Saturday, February 16, 2013

When greed trumps service.

"Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. "
~Mwai Kibaki~

Every person who runs for political office should keep that quote by Kibaki somewhere close by. This is especially true of politicians of color, who, in my opinion, have a heavier burden to bear. If you put yourself out there to help your community you had better put aside your own selfish needs and personal agendas.

I haven't blogged about Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his recent fall from grace, because I, like others, was led to believe that he was suffering from some form of a mental disease. However, now that he, along with his wife, has pled guilty to stealing campaign funds and lying on their taxes, I find myself having to my man on blast.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. didn't throw away a great political career and a chance to do some real good because he suffered from depression, he did it because he was greedy. I know that it's hard for some of you Negroes to admit it to yourselves, but that's the reality. And now he joins the black polititricksters hall of shame. It is a group who continually brings shame to their communities and families because of their selfish behavior and....greed.

I know that politics is plagued by avarice and a desire for personal gain, but you Negroes just cannot bite.

I just hope that the next group of talented young African Americans who are sitting on the sidelines and waiting to get into the game are taking notes. This is what happens when you put yourself before the people that you are supposed to be serving. And no matter how smart you think you are, in the end you will always get caught.

"In a state where stop-at-nothing political ambition has been well documented  and often rewarded — the seemingly frivolous cause of Jackson's undoing is seen by political observers and former colleagues as both nonsensical and sad.
"When you have a magic name like that, he was in position, waiting for the gun to go off, for mayor, the Senate ... he was playing with the big guys," said Paul Green, a longtime political scientist at Roosevelt University in Chicago who moderated Jackson's first congressional campaign debate. "To go down for this, you just feel sad."

It is sad, but not for Jesse Jackson, Jr.,it is sad for the people of Chicago and the folks who sent him to Washington  to help others and not himself.


Dr. Nuwang said...

Why, why, WHY do Black politicans insist on playing the game they way White folks play it?

They will NEVER win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PilotX said...

It's not that sad. Though I now live north of his district I used to live in the second and he fought hard for folks there. Yeah he was ambitious and wanted more he put in work just like his dad. Gotta take the good with the bad. It looks like Robin Kelly might win, shout out to SGRhros, and she will do some good too but how much can they really do on a grand scale when the body they work is dominated by folks who ignore urban areas vice rural? Like any job you start with good intentions and then reality sets in and you become just like everyone else. Hell, Dennis Kuchinich works for Fox News. I disagree that blah politicians are somehow different from any other. Depech Mode told you back in like 88 people are people.

polizeros said...

My sister is bipolar. She doesn't steal stuff. It's too convenient to blame this on being bipolar.

Besides, as patty Duke pointed out in her book about being bipolar, no matter how manic you get, you are still responsible for your behavior.

Anonymous said...

Well, what has he seen? He's seen his father bust his chops and get basically nothing for it. I suppose he's seen corruption first hand in DC. I guess he decided to live big while he could and the heck with it!

I feel sad for his dad. But our children don't always behave as we would like :(

Anonymous said...

jESSE jACKSON jR MORE THAN LIKELY WAS FACING EVEN MORE SERIOUS CHARGES AND TOOK A PLEA AGREEMENT. Remember he was alson under investigation regarding the Governor of his state but you have not heard anything about that. If I were a betting person, I would say that Jesse Jr. came out ahead and plead quilty to some charges as long as other charges were dropped. Field you are a smart man and I know that you have to see it as well but you are just kind enouph not to put all his business out there.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we must be brutally honest, his Pops net worth is in excess of $10 mil and watching your boy pocket "7 to 10 million" and extend the Bush tax cuts to insure he'd keep it all - both probably had an influence.

Heard he had a thing for Hendrix memorabilia, too.

One of the POTUS's campaigners told me that ideologues don't win re-elections or elections.

If a politician isn't rooted in ideology, however, but rather pragmatism, then, they're susceptible to political expediency, which is a slippery slope to corruption.

John said...

Why is it those in government who champion socialism for the poor are the ones getting rich off the system?

Jesss Jackson Jr.'s crimes are chump change next to the money Bob Menendez has been raking in. Harry Reid has been in government his entire life, yet he is a multi-millionaire.

There is too much money in government.

