Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fear of a Black Lives planet.

PicMonkey Collage - ColbertWow, some people in white America are really freaking out over this whole Black Lives Matter thing. I mean really, it's not like black folks are going to rise up and  start attacking white people because they believe that only black lives matter.

Over at FOX VIEWS they are having a major meltdown because, gasp, Stephen Colbert actually wore a BLM wristband on his television show. Oh the horror! How dare one of the icons of white normalcy show solidarity with these rabble- rousers who want to rock the boat and shake up the status quo.

Down in Georgia there is a leader in law enforcement who is actually calling the Black Lives Matter activists "domestic terrorist." Imagine that, a terrorist for saying that your life matters as well.

Just imagine if a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters show up in his jurisdiction; they would be shot on sight.

Shaun King, the white, I mean black...or...whatever. The activist who has emerged as one of the leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement was not too pleased.

"The Journal-Constitution also ran a response from #BlackLivesMatter leader Shaun King, calling Conway’s statement “one of the most ignorant, uninformed, and inflammatory statements from a man of his stature in law enforcement that I have ever read.”
Here’s part of what he says:
What Butch wants us all to believe is that police officers across the country call us [racial slurs] in their free time, but love us with their whole heart when they are on the job…Butch and many of his law enforcement colleagues are falsely promoting this notion that there is a war against police. This is a dangerous lie they are telling – when, in fact, fewer police officers have been killed during the Obama administration than any other two term administration in our lifetime and the deaths of police officers are on pace to be near record lows this year- so much that they are down 46% since Ronald Reagan was president and 87% from their all-time high."

It's not only the police, Shaun. Quite a few folks in America (particularly those of the conservative persuasion) are promoting the false notion that there "is a war against police" in this country. It's just not true. The knuckleheads and animals who kill police officers are not doing it for the Black Lives Matter cause; they are doing it because they are deranged criminals.

Colbert actually wore the wristband to fulfill the wish of a fan who was in the audience. So relax white America, it's not like he woke up and realized that he wants to be the next Tim Wise or Morris Dees. He is still just a comedian who wants to make you laugh.

* Pic from mediaite.com


Anonymous said...

BLM is a racist hate group. Deal with it.

Dale said...

" I mean really, it's not like black folks are going to rise up and start attacking white people because they believe that only black lives matter."

But they are: http://news.yahoo.com/kentucky-trooper-tried-help-suspect-fatal-shooting-085555865.html

And the fact that Black Lives Matter activists have burned down sections of several cities does in fact make them "domestic terrorists."

That decent blacks cannot, will not, at least any longer, denounce much less do anything about gangsta culture, I find almost as outrageous as the behavior itself. It's as if it's all they have, in the end, and they know it; it's commodified in music and culture, and converted to power in politics through the demagogy of "white privilege". Why would they, after all, want to go back to the Bad Old Days where black inferiority was assumed? Because of the bloodshed on the streets? Because of the degradation of their women, and ours? Because black dysfunction threatens to consume us? Because of the decadence infecting us all? Ha! Small price, apparently, to pay for the status quo they, and their white enablers, so jealously protect. Arguing for a white version of order and society is now a sucker's game.

dinthebeast said...

The "or whatever" link doesn't seem to be working.
I don't understand what these bozos are so afraid of. Oh yeah, Rush and Fox tell them to be afraid all of the time, I forgot.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Dale, "That decent blacks cannot, will not, at least any longer, denounce much less do anything about gangsta culture, I find almost as outrageous as the behavior itself."

That decent Whites cannot, will not, at least an longer, denounce much less do anything about white racism, I find more outrageous than racism itself.

And, white racism has been going on since slavery. Then there was Jim Crow, another outrageous white act that no Whites spoke out about. Then there was lynchings...we all know Whites remained silent about that.

You have no moral ground to stand on, considering you created and continue the greatest evil known to America.

Social Justice Ruins Everything said...

The Field Negro said: "Over at FOX VIEWS they are having a major meltdown because, gasp, Stephen Colbert actually wore a BLM wristband on his television show."

And over the Atlantic they are having a fit over the fact Colbert employs an "all white" writing staff of seventeen men and two women, and how that will affect his ability to push the "right" social justice agenda:

A writing staff is, in many ways, the soul of a show. The 19 people Colbert selected for The Late Show will decide much about how his influential platform will do its influencing. And Colbert himself, furthermore, is someone who—based on interviews he’s given as himself rather than the characters he has played on The Colbert Report and, now, The Late Show—seems to think deeply about the structures and systems that make the world what it is. He seems to understand, in a way many comedians don’t, that even the most innocuous kinds of “entertainment” play a role in defining culture.

