Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's the fourth quarter in the sequester game.

I don't want to scare you Americans like O has been doing, but the dreaded sequester is less than three days away. (All this over 85 billion.) Republicans, of course, can't wait. If this is what it takes to make that Socialist cut some spending then so be it.

Of course O and his band of [not so] Merry Men have been all doom and gloom over this thing. The Secretary of Homeland Security is telling us that planes won't fly on time and the little brown people South of Texas might over run our borders. But nothing seems to be causing the politricksters in DC to move. The republicans are an ornery and dyspeptic bunch and they are tired of O getting the best of them with these battles.

The public is still with O on this one, though, but that could change. He is, after all, the quarterback of the team, and when the team starts losing it's the quarterback who gets the blame. Still, to stay with my football analogy for a minute, it would be nice if he had some good players. These republicans do not have pro bowl caliber talent. They were drafted by folks who could give a damn whether the team wins or loses; they just want the quarterback to be sent packing. When the specter of weaker military won't shake them you know we are in trouble.

And the beat goes on.

"Speaker Boehner said the last Republican House passed two plans to cut the debt, and now the Democratic-run Senate should step up with an alternative.

The Senate's top Democrat, Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, said his party wants to work with Republicans, but the GOP "would sacrifice 750,000 American jobs rather than ask multimillionaires to pay a penny more."
According to the White House, about 90,000 civilian Defense Department employees would be furloughed in the weeks after sequestration hits. The cutbacks would cancel the maintenance of 11 ships based in Norfolk, and defer ships throughout Virginia."

Mr. President, it might be time to take a knee. 

Finally, it's been a year since a color aroused vigilante shot and killed a young  African American teenager because he looked "suspicious." Since the killing the shooter has become a hero to those who want to live out their reverse Django fantasies here in America.

I feel for the parents of that child, because no matter how some people want to paint a picture of the type of young man he was, the truth is that we will never know what he could have become.   


Anonymous said...

Finally, it's been a year since a color aroused vigilante shot and killed a young African American teenager because he looked "suspicious."

If you can't make a point without lying, something is wrong.

Because he was a thug bashing his head into the concrete and had to have his heart blown to bits to make him stop.

LACoincidental said...

Hey field, long time no see. Anyway, you can't really blame the sequester on Obama (though many in the media have tried and you're right that general public will confuse and conflate the issue). The President can only execute law and budgets, he's not the one that writes them. Congress held this gun to their own head because they were sooo sure that Mitt the Mechanical Man was going to beat the Chi-Town Mulatto. Now that the GOP's 'pink cloud' dissipated, they're begging the White House to cover their tails

Looks like things are going to get very interesting before Friday.

control+halt+delete said...

Congress has become quite unproductive. Whatever it was that motivated them to run for office has moved them to become nothing more than vote counters.

America's amoral compass is leading us down a dangerous path. Is it because of this that some folks don't realize that they're not going to win in a shootout against professionals? Maybe they can miss a gun show and spend some time looking at their congresspersons' voting record. Legislatures' should legislate. If we are a democratic republic why isn't the public holding these folks accountable? I think they should send their paychecks back until they do what they are there to do. Maybe then they could give up some of their benefits. Congress has become too comfortable and I hope I'm not the only one who cares.

Wesley R said...

The Boner and his Crazy Tea Baggers passed their budgets in prior sessions of congress so it doesn't count in this current session. He knows it but he's betting that the people don't know any better.

I see Klannity found another Bama to bash The President on his show. First it's Dr. Carson, tonight it was Harry Alford, head of the Black Chamber of Commerce. So I nominated Alford for House Negro of the Day. I'm sure most of us can find something President Obama has done to disagree with. But to go on a show like Hannity and spout off is a whole other thing.

alicia banks said...

what is scary is that hobama's bankster games are still working on his nazis...


the hobamas are overexposed by the msm they rule!

they are buckdancing/vacationing/singin­g/golfing/yapping fluff on tv talk shows/crashing the oscars!...

as the global misery index soars under hobama's nwo and designer global poverty!
cc drones/PIC/MIC/ndaa/africom/ww­iii/gun grabs/civil war ii/rex 84/dhs ammo/fema camps/hobamacare layoffs/pharma corp casinos!


