Friday, October 09, 2015

"Fascist In Chief"?

The Field Negro education series continues:

"As we reported this morning, President Obama is considering bypassing Congress in order to implement further gun control measures, and the conservative media wasted no time in going after our ruthless dictator.

Sitting behind an emboldened red banner and vibrant ‘ALERT’ notification, Fox host Gregg Jarrett opened his segment by criticizing the President’s actions. He said, “After the Sandy Hook shooting, the President took 23 executive actions against guns. None of them have prevented things like Oregon or Charleston.”
WHAT? 23 executive orders? That’s so insane that Obama should qualify for the very mental health treatment that the right wants to push over gun control.
I sat stunned at this revelation dramatically pushed by Jarrett. 23 seems like a lot; no wonder Sarah Palin once decried our President’s move on an executive order as “giving the middle finger” to voters.
Regarding a different Obama executive action, House Speaker John Boehner said, “President Obama has cemented his legacy of lawlessness”; he once even threatened a law suit. Charles Krauthammer considered it an “impeachable offence.”
This year Texas Republican Representative Lamar Smith told Fox’s Stuart Varney, “This is a President who has, in an unprecedented way, used executive orders, executive actions, to go around Congress.”
I did some digging, and found that our Fascist In Chief has issued a whopping 219 executive orders during his time as President. The right is right: this man is out of control.
If there is any element of this deemed admissible to the argument of precedent, it is not in the quantitive data, especially the emphasis on “23” by Jarrett today. But in case anyone is confused about the role of executive action in regards to the Presidency, I pulled a few other stats regarding these mandates by the numbers. Care to see?
George W. Bush issued 291 executive orders.
Richard Nixon, 346.
Republican poster boy Ronald Reagan? 381.
Perhaps the Republicans would have preferred Obama act more like William Henry Harrison, who is the only Commander in Chief in US History to never issue an executive order.
He also died a month after his inauguration.
Dwight D. Eisehower, the President that Republicans tend to disown because of his sky high tax rates on the wealthy, issued 484 executive actions in office.
The Emancipation Proclamation? An executive order by Abraham Lincoln.
The only reason we have the Grand Canyon to enjoy is because Teddy Roosevelt issued an executive order to protect it in 1906. He would add 1,080 more.
And President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the leader who healed our country when our fractured economic and social climates most matched that of today, issued a whopping 3,522 executive orders. His Civilian Conservation Corps was Executive Order 6101 signed April 5, 1933. (Also, his policies that fixed our broken country were largely socialist in nature, but that’s a column for another day.)
Lincoln, Reagan, Teddy, FDR, and Bush, all “dictators” under contemporary conservative logic.
President Obama has long referred to his own executive orders by the moniker “the pen and the phone”, and may increase his right to this power to combat the finally-politicized epidemic of gun violence. In fact, he could issue an executive order every single day for the rest of his Presidency and still only total about half as many as Republican Calvin Coolidge did.
The practice of going around a stubborn Congress to get things done in Washington isn’t “unprecedented”, it’s the status quo. And despite what you may be told, the fact remains: this President has so far landed well under his allotted quota." [Source]
Finally, remember that Ben Carson Popeye's story? If you don't you are not alone, apparently the Baltimore police department does not remember it ever happening, either.
"A Carson spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment Thursday or for more details as to when and where the incident occurred.

Baltimore Police said Thursday that they could not find any report related to the incident based on the little information that Carson had provided.

"We searched for it and based on the general statement, we have no report," said T.J. Smith, the department's chief spokesman. "Need more info."

Dr. Ben, of course, insists that he was stuck up in Popeye's.

The Baltimore police is looking into the incident so we will not rush to judgment. That's not what we do hear at the Field Negro blog. We believe in giving everyone a chance to prove that they are not a liar.  

Yes Carly, even you.

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Alexander Hambonian said...

Field is being facetious about Obama being a fascist.

Of course its not the number of executive orders, but the legality.

Presidents are supposed to issue executive orders. It's their job to do so, as head of the executive branch of government, to execute laws made by Congress.

The problem is when a President issues executive orders that establish law, rather than execute it.

Per the Constitution, only Congress has the authority to make law.

When Obama issues executive orders to grant amnesty to illegals or infringe the citizen's rights to keep and bear arms, or when he refuses to execute laws passed by congress that he doesn't want to, like the Defense of Marriage Act, he is acting unlawfully, and most certainly should be impeached.

Did you really graduate from law school, Field? Maybe you just didn't learn these things in Jamaica. Or maybe you do know the difference, and you are just once again lying to your people in order to keep them on the plantation.

What a guy.

KINKY CON said...

