Friday, March 23, 2007

The Jersey Racist

This is going to be a tough post for me to do, because I am one of those people who really cherish the first amendment. The last thing I would want to do is put a chill on free speech. But every now and then you have to call some ignorant ass racist mother fu****s on their bull s**t.

The latest profile in ignorance comes to us by way of two morons over in Jersey who call themselves "The Jersey Guys". Every afternoon between the hours of 4-7, they perform their shtick on 101.5 FM. They are calling this latest campaign "La Cuca Gothcha" and they want all good Americans to help them round up illegal immigrants who are over-running New Jersey. Yes folks, these good Americans on the radio are offering a public service by allowing their loyal legal white listeners to call or e-mail the station and the authorities when they spot a Mex...I mean an illegal immigrant. "Yes is this the INS, yes this is Bob in Cherry Hill, and I just thought I saw one of them illegals at a restaurant I just went to, he was in the back washing dishes. How do I know he was an illegal? Well...he just didn't look right, he didn't look like he fit in. Besides, he was washing dishes, I don't know too many legal Americans that would wash dishes for a living"

Honestly folks, can you believe this sh**? These two clowns snapping up rating points at the expense of an entire group of people? I know one of these gentlemen(and I use that term very loosely). His name is Craig Carton, and his sorry ass was kicked off WIP sports radio here in Philly. Seems his ass was hit with a slander suit which might or might not have cost his former station a ton of money. Now this no talent fraud has resurfaced over in South Jersey, where he has found thousands of suckers to con and play on their ignorance and hatred of things that are different.

I mean are you kidding me with this anti immigrant crap? I love how all these legal white people want to get rid of these "illegal immigrants". So tell me legal white people, when you get rid of these "illegals" who is going to do the f*****g dirty work that you won't do? "Johny I need you to mow the lawn today son. But dad, I don't know how to push the lawn mower". Honey, I just went to the grocery store, can you believe bananas are $5 a pound, and oranges are $15 per bag? Honey when are you going to wash the car, it's a filthy mess? But everybody is Lou f*****g Dobbs these days; all of a sudden, we all want to get rid of those illegals. All the law abiding white folks in this country are sick of the "illegals" overthrowing our borders. Hell, one town is going all the way to the supreme court if they have to in order to keep the illegals out. And all the right wing politicians from California to Maine are up in arms about this little Link"immigration problem."

Legal white people, I hate to break it to you, but there is no problem. It's all in your head, and your fear is self created. Without those poor Mexican laborers you so despise, many of the daily sh** you take for granted would not get done. Oh, you wanted us Negroes to do it? Sorry, black folks have worked enough, I think this time we will just sit back and collect a check if you don't mind. Our ancestors did enough free work for twenty fu****g generations. So it looks like you are stuck with the Mexicans.

Mr. Carton, and Mr. Rossi, I hate to break it to you and all the legal white people out there. But unless you are an Indian,you have no right calling anyone who comes to this country for a better way of life, and who is a hard worker an illegal. Like Christopher Columbus had a f*****g green card when he came here. Give me a break! This is all about not wanting brown people to be in the majority, and a fear of people who are different than you. I doubt seriously if we were talking about Irish illegals or even Argentinian illegals we would be having this discussion. I live in Northeast Philadelphia, and there are plenty illegal Eastern Europeans who live in this area. I don't hear any radio campaigns geared to rounding them up and sending back to the Ukraine or Serbia. "But field they can't assimilate, these Mexicans don't speak English" Oh yeah, I really understand those Russian signs all over the f*****g place. But let me stop, I don't want to sound like Craig Carton, and Ray Rossi. As long as they are hard workers and not breaking the law, I have no problem with Eastern Europeans being here illegally. See folks, at least I am consistent.

