Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Is there a Doctor in the house?

TWEET MENow that we know that Dr. Ronny Jackson was a complete fraud, and that president trump might have dictated the lines that was written about his heath ("astonishingly good health") in the past, I think that a legitimate doctor should now do an independent checkup of Mr. trump. The American people have a right to know.

trump's doctors have been in the news a lot lately. Today we found out that trump's security team "raided" the offices of his former physician after trump heard him telling the world that trump used a hair growth drug to keep the rest of his orangeish locks from falling out. You can't make this stuff up folks.

"President Donald Trump's New York doctor tells NBC News the president's medical records were taken from his office in a February 2017 "raid" by Trump's longtime bodyguard, the Trump Organization's top lawyer and a third, large man.

Dr. Harold Bornstein said his office was raided two days after he told The New York Times he had for years prescribed Trump the hair growth medicine Propecia.

The 25- to 30-minute incident left Bornstein feeling "raped, frightened and sad," he said. He added that he was not given a form authorizing that the records be released signed by Trump, which would be a violation of patient privacy law."

Wow, easy there doc! "Raped" is a strong word. But I get it. trump used the power of his presidency to protect the secret of his hair, and that should scare all of us. 

Finally, just your friendly reminder that we do not live in a post-racial country and that black folks are still getting the business from racist on a daily basis here in America. 

I will start in New York. (Yep, New York)

"It was an unsolicited homecoming that left Bronx native Darren Martin unsettled.

After spending several years working on Capitol Hill and in the White House with the Obama Administration, Martin recently made the move back to New York, getting a job with the city and finding a unit in a 5-story walk-up on the Upper West Side.

On moving day this past Friday, Martin got an unexpected visit from the NYPD.

“I’m in my apartment but you know – you can’t go nowhere without the cops following me,” Martin said during the encounter live streamed via Instagram.

Turns out, someone called 911 to report a “burglary in progress” and the suspect was the building’s brand new tenant – Martin.

“Somebody called the cops on me in my own building,” he told viewers who were tuning in to watch the live video. “About how many are ya’ll? About six of ya’ll showed up, rolled up on me.”
He has a packed work schedule and that was the only time he had to move into the building.
“I didn’t really think anyone was going to call the cops on me because I mean – I was moving into the building.”

In the live video which Martin shared on Facebook and Twitter, one of the responding officers cranks the volume on a 2-way radio where a dispatcher could be heard describing the call.
“Somebody was trying to break in the door” with a “possible weapon,” the dispatcher said, describing the weapon as a “large tool.” [Video here]

Let's stay on the East Coast for our next story.

"A New Jersey high school football coach says he lost his job because he had too many black players on the team.

Nick Strom told the Cherry Hill Courier-Post that he has been fired as coach of the town's Camden Catholic High School team despite a 34-6 record over four years. He has also been placed on administrative leave as a history teacher. The school disputes that his firing has anything to do with race.

"I think this is from me not conforming with their viewpoints on what they want the student body and the football team to look like," Strom said, according to the Courier Post. "I've tried to build this program into one that's based on kids being of ability, high character and high grades. 

"From day one, the administration told me they did not approve of the ratio of black to white students."

Strom, who is white, told the newspaper that half of the team is made up of minorities. He said the race ratio of the team came up "10 to 20 times" with the administration.

"When I'd have a list of potential freshmen, the first question I'd be asked is if they were white or black," he said, according to the Courier-Post. "I was confused about why the question was, 'How can we get more white players in the program or on the field?'"
School president Mary Whipkey denied Strom's allegations on Monday.

"We are not that kind of environment and we take it very seriously when those accusations are made," Whipkey told the Courier-Post. "This is a special community here. We embrace our diversity here. Those accusations are not true."

Strom told the newspaper that he plans to file a grievance with the teachers' union." [Source]

Let's be clear, when Mary says that she embraces diversity, what she really means is that as long as the number of Negroes don't get too high, they can live with them. 



Yisheng = nigger, lilac = cunt said...

Trump supporters are the dregs of society.

