Friday, March 13, 2015

A hollow victory.

Now this from Arthur Chu:

Image result for images racist of sae"My Twitter feed is celebrating some unusually badass victories going down in the world of civil rights at the moment.
We have a clearly documented case of horrific, vicious racism verbalized as blatantly as you could ask for–brothers of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully chanting in praise of white supremacy and in mockery of murdered black men. We have an unusually badass university president who, rather than employing the usual stalling-for-time-till-the-story-dies approach of university administrators, expels the two identified ringleaders on the spot and immediately severs the University of Oklahoma’s ties with SAE.

And despite the usual apologetics blaming peer pressure, alcohol and all the other usual white male excuses for white male behavior, it looks like the media isn’t having it regarding 19-year-old Parker Rice, the man caught on camera leading the boisterous “There Will Never Be A N***** SAE” chant. Rice has already lost his admission to OU, and the stain on his reputation will follow him for a long time. As it should.

Meanwhile the long, painful drama in Ferguson, Missouri, has finally achieved something like a positive result–after the grand jury’s infuriating refusal to indict Darren Wilson it seemed like no closure for the Ferguson protesters would be forthcoming. But the U.S. Department of Justice has provided, if not justice for the Brown family, at least validated the Ferguson protesters’ perception of entrenched, overwhelming racial prejudice in the police force that caused the Brown case to explode in the first place.

(We’ve also now seen Thomas Jackson’s resignation as chief of police of Ferguson and the subsequent shooting of two police officers by an unidentified protester or protesters, who, thankfully, are expected to recover.

Image result for images racist of saeJackson’s resignation is good news and to be celebrated. The attempted murder of two police officers is a tragedy and to be condemned. Both events are signs that our culture needs to continue to change, and that we cannot tolerate a return to “normalcy” when normalcy means a world filled with violence and rage.)

Now, finally, someone is losing his job. We don’t have to settle for the anticlimax of Officer Darren Wilson voluntarily retiring in order to “heal the community,” still insisting he did nothing wrong, collecting $400,000 in crowdfunded support along the way.

Now we have a much more satisfying ending to the story, with disgraced city manager John Shaw taking full responsibility for the endless documented abuses of the Ferguson police force and stepping down immediately–only the most recent of five high-profile terminations, including a corrupt judge and three employees–two police officers and a clerk–shown to have passed around racist e-mails on the job. Yes, we all kind of knew that people must’ve been expressing nasty sentiments like that behind the scenes. Yes, we all kind of knew that the city’s “law and order” policies hid race-based motivations.

I should be happy about this news. I should be ecstatic.

So why am I instead kind of anxious and annoyed?....

......The Oklahoma University chapter of SAE does not have a monopoly on toxic racism. And while we could put some of the blame on SAE’s roots in the antebellum South, pillorying SAE specifically won’t fix the fact that de facto segregation is de rigeur in fraternities and sororities across the country. It won’t change the ugly, dehumanizing culture that infects frat life in general, even at fancy Ivy League schools way above the Mason-Dixon line, even in the frats that pledge future senators and Presidents of the United States.

On a larger scale–while the rest of the country is looking down our collective nose at the benighted conditions in Ferguson, the USA as a whole has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world, with black men six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men. It doesn’t matter how racist Ferguson is–a single small town in Missouri is nothing more than a tiny blip in this trend.
And wagging fingers about Missouri’s slaveholding Border State past and the dysfunction of backward old St. Louis are a convenient distraction from 12-year-old boys being shot up north in Ohio, and from the organized, militant dysfunction of the police force of the great metropolis of New York City, which, it turns out, also has issues with exploiting its most vulnerable citizens for revenue.
A bunch of fratboys don’t develop an oral tradition of singing racist chants laughing about lynchings without racism being deeply woven into the culture of our fraternities, our schools, our whole society. A single small town doesn’t systematically put its black citizens under apartheid to generate revenue–a town’s officials don’t feel safe joking about its black citizens as subhuman–without racism being deeply woven into our politics, our legal system, our methods of policing.

