Wednesday, March 22, 2017

беспорядочный (Messy)

Image result for devin nunes image “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.”    
Will Rogers ~ 

Devin Nunes might be an idiot and possibly a criminal, but I have to give him credit, he is certainly a loyal soldier.  He gave it the old college try for the president and the republicans today. 

Team trump must have really thought that they were going to find a way out of the huge hole that they have dug for themselves in today. They had their man-- who is the head of the House Intelligence Committee-- make an incredibly stupid move by holding a press conference to tell the world about possibly classified intelligence information. Remarkably, he revealed these things from his "source" without telling it to his fellow members of the committee.

The ranking democratic member of that committee was not pleased, and he said that he had "grave concerns" about the actions taken by his republican colleague.

 If this was team trump's attempt  to muddy the waters and give him some wiggle room with his outrageous claim that former president Obama wiretapped his phone, it did not work. It was in no way exculpatory. In fact, it has drawn more scrutiny to their team and their actions leading up to, and right after the elections.

This Russian stink is not going away, and no matter how much trump and his team try to shift and dodge, they are not going to change the facts.

"I think the bottom line here is that ... President Trump, to some degree, is right that he did end up in some intelligence reports, and I don't think he knew about it," he told CNN, later clarifying that Trump is "not right" about the precise claim that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.
Schiff maintained that if Trump and his aides ended up in a lawfully compiled intelligence report, they were likely not the subjects of surveillance"
And there in lies the key: trump and his aides might have ended up in a lawfully compiled intelligence report. 
We can only imagine what those reports contained.   
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Puerto Rican women are ugly and their food is shit said...

tr**p is turning out worse than we thought he would. What a disaster that will take years to clean up.

Lance Cockstrong said...

I am the cum bucket of a dead cock.

dinthebeast said...

"We can only imagine what those reports contained."

And we're not likely to find out, either. See also: Bush, George W. AT&T lawsuit, Vaughn Walker.

-Doug in Oakland

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes and Faggots said...

Obama DID NOT wiretap Trump. Obama is above that kind of bullshit. Only a megalomaniac like Trump would sink to those depths. He is beyond incompetent.

#BlackPride #BlackPower #BlackisBeautiful

Wesley R said...

Trump is going to be forced to do something that Putin doesn't like and that will be the time when the shit will hit the fan, because it will be Putin who will out Trump.

Anonymous said...

But all in all how are we better off?

History in the making said...

The fact is we now know for certain that Obama had Trump's communications intercepted in order to try to derail his presidential campaign. This will be an unprecedented moment in American history, when a former President is arrested and sent to jail. If anyone is strong enough to do the right thing and prosecute Obama, it's Donald J. Trump.

Godspeed Mr. President, Godspeed.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Hey, Purple Cow. You'd best giving giving us your updates as to how the US still isn't building the wall at the Mexican border....while you still can.

I've always asked you where you got your info from. You never answered, as far as I could tell. (I warned you to make it last, while you, I suppose we should just forget you ever brought it up.

Anywhoo, here's a Happy Liink for you!:

Meanwhile, here's some info from another blog:

"At this morning's staff meeting, certain persons had a very sour look on their faces, so I knew the news would be good.

-- CBP has announced that some 100 feet of a series of "test wall sections" will be built quickly, among the competitors already chosen.

-- One of these walls will be in the high-profile, high-traffic San Diego section.

-- CBP will then choose from the "test wall sections" as to which one it likes and proceed from there, negotiating on cost, etc., with bidders.

-- The contracting timeframe has been moved to as quick as possible under current law, and is as short as three weeks for this stage.

The Wall is being built. It's going to be solely on Fed property, so no states can stick their noses in it.
But they're certainly going to try.
Three California Democrats have a warning for contractors who sign up for President Donald Trump’s border-wall construction project between the U.S. and Mexico: Build it, and we will divest from your company.

In the latest act of resistance against the Trump administration, the state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would force the state to drop its pension investments in any companies involved in the project."

Suck to be wrong, huh, PC?

Ricky said...

Libs are Ripping their Blue hair out from the fact That Obama will go down in history books as having Wiretapped Trump. Not just a Failure, but a Criminal.

Thanks Representative Nunes !

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Hey Cow, while I'm at it, here's a better link for you:

Still think it's not going to happen?

BTW....we're not going to build the wall using your gay "meters".

It's "feet, yards, and miles", sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

It's not just that Obama wiretapped Trump, he wiretapped all of us.

The other shoe is about to drop.


Truth to Power said...

