Tuesday, November 22, 2016

American autocrat.

Fuhrer trump has not been officially sworn in as yet, but the man and his business cronies are on a roll. (Rules? What rules? We don't need no stinkin rules.) The Donald is already meeting with foreign leaders and cutting deals favorable to his business interests. This, my friends, might be the biggest confidence game in history. Donald trump has made himself the most powerful man on earth, and there is no one left to check him.

According to Mr. trump there is no conflict of interests when the president does these sorts of things, because...he is...well, the president. He honestly believes that these rules don't apply to him.  

Just today we found out that his foundation was breaking the law by skirting IRS rules. Think about that for a minute. Your president-elect is involved with a scheme to defraud the IRS. Of course it would have helped if we could have seen his tax returns before electing him, but hey, when you are a professional con man you tend to find your way around these little problems.

Little problems like the Trump University fiasco, for instance. The man was forced to settle the law suit and pay out millions of dollars to the thousands of poor people that he defrauded out of their hard earned money. He did so without admitting wrong doing, so knowing Donald, this is what he will hang his hat on. But I blame the attorney generals who went after him, not the merits of their case. I suspect that they were as anxious to settle as he was. No one wants to pick a legal fight with the most powerful man on earth. Especially one who as litigious as trump.

Donald has been calling in the press and reading them the riot act over the past two days. He will not tolerate an unfavorable article or pictures that paint him in a less than flattering light.  And he has officially  declared war on America's most noteworthy newspaper, the New York Times.

So we are looking at a man who uses his power to enrich himself, crush dissent where and when he can, and who lashes out at any media outlet that is not favorable to him. Oh, and just for good measure, keep in mind that he hasn't had a press conference since last summer. (YouTube videos don't count.)

All of this is right out of the autocratic playbook.

His hero in Russia must be so proud.


dinthebeast said...

It remains to be seen whether he is in violation of the emolument clause, but the actual corruption is not in question.
The press is going to have to stop printing or broadcasting images of Trump if unflattering ones are prohibited, or perhaps a squad of photoshoppers will need to be employed, because he is one ugly son of a bitch.

-Doug in Oakland

finefroghair said...

If Democracy is a reflection
a mirror image of us all
than Donald Trump, represents
the beginning of the fall

a misogynistic, proto fascist
with undeniable, snake oil charm
an unrepentant known racist
who is soon, to do great harm

there are no conflicts of interest
he is smarter than us all
he now owns the fucking playground
and he is taking home the ball

Anonymous said...

What has eighteen legs and fetches a ball? The Philadelphia Beagles!
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anotherbozo said...

Good blog, Field. I'd just add that our Congressman here in NYC Jerry Nadler has introduced legislation that makes conflict of interest explicitly illegal for president and vice-president, even though there's already an anti-"emoluments" clause in the Constitution. This will be where der Fuhrer trips up, because seeking favors for his properties and companies is a reflex, not a conscious act, and he won't be able to stop himself. He'd rather quit the Presidency than liquidate his companies, and leaving his kids in charge is in no way a "blind trust" anyway. Yet I'm sure the Republican Congress will be loath to impeach him. This should be interesting, as long as we're forced watch this evil clown show.

"The man was forced to settle the law suit and pay out millions of dollars to the thousands of poor people that he defrauded out of their hard earned money." He paid $25 mil, the "University" made $75M at least. So, still a net profit for the Donald! Winning!

random said...

Presidents are selected not elected and the so called white person has yet to be born that doesn't practice their religion of racism. Liberals and conservatives same racist white supremacy what the hell else do you expect from evil non hue men

anotherbozo said...

@finefroghair: Great poem, I'm stealing it!

random said...

Here comes the stalker white racists that hate black people but can't live one moment without thinking of us or invading our cyberspace where as in reality the devil wasn't invited

anotherbozo said...

