Monday, March 12, 2007

Fox News Doesn't Care About Black Children!

I swear I wanted to post about half and half man again tonight, but I just don't know what to say about that brotha. I really do want to give him a chance, especially since some brothers have been slamming his ass on the their blogs lately. I don't mind some of his Harold Fordesque moves , or even him moving away from his church after the FAKE NOISE NETWORK tried to call them separatist. What I do have a problem with, is his wimpy ass move to let that penguin looking mother f***r, Roger Ailes, make fun of his name and get away with it. That sh** is inexcusable, and letting that ass hole off the hook for his comments makes him lose serious (pardon the reference here) " browny points" in my book.

So no real Obama post for me again tonight. But I do want to talk about the aforementioned FAKE NOISE NETWORK again. Yeah those mother f*****s have been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because every time I go to my local Donkin Donuts, or my gym they have that sh** on the television, so I can't help but have them in my world, and that pisses me off.

So anyway, Bill O-Lie-ly blamed the tragic death of those young Mali immigrants in the Bronx recently on illegal immigration. Can you believe that sh**? These poor innocent children lost their lives in a tragic house fire, and this cretin uses their death to push his phony ass illegal immigration agenda! How much more of this sh** should normal people stand for? I guarantee you if those were nine little white kids from Long Island his phony ass would dedicate an entire show to raising funds for their funeral. But no, they were brown children, and they were immigrants, so the first thing that comes out of his mouth, is that there is an illegal immigration problem in New York. "New York is one of these sanctuary cities" Huh? What the f**k does that have to do with ten dead people from a house fire? Memo to Mr. O- Lie-ly, citizens die from house fires every f*****g day in this country! Just days after the Bronx fire, four people died in Chicago from a house fire, and right here in Philly we have had seven house fire deaths and counting this year alone. And I guarantee you they weren't immigrants.

When I go on these rants about the likes of Bill O-Lie-ly and the FAKE NOISE NETWORK, I hope people realize why. Especially black people. Because like it or not, Fox is the number one cable news network in America, and O-Lie-ly has the number one show. Don't for a minute think that his constant marginalization of black people, and his lack of empathy for a black child's life is an accident. Think about that for a minute and let it sink in............did you think about it? Good! So now you know why it's important to call these mother f*****s on their bull sh** . Because between their news chief making fun of a leading black Presidential candidates name, and one of their leading pundits smearing the black church, makes them in my book, just slightly above those old Nazi propaganda machines. (Just slightly) So to the field, they are disgusting despicable human beings.

Bil O-Lie-ly said that people on the left "hate Fox News", and you know what Bill, I don't know about the people on the left, but I hate every one of you mother f*****s; from your thief of an owner, to those house Negroes, bimbos,and racist mother f*****g pundits on your station. Yep, I hate you all. And I will only hate you a little less when you get the f**k out of my Dunkin Donuts and out of my gym.


Brian said...

Ahh yesss my brotha! We are of like minds on this one. I'm glad someone got around to saying something.

Where is Obama's Backbone? I mean... he doesn't have to get into a tit for tat with these jackasses.... just release a stern statement and move on.

But to say nothing is just a wimp move. Obama has to show some strength.

I guess his people are too worried about losing voters. Hmmm
But then again.... those who are fans of FOX News were probably not going to vote for him any %$^&$#% he should have come out and said something.

This is the second time where he has shown some weakness. The first (that I noticed) came after Bidens comments....and he didn't come out strong enough initially. He later corrected himself and came out with a slightly stronger...more appropriate response in defense of other Black Americans who ran for President before him.

I'm glad that his team is smart and calculating...and they try to think before releasing statements... but they have to be careful not to become too calculating or too timid. Appearing weak or too timid could be just as bad as being too much of a Maverick. Both extremes are bad for a President of Presidential candidate.

C-dell said...

I really do not like Bill O'reiley he twist facts and lies just to get his agenda across. He want the world his way only. He claims to be in it for the good, I know the truth.

MartiniCocoa said...

wouldn't it be great if one of the honorable people running for president had the presence of mind to call out
Liar Bill and his asinine assertions?

wouldn't it be great if
one of them said
it's amazing that Bill O'reilly (definitely the son of immigrants) would castigate any immigrant for attempting to improve their life by coming to the same America that allows Bill to make too much money spewing his idiocy?

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight on Saturday because he said that my rage and frustration with Team America concerns him and he feels that I need to find some way to channel it productively.