Black Sage said...

When politicians fail the people at the rate of what’s happening within this United States of Empire, rest assured that we are well on our way to insolvency and eventually collapse. When an empire drowns out the voices of the poor and respond only to the beckon of the super rich, we have arrived at the moment of slumbering towards the big fall. When an empire’s military is utilized as a whipping rod to whip the entire world into shape, we are nearing the beginning of the end. When soup kitchen lines are longer than voting lines, it indicates not only that the people are wary, but that they are also hungry. When politicians fail to do their jobs by foreclosing on the promise to work for the people and work for themselves by raiding the people’s purse in full view of the entire world, the state of decadence as an empire has arrived. You don’t have to believe me, JUST ASK ROME!

Dr. Nuwang said...

"Like any job you start with good intentions and then reality sets in and you become just like everyone else............ I disagree that blah politicians are somehow different from any other."

I don't believe this is true for everyone, certainly not myself. There may not be a lot of people for whom integrity trumps "getting paid", but I've personally NEVER sold mine out to get a check. That said, spending time as a Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry showed me that there are PLENTY of people who do ( need a contaminated steroid shot to your back?).

And you're exactly right, Black politicians ARE no different, which is why they should stop trying to get away with breaking the law. The "rules" in America have NEVER applied to us, and NEVER will.

That "when in Rome, do as Romans do" meme ONLY applies if you LOOK like a Roman!

field negro said...

Desertflower, I have to disagree with you about his pop. His dad has done alright for himself.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

As much as I can hope that a lesson can be learned. This action is forgivable but should never be forgotten.
.No politician is immune to the laws regardless of who they are, who they know or their parents are.
Nor how bad laws may seem.

They are what they are until we the people change them
I am a woman who was born in an Afrikan country and who was forced to emigrate to another Afrikan country in order to stay alive at seven

When Fidel Castro helped liberate my birth country and saved my life and the lives of my family, I never questioned how only why?

It took another 13 yrs after my arrival in Cuba, my getting an educ and attending and graduating from law school(my lifetime goal) before I overstood what the struggle really was. And to date it is never about THINGS only people

I am a member of the 11th circuit court of appeals and a vol with the innocence project. Jackson is wrong and he must not be celebrated

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Desert Flower I disagree with you as well Jesse J Sr has done alright And he has always been about the people even as a human and someone whom OTHERS have disagreed with

Anonymous said...

Desertflower, I have to disagree with you about his pop. His dad has done alright for himself.
I agree, he may have his couple million in the bank. But I was referring to things beyond that. I think, correct me if I err, that the highest political office he's held is as a shadow senator.

He's always been reviled and in my opinion not given the recognition and praise he deserves. It seems as though the press is always looking to pick up on any little thing he does to throw shade.

He's been honored and recognized in other countries more so than here!

His political ambitions for the presidency were thwarted, and I remember well the many commentators that derided the fact that he " didn't speak well", never mind that the thoughts behind the words were intelligent and precise!

Again I ask how do you think this would affect his sons thoughts? When Jesse was welcomed and given access in countries where no other man could tred. I'm now referring to that Middle Eastern hostage situation where he bought them home, remember? Oh but he was good for that though right?

Let me tell you, he has not received half the praise he deserves for being the warrior that he is. IMHO anyway.

"Man does not live by bread alone"

PilotX said...

I disagree, everyone will sellout but some have higher price tags than others. I hear "I would never do X Y or Z" but that person has never been in the same circumstances. You go to Washington as an elected official and THEN tell me how you've resisted the money men and done everything you said you'd do as a candidate. Monday morning quartbacking is easy.

Black Sage said...

Dr. NUwang said ….The "rules" in America have NEVER applied to us, and NEVER will.

I agree to a certain extent, however, the rules apply to us only when it points to a black person’s behavior indicates being immoral or corrupt. The situation is then intensified by the corporate media, mostly due to the individual politician’s skin tone, his or her stand on social issues and your political affiliations. Just like the media is currently doing to Mr. Jackson. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be punished. However, he should’ve been a whole lot wiser.

Dr. NUwang said …..That "when in Rome, do as Romans do" meme ONLY applies if you LOOK like a Roman!

