Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Owning a home while black.

Tonight my racism chase takes me to the "land of Dixie", a place where I am sure that I could find the Big R rearing its ugly head in just about every corner of that state. (h/t to Rippa for this story)

"He had just bought a home near Huntsville, Ala., and was breaking it in with a housewarming party when sheriff’s deputies knocked on the door.

When the law-enforcement officials refused to say why they had come to his new home, Dominique Kenebrew denied them entry. It was then, he claimed, that the deputies tried to enter the home, tasing him in the back.
The electrical engineer filed a federal lawsuit against Madison County, Ala., deputies and Sheriff Blake Dorning on Monday for illegal search, illegal seizure and excessive force, reports

The official complaint claims that Deputy Daniel Dejong "shot Kenebrew in the back with his taser, delivering a five-second electrical shock ... pulled the taser trigger two more times, delivering two more five-second electrical shocks," during the May 2013 incident.

Kenebrew was arrested after the altercation on charges of obstructing government operations, but he was acquitted.
More than two dozen guests were in attendance at the party when its host was apprehended. Kenebrew and his guests are black, but the 28-year-old is reluctant to say that race was a factor.
"I really don't want to go that route," he told Still, he says of the officers, "I don't think they expected me to be the owner of the house."

Police reports and the lawsuit, while agreeing on the basic facts of the incident, vary in the specific details.

When officers knocked at Kenebrew’s new residence around 11 p.m., he stepped outside to respond to them, closing the door behind him. The officers did not have a search warrant, so Kenebrew denied them entry. According to Kenebrew, reports, the deputies tried to walk around him and enter the house anyway. Dejong says that he had noticed liquor and beer inside the home and what he thought could be underaged drinkers.
"I once again advised the suspect that I needed to check on the welfare and ages of the persons inside the residence, and that at this point, I was not asking his permission to enter," Dejong claimed in his report. Kenebrew reportedly denied permission, so Dejong said he tried to force his way in, but the homeowner blocked his path.

Dejong reported that he tried to pin Kenebrew’s arms behind him, but the 28-year-old was too big. However, he did admit that Kenebrew never made any threatening gestures toward the officers. Because he was unable to deter the homeowner, Dejong wrote in his report, he took out his stun gun.

At one point, a guest peeked out the door to see what was going on, and Kenebrew turned. It was then that he was tased in the back. Dejong stated in his report that he stunned the homeowner twice after that when Kenebrew did not obey commands to turn over and put his hands behind his back.



Wesley R said...

Maybe The Bama at TNT has taught this Bama how to love his oppressor.

Bill said...

Owning a home while black.

The best way to solve the problem of police beating people is to hold them personally and not the city responsible.

Let this homeowner sue the cop personally and ruin his life.
Unfortunately, that's not the system the ruling class wanted. The ruling class wanted to be protected from their crimes.

Suing the city screws taxpayers while the person that acted racist is protected by his government employee union.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I like the way you think. It is so obvious but well-hidden in front of us. Thank you.

PS. One would think some civil rights lawyer would have thought of this. But then again, he's part of the system isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, I know you don't want to hear anything about illegal immigration but there has been a growing problem about it. Some Mexicans have been murdering some of our kids.

Furthermore, nothing much has been said. In other words, it's kept quiet by the media and the government. Why is that?

Again, these illegal aliens are killing Americans and the ISIS terrorists haven't even arrived yet. At the rate the Latinos are killing us, ther terrorists from the middle east will probably lose interest.

Some of you Negroes need to WTFU.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing one of the guy's neighbors wasn't happy about the party, because of noise or whatever, and called in a complaint about underage people drinking (there weren't any).

As is often the case, it's impossible to know whether the cops acted out of racial animus. But it's insane that they acted so aggressively over a party. I find it hard to believe that police would have legal justification to enter the guy's home without a warrant, unless there were, like, drunken 12-year-olds passed out all over his front lawn.

Anonymous said...

In Alabama the police need no warrant or any reason NOT to enter a bm's home and tase the Negro if he gets uppity.

That's a known fact in Alabama. That Negro thought he was 'different' from the ordinary Negro in Alabama. I am sure he was 'stunned' to find out he was just another n****r to the police.

Anonymous said...

"Let this homeowner sue the cop personally and ruin his life.
Unfortunately, that's not the system the ruling class wanted. The ruling class wanted to be protected from their crimes."

Are you kidding? The "ruling class" would love it if employers weren't legally liable for any damages caused by their organizations and they were free to throw their employees under the bus instead.

Just imagine how this would work.

