Friday, November 11, 2016

The confidence game begins.

Image result for pt barnum imagesIt started already, folks. The trump con game is already in full effect.

President elect Orange Hair promised his rabid supporters on the campaign trail that he would repeal and destroy the ACA, but today he told the Wall Street Journal that there are parts of it that he will probably keep. 

Get used to it trumpsters, I suspect that after the first year under Führer trump you will be having buyer's remorse.

Let's face it, it already doesn't look like trump is being particularly loyal to some of his peeps. Poor Chris Christie must feel like the Theon Greyjoy  from Game Of Thrones. He thought that serving as trump's manservant and totally sucking up to him would at least get him a nice gig in his administration if he won. Well, he won, and what does trump do?

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is no longer running Donald Trump’s transition team, with Vice President-elect Mike Pence now responsible for the smooth transfer of power in the White House.

Christie will continue to serve as one of the chairs of the transition team, along with Rudy Giuliani and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, but he will not be the leading man." [Source]

Chris, you and the rest of trump's followers will soon see what hundreds of folks who did business with him in the past already know: That there is not an honest or loyal bone in that man's body.

Anyway, I read an article written by Charles Blow that is getting a lot of retweets on twitter that I felt I should share.

"Donald J. Trump is president-elect of the United States. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Against all odds and against all forms of the establishment, he prevailed. He won, legitimately, including in many states that were thought to be safely blue. The pundits and the polls were wrong. There was more pent-up hunger for change — and also racial, ethnic and economic angst — than many models considered.

Mr. Trump will become this country’s 45th president. For me, it is a truly shocking fact, a bitter pill to swallow. I remain convinced that this is one of the worst possible people who could be elected president. I remain convinced that Trump has a fundamentally flawed character and is literally dangerous for world stability and injurious to America’s standing in that world.
There is so much that I can’t fully comprehend.

It is hard to know specifically how to position yourself in a country that can elect a man with such staggering ineptitude and open animus. It makes you doubt whatever faith you had in the country itself.
Also, let me be clear: Businessman Donald Trump was a bigot. Candidate Donald Trump was a bigot. Republican nominee Donald Trump was a bigot. And I can only assume that President Donald Trump will be a bigot.

It is absolutely possible that America didn’t elect him in spite of that, but because of it. Consider that for a second. Think about what that means. This is America right now: throwing its lot in with a man who named an alt-right sympathizer as his campaign chief.

How can I make sense of the fact that the president appeared in pornos?

How can I make sense of the fact that the man who will appoint the next attorney general has himself boasted of assaulting women? What will this president’s vaunted “law and order” program for “inner cities” look like in an age where minority communities are already leery of police aggression?
How do I make sense of the fact that a man who attacked a federal judge for his “Mexican heritage” will be the man who will nominate the next Supreme Court justice and scores of federal judges?
I can’t make it make sense because it doesn’t. I must sit with the absurdity of it.

I must settle this in myself in this way: I respect the presidency; I do not respect this president-elect. I cannot. Count me among the resistance.

I hope that there are areas where people in Washington can agree to actually advance America’s interests, but I’m doubtful. Trump has made multiple campaign promises, promises he will be obliged to keep, that would specifically do harm.

My thoughts are now with the immigrant families he has threatened to deport and the Muslims he has threatened to bar and the women he has demeaned and those he is accused of assaulting and the disabled whom he apparently has no problem mocking.

My thoughts are with the poor people afflicted by ill health who were finally able to receive medical insurance coverage, sometimes lifesaving coverage, and the fear they must feel now that there is a president committed to repealing and replacing it (with what, I don’t know), and who has a pliable Congress at his disposal." [Read more] 

Scary times.

Before I forget, Happy Veterans Day to all the Vets out there. Thank you for your service! (We still miss my wife's brother in law , who gave the ultimate sacrifice. )

It's a shame that you will be now led by a commander in chief who was too much of a coward to do what you so bravely did and continue to do. 


It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...
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Smart Black Woman said...

One of my mentors, and avid Trump supporter that worked with Bush, gave me a heads up about the ACA the day after the election when I saw him at school.

I'm still kinda worried about the HIV + patients I see in the clinic getting their meds and healthcare, but he assured me that HIV programs for low income folks will stay in place.

I sincerely hope he's right because Pence AKA "let em' all get HIV infected", is the next VP.

Yisheng = nigger said...

