Saturday, October 24, 2015


I need a caption for this pic.

Example: Give me back my shirt.

*Pic courtesy of twitter.


PilotX said...

Last donut at Weight Watchers. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

Nobody talks about my bw like that....I am going to hand you your ass, racist ass cracker

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, I thought we had a deal that you would not do any more captions? Well, you just lost a huge discount for 2016. Now you are going to pay thru the nose.

I don't understand you Negroes. After all Anon Inc has done for you by giving the best anons in the USA, along with some Russian anons, you decide to do another caption?

What the hell is wrong with you? Is Lilac that damn important that you are willing to pay a lot more to keep her happy? Lord have mercy.

The woman screamed at me in the last thread, "I HATE YOU!" That sister is a PR racist, pure and simple. And she cheats along with you and PX with this sorry-ass caption game designed for those two to win. Of course, you throw in Bill every now and then for window dressing so no one would suspect it's a game for chosen Blacks to win: One in PR; the other in Chicago's poor gang-land neighborhood.

This is an outrage!

SallyinMI said...

Let me GO! There's a hurricane coming!

PilotX said...

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Anonymous said...

"Give me my wallet back, nigger!"

ctrl+halt+del said...

"crouching tiger hitting sagging"

Josh said...

The fight between college football fans was interrupted by Corrine Brown coming on the loud speaker and shouting "Go Gata!" Confusion, followed by laughter, gripped the crowd.

field negro said...

Ctrl-halt-del is going to be tough to beat. :) The leader by a longshot.

SallyInMi, is in a distant second.

Dear Anon Inc., I think That I have been a cood paying customer and I am therefore allowed to make artistic decisions when it comes to the blog.

Please refrain from threatening me or I will ban all of your Anons from commenting.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how two of the racist anons either don't know or don't care that the two black men in the picture are obviously trying to break up the fight.

But hey, it wouldn't be a day here without racist, insulting assumptions now would it? Some of your racist white commenters are a pretty nasty bunch Brother Field

Why you don't ban these fuckers is beyond me.

field negro said...

I don't ban them because if I did they wouldn't be exposed. Thankfully, we have folks like u who can see and expose these cretins.

Limpbaugh said...

Wanna sumo wrestle bitch!

Anonymous said...

Field, "Please refrain from threatening me or I will ban all of your Anons from commenting."

7:57 AM
Brother Field, I can tell you are over half century old and you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Angry Fat White Clemson Fan: Progressives are running wild, trampling on the Constitution and destroying the legacy nation through mass immigration.

Angry Fat White Miami Fan: Conservatives suck!

Angry Fat White Clemson Fan: Conservatism is our only hope against a government at war with its people.

Level Headed Black Miami Fan Holding White Friend back: You are confusing true conservatism with the Jewish neo-conservatism that dominates the GOP today.

White Friend: Conservatism used to be about free markets, free trade, personal liberty, preservation of the traditional culture and a tough stand against our enemies. But today the Republicans are all about protecting Israel and keeping labor costs down for the Chamber of Congress. What happened?

Wise Fat Black Clemson Fan: The GOP is no longer the party of Reagan. There you find the technocratic authoritarianism that embraces the universal state, but with a alpha male veneer as opposed to the feminine version offered up by American Progressives. Neo-conservatives want the state, for example, to encourage family formation so women can have babies. Progressives discourage family formations so women can have abortions. Same gun, different target.

Angry Fat White Miami Fan: Let go of my hat.

Angry Fat White Clemson Fan: If the establishment of both parties pursue policies that are counter to the interests of the people, where can we turn?

Wise Fat Black Clemson Fan: Trump

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33 PM

I have been sick so I cannot comment today.

But I don't hate you really, I DESPISE you!!!


Anonymous said...

Please refrain from threatening me or I will ban all of your Anons from commenting.

7:57 AM
dear mr Field, have you thought what FN would be like without Anons? Why it would be like a desert....a huge empty boring desert!

My Lord, man...get yourself together. Things must be stressful at work. Or is it home? Don't let that take you down the rabbit hole with your famous blog. That would destroy your self-worth and a few other Negroes, to say nothing of your uncle tommin Whites out in CALI....yeah I said it. You know who you are.

You paid a good buck to have us anons keep your blog alive. Has there been 'one' instance when we DID NOT show up for a post? Of course not. That is something that will never happen and something you will never have to 'worry' about.

But you can't count on your regular ID posters like Lilac, PX, PC, Yisheng, Faith(her faith gets her down most of time). Bottom line you can't count on those Negroes.

Hell, Bill, Kinky, Josh and Whitey are far more dependable and they are WHITE! But maybe that's why. What can I say, "Brother" we just can't count on our own folks. Just look at that lame excuse Lilac made why she couldn't show up.

I miss the Panthers of the could always count on them...those days are gone now.

Speaking of Whites and Panthers, does anybody remember the name of the ww who led the bank robbery in Cali with the Panthers? I can't remember her name but she made headlines.

Anybody notice that a lot of weird shit happens in Cali, esp around Oakland and SF area? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! Lame indeed! I know right, it sounded lame even to me, and it might even be a little white lie ;) who knows?

But that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Anonymous said...

Here is an in depth interview with Dr Ben Carson. I encourage EVERYONE, Black, Brown and White to watch the below video. It gives a brilliant account of 'who' and 'what' Ben carson is about.

PilotX said...

This is what heppens when you legalize gay marriage, unbridled passion! These guys couldn't even wait to get home before clothes started getting torn off. Let this be a lesson!

field negro said...

lilacpr,I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Thank Field! It feels like some kind of 24 hour virus of some sort. A lot of folks have come down with it too. Plus a lot on my mind and that doesn't help either :)

PilotX said...

Oh oh, Dessert is the Outbreak Monkey!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! "The Outbreak Monkey" What's that? xD

Anonymous said...

Very funny Pilot x(

Okay I just looked it up in Google! and most I certainly hope I'm not the Outbreak Monkey! xD

I'm not that sick, just a little bit nauseous and feverish...hmmmm...ya think???


Anonymous said...

"Hahaha! "The Outbreak Monkey" What's that? xD"

You gotta see the movie. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Actually I Wikipedia'd it and it sounds kind of entertaining. I might watch it sometime.

PilotX said...

If you don't infect the whole Island by then. Ha!

Anonymous said...

"Standards are slipping, with all sorts of outfits on show – and that’s just the spectators."