@random: have had to own the fact that whites in America are ipso facto racist, it's the water we swim in. but some of us are ashamed and want to wipe it out, as opposed to others who deny it or could care less. You may not care to discriminate but it's the difference between making slow, painful progress and living with a lie that cripples us all.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"This will be where der Fuhrer trips up, because seeking favors for his properties and companies is a reflex, not a conscious act, and he won't be able to stop himself. He'd rather quit the Presidency than liquidate his companies, and leaving his kids in charge is in no way a 'blind trust' anyway. Yet I'm sure the Republican Congress will be loath to impeach him. This should be interesting, as long as we're forced watch this evil clown show."

Republicans definitely won't do squat. Corruption and greed is the prime motive for everything they do. They exist to sell off the country to the oligarchs (and reduce everyone else to serfdom). They're absolutely fine with Trump's conflicts of interest.

Things would only get interesting if somehow the Democrats took over both houses of Congress -- which would take a miracle at the moment, given the Republican gerrymandering of House of Representatives districts -- and grew enough of a spine to confront him about it.

If Congress did force Trump to sell off his real estate empire to put the money in a blind trust as a condition of remaining president, like every president before him, I agree that he'd probably immediately quit. This whole president thing is only a side gig for Crooked Donald.

field negro said...

Anyone following the voter hacking story in Michigan,Wi, and Pennsylvania? Not a big conspiracy guy, but this.....��

The deplorables hehehe said...

Happy Trumpsgiving day guys! Enjoy! And don't forget to give lots of thanks for living in the good ole US of A! Remember people will go thru hell and high water to live here!

field negro said...

I thought we deported them already.Oh wait......

field negro said...

I thought we deported them already.Oh wait......

anotherbozo said...

Voter hacking/suppression/ballot swallowing stories:





There's just too much there. She lost ALL the swing states? The Republicans may be hoist by their own overzealous criminality... Democrats, typically, started assigning blame too soon...

field negro said...

trump picked a real winner for education sect. *sarcasm off*

Yīshēng said...

Seeing/talking with patients, especially those who are homeless and/or estranged from their families, who will spend Thanksgiving in the hospital, gives me PLENTY of reasons to STAY thankful for all that God has blessed me with!!

dinthebeast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dinthebeast said...

Apparently the Wisconsin thing isn't as bad as it seems when you examine it's numbers a little closer:
That said, they cheat. We know they cheat. Cheating is just what they do, so telling them to stop cheating is pointless. We have to win elections by larger margins than their cheating. We know that. So, even though it's looking like Hillary won by more than two million votes, and is approaching the 65 million Obama won in 2012 by, they've had the statehouses since 2010 and their cheating is first priority in their election laws and procedures, so that's not enough. It would be nice to have fair elections and a level playing field, but there are plenty of other fantasies that would also be nice, and we don't have the leisure to wait for them to come true. We have to start winning down ballot with what we have, which is easily doable if we all just fucking show up, every time, as there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

-Doug in Oakland

The deplorables said...

Oh you people with your sour grapes! If the Republicans (bless their hearts) cheat so much at elections, how come they didn't win when Obama ran? They didn't cheat then?

anotherbozo said...

%Doug: The question is only whether there's any legal avenue worth pursuing if Dems work up a case. AND if the court they go before isn't run by a Republican-appointed judge whose judgment is for sale.

anotherbozo said...

@deplorables: Of course they cheated then, but if you win by a landslide cheating is insufficient to turn the election.

Josh said...

I've been having a fucking BLAST laughing my robust ass off at those with Trump Derangement Syndrome saying the exact same shit about Trump that they called "racism" on when said about Obama.

But fuck that. I'm not a Trump fan and am not about to gloat. The guy is horrible, only slightly less horrible than Hillary.

But this is the doing of the progressive left. Y'all are the reason Trump was elected, not white men. For fuck's sake, if America was REALLY a nation filled with all these old bitter white men, powerful enough in number to sway an election, Barack Obama would have NEVER been fucking elected, nor even electable. So let's not go from 0 to dumb-fuck illogical with the boogeyman that is "white America." If a BLACK MAN can't get all of these supposedly sinister whites to show their racist asses up to a voting booth, what the fuck is the logical reason they come out when there's not a black man on the ticket?