What progressives don't seem to understand is that these white, overwhelmingly male (and Jewish, but who's counting?) writers are doing advocacy on behalf of "women and minorities" that they, and their humorless advocates in "serious" journalism are incapable of doing for themselves. If these shows were to yield completely, and make their comedy staffs resemble Bennetton ads, they wouldn't survive to then to take their (dubious) role "defining culture" for the rest of us rubes. Unless of course they adopt the corporate model many of us who work for a living know: have the white guys do the heavy lifting and place the diversity hires in harmless, window-dressing positions. This is hard to do when your job is to sit in a room and compete to see who has the best ideas. Indeed, putting a token-hire discrimination-lawsuit-in-waiting in that humbling environment has the potential to be much more than the standard cost of doing business it is for corporate America. Colbert knows, even if he won't allow himself to learn from it, that his writing staff, like Tom Wolfe's protagonist in Bonfire of the Vanities says of the similarly non-diverse bond room at the fictional Pierce & Pierce, is "no place for empty gestures."

This is leaving aside the ethical and artistic sin for which Colbert is so often praised: using art and entertainment (inexplicably placed in quotes above--what is she saying with that?) as a means of promoting political and social goals, rather than as a means of understanding politics and society. Art as factional propaganda rather than critical revelation. If Colbert is guilty of anything, it is this.

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah, Rush and Fox tell them to be afraid all of the time, I forgot."

Who tells you what to be afraid of, Doug?

dinthebeast said...


-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

nice answer, Doug. Maybe trollanon will STFU.

Me said...

Piss your pants now, Doug.

Anonymous said...

White folks aren't scared except maybe those with a white slaver's mentality who believe that a black independent thought, such as "Black Lives Matter," represents a black revolt, a black rebellion against the white status quo where white privilege, and white power has long prevailed.

They're the same people who trembled at the slogan, "Black Power," who found "Black is Beautiful" FIGHTING WORDS rather than an affirmation of black pulchritude in a world where the color white both defined and legitimized all things, whether it was physical beauty, or one's status, or power, or one's self worth.

These whites can't have blacks believing that they're the equals of whites (a fight that whites have waged since Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation), especially since they've had blacks where they wanted them all these years, oppressed, depressed, and self-destructive, physically and mentally, anything but a threat to their white superiority and supremacy.

The rise of blacks, or the struggle to achieve parity with whites in any aspect of black life, in politics, or education, or opportunities, or employment, is seen as a threat to white privilege and white supremacy.

Bill said...

The FieldNegro said...
the deaths of police officers are on pace to be near record lows

What's funny about politics is that both sides know the opposing issues and avoid them.

It's no secret the right-wingnut position is that while overall police deaths are down, ambush type deaths of police are on the rise.

And the left keeps pushing total deaths (including heart attacks) instead of challenging the rightwing talking point.

smash it said...

Americans are sick of failure. They are sick of a Republican party that does nothing and Democrat party that fucks up everything. The GOP is useless but the Democrats are insane.

It's the whole disgusting circus parade of identity politics, and PC witch-hunting, and trans-sex drum-beating, and girl-lugging-a-mattress-around-campus idiocy, and blame-it-all-on-Whitey whinging, and drone-strike-du-jour warfare, and out-of-control NSA surveillance monkey business, plus throw in the outrageous scams of "civil forfeiture" under a president who was supposedly a professor of constitutional law - the list of Democratic-sponsored absurdities and turpitudes makes decent people want to vomit.

Bernie Sanders functions nicely as a foil to Hillary the flying reptile. But the self-labeled socialist has a big problem. The public may be simmering with grievance, but my guess is that they are not especially hot for more redistribution of the national wealth - that is, whatever little remains in the hands of a sore beset former middle class. The absence of any other reputible figure on the Democratic "bench" belies a party now more hollow than a supermarket Easter egg.

Anonymous said...

"The 'or whatever' link doesn't seem to be working."

I don't know exactly what site was linked to there, Doug, but I know what it was about.

The lowlives over at right-wing cesspool Breitbart became obsessed with BLM activist Shaun King's ethnic background. For the record, King is biracial, but they were trying to prove that he was, in fact, a white guy pretending to be part black, because they wanted to point and laugh at him for being another Rachel Dolezal.

While I will admit the Rachel Dolezal saga was pretty hilarious, it is also really, really unlikely another one of her will crop up again any time soon. It is not as if there are legions of white people out there trying to actually pass for black (and crazily convincing themselves they really somehow are black). There just aren't. The unusual nature of the Rachel Dolezal story is part of what made that story blow up the way it did.