My cousin is in the Army. Thank you to all veterans and those who protect our freedom, even if it means the freedom to elect garbage like Trump.

Anonymous said...

The GOP will soon control the presidency, both chambers of Congress, and two of every three governor’s offices. We will also have a conservative dominant Supreme Court for at least a generation. Delicious!

The voters chose to put the GOP in charge. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up. You are no more or less important than any other American.

F**k you, love Yisheng said...

@9:08, my military connected family thanks you for saying something nice about veterans, even though you're STILL an all around stalking, ass sucking bitch.

Lance Cockstrong said...

No cabinet for Jesus Christ Christie ... Just the whole damn refrigerator ...

Anonymous said...

Is this what you stand for, Fields?

A Black Panther Forever said...

Bro. Field, thanks for the Veterans shout-out. You ALWAYS include us in your prayers. Hope your family members have solace in their day of remembrance.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, the Trumpsters won't like it when he sells their interests to the highest bidder, but they are so used to being lied to by the Republicans they always support, one more time will barely even register.
I don't quite know what to think of this yet, but I just read something a little disturbing about the difference between the exit polls and the actual outcome. Even if it's true, we let it happen this time, and this is what we get. Even if it's overstated, we still need fixing it to go on our "to do" list before the next election:

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I am a black man and I hate Donald Trump. He is a racist, a hater and a Nazi. Plus my friend's neighbor's cousin said he doesn't like LGBTQWUHFLMNOPYMCA people and wants to put them in gas ovens. I hate him.

That's why I'm moving to Africa next week. I'm coming home, and I suggest you all do, too. And we will take our Super Soakers and peanut butter with us, thank you.


Anonymous said...

@ Doug -

Aaaaawwww, you didn't get the corrupt, sick old woman you wanted in the White House? That's too bad.

It's okay, though; you and your ilk clearly would like a confrontation with the rest of us - you know, the people who pay the taxes and keep things running (and own a fuck ton of guns). We are ready. You just have to make the first move.

In the meantime I'll be bathing in democrat/SJW tears. Feels good, man.

O'Gurl said...

Field, have you watched "Trumpland". It goes into how Trump's supporters will feel happy initially, but after about a month the reality will start to sink in.

Obamacare is NOT getting repealed. LOL

The Purple Cow said...

For those of you who haven't seen this video yet (and 27 million people have) here is Jonathan Pie explaining how the political Left won the election for Donald Trump. This is certainly the best thing I've seen on the subject so far - invest 5 minutes of your life and watch it.

Anonymous said...

Vengefulness leads only to suffering. Resentment robs a man of his own industry. Pride is the doorway to ruin. Yet the just man forgives others and shall walk the path of his righteousness in prosperity, feasting at the banquet of virtue, while those who grumble shall be sent empty away. For every errant thought and every false motive already contains the seeds of its own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Rare Historical Footage Discovered...

field negro said...

Anon@7:39, that sounds like something the preachers told the slaves back in the day. Didn't work out too wll for us back then.

Puerto Rican food sucks ass said...

I can't wait to see the train wreck that will be Trump's cabinet.

Lilacpr said...

So in lieu of all the protests, looks like the Democrats don't believe in democracy?

Lilacpr said...

Seems like those that were against 'anger' and 'hate' yesterday, are the most angry and hateful today!

Will wonders never cease???

White Foreman said...

It's fun seeing black racist Wayne writhing because his white savior Hillary was humiliated and rejected by people with morals who don't want a lifelong crook for president.

Still, Wayne isn't a complete idiot and finally he sees that Trump is stabbing his conservative supporters in the back on a daily basis. Did his first interview go to Breitbart? Hell no, Trump went to the Wall St Journal. There he lied that he "hadn't thought much" about getting Hillary prosecuted - though he used that line at every single rally.

Still, Trump is worlds better than the amoral trash that think that thug Michael Brown was a hero, and that Hillary peddling influence for million$ while at State Dept was just a-okay.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Lilacpr.

The hypocrisy of the Left is on full display for the world to see. These riots only solidify Trump's support.

White Foreman said...

Wayne thinks that lower income people getting crap Obamacare with a $6000 deductible is helping people. He's either too isolated from reality with his govt job and paid-for Cadillac insurance or just too lacking in honesty.

Then again. Wayne always was a silver spooner.

field negro said...

You know, if I am going to be honest, my govt job only pays half of my salary. In case u didn't know I have a second job as a hard working self-emplyed criminal defense lawyer.