Love how field continues to lie and spin for his black jesus and his Democrat masters.

What field dosen't tell us is that Obama has used presidental memorandums in place of executive orders. For instance, Obama used memorandums instant of orders to declare parts of Alaska and our coasts off limits to oil exploration.

Just like Obama changed the way unemployment is counted so the rate would go down faster. Obama changed the way deportations are counted, so he can claim he is the deporter in chief.

Obama used memorandums instant of orders so he can claim he has issued fewer orders than Bush. Reality is, Obama has issued more executive orders than any president in modern history.

No amount of lies and spin from field and his ilk can cover up facts.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on "The View", our sister Raven Symone said she would never hire anyone with a ghetto name.

More and more Blacks are discriminating against each other. Can somebody tell me why?

KINKY CON said...

If anyone wants real education on this topic, clink the two links.

Anonymous said...

This is a very important link that shows the black unconscious revealing itself:

focusedpurpose said...

raven symone is a turned out, hollyweird, mk ultra baby...

folk would do well to just ignore her.


BO is still doing what he does.

however, he wears the BM armor/teflon...

which means responsibility/accountability doesn't stick.

weighing him against the other historical devils means...



i drop in for a visit and folk are STILL worshiping at the BO altar.

despite all the airing out of the US government that is transpiring.

blank stare.

Shabbat Shalom + Blessings all!

Josh said...

Show me a political person who doesn't spend his or her days attempting to label people as vile enemies and box them up neatly into some sweeping generalized category, and I'll show you a liar.

And why on Earth do you, after these many years, keep honestly expecting members of political parties to start eating their own rather than pointing the finger?

Musta been a slow news day...

Bush was horrific, but good luck in finding anti-Obama Republicans to admit that. The likes of Cruz or Huckabee or Santorum would be the most sweeping change in a secularist America in history, with these would-be theocrats looking to impose upon everyone religious interpretations. But Republicans aren't going to eat their own over it.

There are different political parties for a reason. If Rs fought Rs and Ds Ds and everything else, there wouldn't be separation in the first place.

Anonymous said...

JOSH, I like your insight and thinking. You are practically the only sane one on FN.

Thanks for coming back.

PilotX said...

Good for Barack. Like you stated if his actions are illegal the Supremes would be more than happy to take them out and if his actions are impeachable go right ahead and try. I paraphrase Nixon, if the President does it it is legal. Ha! If it's good enough for Trick Dick then it should be good enough for us.

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Ben, of course, insists that he was stuck up in Popeye's."

He's always stuck-up, not only when he's in the middle of ordering some chicken. ;-)

"We believe in giving everyone a chance to prove that they are not a liar.

Yes Carly, even you."

You'll be waiting quite a while for that proof, I'll wager.

Good old Karl Rove used to sneer at those poor, unfortunates saps who still foolishly choose to reside in the "reality-based" community. Carly appears to have moved in right next door to Rove in a gated condo development in fantasyland.

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...
If it's good enough for Trick Dick then it should be good enough for us.

At least Nixon had the respect for the institution to resign.

There is nothing honorable about Obama.

Bill said...

The FieldNegro said...
Fox host Gregg Jarrett

There you go again FieldNegro.

Scared of those 2.5 million fox viewers.

George W. Bush issued 291 executive orders.

I remember the old days when people had high hopes for Obama. Hope and Change.

To think that in 2015 the Obama lapdogs have been reduced to defending him by saying bush did it too.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Good thing the couch commandos aren't politicizing it. That preserves their credibility.

It turns out that the history that Dr Carson is learning from NRA pamphlets & truckstop bathroom walls is a little completely full of BS about the Nazi gun control laws. The democratic socialist Weimar Republic that preceded the Nazi's took them away after the communist revolution was put down to take guns out of politics, and leaving only hunting arms by permit. The Nazi's inherited those laws & in 1938, when they were stirring up trouble with ethnic Germans in neighboring countries, they liberalized the firearms laws for ethnic Germans there & abroad with no regulation at all for Nazi party members, soldiers (including reserves) & police.

Limbaugh said...

The biggest gun supplier in the world is the United States government.

Anonymous said...

The only ones full of b.s. are the moonbats that work at salon and the moonbats who read and repost their lies.

Maybe whitey's conspiracy should take a moment before visiting the gay gloryhole at his favorite truckstop and learn history.

Anonymous said...

"The only ones full of b.s. are the moonbats that work at salon and the moonbats who read and repost their lies."

Haha, that line that Carson is repeating about the Nazis is the dumbest talking point in the world.

