Friday, April 19, 2019

No Mr. President, you are not "f-cked", not yet.

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“Oh my God. This is the terrible.” This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f-cked.”

That was Donald trump after learning that Robert Mueller was being appointed to look into the various nefarious acts committed by his administration.

 Thursday we learned, thanks to the release of a redacted version of the Mueller Report, that Mr. trump is not as "f-cked" as he thinks. This is because the man appointed to be his AG, William Barr, (who lobbied for the job to protect him from prosecution) decided that he would act more like the president's personal attorney than a man who is supposed to be the highest law enforcement official in the country serving the American people.

Mr. Mueller had a lot to say about the trump crime cabal, and what we saw of the report revealed that the folks in trump's circle (including Sarah Saunders) lied to the American people over and over again. It also showed us that there were in fact attempts to collude with Russians, but that they were just not successful at it.  Throw in the ten instances of obstruction by the president, and him telling those around him to lie to protect the various cover ups ("The president's efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests), and you have to wonder who in their rightful mind does not believe that Mr. trump should be removed from office.

"I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President," 

That's a quote from Mitt Romney, a republican Senator. Just imagine who the rest of us feel. It's particular disgusting because the release of the (redacted) Mueller Report will not change the mind of one single trumpnut who have thrown all their chips behind their own version of Jim Jones. 

I was on the fence about this, but now I don't think that the democrats in Congress have a choice but to call for the impeachment of Mr. trump. The democratic leadership is making a political calculation not to pursue impeachment, but they might be making a huge mistake. Nobody likes a coward, and trump is smelling himself now because impeachment is off the table. 

The senate won't vote to remove trump because of all the republican Senators who are afraid of being primaried. But we (the American people) need to put their vote on the record so that history will be able to judge each and everyone one of them accordingly. 

You know how for a couple of years you’ve been thinking, ‘There’s probably bad stuff in the Mueller report that makes Donald Trump look terrible?’” the Late Show host asked. “But then three weeks ago, Attorney General Bill Barr put out his four-page valentine to Donald Trump, and then you thought, ‘Maybe I’m crazy?’ Well, if you just returned to this dimension from the phantom zone, today the Mueller report was released. And I’m here to tell you, you’re not crazy.”  ~Colbert~

Sometimes comics say it best. 

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PilotX said...

If you watch Fox trump has been completely exonerated and Mueller and the Dems owe him an apology. I'm sure another poster will be along shortly to explain that.😆

dinthebeast said...

Warren is out calling for impeachment, and her reasoning is solid as a rock. It's the right thing to do almost every way you look at it. I just hope it doesn't get Fergus reelected when, not if, it fails.

There has to be a point where we say no, you can't do this shit while you're the goddamn president, and the fine detail of the supporting evidence in the redacted report is structured to convict or impeach Fergus for the crimes Mueller can't charge him with because the OLC memo says he can't, especially since the Special Counsel investigation is a part of the DOJ.

The statute of limitations on obstruction of justice is five years, putting the cut off date for charging him with the stuff in the report at various times in 2022, meaning that he will escape prosecution for those specific crimes if he gets reelected.

Should that happen, it will become dependent upon the results of the senate election whether he can be removed and thus ever see any accountability for his actions. We obviously won't get a 67 seat majority, but should the voters in the senate races demonstrate a lack of continued patience for this bullshit, some Republicans might be able to be peeled off to get rid of what will have become a political liability by then.

This never should have happened in the first place and we told y'all so at the time.

Which is the real missing piece in the reporting of all of this: the goddamn Republicans picked this asshole out of seventeen choices and gave him the most primary votes in Republican history and most of the despicable fuckers love him for all of the skeevy, criminal shit he does. This is their vision for America, he just saw it and wasn't above acting it out.

-Doug in Oakland

You crazy bitches said...

Trump Derangement Syndrome has survived the Mueller report!

Keep Hope Alive, motherfuckers!

anotherbozo said...

Has anyone tried to get Mitch McConnell's reaction to the report? Have they found the rock he's hiding under? (probably "I haven't had time to read it yet" or "Barr summed it up for me".) Republican Senators should be hounded to answer detailed questions.

The House can carry on serious investigations, subpoena witnesses, etc. without formally announcing impeachment proceedings--yet. Sounds good to me. Let all Americans hear the details, including testimony from Mueller himself. Put the patient on the table and turn on the lights so all the crimes are visible.