Anonymous said...

Well, let the sequester come! It'll help balance the budget real fast. So, what's wrong with that? It won't hurt Blacks cause we are used to misery and poverty.

But oh, how those white folks are going to scream! I just wonder 'who' they are going to blame? Surely they won't blame Obama?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Obama is asking to raise taxes AGAIN! Thank God for the GOP. They won't allow this to happen.

It seems to me that we ought to tax the hell out of islands like Jamaica, PR and the VIs.

Hell, we have been protecting their asses for a long time and got nothing to show for it. I mean, look at PR: Those folks do nothing but have a good time and bake cakes on our dime. Now, if O were to tax them, I am sure the Repubs wouldn't make a big stink out of that.

And I know they wouldn't care about taxing the VIs, and moving troops to Jamaica. In fact, they just might encourage it to make Jamaica a safer more loving place to live.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Still, to stay with my football analogy for a minute, it would be nice if he had some good players. These republicans do not have pro bowl caliber talent. They were drafted by folks who could give a damn whether the team wins or loses; they just want the quarterback to be sent packing."

My dear Mr Field, your assumption that Repubs Obama to be sent packing is unrealistic.

As I recall, Mr PilotX, an Obamaholic, claimed the last four years would be different. That is, the GOP would co-operate with O because they know he won't be running again. So, what happened? Where did the President go wrong?

Aimants forts said...

To jeden z bardziej interesujących blogów na blogspocie.

Black Angus said...

"Harry Reid of Nevada, said his party wants to work with Republicans, but the GOP "would sacrifice 750,000 American jobs rather than ask multimillionaires to pay a penny more."

Gee, why wouldn't anyone want to work with someone who said that? Maybe if Harry would stop with his ridiculous lies for one day and actually permit a vote on one of budget proposals the House keeps sending the Senate, he would have a leg to stand on. As it is, this group of Democrats are going to go down as the worst ruling party in American history.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon made his choice and he paid the price.

God bless George Zimmerman.

Frank Drackman said...

If Trayvon had a gun he might still be alive..
Umm maybe Gun Control IS a good idea...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"It seems to me that we ought to tax the hell out of islands like Jamaica, PR and the VIs."
Oh honey if they taxed us any more we'd have to leave the island!

The cost of living here is about 3 or 4 times that of the states if not higher. Yet the salaries of the few jobs available, are minimal.

We pay through the nose to live on this island un-paradise, believe me!

Frustrated Negro said...

I dont know how you live with yourself......

There is NO REASON for the kind of cuts to the social saftey net ... Your lord, and saviour has agreed to...

Secondly, This blame game that your playing is really untruthful....

Chained CPI cuts are the legacy that this President will be known for...

PilotX said...

Most conservatives are stuck in a bizarro world that will let ideology trump reality. If their secret desires come true reality will slap them hard. There's a reason why there is a need to compromise in politics. For example, if Roe v Wade is reversed we'll see a lot of average women getting hurt because of illegal abortions, of course rich folks can just go to their personal obgyn and have a routine "checkup". Funny how poor conservatives are fighting so hard to make this a rich man's utopia. Well, as they said in BSG "this has happened before and it will happen again". The return of the guilded age.

PilotX said...

Ah, I see Ms. Anon sees the value of having a screen name. See, when I say something you know I said it and can go back and challenge me on such in ther future which I welcome. On the other hand our anons hide so they can't be called on their statements in the future.

The Purple Cow said...

Quote ‪Aimants forts

“To jeden z bardziej interesujących blogów na blogspocie.”

Zgadzam się, towarzyszu! Długo może on nadal bawią nas swoją doskonałą analizą.

Black Sage said...

And the beat goes on ...... Mickey Mouse politics and Jack and Jill poll results!

This empire's cabal controlled government has never endorsed "common good" policies for the PEOPLE, only those who have money stashed in the Cayman Islands.

In short, this empire has been transmorgrified into a heap of democratic fluff!

control+halt+delete said...