The urge to find a single scapegoat after a tragedy is overwhelming. And unlike the common use of the term “scapegoat” I’m not saying these people don’t deserve what they get–just as Michael Brown (the other one) deserved to be raked over the coals for the aftermath of Katrina, just as the buck stopped with George W. Bush for the war in Iraq, just as in most complex human tragedies there nonetheless is a specific person who, through negligence or malice, pulled the fatal trigger.

But it’s ridiculous to say that our history would’ve been completely changed if Bush had died or been incapacitated after choking on that pretzel in 2002–a Cheney presidency would’ve been no different. It wasn’t him, it was the apparatus around him, it was the cultural and political and legal mechanisms that got him elected in the first place, and if you replaced him with another guy from the list of Republican candidates he got drawn from it’s hard to see how history would change.

Just as if Parker Rice hadn’t pledged SAE we’d see that same video only with some other fratboy douche leading the chant. Just as if Darren Wilson hadn’t been on patrol that day some other cop would, eventually, have shot some other unarmed teenager (as we can tell by the number of other atrocities that have happened in the past few years across the country). Just as if Capt. Henke and Sgt. Mudd had never been hired there’d be two other civil servants comparing the President to a chimpanzee on government e-mail servers somewhere–and there probably are now, even as I write this.

Just as the Racists Getting Fired Tumblr is ultimately a grandstanding waste of time. Sure, it proves that we’re in an enlightened enough society that people foolish enough to openly broadcast their racism on a social media platform linked to their real identity get fired for it.

So what? There’s millions of other racists with protected Facebook or Twitter accounts, or who are smart enough to use a pseudonym, or who are smart enough to not post racist rants at all, going around doing as much or more damage than some random careless insurance salesman who gets caught by the Internet.

I’m worried about celebrating victory over individual obvious racists not because it’s too harsh on racism but because it’s too soft on racism. It reinforces the idea that racism is an outlier, an aberration, the belligerent drunk shrieking racial slurs, and that once we remove a few bad apples things can get back to “normal.” [Read more here]


Anonymous said...


Tremendous post! Exactly to the point!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, it was wrong of you to call Pastor Creflo Dollar a House Negro. What is wrong with you?

You have no business sticking your nose into religious and spiritual matters. Creflo has done so much for his flock that money cannot even begin to pay.

He has made the Bible very clear for those of us who can't understand the Bible. Unlike FP, Creflo doesn't just say read the Bible for understanding. The fact is many of us don't understand. Creflo has helped us to understand the Word.

Brother Creflo deserves what he has because it all comes from heaven. By the way you have attacked him, I must say that you are a little 'jealous'.

Anonymous said...


foo stamps said...

Wes bes keepin it real yo.
Shoot cops and rape wite womenz.
Who bes need a edumacation when Keepin it Real bes Blek and proud?
Da gubament my baby daddy.

Mr. Rational said...

Yeah, Field, why should the city of Ferguson turn to fines to run itself... after Blacks destroyed property values (and taxes) as its means of paying for essential services?

Why shouldn't the USA have a Black incarceration rate in line with the Black offending rate?

Along those lines, why should Oklahoma U. revoke ΣΑΕ's charter and expel 2 of its members while allowing (Black) Joe Mixon to keep playing football after punching a White girl so hard he broke 4 bones in her face?

You have no business pretending to be either American or civilized.

Buzz said...

Blacks are privileged in this society in that that are not permitted to be offended. Soon, if things keep going the same way, blacks will no longer be required to follow the law.

Whites are 'privileged' in this society because they built it, and they maintain it. That maintenance, by the way, includes enforcement of laws necessary for civilized living.

If pigs want to fly like eagles, they need to grow some wings. They also need to learn how to obey the laws of flight.

Envy is an ugly thing that often leads to anger. What white Americans enjoy is not a privilege but a benefit of their civil habits and smart work.

Maybe if non-white guys quit murdering, raping, demeaning, stealing from, and otherwise crapping on whites (and non-whites) they wouldn’t have to receive justice. And maybe pigs will fly someday, but that would also require some evolutionary changes.