So please "Jersey Guys", leave the poor immigrants alone. It's easy to pick on them because all your listeners are legal white people just like you. And your advertisers don't market to poor immigrants, so they don't have to worry about a backlash. It's easy because these people don't have a voice, and they don't dare stand up to you and your viscous attacks on their culture and their way of life. But just be careful what you wish for. Remember, little Johnny doesn't know how to push a fu****g lawnmower, and your wife can't do her landscaping, or clean that big house all by her lonesome.

I know you get tired of seeing the brown people everywhere, just like you get tired of seeing my black ass. You only tolerate me during March Madness and other high profile sporting events. Hey, I think I have an idea; maybe we should start teaching all those Mexicans to play ball. Then at least, maybe you will be able to appreciate them just a little more.

Call these Moron's boss at 609-893-6609, or shoot him an e-mail at: charodwilliams@nrg.command

I was tagged by Coyote Angry, and I promise to respond, but there are so many great bloggers that make me think, that I just have to ponder that question for awhile.

Finally, I just saw a film sent to me by a brother by the name of Lerone D. Wison. The film is called "Colored Frames,"( and it is all that. It was a civil rights history lesson and an awesome black art show all wrapped into one. I never knew about artist like Ed Clark, Tafa, and Marva Huston before, but thanks to this flick, I do now.

Thanks for the education Lerone. You have some serious talent my brother.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 25 07

Field, I don't get this post. I understand that the radio hosts are racist jerks, but your whole reasoning for allowing illegal immigration seems a bit thin. It seems like you are saying that since Americans have become accustomed to cheap illegal Mexican labor, then they should be allowed to stay. From your sarcasm it seems like you are saying that Americans don't wanna do dirty work, so let the illegals stay to do it. Is that what you are saying?

I don't want to misunderstand your position, but I urge you to rethink, if I have understood.

We know that many Latin American countries are racist and corrupt in government, which is why we have so many illegal Mexican immigrants here. Their society is structured so that they cannot ever get ahead and it is a system entrenched in racism where one is alloted opportunities by birthright and NOT a sense of justice imparted from Constitutional law. For this reason, the UNITED STATES must apply hard pressure to Mexico and other Latin American countries to engage in economic and social reforms.

I also think that the presence of illegals thwarts mechanization in agriculture, as 30% of illegal immigrants are estimated to be farm workers. Illegals also depress local wage structures and disarm every single employee protection on the books. Should an illegal get injured on the job, however, WE as tax payers must pay. In Mexico, your injured tail would get thrown UNDER the jail if you were working illegally. We cannot continue to have double standards. My Middle sister is a singer who works as a waitress in between gigs. She oft tells me that some illegals got hired for a job, paying well under minimum wage and that at times, the bosses refuse to pay them even after the work is done. Sometimes the bosses REQUIRE the illegals to work overtime else won't pay them, and if an illegal is injured on the job they say they will call the INS.

Illegals contribute to the very cycle that oppresses them and other low skilled American workers. Also consider the impact that illegal workers have on Black male employment in low skill market. Noticeable in my town...

From a human perspective, I can see why people illegally immigrate here. But I KNOW the solution isn't allowing them to stay and stay and stay without contributing to SSI or MEDICARE or TAX system. I know the solutin lies in Mexico changing how it treats its citizens, AND particularly its Indios, Mestizos and Negros.

Anonymous said...

mahdisa, I respect your position, but I have to disagree. We could argue the economics of your point, and resonable people could disagree on whether illegal immigration is good or bad for the economy. I think most small and large businesses would argue that without undocumented workers, the economy would go south. The strain on social services argument is a tired and old one. The government gives all types of unneeded subsidies and tax breaks to entities that don't need it, why not provide medical care and some social services for people who do.

I know you live in California, and you guys are right at the epicenter of this issue,but I am sorry, here on the East Coast I just don't see undocumented workers being a problem as some would have us beleive. And although the economics of this debate is arguable, I do not believe that the humanitarian one is.

And yes, the Latin American governments need to get their sh** together. I know those governments do not have a perfect democracy that allows their citizens to reap the proper benefits for their labor. But I don't think the people should suffer for that, they deserve every right to a better way of live just like we have here. Sorry, I am not one of these people that beleive that these undocumented workers coming here are terrorist or bad people. They want we all want, a better opportuniuty to provide for their families and loved ones.

