Friday, December 22, 2006

"It's A Part Of Us"

"If I knew then what I know now I would have picked my own damn cotton"

~~Observed by the field on a bumper sticker~~~ The field does not know the author~~

I bet a few people in the little town of Pikeville Kentucky might be thinking about that quote right about now. Yes my friends, it seems our ugly little problem of race in this country has risen its pesky little head again. This time, it's yet another bru ha ha over the confederate flag. The stainless banner, formerly known as the stars and bars. That symbol of the Southern past that so many Northerners love to hate, and so many Southerners declare is a part of their heritage. "Our fore fathers died for that dere flag...heritage not hate....and on and on"

So let's take a look at the latest little racial problem shall we: It seems that a Kentucky High School actually uses the flag as a part of their mascot, and the" stainless banners" are all over the place. Oh, did I mention that the school is 99% white and the school board, the parents, and all concerned in the little town of Pikeville Kentucky, are just fine with the way things are? "I have colored friends around here and they never say anything". So says 18 year old cheerleader, Tiffany Owens. Well of course Tiffany, what do you expect them to say? "If you cracker mother fu***rs don't take that flag down, me and my three homeys are going to burn this school down". And make no mistake, the kids know that they have a problem. If they didn't before, they certainly became aware of it when a rival team , the David School, refused to play them in a state high school basket ball playoff game. Why you say? Well it seems the David School has one (yes I said one) black basketball player, and he happens to be the only one in all of Floyd County. So when they play this particular school, he gets the full southern hospitality treatment when he steps to the free throw line. Seems like there is a clause in the Kentucky Athletic Association rules against taunting. Yep, I guess a gym full of white people waiving the confederate flag ,and some lone black seventeen year old at the free throw line would f*****g qualify as taunting. Let's just wait and see how the Association rules on this one, it should be interesting.

But I gotta give it to the good people of this little Kentucky District, they sure are sticking to their guns. When one school board member, Mickey McGuire, had the audacity to question the practice; Lorena Hall, the schools principal, said basically that every few years someone like McGuire will "stir the pot", but after it blows over, I am sure it will be business as usual. Ahh... whatever that business happens to be. Gee, we sure hate to "stir the pot" in Kentucky, don't want to interrupt that little Shangrila tucked away in dem dere hills. Hey, it's as if time stood still right? Those niggers are still colored, still know their place, and you are still proud of your confederate symbols. The war of Northern aggression rages on; they might have won some battles, but they have yet to win the war. How can they win, when there are still people tucked away in little enclaves and homes just like the ones in Pikeville Kentucky.

And speaking of Kentucky, just when the f**k did they become a real member of the confederacy anyway? Hey, it's not like you people are in Georgia, or Alabama some damn place. You guys along with Missouri just got added as an afterthought to make up the thirteen states, so what makes you think that you share this great confederacy heritage? Well at least you all do share one thing in common, you hate niggers, and you wish you had won that damn war, because then, at least they would have know their place.

Instead, you are left with this. All this national scrutiny, all this political correctness, telling you people how to live your lives. It must be hard. If you only had your own coloreds to deal with it wouldn't be so bad, but now, because of this mouthy school board member, and this damn basketball game, you have the national spotlight on you. I don't know Mrs. Principal, maybe this one won't blow over so quick. You might just have to pull down those symbols after all. Remember what happened to Ole Miss? They had to suck it up, and hide allot of their outward images of the confederacy too. Seems they couldn't recruit dem niggers to come and play ball for them, and they were sick of getting their asses kicked by the other schools in the SEC, who had no such OPEN symbols on display. Of course, they won't have that problem in Floyd County, after all, they are a high school team, and they don't have to go recruiting niggers from all over the South to play ball for then. Still, they do have to deal with the ones from the the other schools' basketball teams. Like that little uppity one, Ken Honaker, who said: "It really makes me brings back slavery and what happened to my ancestors"
Now boy don't you know this ain't about your ancestors, this is about Southern pride, it wasn't about all that slavery stuff. Didn't you hear what principal Hall said: "It has nothing to do with racism... it's a part of us".

Ms. Hall, I think I am going to agree with you on this one, it is a part of us, all of us, and it ain't going away anytime soon.

Oh, before I go, it seems I was tagged by my dear sister Mahndisa. Something about the six weirdest things about yourself. Mahndisa I will have to think about that one and get back to you. Although I think I can give you two right off the top of my head: I had a pet rooster named Oliver once, and I drink my coffee with sweetened condensed milk....Just give me some time, I will come up with four more.

The field is out.


plez... said...

And if we knew then what we know now, we would've let them [...pick their own cotton and nurse their own babies and drive their Miss Daisies and tote dem bales and do all manner of other shit that they'd never appreciate]!

