Friday, February 08, 2013

Disney diss.

I am not a parent, so those of you who are might have to help me with my next post.

Tonight my racism chase takes me to the "happiest place on earth", at least for the children.

Now I must confess that when I first heard the story of the children from the Black family (yes, that's the family's name: Black)who got the cold shoulder from the Disney white rabbit, (never liked those Alice in Wonderland characters) I actually thought that it was one of those stories from The Onion, or The Daily Currant. And even when I found out that it was actually true, I didn't put on my Big R track shoes because I did not see a chase coming.

Silly me, I thought it might be my cousins looking for a pay day. But then I heard that Disney offered to pay them some money and have them sign a confidentiality agreement and that they actually refused the offer.

So now I am thinking, are these people too sensitive about the Big R? Could the white rabbit just have been having a bad day? Maybe my little cousin was being rude and cutting up. Maybe the white rabbit didn't even notice that the little rug- rat was, that can't be it. I am looking at a picture of little Elijah now and you cannot mistake his blackness. What if the rabbit himself was black? I wouldn't put it past Disney. They are tricky like that. "Tyrone, do you remember when you were in the rabbit costume this past summer? No sir, I just started working here a week ago. Tyrone, do you want to continue working here? Yes sir. Well then you were in that white rabbit costume this past summer". Let me stop.

So I am also thinking to myself: is it cool to cry racism over every perceived diss from Mr. Charlie? Maybe not. Some cases of racism you chalk up to America being America and keep it popping. I am thinking of the case in New York where my cousins were charged more for getting into an upscale club and allegedly humiliated by the bouncers.

Maybe you Negroes shouldn't be trying so hard to get into a club where you are not wanted. Next time call up your friends and make your own party happen. But I digress.

But this kid out in Disneyland. This is a little different. This is a child, and I am sure that his parents dropped some good coin to get him to one of the holy sites for kids here in America. (The other being that other Disney parent trap in Florida) The poor kid was probably all hyped up to be in Disneyland only to be dissed by the rabbit. Disney ought to train their people better than that. "But field, how do you know the family isn't lying?  Because whatever happened in that theme park is on video, and the folks at Disney have already watched it a thousand times. Believe me when I tell you that Disney wouldn't have offered all kinds of goodies and requested a "confidentiality agreement" if something didn't happen. Besides, as is always the case in these types of situations; it looks like the flood gates have opened. Now it's Donald Duck allegedly dissing my little cousins.

"The lawyer for a black San Diego family that claimed they were discriminated against by a Disney character during a trip to Disneyland said he's received dozens of calls from people alleging the same thing.

"I've gotten many emails and voicemails that I'm looking into. What this tells me is this isn't an isolated incident," attorney Dan Gilleon told San Diego's ABC 10 News.

"It doesn't mean Disneyland is racist, but they have some people in the company who aren't playing by the rules and are being discriminatory."
On Thursday, a second family came forward to say their two children were ignored by someone playing Donald Duck during a trip to the Magic Kingdom in December.

Nastasia White, who is black, told 10 News the person in the duck suit ignored two requests to take a photo with her children, Razzi, 5, and Ryder, 2, and played with white children instead.

"[Razzi] was sitting there with his arms open, saying, 'Donald, Donald!'" White, of Los Angeles, said.

White told the station she wasn't overreacting because the character's brush-off "was done in a blatant and ugly way."

The Poor kids are scarred for life. How do you get over being dissed by one of your favorite Disney Characters?

 I guess one way is to make sure that mommy and daddy gets paid so that they can afford a very good therapist.



Rickey Rat said...

"The Poor kids are scarred for life. How do you get over being dissed by one of your favorite Disney Characters?"

No, how do you get over parents like this who teach you to be paranoid, greedy and foolish?

Really? The white wabbit is wascist?

Black people are fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, why are you making up surnames? I know it's made up because one family's name was "Black" and the other family's name was "White". However, both families were Black, but were dissed by a "white" rabbit and a "white" upscale duck.

Mr Field, your "R" chasing stories are becoming more and more messed up. It must come with age.


Anonymous said...

Black people should warn their children to be wary of hooded characters! We know they are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Disney just advised the White rabbit was a Black guy and these clowns are race hustlers.

Enuff of this nonsense, bring him to court let him lose and then pay for the court costs. No settlement - stick it where the sun don't shine.

Happiest place in the world unless you are black and have a chip on your shoulder.

Lady-Cracker said...

Well, if the Magic Kingdom doesn't have their character actors stand in front of a video camera now, they will tomorrow. You will probably be able to buy the .gif of your child hugging said character.

Ace Freeley said...