BTW I’d rather cry for cops than convenience store thieves and neighborhood thugs. Can’t you at least find a more sympathetic “victim?” No, you can’t, because they are rare, whereas the many innocent white victims of non-white crime go unnoticed. (Just for me, that includes two friends whose cars were stolen in black neighborhoods, and a female acquiantance who was raped by a black man.)

There are exceptions, of course, people on the right tail of every curve. I have known many. But when you apply blanket insult to an entire race as an excuse for the bad behavior of the bulk of another, you generate an argument based on averages.

focusedpurpose said...
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focusedpurpose said...
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focusedpurpose said...

hold up...

THIS Right here:

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of world is this where innocent crabs cannot walk on Florida sidewalks without the shell crushing feet of reality falling upon them without warning as if some Divine judgement or collective cosmic Justice was dropped suddenly upon them by the remorseless pilot of a B-52 Bomber sharply banking his plane so he can return to base and go have his lunch?

1:48 AM"



Anonymous said...

Ugh, Arthur Chu.

People like him seem to think that it's a brilliant idea to persecute men in order to address sexism and persecute white people in order to address racism.

I don't pretend to know whether his motivations are well-intentioned or not, but his approach to these problems is just throwing gasoline on an already raging fire. The Arthur Chus of the world are part of the problem, not the solution.

He should stick to answering geography questions on Jeopardy.

anotherbozo said...

A black man whom the media descended on because he was "the last black SAE member" wrote a column over at the Daily Beast that's very much worth reading.
Even more worthwhile is a video he recommends on the truth about race and racism, a short lecture by a chaplain who knows the game historically. If you think you know the subject you probably don't have the whole picture. Test your knowledge; it's short. I'm not religious but the intro is irrelevant.

field negro said...

Pssst, Anons above, I might have some Tylenol for that truth that keeps hurting in your head.

Bill said...

If Charles Barkley wasn't a house negro, this headline mocking his speech would not be acceptable to dumbocrats.

Charles Barkley Says Paying NCAA Athletes Is A Turrible Idea, And Americans Still Agree

Gotta love dumbocrat double standards.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

A special "hello" to FP, where it was great reading the response to the Creflo Dollar news item. Shame the comment is now deleted, as the spiritual reflection was very profound. Peace & blessings to all for a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

anotherbozo said...
Even more worthwhile is a video he recommends on the truth about race and racism, a short lecture by a chaplain who knows the game historically.

8:04 AM

Tremendous! A must see for everyone!

field negro said...

Faith..., so that we are clear, I did not delete those comments.

I know that u don't believe that I did, but I have to let some of the other folks commenting know.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Good Golly, Mr. Field, forget the Tylenol.....Conversations with some Anons are often an exercise in madeness.

Are you sure there isn't a way to resolve the outstanding balance item - LOL :-)

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Of course, no worries on my end, Mr. Field. Though the veterans know it's not your style to censor, it's great you clarified this for others who could be new to the FN Blog.

hooray for the BRA said...

Ferguson whites have been dispossessed, sheared for taxes, jettisoned from their jobs, denigrated, spit at, and now fired upon. That’s a lot they have to apologize for.

Yīshēng said...

BLACK LIVES MATTER, especially on college campuses where our next generation of Blacks leaders are (unfortunately) being cultivated in the DAILY presence of White entitlement and White supremacy on White college campuses around the country.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

@Lila @AnotherBozo: Thank you for sharing the link, "Thursday Series | Michael Polite (February 5, 2015) Andrews University."

In the spirit of these enlightening conversations, may I suggest to the fields letting the readership know the length of videos or longer articles.

I really do enjoy these items and will set aside the proper time for listening or reading accordingly. Watched the video for few minutes and agree it's totally awesome so far :-)

Limpbaugh said...

I can't remember ever seeing open mean spirited racism or homophobia between people who know each other. Field is right. Chances are every one on the SAE bus is racist. Cheney probably had more to do with the Bush Administration evil than Bush did. Plus there were people like Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, and John Bolton, around doing their best to lie us in to war. In fact, Bush was the only one of those who wasn't on the PNAC Committee.

