Saturday, October 10, 2015


I need a caption for this pic.

Example: Don't worry John, the joke is on them.

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PilotX said...

It's because of assholes like you I have to stay drunk.

Bill said...

Another great caption by lilacpr2000.

She wins again,

Anonymous said...

Boehner: You dodged a bullet, buddy. Speaker of the House might be the worst job you could have, right about now. It's really a toss-up between speaker, proctologist, or that dude who scrapes roadkill off the highway all day.

dinthebeast said...

"Govern? Who said anything about governing? We're here to inflict as much damage on government as we can get away with, and we're not even the crazy ones..."

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, I am concerned about the nasty comments in the previous thread toward Josh. This must stop. If it doesn't FN blog could lose one of the best commenters on FN.

Please give this your utmost attention. Thanks brother.

ctrl+halt+del said...

Who's got the triple martini?

Anonymous said...

Bohner: hehehe...ehee..ehhee.e..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Anonymous said...

BIIILLLL!!! YEEZUZ!!! You got ahead of yourself!!!

I hope u don't always do that....for your sake..and the wifey...x*D

Anonymous said...

Wait up, I wrote it wrong! Dayum!!!

The first guy: "Look folks, he's laughing!"


Anonymous said...

Boehner: I think I'm going to cry laughing! ROFL.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy: Ain't this guy a sweetie? YeeHaw, I get to take his job!

Bohner: Yes,how wonderful! WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

*sob* *choke* *sniff* *sob* *sputter* *gasp*

Josh said...

"This guy still believes Jesus rode dinosaurs."

Anonymous said...

The winner so far is JOSH. Field, I am counting on you to be fair and unbiased. Remember your lawyer's creed on Justice.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy: Is it too late to become a Democrat?

Boehner: Sounds like a plan. Not as good as mine, though. I'll be golfing.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy: Who do you think they'll get next?

Boehner: Well, I dunno. Scalise would be next in line. But it's a full-time job stopping the Tea Party from blowing up the government and collapsing the economy out of spite, and I think Steve's pretty busy these days with all his important Klan meetings.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy: Hey dig the pink tie! This guy is secure in his sexuality!

Bohner: Yeah!....ahaha..aha...ahee...WAAAAAAAHHH!

ctrl+halt+del said...

McCarthy throws Boehner a farewell party.

Waiter," Who gets the check?"

ctrl+halt+del said...

"GOP apology tour," Boehner and McCarthy to hitchhike across America."

PilotX said...

M: See this ring? Since I'm a Republican that means I respect family values and the institution of marriage.

B: bwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

PilotX said...

"Yeah Pilot, Mia is pretty much a fraud. But we knew that."

Can we put out an APB? I think sista girl has gone missing. She hasn't even been on Hannity has she?

angela said...

"Heh, heh, heh. Can you believe one of the assholes in this room
actually wants the job?"

Anonymous said...

Boehner: Can you believe these trashy right-wing websites spread a vicious rumor that you and Congresswoman Renee Elmers have been having an affair?

McCarthy: I know, right? But imagine how stunned they'd be if they found out I'd actually been boning Louie Gohmert every chance I get.

That little inbred simpleton may not know anything about legislating ... or U.S history ... or basic grammar ... but he sure does know his way around the bedroom!

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

."Why don't we just let the crazies have the job, and see how they do?" "Do whatever you want, I've got a T-time on the greens & the 19th hole."

Limpbaugh said...

I wasn't the one banging Renee Ellmers. He's the one they call Boehner.

The Purple Cow said...

"Everybody here, even the most avid PC ball lickers, know if you thought you had me on anything, you'd be quoting the shit out of it, as you tend to do."

I quoted the shot out of you and you ignored it.

As usual.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me 'who' PC is talking to? Himself? Is he talking to himself?

The Cow has lost his mind.

KINKYCON said...

Unlike field negro, this guy knows presidential memorandums and executive orders are basically the samething.

field negro said...

Angela @11:25 is the leader in the club house so far. :)

Pilot, and Ctrl-halt@10:18 are good as well.

HM to Josh and Limpbaugh.

The Purple Cow said...

"The Cow has lost his mind."

Wasting precious hours of my life trying to debate rationally with hysterical far-Right nutjobs you mean?

Yeah you're probably right, I have indeed lost my mind.

KinkyCON said...

Who's the guy that is not afraid to cry in public?

Who's the most sensitive, passionate lover on the hill?

This guy. That's who.....

Anonymous said...

PilotX 11:22 PM wins! Best caption!

Anonymous said...

Now President Obama has taken a dig at congressional Republicans that perhaps Kanye, who has said he will run for president, should go for the speaker job instead.

Why even joke, though? Kanye truly won't be any worse than whomever the Republicans actually nominate. Even in his "imma let you finish," stage-rushing, mike-grabbing, lack-of-judgment mode, Kanye is still not going to be as bad as the far-right-wing cartoon character who does, in fact, end up speaker next.

And at least Kanye's antics would have the advantage of being funny, rather than frightening.

What a country ...

Josh said...

More than precious hours, don't forget that you're the one who keeps bringing it up, time and again, in every new post Field leaves here.


Fred said...

Well, he's a good dog
I've had him for years
He used to get up when I'd walk by
Now he just lifts up his ears
And he thumps his tail on the floor
When I talk to him
And when I talk too long he just ignores me
And he goes to sleep again
He's a good dog
I got him as a pup
I tried to teach him all the tricks
But then I just gave up
'Cause he's never acted very bright
Though his eyes they've got this glow
And I think he actually knows some things that
Actually I don't
And he never barks at strangers
But then he never barks at cars
And he howls at the coyotes
While they're howling at the stars
And he scratches at the back door
'Till someone lets him in
And then he scratches at the other side
To get back out again
He's a good dog
One of these days
I'm gonna have to drive him into town
Have him put away
'Cause he don't hear that good no more
And he can't hardly walk
But until then I look at him
And I say
He's a good dog

PilotX said...

"PilotX 11:22 PM wins! Best caption!"

The fix is definitely in. Remember, vote early and often.

Josh said...

"The fix is definitely in."

lol ... At least some truth is finally spoken here! But rigged captions is like the rigged 21: Who's it hurt? If you can't be too partial on your own blog, there's no point in having a blog.