Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Marie Antoinette crew.

Image result for wilbur ross images             These are tough times in America for a lot of people. I really feel for those poor federal workers who are about to lose a second paycheck because Mr. trump is holding them hostage for his vanity wall.

Of course we know that Mr. trump and his out of touch aides have no clue what ordinary working class people are going through. They have been having one let them eat cake moment after another.

They have claimed that this shutdown should be like a "paid vacation", and that all working class families who are struggling to put food on their table need to do is to make "adjustments." Go figure.

Today, Wilbur Ross, who is worth almost a billion dollars, suggested that all those federal workers who are working should just go to the bank or a credit union and tell their local banker to break them off. Poor Wilbur said that he didn't understand why these people are going to food banks to get food.
His leader was not better. While trying to back up Ross, Mr. trump declared that local banks and vendors would work with the unpaid workers.

I am not sure what universe these people live in. But here in the real world you just can't walk into the local bank and tell the banker to float you a few thousand dollars and you are good for it. You can't go to  the landlord and tell him that you will take care of your past-due rent as soon as the government opens. The landlord has bills too.

Today, a trump spokesperson was asked if the president was concerned about a terrorist attack or a plane going down because of trump's vanity wall project. She wouldn't answer the question. Instead, she chose to give us the usual deflection.

And the trump family members are still throwing us cake scraps from their 18k gold-plated table.

"Lara Trump’s comments came during an interview this week with digital news network Bold TV, after she was asked what she’d say to people missing paychecks.

She said, 'Listen, this is, it’s not fair to you, and we all get that, but this is so much bigger than any one person,...”' 

This stupid useless border wall isn't bigger than anything. The president told us that Mexico would pay for it, and that it would be a great  concrete walled structure across the Southern border. He lied! And the scary thing is that when he told his gullible supporters that lie, he knew that he was lying and they fell for it. Some of those same supporters are now struggling and trying to keep food on the table. They are having second thoughts about voting for the New York con man, because their stomachs are growling and their bills are piling up.

I feel their pain.

Sadly, the man they voted for and his aides can't say that. 

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