;)

focusedpurpose said...



here you go:

"Desertflower said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"You are a fighter of 'evil'? When did this happen? When did you become judgmental, righteous and justified in your persecution of others? Who ordained you?"
12:35 PM
Dear "Anonymous", I'll answer that when you ask FP who ordained him!
Fair enough?

and don't be so angry, it's Christmas! :)

1:16 PM


now go ahead, get UNconfused + answer the question.

or were you lying, yet again? still repping your head of lettuce g-d? where you at? who you with? what gives, ma?

do you even know what the word "lie" means? or have you inverted that as well?

if you feel so inclined...go ahead and cut + paste me saying gays should have no rights.

what you got twisted, mixed up + confused is my stating their rights end when it comes to telling me i cannot speak His Word. how they feel about what is written is their business. not only do i have the right to stand and speak. others do as well. everyone doing so is not "fearful" nor a "homo hater"...

you do what is known as projecting. you don't listen. you lie incessantly. you are a name calling, vulgar, out of pocket, ancient evil devil hosting elder. yet you keep trying to flip that back to me + make it my affliction.

unfortunately for is all written. so only you can't see what a hot blithering, envious mess you are.

so slither back some posts and support your hysterics.

or not.

lying, confused, mixed up, duplicitous devils do ONLY themselves a disservice to think folks aren't listening.

but i told you before.

when you under estimate only disadvantage yourself.

that was Love that caused me to hip you to that much needed clue. flounder around in darkness. lying, teeheeing, cussing + fussing. just a mad defeated devil.

a) bow down
b) stand down
c) flee

that's what's written. that's what is.

trust+ believe.

focusedpurpose said...

you seem REAL mad about your confusion regarding the gays.

+ you keep pretending i AM a man.

Anon asked if you were a lesbian.

i AM starting to wonder as well...

Anonymous said...

@fp when that Anon (which was really you :)asks you who ordained YOU, funny,because he never did,did he? Then I will answer his question to me, as to who ordained me!

I don't really give a ff because I know that Anon was YOU! Which is why I asked him to ask you first :)

But so much for your attempt at obfuscating the matter at hand, which is what's important here:

How's about clarifying your thoughts on the Constitution and it's rights?

Which as I understand it, are for everyone!

I'm waaaaaiiitiiiing...

Black Sage said...

FP, I hear you at 5:55pm and thank you as well!

focusedpurpose said...

Black Sage-

funny that this was just emailed to me;)

that nice southern lady handled that situation right nicely. she cracked me up mirandarizing (i think i made that word up;) herself. notice she conducted the chat. lol!

that southern lady was NOT happy, yet she layered folks with the lovely charm + handled them. southern style. steel magnolia for those that love flowers.

you know she wanted to let that man know how little she appreciated him knocking on her door asking her those Duuuuuuuuuuumb as F, are you a "terrorist" questions.



which is a great segue into another




+ REAL slow soul...

DF, take a trip back a few threads.

then go find someone that has a solid grasp of the english language. then come to terms with the fact that you are lying to + confusing only yourself.

here's what's so:

when you were talking to yourself + convincing yourself you were doing big things/acquiring slaves/bl were bored.

you need to know that i understand fully why such was the case. i don't go Bl crazy + i AM a het woman to the fullest. therefore there is nothing remotely interesting about DF you to me.

you don't provide links, substance, a new perspective...nothing. just regular D as F for the folks that need comic relief NONSTOP.

instead of agreeing to disagree + keeping it moving, you want to bicker with me because you have issues. deep personal, spiritual, unresolved ones clearly.

now, since you seem not to recognize when you are being's a spoiler alert.

it is my intent to ignore your foolishness. until i decide to shut you down.

spirits are subject to me. not i to them. as it is written.

i know you fantasize + fixate about tribe of Yahudah lioness fp being a man.

i AM not a man nor a lesbian. and even if i were, i would be most UNinterested in you.

so while you fixate + lie on me...that will be fine.

you get to do that.

free will.

if folks giving their views threaten your existence so much, maybe you should take up knitting or bingo?

blogging will keep you worked up. especially when i show up, stand + speak.

you stay on the D as F flow, so of course, hating me is to be expected. i AM not new to this nor scared. get that.