Fast-food chain CEO:

Hey, really sorry our wacky double-fried Tacos Super-Mexicanos were laced with E Coli and killed half your family! But, you know, it's not our problem.

I guess you'll have to take it up with our afternoon-shift taco maker, Jamal. I'm sure if you sue him, you can have all 500 of the dollars in his bank account. Best of luck!

Yep, exactly what we need, less responsibility for the powerful in this country. They are so, so downtrodden and oppressed. My heart bleeds for them.

Anonymous said...

anon11:17pm have you seen this video re: Mexican who killed a black father's son and there was not a 'peep' from the media or Obama about it?

BIB, this is another example of Obama's incompetency. Or maybe he just doesn't give a damn about us? I am confounded by Field. I can't figure out whether he cares but is naive, or he just doesn't give a damn much like Obama.

PS. Eric Holder is no Bobby Kennedy.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

What is a black citizen when he's talking to the police? The suspect.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Citing Mr Oh Really is just pure trolling at this point don't you think.

Anonymous said...

WC, this has always been true. And guess what? It isn't going to change. Our country is not interested in change. Obama proved that.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

You're whiter than me a non and I blind people when sunlight reflects off of me.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Whitey's Conspiracy said...
Citing Mr Oh Really is just pure trolling at this point don't you think.

12:41 AM
No I do not. Citing the truth of murders by illegal immigrants on Americans is NEVER trolling, whether it is O'Reilly or anybody else.

Latinos are killing black Americans. Now why hasn't the media covered this? Why haven't Blacks and Whites been outraged over these murders?

Somebody other than the Repubs ought to be calling Obama on the carpet about this! Of course, we all know it won't be Whitey or Field. You two are too crooked to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I wonder want Miss PR has to say about the FOX video re: Mexicans murdering Blacks and Whites?

I know. I know. You don't care, Field doesn't care, PC doesn't care, and Yisheng doesn't care because the % of Blacks killed by Mexicans is below 15%.

The Purple Cow said...

OK Josh I get it, you are using this ‘sophistry’ shit as a device to shut down debate, I don’t suppose even for a moment that you believe it to be true. But as for you being a sociopath/racist/fascist, consider the evidence.

You come every single day to a website run and written by an Afro-Caribbean whose personal views you deride and abhor. That’s your privilege in what still just about passes for a Democracy. However, what is very strange is when you say the shooting of an unarmed black man with no criminal record is perfectly legitimate, you feign surprise when black people get upset. Accusing them of being ‘emotional’ – as if that’s some sort of crime. You come here to cause upset amongst people you hate, and then you have the nerve to complain when you succeed!

We know that the police departments of America and the UK are systemically racist. How do we know? Because most, if not all of us, have experienced that systemic racism first hand. I have no criminal record, never been arrested, but I have experienced constant harassment, I’ve seen cops writing the symbols of far-Right political parties in the condensation of the windscreen of their patrol cars as I walked past. One of them flashed me the gold N.F. (National Front) membership badge that he had pinned to the inside of his uniform collar. When they are bored they start looking for trouble, so let’s pick on the black kids. When they are getting shit from their bosses because they haven’t made enough arrests this quarter, where do you think they go to make them some arrests? I’ll give you a clue Josh, it ain’t golf clubs, country clubs, badminton clubs, or conservative social clubs. So that’s how we know exactly what happened in Ferguson in a way you never could.

StillaPanther2 said...

Poor Black Brother- MAY have just got the position and don't want to rile the whites that he MOST LIKELY will be working with in his employment field. Sometimes we ARE locked into our own negative race pockets.

The Purple Cow said...

Australia versus Afghanistan - a decent catch from Aaron Finch, if somewhat over-praised by the Aussie commentators.

field negro said...

Anon@11:17, I am more concerned with young brothers killing young brothers at this point. What about u?

SAP2, u are right on the money.

Limpbaugh said...

We are like North Korea would be if they let them have guns, camera phones, and net neutrality.

Joder La Resistencia said...

DOJ: No credible evidence Michael Brown's hands were up, said he likely punched Wilson and then went for gun at car

Hate it when they narrative falls apart.

And BTW, Bill O' Riley is enjoying ratings gains thanks to the baseless attacks of haters like you field.

Keep it up!

Joder La Resistencia said...

I notice field isn't mentioning the political party those officials in Ferguson belong to.

I wonder why?

Oh that's right. They belong to the same political party field does.

Funny that....

field negro said...

Señor, u are confusing me with your buddy Bill. I could care less about their political party.

What I DO care about, is how officials in that city violated the rights of citizens of color in that pathetic excuse for a town on a regular basis.

Bill said...

field negro said...
SAP2, u are right on the money.