But that's okay. Y'all keep on doing what you do. Point your fingers. Create boogeymen. Be illogical. Have media call it for Hillary months in advance so Democrats don't even show up to cast a useless vote in the foregone conclusion of the election. Refuse to change anything you're doing! And in 2020, Trump will win reelection in a landslide.

The writing is on the wall, and all you progressive folks can do is ignore it by claiming it's invalid because the word "wall" is part of white supremacist culture. Or rape culture. Or patriarchy. Or whatever-the-fuck your cause celebre "it's not fair" anti-American tactic is today.

anotherbozo said...

You seem to be missing the point. As Doug reminds us, Republicans cheat. From absurd forms of gerrymandering to voter suppression to poll closings to ID laws to reducing voting hours to disenfranchising students to dumping ballots to digital maneuverings to God knows what else they've made this a virtuoso sport. This time their cheating seemingly elected Trump.


"Slightly less horrible?" You're demented, I'm sorry to say.

The Purple Cow said...

Josh's latest spell in prison hasn't made his posts any less tedious and repetitive, I see.

Josh said...

And I see I can't even show back up after more than six months without you stalking me within 15 minutes. I got $100 says that, in the past six months, you haven't added ONE original thought to this blog based on Field's posts, but rather have stalked and lurked around the comments section to wag your finger in righteous indignation like the hall monitoring cunt faggot you are.

"Republicans cheat."

Yeah. Fuck Republicans. But I suppose the Democrats had nothing whatever to do with those eerily well-timed groping accusations about Trump and the suchlike?

Here's the simple fact of it: It's Democrats, progressives and neoliberals who cost Hillary the election. It wasn't white men. It wasn't Trump "trumping" up the hatred. It was shit like Mizzou and Yale and university "safe zones" and sensitivity training and BLM and suchlike. That's what lost the election. Your side drove Trump support underground with John Henry's sledgehammer, so far that you never seen it coming. Hillary's supporters, including the vast majority of media, were gloating that she was exponentially ahead in the polls, whilst the MAJORITY of the nation sat back smugly with a shit-eating grin saying, "Watch this."

Social justice warriors lost. Socialism lost. Wealth redistribution lost. Whiny, entitled special interests lost. That is the point.

These myths about voter suppression are less reliable than Bigfoot sightings. How the FUCK did Obama win election, TWICE, with white Republicans so horribly given to cheating? Logic isn't the strong suit of leftists, I realize; so I don't expect anything but a double-down on the accusation. It is what it is.

And if you folks cannot realize that point about WHY you lost, Trump will win reelection in 2020. It really is that simple. The majority of the nation--a large majority, judging by the EC--was fed the fuck up with cry-bullies and their endless list of cause celebres. Americans spoke to address the imbalance. And will speak again in four years (two for lower offices) lest your side rectifies its issues.

And we both know they won't be rectified. Because progressives are inherently less intelligent (Pseudo-intellectuals, with soft liberal arts educations), the response will be doubling-down on what turned people off, not fixing it to make it more inclusive.

But, hey, as long as folks can bitch and moan about white people as their pre-fab excuse for losing, who the fuck's concerned with winning? In fact, it works out better for the left this way. Now the election of Trump can be used as "evidence" for their never-ending list of invented cultural bullshit:

- Rampant racism
- Rape culture
- Misogyny
- Patriarchy
- Unfettered capitalism
- Fascism
- Etc...

When you view it per the small-mindedness of self-entitled leftists, the election actually allows them to be even more self-centered.

The Purple Cow said...

Josh, have the prison medical staff not prescribed medication for your delusional thought patterns?

The Ministry of Truth said...

"trump picked a real winner for education sect. *sarcasm off*"

Uh huh, a Christian Right nutjob and school privatizer. So, you know, more opportunity for Donald and his cronies to cash in. Ka-ching!

Hands up: Who's ready to send their kids to Trump University Primary School?

And Trump's pick for CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, is also pretty inspired: a Christian Right nutjob -- and another pro-torture Islamophobe, just like National Security Advisor nominee Mike Flynn.

