Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Philadelphia Hunting Club

I am sure that my friends down South are familiar with Hunting Clubs. I remember when I was living in Louisiana that was a big deal. Come hunting season you would go on acres and acres of your club's land and shoot all the Bambi's, wild boars, and water fowls to your heart's content. All for an annual fee.

So anyway, I was reading about the latest killings in my hometown of Murderdelphia (189 and counting) and I had one of those light bulb moments; this great idea popped into my head, and I want to share it with you.

You know how cities are always struggling to find new ways to generate revenues. Usually it takes the form of a tax, or a fee for some form of essential service. So I was thinking; why not open the city to hunting come hunting season? We would allow as many people as we like to come in and do some serious hunting.-After they pay the required fee of course-Now you do understand that they wouldn't be hunting deers, and wild boars. No, these hunters would be hunting a different kind of game, they would be hunting young black males between the ages of 17-30. All the other citizens of Philadelphia would of course be off limits. So for instance, if you accidentally shoot a black male in one of the hunting zones, and you find out later that he is 35 years old you would be out of luck. Because you just might be banned from ever hunting in Killadelphia again; or, you could face some very stiff fines.

So what do you think folks, do you think it could work? I do. Think about it folks; if you are a red neck down in Alabama whose only wish in life is to shoot a few niggers before you checks out, this would be your big chance. Or, if you are some young buck who just joined the Army reserves, are about to be sent to Iraq, and you want to experience killing in an urban environment, well then you join the Philly hunt club. What if you are some white collar yuppie in New York and you want to impress your girlfriend? "Honey I was just in North Philadelphia, and some thuggish looking black guy came up on me, and I shot him to death. It was such a rush! Oh sweetie you are so brave." We could charge a couple of thousand dollars for a urban hunting license. There would be other restrictions as well. The areas in the city where hunting is allowed would be well marked out and defined. No hunting in places like Center City,Chestnut Hill, or Society Hill. If you accidentally shoot someone in one of these areas that's your ass. You wouldn't just face a stiff fine; your ass will be charged with murder. But think about all the revenue the hunt club could generate for our city. We could use the money to hire more police officers, and even expand our prisons. And, we could even set up a wild game compensation fund, so that the families of the game would receive something for their troubles. At least it would pay for the funeral expenses. Besides, we wouldn't want them suing the city or anything now would we.

Of course every black male in the designated areas between the ages of 17-30 would have to sign a waiver. And we could even give them a monthly stipend for being eligible to be in the hunters game. I mean what the hell, they might as well get paid for possibly getting shot every f*****g night!

So what do you think of my little plan? Do you think it could work? I do. All we need is a little political will, and the good folks of Philadelphia to cooperate. I see all the senseless and random killings going on, and I am thinking we are already half way there.


Christopher Chambers said...

The "stop snitching" stuff and the nihilism preached by these rappers helps prime the damn pump. Maybe something that you can add is bsacially a moratorium on law enforcement in certain areas and for young black males. basically, in certain areas, and if the victim is a young black male--the cops will simply not investigate, not give a crap. No prosecutions or arrest. Nothing, for anything.

OK that's nuts, but how to get folks to stop this?

rikyrah said...

I shall not comment about your post, because it made my heart heavy.

I will comment about you hoping the Brother in Ohio didn't pull an OJ. Me too.

SouthernGirl2 said...


I'm hoping like hell he didn't pull an O.J. also. All I can say is Lord, please don't let that become truth.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

This is so not funny.

Btw, Stepha Henry is still missing.

And if he pulled an O.J. it still leaves a son without his mother, a mother without her daughter. It is not looking too good for him. His currently estranged wife said she had to get restraining orders against him. Cops love to protect wife abusers when he is one of their own.

Anonymous said...

Nothing kicks us in the mouth and brings us back to reality like good ol' fashion satire. This piece is hard-hitting satire; it's Swiftian even. A 21st Century companion to A Modest Proposal, Philly style?

Francis Holland said...

If young Black men are acting crazy, I think we should consider the possibility that they ARE crazy. The US National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) says that "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, or military combat." more>>

Now is there any Black man between the ages of 17 and 30 who is NOT experiencing a "terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened?"