Howie Kurtz: Why Should The Media Care That Spree-Killer Chris Dorner Is a Huge, Huge Fan of Ours?

The media is actually deleting the parts of the manifesto that praise them.

Howard Kurtz asked, should we care about Chris Dorner's love of CNN and MSNBC hosts?

But notice that question contains no context -- the context being that the media has always treated it as supremely consequential that a murderous lunatic was a big fan of Sarah Palin. (Even when, in fact, Loughner wasn't a fan of Sarah Palin -- something the NYT has now eradicated from the record, obliterating its previous claims that Palin inspired Loughner, without acknowledging the correction and retraction.)

Now, if you just ask someone, "Does it matter if Chris Dorner, a kill-crazy maniac, was a big fan of CNN and MSNBC?," their natural reaction will be "No, of course not; what does it matter whom he watches on TV, and what does it matter from whom he takes his political cues? Politics has nothing to do with murder."

That's what a normal, reasonable, level-headed person would say. But that's not how the media has played such coverage for the past four years.

The media, of course, has attempted to claim that virtually every notorious killer of the past few years is a Tea Partier or has some connection to the right.

Now, if Howard Kurtz was asking the question properly, he'd ask, Should the media care if Dorner is a huge fan of liberal reporters, given the fact that these same liberal reporters have attempted to claim that other murders were the responsibility of commentators on the right??

Now, when you ask it that way, the reasonable normal viewer says, "Well, of course then they should take an interest; the same rule should be applied equally to all parties. And if it's a dumb rule, then the entire rule should be discarded, not just selectively applied against people in the opposite party as CNN and MSNBC."

But, because asking it that way would provoke that answer, Howard Kurtz, "media critic," doesn't ask it that way.

Popehat said...

Given that Dorner is a lunatic who's murdering the children of alleged "enemies," maybe people shouldn't go assuming his claims of persecution are true.

Pretty much every maniac who shoots up an office after a firing claims he was poorly treated by management and the Victim of Conspiracies So Vast as to Beggar the Imagination.

But reasonable people don't assume their blood-soaked Letters of Complaint are true.

And yet... some people really seem to be jumping on the Chris Dorner, Hero bandwagon.

Fung said...

The 60′s were supposed to be about freedom. Freedom for blacks, then freedom for women. But what about everybody else? Sexual freedom! Freedom for homosexuals, then freedom for everybody else.

The idea of transitioning from a society based on tradition to one based on freedom was popular not only with leftists but with libertarians. Rather than living by paternalistic rules, that restricted us with the idea of protecting us, we would now do as pleased and deal with the consequences. For intelligent, capable people that seems like a reasonable way to go.

But the part about “dealing with the consequences” was not part of the deal. There would be freedom for blacks, women and homosexuals. They would not deal with the consequences. AIDS should have been a wake up call on anal intercourse, but became in a year or two a civil rights issue, with little opposition.

But the point is most clearly made with women. Nobody is really willing to let women face the consequences of their actions, because deep down everyone regards them as children, do not want to see them suffer even if they deserve it, and do not want to see their children suffer.

But a “free” society can’t work like that. As it stands now groups deemed to have the right to freedom- blacks, women, and gays- do as they please and others pay for it. We are dealing with the consequences. The mostly libertarian society imagined by conservatives is not going to come to pass, so the only alternative is traditionalism, in which all members are restricted and the more childlike and incompetent- blacks, women, gays- are even more restricted,

Anonymous said...

"The Poor kids are scarred for life. How do you get over being dissed by one of your favorite Disney Characters?

I guess one way is to make sure that mommy and daddy gets paid so that they can afford a very good therapist."

You are exactly right. Those kids ARE scarred for life by two mean-spirited racist inhumane jerks in a disney and a donald duck outfit.

ALL Blacks have been scarred by racism in America. It all starts in early years where the child realizes that he is treated less than the white kids. Over time he gets the message that it is not 'good' to be Black. Consequently, some Blacks learn to hate themselves like some FN Negroes on this blog. I won't name names but you know who you are and so does everyone else.

NO ONE wants to be degraded and treated inhumanely. Those perpetrators who do this never get away with such discriminatory acts. And Disney needs to clean up their act and hire people without prejudices.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with Rabbit and Donald Duck. Field, you must understand that some people just can't bring themselves to associate with Blacks. I think you know that.

California is a racist state.

PilotX said...

The Black and White families were dissed? Ha!

NSangoma said...


The person in the rabbit suit may have been from India and did not want to touch a member of a lower caste.

Yes, 1500-BC, the Negroes of India lost the war to the Aryan invaders, and have been in the lowest varna/caste there ever since. Krisha and Buddha (kinky hair, not snails on their heads) were Negroes, er uh, Negritos.


