Sunday, July 07, 2013

How Donnie Spell spent his Fourth of July.

Maybe it's because I am getting soft in my old age and my racism chasing legs aren't as strong as they used to be, but I honestly have no problem with ole Donnie Spell and his float celebrating the Fourth of July.

"A small North Carolina town's Fourth of July parade was mired in controversy after a float touting "White History Month" drew a number of complaints from parade attendees.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Saturday that Hope Mills, N.C. parade included a float attached to a John Deere tractor, driven by local farmer Donnie Spell. The float included a large wagon filled with watermelons, and featured a sign that read "White History Month. Hug WTE PPL." A Confederate flag was also attached to the tractor.

"This should be over, all that stuff should be over," Hope Mills resident Suzanne Singletary told ABC11. "I don't understand why people are still living like this."

Spell applied for and received a permit to participate in the parade. However, according to town officials, Spell said the sign on his wagon would read "Watermelons for sale."

Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner told the Fayetteville Observer she had received a number of complaints about the float, and that the parade's board would review the float application process to prevent similar incidents in the future.

"I believe we've got to make sure we're sensitive to all people's feelings," she said" [Source]

And that includes Donnie. The guy wants to celebrate "White History Month" and remind us what the 4th of July is really about. He is not hurting anyone, and he didn't build his float with public funds; so let him participate.

I know he lied about what his float would say, but if you can allow a guy to sell his watermelons, you can allow him to celebrate white history as well.

Besides, I am sure that there were some folks in the parade crowd thinking, "way to go, Donnie."  


LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field me either Guess why

Making it plain

Its in his DNA and to be expected He like other die hard knights of the white camelia BS are committed to what they believe What is not to over?

Ps Keep a bullet in the chamber
There is no debate here and if so it will come via a phony this or that or a lying histrionic small penis who doesn't don't know what to be! Go figure? jajajaja

Anonymous said...

"He is not hurting anyone…"

The number of complaints suggest otherwise. A Confederate flag, too. Obviously, he is celebrating the wrong "country's" Independence Day.

"… he didn't build his float with public funds…"

Do you know for a fact that Donnie-boy doesn't receive farm subsidies?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Also another reason... i am like you an Atty who overstands the law and i will die trying to defend it

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
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LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Off the stream a bit but did i send you these?
i have them on my page and they are blowing up dayummmmm

Ok counselor i am hitting the sack we have to drive early about 1:am Will try to stick with newsone ;) see ya by weekend maybe
Stay vigilant those old race chasing legs are still fit! ;0

Anonymous said...

Field, really? I mean, was this all you had to post? really?

Look at it this way: It took place in S.C. where Confederate Flags used to fly at the state's capitol court house since the Civil War. I am not sure, but it still might be there. You see, Southern Blacks never complain about things like this. They have no power, much like the Blacks in Philly. They are a non-issue.

And, since the Greatest Supreme Court in History has set up Blacks to not vote in that state, Whites can vote and elect whomever they want without any concern of Blacks voting in Black politicians. The South will rise again!!!

field negro said...

Actually Anon@8:41, I don't. Maybe he does get farm subsidies. Now that might be a bit problematic. :)

Anonymous said...

Even if Donnie boy receives farm subsidies which every farmer does, it should not be a problem.

Wesley R said...

My family never had picnics on the 4th of July when I was growing up. Now I know why.
Frederick Douglass had it right way back then. I read an article somewhere saying that the wingnuts like nutty Beck are now going around quoting Douglass trying to make him one their own.
When I read that I thought about what my man Robin Harris used to say "aint that a bitch".

Carumba said...

MatanzasGV said...
Zeemermans going to walk cause the prosecution lawyers so bad! Aye yi yi!

No Mazda, he is going to walk because he is innocent of the charges, but you are right about those lawyers.

Muumar said...

That cracker Donnie needs to be put in jail. White people aren't allowed to show any pride today in the BRA. He will be crushed, this must never happen again.

Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts on Mr. Spell's gesture.

He should have thought a little bit harder on that float idea. and dug until he got at the real reason for it.

While, like many he may be feeling resentful of the bad economy, the POTUS and the perceived idea that all the jobs are going to immigrants and Affirmative Action, and while he may be feeling that the country has become a BRA, he really should read up on his history books and not be so reactionary.

First of all his sign "celebrate white history month" is a travesty and a mockery of a people that have been denied any history of their culture and land in American history books and schools until not too long ago!