Democrats are furious that Nunes told Americans the truth.

They will just have to accept that their Age of Lies is over.

Lance Cockstrong said...

I bet there are dozens of Russian bitches who need my big black dick instead of the usual tiny white dicks they get from their countrymen.

Bob Clump said...

dinthebeast said...
"We can only imagine what those reports contained."

You know if there had been any dirt on Trump, Obama would have leaked it prior to the election.

It's safe to say Trump is probably the most vetted, least corrupt President modern American has ever had.

Thank God Hillary will never be President.

dinthebeast said...

Sure looks like Trump is sinking now that Schiff says he has "more than circumstantial" evidence that Trump colluded with Russia on an attack on the US that the Russians are comparing to the USSR's acquisition of the atomic bomb.
Or as one intelligence officer said about Trump "He will die in jail."

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

The spying powers of the government seem to have been misused by the Obama administration.

Liberals should be outraged.

bones said...

dinthebeast said...
"Sure looks like Trump is sinking now that Schiff says he has "more than circumstantial" evidence that Trump colluded with Russia "

Simple: Prove it.

There is no proof.

Obama wiretapped Trump for two years, and could not find anything.

Schiff is a lying piece of shit.

dinthebeast said...

Don't worry, boners, it will only keep getting worse for Trump and all of the little trumplets as all of the massively treasonous bullshit they pulled leaks into the daylight, one drip at a time.
Couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow, really.

-Doug in Oakland

Puerto Rican women are ugly and their food is shit said...

I can't wait for tr**p to lose in a landslide in 2020. It will be so satisfying.

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

Lance Cockstrong said...
I bet there are dozens of Russian bitches who need my big black dick instead of the usual tiny white dicks they get from their countrymen.

11:31 PM

Yo know Lance, I don't get your infatuation with dicks. You can't seem to post without making a reference to a "dick".

So, maybe you have a big one? Who cares? Now, you want to go after the Russkie chicks?. How about the Asians, the Jews, Pygmies from the Congo..You use "cumbucket" as something to be proud of.
Funny...I don't see any of your "dick conquests" bragging on your prodness.

Anonymous said...

Lance actually doesn't have a very big dick, but he talks about it all the time because it's still bigger than his brain.

dinthebeast said...

It will be interesting to see whether Trump and the Republicans will reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act when it comes due later this year.

-Doug in Oakland

Oregon Pride said...

They don't call Lance "Mr. Muh dik" for nothing. He constantly has dick on his brain. Whether it's when he is checking out teenage girls, or eating his fried chicken, watermelon, chitlins, and all the other disgusting, lame shit black people eat.
What's really ironic is that Lance is also a huge homophobe, like the vast majority of black people. I've never understood how blacks are so homophobic yet so obsessed with dicks. TNB, I guess.

James Bold said...

"Obama DID NOT wiretap Trump."

Note the narrow construction.  We know someone surveilled the Trump campaign and released phone calls (or their transcripts) which are felonious to even retain per the FISA law.  Somebody ordered it.  Somebody decided to make use of it.

Who, and when?

"Obama is above that kind of bullshit."

Zero descended to identifying with a murderous thug and had the temerity to criticize a policeman who dealt decisively with his pal whose TNB was interfering with police work.  Zero's behavior is SYNONYMOUS with bullshit.

I'm sure it extends to treason, and I expect that in the next 4 years we will see POTUS #44 not merely identified as ineligible to ever hold the office (and every last one of his acts and appointments nullified), but convicted, sentenced to death, and given the needle on nationwide TV.

What did Zero know, and when did Zero know it?  Run from those questions, because you cannot face them without losing everything you cherish.

Vladimir Putin said...

LOL. A blue-gummed negro speaking Russian. You can speak English, rather well, semi-articulate, but Russian?

It is to puke.

So funny.

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes and Faggots said...

Obama is a more legitimate President than Trump will EVER be. Obama worked in the community prior to getting into politics. He knows the people. Trump is a racist white billionaire who sexually harasses women.

#BlackPride #BlackPower #BlackisBeautiful

Eric Jacobus said...

I was never a Trump guy, but he is definitely making you blacks look like retards and dumbasses.

Puerto Rican women are ugly and their food is shit said...

I bet tr**p supporters are actually cheering the attack in London because any violence gets them all riled up and bloodthirsty. They love trying to prove what oppressed little snowflakes they are.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Exhibiting some of dear old dad's impulsive tendencies, Donnie Trump Junior is getting crazy with the Twitter fingers.