Josh said...

"and all the other usual white male excuses for white male behavior"


Why do anti-white racists think it any less racist that they're racist? They do nothing but justify white racism.

"But because it’s too soft on racism. It reinforces the idea that racism is an outlier..."

Yeah, because everyone knows that "racism" is America's natural state, and it's a majority thing, not a minority thing. So, hell nah it's not an outlier. Racism from whites doesn't lie outside of the mainstream; it is the mainstream, duh!

I mean the majority of whites in America owned slaves, and all of America had Jim Crow. It wasn't confined to any area or anything like that. It's always been the natural state of the majority of all whites to be racists. Whites are racists!

"So what? There’s millions of other racists with protected Facebook or Twitter accounts..."

Yeah. Brilliant logic. Can't get every single racist in America fired, therefore it's meaningless to get any fired. Let's use this logic with giving out food stamps or prescribing medicine. Can't help everyone so let's not help anyone. But, wait, that would be called racist.

And just because there aren't 101 million white people chanting "nigger" doesn't mean they're not racist, obviously. They're smarter now. They hide and "code" their racism; e.g. calling Obama a "socialist" or blaming black issues on out of wedlock bastards popping up like somebody poured water on Gizmo, or in chastising rap music. These are the new ways to be racist.

Racism and sexism share an awful lot in common these days, in that practically anything one does can be spun to fit. Buy your girlfriend a bracelet? You sexist! You're playing to the "princess" trope whereby you infantilize women and treat them as needy dependents whose esteem need be built up with lavish gifts. Speak to a black person on the street? Obvious guilt-laden way to make yourself feel less racist for being racist and approaching someone with the full privilege of feeling it's just okay to verbally assault them on city sidewalks, basically telling blacks to know their place and move out of the great white way.

Every motherfucking thing is some type of "ism" in today's world, and white people are the evil sumbitches behind it all!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! You called Creflo DOllar a house negro. Well what a coincidence because I just read a book that a person who hates Creflo Dollar in it. Have you heard of this White doctor named Lloyd A. Rudy? His book "African American Near Death Experiences" (about Blacks who died & went to the other side from a Scientific standpoint) had an entire chapter about this Black man who can't stand religion, can't stand God & especially can't stand Creflo Dollar. I haven't been able to stop laughing about it and then I come here & read this too!


I love your posts.

Cotton said...

"Blacks who died & went to the other side from a Scientific standpoint"

Is this what you are talking about?:

Yung Lee said...

The media may not “create reality” but they can certainly steer people’s perception of it. Can you imagine the tidal wave of rage that would be directed at blacks if the news focused constantly on the crimes they commit (the worst of which are swept under the rug), spoke honestly about race differences, and actually challenged black spokesmen and politicians who speak only in terms of black grievances? What if Hollywood showed a more accurate view of blacks, instead of the idealized version they present to us? Hollywood’s remake of “The Karate Kid” featured a black kid being bullied by Asians at school–WTF? How about showing the truth, which is the opposite. Can you imagine the way that would change people’s perceptions? I think you seriously underestimate the power of propaganda.

The downside for blacks is that is only a thin line of lies that maintains black privilege.

focusedpurpose said...


thank you sis...

for being you.

i deleted the comments.

let me say that for the record so that none blame FN in error.


'cause i stay in trouble, solo, as a result of my make it plain, complete with Malcolm X specs, flow.

complete with a dedicated demon team that erases my money + some mo'...

even Messiah had a solid 10 to hold Him down. (that's if folk count the three time denier Peter- 11 if not.) so this is NOT a solo rock demon socks project. Yah blesses through people.

why His/my people at?

come with a 'lil tiny box for me to contort myself to fit in and i will pass. e'ertime...



when i thought about it, hitting delete only made sense.

particularly when i am spitting the Real for free...

when there are souls that will pay $65Milly for straight prosperity gospel silly- then call folk "jealous" + it "Understanding."