Here, I don’t think it’s the “LOOK”, it more akin to human nature, especially politicians. They will attempt to get away with whatever they think they could continuously conceal and get away with what essentially amounts to the big heist (in their mind). It’s almost the same as a thief having aspirations to hijack an armored car. The thief wouldn’t necessarily take such a risky chance if they didn’t think there was a chance to get away with the loot without being exposed or better yet, executed in the process of doing attempting so.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Pilot. When you get in that game you gotta play by its rules. Lucky and wise is the man or woman that can walk that Fine line and be able to stay in that game and do some good as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes he has Without. And I agree.

What I was referring to as you can now see in my answer to Field, is that while he may have some money, his dreams of being big in politics were thwarted. And I use that word because I can remember seeing the look of sadness and yes, a touch of bitterness also, on his face.

I believe his son just assumed that he wasn't going anywhere fast either, or just did not want to play "the political game" he snatched a little joy and ran.

Because everybody's saying now, " oh he had such a brilliant political career ahead of him", "He ruined his political future" "threw it all away" etc .

As PilotX said"Monday morning quarterbacks" But perhaps Jesse Jr.'s experiences have led him to think oherwise?

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Field Negro,

I have been reading your posts for a month now (a friend recommended your blog to me): love your work.

I love politics, I write about it, and thus I have a problem with politicians who forget they are supposed to serve the people and their interests (not to serve themselves off the people's taxes). It is a shame when this happens.


field negro said...

Thanks Max, and please keep reading.

Dr. Nuwang said...

"Because everybody's saying now, " oh he had such a brilliant political career ahead of him", "He ruined his political future" "threw it all away" etc ."

If I had an opinion about him and his wife, it read more as slick than anything else. Of course, I'm ALWAYS suspicious when Attorneys get heavily involved with politics.

Just seems like the fox guarding the chicken coop IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nuwang said: I'm ALWAYS suspicious when Attorneys get heavily involved with politics.

Anonymous said...

@Lady D et al

Jesse Jackson Sr. is worth at least 10 million. Saw it quite some years ago, at least a decade, and have to believe it's considerably more, now:

He is also an Omega. I am purely guessing but I can't help but think that these things are mildly contributory to Jesse Jr.

Then, there's his pal, the POTUS, whom he sees in this awful Recession (whom an 89 year old Mr. Stotts---who went through FDR's New Deal CCC camp---claims is REALLY a Great Depression), nonetheless, pocket $7 to $10 million on book sales and extend the Bush Tax cuts that just happened to enable him to KEEP every penny of it. You have to wonder if any of these things have had an influence. Perhaps not.

However, after living in DC for half a decade and attending many lobbyist-sponsored functions, I can see exactly why many cave-in to corruption. They get served, BABY, lemme tell you! It's precisely why I noted in another comment above that unless one is seriously ideologically driven, it's easy to lose one's way.

bankelele said...

You quoted our President? I don't think he'd recall saying something that witty

Anonymous said...

Lol Everybody be counting Jesse Sr money down to the penny!

Anonymous said...

While I am dissapointed in Jesse Jr. and I am furious that while he gets the perp walk and the national media, The Bankers who outright stole the money and then took the bailout continue to walk the streets without fear of any prosecution. I aint so mad at jesse

Anonymous said...

@Dr. NUwang

You said ….The "rules" in America have NEVER applied to us, and NEVER will.

I agree with Black Sage. No truer words spoken.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

According to my well connected politically peeps in Chicago, Jr. could have had anything he wanted in IL. . . governor, mayor, senator, it was all his eventually if he'd wanted it.
What kind of insanity makes a man want to blow all that for a bunch of material crap?

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jr's boy, the DINO, moderate-republican-governing POTUS, let the banksters skate, just like he let the Bush cabinet skate, which is a disgrace---as MSNBC's "Hubris" points out by omission. The director who one an Oscar for the Wall Street corruption flick, "Inside Job," said, "And NO ONE has yet to go to jail!" No thank you's or nothing, lol! Marry a fly choc'lit dime foine behind and you can snooker her peep's into believin' that your down for the cause. Heck, I'd've just settled for him governing as an FDR Democrat since he perpetrated a fraud by dressing up as FDR to grace the covers of Time and New Yorker Magazines.

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