Are Black men immune to the emotional effects that others would suffer if they were daily at risk of being maimed or killed? What makes us so special that we could be immune?

In fact everything we are seeing around us tells us that Black men are DEEPLY EFFECTED by something in their environment. (Why aren't Blacks in Paris, France killing each other at the same rate?)

If Black men are eight times more likely to be killed than white men, does that necessarily constitute "a terrifying event or ordeal" and thereby cause "trauma." It does to me!

Here's what the National Institutes of Mental Health says about children, adolescents and trauma:

"What is Trauma?

There are two types of trauma — physical and mental. Physical trauma includes the body’s response to serious injury and threat. Mental trauma includes frightening thoughts and painful feelings. They are the mind’s response to serious injury. Mental trauma can produce strong feelings. It can also produce extreme behavior; such as intense fear or helplessness, withdrawal or detachment, lack of concentration, irritability, sleep disturbance, aggression, hyper vigilance (intensely watching for more distressing events), or flashbacks (sense that event is reoccurring).

A response could be fear. It could be fear that a loved one will be hurt or killed. It is believed that more direct exposures to traumatic events cause greater harm. For instance, in a school shooting, an injured student will probably be more severely affected emotionally than a student who was in another part of the building. However, second-hand exposure to violence can also be traumatic. This includes witnessing violence such as seeing or hearing about death and destruction after a building is bombed or a plane crashes. Helping Young Trauma Survivors

Helping children begins at the scene of the event. It may need to continue for weeks or months.

Most children recover within a few weeks. Some need help longer. Grief (a deep emotional response to loss) may take months to resolve. It could be for a loved one or a teacher. It could be for a friend or pet. Grief may be re-experienced or worsened by news reports or the event’s anniversary.

Some children may need help from a mental health professional. Some people may seek other kinds of help. They may turn to religious leaders. They may turn to community leaders."

I don't believe there is a white superman who can bounce steel bullets off his chest, and I don't believe there are any Black supermen who can experience "terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened?" without suffering ill effects emotionally. I know I can't.

You already know what my theory is, and I consider it more obvious fact than theory. In the United States, there is a perpetual "human caused disaster" of "racism," compounded by the "terrifying event or ordeal " of being Black in America AND of living in an environment where it is "hunting season" on Black men, and this literally drives Black men insane.

What's the solution? Obviously, to deal with the "human caused disaster" of "racism," on a macro level, you need political solutions, which obviously haven't been very forthcoming.

But, to deal with this "human caused disaster" in individuals, you're going to need trained and experienced Black professionals to work with them ONE BY ONE, talking about their feelings, their ideation and their behavior, just as you would for any other individual who had experienced AND WAS STILL EXPERIENCING a "terrifying ordeal."

Are Black men subject to daily societal death threats in MurderDelphia any less needy of "Battered Black Man Counseling" than a woman beaten by her husband needs battered woman counseling?

Just before I began reading your post, I was asleep in bed. I dreamt that a white police officer came to my house and confronted me as if to arrest me. He said there had been a report that a Black man of my description had been seen sleeping under a blanket in the street. I tried to convince him that I was not that Black man, offering various ways to prove that I was not lying asleep in the street that day, but this white police officer wanted to arrest me anyway.

I know some people think that I cut and paste these long responses, but the opposite is true. Field Negro poses a complex question because he is really trying to think about things in a new way, to discover and catalyze possible solutions. I take his questions very seriously, and I write about them at length, wanting to share with all of you what I have been thinking and writing about these questions over the last two years, in my book Extreme Color-Aroused Emotion, Ideation and Behavior Disorder (ECEIBD or "Racism"): New Solutions to an Age-Old Problem.

I have an even more provocative name for my book: "The End of Racism: New Diagnosis and Treatment for an Age-Old Psychiatric Disorder."

Now I know what the learned response is to this line of thought: This is terribly dangerous because (1) it will brand Black men as insane and (2) it will absolve whites of their responsibility.

