Friday, December 01, 2006

"A White Woman And A Cadillac"

" Rich boy sellin crackdope niggaz wanna jack shit tight no slack just bought a Cadilac (Throw some D's on dat bitch)" ~~~Alabama Rapper Rich Boy-Throw Some D's~~~

Back in the day one of my friends had a response to that standard service question: "Is there anything else I can get you sir?" It was; "Yes, a white woman and a Cadillac". Invariably it would take the questioner aback, especially if they happened to be of the white persuasion. But it never failed, after a long night of hanging out we would go to the drive through, make our order, and after the question "Is there anything else I can get you....well, that was his cue. We all thought it was funny then, and much to my chagrin, every now and then I still find myself repeating it under my breath whenever I am asked that question.

Of course, I don't think it's so funny now. Not because I have all of a sudden outgrown sophnmorish college pranks and actions. But because I have considered the significance of what my friend was saying and its social implications. Now you have to understand, my friend is a child of the South -born and raised in Louisiana-and even though I always thought he was joking, I always kind of wondered in the back of my mind if he was serious. Of course he couldn't be could he? It was after all, just a joke, a clever answer to throw off the questioner and get a good laugh at his or her expense. But now.....I don't know. Could there have been something to that? You always wondered if growing up in the South with all the taboos and painful history that goes along with white women, he wasn't effected in some way. I would like to think not, but you never know.

Now my friend is a very successful attorney in South Louisiana, a beautiful home on the river, complete with a boat slip, and a theater room straight out of cribs. And to top it all off, a beautiful Nubian wife who bore him a beautiful son. So this particular friend did alright for himself, in spite of his long standing (I think) faux desire to have a white woman and the Cadillac. Many successful black men from the South did just the opposite. They married white, even though they could have married some of the finest sisters the good lord ever created. I will never forget, listening to some of the running jokes about Charles Barkley and his blond , not so attractive wife when he was here in Philly. Poor Charles did what so many other brothers who have "made it" do, he married white. But rather than marry a white woman that every one could agree was ...well...I hate to be sexist, fine! Charles, like so many other brothers went the "plain Jane" route. I only mention Sir Charles, because I wonder, if like my friend, a fellow son of the South, he didn't always want a white woman and a Cadillac. And when he came to the bright lights of the NBA, and Philly, the first one that looked his way became his wife.

Believe me folks Charles is not alone. I remember watching the aforementioned "cribs" once, and there was Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins showing off his white wife, and his Escalade. Watching it I thought to myself; damn, he got his white woman and a Cadillac. His crib has all the right accessories.

Anyway, the white woman is one thing, but the Cadillac or the black man's fascination with his cars is quite another. An old black man once told me this: "You can live in your car, but you can't drive your house". His point was, that your car is more important than your house. How pathetic is that? An object that depreciates the moment it leaves the car lot, in his mind was more valuable than real estate, something that appreciates, and is the most valuable thing most of us will ever own. But you know the old joke about all the Cadillacs and Mercedes in the ghetto, parked in front of run down apartments that are worth less than the rims on the damn rides. This fascination us black folks have with our whips is scary. And I have no idea why we are like this about our rides or all the other materialistic crap we worship. I wish I could trace it to some historical and deep rooted sociological cause. But I can't, and it's driving me crazy.

The white woman thing... yeah on a lot of levels I get it. For so long she was the forbidden fruit,-some of our brothers have been lynched and beaten to death just for looking- so now that these brothers can get with missy, they jump at the chance. Or, they parade her around to piss of the "man". So I get all that, but it doesn't make it right. Now before you go jumping all over the field, I am not saying two people-black and white- can't meet each other, and after getting to know each other fall in love. After all, "love is blind", and that type of relationship, well, the field is all for it. Now would I prefer if his black ass had gotten with a sister? Of course I would, but hey, if they are both sincere about their feelings, I say go for it. But don't hook up with missy for some of the other reasons I stated, that just says that you are seriously f****d up in the head. And honestly, if you do that, you are that same type of brother that will want the Caddy to show the world what you are rolling in. ("Just bought a Cadilac")

After I finish posting, I am going to call my buddy, and ask him if he is happy now. Because I know he didn't get the white woman; and the last time I checked he wasn't driving a Cadillac but a Ford F-150. Nahhhh, I better not, because I am scared of what he might say, and I want to remain friends.


Anonymous said...

Hell of a piece...One small detail...

Jason Taylor is he kind of gets a pass on the whole marrying white thing, since his mother is white and all.

field negro said...

Good point, as is Tiger.-whose wife is featured in the photo here- Although I wasn't really trying to to get on brothers for hooking up with white women; I was actually trying to make a larger point about superficialness of the black psyche at times.