I am, after all, Jamaican. We tend to like to work a lot. :)

Let's see how hard mr trump will work for the American people.

White Foreman said...

More proof that Wayne got his law degree because his daddy was connected: Trump "boasted of assaulting women"

No, Wayne, Trump clearly bragged that they "let you do anything" if you are rich and famous. The entertainment industry is famous for being full of whores who will, in fact, do aything to get ahead. That's always been true.

Meanwhile, Wayne never criticized his white savior Bill Clinton who actually did assault women, according to credible evidence. And no, Wayne, having a series of women who are Democrat hacks for their whole lives suddenly emerge right before the election doesn't provide any credible evidence. Oh, and one was a porn skank, just like your Kardashian heroes.

Trump may be a lowlife, but you don't have to make up lies about him. Stick to criticizing him over true things, not like "assaulting women" and not like the imagined "racism".

White Foreman said...

Field said: "Let's see how hard mr trump will work for the American people"

He won't, he'll stand up for Wall St and the mega corporations, just like Hillary. It is revolting how people who think of themselves as conservatives are defending his current backstabbing.

He'll support Ryan and TPP. He'll lower taxes on the filthy rich. On and on, ad nauseum.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

PR, so far Hills has won the popular vote so yeah, some folks are pissed!

Winning the popular vote but losing the election seems to ONLY happen to Dems.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

White Foreskin said...
your Kardashian heroes.

Se there, I KNEW you were a low life whooteemoo.

White Foreman said...

Up pops Kim, fresh from her mornng classes at imaginary med school. She even goes on Saturdays!

Kim, Obama has welcomed the Kardashian skank at the White House so naturally Field now worships the skank. Try not to be such an idiot. Try.

"da ankle bone's connected to da knee bone"

The Trumpening said...

The Purple Cow said...
"here is Jonathan Pie explaining how the political Left won the election for Donald Trump"

The Progressive vermin scum are impotently raging in the streets, spending their last bit of allowance from George Soros before they are swept into the dustbin of history. They lost because their movement is based upon nothing but hate for the society and people that have made their pampered lives possible. They invested their hopes in the most corrupt and dishonest candidate in America history because the truth means nothing to them.

Obama has spent 8 years doing his level best to attack the interests of the traditional majority and to fundamentally change the nation to create a permanent electoral majority for his party and a compliant low-cost wage slave workforce for his backers. A decent and fair minded citizenry saw all their effort and sacrifice earn them nothing but ever more hysterical levels of hate. Now this evil project has been put on hold. All the media control in the world couldn't convince the American people to sign on to their dispossession. Every establishment institution in the world was vehemently against Trump. Hillary outspent Trump by 5 to 1. Yet Good still prevailed.

Enough white people finally got tired of being told they have no place in the future, and their only role was to cater to brown people and to hurry up and die. The Left, eboldended by decade after decade of slowly convincing white people they didn't deserve to exist, got impatient and took it a little too far too fast. Now their nightmare project is over.

I look forward to watching Trump dismantle every single thing Obama has done to my nation. He had a historic opportunity to unite us, but instead chose division and hate and will leave knowing history will view him as a failure. This is now Obama's legacy - the awakening of white nationalism and the recognition that a war is being waged against us and it's time to start fighting back.

The good news for you is that we will be more magnanimous to you than you ever were to us. We will not seek to crush you and dictate how you will live. We will only insist on equal rights and equal attention to interests for all people. The removal of repressive leftist ideological concerns from economic decisions and social campaigns will raise prosperity and make America feel like a free country again. Let the hate go from your heart and join us in building the future. It may take you a while, but in the end you will see that Making America Great Again was the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

White Foreman said...

"...and a compliant low-cost wage slave workforce for his backers."

Very true, as maintained even by black racist Tavis Smiley and even Krs-One. Obama was spotted early by Kissinger, who rightly figured: people are fed up with our white puppets like the Bushes selling them out to the rich as president; but if we put a black puppet in there, the establishment media will never oppose him.

The media was meant, via the 1st Amendment, to oppose the power of the president. But the current cuck media instead set out to destroy anybody who criticized Obama. Black privilege. That is history.

The Trumpening said...

If Hillary had won we would have been treated to story after story gleefully celebrating the death of white America. There would be no calls to reach out to Trump supporters, just exhortations to punish them further.

