Sunday, September 10, 2017

The American president and the wimpy press that covers him.

MORE DISCLAIMERS                                                                                                                                                              The American press never ceases to amaze me, just weeks ago, like the rest of us, they were lamenting about one of the darkest days in American history. (Imagine that, an American president making excuses for the behavior of Nazis. ) Now, incredibly, the same press is praising the behavior of the president because he happened to reach across the aisle to cut a deal with democrats. He is being hailed as "pragmatic" and "independent" because he did something that most people who find themselves in his position would do.  America is so desperate to normalize trump that they will take anything he does that seems even slightly competent and praise him for it.

Anyway, I have not heard any stories of  trump tweeting for a day or so. I guess his new inner circle might have finally put the cuffs on him.  This is a good thing given what the country has been going through with these natural disasters hitting us one after another. This is when we need real presidential leadership, not some immature egomaniac trolling people on twitter.

 Unfortunately, with Donald trump, that is something that we will never get: true leadership.

To the people of Florida, stay safe, and be careful out there.                                                



Limpbaugh said...

Our media is criminal. The last time they praised Trump was when he attacked Syria. Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11. The day when jet fuel that exploded when two planes hit collapsed three skyscrapers. They fell at speeds that were scientifically impossible without controlled demolitions to remove resistance. The media didn't praise Trump when ended the covert CIA program arming terrorists against Syria. Not supporting ISIS was doing Putin's bidding to them. For eight month's they have been beating the cold war drums with Russia.

The determination that Russia hacked the DNC came from a private company, Crowdstrike, that the DNC hired. The DNC never let the government see their "hacked" server. When Wikileaks announced they would be releasing their data, Guccifer 2.0 started releasing it first. He started with the DNC's Trump opposition research. What would have been the point of Guccifer 2.0 going through Wikileaks, since he promptly released it himself before Wikileaks could authenticate the data they had?

The Guccifer 2.0 data didn't match the Wikileaks data. For one thing, the Wikileaks data came from a computer with Microsoft Office registered to a DNC official. The Guccifer 2.0 data was copied from a computer that had been owned by a former Obama White House staff member, Warren Flood. Russian "fingerprints" were copy and pasted into the Guccifer 2.0 version.

Forensic cyber analysts say time stamps show the data was downloaded on EST time. That could be Maine, but not Russia. I'll narrow that down some. How about in D.C. at the DNC headquarters? The download speeds were also too fast for a remote hack over the internet. The data was copied directly to a USB device. As the VIPS group told Obama before he left office, the NSA would have a record of the data transfer if the DNC were hacked remotely. Obama later said there is no conclusive proof that the Russians did the hack.

The DNC data that Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 published separately wasn't even hacked. It was copied by DNC insiders. The manipulated Guccifer 2.0 copy was a forgery to blame Russia. Your government and media are lying to you again.

anotherbozo said...

Sooner or later the citizenry will fully get what a horror trump has made of his cabinet, and thus of his administration, what calculatedly monstrous, destructive choices they represent and what a seething chaos they will make of people's lives. And nothing will "normalize" that.

dinthebeast said...