His use of the confederate flag is an emblem that alludes to his endorsement and complicity with those times, and as such is an open provocation and an insult that can only generate anger and resentment,which I think was his intention anyway.

On the one hand they may say "oh he has a right,but when you really analyze it, is it his right, or is it a reactionary gesture to hit out and hurt innocent people?

What is behind his hatred and anger is what must be addressed though.

Anonymous said...

Desert, what does BRA mean? Thanks.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field said
I don't. Maybe he does get farm subsidies. Now that might be a bit problematic. :)
Milagros said:
I don't either

As a matter ANY creepy cracker or KKK/racist who gets anything the Afrikan farmers who tilled the land for nothing for 400 yrs+ was denied should not get a dash of dirt

Chess anyone?
ps while my mate rolls his eyes at me in the truck, i know that some of your hatas are glad that i am not here as much as before
OH!!!! well! but wait until after this trial when i will l show how someone here spoke amiss a few weeks back jajajajajajs

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...



LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Making it plain en route to Seminole Cty

That creepy crakker donnie has a right to show his true colors and unless and until Afrikans overstand that fact, we will be in constant denial of who people like donnie and others really are

Sure our people (Afrikans) were denied land (robbed of it) and subsidies for ever and every bit of land and dirt we owned were taken

Along with the fact that every inch we have gained as a people has only been through the legal system

Why do Afrikans have to ask the court for anything after having all things taken? Is reparations the answer?

Moving on
This is a struggle which my family knows much abiut and which i have been a part of for over 40 yrs.
Since pre 60's my family has been following the mistreatment and disenfranchisement of Afrikan farmers and our litigation efforts against the U.S. government forever at home and abroad

It is no diff in amerikkka than in Mozambique, Namibia Or Cuba other than Mugabe took back the land, Fidel took back the land and redistributed it ( ( i have been to both countries and know this) Yet the hatas and supremacist make them the bad guys smh@

As my good friend and supporter Chokwe Lumumba says and i misquote:
The deliberate and racist economic violence against Afrikan farmers has been going on for decades

And for eye Milagros and mine donnie is only doing what the GOV allows after decades of terror denial and murder

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Making it plain And let this be clear

MatanzasGV said... NO! Carumba
That is what you said i said

And when did u crawl from out of your trailor finger your small PENIS and think that you could box with me?
Now little Penis if you want to box with me bring it on!
Just know that when you say i said something i suggest that you quote me jajjajaja or i will bring YEMAYA to your trailor Be clear! I am inan excellent mood today work for nooone and am WAITING with tablet???? Hello!

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Last one for a while gotta dump my bag in car

in 2013 fokes esp Afrikans ( others get in line)

donnies float nor his gesture are about jail or even free speech as much as it is a lesson for all people of all hues with good intentions.

.It is a lesson that Afrikans should know better than most, esp after the scotus slapped people in the face last week?
What is it that we as a people cannot fathom or get about people like donnie?

Why are Afrikans still in battle about Watermelons when most amerikkkns like them ?

What is it that keeps Afrikans in struggle against BS when the scotus set people back 50 yrs donnie is showing you the answer!!!

i suggest Field that a class in Constitutional law would be in order jajajajajaja There are so many other things to be concerned about

Way to go Donnie! i c u.. overstand u.. and i know how to do what i must do to keep the focus

peace and love to my people

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Just thinking

If i sound harsh to your bloggers here i do not mean to i just sense that too many just don't get it. BHAI?
OR Counselor they are just typing to read what they wrote and to appear astute ( a mind is a terrible thing to waste;(
There are some who do get it and to them i owe no explanation i thank them
Others Shaking my head<..> and rolling eyes

See ya soon will be back at the office mid week

Were about to enter court

control+halt+delete said...

" The South will rise again!!!"

And we'll crush you again!!!

The only blanke history month your descendants will see will be the one the Chinese give you,you silly rabbit.

It must be hard being white. After all the lying, cheating and stealing you've done, the best you can do is come up with a watermelon wagon commemorating this "great" country!
By the way, whenever I see the confederate flag it reminds me of the meeting between grant and lee. As the story goes lee arrives in a clean fresh uniform and grant didn't bother to afford him the same courtesy...don't you think that was rude? And let's not forget Sherman's march thru Atlanta because frankly scarlett...I don't give a damn. The old southern way of life is gone with the wind.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that Pale Males cause cancer, diabetes, hypertension and delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

happy 4th of u lie?????

till no word on that blackish liar hobama's blatant rabid racism or lies?

black agendaless
martial law


Anonymous said...

still no word on that blackish liar hobama's blatant rabid racism or lies?