Well, I submit to you that the killing of 189 people, mostly Black men killing each others, ALREADY brands them as insane. To engage in such violence is both homicidal and suicidal.

Even so, it will be urged that it is terribly dangerous to diagnose and treat this phenomenon in terms of psychiatric disorder because whites will use this against us. But, is that a valid reason to deny desperately needed medical care to people who are dying today? In Alcoholics Anonymous, they say, "You better decide whether you're going to save your face or save your ass!" First time I've used a curse word here at Field Negro's blog.

We can no longer afford to pretend that we are living in a society that chronically hates us, defames us, denigrates us, empoverishes us, starves us, denies us medical care, and yet we have suffered no ill psychological effects from all of this?

I propose that there IS something in common between the white insanity of "racism" and Black insanity of killing each other: It is all color-aroused learned behavior. (If not, then why don't these Blacks kill white people instead. That would be less crazy, given the underlying reasons why they want to kill anyone at all.)

What would happen if we offered psychiatric treatment to Black people for the ill-effects of "racism." Well, typically when you offer treatment to an abused spouse, she finds her voice, sets new boundaries and refuses to subject herself to additional abuse. What would happen if Black men responded to treatment that way instead of responding to their internal insanity by killing each other? The effect would be revolutionary, actually.

Now, to prove to you that I didn't just cut and paste all of this, go to my blog, and you'll find that I've just posted this there as well.

Dangerfield said...

Field I feel you my brotha. Somehow we are going to have to do something about the low self esteem, self hate and lack of respect too many of us have for ourselves.

Trust me I feel your pain Field. We have got to change these tragedies that have become reality for way too many black folks.

Anonymous said...

If these young men want to kill themselves, then let them. The police shouldn't waste their time investigating, since no witnesses are probably going to come forward anyway. If the community wants to play the thug game, and the stop snitching game, the police doesn't need to waste their time and resources.

The community might as well save their money too, and stop putting up all those street corner monuments with stuffed animals, t shirts, posters, and so on. All they're doing is making the corner look more trashy.

Dangerfield said...

" If these young men want to kill themselves, then let them. The police shouldn't waste their time investigating, since no witnesses are probably going to come forward anyway."

mark bey: Yo Ari letting all of these young men kill themselves would have a devestasting impact on the black community.

Black men dont just come out of their mothers and start killing each other. Their is a life time of neglect by all of society not to mention having to become and learn manhood without fathers.

I am no apologist for the dysfunctions of the black community but you need to slow your roll a little with the letting black men kill themselves talk.

If they are committing crimes lock their buts up, while they are in jail give them real reform, job training as well as parenting classes.

Christopher Chambers said...

e c hopkins--yep, I bet FN and I were reading the same books by Thomas Swift. The problem wwas and is that you have to be smart to get satire, and as in 19th century England and 21st century America, there are too many dumbasses and/or folks with agendas who either cannot or will not get the points behind the satire. While i do hold whitefolks and their anacestors as the ultimate criminals here, in a sense they have little "directly" to with the crap going on in the streets. The community, the black pols, the black preachers in their Escalades, even the rappers--all of them could end thi violence TODAY of they wanted.

Francis--I agree (and I hope FN agrees) most of these youn men are nuts.

Anonymous said...

just wondering if the brothers get to shoot back, or if they also need to purchase said permit to be in compliance. i once heard a comedian say once that hunting is not a sport because in sports, everyone involved came to play, but nobody ever tells the animals that it's game time.

And why let white folks from the south have all the fun? If the good old boys want to shoot something, let them run wild in a trailer park. then nobody could ever say that there was anything racist about it.

These young brothers shooting each other left and right could just as easily buy up all the available permits themselves. of course there should probably be some kind of body limit like 2 or 3 per season or else you might seriously cull the flock and endanger the species.

field negro said...

"These young brothers shooting each other left and right could just as easily buy up all the available permits themselves. of course there should probably be some kind of body limit like 2 or 3 per season or else you might seriously cull the flock and endanger the species"

Mmmmm, good point; OK I am thinking maybe a three body limit per season.

We don't want to endanger the species. What would the poor hunters do then?