Why not let SAP write something instead of the caption threads?

Bill said...

field negro said...
Señor, u are confusing me with your buddy Bill. I could care less about their political party.

Their = dumbocrat

Isn't that the exact point I've been making?

Political party is only important to you when said party is rethug.

Kudos for admitting it. :)

"They" say admitting it is the first step in recovery. I'll help you set up a dumbocrats anonymous meeting in your area if you want. :)

Shady_Grady said...

How dare that Black man attempt to assert his constitutional rights!

SFNorCal said...

PurpleCow, nobody cares about your shitty cricket. Hockey season is starting to wind down anyway. Playoffs next month.

SFNorCal said...

Haha! I agree with Josh. PurpleCow and Yisheng are truly pathetic. They would fit in just fine with other Bay Area negroes.


If you really gave a dam you wouldn't let Holder or Obomber get away with just releasing some reports...SUGGESTING that Ferguson police dept change their tactics ...because that's all these reports call for...SUGGESTIONS... Absolutely shameful... Bill Clinton prosecuted Lemrick Nelson for murdering Yankel Rosenbaumn..
Look up the names and tell me why Obomber couldn't have done the same thing... ... Since when did a dammed report become a solution....cowardice

Bill said...

Benghazi looks entirely different now knowing that Hillary intentionally hid her emails.

There must be a good reason that Obama and everyone in his administration that received emails from Hillary never outed her as using a private account.

Anonymous said...

PC, "We know that the police departments of America and the UK are systemically racist. How do we know? Because most, if not all of us, have experienced that systemic racism first hand."

PC, just because most bm have experienced systemic racism, it doesn't mean Josh should know, or more importantly understand. The important question that must be asked is:

"Why should Whites like Josh care or want Blacks to be treated equally as Whites?"

That is a very important question for Whites to answer. If it is "no", well, Blacks will continue to be treated the way they have 'always' been treated by the founders:

"As slaves who are treated and protected less than the pets of Whites."

I feel for the brother in Alabama. Even though he may win in court, he has lost a great deal in his job because he will be seen as a troublemaker.

'White perception' of Blacks in the professional world determines black success.

On the other hand, I admire his courage and his values and his persistence in exposing those corrupt cops.

I have been on the planet in America for some time now. And like PC because of the color of my skin, I have experienced a plethora of mistreatment 'in' the presence of other Whites who just looked on and remained silent. The feelings of 'shame, anger, outrage and fear' would rip through my body.

But the thing that has bothered me the most are the Whites who stand by and say or do nothing. They are the ones who, consciously or unconsciously, support the offenders by their silence.

An MLK quote touches my soul:

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Bill said...

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week rose to its highest level since May, which could raise concerns about some weakness in the labor market.

Maybe that great economic recovery the media kept talking about was just a lot of people being hired for christmas.

Now the holidays are over unemployment is back on the rise.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

field, you need to change your blog name to "Smiling Innocent Negro"

Let's memorialize it with Trayvon's grill!

Purple Cow. FU, you stooped bastard of a tree-hanger.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lt Commander Johnson is a very brash racist cracker. Someone needs to bust him down to pvt.

What an idiotic animal!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Oh, Lordy, Lordy. I have been exposed as a cracker.

Someone needs to bust me down.

How about YOU, Anonymous?

Gimme your address.

Anonymous said...

My address is San Quentin. Looking forward to seeing you, punk!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Well, Anon...I would suppose you've had too many big dicks up your ass, so I wouldn't even make you bleed, down-low bro.

That would defecate (sp) my purpose.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to giving your little dick ass a big dick that would make you bleed. Isn't that why you are on FN hoping to find? Instead of going to the UK to track down PC you can come straight to San Quentin for the experience of a lifetime.

PoopAvenger said...

Anonymous is right. Lt. Commander Johnson does have a tiny dick. That must be why he is so hostile all the time. Jealous of the black man?

Bill said...

Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick.

Of course no mention of how it is racist.

Just calling it racist is all good dumbocrats need to do.

It's almost as if dumbocrats want to make racism go away by making a joke of it.

PilotX said...

Not just the south as you know Field, pretty much the same thing happened to me in the burbs but at least they didn't tase me bro. Their big surprise was they didn't expect me to have a lawyer.

blackinalabama said...

I am glad this young man lived to tell his side of the story. It is too easy for Policemen/women to make up a lie and violate someone (mostly black men) Constitutional Rights. This is not just a Southern State reality, It is the American Way

Anonymous said...

"Bill Clinton prosecuted Lemrick Nelson for murdering Yankel Rosenbaumn.."