Gzim played his hand poorly. I hope the courts don't follow. This case will again shine the light on 'merica's ugly underbelly, as it has played out in other cases many times before. I will be watching it closely. So far, all I know is that a 29 yr old man weighing 200+lbs., confronts a teenager, weighing maybe 150 and ends up killing him. Everybody knows a man doesn't learn how to really hit hard until his mid 20's ,let alone being able, or having the will to kill a larger, fully grown, mature(?) man,( who by the way looked in good fighting shape at the time), with his bare hands unless provoked. And how many times have you told your child ..."not to talk to strangers?"

Did gzim call Trayvon a coon or something worse? Did he threaten him or make a sexual advance? We don't know what either party said to escalate this meeting to violence but, we do know this: Gzim approached Trayvon first.

We learned from the tapes that someone cried for help. What's easier to believe, a man with a gun screams for help or a youth being confronted with a gun?

For me this case resonates to what it's like being black in 'merica. Whites see people who are different as being a threat...(genetic annihilation)and decide to push these "others" to rage ( Raise your hand if you're preparing for the race war!), and thus use this rage to say..."see, you're racist, too or you hate me too," thereby justifying their own rage and innate fear and in return hate. Approximately 7 in 10 people in this country are white. To me this means nothing in this country can happen without your approval or by your design.
But absolute power corrupts absolutely and the larger population, in this case represented by gzim,acts out his fantasy ("he looks like he's on drugs..") by demonizing this teen who had every right to be where he was while doing nothing wrong.
So all of you trolls out there in blankeland take accountability for what's going on out here. Quit hiding. Let's talk, but be men and leave your guns behind! While we can't legislate morals we can work towards tolerance. All of you can't be idiots...but, for those of you who are remember this:
My ancestors lived in an agrarian society constructed to destroy our history and families and overnite were left to their own resources with no land, no mules, no money and systematically left naive to the "finer" points of living in that type of society. We were left to resume our lives becoming sharecroppers and contracted laborers in an extremely hostile environment . But we stayed strong. We purchased property and learned how to read. It took a while but we were able to gain some semblance of full citizenry and some of us were able to escape the mental chains that were left to hold us down. Our ancestors worked hard and made sure their children did, too! They taught us to be proud and work hard and that we too, would one day see our children share in this thing called the American Dream. Thankfully, your racist numbers are diminishing and POC will not forget our journey to become what so many of you work to prevent.

Wake up! Stop wasting valuable resources. Just as you are now turning to the east for spiritual enlightenment, let it be known that Mother Africa, home to us all remains another untapped source of knowledge. Eurocentrism has reached its limit.

Let's fix the schools that don't seem to be able to educate all of our youth. White america, understand that we're not just dark skinned versions of you. We here in 'merica are wasting a lot of talented minds who have decided (h/t to the Kerner Commission)that they're more comfortable in their own separate society. Let's stop the racial profiling and stereotypes that give these youths an excuse for alienating themselve from the mainstream. I know, for some this is falling on deaf ears but,for everyone else...let's stop the racism, now!

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Trayvon lost his life to a murderer. It's even sadder that there are people who celebrate his death, like anon9:41am. However, one must 'accept' the fact that some Whites don't see Blacks as human. That is their disease.

As a famous scientist once said,

"Racism is the disease of the white man....It is incurable and therefore Blacks will be victimized by white perpetrators. This is an act against God, which proves many don't think HE exists, and therefore these Whites do not expect any consequences to their acts and behaviors against humanity by God. They had better pray God does not exist."

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is a Hispanic hero. Deal with it. It's called "change".

Black Sage said...

@Anon 5:11pm said ......... "They. (Whites) had better pray that God does not exist."

Amen to that!!

Black Sage said...

@Anon 1:37am said.......... Hell, we've been protecting their asses for a long time (Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Puert Rico) and got nothing to show for it.

Puhleeezze, stop you nonsense! Since when did any of these countries mentioned above officially asked for the Empire of State's protection? If my memory serves me correctly, all of these countries' current economic vibrancy or lack there of, are the end results of the crippling and lingering effects of white colonialism.

Even further, just like slaves who were imported into the clutches of this devilry empire, didn't asked to be life long, generationl slaves.

What you should more importantly be asking is: Why is it that Amerikkka has such a high propensity for control not only mere individuals, but an entire nation? Is it because this is what makes the collective white population across the globe feel good about themselves? Why is it that whites are so terrified of seeing people and the likes of Puert Rico truly free people? After all, Amerikkka supposedly profess abundantly its love of freedom and democratic principles.