Anonymous said...

"Now that we know that Dr. Ronny Jackson was a complete fraud

"Now" being when President Trump employed him.

When Obama hired him, he was the best of the best.


"Let's be clear, when Mary says that she embraces diversity, what she really means is that as long as the number of Negroes don't get too high, they can live with them. "

Too many blacks on the football team is the way you get wins. So artificially controlling "the number of Negroes" puts less qualified whites on the team in place of higher performing blacks.

But if its diversity you want, you have to give the whites, the Hispanics and the Asians a leg up when it comes to sports.

Schools love diversity. Field loves diversity. For lots of other school programs, like AP classes, the problem is too many whites. Schools address this lack of diversity by letting blacks with lower performance take the place of more qualified white students.

So if you are really committed to diversity, and every sphere of human existence has to be micromanaged to impose equal representation of all the groups progressivism divides us into, then you have to abandon the idea that merit should be the primary deciding factor when it it comes to allotting the finite number of spots in AP calculus or on the football team.

You made the rules.

PilotX said...

Now that's a new one, getting the police called on you for putting things INTO a house.😂 At least he wasn't shot.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet needs to check himself with a doctor to cure his severe white micro dick.

Wide load prez said...

So pee pee man’s Doc confirmed what we already knew.

Pee pee’s ass is 3 times the size of the last President, FLOTUS, and entire US Congress.


Dave Zirin said...

Never trust a black doctor. They most likely got that position because of Affirmative Action.

Anonymous said...

White people will always be consumed and preoccpied with color because they know that they are the true MINORITY in the world.
You could be 85% black but as long as your skin looks white and your hair is straight then white people are comfortable. That's how lot's of blacks were able to "pass for white" now and in the past history.

Now for all the dumb "MO FOES" who voted for this POTUS what they don't realize is that they are adding to the demise of DEMOCRACY.
By the time they realize that he doesn't give a Rat's Ass about them, this country will be running like a dictatorship and every other POTUS after this one will emulate him. "Monkey See Monkey Do."

Yup...Keep all the ignorant masses believing that Mexicans, and people of color are the enemy...while the rich rape this country, pay no taxes, and allow foreign governments to infiltrate our DEMOCRACY.

Unknown said...

The NFL and NBA are racially imbalanced!

dinthebeast said...

Fergus could get an excellent primary care physician in the adult medicine clinic at Highland Hospital. He might have to wait a couple of weeks to get in, but the care is the best, the facilities are top-flight, and any health issues they found would be taken care of in a professional and effective manner that could probably add years to his life.
And I'm not just suggesting he come to Oakland so we would have a chance to fuck with him a little, because why would I suggest that?

In the late nineties, I was doing home delivery of furniture and appliances for a local department store, and we had a delivery of a black leather sofa, love seat, recliner, and ottoman to an apartment just up the hill from Cesar Chavez St. in San Francisco. As there were four stairways from the front door to his apartment, he had us park on the street behind the building and take the furniture through his back gate and kitchen, with no stairs at all.
Our 20' delivery trucks were bought second hand from Hertz/Penske, who had painted them a more orange-y color of yellow to cover their logos before they sold them, so they were unmarked save for the DOT and fleet numbers.
As I was putting the last chair together and gathering up the packing, and my partner Vincent, who is black, was outside buttoning up the truck, I heard the sound of a police radio.
I went out to see what was up, and the SF police were there with a neighbor, who had apparently called them thinking we were robbing the place, and I told them that while I understood that they might be afraid of black people because of the bullshit they talked about the public housing project at the bottom of the hill, the real problems usually happen when the thieves take the furniture from the house to the truck, not the reverse, and here, officer, would you like to look at the service order?
That was a long time ago, and it didn't occur to me at the time that I might get Vincent shot by running my mouth. I would definitely do it different now, no matter how bad it pissed me off.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

I remember the goode olde days when Mary Hill was such a thrill down in Cherry Hill Park. (Tip o' the hat to Billie Joe Royal)

mike from iowa said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now that we know that Dr. Ronny Jackson was a complete fraud

"Now" being when President Trump employed him.