That deal he cut with the Democrats was dumb for Republicans, and they're furious about it, but guess what, Republicans? Fergus betrays everybody. It's what he does. So line up for your buggering and try to do some damage control, and hope he gets bored with your buttholes real soon and moves on. Besides, there's nothing stopping him from weaseling out of the rest of it, like he does all the damn time.
That it harpooned your program doesn't matter to him.
You know what did matter to him?
The favorable press he got because of it.
Nancy Pelosi went on camera to announce her deal and the concession tweet she managed to extract from Fergus to the DACA kids looking like a kid with a new toy.
It makes sense that she got her way with him, though, when you think about it: She's spent her whole career getting things done in the face of misogynistic pricks belittling her from on low, and he is famously easy to lead by the nose to conclusions about policy because he is entirely ignorant about policy and bored with the details of it.
All she had to do was show up with a finished plan (like any competent legislator) that could get him out of having to pretend like he was listening to Mnuchin explain why the Republicans really don't want to deal with the CR and the debt ceiling again before the mid-terms or during their whack at "tax reform" and he was had.
So yeah, beltway media, Fergus has an attention span so short as to be easily exploited, and is so desperate for a legislative success that he would probably take one from a gay, Muslim, Mexican, and is so much of a malignant narcissist that he'll betray anyone for a night of favorable press.
I don't know whether the reports are true that said he finally caught on that the vast majority of the citizenry don't love him like the Pig People who show up to his rallies, and in fact a large percentage actively hate him, but I kind of doubt it. It might explain his absence from twitter for a while, but I have a hard time believing he has that much self awareness, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.
Denying the obvious with a straight face on camera is one of the only things he is good at, and I don't see him just abandoning anything he has that actually works right now.
As for the press lauding him for his fuck up, this specific fuck up was right up their both-siderist alley, and right on cue they were inventing leftist hobgoblins that made such a liaison dangerous for the country, because they can not admit that the Republican party has lost its damn mind or they will lose their phony-baloney jobs and be forced to admit they have been lying for money about the right for decades, and nobody wants to do that, especially on national TV.
So I don't see it so much as praise as "please don't make us have to get real jobs, your Fergusness, please?"
They probably won't. It seems like no matter how wrong they are, they never get fired unless they bother the white women.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2020!!

Bold, James Bold said...

"The American president and the wimpy press that covers him."

Translation from Africoon to English:  "The Enemedia is losing control of The Narrative and truth is leaking through its coverage."

"The American press never ceases to amaze me"

Your audience doesn't remember what you say about the press from one day to the next.

"just weeks ago, like the rest of us, they were lamenting about one of the darkest days in American history."

A "dark day" when

(a) a historic monument of reconciliation was defended insincerely by leftists and their dupes hoping to cause an incident,
(b) the local and state police worked overtime to put peaceful protestors in danger from violent Antifa and BLM, producing
(c) one fatality... that may have been caused by a leftist mob trampling one of its own members as one of its targets tried to flee an attack with deadly weapons.

Yeah, this did not work out so well for you when all the facts are in evidence.

And Dougie is always reliable for a dose of Teh Stoopid:

"That deal he cut with the Democrats was dumb for Republicans, and they're furious about it, but guess what, Republicans? Fergus betrays everybody."

Dougie doesn't realize that R-jerseys are divided into the Recucklicans and the Freedom Caucus.  The Recucklicans (aka RINOs) are owned by the Chamber of Commerce just like the Demonrats.  The deal Trump cut with Pelosi et al. was something to put the Recucklicans at a disadvantage when primary season rolls around.

If the Recucklicans have a clue, they are focused on not being the next Eric Cantor.  If they're focused on their CoC sponsors, that's what they will become.  There aren't enough sinecures to employ them all, so the cost of being a Recucklican will be obvious by April 2019.

Nobody in the Freedom Caucus has suffered a hit from the Trump so far.  And they won't.

dinthebeast said...

They don't need to. They're already too stupid to live, and won't be around much longer.

-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

Thank you for that enlightening comment, Limp-paw.

Right. Who the hell trusts the NYT, the LAT, CBS, NPR and the BBC? I always thought that the Wapo was too hawkish. One would have to have taken leave of their senses! What's next? Der Spiegel?

Don't bother telling us where you get your information. RTV? Breitbart? FOX? Trump TV? Various truther organizations? How about some linx to legitimate sources? Al Jazeera would be okay. Univision? USA Today? Anything at all.

Not important. We will all just stay tuned in to you and learn everything that we need to know. Again, thank you so much.

Big Black James Bold said...

Jamie took time away from writing his book, correcting math books, doing chemistry at his orbital engineering desk and whatever else geniuses do to post brilliant analysis.


pterochromics said...