Anonymous said...

stop the feogned selective outrage!

does this word hurt you so as it blares over the radio all day????

it is a mere word
no more powerful than any other slur

let's FIRST get rid of the niggers like hobama that it describes so expertly....

THEN fret over that word

Anonymous said...

rushing as always!!!!

stop the feigned selective outrage!

Anonymous said...


We have drill down into these racists to find out what happened to them to make them want to be this way, why they are so afraid.

When I young, I went to head-star, It was the best thing my parents could have done. I have had friends (good friends) from many races. Because I'm not AFRAID of people who look different then I do.

Racism works both ways though, I have felt it from people who are not white, towards me, as well. It's because Those people were treated with racism, so forth and so on.

It's like a God-Damned Virus, except the host has to WANT to let it infect them.


AB.... Field cant speak on any real issues ;
because his Hero is mired in controversy , and scandal....

Check out Mos- Def protesting the Force Feeding of Gitmo prisoners on Ramadan ....

Anonymous said...

MatanzasGV said...
"Were about to enter court"
Hi MatanzaGV, Where are you seated in court, I'm watching the trial and would like to see you!

Colonel Sanders said...

" Anonymous said...
MatanzasGV said...
"Were about to enter court"
Hi MatanzaGV, Where are you seated in court, I'm watching the trial and would like to see you!

11:25 AM"

She's the fat, ugly one with no teeth, sitting in the back, gnawing on a chicken leg.

Anonymous said...

Donnie Spell

racist provocation..............A

business acumen.................F


Anonymous said...

Can any brother or sister tell me WHAT Obama has done for us, and WHY Field and some FN Negroes still worship him?

Are we that unconscious and blind? Why can't we face the truth and talk about the Obama Elephant in the living room? We are destroying ourselves and our future with denying the truth.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman was non-athletic and lacked the skills to physically defend himself. This has been shown by the defense based on a gym trainer. Basically, the trainer said Zimmerman was soft.

Looks like Zimmerman is going to walk a free man.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that DESERT, a supporter of FN and TM, has been silent today about the trial. That is a sure sign that she believes, much like Field, that Zimmerman is free.

PilotX said...

Irony is lost on conservatives. This fool celebrates the 4th by flying a flag of treason and defeat. SMDH

Anonymous said...

The Confederate Flag is not looked upon as a flag of defeat. It is looked upon in the South as PRIDE, and DEFIANCE. Make no mistake about it, the South is rising while the North is dying.

Just look at Detroit, Philly, Newark, murderous CHICAGO, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Wilmington, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn....all dying cities in the North. NOBODY wants to live there except people who can't get out.

Mr XPilot, get who those people are? I believe Mr Field uses the term "cousins".

Anonymous said...




i love mos def!!!

hobama has his OWN secret benghazi


Anonymous said...

please pray for justice for trayon!!!

Black & Right said...

This is what a brave black blog looks like:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I am surprised that DESERT, a supporter of FN and TM, has been silent today about the trial. That is a sure sign that she believes, much like Field, that Zimmerman is free."
I just got in from an ophthalmologist appointment which I'm steaming because these doctors have people waiting since early am and I walked out! I'm going somewhere else!Ima blog about the experience later,if we have internet because there's a storm coming!Everything is dark grey already!

Just now watching the trial.

and yeah I want to know where Matanzas is sitting too! How exciting she gets to be there!!!

And who is TM?

Reuben the Cuban said...

Zimmerman is gonna walk because the state's lawyers are a pathetic bunch of morons.

field negro said...

Still can't believe some of these Negroes are depending on a politician to make their lives better.

*shaking head*

PilotX, that's a good point about our boy the watermelon man.:)

Anonymous said...


why are u hobama nazis pretending hobama has made YOUR life better then???


why are you ignoring how that racist big bro bankster/global warlord hobama has made our lives worse????

cc ndaa/jobless/homeless/gunless/nsa/troy davis/assata/himerto leal garcia/wwiii/africom etc

shame on u fn....shame!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i just read your brave blog...

i live in ar
there are more obese wf teens here than black ones
obesity is a dietary/class issue
not a racial one

i am unsure that the letter is real
real teachers sign their names to such essays
see more below

it reads like a mythical white willie lynch letter
which is also a racist hoax
no brave teacher will deny its tragic inherent truths
cc trayvon's illiterate gf rachel



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Desert, what does BRA mean? Thanks."
Ask Muumar 12:45AM, he knows ;p

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh, I just got it, I thought by TM you were referring to someones blog!

