Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Elephant In The Room

Now that the All American Boy is gaining some traction among the republican presidential contenders, I think it's time the field talked turkey with you about the square jawed one.

Mitt Romney is trying to run his campaign as the real conservative in the republican primary. A modern day Ronald Reagan if you will. He has been moving farther and farther to the right ever since he declared his candidacy. Slick Mitt has made a smart calculating move to get the support of those hard core republican voters who usually turn out for the primaries, and then flip flop his way back to the middle for the general election. Hey, the boy didn't go to Harvard for nothing.

But did I say flip flop? Yes Mitt is somewhat of a flip flopper. I mean he was for abortion, before he needed the conservative vote and became against it. He was for gun control, before he found the NRA and now he is against that as well. He wanted folks to know that he was so pro guns, so much so that he even lied about being a lifetime hunter. He was Governor of the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts, and to hear him tell it, he hated every minute of having to govern those bleeding heart liberals. What a phony!

But hey, all politicians are phonies and they all lie to get what the want. And if you think about it, Mitt, with his perfect pearly whites, his straight out of central casting presidential gait and demeanor, and his phony one line talking points on the stump, is just what an inattentive intellectually challenged nation is yearning for. Please don't bore us with the minutia, just say a few nice words, and look good while you are doing it. The policy crap will come later. We will surround you with really smart people and they will feed you with everything you need to know. Kind of like we did with Reagan. That worked out pretty good didn't it? At least if you are a right wing republican it did. So because I am used to this, Mitt's flip flopping doesn't even phase me as much as you might think.

But here is where I point to the elephant (no pun intended) in the room. And here is what bothers me about old Mitt. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and has been all his life. He is from a Mormon family, and he is sixty damn years old. "Oh field what are you saying? Careful with the religious bigotry" What I am saying is this: Mormons miraculously had this great vision and decided to allow black folks to become priests in their church in 1978. 1978! I didn't say 1878, I said 1978! So what the f**k could Mitt Romney possibly tell me to make me believe that he really thinks that all of us are equal? Oh, I don't know, maybe he could say this: "We are generous with the Negro, we are willing that the Negro have the highest education. I would be willing to let every Negro drive a Cadillac [you got em now Mr. Mormon 'Apostle'] If they could afford it...but let them enjoy this among themselves"~ "Apostle" ~Mark E. Peterson~. I mean that is what his fellow Mormon apostle said at the great Mormon University (BYU) no less. I am guessing that was a pretty accurate summation of the views of most Mormons at the time. Sorry Mitt, too much history with your church and my peeps, here is one field Negro that would never vote for your ass.

So I am not feeling the whole we have changed and now we all of a sudden love black people thing. I know you guys are really trying to change your image. Hell, you even have a black LDS web site. But at the end of the day..."The Negroes are not equal with other races, where the receipt of certain spiritual beliefs are is the Lord's doing". ~LDS "Apostle Bruce R. McConkie~No, it is the Mormons' doing not the Lords. But it is easy for a religion that long held that blacks were "Satan's manifestation on earth" to hold those types of views. "Through their indifference or lack of integrity or righteousness blacks rendered themselves unworthy of the Priesthood and it's powers"~ LDS Historian B.H. Roberts~~ Yeah OK Mr. Roberts, I sure am glad you found us worthy in 1978. I don't know what we would have done if we weren't found worthy. I hope it helped your church to go main stream at least.

Now don't get it twisted, this is not about bashing the Latter Day Saints (LDS). Hey, I grew up a Seventh Day Adventist, so I know what it's like to have others view your religion as a cult or with scepticism. Every one who reads this blog know exactly how I feel about religion in general, and an individuals right to worship and believe or not to believe whatever he or she wants. Frankly, the Mormons could still be excluding black folks from their Priesthood, and have an all out ban on Negroes ever going to Utah, and I really could case less. But when a life long member of a religion that discriminated against my people until 1978 says he wants to lead 35 million of us as our President, well then Houston, (or should I say Utah) we have a problem. Especially when he claims to be a man of faith. Faith in what or in who? Brigham Young? The same Brigham Young who wrote in his "Journal of Discourse' this little gem? "Will the present struggle of the Civil War free the slave? No. Can you destroy the decrees of the almighty? You cannot". Well sorry Mr. Young; I am free, and I can vote, and I won't be voting for your boy Mitt.

I know many of you reading this will say: Damn field it's the man's religion. Yeah, well it's my race. And why should I believe that a man who flip flops about every damn thing to achieve a personal goal wouldn't lie about how he really feels about black folks? (1978). "Yeah but field the Mormons do good things they have missionaries who go to Africa and in the hood, they believe in service". Yeah well good for them, and I hope they keep doing good things, but I don't want this Mormon as my Commander in Chief. I see he did his missionary service in France. (How convenient, it also got him a deferment from Vietnam ) Hey, somebody had to feed all those poor starving people in Paris. Sorry, the more I think about Mitt, the more I hope and pray that he doesn't ever see the White House. The scary thing is, with al due respect to Reverend Al, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that he will win. Think about it; who do you think America wants? The guy from central casting, or some black guy with a terrorist name and smart ass lady with feminist streak? If you picked Mitt the Mormon move to the head of the class.


Unknown said...

field --> excellent commentary on Mitt Romney. Personally, I think that the anti-W sentiment is so strong that it will be impossible for a republican to win in 2008. However, I do agree that Romeny is the picture of a president from central casting in Hollywood.

peace, Villager

gone said...


they were ahead of the curve for awhile. you might want to talk to some black lds members. just for a little context & comparison with some other 'mainstream' religions.

i have not yet decided who i will vote for in 2008 yet though...