I answered
I would love to find a channel for all this outrage by supporting a candidate but most of them are such cowardly pieces of shit that they make me vomit.

That when its time to actually stand up for something other than their own selfish, ambitious fantasies, they start hearing 'Hail To The Chief' play in their heads and go along with the game.

hence the frustration and rage.

sorry such a long comment.
I hate Faux News Network too and pray that the misguided losers who actually believe the lies they broadcast decide to go fight the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. En masse. Today.

Christopher Chambers said...

Amen to all of that above. That's why the Democrats lose. Wimpyness. Nancy pelosi must have some pansies around her, too, as she's a street girl from B-more and needs that inner bitch to surface.

Tasha said...

I'm disappointed in Obama for not showing some strength and for not showing the American people what he's really all about. I get a feeling that he's holding a lot back for the sake of getting voters, when those things he's holding back may just draw some in.

Bill O'Reilly needs Jesus. Not much else I can say about him.

Not Your Mama said...

I actually tuned into Fox and watched that segment (I do occasionally because I believe it's important to keep an eye on my enemies).

There is definitely an upside to this. This is not the first time O'Reilly has gone way over the top even for him...and in every instance he has lost more and more of his following. This segment was a masterwork of heartlessness even by his previous standards. It was public suicide.

He's rapidly becoming a liability to Fox...I believe he may have just signed his own termination papers. We'll see how it goes but I do not foresee his contract being renewed....if it is then Murdoch is dumber than I gave him credit for.

Come on, when even Geraldo Rivera thinks you're an insane, heartless, xenophobic,'re done for.

Scrappled said...

O'Reilly's biggest problem is that his audience is dying off slowly. Literally. Dying.

I miss Dunkin Donuts. Not one to be seen in Denver. I used to hit that DD in Suburban Station every morning before work in Philly.

As for Obama, he looks pretty, he gives a hell of a speech, and he's cautious as a motherfucker. None of these things particularly impress me. Why was he stumping for war-monger Lieberman in CT? Al Sharpton, for all his faults, has a hell of a point when he criticizes Obama for that shit.

I'm voting for Edwards. No doubt in my mind.

dnA said...

I think some people have underestimated Obama's response. While his public statment was that Ailes joke didn't bother him, his campaign has frozen out fox reporters. They have no access to Obama, which, with all their other recent issues, is affecting their attempt to portray themselves as a news organization rather than a propaganda outlet. Obama looks like he's above it so white folks can't accuse him of being " too sensitive", but in the meantime, he's putting his foot in Fox's ass.

dnA said...

Oh yeah, and as for O'Reilly, he's been on this shit all week. What's more depressing is not that he's an idiot, but that he's an idiot, a racist, and the second most popular journalist in the country.

Amenta said...

Bun dem out Field, each and every one. Bill O'Reilly, to the weak ish Obama is showing. He is bowing to Lieberman in order to get the Northeast Jewish vote coming up, while trying not to offend the general white population. But what about us in the fields Obama?

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Fox news or care about Roger Ailes, it's beneath me. Maybe Obama feels the same way. With so many important issues facing black people, I have a hard time wondering why people get their panties in a bunch over this kind of silly stuff. White people really know how to keep us distracted and unfocused. We are like Pavlov's dog. Ring the ignorance bell, and we jump. I wish we could get this upset over health care, the Iraq war, or the environment.

Seriously, why should anyone waste their time with Roger Ailes? There isn't anything that Obama could say to have an impact on the Fox faithful and the rest of the world knows Fox is full of it. In a smilar vein, so-called progressives in this country have made Ann Coulter filthy rich by screeching at every one of her distasteful comments. Sometimes dismissing ignorance is a good thing. One should have the right to pick one's battles.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" I think you are missing the big picture. Yes we have to pick our battles, and IMHO, a battle with Fox is one worth fighting. You can't just dismiss Fox news because it's "beneath" you, or it would be deign of you to look at their product. Hell, I am sure it's beneath most of us, but surely it's not beneath millions of people who tune it to them for their news. This is why it's important to check them on their bullshit; because millions of people watch and take their news and views as gospel.

Propaganda is a very important disinformation tool which has been used to shape minds, and influence thinking throughout history (See Rwanda,or the Germans during Hitler's reign)So we ignore Fox and their ilk as they pretend to be a ligitimate news source at our own risk.

Yes "one should have the right to pick ones battles", and I have chosen to battle not only Fox, but all the other lying hypocritical mother f****r in America.