So the amoral, hateful losers at Breitbart are out of luck this time. But after failing to hit paydirt with Shaun King, I'm sure it won't be long before they've found some other slimy, fake, defamatory story they can really sink their fangs into.

The Numinous Negro said...

Multiculturalism is the B-side of racism, in that it addresses the same emotional itch. The object in both cases is stripped of their humanity and they become nothing but a means to an end.

Anonymous said...

Shaun King is 100% white, and 100% full of shit just like all the other BLM parasites.

PilotX said...

Oh the horror of even suggesting blah lives matter. It's gonna take a while to overcome 300+ years of programming to convince us of the opposite. It'll happen but not overnight.

Anonymous said...

"It's no secret the right-wingnut position is that while overall police deaths are down, ambush type deaths of police are on the rise."

Maybe. There have been several prominent instances of black dudes stalking and attacking police lately.

*There was that loony who attacked several NYC officers with an axe last October.

*There was the fatal shooting of two NYC officers by Ismaaiyl Brinsley in December. (In that instance, the Brinsley left a note indicating that he'd done it out of revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, so his motive was not a mystery.)

*There was the murder of Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston two weeks ago.

So perhaps the recent media focus on police brutality has inspired some crazies to shoot cops. It's possible. I can't deny it.

Then again, those cases are anecdotal evidence. Just because it seems like cops are being targeted and killed more often, that does not mean this is actually true. It could be we're just paying more attention at the moment to both killings of cops and by cops. I'd have to see some statistical data on this before I'd accept it as a fact.

But even if you could demonstrate that cops really are increasingly being targeted and ambushed, that still doesn't end the argument of who's at fault for causing that increase. Black Lives Matter are only responsible to the extent they should report accurately on police misconduct and not inflate people's impression of the frequency of police killings.

In any case, the claims that BLM are a hate group are way over the top. The message of their movement is not that people should go murder the police. They aren't demanding that. It's just false.

Anonymous said...

Is Shaun King White? It makes sense because no black person could have thought up BLM. I mean, we've been killed and lynched for centuries and never once did we speak up and say, "Black Lives Matter". It is for this obvious reason I can only conclude that Shaun King is White.

PilotX said...


Interesting take on matters.

PilotX said...

Check this out.


Faith_and_Fairness said...

Per Anon @1:23 AM: "Is Shaun King White? It makes sense because no black person could have thought up BLM. I mean, we've been killed and lynched for centuries and never once did we speak up and say, "Black Lives Matter". It is for this obvious reason I can only conclude that Shaun King is White."


Presenting the birth of a movement in which the founders are women of color. Plus 2nd link clarifies the miscommunications, or in more egregious cases, the lies surrounding Shaun King's racial identity. Shaun is biracial man who has always identified as black.

Meet the woman who coined #BlackLivesMatter


Black Lives Matter activist refutes allegations that he lied about his race | US news | The Guardian


Faith_and_Fairness said...

@Pilot... Irony is how Kamilah Brock's encounter with police during a traffic stop somewhat mirrors Sandra Bland with the only difference of Ms. Brock overcoming this ordeal to pursue justice.


Hence the reason Black Lives Matter organizers/activists are bringing attention to the kind of injustices that undermine civil rights, social and economic equality.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Of course, the author is the incomparable Ta-Nehisi Coates.

WARNING: A long read...

50 Years After the Moynihan Report, Examining the Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration - The Atlantic


Bill said...

Faith_and_Fairness said...
WARNING: A long read...

It mentioned Joe Biden was tough on crime.

It didn't mention he was the politician behind a law that treated Black drug users differently than white drug users.

No surprise. How does it help the dumbocrat party to remind people who wanted to put unclean unbright unarticulate Black people in jail.

Bill said...

It appears bill maher is scared of change.

One day liberals won’t like executive orders so much.
Okay. Again, probably something I agree with. But I also used to remember a time when things like this and the Denali thing were bills, and they were introduced in Congress, and went through a “legislative process” to see if they had “popular support,” at which point they were either “signed” or “vetoed” by the president.
It just reminds you that in today’s environment, with a dysfunctional Congress, whoever wins the presidency rules the country in a way they haven’t before. Executive orders are the new legislation, and if a president wants to get anything done during their term they’re going to have to issue a lot of them. Which makes the stakes for 2016 higher than usual.


Bill is concerned that the next rethug president will do as Obama.

President by executive order.

Anonymous said...

"It appears bill maher is scared of change.

One day liberals won’t like executive orders so much.