We need tax returns too.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpf's former Cobb said Drumpf lawyer Jay Suckemlow got an advance copy of the report on Tuesday so they could discuss it with DOJ or someone. How come Congress didn't have prior access to it. We know why Drumpf was tweeting his innocence before the Thursday lie fest.

Trump's Tax returns said...

“Oh my God. This is (the) terrible.” This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f-cked.”

I think screwed is a more accurate term. As in, not only do the Russians have leverage over him, but now those who protect him from impeachment will be able to tighten the "screw" to get what they want. Was it McConnell who said that all we need is somebody who can hold a pen and sign our bills?

It'll be fun to watch as he twists and turns at the behest of the tools in the Senate until the statute of limitations on the alleged obstruction charges expire.

We already knew he was screwy...but now he's also the "screwee."

Anonymous said...

Things affluent liberal white women think they're entitled to do because it feels right:

-Impeach the President
-Change the gender identity of their children
-Rewrite the Bible to justify their self-indulgent behavior
-Adopt millions of refugees
-Kiss their dogs on the mouth

PilotX said...

trump better hope he wins reelection because if not he'll be doing some serious time. Lock him up! Lock him up!😝

PilotX said...

"Things affluent liberal white women think they're entitled to do because it feels right:

-Impeach the President
-Change the gender identity of their children
-Rewrite the Bible to justify their self-indulgent behavior
-Adopt millions of refugees
-Kiss their dogs on the mouth"

Uh, not sure why you posted this here but ok.

Tick Tock said...

Barack Obama has NOT been exonerated for his role in the biggest political spying scandal of our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

"Uh, not sure why you posted this here but ok."

Maybe because most of the priorities you think are yours are actually someone else's.

Vlad said...

You know what is really “doing Putin’s bidding”?

Making sure a fake dossier obtained from Russia composed of insane conspiracy theories, lurid sex tales and allegations of treason is used as the basis for undermining and disrupting Russia’s chief geopolitical rival for 2 years.

Congrats Democrats!

mike from iowa said...

Dear Vlad, you ignorant slut. What part of the dossier has been found to be fake? Since none of it has so far, all your feeble diseased mind can come up with will be all of it. Been there, heard that. Not acceptable as answer.

PilotX said...

"Maybe because most of the priorities you think are yours are actually someone else's."

Kissing dogs in the mouth isn't a priority of mine😂 Nah, still not a good reason to post that here but nice attempt at an answer.

Anonymous said...

“Maybe because most of the priorities you think are yours are actually someone else's.”

Pilot X, don’t you know you are being imprisoned on the “Democrat plantation”? Only the inspiring and erudite oratory of Sean Hannity can liberate you from this bondage.


keep laughing said...

Open borders have been great for black people.

Global warming is the greatest threat to black people.

Black people won't be free until the government subsidizes the surgical mutilation of their children.

The collapse of Christianity has done more to help blacks than anyone else.

dinthebeast said...

What about the Christian buggery of children? Does that count as mutilation?

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...


mike from iowa said...

Putie has probably probed the depths of the orange asshole numerous times.So maybe Drumpf has been fucked and probably liked it.

Anonymous said...

And the notion that Trump is trolling all the leftards while getting stuff done behind the scenes never crosses their tiny little minds....

Anonymous said...

The FBI is starting to go after overzealous New Mexico Trumpkins who have deputized themselves as amateur border patrol agents, carrying out “citizen’s arrests” of anyone they consider Mexican-looking.

FBI arrests member of rightwing militia accused of detaining migrants

mike from iowa said...

Victoria Nourse, law professor, Georgetown University
“Putin has won.” Election Day 2016, an intercepted message to Kirill Dmitriev, a Russian national “closely connected to Putin.” (On page 149 of the Mueller report.) This line says everything that the American public should remember about the Mueller investigation. Russian interference in the election has been established beyond doubt. Worse, Mueller found that the Trump campaign “expected to benefit” from criminal actions by Russians who successfully targeted the American election. It is not a crime for any citizen to associate with criminals and spies, nor to enjoy their favors, but that is surely too low a standard for a president of the United States.

Viewing this case through the lens of criminal law is a mistake. The president takes an oath “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Few constitutionalists believe that the special counsel would indict a sitting president for an ordinary crime. The constitutional power to judge a president is left to Congress. Congress must determine whether there has been a constitutional offense.

We now know that, contrary to his oath to “take care” that the laws be faithfully executed, the president tried to fire the special counsel, and he fired the head of the FBI, among other acts to thwart the investigation of criminal election interference by our enemies. These are not the acts of one faithful to the law. They are acts of one who would put his own election above the integrity of America’s democracy.