Gunfighter said...

Better, perhaps, if we take a moment to reflect on the superficialities of the American, consumerist psyche as a whole.

Tasha said...

Field, when we examine the superficiality of the black psyche we should do that in tandem with an examination of our propensity to do things that are regarded as socially deviant (be it interracial dating or whatever).

Once we have a better idea of why we do the things we do or have the pathos that we have (i.e. an appreciation for a car over a house, etc), then we can do a lot more to change it. *I'm half awake, so I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense!*

field negro said...

Actually Tasha, you and "gunfighter" both make sense, and I get where you are both coming from.-looking at the deeper reasons for doing the things we do, and looking at it in a broader view from a societal perspective- Honestly, a lot of this post had to do with my reflection on my own personal experience with my friend, so I understand if it seemed a bit short-sighted.

But I thank you all for checking me.

This is why I love blogging: People will not let you get away with half stepping sh#* :)

Tasha said...

I know where you're coming from and wasn't really trying to check you. I've just had a lot of that stuff on my mind lately. My brother actually used to say something similar: "I'll take a white girl and a mink coat". Too funny!

Anonymous said...

FN, below is a post I did on a discussion board many years ago on the issue of interracial dating. I can honestly say that my opinion on this subject has changed substantially but I don’t discount the spirit of what I had stated then:

Why people of African Descent should NOT take White people as mates or lovers, and be careful in having them as friends, associates, partners or comrades:

1. It goes against history: one does not love, serve or fraternize with the enemies of one's ancestors.
2. It goes against reason: it is not logical under a system of White World Supremacy.
3. It goes against what is natural and traditional: "The lion does not sleep with the tiger even though they are both of the cat family".
4. It develops in Black people a high level of Black Inferiority.
5. It disrupts the Black Family which is the basis of the Black Community: the Black Man and the Black Woman are natural compliments.

We are told by White liberals and Yuppie socialists that ideally you should love and associate with that person, or those who love you and respect you regardless of colour. But the history of our relationship with those of European descent all over the world in the last 500 years slaps us awake to the reality that even today they are focused on our destruction. Individually we may have good and pleasant relationships with White persons, but their collective consciousness, shaped by their history, makes them see us: Black Males, as their natural enemies, and Black Women as their mammies and objects of exotic sexual play-things. This does not mean however, that you SHOULD be with someone who is Black if they don't treat you with respect, loves you with a healthy disposition and is there to support you unconditionally. It does mean though that in knowing who you are, and where you come from, that you must consciously develop a loving, respectful and supportive relationship with those of African descent for the survival and progress of our community. For those of us of African descent in the world of Eurocentric Supremacy, we must never forget that: "The personal is the political". Unfortunately this mindset is essential to our survival as a people......

(Reading it again now all I can say is "DAMN!")


field negro said...

Wow Asa, deep! I agree with most of your points except maybe #4. I don't think any person of color should feel inferior just because they interact with white folks. But I suppose that depends on the mind set of the individual.

BTW man, that sounds like the genesis of a book to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was born in LA too and LA is an interesting place with interesting norms. Although I know a few Black people who married white people, most Black for the most part don't want to marry white people not even the Creole. Black people like other Blacks, Creoles like other Creoles and Whites like Whites. I may be wrong but I think your friend was trying to shock the people who were asking can I help you any further.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 02 06

Hey FN:
What a heavy story. You know, I was watching that movie American Pimp and Fillmore Slim said that he came from Louisiana in the forties to San Francisco. He said that he was surprised and figured he would settle there after he saw Black men with White women!

My grandparents are from Louisiana on my father's side and they were raised to be colorstruck, yet have a disdain for racist whites. The dichotomies and perversions induced on the psyche by living in such a racist environment create such conundrums.

Sometimes, I have come across Black men who just want to speak to a Black woman because they married a White woman. I was in the coffee shop once and this guy was telling me: "You know, I love my wife and everything, but I have to admit that I miss sisters sometimes." And I said, "You made your bed and you need to lie in it, but be honest with your feelings and self and maybe see a counselor." I didn't know what else to say.

On the other hand, I had a White girlfriend who was utterly enamored with Black American culture and she sought Black women as friends and Black men to date. At some point, she told me she wanted to 'be around some White people.' I think a feeling of closeness to ones ethnic group is something that one cannot explain and points to something deep in ones soul.

When I dated interracially, I would tell my boyfriend if I wanted to be in the company of other Blacks and he would tell me how he was feeling. Honesty helps.

If all of America could have honest dialogs like that, we sure would be better off.

Very, very good post.

Friday Dialogue said...
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that girl w/ issues said...

Do y'all think that Black women with white men is open to the same kind of Black-positive, anti-white supremacy, let's-keep-it-real critique that we're giving to Black men and white women?

