Thursday, January 14, 2016

Republicans debate and you report.

Image result for republican debate images    Unfortunately I will not be watching the entire republican debate tonight. I have some legal work to do that requires my attention. But because I want to be an informed voter and learn where the candidate's stand on the issues, I want you all (especially you right wingers) to watch it for me and tell me (based on what you see and hear tonight) why I should vote for your favorite candidate.

I will eagerly wait for your response.......

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Wesley R said...

I won't watch it either. The Spurs/Cavaliers game is on.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, I will be watching because I believe Trump is the best candidate for President and for our people.

I expect Trump to shine like he never has before and win the a long shot!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, the Republican debate has been very American and even you will be proud to be an American if you could hear Brother Trump defend himself. I mean, he waxed Ted Crux's ass. Chris Christie trounced Marco Rubio, but who counldn't? Besides, would want a hotheaded Latino for President? Think about it.

Anyway, I know there is some concern among FN Negroes about Donald Trump. But let me tell you, Trump will do more for Black folks that any other President.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, Ted Cruz just insulted New Yorkers. It was so degrading that it was unforgivable. I don't have to tell you what Trump did to Cruz. In fact, Ted's political career is probably over!

The more Trump talks, the more I am convinced He will be the greatest President of all time, esp for Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this debate is hot! I love Republican debates. They are so intensely focused on the problems in our country. I pray for a Republican President in November.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that those white folks aren't giving more time to Carson. Clearly he has the best plan.

StillaPanther2 said...

The debate is long tonight. I -too- may have to bail out. I will be attending a program in Philadelphia; the installation of new officers of the Grand United Order of Odd-fellows. One of the oldest African American fraternal organization in the US, trying to increase membership along the way. All are welcome. While there I will go the mile for a Philly sub. [licking lips]

Back to the debate. Once again I see more wars in the future if the Republicans take back the WH. Also more rancor will be on the menu. Every candidate have promised on DAY ONE to wipe away eight years of a presidency, which I find disheartening. After all, some things may benefit the majority of our citizens. I hope we don't elect someone solely on his/her hatred of President Obama. What is funny is that several men on the stage tonight has greatly made money due to Prez O rescuing their money investment. I know President Obama was 'selected' for some reason- other than taking the "race card" off the table.

Anonymous said...

SAP2, let me assure you that your greatest fears won't become reality with Trump in office.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet wins again. They can't touch him, because they are him. He is just a hell of a lot better being him than they are being them.

Limpbaugh said...

Be afraid of illegal immigrants. Be afraid of Muslims. Spy on American citizens. Arrest people who smoke marijuana. Bomb Iran. Bomb Syria. The people in the debate are disgusting. I'll vote for Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders in the primary here in Illinois. I plan to vote for Jesse Ventura in the general election. Right now Ventura is supporting Sanders. He says he might run if Sanders isn't nominated. I am certainly not against writing someone in as a protest vote.

PilotX said...

Dr. Ben Carson of course. You know why.

Anonymous said...

Why do blacks complain 24/7 about racism, but talk shit about other races and homosexuals? I don't get it. Would someone please enlighten me?

The Ministry of Truth said...

"SAP2, let me assure you that your greatest fears won't become reality with Trump in office."

SAP2, let me assure you that your greatest fears won't become reality because Trump will never be in office.

StillaPanther2 said...

"be not afraid". These wars will not personally affect me. Been there (RVN), done that (1969-70). But I am dissappointed because the majority of the conversation is in regards to the same for the last 15-20 years. A whole generation of young combatants that war is the norm.

My sons, 30 and 23, can't remember a time in their lifetime when there were any real peace. Anyone who has been in war , knows these conflicts has been protracted for reasons that are many. I am sure many on this blog can have some insight, other than "they are trying to kill us".[as if you/we are not trying to do the same]. In a fight, there should be a start, something that has been sadly lost in the scuffle(s).

If you all want to know my greatest fear, it is the supra-arming of the majority race via the military, policing, recreational users and plain ole boys that love to have guns in their hands. Look at the pictures of the Vietnam fighters and compare to today's military pictures. We had Blacks in the jungles doing what was needed to survive. Now when I see pictures of todays' Army, Navy and Marines, I only see whites doing the heavy lifting. Now I do see Blacks with guns being used in reckless actions.