- Trump's actions and words are completely consistent with who and what he has *always* been. I've had the displeasure of seeing quite enough of his shenanigans for, what, 4 decades or so. But, like most people in the US, the press acts as though the man magically appeared out of nowhere just a few years ago.
- Also, the media, including the press, is, with very few exceptions, corporate-owned. Back in 1983, around 50 companies owned the various US news media. By 2012, something like 95% of all the news media were owned by SIX corporations, and ownership of individual broadcast channels is being concentrated through mergers and acquisitions. Now *exactly* a monopoly, but damn close.
- This information is easily and quickly found on-line.
- Reporting almost exclusively serves the interests of this narrowing circle of corporate ownership and control; that includes perpetuating the myth of "the liberal media", because that myth fuels the fires of divisiveness that help ensure the populace will be so focused on attacking one another like rats in a box, that people will not even *think* to look at what goes on in the allegorical "dark alleys" of the economy, of politics and government, of how power is brokered and wielded.
- The important thing is not *what* the "nooz" is blaring about, but rather, WHY it is blaring about it. Any about-face done by the "nooz" is not accidental; there is a reason for it, a plan behind it. After all, things will be, *can* be, reported *only* if the media's owners allow it.

Flying Junior said...

You certainly talk a better game than our resident troll.

Big Black James the brotha with an IQ of 150 said...

Yawn, maybe one day James will write something that makes sense and is worthy of his 150 IQ. Right now he is an embarassment to us Mensa folks. We're thinking bout revoking his membership.

Bold, James Bold said...

I went to a few Mensa meetings in my hometown.  They were boring as hell.  When my group crossed paths with one of their RGs (regional gatherings), we found that they spent most of their weekend playing Yahtzee.

You'd think that a high-IQ society would have interest groups working on important issues, but nothing like that ever came up when I was there.  I never went back.

mike from iowa said...

Right up yer alley, Baldingo. White teens attempt to hang an 8 year old bi-rascial boy.

White police chief sounds like he is trying to make the perps the victims. They have to be protected so their early actions don't follow them around their entire lives.

Baldy is prolly creaming his knickers in foolish passion at the thought of seeing someone with black blood be lynched.

mike from iowa said...

Limpaw-what's the current exchange rate of rubles to US Dollars?

Anonymous said...

"Dougie doesn't realize that R-jerseys are divided into the Recucklicans and the Freedom Caucus. The Recucklicans (aka RINOs) are owned by the Chamber of Commerce just like the Demonrats. The deal Trump cut with Pelosi et al. was something to put the Recucklicans at a disadvantage when primary season rolls around."

Hahaha, more "Trump is playing 27-dimensional chess" garbage.

Sorry, but Trump is not playing even two-dimensional chess. Trump cannot master duck-duck-goose. He has no fiendishly clever master plan. Trump is a moron.

He keeps helpfully informing everyone he has a "very good brain," but there is literally zero evidence of this. He is rich only because he inherited gobs of money, which he then managed very badly, filing bankruptcy so many times he can no longer borrow from legit lenders and has to turn to alternative options like, say, sleazy Russian banks. He was forced to settle for millions with the Justice Department over his fake Trump University scam. Actual competent businesspeople do not do such things.

He is president, not because he's brilliant, but only because many Americans are as racist as, and even dumber than, Trump.

You are headed for a series of major disappointments.

dinthebeast said...

"...nothing like that ever came up when I was there."

Of course it didn't. You were there.

-Doug in Oakland

Yeah right said...

You'd think that a high-IQ society would have interest groups working on important issues, but nothing like that ever came up when I was there. I never went back.
Um, yeah. That's why you never went back.


field negro said...

"I went to a few Mensa meetings in my hometown."

A "town" full of very smart people.

Gotta love it. :)

Big Black James who doesn't play yahtzee but is still a member of Mensa said...

