Saturday, July 06, 2013

How Adam and I spent our holiday.

*More stories from the "White Privilege" is real department:
"The libertarian activist Adam Kokesh who called for and then canceled an armed march on Washington uploaded a YouTube video on July 4 that shows him  loading a shotgun in the center of Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C, near the White House. In the  video, Kokesh cryptically warns, “We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. We are the final American revolution. See you next Independence Day.”

It is illegal to openly carry a firearm, much less a loaded one, in the District of Columbia.

Kokesh initially planned to lead a July 4 march on Washington with loaded firearms to advocate for open carry and “to put the government on notice.” When he announced the original armed march on Washington, authorities thoroughly  warned against it. But he later abandoned those plans in favor of raising an  “army” of secessionist rallies held at state capitols.

Kokesh, who has also compared himself  to Gandhi, has even implied violence as the end result. “Should one whole year from this July 4th pass while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible,” he said in a statement.

The July 4 protests inspired by the gun activist were small in number and attendance. At one small protest in Concord, New Hampshire showed a man calling for a revolution with an  assault rifle slung over his shoulder." [Source]

Negroes, don't try this at home, or you will never see your home again.

I actually went to see a movie on July 4th with the lovely Mrs. Field, and
we both liked the movie. (Although I suspect for other reasons. Girlfriend has a thing for Channing Tatum.) I actually tweeted about it Thursday night. Most of my tweeter mates were surprised to hear that I liked the flick because it had gotten negative reviews.
I liked it, not because of its treatment of liberal politics, but because it was a good shoot em up fun summer flick which is the kind of flick that the Mrs. and I like to watch every now and then.
Now we hear that conservatives are pissed.
I suspect that they see in this movie something that very well could happen, and it's a little too close for comfort for their taste. (Spoiler alert.) The president, played by Jamie Fox, (I loved your t-shirt at the BET Awards Show, Jamie) has some striking similarities to Obama besides the obvious, and the White House is brought down by Aryan type right wingnuts who are working with hawkish right wing pols to bring down the president and start a Middle East war.
This sounds a lot like the modern day GOP if you ask me. A classic case of art imitating *life.
Maybe I liked this movie for more than just the action scenes.
*Pic from AlterNet.


Wesley R said...

Your favorite wingnut host Mr. O'Really? had issues with Jamie Fox wearing the shirt with Trayvon Martin's picture on it. He ranted about what would the liberal media say if a white person wore a George Zimmerman T-shirt. Really, Billy?

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly did not rant about anything. He merely commented for something to think about. In other words it was to point out another way of thinking, as he always does to maintain "fair and balanced" NEWS. You folks need to understand that 'The Factor' has a very informed and sophisticated audience watching him...Both Blacks and Whites. Some of you FN Negroes are too narrow-minded to understand. But insightful Blacks like JLP and Watts understand perfectly.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Jamie Foxx is overrated as an actor. He was not that good in DJango, and he has a big mouth. He's always looking for public attention, like that sorry-ass T-Shirt he wore at BET. Somebody please tell me that he was NOT looking for attention? Mark my words, somebody like Kokesh is going to kick his ass MMA style one day.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why the GOP is outraged over this movie. It's bullshit. It tries to reach the sub-conscious of Americans that the Left is right and the Right is wrong. That is such bullshit. In 2014, the right will be even stronger after elections.

I am not surprised that Field would go see a bullshit movie like that. It is very similar to his posts....bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Field, I've wondering about your last post re: Brittany. Seeing how she was heading to L.A. to see family, and you often go to L.A. to see family, is Brittany any relationship to you? I mean, looking at her face, you two look like you might be cousins.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Wow - I hadn't planned on seeing this movie - but now I think I will.

field negro said...

ThatDeborahGirl, it will be worth the $10.

Anon@12:02, all black folks are my cousins.

Bill said...

>This sounds a lot like the modern
>day GOP if you ask me.

I wonder if as a lawyer you could make that point in court?

Or is this what those racist therapists/mental health experts would call Projection on your part?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Afrikan said...
Hola Counselor;)))) Silly as ever and more alive than ever as well!

Making it plain:

First> STHUP Hannity! who cares what you think? Only right wing KKK little penis non thinkers Move the hell on with ya little dick!