Maybe that's Obama's problem, he doesn't realize that many of the important and pressing issues facing black people, were brought on by people just like those folks at Fox.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, what you are saying doesn't make any sense to me. I'd still like to know how what you call disinformation trumps health care, the war, etc. If black people put as much effort into ending black on black crime as we do whining about what's the matter with Barack Obama we might go a long way to solve so much of the pathology in our communities. But if you believe that white people, and by extension half white people like Obama, are the root of all evil, I don't see you as a soldier in the struggle but an obstacle. Just my opinion.

The bottom line is that as long as you trumpet the shortcomings of Fox News, all you do is keep up their profile. Don't you know that they love it that a black field negro would rather carry on about them and give them free publicity and not solve real problems in the black community? As long as blacks are disproportionately poor and incarcerated, it gives Fox News fodder for their execrable existence.

Anonymous said...

"Honestly, what you are saying doesn't make any sense to me. I'd still like to know how what you call disinformation trumps health care, the war.."

Sorry I am not making sense to you, obviously we don't think alike if you can't see the connection between disinformation and the things you mentioned. How do you think we got into this war in the first place? Do you seriously think the American people would have supported this war without disinformation, and a skewering of the truth? Do you really think that all the ills and problems we face as a community wouldn't be more readily addressed if more attention and publicity was given to it? News programs don't focus on poverty and crime in the inner cities, and when they do, good things happen ( I know from personal experiences the good Dianne Sawyer's expose did for Camden NJ)So again, I miss your point. Maybe you should take a more practical look at the problem instead of studying it from an ilusory vantage point.

And for the record, I don't just whine about black on black crime, I am out here trying to do something about it. As I am sure you are too right?

So if you think I am an obstacle in the stuggle for ripping half and half man, that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion. Just remember, whether some guy who blogs as "field negro" or an anonymous poster to his site ignores them or not; Fox will be making millions of dollars influencing people, and helping them to turn away from the very pathologies you prate about, by creating straw men in the debate.

Anonymous said...

We are not in the war because of Fox news. We are in the war because most Americans were scared and wanted the big bad Arabs/Muslims stopped by any means necessary, even it meant bombing a country that wasn't involved in 9-11.

We are in the war because the mainstream news media was too chicken hearted to ask hard questions. Even THEY admit that now.

We are in the war because Congress, including all the cheese eating negroes, voted to expand the president's war powers. the exception was my congressperson, Barbara Lee and she was attacked unmercifully for her position. There were serious questions about Saddam's threat to the US. Even I knew that from what I could gleen from the press. How come Congress couldn't? Obama was on record early on as a state legislator as being opposed to the war. One can only speculate whether or not he might have taken a different position were he in Congress at the time the war started.

Finally, I know this. When I'm working with neighborhood groups to end the carnage in my Oakland neighborhood, no one is talking about Fox News. This is about what we can do for ourselves. Black people need to stop worrying about what white folks have to say all the time. If Obama had been slurred, that would require a different response. An ignorant comment was made about him, it deserves not to be dignified with any response. Screw Fox News. Their viewership is declining anyway.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I left the Democratic Party because of the Iraq war. I will never get over or forgive them for how they rolled over and played dead on the war. They are Republican lapdogs. They wouldn't eveb stand up for voters who were disenfranchised during the 2000 and 2004 elections. What are they doing for Katrina survivors?

The war has been a drain on resources for all the programs that help people, health care, education, social security, Medicare, levees for New Orleans, etc. I don't know that Obama is going to ultimately be different, but he certainly sounds different and his record working in the black community speaks for itself. He cares about the issues that I care about and that affect all of us, poor people in paricular. I know I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton, wife of the first black president (snort!) if my life depended on it. Election day is along way off. I might decide to just sit it out and continue to toil in the 'hood.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous", new found respect for you now that I know that you "toil in the hood". And I respect your views on the democratic party and all the phony politricksters who come before us.
But I still think Fox News and their ilk led the cheer-leading for this war, and although other news outlets did sit on the sidelines and did not protest loud enough; Fox news, IMHO, was the chief cheer-leader for the wars architects, and thus deserve to be called out.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the blacks would get off their @$$ and go to work.

The time is over for affirmative action, welfare section 8 housing, food stamps and millions of fatherless babies.

You want your own channel call it BET or something and have your knights Obama, Sharpton and Jackson on. Here's the thing these guys are the butt of all jokes and the self appointed leaders of the black people. Be proud and keep your head up

-Bill Cosby

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