Also, you would not have had Trump supporters out rioting in the streets trying to overturn the results of a democratic election. "Love trumping hate" apparently involves a lot more assault and arson than I anticipated. The infantile progressive violence we are witnessing only reinforces the idea that the Good Guys won.

Decent Americans are going to be doing a lot of winning. The scum need to get used to it.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet still cannot believe he won. Has that la-la land "My God What Have I Done" look about him. Backing off repealing Obamacare, refusing to answer questions about Muslims. And worst of all playing kissyface with Obama and the Clintons, didn't take long for Butt Trumpet to become a Washington insider did it?

Anonymous said...

Well said, The Trumpening.

I hope Field will consider your words.

White Foreman said...

Wayne, I will believe you without questioning that you are hard working. What I object to about you is your constant incitement of anti-white hatred. Also, your worshipping of the Clintons is really deplorable - you know they are self-aggrandizing trash and you also know deep down that they only use blacks for votes. You can't be so gullible, even in your anti-white hatred, to believe they ever had one sincere moment in their lives.

Btw, I just read this:

It reminded me of some account I'd seen several years ago about a Jamaican woman who got a micro-investment and started her own business. Working hard, as you say. Admirable.

White Foreman said...

"If Hillary had won we would have been treated to story after story gleefully celebrating the death of white America."
Damn right. The Dems are even now figuring they lost because they weren't quite deep enough into anti-white bigotry, so they're pushing for the new head of the DNC to be a guy who is black AND a Muslim.

Oh yeah, there's something about him cheating on his wife who has MS? That's Dems for you, all social fervor and no personal morals.

James Deplorable said...

"President elect Orange Hair promised"

To un-do all of Halfrican Jug-ears' unConstitutional executive orders.

That includes DACA.  Immigration enforcement is already up; ICE was arresting illegal aliens trying to vote in California.

"Get used to it trumpsters, I suspect that after the first year under Führer trump you will be having buyer's remorse."

If you think anyone will be pining for Hitlery, you are deluded.  Rather, projecting.  When the special prosecutor's case against her goes public, and the news about the Clinton Foundation gets even into the highly-censored news you allow yourself to read, not even you will fail to breathe a sigh of relief at the bullet we dodged.

That is, if you're still here.  You may be back in Jamaica, under your own corrupt Black government again, pining for the "racist" USA and how well it treated you by comparison.  But intolerance of corruption is a White thing, and you wouldn't understand that.

"Poor Chris Christie must feel like the Theon Greyjoy from Game Of Thrones."

Yup, you don't understand.  Christie was better suited to wear a different hat, so Trump switched them.  Nobody is owed a job or a status, not even Trump himself.  He earned his current post by the rules of selection.  He'll have a chance to go again in 2020, if he wants to.

I suppose I shouldn't wonder about your cluelessness.  You thought it was "her turn", didn't you?  I bet you thought that "once you go Black, you don't go back".  You don't listen to anyone but your own echo chamber, so you didn't understand that 2008 was half repudiation of warmonger Bush, and half hope for actual racial healing at long last.  Well, the halfrican doubled down on warmongering and race hatred.  America has seen your true face now, and there is no way to un-see it.

Drivel Rites laws are now understood as weapons against the majority.  They are going to be revoked or allowed to expire.  I expect to see the end of affirmative action and disparate impact, and the Civil Service exam brought back.  Trump, businessman that he is, will demand that government workers actually work.

"This is America right now: throwing its lot in with a man who named an alt-right sympathizer as his campaign chief."

Delicious salty affirmative-action-baby tears.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

James Deplorable said...

"I look forward to watching Trump dismantle every single thing Obama has done to my nation. He had a historic opportunity to unite us, but instead chose division and hate and will leave knowing history will view him as a failure."

He'll only be a failure to the Left.  America already sees him as a traitor.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Delicious salty affirmative-action-baby tears.

Affirmative action, the default position of "da' white boy" who went to Podunk U and has a poor/low salary.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Trump is going to pull a "Palin" and resign after about a year.

Dr. Wheautremeaux said...

Affirmative action, the only reason Yisheng went to any college and could spend 40 years and millions of other people's money in a futile effort to get into medical school.

The most repulsive thing about her is that she can't show one ounce of gratitude towards the society that has unconditionally supported her dreams for her entire life.

Redeem yourself, Yisheng. It's never too late to try.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

And what of this anti-Trump crowd, the demographic of which is VERY racially diverse.

I don't recall racial diversity among the Tea Party protestors over POTUS' election

Anonymous said...