(heard Dr. Dre bass in my head on that one. LOL!)

those that are Called + Chosen to feed His Sheep are worthy of their keep. that ain't beggin'...

that's Bible.

i have asked for help, to the sound of crickets.

when the demons come for me there is supposed to be someone to hold me down. even if fear has them do it anonymously...

until breakthrough comes- mute, blink blink is all i got. 'cause TRUST there is MUCH i could say..

but will NOT.


that's if it just pops out. working on tightening up my mouth bridle:)

i will say this to the Anon that put my name in it tho.

it is written that we are to study to shew ourselves approved. that we might rightly divide the Word of Yah for ourselves.

nowhere is it written that a spoon feed is on the To Do list. especially not a free of charge spoon feed. Life is about balance. it is written that we are not to make merchandise of His People. it is also written that His People are to take care of those He sends to feed them.

private jet.

okey doke. Messiah surely would have traveled around in much the same way if He were here today.

would've been born at the Ritz, too.

otherwise folk would be accusing Him asking Him where is His fruit? why should we listen to You? yada yada woo woo...



Wisdom and Understanding comes from Yah Himself.

so it is not just FP that indicates souls are to read their Bible for Understanding. go the Source for their Light, Wisdom and Understanding.

get clear on that.

it is also written that Yah will say "away from me, i never knew you." THIS is not an exchange He is having with heathens, either. this is what He will say to so-called Believers.

so folk would do well to follow Him/His Word- pray for Understanding. ask the Comforter to decipher the Biblical code that you might better know. then keep going back daily/regularly for mo'...

then promptly chill on the following man madness. they will bilk folk for many millions/billions + have folk looking in the wrong direction for Yerusalem and Yahudah even despite what is CLEARLY written...

there are thieves in the temple people. they are coming for souls + mammon!

shutting it down now. before i have to hit...




Shabbat Shalom + Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...


where His/my people at?

forgive any other typos.

@ whoever said it:

so called Black privilege is designed to destroy-the Black nation first and foremost. just as is White privilege. only White privilege also destroys the Black nation first and foremost.

see His natural branch Chosen Ones as described in Scripture MUST be destroyed.

some of US Blessed Blacks know full well that some Black males have been given a free pass to release all hell on earth.

call it?

+ some mo'

ask me how i know...

then the BW get blasted for birthing these menfolk that are on a heavy demonic program in addition to functioning under generational curses for disobedience.

KJV Deuteronomy 28 ALL day...

unfortunately Esau/Edomites have shot themselves in the foot in this spiritual fight. been so busy blessed melanin levels hating they missed the divide and conquer on the flip side.

full there is no need to...



Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...

one mo' thing...

lest folk think i am Blessed Black man hatin'...

which i am not.

there are she-devils on the earth level...

they STAY pregnant.

menfolk that don't bother to get to know nor flow with Yah, can't wait to plant seed in places they should never be.

if the church menfolk would address other menfolk, more would know about what is CLEARLY written.

men are either going to LEAD under Yah's Guidance or follow + gripe/moan as humanity goes through the land of the serpent earth curse.

blaming Eve = lame.

all the same, THIS has been the Ancient game.

when Righteous sistas/redeemed/reformed she-devils try to warn souls, we get slapped with a "jealous" label. so then there's that.


Blessings all!

PilotX said...

Those in Chicago have seen what's going on with Barack already. When Harold Washington was elected the city council acted like the present day Republican controlled congress. They called it council wars like Star Wars. We saw longtime Dems support a Republican candidate for mayor which was and is unheard of in Chicago. The Republican's slogan was "before it's too late". This is why the first blah president had to come from Chicago because there are so many lessons to be learned by blah politicians here.

Josh said...

"blaming Eve = lame."

But blaming Adam = righteous?

Blame the clay man, not the rib woman.


Yīshēng said...

Interesting point, PX.

One thing for sure, the first (and last) Black president was NEVER going to come from a Southern state.

Anonymous said...

PilotX said, " We saw longtime Dems support a Republican candidate for mayor which was and is unheard of in Chicago."

And 'who' might that Democrat be? Lessons for Black politicians in Chicago to be learned? No PilotX, the lessons learned came from across the nation, not just Chicago. And I am from Chicago.