I could also get into the whole thing that it's America and the West (think IMF) that has made those countries these people are fleeing from poor in the first place, but that's another post for another time.

mhandisa, I still love you like a sister, but you are wrong on this one. I love debating you though, because you do make me think about my positions. I have thought long and hard about this position, and doubt if I will ever change my stance.

C-dell said...

Here you might disagree just a bit, see I have not one problem with illegals being here. It they want the same rights as Americans. Yes they should be given human rights. That is god given, but other types like voting drivers licence, and such things. A lot of people in this country fought and died for those rights. If we give them away so freely then all that is in vain. I do vot agree with the way that illegals are treated in this country. The reason for the anti-illegal immergration law are being pushed so hard is because of racism plain and simple. I will be givingg a call and email to these people about such racist attitudes. I hope you don't think less of me. Iam not a racist, just think certain things can't be given away so easily.

Not Your Mama said...

I want them to stay and I want them to be able to attain legal status.

I do agree that we need to apply pressure on Latin America to reform but it's unrealistic to even consider attempting to deport over 12 million people, many of who have been here for years and have family members, especially children, who are either US citizens or at the least, know no other country. This is their country.

The right likes keeping them "illegal" precisely because it allows them to pay substandard wages so if we fall into their trap...well, it's cutting off our own noses. The "guest worker" proposal is (at least in my opinion) simply another way to keep the door open for them to set up a special, substandard, set of "guestworker" wages and working conditions.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 25 07

You don't live in California that is why you don't see the impact. I don't believe that illegals are terrorists at all, don't get me wrong. And since I worked my way through school as a medical secretary for private hospitals to the publically funded ones, the strain on medical services is very, very REAL. And as Americans we foot the bill. There is something inherently unequal about that.

I don't believe in racist justifications to curb immigration at all. I am just looking at the impact that it has on our economy. You still have yet to address the culture of work that illegals perpetuate in our society. Consider that. If you are saying that they should stay because they perform low skill jobs, in a sense you are using the same racist rhetoric that others use to wanna oust them.

We cannot use that as a justification to keep them here because in that way, we are enabling the growth of a permanent underclass. I feel that the only way to address this is to put pressure on those governments to get it together and to remove the incentives for coming here.

Then again this is my opinion and Field I wouldn't say I was debating you; just curious hehehe.

Anonymous said...

mhandisa I do not want these people to remain in a permanent underclass, I was marely pointing out the hypocrisy of many of those who want to see them leave, yet who could not live without the services they provide.

I would love it if they could assimilate and get a better education and get higher paying jobs(which by the way, many immigrants, especially those from places like India already do), but the reality, is that given their backgrounds, the lower paying jobs they get here is still better than what they left at home. So as far as I am concerned it's a better way of life for them, even if we don't happen to see it that way.

Lisa Johnson said...

Those two guys are a disgrace. I won't finish the rest of the sentence.

I don't know the solution to the immigration problems that we are having in this country. I only know that looking at the "big issue" and not seeing individual people isn't working. During law school I volunteered doing immigration work and the stories of these families just broke my heart. So many people were stuck in a legal quagmire and I knew that there was nothing we could do to hep them.

Here in Massachusetts, there was recently a raid on a factory that was making items for the military. It was mostly women who were rounded up and some were sent to Texas, I think it was for "further processing." The children of these women were left stranded behind in day care and schools. It was a nightmare for these families. Many women were in prison for days and I'm not sure how the situation has panned out. If I understand it correctly, the factory owners were out on bail within hours. Where is the fairness here?

I'm not sure how well I'm making my point, I only know that there needs to be a lot more compassion when looking at undocumented workers in this country.

Scrappled said...

Who needs to look at California for this problem? It's going on in my hometown.