Andrew The Asshole said...

Ask the Ass Mondays are coming up don't forget to submit your questions.

Wasn't there a movie about this sorting thing with a rapper/actor?

Anonymous said...

I under stand satire... But this particular blog entry made me so sad. It was hard for me to read it the first time without feeling creeped out. It was even harder today. My heart aches at the very thought of what you wrote. That's why it took me so long to make a comment.

I cannot even speak of these crimes in a satirical form. Field, I don't even really know how you can. It's a travesty beyond any words or expressions that our brothers are dying/killing/destroying/diminishing.

I'm looking forward to the next post.


field negro said...

Makes me sad too Angie, but you know what; I am at my wits end. See Angie, I live and work in this sh** every day. Can't count the funerals I have been to in the past few years. I have had clients, sons of co-workers, name it murdered on these streets.

So sorry Angie, until America starts giving a damn, satire is all I have.

Anonymous said...

Field, I'm so sorry for you. I'm sorry for me. I'm sorry for all of us.

I need to check the death toll here in Houston too. People are getting shot up so much out here, that I'm reminded of the crack days back in the late80's-early 90's. I'm going to find out what our toll is and let you know.

Peace, my brotha.


Anonymous said...

Mark: I understand how devestating the situation is with young black men, but I honestly think some people have a death wish. They want to take themselves out and everyone around them. Maybe some of these people are mentally ill and can be helped, but for others, I don't see much hope.

I also think things would not have come to this point in the black community if so many didn't tolerate it. This whole "stop snitching" nonsense basically gives a free pass for black men to go out and kill each other.

As for reform, I don't think it should start in jail. It should start at home. Keeping as many young black men out of jail needs to be the goal. I think kids in shaky situations would benefit from some military-style training. Not the kind of training that teaches them to kill, but the type that teaches them to live. I don't agree with all that the military does, but they know how to teach discipline. It would be great if there were some type of mentoring program made up of ex-military black men.

I didn't mean to sound so cold, but I've been around a lot of these guys with the killing mentality. From my experience, I know these men could do much better, and I can never understand why they don't.

Anonymous said...

FN, Baltimore's already doing that, it would seem. I would swap urban problems in a heartbeat with Philadelphia, especially if you get beyond murder (where Baltimore outperforms Philly by weight class) and get to issues like public transit. Curse SEPTA all you want but in Baltimore SEPTA would be a miracle. It's one tenth as good here.

Please, invade and colonize. Crabcakes waiting for you and your Field Negro Philadelphia Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Anonymous said...

There's one sure way that all of you who are feeling so much psychic pain can ease that pain...

rikyrah said...

Angie expressed how I felt.

I don't know the total, but I know it was 33 school children this year. Those are only the school children.

It makes me literally ill.

rikyrah said...

Makes me sad too Angie, but you know what; I am at my wits end. See Angie, I live and work in this sh** every day. Can't count the funerals I have been to in the past few years. I have had clients, sons of co-workers, name it murdered on these streets.


I felt the agony and pain in every word you wrote. I understood where this piece was coming from, but it still didn't stop the hurt as I read it.

west coast story said...



Because rich racists murder us institutionally. They cut Head Start, attack affirmative action in higher education so that black enrollment has plummeted, they make crack users go to prison for a lifetime whereas white cocaine users get a smack on the butt, they perpetrate voter fraud in our communities, they displace black neighborhoods and black commercial enterprise through "redevelopment. There is no mystery. Poor people use whatever means they have to strike out, which is often violence. Isn't the most violent section of your city also the poorest? C'mon, Field!

This pathetic old man is going to die in prison because he hates black people. I don't have one shred of sympathy for him. Just like the old decrepid Nazis that get caught, tried and sent to prison, I have no sympathy for these guys either. Just like I had no sympathy for Tookie. All these guys rate the same for me. Terrorists and to hell with them all.

rikyrah said...


they just arrested the Brother in Ohio.

As a woman, I have to ask..

What happened to the good old days when a man just RAN OUT on a woman?

What's up with men killing pregnant women, or, in a case in Illinois just the last 2 weeks, killing your WIFE AND CHILDREN (3)?