Listen Trayvon Martin should be alive today!

Trayvon Martin was the victim of this wanna be fat fool, that is obviously now fantasizing he is a lawyer too just because he's sitting next to one and has a suit on!

He has to be punished because he will kill again! His type always do! Believe me!

And a precedent/example MUST be set and this is/has to be IT!

NEXT! (Hey MGV, I'm beginning to like that :) NEXT!!!

Anonymous said...

obese girls exist in all races

visit any walmart etc

obesity is a dietary/poverty/class issue
not a racial one

Anonymous said...

stripper dancers &
obese boys exist in all races too

another reason the letter is suspect


LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

MatanzasGV, "Boo hoo !! ))))) Dayum Field that was cold Shoot need a sweater
Checkmate for little DICKS"


What i know little penis white boy is that you do not want to box with This Afrikan sistah
"I AM SIN BEECHO, I HAVE A CHOCHA bendejo! But i have a lot of hutzpah!

Lets get it on

As an Afrikan, woman the size of a mans PENIS is just as important if not more so than power for conscious sisters
And, you cannot prove otherwise.

You have nothing, own nothing and are a nobody and noone to me
You are an EMPLOYEE

Yes, BLACK sisters will settle for anything, they at least want ya $$$
You have no power .. all that you have is a penchant for being FAKE and LYING

So what would any conscious Afrikan sistah want with a small broke head euro boy?

I promised my colleague F/N that i would not respond to anything you say here since the last time i slapped you down unless you lie! And now its on.

I really think that you want a debate about the Penis (freak) and you will lose
i know what i like in an Afrikan man and his $$$ and power are not it!! its his BRAIN duh! So do not pretend that you know what Afrikans like

It has been a long time since i read anything you write but today in line i am glad i did
Get real runt! your no competition

Afrikan (not black who are they anyway?) women on the other hand prefer a BIG penis because power is not all! but satisfaction is plus tiny heads like yours do not get
the JOB done You need to lick it!

This is what i say, and this is what i mean LIKE it or not
There will be no back and forth. What i say right here and right now is the only deal and the last words i will type to you I do not like you or your style!

Little head white boys like you do not count, as a matter of fact to be fair little penis house negros do not count even more so Its the BRAIN

its people of your ilk whom i have spent 25 of my 35 ys in law locking up

Its the small minded, short penis, envious, little skankyk creepy crakkers boys/housenegros like you whom i live to imprison along with a few Washingtonians

Those like you who troll sights like FN who CLAIM they are BLACK??? duh! make me suck!
Those like you, whom i want to vomit on when i even have to breath the air with them or interview one of your ilk :(

Moreover, little penis its short sighted, envious insecure little runts like u in smelly pantalones(shitty draws) whom i had to shoot and kill to protect myself /family
And if you want to match wits with with this WOMAN google me DC Wssh Post has our story!

'Last but not least
We own a biz where we educ Afrikans and others about self worth, and how to defend against all people and ideas which are unheallthy such as the BS snd misinfo you toss here

Scavenger , i talk about PENIS, to get a rize out of insecure ignorant runts like u.. WHY? because real secure Afrikan men do not respond, to the word rather they focus on the gist of the subject REAL MEN! Stand up wimp ya penis is not growing
You fall each time Sucker

Secure bredren of all hues keep the focus and move on.
So nobody, which are you runt, lowly pink boy, or insecure wanna be house negro?

Last why do my comments about small penis's bother you so much?

Most Afrikans with a sufficient Penis do not respond they are secure What with your fascination with what i say LMAO
Do ya like it Freaky crakker?

Grow up Boo hoo..can that gerkin pickle banana up and sell it

Ps End of story

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Field we are on the same page But i still hold up Yemaya

YES this is interesting decided to sit with Tracey for a min but i can see it on my laptop

We will break Jury off for day

Anonymous said...

gz is a racist kkkiller with a very long racist kkkriminal rap sheet

gz's 47 total cloned 911 calls prove he is a racist cowardly kkkiller mall cop/real cop wannabee

gz should get at least 47 yrs for murdering tm in cold blood

gz cocked his gun to ready it for any bm kill before he left his vehicle
tm was screaming and chased
and it was all recorded


may god please let this jury do the right thing

Anonymous said...