Jeremy said...

why are the jersey guys a disgrace? what makes them racist? please, someone tell me. do you people seriously think illegal immigration is not a problem? wake up. its about time someone with influence spoke the politically incorrect truth. in society today, we people as a whole are conditioned by the media, fed stories the way the media wants to tell it. we have, over time and through these exploits, have lost our right to free speech, and also lost our rational objectivity. we essentially seem to have forgotten how to think for ourselves. and all of you "bloggers" are hapless victims of the spin devised by these reports.
first off, take the term "illegal immigrant" and break it up. the word "illegal" doesn't resonate with us as it should. we hear "immigrant". and when someone is talking about an immigrant, we are trained like dogs to react with compassion, with thoughts of "everyone deserves the same rights" flooding our impressionable brains. the fact is, yes, on a humanitarian level, they do deserve the same rights. but on a national level, OUR national level, that includes paying taxes and having proper documentation as to who they are, where they came from, and their medical histories.
being here illegally poses an obvious security threat, especially in this age of war. i know virtually all of you people reading this are against the war, as am i, but there is no denying the potential dangers we Americans face today. allowing illegals to remain here or come here unimpeded is virtual suicide.
illegal immigrants put a huge tax burden on the legal taxpayers, especially the struggling middle class. we're talking to the tune of $29 billion. that's with a "B". that is a significant figure, enough to pull even New Jersey out of debt.
people sneaking into our country lack the proper vaccinations and could inadvertently carry diseases. even if they did go to a doctor, they have no medical histories. and these children are in school with your children.
illegal immigrants are the only ones who benefit from staying undocumented. they are abusing a flawed government policy and legal Americans are getting screwed because of it.
so i ask you people, i gotta know, what is wrong with a radio show host addressing illegal immigration as a blatant problem? are you people so worried about being politically correct that you are blind to these illegals being a problem? whats so hard about becoming a citizen? millions of admirable immigrants have done it, and now they are Americans. and the illegals are screwing them now too.

so can anyone answer my questions? i bet not.

field negro said...

"illegal immigrants put a huge tax burden on the legal taxpayers, especially the struggling middle class. we're talking to the tune of $29 billion. that's with a "B". that is a significant figure, enough to pull even New Jersey out of debt"

jeremy, it's hard to honestly answer your question when you include falls assertions in your post like the quote above.

What about the billions with a b in tax breaks that we give corporations. Many of who hire these very illegals you rant about?

I understand that being illegal means breaking the law, but guess what, millions of Americans will cheat on their tax returns in a few weeks, but I don't hear the outrage over those law breakers because they all look so much like "normal Americans"

jeremy, I am going to take a guess that you are white male- I might be wrong but I doubt it- And being a white male might give you a totally different perspective on this issue than I have. So at the end of the day, it is going to be very hard for us to see eye to eye on this subject, because we are approacing it from two totally different worlds. You see these people as a threat, and I don't.

As for the "Jersey Guys", you will notice that I started my post by mentioning the first amendment. Trust me, the last thing that I would want to do is prevent someone from speaking his or her mind by being too PC. I welcome honest dialogue, and open debate. But that doesn't mean that they are not racist, I still think they are. And hey, that's cool, I can have an open and honest debate with a racist. In fact, I have them all the time, and I think it is rather helpful for race relations in this country.

America's racist ain't going away anytime soon; in fact, I find that they are more PC than every one else. Because they know just what to say not to seem like the racist that they really are.

Scrappled said...

Also, these Jersey Guys are fucked up on about 15 levels.

Jeremy said...

so what you people are saying is that you are more sensitive to the issue of "race" than you are to being safe and playing by the rules. do you know how idiotic that sounds? get over it, people. dont cry racism...yeah, i am a white male, and god forbid i address a topic that has something to do with people that are not white males...all of a sudden im racist, or sexist. why dont you guys stop worrying about if someone is being a racist or not, and acknowledge that laws are being broken, policies being abused, and just because the criminals are "not white" does not make it okay. maybe you people are the racists. what if your boy reverand al spoke up about this? youd be on that bandwagon faster than you get on the basketball court.