Lemrick Nelson was part of a crowd of black men shouting "Kill the Jew" before he stabbed Rosenbaum to death. And that attack happened shortly after a car driven by a Jewish man killed an African-American in the same area. There was zero doubt about the motive being racism.

But there is no definitive evidence of a racist motive in Darren Wilson's killing of Mike Brown. You don't just get to assume that because one person killed another person of a different race that it was a hate crime. And that is the basis upon which the feds would have jurisdiction to prosecute Wilson. Since they don't have it, they can't successfully prosecute.

Our justice system requires evidence. You may not like that, but that's too bad.

Patricia Kayden said...

Good that DeJong is suing.

Josh said...

"However, what is very strange is when you say the shooting of an unarmed black man with no criminal record is perfectly legitimate, you feign surprise when black people get upset..."

Don't reframe the issue, you dishonest cunt.

You're screaming that Brown was shot because the cop thought he stole a cigar and because he was BLACK!

I'm not attempting to "shut down" anything. I'm calling you a fucking sophist because--wait for it--you're a fucking sophist! All you're doing is appealing to base emotion.

Here's what knee-jerk sophists like you would have the world believe happened:

On an otherwise normal, uneventful morning. officer Darren Wilson arose from his peaceful slumber, shaved his face, looked at himself in the mirror and asked, "How many niggers can I kill today?"

Then, while out on patrol, he received a call about a suspect -- a black suspect. So, the racist obviously stopped the first black he saw in the street.

After stopping the innocent boy for no other reason than being black, Wilson then attempted to drive by Brown and pull him into the car through the driver's side window, to assault and arrest him. Like anyone would in that situation, Brown fought back, got away, and fled.

But Wilson didn't shoot a black yet! So, he promptly exited the vehicle and started firing his gun at Brown's back. Not hitting but still sending a clear message, Brown panicked, turned around, proclaimed surrender, and started calmly walking back to Wilson with his hands up in the air.

Wilson, still suffering deadly color arousal since waking, began shooting Brown. Brown, after hit, did not again attempt to flee or fall, but rather kept coming forward into the bullets, before a bullet entered his skull and killed him.

Having met his kill-a-nigga quota for the month, Wilson completely ignored Brown's friend.

^This is the type of story I keep hearing people tell who are siding with Brown. And IDGAF if they're black, white, Asian, whatever. Evidence is evidence.

But, seriously, PC, thanks for the LULZ today. My mouth is killing me after having a wisdom tooth pulled, so I needed a good laugh. And you using as "evidence" for me being a racist conservative the fact that I disagree with Field is just fucking priceless.

Look, everybody. Josh doesn't agree with the views of a black person. Oh, shit, son. That racist motherfucker!

Notwithstanding the fact that I have agreed with Field, you, and probably everyone else here dozens of fucking times! No, what's important is this issue. Brown is a victim. Wilson is a racist. America systemically discriminates against blacks.

It's not the bastard babies in the black community who grow up to be bangers and thugs and dropouts and dealers. It's not a sense of entitlement. It's not that dumbfuckery is enabled by a blame-whitey-for-everything mindset. Nope. It's all white people's fault all the time. Blacks have zero--fuck-all---to do with their own plight. Why would an individual need be responsible for an individual? Disagree with that if you wanna, but it means you're a racist conservative.

Anonymous said...

Son of a bitch. Why does anyone interact with this son of a racist whore?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

You give us a name, you piece of crap, (BTW...why are turds brown?)

You MIGHT get a civil response.

Anonymous said...

The local media is very quiet. Not one news cast of this incident. Dejong arrested me for "DUI" and I was sober. The charges were thrown out. I wonder how many other people of color he has falsely arrested. I bet if it was on the news a lot of people would speak up. They are trying to cover this up I am sure.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Uh huh.

They were pretty quiet about THIS ONE too, you lying POS:

Comment on it if you have the shriveled scrotal sack to do so.

No one else on this blog will do so. I've posted it many times.

Huh. no answers. Again.

I know! Let's talk about some nego who got tazed!

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Strange. it's almost 0400,,,seems no Nubian Princes Or (cough) Princesses want to comment on this hate crime.

Go fnigger.

Anonymous said...

Patel's (the Indian guy) son, whom he was visiting, is an electrical engineer too. Seems to be open season specifically on electrical engineers of color.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oakland and have lost count of how many Mexican and Central Americans who were murdered by black people. The furniture store owners killed by truant teens, the 5-year-old working at his father's taco truck, the day laborer buying breakfast at a taco truck, the well-respected restaurateur killed by black suspects, to name a few. Don't bury your anti-Latino bigotry in fake concern about a black person killed by a Latino undocumented.