Trump CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Depicted War on Terror as Islamic Battle Against Christianity

It's abundantly clear what the Trump administration will look like: a giant orgy of corruption and bigotry.

random said...

Alas I afford no sympathy for the devil

Yīshēng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yīshēng said...

So Josh changes his Field Negro "personality" every 6 months?

WOW, what a crazy mutha...........

BTW, the use of the words c*nt and f*ggot is a DEAD giveaway!


The Ministry of Truth said...

"'trump picked a real winner for education sect. *sarcasm off*'

Uh huh, a Christian Right nutjob and school privatizer. So, you know, more opportunity for Donald and his cronies to cash in. Ka-ching!

Hands up: Who's ready to send their kids to Trump University Primary School?"

On a more humorous note, the folks at Trumpbart are apparently furious that Trump has selected Betsy DeVos. Why are they angry, you ask? Because Trump had told them he was going to outright eliminate the Department of Education, but announcing a secretary for that department means he is not.

So I guess that's another betrayal, to add to the very sad news that "lock her up" -- meaning Hillary Clinton -- ain't happening.

Hey, alt-right scumbags, let me clue you on a little secret: Trump lies. A lot. He is an inveterate con artist. If his lips are moving ...

Trump is about Trump's bank account. Only and always. That is all.

The Ministry of Truth said...

Hooray! Donald Trump's office tower in Argentina just got approved for construction, just three days after he spoke to the Argentinian government and totally did not threaten them with his impending U.S. presidential powers.

Lovely coincidences just happen for guys like Donald.

Josh said...

Stalker #1 found me in 10 minutes and troll-blasted. #2 found me within the night and belts out some lunatic's conspiracy theory. I see nothing at all has changed 'round these parts.

Thanks, you beautiful bastards, for giving us Trump! Fuckwads and morons; it's because of the below average intellect's inability for self-appraisal that stupid is doubled and tripled-down on; people too stupid to realize they're stupid. And y'all drove the most powerful nation in the history of Earth into the arms of a fucking reality TV celebrity with an ego bigger than the nation he'll fail to properly head. And, I suppose, y'all will live in this blissful ignorance until they put you into the ground, forever blaming everyone else but yourselves.

Y'all are worse than those stupid Cape Town students who--instantly prior to using their tablet PCs--demand that "western science" be "scratched out" so that witch doctors and their (phony) ability to curse people with lightning strikes can be the new SCIENCE that replaces things like, oh, gravity and evolution and, you know -- those damn white people's sciences of creating models of utility which accurately model reality. Fucking voodoo maniacs, all. Get into uni for free, receive preferred placement after receiving free test points, and then sit on the ground and draw with crayon on the sidewalk while talking about needing a safe space where nobody is allowed to hurt your feelings.

Oh, progressives! Donald Trump owes your ignorant asses one hell of a thank you.

But, for real, I'm surprised you black progressives aren't going after the LGBT community and otherkin and headmates and feminist women for stealing the black victim swag and habitually crying, with full bellies, that they're starving! Talk about cultural appropriation! Y'all were the original blame whitey crew, ala white supremacy. Now the feminists have hijacked your techniques to cry white patriarchy and rape culture, while the homos have stolen it to cry about white cisnormativity.

Before y'all put any thought into (failing miserably to) retake the White House, start small and reclaim your hostage-holding techniques from these other groups who entered themselves into the Oppression Olympics.

Or spend all your time and effort insulting me and others around here if they're not ideologically identical. Go ahead, BE THE STEREOTYPE! Embrace that shit. Or don't. Your call.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Speaking of turkeys ... Josh how the fuck are you ... just Joshing you. Did Sheriff Daly bust you? Welcome to the club.

I'm not going to rule out voter fraud but as things stand now, no excuses. To reiterate what I have said here and elsewhere, Hillary was a tailor-made punching bag for Trump. Trump in turn would have IMHO been a tailor-made punching bag for Bernie Sanders. Bernie would have been up Trump's ass like a hemorrhoid and it would have been a totally different conversation and quite likely a different result. We did not present our best, and those (including our esteemed host) who undermined the one candidate in either party that had Trump's number must now take ownership of that.