After a (fortunately relatively small-scale) terrorist attack in London, the president's son tweeted this, mocking the mayor of that city, Sadiq Khan, for having said that terrorist attacks are "part and parcel" of living in a big city.

Now, as far as I can tell, Khan was correct. At least if you live in a Western nation, terrorist attacks are indeed an unavoidable part of life in a big city. There is no way any country can guarantee absolute protection against this sort of attack, and even the best security apparatus will let some terrorists through the net. Maybe that's not what citizens want to hear, maybe they'd like to believe their government can keep them perfectly safe from all harm, but it is the unvarnished, if scary, truth.

However, Junior doesn't seem to accept this reality, implying that politicians CAN guarantee our absolute protection, and if they don't manage to, well, then obviously they're not doing their jobs properly.

That's great, because it means that the next time some jihadis manage to pull off an attack in an American city -- which they inevitably will -- Junior is now obliged to announce that his father has failed miserably as president and demand his resignation.

mike from iowa said...

Commandeered Coconuts posts 2 links that contradict each other and hizownself and expects to be taken seriously?

Obama wiretapped no one. If wingnuts couldn't find evidence that he did it does not exist. What does exist is the simple fact that foreigners in the WH and their calls and conversations to and from the WH are recorded and have been for a long time.

Numbnuts Nunes HIC is supposed to be investigating Drumpf-not tipping him off. Fucking totally incompetent wingnuts cannot govern because they are FUCKING clewless!

Josh said...

The left still inhabits this land where they intentionally reject reality if it's not born of their echo chamber.

Here you morons are still picking apart every bit of tapping evidence to say there's no evidence that exists, while simultaneously using no evidence of Russia to insist that there's some great Russian conspiracy.

Sadly this isn't just a "black thang." Would be easy to dismiss. This is an entire leftist thing.

A Republic if you Khan keep it said...

Brigade Fifteen said...
Now, as far as I can tell, Khan was correct.

You can have Diversity or Liberty.

Pick one.

The Purple Cow said...

23rd March 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

The Purple Cow said...

"The left still inhabits this land where they intentionally reject reality if it's not born of their echo chamber."

Josh's epic lack of self-awareness is something to behold isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"intentionally reject reality"

Like believing Islamic culture is compatible with Western values.

Anonymous said...

"intentionally reject reality"

Like believing mass Muslim immigration into non-Muslim countries won't lead to mass bloodshed and civil war.

mike from iowa said...

Could this be the beginning of the end for drumpf and his butt buddies Josh and the bald guy?


mike from iowa said...

Told like it is.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Let's all take take a moment to review the sort of classy people President Adolf Twitler has made friends with:

"A former Russian MP who had fled to Ukraine was shot dead on a busy street in central Kiev on Thursday.

Denis Voronenkov, who had spoken out against Vladimir Putin and Kremlin policies, was shot three times outside the upmarket Premier Palace hotel.

Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, quickly pointed the finger at Russian authorities, calling the killing an act of 'state terrorism'.

Kiev’s head of police said Voronenkov, who had been granted Ukrainian citizenship after he fled in 2016, was shot three or four times in the head and neck and died at the scene."

dinthebeast said...

Trump's Russian Oligarch Cash Laundry Service has a special this week: Cover the costs of Manafort's crisis management team (Jason Maloni/Jade Roq) and get one free US Attorney firing for your case with the Justice Department...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Cummings wants Nunes investigated. Apparently proving Trump right is now a crime.

Brigade Sixteen said...

This Russia stuff from the leftists is so obviously said in bad faith.

They have nothing else.

Progressivism is in its death throes.

mike from iowa said...

Cummings wants Nunes investigated. Apparently proving Trump right is now a crime.

Proving Drumpf right? What are you smoking? and can we have some?

You poor sad widdle wingnuts are desperate for anything to hang on to. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

ps Drumpf don't care crashed and burned and the vote has been postponed until the 12th of never.

Democrat Filth said...

In the wake of a brutal rape of a 14 year girl at school by an 18-year old illegal immigrant "freshman" last week, the Democrat-majority Maryland State Legislature votes to become a Sanctuary State:

This is why Trump will be re-elected.

mike from iowa said...

Must read. All wingnuts are corrupt crooks working against their country to protect a mangled apricot and his corrupt family.

mike from iowa said...

Little whitey wingnut lied her ass off. Good thing blacks weren't lynched.

Fake News Update said...

Remember how the media tried to blame Trump for inspiring anti-semites to make all those bomb threats to Jewish community centers? A couple of weeks ago they busted a black progressive reporter for making some of those calls, to get back at an ex-girlfriend.