Bill is concerned that the next rethug president will do as Obama.

President by executive order."

Nope. Bill Maher is wrong. (Actually, Maher is wrong about a lot of stuff. To start with, he is a massive Islamophobe, and is generally hostile to legitimate religious freedom, not only the bullshit sort of claims lodged by people like Kim Davis.)

In this case Bill Maher is completely wrong on the law. The 1947 law that assigned geographic naming authority to the federal Board on Geographic Names gave overriding authority to the Secretary of the Interior:

"Action may be taken by the Secretary in any matter wherein the Board does not act within a reasonable time. The Board may make such recommendations to the Secretary as it finds appropriate in connection with this Act."


Alaskans made requests to change the name of Mt. McKinley decades ago, and the Board refused to debate the matter, thereby meeting the law's criteria of "not acting within a reasonable time."

So there you go. Congress DID act. They gave away authority for place names to the executive branch 68 years ago.

As usual, no Obama dictatorship here, only a president using his authority, and Republicans throwing a hissy fit because they don't think he should have any authority because they wish he wasn't president.

Bill said...

Gotta love dumbocrats.

If Donald Trump becomes president, which country would you flee to?
Alaska 5800
Hawaii 1500


Bill said...

Anonymous said...
Nope. Bill Maher is wrong

He has an agenda.

Help dumbocrats get elected.

z said...

Faith_and_Fairness said...
Of course, the author is the incomparable Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates has always struck me as a phony. He's one of those guys who reads books without ever learning anything new. Instead, he grabs a few quotes he can drop in order to sound learned. The conclusions he does makes are merely confirmations of the beliefs of his intended audience.

Big Bill said...

The important thing to recognize is that huge numbers of black folks really don't want to work. They don't want to take responsibility for their own lives.

They are happy that Obama gives their jobs to Mexicans because they are too good for those jobs. Hell, who wants to smile and act nice to white folks and say "would you like fries with that?"

Dammit, black folks deserve better! They deserve some high-paying jobs where they don't have to wake up every day and go stand in line begging the white man to "pick me!" to mow lawns or take out the garbage, or frame a house.

"Let that damn Mexicans do that kind of scut work! Treat the white man with respect? Hell, no! He needs to treat black folks with respect! He needs to pay us for all our suffering. He needs to apologize to US! Respect? He can kiss my black ass!"

PilotX said...


Looks like the cop in Fox Lake may have committed suicide. Wonder if BLM will be let off the hook for that?


Ha! Good one F&F.

Bill said...


2 shots. One hit his bulletproof vest and one killed him.

Suicide by shooting himself in the chest?

Colonel Corn said...

PilotX will believe anything.

Go figure.

President Downgrade said...

Barack Obama today: "I'm here to say there’s noth­ing par­tic­u­larly pat­ri­ot­ic or Amer­ic­an about talk­ing down America, es­pe­cially when we stand as one of the few sources of econom­ic strength in the world."

This from the guy who has talked down America his entire life.

What a piece of shit.

Only a true Nation of Cowards would have elected this evil lightweight twice.

PilotX said...


PilotX said...

PilotX will believe anything.

Didn't say whether or not I believed it did I? It is an allegation that was being promoted by Fox. I didn't say anything beyond that. Did you even read the damned story Corn? Of course not. Reading is not your strong suit.

Anonymous said...

Faith and Fairness, thank you for the link explaining who 'really' coined #BLM. It is heartening to know a sister did it. I just wish there were others like her. I found her description of racism as a disease was most potent.

How I wish there were more like her! In the bay area, most sisters are against bm. As a matter of fact, most sisters are against being Black.

Also, many thanks for clearing up the Shaun King 'Black or White' issue. I can't figure out why the right-wingers even care about his race.

Again thanks. I always appreciate your comments. Whether positive or negative, they are the Truth....keep the 'Faith'.

PilotX said...

From the story

"Rudd told Fox News last that Gliniewicz died from a “single, devastating” shot to the torso. He said he hasn’t made a ruling in the death and that suicide is a possibility. Earlier Tuesday, Lake County Sheriff's spokesman Christopher Covelli criticized Rudd to reporters, saying that the coroner had released details that could damage the investigation and claimed that Rudd had not told investigators that he would make such statements to the media."

"Sources tell Fox News two shell casings were found about 100 feet apart from each other near Gliniewicz’s body, which was discovered face down. His hand was in a gun position, the firearm “dropped at his body.”

One bullet hit Gliniewicz in his bulletproof vest. The second and fatal shot struck him underneath his vest, fired in a downward trajectory, near the heart. There was no sign of a struggle or defensive wounds—especially one to save his own life."