Indeeed, the sickness continues!

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico is not being "protected".

Au contraire mon ami,

The island is in itself a protective, satellite military base. Located in a strategic position on the globe.

It acts as a front line defense and offense system for the U.S.

Therein lies it's importance as part of the United States.

Anonymous said...

@Lady D

Very well said. Am gon' copy that and paste when necessary, replete with proper attribution!

1%'r said...

"Finally, it's been a year since a color aroused vigilante shot and killed a young African American teenager because he looked "suspicious."
You are quite the liar,field, as he was shot for bashing the man's head into the ground.
I've come to realize that I'm glad you're here doing this. I was almost tricked into helping minorities, but you've shown me how you and other minorities really feel. You've shown me what's in your heart. Thanks for the warning.

And in regards to that cop just getting off on the assault charge, thanks for that warning, Philly. I won't be moving into the city now.

field negro said...

"And in regards to that cop just getting off on the assault charge, thanks for that warning, Philly. I won't be moving into the city now."

Stop it. If that cop was white you know you would be dancing to your favorite Elvis song.

Anonymous said...

St Skittles went looking for trouble and he got what he was looking for.

The parents outrageous lies for ca$$$$h are being unraveled and their are revealed for the shameless grifters they are.

I was at the vigil in Manhattan. There were maybe a 100 people, most of which were there to protest Stop & Frisk, not for "Trayvon".

Nobody is buying the lies of Crumps & Parks anymore.

I hope that both parents get sued into oblivion and Crump loses everything, the lying scumbag.

That would be justice.

Anonymous said...


When a president fails to sufficiently hold financially and criminally responsible Wall Street, the Bush Cabinet, and EVEN, Saudi Arabia (due to the role their countrymen played in 9-11 when the economic tailspin began), Sequestration is what folk are left suffering.

My question to you, Field, is quite simply - did the POTUS have a responsibility, a FIDUCIARY responsibility to the American people to recover ill-gotten monies and damages from all the above parties? Additionally, does the POTUS's more or less refusal (save for slap on the wrist fines for BOA, G.S., and First Wachovia) in obtaining the aforementioned make him an accessory, after-the-fact? I'm leaning on your legal expertise, now. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Mutant musings, hopefully, will drum home the point to humans of Native American and African ancestry that they are quite simply dealing with a mutant humanoid life form that is marginally human in any meaningful, civilized sense.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the fourth quarter of the sequester game -

Watching the scoundrel come behind the war criminals and war profiteers has been amusing. The scoundrel, despite hailing from the party of Enablers has actually governed as though he's a member of the Thug party. He's a Thug masquerading as am Enabler, but the Thugs are determined----because he does not LOOK like them----to paint him as an Enabler. This Independent tried to warn his Enabler friends that this guy REALLY hailed from the Thug party as his admiration for Contra Affair Cocaine-dealing Thug president indicated, but they did NOT listen. Now, as this moderate-Thug-governing POTUS has chosen to implement draconian sequester cuts rather than TRULY hold the Thugs and their friends, like the Saudis (for 9-11), accountable, this Opportunist-in-Chief (who pocketed $10 mil in book sales and renewed the Bush Tax cuts to ensure he'd keep most of it) absolutely epitomizes the crocodile that was featured in Aesop's fable of "The Frogs Who Wanted a King."

While I correctly predicted that this POTUS would be a nightmare, there's been absolutely no virtue in being right about him. In fact, despite refusing to vote for him in '08, as I accurately had him pegged as being a member of the Thug Party, I cast a vote AGAINST voter suppression in '12 because I knew that the scoundrel nonetheless represented the best opportunity to escape American in the next four years. How that for spot-on political analysis?

Mikey said...

LOL did you look at the photos of the guy who shot him after his run in? http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1212576!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/article-trayvon-4-1203.jpg why did witnesses come out saying they saw Travan on op of him busting his head into the ground This Travan guy does not deserve to be in your blog as a innocent guy. He was a bully that let his fist do the talking and he just ran into the wrong guy

Ankita Tiwari said...

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