Saturday, March 21, 2015


I need a caption for this pic.
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Martin Luther Caucasian said...

I had a dream that Hillary was President!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, my penis is smaller than I thought it was!!



PilotX said...

What is that? I should have known you were too tall to be a chick.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, my brain is smaller than I thought it was! I'll never be a doctor!


dinthebeast said...

Braaaaaiiiins... braaaaaiiiiins.

-Doug in Oakland

ctrl+halt+del said...

Mitch McConnell to star in "Home Alone 6-Coming Out of his Shell."

Anonymous said...

"John's" reaction 5 minutes after QLB earned her lunch money.



Big Bill said...

My God, but the Negro tax is massive. I pray for white people in previously unaffected regions of the country.

Once you get a sizable Negro population not only do the direct costs skyrocket (dead white women + 25 years of prison costs) but the huge investigation costs as well. Thirty (30) agents to do community outreach and cuddling!

And if you add on the costs of countering periodic Soros-funded riots, your only option ultimately is to abandon your town and go Voortrekking as white people are doing in Ferguson.

There ought to be some way to require an environmental impact statement for these Negro invasions/colonizations. Factor in the inevitable crime/death rate, losses due to thefts, massive education costs, trash, inability to walk the streets at night, need to keep your doors locked, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the national media show any interest in the murder of 94- year old Eva Carmichael in Meridian, Mississippi by four “teens” earlier this month?


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. Them po po thinks I'm black.

They's gonna shoot me, who was always a good boy, never missed skool, on de honor roll, and had some freaking scholarships to do some stuff.

Lt.commander Johnson said...

They won't bite, Mr. Anon.

Those people think they are blameless.

Anonymous said...

Watch how many comments you see:

The Knoxville Horror

The Wichita Massacre

You don't hear about this stuff, unless a black is the victim.

Anonymous said...


The Spirit of Christmas Past 2015 version

ctrl+halt+del said...

Cure for racism found! First patient asks, " You're going to stick what where?

ctrl+halt+del said...

Man awakes from year long coma and says, "I met Jesus and he IS black!"

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...


When you present things as such as the barbarity of your blacks swinging in the jungle of the US, they start acting like monkeys (?)

Shit. After all this time. they can't even speak English.

Learningtreep said...

"Oh God I dreamed I was Black!!!"

Josh said...

With the new social justice media standards at NBC, Law and Order can only imply the burglar is black.

Lt.commander Johnson said...

Well, Josh I hope they drop that fat-assed "Olivia Benson" from the series.

I have made a purpose to say, "Hi. I'm Olivia. I can help/protect you)

And then, you are DEAD.

Anonymous said...

What is that thing...oh god cover it up it stinks really bad...look at how ugly it is...what?? What??? you say you are a negro woman?? What??? no way!!! You are not a woman named Yisheng. you smell like rotten fish and look like a walrus You say your name is Yisheng and you will never be a Doctor because you're fat, ugly, old and stupid as a baboon?

Yīshēng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yīshēng said...

Oh $hit, I flunked the Starbucks race test this past Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Yīshēng said...
"Oh $hit, I flunked the Starbucks race test this past Friday!!"

I live in a neighborhood where I am one of very few white people. I almost never talk to any other white people outside of work when I am in Maryland.

My neighbors and friends here talk about family, dogs, weather, sports, politics, religion, cycling, etc. One of the beautiful young checkers at Whole Foods gets her hair done differently every week. I always complement her on her latest hair do, and she loves it.

Why would we want to talk about race? That is for racists. America was past that until the race-baiter in chief came along.

PilotX said...

We only discuss crime when the victim is blah? Well it seems our resident guests only seem to acknowledge crime exists when the perps are blah. Tell you what Commander Johnson and others, when you start posting about crimes committed by whites on sites like stormfront and others that only talk about blah folks I'll start posting what you want here. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham faces the day.


PilotX said...

America was past racism until we had to look at a blah man in the White House everyday. Ha! Gotta love it. The racists lost their shit when a brotha got elected twice.

PilotX said...

Wichita massacre and Knoxville Horror? Weren't all of the people responsible for these awful crimes convicted and some sentenced to death? Yes these were horrific crimes but after the suspects are arrested, tried and convicted what else can we do? What do you want me to do? Piss on their graves after they get the lethal injection? Gotta love white racist logic, come to a mostly blah site and bring up blah on white crimes while totally ignoring white on white and white on blah crime.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

PilotX:Freeing slaves from the Republican plantation since the 70's said...
Wichita massacre and Knoxville Horror? Weren't all of the people responsible for these awful crimes convicted and some sentenced to death? Yes these were horrific crimes but after the suspects are arrested, tried and convicted what else can we do? What do you want me to do? Piss on their graves after they get the lethal injection? Gotta love white racist logic, come to a mostly blah site and bring up blah on white crimes while totally ignoring white on white and white on blah crime.