My my my, that slack-jawed tobacco-chewin' Dixie-singin' redneck trailer trash group never seems to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if a school with a predominantly black population decided, instead of singing the Star Spangled Banner before school events (games, graduations, assemblies), they'd sing Lift Every Voice. What if that school decided not to display the Stars & Stripes, and went with the Red, Black & Green? There would be a major fit. We could also claim tradition, but I bet whites wouldn't be hearing it.

Imagine how a white athlete would feel, standing at the free throw line, looking out at a sea of Red, Black & Green?

Christopher Chambers said...

What bunch of idiots. If these fools know and understood what the Civil War was all about--not an Uncle Tom's Cabin version but the real deal from the political and social history scholars--would they still do this? Hell yes, because they are ignorant. Sadly, white people have the luxury of ignorance like this. We don't. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

personally i never get it... what is it about a losing battle tag?

but to be real, it never bothers me....


Brian said...

Sickening, but not surprising.

There are still a lot of confederate insurgents out there who just don't want to accept that the South lost the war. If it were up to them, Blacks would still be swinging from trees. (Lady Day's "Strange Fruit" comes to mind).

It seems like we are hearing about this kind of thing on a regular basis now. It reminds me of the High School in the South (I think Mississippi or Alabama) that had separate proms- one for the White students and one for Black students... and the school officials thought that this was perfectly o.k.

I'd even venture to say that we are seeing a resurgence of this nonsense... I hear about it all the time here in Missouri.

And by the way... the Show Me State (despite its faults) would deny allegiance to the South, lol. Even the rednecks here probably would.... although there is some fondness for the Confederate flag on the part of many Whites here.
The flag was an issue here not too long ago...I believe 04 or 05. There is a Confederate grave yard in my area (Run by or affiliated with the State in some way....or receiving State funds)....and a Confederate group wanted to place Confederate flags on the graves on Veterans Day instead of the standard caused a big stir. I believe that the group got its way in the end and the Confederate flags were allowed.... allowed by a Republican governor of course.

Aulelia said...

they are examples of people who are so desperate to clinging to an 'identity' that was lost. it is almost as if they believe it some sort of ancient civilisation!! we should let them drown in their insanity because that is what all their noise is...pure insanity.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 26 06

Hey FN:
Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a happy New Year. Thanks for giving us a bit about you:) As to the Confederate stuff, I have been tripping over that for a long time. Those who choose to embrace that flag really have NO concept of what it symbolizes or DON'T care. Whatever the case, in time we will see reversals that make them unhappy...And in the interest in free speech, such reversals may blow over in time.

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Anonymous said...

SO just for one. I went to Allen Central. I'm white and clearly not on a second grade reading level as some of you like to think, though you make me feel that way having to read s*** like "dem der hills". It's a school and a flag. No one's being attacked or hurt by a piece of cloth on a pole. At least Allen Central can stand up in unity for something they believe in without half of the students falling dead from drug overdoses. Try that at your local school get the kids upset and see where that gets you.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this story is biased and mostly untrue. The story / blog is poorly researched also! Pikeville, which is part of Pike County has absolutely nothing to do with Floyd County, where Allen Central is located. I went to Allen Central, the area for that particular at that time had no black students living there to attend. That doesn't not mean there were no hispanics, indeed there was. Also, there are more schools in the Floyd County that have more people of color in attendance, say like Prestonsburg High or South Floyd, with a much higher %age of different color populations … where almost all academic and athletic teams have more than a few people of different colors.
I myself, graduated from Allen Central, a few years before this lady.. and having known her, know that she did not say anything to be offensive, she just didn't know how to say what she meant. Do you think not growing up around people of a different color and hearing from society (not the school) that black men are only after one thing, watch your purse.. blah blah blah that you would know how to say anything politically correct? No, she was a young girl, growing up in a part of the county that had little to no access to different cultures…. today though it's much more common throughout the county to see more colors.
I was also on the "board" of students, parents, and staff trying to save our mascot … we did have to change from runnin' rebels to readin' rebels and replace our sword with a book. Which is silly. Are we asking schools with a mostly black population to change their mascot of rebels, YES, in fact there are school with the rebel mascot that are predominately black. Big surprise, I supposed.

Also, surprise, surprise… just because you assume that the flag means it's a symbol of hatred, does not mean that is what the people that put it there or still stand behind it believe. I'm for equal treatment of all people, black, white, yellow, red, blue, trans, mixed, homo, hetero, asexual. What have you, if you're human, you should be treated the same. I grew up here, graduated here… still in KY and as country white as you can get… and married to a beautiful black african man with wonderfully mixed mullatto children that are wonderfully loved.

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