Baldy is prolly creaming his knickers in foolish passion at the thought of seeing someone with black blood be lynched
Well he certainly seems to have plenty of time on his hands. He's not going to Mensa meetings or anything involving using his high IQ.

Black James Bold said...

Well see what happens every year we at Mensa play games and rank our top 5. We do other more important things as most people would understand but some not so bright people just don't get it. We did have this one guy with an extremely large head with a bowl haircut who sat, rocked and talked to himself the whole time yelling about why we weren't playing Chutes and Ladders or some other game he could understand. He was really weird and smelly and was rubbing a cat's butt, we eventually had to escort him out. I think he said his name was James but we were just happy to see him go. He made all of the women uncomfortable.

Black James Bold said...

Here's what we do.

Bold, James Bold said...

"Right up yer alley, Baldingo. White teens attempt to hang an 8 year old bi-rascial boy."

They obviously weren't serious; they didn't even tie a knot in the rope.  I've had worse injuries from falls on the playground.

But I can't help but think that if a couple of teens had just managed to wrap the rope of a tire swing around the 8-yr-old Philip Chism's neck and did a proper job of tying it, Colleen Ritzer would be alive today.

"White police chief sounds like he is trying to make the perps the victims."

You mean, like the two budding thugs who strangled and murdered Autumn Pasquale?  One of whom (Dante Robinson) was just injured in an attempted home invasion and is STILL being treated as a victim?

I am all out of fucks left to give about Blacks.  This "biracial" kid obviously did something to deserve having his ass kicked, but the enemedia will never tell us.  The enemedia will never treat him as anything BUT a victim, even if he goes on to be the next Philip Chism.

"Baldy is prolly creaming his knickers in foolish passion at the thought of seeing someone with black blood be lynched."

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

There's a long list of Black atrocities deserving ten-fold and hundred-fold payback.  Jonathon Foster, Christian Newsom, Channon Christian, Anne Pressly, Angel Antonio Santiago...

You throw and smear poop like the monkeys you are.  If that's how you behave, that's how you should be treated.

"Trump is not playing even two-dimensional chess."

Trump was not going to sign an 18-month Recucklican debt extension that killed his wall, so he went with a 3-month version from the Demonrats.  He out-maneuvered Paul Ryan, whose days in the House are probably numbered.

Bold, James Bold said...

"A "town" full of very smart people."

Average SAT score nationally is 1020, for the college-bound is 1082.  My old high school averaged well over 1170 last year, highest of all the high schools in town.  It IS a town full of very smart people, who have smart kids.  It's got a major research university in it, after all.

The average SAT in the former flagship high school in the state was under 1010.  Of course, it's full of Blacks now.

I've been trying to find a calculator to see what my old SAT score would be equivalent to on the current scale, but the conversion tables don't go back far enough.  I was amused to learn that the 1995 recentering added between 20 and 30 points to math and 70 points to the verbal.  Since you can't do better than perfect on the math, that would put me at 1530+ on the current SAT.

Big Black James Bold said...

My high school averaged 1300 on the SAT and my adjusted score would be 1600+.

Big Black James Bold said...

And my old high school is full of Blacks that's why the scores are so high.

James is like a stupid stupid kid said...

I've had worse injuries from falls on the playground.
Yeah, your simple ass probably falls on the playground a lot.

field negro said...

James did u see the story about the man who killed 7 people in a home in Plano, Texas because his wife pissed him off?

I did.

Gotta tell u, not a good look for your peeps.

Yīshēng said...

I guess you talk about SATs when that's the LAST standardized you ever took in your life.

Some of the rest of US have taken exams like MCATS, LSATs, GREs, USMLEs, PEs, CPAs, ect. ect.

But yeah, harp on those ol' SATs from 100 years ago, we're so NOT impressed!!



Bold, James Bold said...

"James did u see the story about the man who killed 7 people in a home in Plano, Texas because his wife pissed him off?"

You have 494 homicides in Chicago alone this year.  You can have your chimps, I'll take our occasional unstable personality.