1:05 PM

Uh huh. Missing the point, X ?

The point was that they were so horrific crimes, was NOT on the national news, and screamed about to the world's media.

If those instances had involved a black "victim", ala. the Blessed Trayvon, it would have gone viral.

You dump shit.

Anonymous said...

You know Lt. commander Johnson is an appropriate name for the multi personality assnon because he's a royal d**khead!


PilotX said...

Dude, I watched a story about the Wichita killings on cable not long ago. They have websites dedicated to it and its own wikipedia page. It was pretty well covered. But you also missed my point, when a white person is killed by a blah person you better believe they are going to the death house but even after all the "coverage" about Trayvon his killer is walking free just like always. What do you think about that Commander? It's still ok to kill us and get away with it but you just want media coverage. I bet you want media coverage to perpetuate even more anger and fear of blah people don't cha? Racists never change their stripes.

PilotX said...

Commander isn't satisfied that the persons involved were brought to justice. Very telling.

PilotX said...

But to really retort to your point Commander you have to put media coverage into historic context something many refuse to do. There was a time in this country until about 50 years ago when blah people were killed by white people with impunity but the reverse has never been true. Because of this fact media coverage skews towards white on blah crime. There hasn't ever been a problem with blah folks committing crimes against whites without repercussions. Emmitt Till was murdered for simply whistling at a white woman. This may seem like water under the bridge but for context let's imagine two stories in Germany. One story has a Jewish person killing a nazi and the other has the reverse. Which one would get more coverage and why? If one can't understand how history colors our present reality then you may as well wonder why your local major league team gets more coverage than a high school team.

Bill said...

State Department: U.S. pulls remaining forces out of Yemen
The U.S. military has pulled its remaining personnel out of Yemen due to the deteriorating security situation, the U.S. State Department said.

It seems like just months ago Obama was talking about his success in Yemen.

Obama tells us his policies are successful.

Mission accomplished.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Pilot are totally missing the point, and doing it purposely. I have to go right now, my brother (no, a real brother) is in the hospital.

No, I am satisfied that the primeval animals who viciously murdered and raped these women (AND MEN) got caught. Basically, because they have a low IQ.

I shall bust your sorry ass when I return. As far as Emmet Till goes, he was a Yankee black punk with an attitude, and that was that.

Josh said...

"The racists lost their shit when a brotha got elected twice."

Yep, and they went out and:

- Lynched random black people
- Burned crosses on lawns
- Blew up black churches
- Beat blacks in the street
- Raped little black girls
- Expanded the Klan exponentially
- Broke the law to reinstate segregation
- Boycotted black-majority things like the NBA and the hip-hop industry

Oh, wait, none of that happened.

Ah, my bad. By "lost their shit," you mean:

- Made a handful of Obama-is-a-monkey emails
- Some white person somewhere said "nigger" once -- Riley Cooper?
- White lady asked Mrs. Obama to reach something for her

And, if we're being ultra-inclusive with "racists," I suppose:

- Formed the Tea Party
- Made a dozen "racist" signs out of a dozen thousand
- Called Obama a liar
- Invented new coded racist slurs like "socialist" and "BO"

Boy, I'm surprised you black folks here were able to get Internet connection with all the brutality that's come of these racists losing their shit! It's a dangerous world out there. It's like 1815 with all these unhinged racists.

Yīshēng said...

PX, now you know you can't be rational with racist imbeciles.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Woe is me coming to the Caption Party late :-)

I love reading the backdrop in reference to these pictures posted by Mr. Field.

Too funny about the over-the-top moments witnessed by staff at world-renowned hotels.

So here's my caption in the spirit of the 80's artist Rockwell...

"I always feel like somebody's watching me and I have no privacy."

Anonymous said...

Indian and African slave ghosts returning!!!!

Limpbaugh said...

I dreamed I applied for a job at Fox News. I had to fill out an application.

Question #1. Have you ever had sex with Bill O'Reilly?

Question #2. Would you like to?

PilotX said...

Yankee Black punk huh? I guess he deserved what he got huh? A 14 year old kid beaten, shot and thrown in a river. You are a piece of work dude, you have no clue what je was like. Question Commander, did he deserve to die?

PilotX said...

Interesting, the people who killed the people in Wichita and Knoxville are animals but no mention of the people who killed Emmitt Till. Hmmmmmmmm. Blah lives don't matter?