Was this de-coloration of the forces some conspiracy? I don't know, but I wish people that looks like me could do better on the war they have created on the streets. The debate did ask the question regarding crime and violence in the cities. The answer was by Gov. Kaschich: more police and more jails. (This was the short of it). Then they moved on. Seems like "more of the same" for us). Only WE CAN CHANGE THIS REALITY. Power to the people.

Jr. Williams said...

Last time I checked, Donald Duck's only antagonized Muslims and Mexicans with his troop of sister-raping rednecks.

Why is the black lives matter so vehemently opposed to Donald Duck? (greasy orange)
Black Lives Matter

Anonymous said...

Brother Field;

I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind voting for ANY Republican!!
All they did was put each other down, attack our Wonderful President, and had no Policy Issues with valid answers (no answers to how they would do things at all!!)

They are ALL Chickenhawks, but they want to bomb away any Country who may insult us, even if just a minor insult.

Two weeks is a long time in Politics. A lot can change.
Let us hope we can see some POSITIVE Change before November rolls around!!

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Last time I checked, Donald Duck's only antagonized Muslims and Mexicans with his troop of sister-raping rednecks.

Why is the black lives matter so vehemently opposed to Donald Duck? (greasy orange)"

Gee, I dunno. Why might that be?

Oh yeah. Only last night, during the debate, Trump said said, effectively, that the most oppressed minority in America is the cops. You don't need a crystal ball to predict how BLM will react to that.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't watch, I can't afford American TV. I want so much to have it, but no moolah $ :( can barely afford the internet charges. Guess that'll be the next thing to go...:(

Oh well, we can't vote in the elections anyway, so why watch the debates?...:(

The Facebook guy gave free internet to Pakistan and a bunch of other countries, but not here...well I guess he thinks we're well off here in a colony of the richest of countries :(

and Walmart is closing a bunch of stores here, Radio Shack left too, GameStop... taxes have been raised so high many just can't afford to buy anymore...:(

So many young professional have left looking for jobs...

With this mess, I guess I'll be the only one left pretty soon huh? :)...


Banana Republic anyone?


The Ministry of Truth said...

Lilac, I'm sorry things are so bleak where you are. I don't see too much that is good for Puerto Rico on the horizon unless the Democrats manage to wrest away control of the federal government and pay PR some attention.

For starters, the feds should extend the right to declare bankruptcy to PR so the government can flip off the hedge funders that have bought up that debt and are currently menacing the island. Otherwise, I don't realistically see a way out from under their debt load.

Then Congress should restore the tax breaks for PR manufacturing that expired in 2006. That would boost the local economy at least a little.

Over the longer haul, though, I think there needs to be acceptance of the fact that the plan to make Puerto Rico a manufacturing powerhouse has failed. As long as PR is part of the U.S., there will always be lower-cost labor markets for manufacturing in the rest of Latin America, so PR will never be able to achieve the industrial potential some people were hoping for. The island should concentrate more on developing tourism and less on manufacturing. (Many years ago, I vacationed in Puerto Rico and enjoyed it quite a bit ... other than when I got sucked out to sea in an undertow, which wasn't too fun. There's no good reason why Puerto Rican tourism could not be a lot bigger than it is.)

Alternatively, Puerto Ricans could, of course, vote to become an independent country, which would ultimately lower their labor costs and make them more competitive. But leaving the U.S. would be a painful process in the short term as they would lose all kinds of federal support. Things would actually get much worse before they got better.

Bill said...

lilacpr2000 said...
and Walmart is closing a bunch of stores here, Radio Shack left too, GameStop... taxes have been raised so high many just can't afford to buy anymore...:(

Closing here too.

Despite what Obama said in his SOTU speech, things aren't going very well.

A recession worse than 2008 is coming

Bill said...

The difference a year makes...

Walmart ups pay well above minimum wage

Walmart is closing hundreds of stores and laying off thousands of employees

The results of the Obama economy or increasing minimum wage?

Bill said...


President Jimmy Carter telling us the world will run out of oil in 2011.

In 2016 we know much differently.