It now turns out the rest were a hoax too, as a 19 year old Israeli has been arrested:

Hadal said...

mike from iowa said...
"Little whitey wingnut lied her ass off."

Most rape claims are false. This is why in Muslim culture a woman's word is meaningless in court.

dinthebeast said...

Shorter Ryan: Hey Devin, take this investigation evidence and deliver it to the perp...

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Hadal said- No offense, but I don't worry what Muslims do in Muslim countries. In America a false rape charge -especially one white girl accusing any number of blacks of rape is likely to set off a race war. Some of the comments at the end of that link pretty much explains white racist psyche.

A second Dem from the intelligence committee sez he, too, has seen evidence of collusion between Drumpf's goons and Russians.

Hadal said...

mike from iowa said...
"Hadal said- No offense, but I don't worry what Muslims do in Muslim countries"

America will be a Muslim country soon, one or two generaions at most, inshallah.

As rape of a Muslim woman is impossible, when America has been brought to Islam, there will be no more rape.

Anonymous said...

Trumpcare looks like it won't make it out of the house. Trouble in paradise. Bannon just got there so screws being turned. This will be an interesting few days.


Brigade Fifteen said...

"America will be a Muslim country soon, one or two generaions at most, inshallah."

Yep, from Muslims being 1% of the US population today to being the majority. In a generation. Makes perfect sense.


Josh's trusted news source said...

Hey Josh, since us lefties live in a bubble what news sources do you use?

James Bold said...

"he is definitely making you blacks look like retards and dumbasses."

They were doing that all the time, it just took you this long to notice.

"I bet tr**p supporters are actually cheering the attack in London because any violence gets them all riled up and bloodthirsty."

Yeah, that's why they're hash-tagging #DeportKebab and #IslamDelendaEst.  Because they don't just want to be rid of the problem.

Gads, can you even listen to yourself?

"Now, as far as I can tell, Khan was correct."

Khan's point of reference for normality isn't London.  It's Islamabad.

Just like yours is Memphrica.

"Little whitey wingnut lied her ass off."

Funny, when it was a Muslim girl lying about Black assailants you thought nothing of it.  Really, you deserve to live under sharia.  You deserve to go where all the African slaves in Arabia went.

"Good thing blacks weren't lynched."

It doesn't matter what you've done or not done, you're all guilty of hate.

"In America a false rape charge -especially one white girl accusing any number of blacks of rape is likely to set off a race war."

Projection; YOU are the ones who riot over any perceived slight.  There are over 100 Black-on-White rapes PER DAY (not including in prison) and there are no anti-Black riots.  Hell, there are even vicious murders of White women (Amanda Blackburn ring a bell? Jessica Chambers?) and we aren't trying to stamp you out.


dinthebeast said...

Trump: I have struck such a terrific deal with house Republicans. Obamacare will be repealed momentarily...

Freedumb Cock-us: Nope, not enough fascism in that cuck of a bill, Twitler.

Ryan: Who me? I had nothing to do with this unfortunate situation...

This is what narcissistic incompetence looks like. There does not exist enough CYA in the universe to cover this much ass.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Agreed Doug. Now reality is starting to set in, real lives will be affected by their health bill. Taking away emergency coverage and drug rehabilitation coverage will hurt thousands as well as thousands of Trump voters in red states. CNN did a really good story about Trump voters in Kentucky that are being helped by the ACA that will lose coverage and are hoping Trump will stick by his promise to make it better and cheaper. Is this the act that will finally open up these poor folks' eyes? This is interesting because Trump threatens to primary anyone who votes against it but will that tactic backfire because the guts of this bill are coming out and it isn't pretty. Guess they can't just blame it on the Dems so we'll see who gets thrown under the bus if it doesn't pass tomorrow.

BTW, finally may get my guitar, ordered it from a music store in Jersey and they promised it's what i want. We'll see because I played the red one before I sent it back and loved it. Never played a semi-hollow and I dig the sound. The 11's it came with were a bit spongy and I've heard from others that 13's sound good for jazz but not great for blues and rock/pop. My plan is to split the difference. You ever play a semi? What strings did/do you use? I know you're a jazz guy so I know you'll push for 13's. Ha!


Pilot X's half brother said...

"This is what narcissistic incompetence looks like."

That's how we got Obamacare in the first place.

Taking away something that is about to under doesn't leave people any worse off, even if you don't replace it. Obamacare had all the goodies front loaded and all the costs deferred. It never was viable for the long term, and everyone who knew anything about insurance knew it.