The Nazis reduced gun control (they are a far-right-wing movement, so this is unsurprising); they did not increase it. And even if all the Jews had been "concealed carrying," the Nazis would still have exterminated them, because the Jews were vastly outnumbered and civilian with their small arms will never be a match for an actual army.

This is a fantasy that people on the far right in the U.S. so badly want to believe could be true, now that the country is trending away from conservative views, that they are deluding themselves into believing they could do what the Jews could not: successfully fight the government. But this is even more preposterous even than the prospect of Jews fighting the Nazis, because the U.S. military is today vastly more powerful than the German army ever was.

If you're a wingnut who hates democracy and thinks he can opt out of federal law with his arsenal of small arms, Uncle Sam has cruise missiles, and cluster bombs, and Apache helicopters, and God knows what else to show you differently. "I need my gun to preserve liberty" is easily the most embarrassing and dumbest rallying cry of the right-winger. Repeating it reveals to everyone else that you were dropped on your head as a child.

field negro said...

Amen Pilot, u would think this right leaning Supreme Court would put the HNIC in check. But of course they won't , because there is nothing illegal about what he has done or is doing.

Kinky con-man, the only "facts" are that O beat u clowns twice, and that your party is rudderless and dysfunctional. Good luck with your new speaker.;)

Anonymous said...

@ Kinky

Those links you attached still don't support your contention. At minimum, they undermine Republicans' claim that Obama has written some huge number of orders as compared to previous presidents.

This graphic from USA Today shows executive orders AND memoranda put together:

And, waddaya know, Obama's numbers are right in line with those of most previous presidents and well under those written by Truman, Kennedy, Ford, and Carter.

The Purple Cow said...

”I am not wrong and it was PC who blatantly created straw-men and literally tried to argue that (a) man-man climate change is the reason for the entire greenhouse effect, and (b) that there is no natural warming. While he took three days to think about how to spin it, the facts are the facts and have been listed. Anyone with a modicum of honesty in their veins can see what's what. So I was not wrong there.”

Ohhh yes you were, sunshine. I did not say there is no such thing as natural warming, (as I said earlier, July is hotter than January here in the civilized world) and it’s obvious to anyone who is not a lying little sleazeball that the greenhouse effect that I was referring to was that effect that had caused the 0.8C rise since 1900. I note you’ve come up with a new lie, you are now claiming that I waited three days to respond to your accusations. A patently ridiculous little lie that can be easily disproved with a cursory view of this blog.

”And that's obviously the play PC is looking for when he blatantly lies, when the facts are literally sharing a screen.”

…except of course that they are not.

The Purple Cow said...

Let me give you a definition of the word ‘liberal.’…Franklin D. Roosevelt once said…It is a wonderful definition, and I agree with him. ‘A liberal is a man who wants to build bridges over the chasms that separate humanity from a better life.’ – Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was our last liberal president. – Noam Chomsky

Anonymous said...

"The FieldNegro said...
Fox host Gregg Jarrett

There you go again FieldNegro.

Scared of those 2.5 million fox viewers."

As far as I can tell, that 2.5 million number you keep quoting is people who watch Fox News during prime time. But that's a useless number (for Fox and for any of the other news networks). Way more people in total watch Fox throughout the day and on the Internet. Hell, it's running continuously in restaurants and airport waiting lounges and even some workplaces.

And Fox is just one section (the best-funded section) of the gigantic apparatus of wingnut disinformation -- including print, hate radio, and garbage websites Redstate/Breibart/WorldNet/Drudge/Newsmax/TownHall/PajamaMedia/Twitchy. There's no shortage of fascists flogging fallacious flapdoodle.

And, of course, it's the same bogus talking points parroted by all of them, issued from on high by Republican HQ.

Come on, you know this. You're not fooling anyone here.

President Criminal said...

field negro said...
Amen Pilot, u would think this right leaning Supreme Court would put the HNIC in check. But of course they won't , because there is nothing illegal about what he has done or is doing

Fake lawyer or shameless liar?

You make the call!

Anonymous said...

Dear Field;
I have one question in all of this fracas.

What is the caption Saturday going to be about?

(I would like a sneak peek so I can win again) xp

Yours truly,
Lilac pr

Josh said...

"and it’s obvious to anyone who is not a lying little sleazeball that the greenhouse effect that I was referring to was that effect that had caused the 0.8C rise since 1900."

1) There are not different types of the one model, stunad. Still you refuse to fucking see what it is about which you're speaking. Still. Why will you go dig up research links for actual levels of C02 but not for the greenhouse effect? 'Cause I'm white, yo!?

2) Yeah, because asking how the greenhouse effect can possibly be happening if it's not man-made is the exact same as saying that levels of C02 in the atmosphere have increased since 1900. The identity of indiscernibles over here...