Jeremy said...


Anonymous said...

Now now jeremy, I did not say that you are a racist. Although...well, your reverand al statement was rich. But I don't know you, so unlike you are doing with us ("you people") I won't judge.

Now the jersey Guys, well, that's a different story. They have revealed themselves to be not only racist; but worse, race pimps, who push racism for money.

jeremy quite honestly, every time I read one of your posts I am reminded of the words from that old Dobey[sic] Brothers song: "what a fool believes he sees..."

But that's not only you, some people might say the same thing about me as well. We are all prisoners to our experiences, and as I stated earlier, your experiences were more than likely different than mine. So we both approach this issue from a totally different perspective. Yes they are "breaking the law", but so are millions of Americans every day when they get on the highway. And jeremy, if you tell me that you always do 55 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, I will KNOW you are lying and you are being disingenuouos with your argument.

Anonymous said...

You are a total idiot. Illegals should be out! Anyone here without doing what anyother person had to do to become an american should go back to where they came from. Which is what the "Jersey Guys" are saying. These illegals should be here with no true papers, so they can get away with anything they do. F that! They destroy what a true american is by not becoming one! You are also not a true american if you feel this way, or your trying to play some racial card bc its easier for people like you to do that then face the facts. Everyone looks different, people are not judged by what they look like, they are judged by the dumbass stuff they say and do....get a clue! Craig is right! If you have such balls to start a "blog" why not call the show. Illegals GO AWAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"You are a total idiot. Illegals should be out! Anyone here without doing what anyother person had to do to become an american should go back to where they came from."

And just what did you do to become an American, push youself out of your mother's womb? Good for you, you had the good fortune of being born here, but that doesn't make you any more of an American than people who are here and working hard to make this country a better place. I don't really give a damn if they snuck over the border came through Ellis Island, or came on slave ships. As long as they are contributing to the well being of this country, they are more than welcome here in my book. Nine times out of ten they work harder than your sorry ass ever will. So please spare me the stars and stripes, America love it or leave it speech. If you are not a Native American go f**k yourself!

As for calling Carton's show, I wouldn't waist my time, he was a light weight when he was here in Philly, and he still is. He is nothing more that a publicity hound who probably doesn't believe half of the crap that he says.(although I really do think he is a racist)What he does is feeds on the passions and emotions of poor ignoramuses like you and laughs all the way to the bank.

Not Your Mama said...



1. When over 12 million people are breaking a law....something is seriously flawed with the law and it is obvious (to sane people) that the law is not dealing with reality.

2. When a persons alternative is to live in abject poverty I can't in good conscience object to their action.

3. I cannot in all honesty say that if I were in the same position that I would not use any means necessary to try and provide a better life for my children. If you can then I pity your children.

Jeremy said...

youre missing the point. they can provide a better life for their children and escape poverty, but there is a right way to do it. everyone is missing the fact that if one of these illegals goes out and kills one of your kids, or rapes your girlfriend, the chances of them disappearing into the night never to be found again are very good because no one knows who they are and they are not on record.
from a business owner's perspective, why wouldnt i have illegals working for me? Americans in a sense are greedy, so if i can pay someone cash below minimum wage, i am definatly beating the system...that coupled with the fact that illegals are selfish and willing to screw all legal AMericans is the reason why there is 12 million illegals. no because they are above this law. not because they feel that this law can be broken. dont get it twisted, just because an insane amount of people break a law does not veto it.

Not Your Mama said...

I lost my sister 30 years ago to a drunk driver who was an "illegal alien". It was not his first drunk driving accident in the US and he escaped prosecution returning several years later to kill 2 more individuals in another drunk driving incident.

No, I do not "miss the point".

If we had realistic immigration laws we would be much likelier to be able to effectively enforce them, protect our borders and keep people like this man out of our country.

I'm also not crazy enough to confuse people like the man who killed my sister with people who do not behave in this manner and simply want to work and live their lives peacefully.