Clint B said...

This stuff sickens me... When are we going to boycott these places... We have not learned nothing from the Montgomery Bus Boycott...


field negro said...

Clint B, the problem is that Disney is so much a part of our culture that every little kid in America ( black & white) grows up wanting to go to one of their parks.

Anon 12:51 AM, please provide a link.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Clint B said...

This stuff sickens me... When are we going to boycott these places... We have not learned nothing from the Montgomery Bus Boycott...


I agree - you should Boycott all of these places, damn them. Don't ever go there again....Boycott all the water parks and movie theaters too.

I mean really don't let Disney's Snow White reputation fool you for a minute, of course the story of some random character being racist to some Black Guys kids must be true, we know Disney just has to be racist, they have been hiding it all along with the 18 million visitors per year and 62,000 employees there has just got to be some racism to chase somewhere.

I mean c'mon Snow White ? That's racist right there. Why isn't it Snow Nikki Minaj and Pirates of the Caribbean - what's that all about looting and plundering the poor black man that's what!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please boycott the parks!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

OMG. They's a crazy black dude running aroung with multiple guns! In California! (if he ain't in Mexico by now).

Whatever will we do?

This is just the beginning folks. Them bros coming back from Iraq & the 'Stan, have been trained, and actually know HOW to shoot. I predict they are being recruited, en masse, by the Mexican Cartels. Or, steet gangs. Mebbe even the Mideast countries.


parvenu said...

Field, whereas I have lived through the times when Walt Disney was alive and running his studios (Disney land didn't exist yet) - I can state that it was a well known fact that Walt Disney was one of the most racist figures in Hollywood. Not only did he finacially support racist organizations, he was publically very open and unapologetic about his racist feelings. Walt was asked by a reporter during an interview why he didn't have one black animator on his huge staff of animation artists. Disney just laughed and said "you will never see a nigger around here!"

Disney's racism received so much publicity that his investors started fearing a full scale back-lash from the public. At that time there were several other cartoon studios that were closing in on Disney's popularity and the competition was heating up. Finally Disney bowed to the pressure of his investors and scheduled a new project that from his point of view would feature a negro in the starring role, thus quieting down all of the public backlash to his openly racist remarks.

The new great "racial healing" project created by Walt Disney was titled "A Song of The South" and starred an old black man dressed in slave type garments normally associated with the post-Civil War period. The black actor's role was that of "Uncle Remus" and it was Disney's effort to bring the catalog of the famous Uncle Remus animal stories to the silver screen. The "song of The South" was one of Disney's last personal projects and only exacerbated the outrage from the black community over the "uncle Tom" depiction which headlined the movie. Disney went to his grave without ever showing the slightest remorse for his years of championing and faciltating the spread of racist philosophy across America.

If Disney was alive shows like "That's so Raven" and other long running successful productions featuring African-American actors and actresses in starring roles would have never happened. If dear old Walt were alive today those employees in the white rabbit and Donald Duck costumes would have received a sizeable raise for their willingness to openly display bigotted behavior toward any young black children.

Finally, Disney was entertaining the idea of a theme park (Disneyland) before he died, and one of the problems that he wrestled with in considering such a park bearing his name was how he could either keep Negroes out or segregate the park. Fortunately for millions of children the racist poison that Disney loved to so freely share with the public did not rub off on the family of his well known characters who continue to live forever on the "silver screen".

OBTW Mickey Mouse and I are almost the same age. Mickey has me by a couple of years. Note that I said Mickey Mouse, not "Steam Boat Willy".

Rosa Parks said...

Clint B said...
This stuff sickens me... When are we going to boycott these places... We have not learned nothing from the Montgomery Bus Boycott...

Apparently not, have you seen the Montgomery bus system lately? How about almost every public transportation system in America today?

Now you want Disneyland to also be a money-losing, crime-ridden, shithole exclusively utilized by dangerous minorities?

Have you learned NOTHING???

I should have stayed in the back of that bus...

The Ruler said...

Indeed. When are we going to start telling our kids the truth? That these theme parks are a waste of time and money. And that people that wear a costume are hiding something. Especially the ones that get close to kids.

Anonymous said...

The majority if not all of those characters are teenagers from universities all across the country. My niece was recruited for this at a university here and spent one semester there. Was taking her classes via the net. She worked at one of the food courts.

The kids are lodged in houses about 4 to a house, I don't really remember how many, and they have a house mother and adults supervising them constantly.

It's a good learning experience but there's always the kid that won't follow the rules, regulations and training or. gets drunk etc.,and gets sent home..