When Obama hired him, he was the best of the best.

Finally figured it out, eh, Anymoose? Everything Drumpf touches turns to shit.

Jay said...

Yawn. This place is boring af. Needs more alt-right trolls.

The Ministry of Truth said...

Why does mike from Iowa suck so much ass? He either learned it in prison or on a farm.

Nigerian Ballet said...

Anyone born with even the slightest bit of retardation has a natural inclination to progressivism.

The Chosen said...

"Yup...Keep all the ignorant masses believing that Mexicans, and people of color are the enemy...while the rich rape this country, pay no taxes, and allow foreign governments to infiltrate our DEMOCRACY."

You are correct, Mexicans and other POC are not the enemy of the white man. The enemy is the small rootless international clique that seeks to flood his countries with nonwhites in order to destroy his culture and place themselves atop polyglot society of compliant serfs. Forever.

White Knight said...

Doug's virtue signalling story of the day: I worked with a BLACK guy and the police hassled him. I explained condescendingly to the cops that the neighbor's concerns about crime from the nearby housing project denizens were bullshit and saved my BLACK friend, but today I might check my bravery because everyone knows cops shoot BLACK men for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Watching leftards lose their shit is one of the best things about this administration.


mike from iowa said...


Oh fuck! This wasn;t supposed to become public knowledge about Jackson;s degraded behavior after Drumpfuck the Caustic took over the Russia bought and paid for WH.

mike from iowa said...

Notice how well stoopid fucking wasicu wasteys have been brainwashed to focus on POC and ignore the theft of America's wealth by the koch bros?
The koch bros are stealing your retirement funds, your kid's retirement funds and your entire futures and you whine about Blacks and Mexicans.
Stoopid fucking wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

What next from the insane left.....Trump farted??

mike from iowa said...


Wasicu wastey goobernatorial candidate in Georgia points shotgun at teen and lies his ass off about respecting women and guns.

Good job Russia/NRA. Stoopid fucking wingnuts should be proud of the lies this guy tosses out there.You can't fix stoopid.

Byron Wong said...

As a Chinese-American I have to say that blacks complain too much about petty shit. This is a prime example. Promoting personal responsibility in your communities would be a much better use of your time and resources.

See more at:

Flying Junior is a faggot said...

Our rights and freedoms are being slowly eroded under the Trump administration. God help us all.

mike from iowa said...

Wingnuts have lost their tiny minds. Some claim a "Smallville" actress admitted selling kids to Clintons and Rothschilds and another group sez 500 ISIS soldiers with suicide belts are known to be with migrant caravan heading for US border.

One can only imagine how many stoopid fucking wingnuts believe this stoopid fucking wingnut garbage, but many of them post here, so there;s that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck lost another lia.....lawyer today. The guy with the funny moustache "retired".

mike from iowa said...

Moar white privilege- http://juanitajean.com/equality/

White guy fixes election- gets 2 years of jail time over 5 years and will not see inside of jail.

Black woman votes provisional ballot because she was on probation- 5 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

“Wingnuts have lost their tiny minds. Some claim a ‘Smallville’ actress admitted selling kids to Clintons and Rothschilds”

The Smallville actress has, in fact, been arrested for sex trafficking for her role in some goofy cult whose activities appear to have involved rather a lot of rape.

Disappointingly for wingnut wackadoodles, no Clintons were involved in any way.

Da Goyim Know said...

"The koch bros are stealing your retirement funds"

You mean the Kochstein brothers.

J. Burton said...

According to The Root, "free thought" means "white thought".

This is a valid point. You can find substantial numbers of white Americans on basically every part of the political spectrum—whereas certain other ethnicities are a little more, shall we say... clustered.

PilotX said...

and for good reason. The racism, anti-education, anti-science and just downright bad policy agenda push many away. Hmmmmm, also "clustered" are scientists and people wth advanced degrees. You know who clusters the other party? People with only a high school diploma and white rural southerners. Nah, you can have that party all to yourself.

mike from iowa said...