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...
"And what of this anti-Trump crowd, the demographic of which is VERY racially diverse.

I don't recall racial diversity among the Tea Party protestors over POTUS' election"

You know what else I don't recall? Rioting, vandalism and assault at Tea Party protest rallies. They didn't even litter.

Is it the "diversity" that is the source of the violence?

White Foreman said...

Why is Kim pretending to be Chinese now? Does she think that will help her get into pretend medical school?

Pax said...

Lance Cockstrong said...
Backing off repealing Obamacare, refusing to answer questions about Muslims. And worst of all playing kissyface with Obama and the Clintons, didn't take long for Butt Trumpet to become a Washington insider did it?

Another douchebag prog who was wrong about everything this election still lecturing his betters about what is "really" going on.

Expect Trump to behave very moderately as President-elect. When you plan to Drain The Swamp there's no sense warning the snakes. He will lull them with mild talk now, then get into office, consolidate power and strike them hard benefitting from the element of surprise.

Anonymous said...

White America and the Republicans are fucked in 2020 anyway. These next four years won't matter very much. Fuck white people.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

^^^ especially lower middle class/poor ones.

Anonymous said...

Herr Doctor Fieldhilfe,

Mein hope ist that you will grow to admire in obedience der new Leader und to realize der will of the people that he have absolute power over all matters. All will come to see der wisdom of his plan und der improvements he will maken for der world. May he open der way to ein thousand years of Amerikan rule for der control of all lesser nations und peoples to serve der one true nation of superior civilization, lineage und culture und for der ultimate victory for all ages of the destiny of the strongest.


Herr Doctor Field Marshall Einskaufen, OSS

Anonymous said...

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...
^^^ especially lower middle class/poor ones.

There isn't anyone lower class than you in this country.

There isn't anyone who would be poorer if they had to make it on their own.

Your faux elitism is pathetic.

Other black people must cringe when they read your words.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Among my Black friends, we're ALL planning to give Independent candidates a more serious look from this point forward. This seems to be especially true among the minority educated millennials, they' all seem pretty sick and tired of having their votes taken for granted by the Dems, then giving the blame when the Dems loose.

One thing is for sure, the next presidental election is going to be VERY interesting!

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

And speaking of beautiful, highly educated Black women, check out Alabama's newest judges:

Anonymous said...


Are you ok?

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea to run a website where African Americans can discuss how much they hate Euro-Americans. MLK's dream is finally coming true.

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

No. Queenie is not OK.

These women are black. That does not make them "beautiful".

I guess you think Whoopi Goldberg was " beautiful"

An ape, if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

White men have tiny brains and tiny dicks. LOL!!!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

You forgot the "bwahaahaa", Quennie.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey 3:41,

Is measuring dick size a hobby of yours?

Anonymous said...

@3:38, Then why was Captain Picard always going down after hours to give Guinan his 10 Forward?

Anonymous said...

I say we take up a collection to help Yinsheng get her GED. WHO's with me. Is ANYONE with me?

Anonymous said...

3:41, I think it's great you listen to your mother's insights.

The Purple Cow said...

"Mein (sic) hope ist that you will grow to admire in obedience der new Leader und to realize der will of the people that he have absolute power over all matters."

Meine Hoffnung ist, dass die amerikanische politische Linke aufsteht und verlangt, gehört zu werden. Allzu oft sie haben fehlte ihr der Mut ihrer Überzeugungen, und den Druck für die Medien eingeschüchtert haben. Sozialismus ist kein schmutziges Wort, es ist die Zukunft der menschlichen Rasse.

Anonymous said...

In 1655, under the command of Captain William Clinton, the English captured Jamaica from the Spanish. In 1662 there were about 400 Negro slaves on the island. As the cultivation of sugar cane was introduced, the number of slaves grew to 9,504 by 1673. Captain Clinton acquired more slaves to do the work on the estates, and in 1734 there were 86,546 slaves. In 1775 there were 192,787.

There were movements in England pushing for the abolition of slavery. In 1775, the African slave trade was abolished by Parliament, effective January 1, 1776. Theoretically this meant that no more slaves could be brought from Africa to the colonies in the British West Indies, but slaves could be transported from one colony to the other.

In response to this, Captain Clinton moved his slave trade headquarters to what would become Hope, Arkansas. From there, he was able to import Jamaican slaves for use throughout the Americas. After the Revolutionary War, Captain Clinton expanded his slave trade further, supplying much of the South with Jamaican slaves.