i don't do remedial courses over here in the field. the clues you can't find are in the last couple of posts. the folks i discussed it with, frankly, made sense for me to have the discussion, considering what i know about the situation.

you...not so much. you + Understanding are NOT friends, clearly.

so you need another messenger. i pray He sends one.

now go study me, bite my style + hate me simultaneously while you meditate on these promises that you no doubt will need to learn the hard way, being the true D.F. you are:



Luke 21:15- For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

Proverbs 26:4-5

4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.


it will be important for you to discern when Prov. 26: 4 is happening. you get it mixed up + confused regularly;(

Prov. 26:5 = the shut down you may come to expect when you get too out of pocket.

i paraphrase another promise, man = mankind not gender:

a wise man will learn more from a warning, than a fool a hundred lashes.

you will break before i get tired of speaking His Word + exercising my sovereign freedom to Stand + Speak.

i care less than nothing for pc mind control.

this comment is chock full of clues. i pray you catch a few. soon. enjoy your Sabbath evening, lady.

Anonymous said...

From the thread, "Naught or Nice?"...I think the truth of this comment bears repeating:

Anonymous said...
"If PurpleCow isn't a democrat (assuming he was an American), what plank of the democrat agenda does he not agree with?"

The truth is PC agrees with the entire dem agenda. that's why he doesn't answer.
PC is a compulsive liar.

Please Note: The Truth will set you free and from the entire Dem agenda. But "IF" you are in DENIAL, nothing can free you, esp the Democrats. said...
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Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me when the next post will be? It's the holidays, and Field is being very stingy with his posts. For pete's sake! have some feelings for us who have shitty families. We need more posts!

focusedpurpose said...

Black Sage-

i tend to be a bit obsessive about information.

you are more than welcome and i thank you for lifting your voice.

as i went back to find the other video for occurred to me if you listen to audio you can hear the elevator in the link i provided earlier.

the american public does not know what she actually shouted out on the house floor. most are too zombie'd to care. they hate Almighty enough to call that lady names + go back to sleep.

i would like to know what she laid it all on the line to make sure folks heard. though i don't expect her to go on a truth tour anytime soon;( i pray she is safe + well.

this guy offers an additional breakdown. even drew my attention to others that i was not paying attention to;) i was focused on the guy that spoke to the stenographer then did not look up as she went to shout out whatever. instead he went to texting someone.

the black guy + white lady talking...i would REALLY like to know what they discussed that upset folks so badly. uh...folks do know what a stenographer does, right? calling her "crazy" is the best way to keep folks from paying attention the information that she would be privy to as a result of her job...

i pray more americans wake up soon. things are really wrong. it is not about dem/reps fighting either. those jokers voting together to dismantle america...then keeping things secret.

Anonymous said...

I too pray that more Americans wake up soon. It is obvious that something is 'very wrong'. But I have concluded that Americans, esp Black Americans are so blinded by distractions that waking up is impossible.

Joder La Resistencia said...

If this is the end all on Benghazi- why was it released on a Saturday after Christmas in the afternoon?

The NY Times investigation may have some holes in it.

Which is why they released it when they did.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Spkn my peace and having my say:


What is Christmas anyways? Or do you mean Feliz Navidad LOL

Regardless, if people worldwide would get real and honest about this euro holiday, and tell the real truth about how it came about perhaps UPS the USPS fed Ex etc would not have to be involved in this fiasco
Also the Post offers delivers for both of them and in our law practice bro Field we have never had any issues in 12 yrs. No packages missing, no late delivery's, no missing anything..

Trust me the USPS will continue to do business, and over time I do not doubt tha
They have our business because my law partners and I have decided that the bread is sliced thinner

See you next week..We are flying to Jamaica this PM to return an elder back home from a holiday visit in Cuba And then we will return to DC

We can now use satelite and pay to be online at a library for 3.00 in Cuc's for 4 hrs trust me the places are packed and librarys have jumped up everywhere.
Field, Cuba is coming alive albeit some of the changes are not what we hoped for but it is moving forward..I give it about 2 yrs


(PS We have relocated)

Now trust me the USPS has a delimna they are part of treasury LOL