Francis Holland said...

Here's the e-mail, I sent to the radio station, but the e-mail address listed above didn't work, so I found two others (below) at their website:

Dear Mr. Williams:

I understand that Craig Carton at your station encourages listeners to call in and "report" Latinos whom they see on the streets of New Jersey, ostensibly because they might not have proper immigration documents. However, Latinos are the fasting growing group in the United States, with many who are citizens and permanent residents of this country, working and raising their children lawfully just like the rest of us. Carton's anti-immigrant campaign is anti-American.

To draw unwelcomed and unfair attention to ALL immigrants under the guise of finding the "illegal" ones is no less offensive than targetting ALL stock brokers for harrassment because some of them might be engaging in insider trading. Carton is organizing a modern day vigilante group using your radio station, and this is an irresponsible use of the airwaves. Please tell Carton so.


Francis L. Holland, Esq.

My e-mail didn't go through to the New Jersey radio station using the e-mail posted above (see error message below) so I got the following e-mails off the website and re-sent the message:, wrote:

Date: 28 Mar 2007 20:23:50 -0000
Subject: failure notice

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Sorry, I couldn't find any host named nrg.command. (#5.1.2)

Francis Holland said...

Read this story about what happens to Africans when rules against crossing national borders are rigorously enforced.

I regret that a number of readers above have expressed (and therefore must hold) some extreme anti-immigrant views. Since all national boundaries to the movement of goods are rapidly being removed, I think all national boundaries to the movement of workers/people should be removed also. It make no sense to me that goods should have a greater right to travel than people do.

In fact, "free-trade" does not exist for workers when workers are obliged to offer their services (their work) where they were born instead of offering their services where the demand is highest and the working conditions are best.

National borders that prevent people from traveling are at least as anachronistic as borders that prevent goods from traveling. Free trade for good without free travel for people is a recipe for the enrichment of capitalist who own the goods, while empoverishing workers who OUGHT to determine equally freely where to offer their services.

There is no justification for allowing capitalists to offer their goods everywhere, while workers can only offer their goods in the market where the worker was born. It's just fundamentally unfair as a matter of class, ie. wage worker (can't travel across borders) vs. capitalists (whose products and servics travel anywhere at will).

Anonymous said...

I live in an area of California that is heavily immigrant with a preponderance Latino immigrants. Most are legal, many are not. I don't know about this permanent underclass garbage. Most of my Latino friends who went to college are first generation middle class. Many of their families came here with very little. Some of them came here illegally. If we are going to talk about the permanent underclass, let's talk about the permanent black underclass.

The people who consistently cause the most problems in my working class neighborhood are young black men.

Latinos work their asses off. They come here with nothing and start businesses, buy homes, and become an important part of the economy. The only people who work harder than Latinos are Asians, maybe.

The fact is, black people are never going to stand on corners to hustle manual labor. They are never going to go to the Central Valley and pick produce in 90-100 degree weather. The younger black generation believes it is too good to clean house or work as a housekeeper in an office building.

Last year, because of all the anti immigration rhetoric, agribusiness couldn't keep up with produce harvesting because Latino workers were staying away out of fear. Where were black workers to take up the slack? Standing on street corners whining about how there aren't any jobs.

Black people are fine with hiring illegals to babysit, clean house, mow the lawn, put in a patio, but after that, would like to run them out of the country.

Latinos are a fast growing population in this country and black people better figure out how to work cooperatively with them on a political and social basis. Because Latinos are not going to give a damn about blacks' slave history and all the wrongs that were done to us.

Get over it, already.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone here every listen to the Jersey guys? Everyone jumps to conclusion that they are talking about Latinos. They never mentioned that there were going after just Latinos but illegals. That includes illegal Russians in Northeast Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

fuck you anon, field had the decency to post only about white racist and wasn't placing Black people against Latins. Black people never hire immigrants, its white people that do it, so complain them and once again fuck you.

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