I'm not getting it.

Running out on a woman is now WORSE than killing her and your child/children?

I don't understand this logic. If a man can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I just learned about the murdered woman, and I hate to say it, but I kind of expected it. Whenever a woman disappears like this, the boyfriend or husband is always suspect #1.

I also have to wonder about women. Why do women of all races, keep taking up with married men like this? Why are so many women content with just being the one on the side? If I can't be the only woman in a man's romantic life, then I don't want the man at all.

field negro said...

"What's up with men killing pregnant women, or, in a case in Illinois just the last 2 weeks, killing your WIFE AND CHILDREN (3)?"

rikyrah, I wish I knew. The sh** is so sad. If he did do it, I guess his ignorant ass didn't learn anything from the Rae Carruth murder a few years back in Charlotte.

I see the dark side of domestic violence sometimes through my job and well.... it's sad. I wish I had something profound to say, but I don't.

Anonymous said...

Nice Ari. It is the woman's fault.

Anonymous said...

This is not about placing blame. I'm certainly not saying that the woman deserved to get murdered. I'm saying that women need to make better choices when it comes to the men they associate themselves with.

Women shouldn't take up with married men, and women shouldn't stay with men who are abusive or display questionable behavior. I have a feeling this guy has been acting strange long before this.

Call me crazy, but I think women need to take some responsiblity when it comes to relationships.

Anonymous said...

Yet the men should just keep being men. Nice Ari. The men do the killing, but the women should be the ones who change the behavior.

Good job. Great. You have passed. A+ 100. You have the proper attitude. Men are untouchable.

If you are a woman, please, please, don't ever stumble. Don't ever say anything, anything is anyone's fault but your own. If you are murdered you should have been some where else at that time. You should have been doing something else. Better yet. Why not just lock all women up and control their movements, their actions, their thoughts, so men will not murder them. Because it is not the man's fault. He is just being a man.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I don't understand how you conclude that I am saying it is ok for a man to hurt a woman. Since when does a woman taking responsibility for herself equate to a man having free pass to do whatever he wants?

A woman who takes up with a man who is married is putting herself at risk.

A woman who stays with a man who is abusive puts herself at risk.

A woman who stays with a man who poses a danger to her children puts herself at risk.

Except in extreme cases, (such as being kidnapped and forcibly imprisoned), a woman has the power to get herself out of these situations.

How do you know I haven't stumbled? How do you know I haven't made mistakes? I've been in situations where men didn't turn out to be as nice as they seemed. Yes, someone can make you stumble. Yes, someone can knock you down. Difference is, I chose not to stay on the ground.

If a man is beating on a woman, what should a woman do? Stand there and cry about it being his fault? It can be 100 percent his fault, but it's not likely that he will admit it. Women shouldn't wait for the man to see the light. They need to get away from him asap.

As for the subject of murder, many domestic violence type murders are the end result of a long history of abuse. A woman can't help it if she is murdered during a robbery, or killed in an accident. A woman can't help it if a loved one suddenly has a mental break and turns on them. But a woman who takes up with a man of questionable character, and puts up with his abuse, puts herself at risk.

Sorry if you think that's cold, but I'm not waiting for a man to change . I'm going to fight back.

Anonymous said...

It is not cold, it is sexist. By highlighting what the woman is doing wrong, you know, the woman, the sex who has been traditionally oppressed, the one who makes less money than men, the one who are not believed when raped, who are demonized since the beginning of time, by harping on what she should have could have done is in fact giving the man a free pass. The onus should be on the one who stasticially commits the most crimes. Men murder women a hundred times more than women murder men. So silly me for thinking men should learn to control themselves, silly me for thinking if men stopped their shit the world would be a better place. What was I thinking. If only those women would remove themselves from the world.

He is the one with the power in society. He is the one who will kick ass at the drop of the hat. He is the one who will ram his dick up someone ass if he feels punked, chumped, emasculated, not the woman. However, people like you, turn a blind eye to his brutality. People like you don’t preach about how he needs to keep his dick in his pants, how he needs to not date a woman that “may make him kill her.” Because we all know that bitches do that to men. They can’t help themselves. Christian mythology, Eve made Adam do it. He was minding his own business. She made him have three, four, five baby mamas. They dragged him out of his home, they forced him to have an erection and they raped him. It was all the woman’s fault.