This is a hard topic and I haven't fully come to terms with it. Frankly, even though Tiger is multiracial, I still think of him as Black, and when I see him with that blonde blondie, I just think he looks silly. But, what do I know, he could totally love her, she could be a funny, interesting, cool person. But when I look at her, my eyes are temporarily blinded because of all the whiteness.

But when I see Halle Berry with her new white model boyfriend, I don't think she looks silly. After putting up with all kinds of bullshit from brothas over the years -- domestic violence, cheating, and so on -- seems like the girl opened up her options a bit. That dude *is* super white, it's true, but I'm more interested in whether he's treating her well than whether Halle is betraying the race.

So, it could be that gender is an issue and I'm trying to figure out how it matters.

By the way, asabagna, your number 5 makes no sense b/c it presumes heterosexuality. Not buyin it.

- That Girl Has Issues.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a very attractive mulatto woman in a committed relationship with a black man I know for sure. And before me he had a white wife and they had four bi-racial children. And he made a comment to
me long time ago that white women were better and that was his preference. It really stiffled our relationship in that I can't trust him, and never will although he gives me his whole paycheck and makes pretty good money. $50and hour 40+ hours a week, and gives me every dime. Plus the expensive truck and beautiful 5 bedroom house and he knows I cant even have children anymore. I have one little one and her dad was a black japanese, she very beautiful. But I will never
get over the comment and if it wasn't for the money I would have left a long time ago. He just looks at them different. With a yearning to be with them. He has his whole life and I'm his first
black woman well attempts to go that way. I look like a light skinned black well typical biracial looking woman. He still cannot acknowledge me as being black, and alot of guys are doing that getting with the next best thing to white. He says that I'm
actually better because I have the best of both worlds. Which the richest black men in society do get with its exactly that attitude.
Ok so money and power gets you the white girl, the house, the gear, the money, and the exceptance. But I'm not talking about there little pennies I'm talking about some real money. Like billionaire status all their wives are light biracial looking women- glamorous and plain jane. But after I let my mate in on something he kind of
backed off alittle, I told him that
as a bi-racial person, and a black woman I like to see people mixing
the ultimate goal is to have offspring into the world. Not white nor black but a perfect balance. Frankly I told him I feel that bi-racial people hate both black and white. And we consider ourselves to be the superior race of people. So the more of us are created the better, then maybe we can faze out both the whites and blacks. Honestly people no one has any idea how the product of black and whites feel except the children and one days its gonna come back and bite them in the pie-hole. No seriously, its more too it then that, and both blacks and whites will never know what they do, to what extent. Ask the source.
There just living, loving and having fun but look at the little mixed children. We really don't like either one, because how messed up society is and will always be. Again though, I see how he looks at them with such a strong lust in his eyes, and I employ it, dude its your headache. Give them your desire, your looks,
your fantasies especially in the bedroom, Im his little white slut,his sista in the kitchen His mulatta in the streets, and they still do get his desire make his johnson all nice and hard, but I get his time, and foremost his wallet every dime, and his other children they look like me, and if he ever cheats with a caucasian girl or gets another one, there kids will look like me too, See people mixed women--a white woman cant even touch nor faze. Thats the irony of it all.......(Maybe more later.)

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since you posted this, but a couple of your statements struck me:

Although I wasn't really trying to to get on brothers for hooking up with white women; I was actually trying to make a larger point about superficialness of the black psyche at times.

Well, you also made a point about your own superficialness. For example:

I will never forget, listening to some of the running jokes about Charles Barkley and his blond , not so attractive wife when he was here in Philly. Poor Charles did what so many other brothers who have "made it" do, he married white. But rather than marry a white woman that every one could agree was ...well...I hate to be sexist, fine! Charles, like so many other brothers went the "plain Jane" route.

You may say that you support real-love relationships between black men and white women, but I think that's just lip-service to the Man so that you don't get ripped too badly here.

One would most likely conclude from Barkley's actions that he DOES love his wife, very much, enough to withstand the inevitable jokes and jabs people like you throw his way. He's Charles Barkley, dude could marry a Hooters chick if he wanted. But he obviously didn't want. I'm presuming a lot here too, but hey what's sauce for the goose.

It appears to me that you actually believe only this: 1) If a black man is with an attractive white woman, he is with her for status only. 2) If a black man is with an unattractive white woman, he has "settled".

the fuck?

Anonymous said...

I think that black people should marry each other, period. I don't care if other races mix within themselves. I think black people have been so ripped apart by slavery that we need to build strong families to rebuild our race. I think black men who marry non-black women are sell-outs and don't deserve to exist. I also think that anonymous at 6:04 AM needs a therapist.

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