Thankfully no one took Jimmy serious.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"The results of the Obama economy or increasing minimum wage?"

No, the results of Wal-Mart opening too many stores. Their supply finally exceeded demand, particularly when they attempted to break into the "convenience store" market. That attempt didn't work, so they're giving up on it and closing those stores.

By the way, some market analysts' worries about another recession happening (which may or may not come to pass) have little to do with the United States or its economic policy. They're mostly fretting about the global economy -- that the economies of developing countries, particularly China's, may be faltering. And they're also troubled that Europe's economy hasn't grown enough, because European nations actually enacted the dumb austerity policies that Republicans wanted to enact here in the U.S. but were blocked by Obama.

So, as always, nice try, Bill.

The Purple Cow said...

Bill dear boy the coming global crash of 2017/18 is about the failure of global capitalism. Even a virulent Obamahater such as yourself cannot seriously blame the O-Man for capitalism's failures.

Here's an excellent analysis from Marxist economist Michael Roberts, that is a little more 'in-depth' than the superficial stuff you linked to.

Bill said...

Zero tolerance from the people that say rethugs are intolerant.

Garland girl suspended, potential alternative school time for sharing inhaler

12 year old Black girl helps a gasping classmate and gets suspended. And then sent to an alternative school.

No surprise anyone with enough $$ puts their kids in private schools.

Anonymous said...

I watched the debate and am a Republican. Rubio continues to be my preferred candidate. He is a moderate and doesn't have criminal dirt attached to him (unless you consider his and wife's numerous parking tickets),however he has tacked right for the primaries out of necessity to win the nomination. My other main reason for supporting him is the rest of the candidates aren't great representatives of my party. Trump is an idiot. Cruz is a religious zealot and I oppose his hard line social issue beliefs. Carson doesn't seem to know what is going on half the time. The rest of the pack don't have any chance to win the nomination.

Thus, Rubio will get my in the primaries.

Anonymous said...

@ Truth 3:31 PM:

You have some good ideas, but I fear it may be too late for us already...

It's just getting worse and worse...I don't think we can tighten our belts much more...

I just wish things would change and there would be something,something, anything that would add a bit more jobs to the market. So many young men without gainful employment, women, everyone...

As for statehood, this island is divided straight down the middle on that. But the general consensus is that the U.S. will never give the island statehood because it would be more expensive than keeping the island a colony.

Also as long as we are involved in wars, the bases on the island can be converted into Strategic Air Command bases in less than 24 hours so...

But you know in Guam, the U.S. pays it's teachers and nurses etc. way more than here...:(

Anonymous said...

Lilac, would you like for me to sail to PR and pick you up? I mean, it's time to get the hell out of there.

However, it looks to me the whole world is headed financially much like PR. Well, you could stay on my yacht. I have some Quaaludes, some good wine, and some Jamaican smokes to help you sleep better at night.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I'll take only the wine, the sound of the waves is enough to lull anyone to sleep, but I'll sleep in my own cabin thank you, 'cos yo know, I don't do the that anymore.. :)

Unless you're extremely handsome...or rich!...yes, I can be bought for the right amount x*D

(jes kiddin, blog police, don't get your panties in a bunch now...sheeesh!)

Child of Rape said...


Anonymous said...

@ Child of Rape 4:05am:

Well I guess you'll just keep repeating it till I acknowledge it? ;)

Yes I've seen it :) but you know what,we have a saying, "Las palabras se cojen segun de quien vengan"
Translation: "Words are taken accordingly from whence they come/who speaks them" :)

So the word doesn't concern me. What does concern me is the handle you have chosen to give yourself. "Child Of Rape". So is it safe to say you are a Liberal Democrat in that you obviously believe in abortion(for starters)? and that you would have rather been aborted than to be alive as a "child of rape"? Or are you a Republican who believes no child, even one conceived in rape should be aborted? I'm going with Dem. Not that it matters.

That's quite a heavy burden. I am so sorry for your pain, honestly I really I mean that. Wish I could help, besides just being someone for you to direct your sorrow at. But if that helps you, then so be it, no problem here.

Lance Cockstrong said...

"Many useful lives are the product of rape and incest" - Benny The Brain Carson ...

You "Child Of Rape" are the other kind.

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