"Gotta tell u, not a good look for your peeps."

Let's have a look at yours.  639 murders in the first 5 months and 10 days in Jamaica.  The statistics are as ugly as you are.

An all-White USA would have a murder rate of less than 2 per 100k per year.

"Some of the rest of US have taken exams like MCATS, LSATs, GREs, USMLEs, PEs, CPAs, ect. ect."

Given Black failure rates on things like certification exams and bar exams, the odds say you flunked most of them.

Big Black James Bold said...

Seeing that my scores were so much higher than yours you may want to move on to another topic. It is kind of weird you are still bragging about SAT scores.

Yīshēng said...

Anonymous Big Black James Bold said...
Seeing that my scores were so much higher than yours you may want to move on to another topic. It is kind of weird you are still bragging about SAT scores.

When SAT scores are ALL you have to talk about, and you're a whooteemoo on disability from the Gov't, THAT is what whooteemoos do!!


pterochromics said...

- My 6+ decades of living have taught me that people who "shout" ((type in all-bold or all-caps)), and brag about their supposed IQ and supposed ancient SAT scores, are not the people who are using whatever intelligence and skill they have to accomplish much of anything positive.
- People who can, do.
- People who can't, blither and prattle about being better than others, and spend their day criticizing the do-ers.
- As for Mensa, who cares - the people whom I personally known who are/were exceptionally bright were too involved with living, and too with doing things. None I've known joined Mensa. If people want to join it, and enjoy it, OK, but they really shouldn't expect others to be awed into embarrassed silence just because of that membership. IQ is far less important than what one does with what abilities one has.

field negro said...


field negro said...


pterochromics said...

- OH!, I also am compelled to add that "doing what one can with the abilities one has" is *very* seldom something that occurs in isolation - there are just too many environmental factors which have been *proven* to interact with innate ability. Enrichment helps challenged kids exceed, sometimes greatly!, any pre-existing assumptions made about their future limitations. - Similarly, it is just as true, and just as proven, and experienced at least as often, that great and varied ability can be constructed, stunted, and ground-down by a constant and consistent onslaught by "loving" family and by so-called "teachers", and by surrounding influences determined, allegorically speaking to cut-off the wings of baby birds. And sorry, but the very rare example of someone who had a glimmer of light in their life, and went on to achieve much, does NOT in ANY way justify continued efforts, and policies, to smother ability before it ever has a chance to breathe deeply.
- The people who claim it's a fine policy to "weed out the weak" are, themselves, the very same people who can ONLY excel when their potential competition is killed in the allegorical nest.

Bold, James Bold said...

1.  Dindu tries to appear all sophisticated.

2.  Dindu makes a fool of himself by using "allegorical" when he meant "metaphorical".

3.  Dindu probably doesn't even have enough self-awareness to be ashamed.

Bold, Big Bad Black James Bold said...

Hey guys James is back. Maybe he can brag about his grades in the 3rd grade. What a joke.

Bold. Black James Bold an actual genius said...

Well James a genius such as yourself should already know this but allegorical is actually a more apt term. Allegory is also a synonym for metaphor even if you were correct which you aren't.
What do you expect from a guy who lies about being smart, correcting math books, being an orbital engineer so your mistake is par for the course.

Main Entry: metaphor
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: figure of speech, implied comparison
Synonyms: allegory, analogy, emblem, hope, image, metonymy, personification, similitude, symbol, trope
Antonyms: plain speech

pterochromics said...