Two men harassed and arrested at Starbucks in Philly have settled for a buck a piece and other considerations. So much for the racists that claimed it was all about blacks wanting money for nothing. Wasicu wasteys wish they had this kind of class.

dinthebeast said...

Cambridge Analytica is declaring bankruptcy and shutting down.
Now we need to pay attention to where they scuttle off to and watch what shit they start ahead of future elections.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...
Hmmmmm, also "clustered" are scientists and people wth advanced degrees.

Right. Liberals don't even believe in evolution.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Ivan said...

Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.....

Anonymous said...

Segregation and repatriation of all monkees in 2020

PilotX said...

"Right. Liberals don't even believe in evolution."

Um, ok. I think that's the religious right to include the Republican head of the science and technology committee who called evolution "lies from the pits of hell". So there is that.

PilotX said...


Anonymous said...

Lieburals don't think evolution works above the neck in humans.

mike from iowa said...

whereas certain other ethnicities are a little more, shall we say... clustered.

Ethnic and ethically challenged stoopid fucking wasicu wasteys clustered around teevees getting talking points from Fake News all day long.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Comrade Ivan said...

Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.....
11:29 PM

How will you feed and clothe, shelter yourself???

PilotX said...

Lieburals don't think evolution works above the neck in humans."

Well because conservatives believe in pseudo science. None of you can produce real peer reviewed science on this topic. Oy vey. Carry on.

PilotX said...

"How will you feed and clothe, shelter yourself???"

Go to the fridge, closet and stay in my house. Duh.

Anonymous said...

More than a new doctor, Donald Trump needs the help of a qualified mental health professional like ASAP.

Either that, or finding a new residence in a secure mental facility--preferably one that includes a rubber room.

Anonymous said...

The guy who prides himself on learning to fly an airplane thinks food comes from the refrigerator.

He probably thinks electricity comes from the wall socket too.  Hilarious!  Even the black intellectual elites are cargo-cultists.

PilotX said...

"The guy who prides himself on learning to fly an airplane thinks food comes from the refrigerator."

Yeah I know, in your trailer you put your food stuff in an ice cooler but people with means usually have kitchen appliances. Get a college degree and a good job and you too can one day have nice stuff. Good luck. And yes, when you have electricity it can be accessed through an outlet socket in the wall. Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, I know where my food comes from.  There's a cattle farm a few miles away, surrounded by acres of corn.  The farmer has a huge mass of cow manure composting in long plastic-wrapped heaps.  Every so often one of the heaps disappears to be replaced by a new one.  You can tell when the compost is spread just by sniffing the air.  There's a free-range swine operation not far away from the cattle farm, and just up the road from them is a small grain elevator with its own truck scale and everything.

In the summertime, I go to the farmer's market to buy the greens and veggies I don't grow myself.  I know the people who grow, pick and market them.

My electricity comes from a diverse set of coal, nuclear, gas, wind and hydro generators.  I'm about to add solar panels and I have a wind turbine I'm refurbishing.  I made it through a 4-day electric outage not long ago, running everything on my little portable generator; my two freezers kept me in ice the whole time.  I'm pretty well set.

You?  When TSHTF you're dead.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got about 5 pounds of round roast that I need to trim, slice, apportion and freeze.  Paleo diet doesn't have fast food on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh jezus, fuckboi eats squirrels and possums and lives in the woods. Ok, go back to your tent and skin your squirrels while I pick up my wine and food from Whole Foods. BTW, it's not the manure that smells like shit, it's you hillbilly.

Anonymous said...

Only pretentious libtards even set foot inside Whole Paycheck.

Pretentious libertard said...

Only pretentious libtards even set foot inside Whole Paycheck.
Only trailer hillbillies eat squirrel. Call me pretentious but I don't eat rodents like your type.

Anonymous said...

Last time I ate rodent, it was in a German restaurant.

Hasenpfeffer is delicious!  And you aren't allowed to have it, because Cultural Appropriation.

Anonymous said...

Rat stew. That's all you playboy.

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