MatanzasGV said...
"decided to sit with Tracey for a min but i can see it on my laptop"

Oh so you're not really in that courtroom are you???

Anonymous said...

Are they letting him keep his gun permits???

Because if he gets off scot free,and with his gun permits, y'all better watch out down there,cos you're gonna have a gun toting,wild wild west, self appointed sheriff man, a-hunting down ANYBODY he can catch,and calling them "suspects" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Weezie said...

Zimmerman will walk because the prosecutors are hoplessly incompetent. The prosecution team should have been comprised entirely of white men. You need smart lawyers in an important case.

Peter Vein said...

Are you looking at penises on your laptop? You sure aren't proving anything about Zimmerman!


Anonymous said...

The prosecution lawyers are apparently thinking about BIG penises!

Anonymous said...

@Peter Vein,and Anon8:38 Ahahahahaha! Peter Vein,how the h*** do you come up with so many crazy names?

See now this thread is contaminated by P**** comments!

Why you guys like to talk 'bout penises so much??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


field negro said...

Weezie, strikes me as someone with some "shortcomings".

Just sayin. :)

Anonymous said...

Weezie said...
"Zimmerman will walk because the prosecutors are hoplessly incompetent. The prosecution team should have been comprised entirely of white men. You need smart lawyers in an important case.
De La Rionda is what? Cuban? He's the effing worst! A joke!

Zimmerman will not walk cos he will become the unpaid sheriff down there and shoot to kill if you are walking your dog the wrong way!

and if he doesn't like the way the dog shits,KAPOW! See you later alligator! *insert picture of him blowing the smoke from the gun here*

and if you're walking to the mailbox and you see him coming, with his guns holstered one on each side, and his cowboy hat and star badge, you better drop the mail, throw your hands up in the air where he can see them and fall to the ground. Or your ass is a goner.

I'm telling you, cos now he has to kill a white man just to redeem himself and prove he isn't a profiling racist!

I'm telling you, it's coming, wait for it...for real...

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
"Weezie, strikes me as someone with some "shortcomings".

Just sayin. :)"
LOLOL! Oh Field don't egg them on!

Oooooooooo they're gonna be maaaaddd :p

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman might walk, but I don't believe he'll be walking for a long amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman has to do some time. The best thing for Zimmerman is to do some time. Zimmerman is a nutjob. Did you see the look on his crazy face today when the woman Lee Ann started to talk about how much she appreciated him and blah,blah,blah? He was so proud he looked like he wanted to cum! Geez what a jerk, I swear,ain't never seen nuttin like that before!

With that face....have you seen how ugly he is, with those nasty beady eyes darting back and forth?

He's just ugly on the inside,and it reflects on his face,ugh! Those eyes,creeeepy!

Trayvon thought he was a mad rapist going to kidnap him and they'd find his body in some ravine! I mean it happens every day in Florida! I see these things on the news! Everybody does!

He has to at the very least, do time, cos he's dangerous right now. Otherwise he killed once, no problem right? So he'll kill again! Simple as that!

I believe he'll kill again.

Anonymous said...

I hope they screen people as dumb as Desert from the jury pool...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"I hope they screen people as dumb as Desert from the jury pool..."
:( I'm very hurt by this comment. I have never called anyone "dumb" here.

I may perhaps have thought it, but I kept it to myself in order to preserve civilized relations/discussions on here. BUT, unless I get an apology, I will here to forth also fling same epithets, or something, I'll think about what I'll do. But it won't be pretty, I can assure you!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm going to need some jewelry to go along with that apology X(

Anonymous said...

Dear Field,

Hopefully you can update this story as more information has come out. The farmer Donnie Spell also featured a 'pickaninny' sign on his watermelon cart in past parades as well. Photos are in the article and on the Hope Mill's website.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman has to do some time. The best thing for Zimmerman is to do some time. Zimmerman is a nutjob.

It's not illegal to be a nutjob, and for that you should be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous10:13 PM
"Zimmerman is a nutjob.
It's not illegal to be a nutjob, and for that you should be thankful."
Well i am. and no it's not, you are correct, but what is illegal is for a nut job to go around chasing people with guns because he's 'assuming" that they are criminals!s. confronting and killing them.

Unknown said...
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