I'm guessing it was a teen inside the costume.

Laura W. said...

We still have national enemies. And they are watching our polarized state, and looking to press on the divisions, break us open where we're cracking, find ways to spark the tinderbox that is our national politics.

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A federal terrorism task force arrested a man they said intended to detonate a car bomb in front of an Oakland bank in the hopes of sparking a civil war by making the bomb blast appear to be the work of anti-government “militias.”

He was hoping to go to Afghanistan and join the Taliban. I'll leave it to you, informed reader, to elucidate why he seemed to know there would be no profit in pinning his villainy on (currently pro-government) lefties.

Why, you would almost think that the establishment was of the Left; and that it was slavering over the prospect of a general crackdown against conservatives, and that this mutant had somehow sensed that current in the zeitgeist.

And if he sensed it, then how long do we have before framing 'militias' becomes a fashion? I'm sure you will be right there to help, Field.

It goes without saying, the debt we all owe to the FBI, and everybody else who is standing on that wall.

Black Sage said...

To me, the only manner in which Disney may escape being labeled an outright racist company is to wait and see if that silly Wabbit is either kept as an employee or terminated. There are no in betweens. If he or she is merely disciplined but but his employment continues, this brings into question the strength and thoroughness of Disney's applicant screening process. I don't see how a billionaire dollar company many times over could place themselves at exponential monetary risk due to a temporary employee's nincompoop conduct. That's only of course if Disney secretly and passively condones this type of behavior off stage.

On the other hand, if the silly Wabbit is terminated, well then, Disney just may be able to save face and its reputation after all.

alicia banks said...

no shock here

mascots are young humans who are increasingly racist and hopeless and enraged...

thank hobama and his rabid blind deaf black hobama nazis like chris rock/spike lee/tom joyner/mo kelly etc


Anonymous said...

Desert, you are probably right. Nothing but teens inside those costumes. Let's hope whoever they are will be shown on the news, and internet.

There ought to be a state law against such emotional child abuse by companies catering to kids.

Anonymous said...

Field, Disney was originally started for Whites and not Blacks. That hasn't changed much and neither have Blacks who beg to be accepted by Whites in order to feel equal and accepted.

Let's face the truth. We will NEVER be accepted by Whites. That's a fact. So let's ACCEPT that fact and get on with our lives instead of WASTING it screwing around with decendants of former slave masters, Jim Crow supporters, and racist hearts. Just get on with our lives! Life is too short for this shit.

Black Sage said...

Anon @1:53 said California is a racist state.

I concur with you Anon. To me, the only difference between 1960 Alabama and contemporary California is that today’s Cali is much more sophisticated and quite subtle with their racist ways.

There is one thing that I agree with cop killer, killer cop Dorner is that Cali has always had a high propensity to destroy your name and legacy. Even more so if you’re black.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bottom line with Disney: The corporation is fine without Blacks coming to Disney. The truth is they don't need our money. I mean, they can take it or leave it. The money comes from Whites. It's as simple as that.

As someone mentioned already, we really need to stay away from places like that. Why spend your hard earned money to be discriminated against? Why pay for discrimination against Blacks? WAKE UP! Stop setting your OWN kids up to be unnecessarily hurt.

Anonymous said...

From the sidebar:


Field, Field, Field. Do you really think Obama would go to anything Black? To this very day, he has ignored Blacks to the extent that our peeps and the rest of the nation have accepted it as common practice by a President. That is, Obama has set precedence on how a President can ignore us and STILL GET THE VOTES.

One might say that is a 'black' mark on the President's record, but it is not. Instead, it is a 'Black' mark on us! Hell, Obama hasn't had to do anything to get our votes. In fact, the more he mistreats our masochistic black asses, the more we love him. BTW, that is WHY we are powerless and ignored....We have no dignity.

Field, why haven't you and the likes of PilotX, Dr Nuwang, Desert, and UTS joined the honorable and courageous ranks of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West? Are some of you FN folks that weak and afraid?

Dr. Nuwang said...

"Field, why haven't you and the likes of PilotX, Dr Nuwang, Desert, and UTS joined the honorable and courageous ranks of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West? Are some of you FN folks that weak and afraid?"

I've supported BOTH Tavis AND Dr. West on THIS blog especially as it relates to some of their criticism of the President, some of which I share.

You're just silly and lack basic reading comprehension skills. You also consistently paint progressive black folks with the same "stupid brush" you've always flung around here!

So why don't you chill on the dumb arse assumptions.

Anonymous said...

It is not the character itself who is racist but the person occupying the character's costume.

Ankita Tiwari said...