Harold Washington dropped dead in his apartment from the pressure and stress of being the 'first' Black Mayor of Chicago. He was brilliant but more importantly had the courage and heart of a lion.

Obama doesn't even come close to Harold. The saying, "The good die young" is true when it comes to Harold.

Had he lived he might have been the first Black President and things would have been very different in the WH, foreign policy, and the future of the black race. With Obama, we are in deep shit for at least a decade and probably more.

PilotX said...

"And 'who' might that Democrat be?"

There were several Democratic aldermen who supported Bernard Epton who was the R in the race. I'm sure a search will get you the names.

"Lessons for Black politicians in Chicago to be learned? No PilotX, the lessons learned came from across the nation, not just Chicago. And I am from Chicago."

Yes and no, Chicago is the center of gravity for blah politics. Sure lessons can come from other places, Bradley effect, but the petri dish of experimentation has always been the southside of Chicago.

"With Obama, we are in deep shit for at least a decade and probably more."

I disagree, the Obama administration has bailed us out of a lot holes. For example, during his administration my union and company were negotiating a contract and we still have a lot of grievences before the NLRB. If Mitt had won or if an R wins next time you can bet there will be a real push to eliminate the NLRB or the nominees from the R president will not be labor friendly. I can get int the weeds if you'd like but there are many ways I have personally benefitted from Barack's terms and I believe the country has as well.

PilotX said...

"Although winning the Democratic primary is normally tantamount to election in heavily Democratic Chicago, after his primary victory Washington found that his Republican opponent, former state legislator Bernard Epton (earlier considered a nominal stand-in), was supported by many high-ranking Democrats and their ward organizations, including the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party, Alderman Edward "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak.[32]"

Yīshēng said...

"Harold Washington dropped dead in his apartment from the pressure and stress of being the 'first' Black Mayor of Chicago."

While pressure and stress obviously contribute to heart disease especially in Black Americans, Mr. Washington's weight did him NO favors either.

Black folks are as a group, TO DAMN BIG, and it's killing us FAR quicker than the White man's "antics".

Yīshēng said...

And Mr. Washington died in his office, NOT at his apartment.

Anonymous said...

FP said, "so folk would do well to follow Him/His Word- pray for Understanding. ask the Comforter to decipher the Biblical code that you might better know. then keep going back daily/regularly for mo'... "

Throughout the annals of human history, there have been a plethora of humans claiming they know the Bible and the Word of God. Many have been wrong. So, how does anyone know they have it 'right' through biblical study and prayer?

Are you saying the Pope and these mega preachers such as Creflo and Billy Graham are wrong? Who is right?

Anonymous said...

"And Mr. Washington died in his office, NOT at his apartment."

7:59 PM
You are right, he died in his office--heart attack.

You are also right about Blacks, they are too damn big. In fact, they are huge, esp the women. With the exception of a few, it's rare to find a bw in the bay area who is of normal healthy weight. They all tend to look like black pigs waddling around. They are so huge that there is no definition to them as a human.

However, if you watch them in a restaurant and what they eat, it would be too much for a dog, let alone a pig....mashed potatoes, bread and more bread, desert=pies, sundaes, huge slices of cake with three scoops of ice cream on top, a fountain coke to wash it down, fried chicken(half or whole), sweet potatoes,'s embarrassing to see my sisters shoveling it down, talking loud and's pathetic.

Don't get me wrong. There are bm like that too. But they aren't nearly as big as the bw. Of course, there are exceptions but by and large, the women are bigger than the men.

It's really disgusting. Don't believe me? Visit Oakland.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

"with black men six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men."

Um. Was this factor considered with the possibility that blacks might be six times more likely to commit crimes which lead to incarceration?

Pvt. Johnson is a dick said...

No, Commander Peckerwood;

It's called "racial profiling" you obtuse, Aryan fuck!

The dark side of town is overpoliced....

...The light side of town is ignored!!

FU, you glass-eyed cockroach!!!

Anonymous said...

Yīshēng said...
And Mr. Washington died in his office, NOT at his apartment.

He was masturbating while wearing a clown suit when he had his heart attack.