Now back to my orig

Listen, Counselor as i shared with you earlier i am coming here to agitate and make a few squirm albeit they will never admit it lol

Like you, i will wait to make my comments about Trayvons killing ( i cannot wait! YEMAYA YES!) i told you what will happen

Moreover, as you know one of our tribe has been in the court for the entire time, and what i know as the Sr Atty in my tribe, is what i know (HUSH!! little penis's and house negros) i am speaking with an adult ;))) heheheheh jajajajaja

However, in the meantime
i print out the comments of one of your commentators here, and like Trays killer this particular person (bless their heart) is a pathological liar, a histrionic psycho, and a person whom like Trays killer, believes that he can trip the PTB.
NO Mark there will be no JOA

i/we in this tribe have collected not a few of the constant inconsistancy's mis quotes and a slew of sheer lies which your follower has stated.
And coupled with those, is the effort to want to be what they are not while dissing who they really are

Last, to say that the individual dislikes me and is a hata is to be unfair however, what i do believe is that there is no RASPECT for Afrikans in general and in the mainstream The writer is a pretender
Moreover, whether the writer dislikes me is of no consequence albeit i do feel sorry for them

i cannot wait to spkmypeace/piece
after the trial.. and i hope the sage gets their ship in order. Because if they get it wrong or do the KNOCK KNOCK i intend to whack that bootay with their own statements
i am fearless


PS Dominoes anyone?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, I have a bone to pick with you. After all these years on FN, you have not given me credit for a fucking thing. NOT ONE! That defies the law of averages. All you have done is either called me White, or ignored me. I resent that shit. I have invested years of my life in FN and I deserve better.

I have watched you give H/Ts to just about everybody, including some A-holes on FN. I have predicted just about everything right and you have not even mentioned my name. Instead, you have stolen my insight for yourself. You have stolen my intellectual property again and again without a whiff of credit to me. Why? I demand an answer, or I will leave. Then you'll be in a fix.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I am pissed about this. I deserve better.

BARBBF said...

Part of the movie might seem to be a case of art imitating far as the war in the Middle East. Actually.. in reality the present occupant in the WH did participate in rather than stop a war in the Middle East. That war was in Libya, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 50,000 thousands innocent civilians, which was followed by the "ethnic cleansing" of thousands of Black Libyans and African immigrants. Obama and staff invited the new rulers of Libya to the WH to celebrate the success of the invasion and the murder of Gaddafi, his son and his staff. When someone had the temerity to ask about the murder of Black Libyans and Africans, he was told that..that was no one's business.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


You and i are often on the same page and as two field workers albeit of other mothers
i do appreciate you and your candid sarcasm as have learned a lot from you and i thank you.

Now, About Egypt and Libya who cares? Arabs are the first slavers and Muslims as a whole are exactly as former Cgsman West said they are...brutally cruel This i can prove

Now i dislike Wests politic vs the man.. i know the bro with the Philly lol personally and have for many yrs and like myself he spks his mind Like it or not

The USsnakes of amerikkka knew what would happen, they knew the outcome of their attempts to ride the Mid East and the world of Islam and its appointed leaders IT ain't happenin! And amerikka in its sick degenerate way really doesn't want that to happen..Go figure

Now, lets be clear I love Malcolm as a brother from Afrika and a man who was more about Afrikans vs Islam MOP
However, i made a promise yrs ago that i would never wrap my head up, become subservient to any man vs remain by his side for all of my days (and nights) OR make Salat to the East, make a Hajj, become a Hajji or allow myself to become involved in any org religion which condones terror against women Noralign myself with men who are pedophiles ( i can prove this)

So nothing that the united snakes of amerikkka can do or has ever done will ever convince this Afrikan that Islam is anything but wrong for me!..What others do is fine just keep your shirk in your own home


Anonymous said...

I see a lot of name calling but I don't see anyone talking about what the "endgame" looks like. If you really want to see the world shocked then picture this: Zimmerman is found not guilty and the "leaders" who pushed for this trial make an announcement stating they agree with the verdict and apologize for the inconvenience. You really would see progress on race relations, for a while at least. The talking heads would be at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

Not to be picayune, but Jamie spells his last name Foxx. I think it was originally a tribute to Redd Foxx. Whom I loved, we all should have loved, RIP.


PilotX said...

I may have to check Jamie's flick. I saw "olympus has fallen" with Morgan Freeman aka God running things.

Anonymous said...

While it would of course NEVER occur to me to criticize ANYBODY.

BUT,there is this small matter of "being against guns AND gun violence"remember?

So judging from the above picture there were guns involved? "A good shoot em up"

*Gasp* Et tu brutus?!!!

Now see, they CAN be fun. A good shoot 'em up is sooo...oh shall we say...tension releasing...
vicarious pleasure...whatever,but fun, by your own words, not mine.....hehehehe

field negro said...

Anotherbozo, that's my fault. And I actually know better. It's FOXX.