In 1791, there was a slave insurrection in Hope, Arkansas, followed by a more widespread insurrection in the next year. In June 1793 the former captain, now Governor Clinton, wrote a Proclamation to the slaves to clarify their status. By December of that year, there was a Bill for the protection of the rights of all slave owners, and it became effective on August 1, 1794. At that time all slaves became permanent and irrevocable property of their slave masters. The system was a great success and made the Clinton family very wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Purple Cow,

Sie sprechen die Muttersprache, sehe ich. Wissen das. Ihr Traum von einem sozialistischen Amerika wird in einen Albtraum von unendlich Schrecken für die Linke verwandelt werden. Denn die Leute tolerieren nicht die Tyrannei derer, die die Seele Amerikas durch ihre eigenen korrupten und faulen Wünsche zerstören wollen. Seht wahre Macht. Denn diese herrliche Kraft ist jetzt in Sicht und wird das Leben von allen mit dem gloomed Morgen des Gesetzes und der Ordnung berühren

random said...

You define your existence being a racist troll continuing the long racist evil very white tradition of invading spaces where you are not invited or welcome

random said...

Let me guess your an idiot that lives in the basement of some family member who hates you and because your a coward you blame the most oppressed segment of this country for you pathetic mundane existence.

random said...

Please ban this particular vile racist trust me no one wants James boldly using the faux news same racist rhetoric that's been in play since Reagan approved the church of Satan creation as governor of California

The Purple Cow said...

"Ihr Traum von einem sozialistischen Amerika..."

IhrE - not Ihr.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

random said...
you're a coward you blame the most oppressed segment of this country for you pathetic mundane existence.

Isn't this what the election was ALL about, the "oppressed", uneducated White man whose blue collar job at the steel mill no longer exists?

Talk about a LOT of whining, NEVER in the history of the US has a group whined so LOUDLY!!

Ironymous said...

Self-awareness deficit!

Anonymous said...

Ya know I am [NOT] Jamaican, and I work much more than most Jamaicans:

Contrast me with the common negro you know:

AA Degree in Chemistry, Music
BS Physics and Astronomy U.C. Berkeley
MENSA member
Certified Oracle DBA
National Association of Rocketry member and holder of many records in altitude and duration
Guitar player - Jazz and Metal
Former Republican Delegate for Ypsilanti MI

I could go on but that would just be bragging...

Pilot, Scuba diver, been around the world several times ... I just don't fit the field negro narrative ... I'm sorry...

Anonymous said...

My replay to the blacks who attacked the man in Chicago for voting Trump (thank God I am me and the millions of negros lost in violence, ignorance, and poverty!):

Many of you know me, well know that in real life I am black/negro. I wear/wore my Trump 2016 shirt around the Phoenix/Maricopa County area for months. Under that shirt, holstered, was my fully loaded Glock 19.

I say this in all honesty, not to kiss up to white arse, or sound macho, but as a way to speak to my integrity:

If I had come upon this scene, and I verbally requested that the, black relatives of mine stop their attack and they didn't and/or approached me in a threatening way, I would have pulled my firearm and sent these fine black gentlemen back to dirt!

This crap, this cancer or unfettered violence in the name of 'social justice' (sic) must stop, or its over the Republic.

Put it another way: If these fine black gentlemen would attack a white man for nothing more than voting Trump, then they will attack me for talking too white, or having a 'DIO' vinyl sticker on the back of my mini-van window. They are rabid dogs who will bite anyone and every one around them.

Doubt I am black in real life, then here are my videos where I voted for Donald J Trump, and I think the video footage doesn't lie:

And my small but earnest fireworks display once Trump crossed the 270 EC mark:

I hate these fine black gentlemen more than most of you because they make me look bad by genetic association!

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Ya know I am [NOT] Jamaican, and I work much more than most Jamaicans:
Contrast me with the common negro you know

Beep, Beep, Beep, Fake negro alert, Fake negro alert, Fake negro alert, Beep, Beep, Beep!!

Lance Cockstrong said...

Power is already consolidated dumbass. The only element of surprise will be when you wake up to find you are still unemployed, no food stamps, no health insurance, and no one gives a rat's ass about you.

field negro said...

"Let me guess your an idiot that lives in the basement of some family member who hates you and because your a coward you blame the most oppressed segment of this country for you pathetic mundane existence."

What you just said.

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