Kill all White Anon Assholes said...

Anon Asshole 9:57

How can you fellate the family dog and type at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Ask Yisheng

focusedpurpose said...


the blame game is for children.

who has time?

not i.

in the account in Genesis it is very clear that the original man and woman failed one another. Eve failed to help her man. Adam failed to lead his woman in Righteousness and Obedience to Yah's Word. the Word Adam knew full well before Eve ever came on the scene.

if i were an Edomite THIS is what i would be focused on and sounding the alarm among my people:

the daughters of Edom now do to themselves and their men the wickedness that was visited by Esau on others.


when the brand new coalitions of chaos finish uniting and turn up the inverted wickedness...

and it's coming...

Esau/Edom will know first hand that KJV Obadiah + many other books in Scriptures is NO joke. paint it all white if you want to. that won't make it Truth.

seems to me miseducated Edomites/Esau got other things to focus on rather than disrupting the flow of this blog with on- going, immature, wish they were fly, and hard they DO try...



it IS sexist to expect menfolk to lead.

blank stare.


inverted, role reversal with the assistance of bpa and chem trail genetically modifying spray. ALL day.

how helpful is superior intellect Esau. this tribe will slave break, role reverse themselves.

face palm.

menfolk 'bout a minute from a period. yet can only see the condition of the womenfolk.

just sayin'...

@ Anon- the church has been infiltrated.

IF you read Scriptures + history...

it is hard to miss the fact that Sabbath is NOT on sun day. chr-stmas strictly forbidden according to what is written. and on and on. play with the times. name the days after pagan g-ds. do whatever. all of this is still quite clear..

when one studies to show themselves approved.

rather than waiting on the spoon feed.

it is hard to miss the breakdown of the whore of babylon + to look and see who they be Right now on planet earth.

it is hard not to recognize all the pagan devilry that the church can't wait to get all up in.

case in point: the egg laying bunny of ishtar/easter is a comin' and folk will get MAD if anyone points out all the devilry re-packaged with Messiah references.

it is hard to miss the warning after warning in Scriptures of wolves in sheep clothing...

that seek to preach for their bellies and lead His People astray. that seek to make merchandise of His People. THIS is what they are doing if they stand in the pulpit and REFUSE to call it.

+ read the language of their agreement(s) to remain tax free and then 501c3...


folk best wake up! the devil knows EXACTLY what it is.

focusedpurpose said...

i don't know any of these famous preachers, nor do i accuse them.

i DO know what digging has shown me.

folk got to come off the lesson plan to get to where the Real Knowledge lives.

there's a whole LOT of freemasonry up in the mix, too. those on the bottom of the secret societies don't know the secret...

when folk talk about l-rd/g-d they do NOT mean Yah.

those that serve lucifer know him as l-rd/g-d, too.

it is an inside joke for the agents of satan to masquerade as angels of light. this is what they do. that's Bible Truth.

lucifer is the original swag jacker and STAYS trying to pretend like he is Yah.

i could break this all the way down, incorporating the Black/White duality, masonic checkerboard floors + the whole nine...

but then time does not permit. nor does Wisdom say hit it, one Good time, Right now.

so, i won't.

@ least not today:)

seek and ye shall find = Truth all the way around.

i don't profess to know either way the state of other folks' souls.

it is not my business to know. i ask Him to show me what He thinks i can handle;)

He knows i wrestle with Wrath so He is truly merciful.

the lying devil and the lives he destroys tick me off.

for Real.

what i do know is what is written and what i see do NOT correlate.

my job is to pray for folk and hold fast to my crown while all this hidden in plain sight devilry goes down.

praying without ceasing for ALL souls that we will all make it in.

i am with Him and want what He wants...

which is that none of US be lost.

the age of deception in which we live is so trunk tight...

even His elect could be fooled.

but Yah has this...

THAT'S my testimony NO matter what i think i see.

Anon, i pray, in Yahushua Messiah's Mighty Name (aka Jesus Christ around the world) that He will give you and all of US... triple portions of Wisdom, discernment and Set Apart Boldness that we will Stand with Him/His Word and go for what we know. choose our side and STAND!


Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...

@Anon who watches BW self medicate and dig their graves with their forks...

then can't wait to discuss it. expect BW to watch their sons/community go to hell in a hand basket, DESPITE all their often times solo heavy lifting...

AND be hungry, too?


i got jokes.

it is called comfort eating.

if folk looked around they would see that MANY women engage in it...

in between wondering where the Real men are going.

they just put the thin white and other women in the movies/on tv...

while making sure big BW get MUCH global exposure.


you can't say no one ever told ya:)

Blessings to you boo boo...

Anonymous said...

FP, "they just put the thin white and other women in the movies/on tv...

while making sure big BW get MUCH global exposure.


you can't say no one ever told ya:)

Blessings to you boo boo..."

Forget about the movies, what about the TV News in Ferguson? All the sisters in the news were either fat or just plain huge. They couldn't find one bw who wasn't overweight. I don't know about you, but that is shameful. And you are blaming it all on circumstances? Pleeeze....

They are too damn big. No wonder Michelle Obama is trying her best to get bw to change their eating habits...among other things.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...


You are doing some heavy-duty shit.

At least, you got your money's worth.

focusedpurpose said...


you still watch the news and think it is organic?

now see...

you feel precisely the shame you are intended to feel.

Ferguson = planned in advance psych op.

what i want to know about Ferguson is where all the less melanined special women that LOVE them some bm at?

those getting maced in the face seem to be the obvious BW folk love to denigrate and hate. in public.

THIS is why i suggest BW, ALL sizes, in Ferguson go home and mind their business...

IF you feel like it could be men kinfolk and you feel some type of way...

take the time NOW to let them know they STILL in america.

folk STILL hate US and the po po is putting heads to bed...

then going on paid vacation.

it ain't just Black folk either.

but then the controlled, contrived, orchestrated news don't want folk to get hip to that, yet.

gotta get this "race" war to poppin'...

@12:53am- not sure how to take your comment, my friend. particularly the money' worth comment. you didn't hear me when i said folk are erasing my money?

you think i jest?


Blessings all!

Josh said...

"in the account in Genesis..."

In the original Cinderella, I think the wicket step-sisters cut toes off.

Both are equally untrue.

I'll have to flip a coin to decide which to take life lessons from...

focusedpurpose said...

Edomites are gentile heathens, according to what is clearly written, so the 2:30 am comment= Right on point and in keeping with this Truth.

may souls some day soon accept the Gift of Salvation through Messiah that they might become spiritual heirs to the promise of Abraham.

as it is written.

to do so means to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

the land masses and human lineages noted in Scriptures- evidenced to this very day= all fairy tales.

well alrighty then.

pay attention and notice that while folk are taking the division hate bait...


folk are quietly destroying evidence of the Truth of Scriptures.

po' thang...

Yah, in Messiah's Name, i pray you will help the babes of humanity that get so fresh mouth with the Blessed Black Ancients based on their inheritance...


little/HUGE white lies, no less.

help folk to know + see that what they have been led to believe is a lie + won't stand.

folk are arrogant in the face of lining up Wrath for this nation...also written of in the book of Genesis. and again in the book of Acts...

nevertheless as it is written, so shall it be done. folk may call it fairy tale if they like. paint all things white. it still won't make it Truth.


KJV Yirmiyahu/Jeremiah 16: 19-21

19 O Sovereign, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

20 Shall a man make g-ds unto himself, and they are no g-ds?

21 Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is The Sovereign.


no blood on my hands...

Blessings all!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

You are totally retarded, focused purpose.


focusedpurpose said...

lol @ the very mature 9:44am comment.

little testy babe of humanity indeed.

Love you anyway.

mean it.

carry on...

Kill Private Jackoff Johnson said...

9:44 PM

Pvt. Cocksucker Johnson:

And YOU are a bigger racist asshole than Jerkoff Josh, Donald Chump, Darrin Wilson, George Killerman and Cliven Bundy!

Go have some more sex with skunks and horses, WHITE RACIST DICK!