Kudos to the Democrats in setting this political time bomb. The whole point of Obamcare was to fail, after destroying the existing private system. Then Hillary could come in and impose single payer healthcare. The flaw in the plan was banking on the infinite stupidity of the American voter, which ran out just in time.

The Republicans are going get the stink of this mess all over them. The wise political thing would be to sit back and let it implode on its own, then come in and just junk the whole idea. However stupid they are, they are not as cynical as Democrats, and aren't going to let a large number of people lose access to healthcare just to score political points. Obamacare will be repealed. Just not this week.

Ivan Beatinov said...

Can someone tell me how many degrees of separation from Trump I need to have before I can legally talk to a Russian. Is three enough?

field negro said...

"Progressivism is in its death throes."

Dream on.

"Yep, from Muslims being 1% of the US population today to being the majority. In a generation. Makes perfect sense.


BF, they are just not that smart.

dinthebeast said...

PX: Both of my Yamaha SA's were semi, a lot like your Gretsch in that they had a center block, so they could use a Gibson style bridge and tailpiece, just the way I like it. I know they say you get better sound from bigger strings, but I never liked them much and got the best sound out of those two with a ten set, and on my SG I ran nines.
I'm really more of a hard rock kind of guy.
I also had a full blown hollowbody, a Jay Turser student size that my friend gave me when two of my guitars got stolen in a burglary. It looked like a slightly shrunken 175, and sounded OK, but I didn't like the trapeze tailpiece much so I gave it to my friend Sara who is a symphony-level violinist with some nerve damage in her right wrist. She needed an instrument she could play without a bow, and it seemed to fit her well, and I got it as a gift, so why not?
My friend Koa is an instrument builder, and he loves Gretsch guitars, so he built one from scratch, a medium width single cutaway hollowbody. He paid me fifty bucks to build the wiring harness for the Gretsch pickups and controls he put on it, and when it was done it sounded awesome. I'm still kinda proud of that one, even though all I did was the electrics.
Good luck with your new axe, it always feels good when you get a good one.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Math: The Final Frontier said...

"BF, they are just not that smart."

Says the negro who can't grasp what per capita means.

Anonymous said...

9's? I forget you're from the Bay area, good rock axemen out there. Chris Hayes is out there, one of my faves from childhood. I'm not sure I wanna keep the Bigsby tailpiece but using the vibrato was fun but I hear it's a bitch to stay in tune with it.
Can't wait to try out some tunes especially with some serious distortion to get that Jesus and Mary Chain sound.


Josh said...

"Here you morons are still picking apart every bit of tapping evidence to say there's no evidence that exists, while simultaneously using no evidence of Russia to insist that there's some great Russian conspiracy."

I guess because you couldn't really refute the fact there, could you, cunt? Yet you can't allow yourself to go without plucking my comment out to say something about me on a personal level. That's fine, though. Just watch out for those acid attacks, stabbings, and random automobile mutilations in your neck of the woods. No joke; I don't want you to die for your misplaced tolerance and faith in globalist government.

Anonymous said...

Josh, where do you get your news?

Josh is a girl said...

Wow, now Josh is a paranoid Islamophobe. She remakes herself so much we never know which one will show up. One thing we can count on is her flashing her tits for attention. Acid attacks huh? Well sweety just calm down, those bad jihadists won' t hurt you your big bad boyfriend James will protect you with his guns.

Flying Junior said...

Hey Josh,

Calling other men cunts is only slightly less gay than calling a man a bitch.

Forgive me. My blog is still being trolled. I'm in a bad mood.

Josh is a cunt said...

and Josh is a bitch for not telling us where she gets her news.

O'Gurl said...

Field, ignorance is just running amok!! Can ppl turn off hate news? Uhhhhh!!!!!!

James Bold said...

Define "hate news" for us.  It's anything that doesn't spin or censor the truth to rid it of anything that doesn't fit The Narrative, right?  All contrary stuff goes down the Memory Hole, right?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Ya know, I will never forget Pelosi's statement that "we have to pass the Obamacare Bill, so that we can see what's in it." (paraphrasing, of course)

And she still is a member of Congress.

Has to be one of the most ignorant things ever spoken in the House.

dinthebeast said...

Ya know Lt. a Republican congressweasel just said the same damn thing about the AHCA.

-Doug in Oakland

Vinny said...

No, again Field, you little cartoon character. The only criminal may be Obama for revealing ancillary people and disseminating the information. Tick-tock on the prosecution clock for the Dems and your boy.