As for the end of liberal identity politics, as outlined here after the 2012 election Republicans were anxious to reach out to minorities by passing immigration reform, Democrats held out for the more liberal Senate version of the bill, by which time Republicans had decided that it was in fact the 'missing white voter' that they should reach out to. As such, Republicans have the easy part of the identity politics game with voter suppression, deportation, registration, gay-bashing, science denial, etc. It falls to Democrats to be the politically disadvantaged party of conscience. Persecution of Muslims is a religious freedom issue. The right to serve gays is an issue of evangelism conveniently confused with religion. The Neo-Nazi "Heil Trump" conference this past weekend clearly demonstrates that the right wing message sent was received loud and clear.

Wonder what said Neo-Nazis feelings are now that bloviating blowhard Trump is apparently backing off damn near all his talk. Was this a put-on that got out of hand? Whatever, Trump having served his purpose as a useful idiot who delivered the right wing the elusive missing puzzle piece, will in all likelihood after putting his stamp on the Supreme Court gladly relegate himself to a ceremonial sock puppet and let the real hardliners in Congress do the real damage.

Josh said...

Trump and the right-wing, at least the mainstream of right-wing politicians, are like oil and water. The only way they'll get along is if they go crawling back to him. Which is apropos for the John Daly point. I busted his balls constantly about losing his mind over Trump. So he deleted all my posts and then started lying, saying that I was posting pornographic links and photos on his page (something I don't even know how to do if I wanted to - the photo part). And when I came in to defend myself and call him a liar, I saw my account was banned. I've since been back by proxy, but I just stopped forum-hoppin' and shit for a while. I wrote a book in these previous months, "Rekindling the Never Was," which I'm hoping to get published somewhere, or else I'll self-publish on Amazon. The World of Trollcraft is a game I stepped away from for a good bit to focus on my writing, and also my education. I thought about taking a graduate course for Evo-Bio at SDSU via an online program, but (a) I didn't wanna dedicate even more years of my life to a field in which I won't end up working anyway, and (b) I'd have to take a graduate course on-location. Nah. Evo-Bio just interests me very much. (And, fittingly enough, it can explain a lot you see in politics; e.g. herd behaviors and needing social acceptance, etc.)

I don't doubt there was some fraud, just like everyone knows there are some racists and sexists, etc. But, damn, if they can't keep a black man with a Muslim name from winning, they're simply not powerful enough to elect Trump. Folks, whether they want to or not, are going to have to eventually face reality and realize that there are other factors to explain Trump. Or else he'll win reelection and the Republicans will likely keep a supermajority for 8 whole years. (And wouldn't it be a fucking hoot and a half to see black unemployment get better and for the inner cities to improve over that time? LOL They'd obviously say that Obama's policies just took longer than expected.)

dinthebeast said...

Lance: You're right about congress. Fuck Trump, he's just the only one with the balls to run a campaign so repulsive and ugly that 5 million of our voters wouldn't want to participate. And it worked like a charm. Hillary has passed a 2 million vote lead now, and she only lost by 100,000 combined in three Midwestern states. We got a higher popular vote in both houses of congress, too. Like I said before, we have to figure out how to get all of our voters to vote every time, especially down ballot federal, and most importantly in the statehouses, where winning is relatively cheap, so we can undo the gerrymandering in 2020.
Congress is salivating over their chance to go down in history as the ones who killed the new deal, and wouldn't care if Trump was eating poached infant for breakfast as long as he signs what they put in front of him.
As for Bernie, as much as I like his message, he wouldn't have won. He did well in some states running against Hillary, who didn't do to him what the Trump campaign was planning to do to him, as they didn't have to care about alienating his base of liberal college age voters. I read a post from a reporter who got ahold of the oppo research folder they had on him, and they would have torn him to quivering shreds.
No, Hillary wasn't a very good candidate, but she still won the popular vote, and seems to be closing in on the 65 million votes Obama won with in '12. But like I said, that's not enough when they cheat like they always do, and the cheating will only get worse now that they have control of the government. So we have to beat them in the statehouses first, then by the ten million vote margin Obama won with in '08. We know we have the voters, we just have to get them to vote. Trump got slightly more than McCain or Romney because the population has gone up in the meanwhile, but basically they are the same 60 million they turn out every time. We lost because we didn't do that. We let them gross us out so bad that 5 million of us stayed home, when 100,000 of us could have swung the election.