Anon@3:46pm, I have recognized u countless times on this blog. I even told the president of Anon Inc. what a good member u are.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Making it clear

hey Little Dick
You bit la culo again lol
Who cares about a Jew who doesn't know who he is
Sorry creep cracker you are on the wrong page Field and i are somewhere else

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Anon@3:46pm, I have recognized u countless times on this blog. I even told the president of Anon Inc. what a good member u are.

6:57 PM

Boo hoo !! ))))) Dayum Field that was cold Shoot need a sweater
Checkmate for little DICKS"

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field i missed a lot while in Sanford
But i wanted to make my comment LOL

Love it

Making it plain
Anonymous Bill said...
"A term used to describe a man with a large enough penis, to brake the anus of the woman or man he is having anal intercourse with.""
Say what? ! so won't a broomstick
Something creep crackers with small bones know a whole lot about

Anonymous said...

MatanzasGV, "Boo hoo !! ))))) Dayum Field that was cold Shoot need a sweater
Checkmate for little DICKS"

Well, the size of a wm's dick has never been an issue to women, esp Black women. They are looking for 'power and protection', which bm like YOU can't give. YOU are at the mercy, and everybody, including YOU know this.

Hence, all you have left to talk about is your dick which is also where your teenage brains are.)))))

Django Unbrained said...

Glad you enjoyed the Liberal fantasy violence porn.

In Hollywood, all terrorists are white guys and all heroes are black.

But only in Hollywood...

field negro said...

Django, Hollywood and Wasnington. ;)

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

field negro said...
Django, Hollywood and Wasnington. ;)
5:08 AM

Lacubana said Don't forget

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

MatanzasGV said...
Anonymous said...
MatanzasGV, "Boo hoo !! ))))) Dayum Field that was cold Shoot need a sweater
Checkmate for little DICKS"
Boo hoo))) again! grow up

What i know little penis white boy is that you do not want to box with This Afrikan sistah
"I AM SIN BEECHO, I HAVE A CHOCHA bendejo! But i have a lot of hutzpah!

Lets get it on

As an Afrikan, woman the size of a mans PENIS is just as important if not more so than power for conscious sisters
And, you cannot prove otherwise.

You have nothing, own nothing and are a nobody and noone to me
You are an EMPLOYEE

Yes, BLACK sisters will settle for anything, they at least want ya $$$
You have no power .. all that you have is a penchant for being FAKE and LYING

So what would any conscious Afrikan sistah want with a small broke head euro boy?

I promised my colleague F/N that i would not respond to anything you say here since the last time i slapped you down unless you lie! And now its on.

I really think that you want a debate about the Penis (freak) and you will lose
i know what i like in an Afrikan man and his $$$ and power are not it!! its his BRAIN duh! So do not pretend that you know what Afrikans like

It has been a long time since i read anything you write but today in line i am glad i did
Get real runt! your no competition

Afrikan (not black who are they anyway?) women on the other hand prefer a BIG penis because power is not all! but satisfaction is plus tiny heads like yours do not get
the JOB done You need to lick it!

This is what i say, and this is what i mean LIKE it or not
There will be no back and forth. What i say right here and right now is the only deal and the last words i will type to you I do not like you or your style!

Little head white boys like you do not count, as a matter of fact to be fair little penis house negros do not count even more so Its the BRAIN

its people of your ilk whom i have spent 25 of my 35 ys in law locking up

Its the small minded, short penis, envious, little skankyk creepy crakkers boys/housenegros like you whom i live to imprison along with a few Washingtonians

Those like you who troll sights like FN who CLAIM they are BLACK??? duh! make me suck!
Those like you, whom i want to vomit on when i even have to breath the air with them or interview one of your ilk :(

Moreover, little penis its short sighted, envious insecure little runts like u in smelly pantalones(shitty draws) whom i had to shoot and kill to protect myself /family
And if you want to match wits with with this WOMAN google me DC Wssh Post has our story!

'Last but not least
We own a biz where we educ Afrikans and others about self worth, and how to defend against all people and ideas which are unheallthy such as the BS snd misinfo you toss here

Scavenger , i talk about PENIS, to get a rize out of insecure ignorant runts like u.. WHY? because real secure Afrikan men do not respond, to the word rather they focus on the gist of the subject REAL MEN!
You fall each time Sucker

Secure bredren of all hues keep the focus and move on.
So nobody, which are you runt, lowly pink boy, or insecure wanna be house negro?

Last why do my comments about small penis's bother you so much?

Grow up Boo hoo..can that gerkin pickle banana up and sell it

Ps End of story

Anonymous said...

Every black woman would take a white man if she could.

Obvoiusly, Matanazi can't...

Anonymous said...

If a white man were in my bed, I'd think I was sleeping with Porky Pig. A pink, hairy sucker would look like uncooked meat to me and is not nor has ever been my desire.

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