You didn't ask, "If man-made climate change isn't happening (a claim I never, ever fucking made anyway), how do you explain a rise in C02 levels greater than predicted values in natural warming?" or anything to that effect. I know that's not what you fucking meant, you lying douchenugget, because you did ask me PRECISELY THAT on multiple occasions, expecting me to rebut YOUR straw-men. So if that's what you were asking, if that's what you were getting at, you would have just fucking asked it -- just like you've asked me multiple times to tell you which climate scientist said Florida would be underwater, as if I actually made that fucking claim. So talk about internally inconsistent and illogical lies. You're bare-ass for the world, homes. You're exposed as a lying asshat. Spin if you must.

Your explicit implication within the frame of a rhetorical, condescending, "GOTCHA" question was that the greenhouse effect only dealt with man-caused warming, and that natural warming couldn't possibly trigger the greenhouse effect.

You thought you were scoring some quick points, so you listed the greenhouse effect as an accurate prediction of global warming. However, it was shown to you, empirically, demonstrably and objectively, that the greenhouse effect measures warming in general; it does not discern between causes. Therefore, to say it's an accurate gauge for man-made warming is illogical. That implies A, B and C stimuli have an explicit and discernible X, Y and Z result. However, if any warming triggers it, that's more variables to the equation, D, E and F, and thus the accuracy for any man-made prediction, measurement, or theoretical model in general would have to be scrapped. This shit is starter science!(It's a motherfucking effect not a model for measurement.) To that, you argued with me that it does, in fact, discern causes, and your big "GOTCHA!" moment in attempt to prove your intelligence was to claim that the greenhouse effect obviously measures man-made warming, or else WTF does it measure?

That you continue to lie about it says a lot about your character. That you continue to bring it up in every single new and unrelated post says a lot about your need to save face in front of the folks. That everything you said is on the record and easily accessible is just reality.

You didn't know WTF the greenhouse effect was. You still don't really seem to know WTF it actually is. Hey, maybe I'm lying and what I printed as the effect was just shit I made up. There's a good way to find out: Hold it to typical rigor of other things and go see for yourself...

Anonymous said...

Josh - you really seem to need more meaning in your life. Some things really matter, and others don't. Arguing with Purple Cow definitely does not.

It's time to develop and strengthen your relationships with those close to you. There is always less time than you think.

The Purple Cow said...

Josh, I urge ou to seek psychiatric help, you are clearly a very disturbed individual.

You constantly lie about things everyone here can see I never said, constantly misrepresent my arguments no matter how often I make them, and you respond with growing hysteria to every defence of my position I make.

Seek help.

Josh said...

Sure. And then bring the shit up again, for a fourth time, in another unrelated post, just trying to score some points from the folks and the anon crew, and I'll be happy to again speak the exact truth and reference people to where they can find all of this in its full context, starting in the "Staring while Black" post.

Everybody here, even the most avid PC ball lickers, know if you thought you had me on anything, you'd be quoting the shit out of it, as you tend to do. But alas, nothing but your make believe shit, bare assertion, and Pee-Wee Herman argument tactics.

There is no defense of your position. Your position is that the greenhouse effect must be man-made and that there is no natural warming. These positions are indefensible.

Bill said...

The FieldNegro said...
President Obama is considering bypassing Congress in order to implement further gun control measures

Obama, once again proving right-wingnuts were correct about him.

Bill said...

Anonymous said...
Scared of those 2.5 million fox viewers."
As far as I can tell, that 2.5 million number you keep quoting

That's the figure FieldNegro uses when he wants to mock their small audience.

anotherbozo said...

Bravo, Field. The best so far of your "education series."

I'd read a few of these stats on executive orders, but you really drive it home.

These wingnuts can't get their act together. The same wag can call Obama a "fascist" and a "socialist" in the same week.

Just as Serena Williams has been called "masculine" and a "curvaceous sexpot" by the same people. Make up your minds!

Why do I connect these two examples of incoherence? Irrational, self-contradictory smears are common as dirt these days and reveal so much about their authors as to be embarrassing to any thinking human.

PilotX said...

Sorry Dessert but this week's pic caption contest is mine. Prizes and winners must reside in the lower 48 states so you and PC are out.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Okay Pilot! You won! :)

PilotX said...

"Haha! Okay Pilot! You won! :)"

The fix is definitely in.

Anonymous said...

Yup! xD

Anonymous said...

Obama is stupid in chief. He thinks global warming is the standard for leadership in the world if you watch his latest interview. He is a prissy, sissy, man who if not married I would assume was gay. Given his chosen mate, I'm still not sure he isn't.