-Doug in Oakland

Lance Cockstrong said...

Doug, no argument that Hillary won the nomination. Yeah he got a dirty deal from the DNC and others, but at the end of the day no one put a gun to anyone's head to vote for Hillary. That said, what research did the right wing have on Bernie? Recall that Trump challenged Bernie to a debate and wasted no time in punking out. It's all conjecture at this point but Bernie had the populist base covered, spoke clearly and directly to resonate with common people and was ready for a fight. Trump wouldn't have had "lock her up" to fall back on. I doubt that Trump would have reduced Bernie to shreds, IMHO quite the opposite. It doesn't matter now, but I for one can't say "President Trump" with a straight face and without thinking what could/should have been.

dinthebeast said...

#2 down the page a little:


-Doug in Oakland

Lance Cockstrong said...

Josh, yeah Daly is one petulant vindictive little bitch eh? Does he manually delete your posts too if you get past his shitlist? I still post there occasionally using different names to throw him off. As long as it stays there long enough to get some responses, that has to infuriate his candy ass. Especially when it's Webb or even Goldberg that responds. And sometimes the anal cult followers reproduce my entire comment in their response which kind of defeats the purpose of him deleting me. At first he thought I was Steve, but eventually he caught on. All in good fun eh? Good luck with the book. If Daly can do it, how hard can it be?

Josh said...

LOL Daly's book isn't very good at all. It's like Forrest Gump meets Kojak. But to be semi-fair, Steve has literally made over a dozen accounts just to go over there and call white people racists. So when one thinks a troll is trolling, Steve has a mathematical edge.

John and I used to get along. But he became unhinged when Trump started doing well. He was writing two columns a day, and started not only bashing Trump but people who liked Trump. I suggested, very nicely, that he copy-paste all of his stuff into a single doc, wait a week without posting anything, and then read how he'd been acting. He then started deriding me as some Trump supporter sent there to troll him. LOL That was it for me. Ideologues get too f'n paranoid about everything. And it goes to show just how insane he had become. For four years at Bernie's I crushed religious people there and anti-science people who said dumb shit like:

- Global warming isn't real
- Homosexuality is a choice
- "Race" is a social construct
- Secularists have a Satanic agenda against God
- Evolution isn't true
- We'd be extinct if people were born homosexual
- The Earth is only a few thousand years old
- And on and on

John didn't mind one lick when I argued with these people and put on full display their gross lack of anything resembling intelligence. But as soon as someone questions his dogma, he uses his "power" to ban.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Oh, you guys don't forget the Supreme Court avalanche, soon to be descending upon your nappy heads.

Trump will be nominating "younger" folks.

You're talking generations.

To quote Queenie....bwahahhhhha.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Doug, thanks for the link. The essay Bernie wrote of the woman enjoying being raped was pretty well known. The bill he sponsored to ship Vermont's nuclear waste to the poor Hispanic community of Sierra Blanca TX, is troubling. Other things, such as his advocating free college tuition as him telling those who never planned to go beyond high school to fuck off, are nonsense. But none of that rises to the level of being investigated by the FBI, for which Hillary had no response but a feeble apology and to stay out of sight and put all her efforts into winning the debates, which she did, but that was quickly forgotten. And the FBI investigation in turn lent credibility to other accusations, the Foundation her complicity in her husband's sexual adventures, etc. No doubt it would have been a slugfest with Bernie, but he had plenty of punches to throw and IMHO would have prevailed. Again, of course, it's all conjecture, but it's hard not to given the reality of the impending sickness reminiscent of the McCarthy era.

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