C-dell said...

What you are saying is more than correct, but still I see him getting the Rep nomination.

Anonymous said...

I've posted this on Skep's blog numerous times... Once these Christians/church folks realize that Romney is in what most mainstream Christians think of as a cult, he can give up the race. Let me quote myself... LOL Once the Christian right gets turned on that Romney is a Mormon, his numbers are going to go straight to hell, right where they think he is going.

I live in Texas. And trust me, I've been putting the word out that Romney is a Mormon. When I hip people to it, they are immediately turned off. I don't even have to bring up anything else.

For the record... The reason why I don't like Romney is not because he is a Mormon. I don't like him because I think he thinks he's slick. But don't they all...


rikyrah said...


I feel you.

BOY, do I feel you.

This is how it breaks down for me.

I'm STILL not willing to sit down and break bread with Evangelicals for what they did in the 60's, before I was even born.

So, what do you think I'm gonna do with a man, who was fully grown before my Black behind could get into heaven AS ANYTHING BUT A SLAVE?


Hell no.

I'm not buying it. Maybe my future grandchildren will....but, I won't.

I'm not turning any cheeks and if that makes me a religious bigot, then so be it. Sometimes that survivalist instinct MUST KICK IN when faced with THE OBVIOUS.

rikyrah said...


While Flipping Mitt IS from central casting....

The right wingers Bible Thumpers think he's from a cult. An actual cult. And, they're not hiding it...even those that smile in his face have web sites that identify Mormonism as a cult.

Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...

I don't think Rommy will be a problem. The rightwingers think he is a demon that is destined to go to hell unless he denounces his faith.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I'm more concerned with what kind of pro-war foreign policy he would pursue if he became President.

But yes...he is trying to triangulate... adjusting his message depending on his audience for that day...rather than choosing a position and standing for something.

I don't think Romney will be one of the top contenders in the end... The Republican Base is too skeptical about him.

And thank you for listing Pastor Michael Pfleger as a Field Negro.
That's one badd preacher. He operates in the tradition of old school preachers... Not this looking pretty... "are my cufflinks showing for the camera" bull----, that we see so much of today.

Hathor said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Does this mean the blog owner or the person who originally made the comment? If it means the latter I don't know how that happened. I am speaking of the comment after Cynthia.

field negro said...

hathor, that was NOT the blog owner. For the record, unless there are obscene pictures involved,(or what I consider obscene) I NEVER remove comments.

That comment was deleted by the original author.

Christopher Chambers said...

This dude is almost as big a phoney as Fred Thompson and Rudy G. Good post!!!

PS I'm back from Hiatus

Hathor said...

It must of been some glitch in blogger or something I did without realizing it.

Liz Dwyer said...

Ew. His photo gives me the creeps. Dude needs to lay off the Crest White Strips! He really seems like a total snake oil salesman and I definitely don't think most folks will vote for a mormon. By the way, I'm adding Michelle Obama to my list of personal heroines. I love her.

Anonymous said...

Romney's bid for the presidency goes to show how wildly white boys can dream no matter the improbability of their position. Reagan was a 2 bit actor. Clinton the son of drunks. And Bush II, the school's dunce--and a probable 3-time offender.

Now, we have Romney--a Morman. Mormanism is a very dubious belief system--even putting aside its racism. The book of Mormonism is the purported word of whomever to some plain white man. In actuality is much a collage of Native American beliefs. Stolen, in pertinent measures. I believe that it is the product of arrogance and a groping by American white men for transcendent meaning. Is America of Biblical importance or just a blip on the historical scene? Well, America is not mentioned in the Bible (although many American evangelists tries to argue it so.) It hasn't given birth to the most transcendent of social institutions-religion. So, is America as big and bad--and white men in America as big and man as they would like to think? Thus, the need to make up a religion. That God has chosen a American white man and America for this new religion validates. This means the American white is valuable. Now, of course, in true American fashion, white can only be great vis a vis how bad someone else is. Of course, blacks would be the targets then for this blame. And, of course, there would have to be some celebration--really exploitation--of Native Americans--because without this the mythology just doesn't work. God blessed America--but not the Native Americans? That's not so plausible. Moreover, where else is a white Amereican going to fleece not widely known and credited transcendent truths--especially given then the limitation on world travel. So, Mormonism has its origin in hegemony--a grab for power. And that hegemony is at its core a grab for white power--and white validation--and thereby white supremacist.

It is crazy that a man who belogns to such a group would even contemplate running for president. It is even more crazy that he could imagine attracting the evangelical Christian vote. If Romney even secure one religiouos-emphasizing evangelical vote, we should know with certainty that that vote is purely race. Evangelicals cannot countenance a claim of some subsequently developed religious embellishment. If so, Christians should easily embrace Islam.

Anyway, I am well off track now. But if you read up on Mormonishm, you will be thoroughly surprised by its tenets even beyond the race and the supremacy. It really comes very close to sounding like crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

"Dude needs to lay off the Crest White Strips!"

Ouch! Damn liz, I thought I was hard on folks :)

"ravings", thanks for your deep and insightful comments.(your analysis of American Christianity was all that) I actually studied up on Mormonism, and I understand their history.

But honestly, I really don't care about what or who they choose to believe in. I am pretty much an agnostic myself, who views other people's religion as a very personal and individual thing.

But the racial component of his churches beliefs bothers me. Because as I stated in my post, he will be the leader of our country who will be putting policies in place that effect us.