Anonymous said...

“And the notion that Trump is trolling all the leftards while getting stuff done behind the scenes never crosses their tiny little minds....”

Apparently, you are the one person who completely bought Trump’s claims of being a “very stable genius.”

Congratulations, you are some kind of special.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpf approval fell to 37% after Mueller report release. That is 100% higher than it should be.

Anonymous said...

Even the New York Times says the Steele dossier is not true:

dinthebeast said...

Fergus is a stable genius in that everything he says is horse shit.

And Mike, the "expected to benefit" part of the Mueller report was the first half of the sentence fragment Barr used in his four page summary.

-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...

"Pilot X, don’t you know you are being imprisoned on the “Democrat plantation”? Only the inspiring and erudite oratory of Sean Hannity can liberate you from this bondage."

I didn't know it until free thinkers Diamond and Silk showed me the light. Also I no longer believe global warming is a threat because they explained it to me😂

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Anonymous said...

And the notion that Trump is trolling all the leftards while getting stuff done behind the scenes never crosses their tiny little minds....

7:04 PM

So please enlighten us - What "stuff" has Trump gotten done other than appointing two justices to the Supreme Court and pushing a tax bill that only benefits the rich?

dinthebeast said...

He's stuffing the federal bench full of unqualified wingnuts at an unprecedented rate, but that's not really his doing; he gets his nominees from a wingnut think tank and McConnell does the rest.

He's just an obnoxious placeholder for the goddamn Republicans to do their nasty little business. There is no "Trumpism" there's only Republicanism, same as it ever was.

Then there's the damage to the cabinet agencies, that's what really gets the Pig People up on their trotters, because air and water contamination at 1970s levels really owns the libtards, along with food borne disease and a million fewer (so far) people with health insurance.

Stuff he's gotten done, though, is mostly the degradation of American democracy, just like Putin wanted, as stated in fine detail in the Mueller report. Back in 2014 they were looking for the perfect vehicle for their attack on our system and Fergus was what they decided to go with, and man has he ever delivered.

-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...

PilotX said...

Anonymous said...

Chicago April 2019 to Date:
Shot & Killed: 43
Shot & Wounded: 123
Total Shot: 166
Total Homicides: 44
Chicago Crime 2019

mike from iowa said...

This is precisely what Drumpfuck and wingnuts have done for America-

Walk with pride wasicu racist mofos!

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2020!!

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck 20 life terms. No possibility of parole. No twitter. No groping Ivanka. No big Macs. No golf.

Just endless loops of HRC mocking Drumpf's micro IQ and dick.

Anonymous said...

"Stuff he's gotten done, though, is mostly the degradation of American democracy"

No, democracy means accepting the results of elections you lose.

"Degradation" is trying to overturn an election by false accusations of foreign collusion.

"Degradation" is being the party that actually did purchase disinformation from foreign sources in order to try to win an election.

"Degradation" is using domestic and foreign intelligence agencies to spy on the opposition party presidential candidate.

"Degradation" is not accepting the results of an investigation conducted by partisans from your own side because it didn't reach the conclusions you wanted.

"Degradation" is what the democrats are doing to America.

Anonymous said...

East Bay black teen charged with robbing blind woman:

mike from iowa said...

No, democracy means accepting the results of elections you lose.

You mean like stoopid fucking wingnuts when Obama was elected, right? Absolutely the greatest two election acceptance speeches ever.

Here’s John Boehner, the likely speaker if Republicans take the House, offering his plans for Obama’s agenda: “We're going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell summed up his plan to National Journal: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." From Politico

mike from iowa said...

Wasicu racist deputies pepper spray and physically assault small black teen, throwing him to the ground,m pounding his head into pavement and punching his head. Luckily the kid wasn't shot in the back because pigs were frightened of his inert smallness.

Happy Easter. Hope the Easter Bunny behaved himself while in town. Of course, he was a wasicu bunny so had white privilege not to be assaulted because of his skin color.

mike from iowa said...

Oops, they did it again. Cops open fire on vehicle because it looked like a suspected robbery vehicle. Black woman (innocent victim) injured. Riots ensue. You know the drill.

mike from iowa said...

Nice, all American wasicu only tried to run down an inter-racial couple in Loseranna. He seemed nice.

mike from iowa said...

Peeing Putie prowdly picked a pack of prickly pimps to stink up the kremlin annex where the White House was when Obama reigned.

So the world's best memory couldn't remember 27 times in Mueller's Q & A even with lawyers assisting his orange ass?