Women are expected to be the custodians of virtue, society’s janitors. If there is shit left in the trash it is because the woman did not clean it up, not because the man shitted in the trash can instead of the toilet.

It is like this stupid satire. Satire, good satire is geared at making fun of the oppressors, the people with power, not the people who are traditionally the victims of brutality.

Yeah it is all women fault. If women would just hide somewhere, never come out, never expect love, intimacy, if those women would just learn to distrust all men, then we would not be having this conversations. What a beautiful place this earth will become when women in order to protect themselves decide to mistrust EVERY man, because she should have known better. What a beautiful place this earth will become when she stops having children, when she stops caressing and caring and loving and touching all because she should know better, she should build a wall around herself because there is just no way men can subdue their brute force, their sexual appetite.

Yeah I am really feeling you ARI, those are some stupid ass women. BROS BEFORE HOES!!!

What a beautiful world, women hiding from men, men not changing a bit. Lovely, just lovely. Kick her in her teeth, it was her fault.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful world, women hiding from men, men not changing a bit. Lovely, just lovely. Kick her in her teeth, it was her fault.

Nice rant Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Man, they really twisted up your argument, Ari.

And speaking of beautiful world, what kind of world is it where women stay in a relationship with a man who beats and abuses? A world where women stay with a man who does this for years, waiting, hoping, praying for him to change. A world where women will stay with a man, even when his abuse extends over to the children? A world where she calls the police, yet when the police are ready to take his abusive behind to jail, she drops the charges?

Why do so many women want to sit back, and wait for men to do the right thing?

Anon's little man-hating rant up there did nothing for me. One reason why abusive men get away with what they do is because women place such a low value on themselves. If enough women let it be known that they're not putting up with the garbage anymore, things will start to look drastically different. Women need to set down some guidelines.

If a man beats you, and refuses to get counseling or help, leave him. And press charges.

Don't sleep with married men. He's a dog for asking you, but you don't have to sink to his level by accepting.

Don't get into relationships with men who have children by other women that he is not taking care of.

Don't get with men who have no intention of making something out of his life.

Don't get with men who have a history of abusive behavior.

If black people did nothing but wait and hope for the slavemaster to free them, then I guess we'd still be slaves. As much as I love the field negroes, I love the runaway negros, and the rebellion negroes the most. They weren't taking crap from anyone!

west coast story said...

Wow. I guess all those stories about women who tried to leave abusive partners, who had restraining orders that the cops didn't enforce, and who ended up murdered anyway (sometimes along with other families where they hid out) must have gotten by Ari. It's easy for men to place blame because few men are going to be beaten to death or strangled or restrained until shot/stabbed by a partner, someone who is supposed to love them. It's easy to sell wolf tickets about what you gon' do when the chances are slim and none that you will ever be in that position.

This asshole WAS a cop. What does that tell you? I've talked to women who work with battered women and law enforcement is well represented in the spouse/partner battering class. Cops who beat their wives or kids are a protected class. This guy is going to fry only because he went too far, he killed this woman who was carrying his child in front of his child. The man really is a monster. He could have beaten this woman for another 20 years and nothing would have happened to him.

I'm dying to see what his "accomplice" has to say. On the news, he apparently has a child (or two?) by yet another woman (and don't forget his wife and kids) and now this ditz Miyesha who helped him dispose of the body. This guy is a charming train wreck. I hope he doesn't even live long enought to see a trial. I hope he has the good sense to hang himself but I doubt it because this sorry, cocky SOB probably thinks he can beat the rap.

When the Berkeley incident happened last week, the FBI profiler person had a name for men (because he said it was almost always men) who kill their families then kill themselves (or maybe not). It's even worse when they kill their immediate family and family members of the partner. These are the worst kind of losers.

Anonymous said...

Very funny but might be mistaken for you hating blacks.