No judgement from me but the coroner is leaving the possibility of suicide open. It is a bit strange a statewide manhunt turned up no signs of the suspects though. Don't you think that's strange Corn?

PilotX said...


Affirmative Action kills said...

Anybody watch Obama's AA hire General Austin stammer his way through today's congressional hearing on ISIS?


Our army can't fight, our space agency can't go to space, and our security operations can't secure anything.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear PX and F&F, there are no words to describe the pain I feel about what happened to that sister with her own BMW. Let's face it. Blacks are not safe in America, esp if they own a BMW.

For the life of me I can't figure out why Blacks buy BMW's. They are nothing but trouble with the police as well BMW shops. Those damn things aren't worth the trouble and certainly not the money....They are always in the shop.

However, I understand why some of our peeps would want a BMW. It makes them feel like they are somebody. That is, until the cops stop them.

I am being serious when I say Blacks could save themselves a lot of heartache if they would buy a FIT car and be satisfied, Cops don't pull Negroes over who are driving a FIT..........Think about it.

I am serious so don't be laughing. Leave the BMW's and Mercedes to Whites. FITs will get you to the same place for a lot less money. And the ride will be just as nice. In addition, Jesus will be pleased.

Bill said...


Nobel Official: Obama Peace Prize Didn't Have Desired Effect
In a break with Nobel tradition, the former secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize committee says the 2009 award to President Barack Obama failed to live up to the panel's expectations.

Geir Lundestad writes in a book to be released on Thursday that the committee had expected the prize to deliver a boost to Obama
"Even many of Obama's supporters believed that the prize was a mistake," Lundestad wrote in excerpts of the book read by The Associated Press. "In that sense the committee didn't achieve what it had hoped for."


Give a boost to Obama?

The rot is deep said...

"Give a boost to Obama?"

Any institution not explicitly right wing eventually becomes left wing.

Eventually the institution's core function becomes secondary to pushing a social agenda.

Social justice warriors ruin everything.

Ace Freely said...

Matt Damon, predictably, apologizes for "Damonsplaining" to black female director

In a new Project Greenlight, Damon argued with a black woman about the need for a Director of Color (is that a thing?) for their movie, based upon the fact that in one scene a black prostitute is slapped by a white pimp. For that single scene, she called for a black director, or a team of a female director and black one, to make sure the nameless prostitute was invested with dignity and something something Oprah Winfrey's book club.

Well, Matt Damon, who is a goonish, thuggish leftist when it comes to imposing SJW crap on other people, actually began lecturing her that she was wrong.

This is, as you know, a crime; a white person can never contradict a black person in Obama's America.

So Damon was accused of "Damonsplaining." In fairness, he was being the arrogant, condescending, jerk-off he usually is.

Anyway, the SJWs went after him, and, very predictably, he folded.

I still don't think he's going to hire a black director simply because of this one scene, though.

But man, that would be just delightful if he did.

No but seriously, condescension aside, the black female SJW director was demanding a SJW choice in director because giving jobs by race and gender is allll they're about, and it's only the Sexist Racists who disagree with this regime. Note she also postulates that it is impossible for a white male to depict a black female character with any sort of humanity or dignity, but obviously it's the white males who are the racists and sexists making judgments upon immutable physical characteristics.

field negro said...

I am glad Damon apologized. Recognizing your white privilege is an important first step in becoming a better human being.

field negro said...

Trying to watch the B League wingnut debate. Just wow!

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Warmest appreciation to Anonymous @5:47 PM..... And yes, you can indeed count on me to "Keep the Faith" :-)

White male affirmative action Jackson said...

Our army can't fight, our space agency can't go to space, and our security operations can't secure anything.

Exactly, blame Bush for breaking everything. We need another brotha in the WH to continue to fix what the dumb white guy broke.

Dr said...

Police Chief allowed to retire based on a Facebook post concerning #blacklivesmatter


It seems that the 'old guard" LEO is declaring war against non-whites, while #blacklivesmatter have LESS activist than rioters at a Univ of Kentucky NCAA Basketball loss.

Mack Lyons said...

BLM is a racist hate group. Deal with it.

Whites (as an ethnic group) have a pathological need to be loved at all times. If you disagree with them, even for a moment, they'll assume you hate their guts. It's weird, really.

Ohmigosh said...

Black lives mattered a whole heap when it was cotton pickin' time, long, long ago. Should have picked the shit yourselves and no one would be going through this grief now.

Jr. Williams said...

Black Lives Matter?
Black Lives Matter

Ankita Tiwari said...