@ Bold. Black James Bold an actual genius - I enjoyed your lesson! ;)

- Meanwhile, since I never claimed to be any sort of super-genius, or perfect, or superior, I fully admit to being fallibly human and humanly fallible. I'm not a verbal/linear thinker, so I know ((and make no secret of the fact)) that I often don't come up with the best word or the best way of saying things - hell, that's why I'm so darned verbose, LOL!!! I *know* it sometimes takes me forever to get to the actual point, Heh! ;) So, if someone has a better way of expressing an idea, HEY!, I'm all for it and *like* to read/hear it, because it often helps me to clarify my own thoughts. And I really don't care what race or ethnicity the speaker or writer might be - a good idea is a good idea .
- Getting back to the point ((yeah, I know, I digress a lot)):
I'm so fallible that I in fact have no idea what "dindu" is supposed to indicate and, since I'm in the middle of several things as usual, I'm also so imperfect that I don't care to further distract myself by trying to find out whether it means anything at all, and if so, what. Given the source, however, I assume it's some sort of ethnic or racial slur, since I think I've mentioned a couple times ((though I do lose track...)) that I'm of Polish and Slovak descent. I guess "dumb Pollack" is too obvious and too honest so some people feel a need to dredge up obscure epithets.
- Well, whatever. I feel no obligation to try to "prove myself" to people I don't know and/or don't care about, least of all to someone whose life seems to consist of little more than trying to bait people into useless angry exchanges. And of the numerous things which I feel no obligation or desire to "prove", my level of self-awareness is near the top of that list, given that those who criticize such things are, 99.99% of the time, merely projecting their own shortcomings onto others. I learned several decades ago that people who live in the mud try mightily to splash the contents of their sty onto everyone else and then claim they are swine, because they either can't, or won't, stand up like Human Beings and strive for something better. What I feel towards such people is more often pity rather than anger.
- What anger I do feel is generally brief, and quickly forgotten. It's simply not something I can maintain - there are too many other things to do and think about and, especially, to enjoy!, whether it's woodworking or playing music or being with friends and loved ones or heck, just watching the sparrows descend like a waterfall out of the bamboo when I throw seed out for them. Anger is a useless waste of time and energy unless its energy is harnessed and applied to accomplishing a constructive and positive goal, and even at that, it definitely is not the best source for one's energy, because it's an emotional "gas guzzler". Constructive efforts are more sustainable and, I think, more enduring, when they arise from positive thoughts, feelings, and desires.
- 'Nuff said, no?
- Well OK, MORE than enough, LOL!!!

Bold, Big Black James Bold who knows the English language said...

Maybe genius James will get on president dumbass for not knowing amnesty.

Bold, James Bold said...

Some weird hashtag link?  You look like you're trying to spell "amenity" and failing.

Well, failing is what you do after all....

Bold, James Bold said...

Maybe you should sit down with a nice, hot cup of cofveve and consider what President Trump likes to do to bait the leftosphere while he gets actual work done.

Bold, Black James Bold who is actually smart said...

Some weird hashtag link? You look like you're trying to spell "amenity" and failing.
Yes dumbass, it was your 3D chess playing president trying to spell amnesty. Birds of a feather. Dear god and you pretend to be smart.

Damn, trump is as dumb as James said...

Yeah, another supposed high IQ white guy fails again. Who would have guessed.

Bold, James Bold said...

"Who would have guessed."

That I don't use Twatter, and don't even like to look at things there?

I'm on the verge of re-blocking it from my network.  And Faceborg and Paypal and all the rest.

James is kinda dumb said...

Uh, who gives a shit what your dumb ass does. Just as dumb as your 4D chess playing orange ape president. 150 IQ bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

pterochromics said...

- Hmm. Block ALL of twitter, block ALL of FB, allow Google cookies to continue to narrow-down the sort of information which searches return... block the news... block the WORLD... as if all knowledge and all wisdom is to be found in the blocker's own navel-lint.
- So oh my yes, by all means, let us all be amazed by, and sit in silent awe admiring, the god-like intelligence of he who rejects any and all information which differs in any way from the cornucopia of omniscience he hears in the seraphic whispers divinely given unto him through his sacred omphalos!
- The reaction to my skepticism is no doubt going to be another tedious puerile harangue about the supposed inferiority of anyone who disrespects the self-exalting little tin god and his monotonous narcissistic puffery.
- We must prepare ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of censure:

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