I know, Drumpfuck's memory is being audited and can't be released until never.

dinthebeast said...

The degradation is listed in the report in very fine detail, and nobody I know is failing to accept it.

I believe what he said was something to the effect of: if we had determined that the president was exonerated and no obstruction occurred, we would so state, but we cannot make that assertion.

Or to translate for you Pig People: The bastard is guilty, and a bastard, but according to the OLC memo, we can't charge him with anything while he's in office.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

The degradation is in your mental faculties, Doug.

Stop wishsplaining and go get another taco.

Anonymous said...

Rural white America April 2019 to date:

Babies traded for meth: 70,000
OD's: 50,000
Teeth: 14
HS diplomas: 4
Showers taken: 2
Siblings married: 44,000

mike from iowa said...

Imagine wingnut heads exploding had Obama or HRC routinely tweeted shit like circle jerks or the word bullshit for the entire world to see. Then there was the slight miscalculation on deaths in Churches - over a 130 million people died Easter. Of course that isn't near the proportion of Obama's 57 states.

A whole sounder of sexist, misogynist, porcine, fat white hogs invaded Drumpfuck's golf course in Florida this weekend. Wait, that was just Drumpfuck and Rust Limpaw. My apologies to the hogs.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama, caught up in the fervor of a campaign speech Tuesday, drastically overstated the Kansas tornadoes death toll, saying 10,000 had died. The death toll was 11.

mike from iowa said...

And the winner and still champeen liar of all time is Drumpfuck the dumbfuck.

mike from iowa said...

George Zipperfuckerman, the guy that likely murdered Trayvon Martin was removed from Tinder dating app. to protect other customers.

Fortunately, the Zip is ambidextrous and can jack off with either or both hands art once, his cellmate told nobody important.

Anonymous said...

One of the most predictable failures of Black Lives Matter was to frame the problem of police excesses in racial terms, when they could have built a multiracial coalition to address it. Another was fueling anti-cop violence which feeds the cycle. A third was alienating normal people.

But a non-racialized police reform agenda would've been politically inexpedient because it wouldn't galvanize black racial narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Trump may have dodged the finding that his behavior met the legal definition of collusion with Russia’s efforts to hack the election.

But the report found that:

*Russia did hack the election, big time. (Given that Trump’s margin of victory was a mere 80k votes, Trump probably was not legitimately elected president. And that’s before you throw in the bogus “Hillary’s emails” investigation and Republican voter suppression in multiple states.)

*Trump knew about, and welcomed, Russian cheating to help him win, even if he didn’t actively participate. He sure as hell didn’t report what he knew to the police.

*Trump obstructed his ass off, and would have obstructed even more, if his aides hadn’t refused to help.

*Mueller concluded that while Trump didn’t seem to be covering up for collusion with Russians, there was almost certainly some other very shady, illegal shit he was afraid of Mueller stumbling onto (because Trump has spent a career doing unethical and illegal things).

Specifically, Mueller said this:

“The evidence does not establish that the termination of Comey was designed to cover up a conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia: As described in Volume I, the evidence uncovered in the investigation did not establish that the President or those close to him were involved in the charged Russian computer-hacking or active-measure conspiracies, or that the President otherwise had an unlawful relationship with any Russian official. But the evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the President personally that the President could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal and political concerns.”

Exonerated, my ass. This report is terrible for Trump. But he will continue to spin it as a great big win for him.

Anonymous said...

One of the most predictable failures of Black Lives Matter
Who says its a failure? It is still a viable well known entity while its founders enjoy acclaim.

mike from iowa said...

Anonymous said...
One of the most predictable failures of Black Lives Matter was to frame the problem of police excesses in racial terms, when they could have built a multiracial coalition to address it.

One of the most predictable failures of wasicu cops murdering black citizens is the problem of whitey not incorporating cops of color to mask their racist whiteness. They could have prevented all the charges of racism just by being more accepting of other colors of people.

Anonymous said...

"Russia did hack the election, big time."


dinthebeast said...

Also, if a defendant is beyond the reach of prosecution, the statute of limitations can be tolled for that specific length of time in certain cases. Not sure if that argument would fly here, but it's worth considering if you are, say, a SDNY or DC prosecutor.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Weaponization of the legal system for political purposes will have unintended consequences.

dinthebeast said...

So apparently Steve Moore doedn't like women much. I'm guessing the feelings are mutual.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Russia did hack the election, big time."

What exactly did they "hack" ?

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