Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Riley is caught off guard and George is caught speeding.

Most of you who come to the fields on a regular basis know that I live in Philly and I am a huge Eagles fan. Come football season I ride with Gang Green no matter what. So it is with a heavy heart that I have to report tonight that the Big R has struck Eagles Nation.

One of Tim Tebow's best buds -and his roommate from college- was caught dropping the N- word at a good ole boyz concert. Now Riley Cooper is no politician or person influencing public policy, so if he is a closet racist it doesn't really bother me that much. It's all par for the course as far as I am concerned.  What does bother me is the distraction that he has become to my team.

"Embarrassed Eagles receiver Riley Cooper stood fittingly with his back to a wall outside the team's training complex press room Wednesday night, apologizing for a racial epithet used after a confrontation with an African American security guard working a June 8 Kenny Chesney concert.

The six-minute, 45-second apology -- which followed a Twitter apology -- was only the beginning for Cooper, who was fined an undisclosed amount by the team and now awaits word on whether the NFL will tack on more discipline.
The receiver said he intended to apologize later to his teammates, many of whom are African American, following a 7 p.m. walk-through practice.
VIDEO: Cooper's outburst

"It's going to be very difficult for me. I'm going to tell them, 'I'm extremely sorry,' tell them exactly what I'm telling you guys. There was a confrontation and I handled it extremely, extremely poorly,'' Cooper said to 25 reporters and six local television cameras. "This is kind of the lowest of lows. This isn't the type of person I want to be portrayed as. This isn't the type of person that I am." [Source]

Actually, Riley, that is exactly the "type of person" that you are, and it's only the "lowest of lows" because you got caught on camera. Sadly, you are a pretty good receiver, and with one of our other top receivers out for the year with a torn ACL, you were going to be number two on the bird's depth chart. Now every time I see you going over the middle I am torn between wanting to see your head separated from your shoulders by some crazed linebacker or you catching the rock and taking it to the house.

Good luck with the apology tour with your teammates. I hope they make that extra block for you this year. I am sure you do as well. We wouldn't want one of those N*****s ending your career.

Finally, it looks like child killer, George Zimmerman, is in the news again.Unfortunately for George he was caught speeding with a gun in his car. Fortunately for George he was stopped in a place called Forney, Texas.

"Hey, ain't you the guy that killed that N****r boy down in Florida? Sir, you have a nice day, and let us know if you have any problems down the road. We will be glad to provide an escort for you."

Ok, so maybe it didn't quite go down that way, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it did.

"Zimmerman, who informed police that the weapon was in the car shortly after being pulled over, was asked where he was going, to which he responded, "nowhere in particular," according to the site.

CBS News reports that, during the traffic stop, which occurred at 12:54 p.m., Zimmerman also asked the officer if he recognized him from television.
This is the second time Zimmerman has been in the news since his trial ended on July 13.

Three days later, Zimmerman reportedly came to the aid of a family trapped under an overturned SUV on a Florida highway, pulling two children and their parents to safety".

Yes George, I am sure that he recognized you. This is why you were only given a warning for speeding with a firearm in your vehicle.

Oh, and about that "overturned SUV, story.......


Anonymous said...

Yes, George is in Texas to address the Senate. No doubt they want insight into Stand Your Ground..heaven forbid anyone not white and male in Texas have any chance at civil rights.

Anonymous said...

Cooper didn't say, "nigger", he said "nigga" which is perfectly acceptable.

Wesley R said...

Did you hear that Nutty Marcus Vick put up $1,000, for any safety that 'lights Cooper's ass up'? What is he going to do, borrow the money from his brother?

Cooper is Nutty as well, because all those crazy defensive players need is an excuse for get overly fired up about something. He may not catch a pass in traffic this year. Or go in traffic for that matter.

Anonymous said...

First you attack GZ for the trial not going your way. Then you attack Don Lemon because he didn't act the way you thought he should act.

Now you are on GZ simply because he got out of a speeding ticket in Texas. That's just plain jealousy.

Re: a gun: George has every right to carry a gun, except the one he shot Trayvon with, which the DOJ has collected. The man was declared innocent, remember?

You know, We have a lot of crap going on in our own community, like DAILY black-on-black killings, DAILY OOW, DAILY thefts, DAILY rapes, kids walking around with disrespecting elders, kids with their pants down around their knees, black politicians ripping us off, pastors ripping us off, a President who doesn't give a damn about us...Shouldn't we be focusing on that?.........Just askin.

Why are we obsessed with what Whites are doing? I mean, we have a pile of shit so high the angels in heaven are complaining about the smell. We really need to "get busy" with our own problems.

PilotX said...

Another reason to dislike the birds.
And G-Money needs his gun because we all know there's a lot of blah teens with soft drinks and candy out there.

Anonymous said...

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to happen to Cooper because the brothers WILL protect him. As far as going in traffic to catch a pass, the quarterback nor the coach of the Eagles want that. Even if he does run down the center. Cooper is a fighter. He'll run over any of the black players and spit in their faces.

Field, I am sure you know that the Eagles only hire bad-ass white boys. It's the black quarterbacks they seem to fall short of. Of course, leadership has never been a strong suit for bm. Look at Obama. He comes up waaaay short.

Anonymous said...

Blogger PilotX said...
Another reason to dislike the birds.
And G-Money needs his gun because we all know there's a lot of blah teens with soft drinks and candy out there.

10:16 PM
Not in Texas. That's only in Florida. Black teens are out of control in Florida. Blacks know better than to start anything in Texas. Have you EVER heard of a brother starting anything in Texas? NO.

Anonymous said...

"The officer was shaking in his boots, and just asked GZ to pleeeese slow down for him,pretty please?...and to take it easy.

GZ is prolly living in Texas,where he thinks he can pass as a Mexican.

I hear his wife has dyed her hair black and taken to wearing it in two long braids with a red flower pinned over her ear.

They have also both taken to screaming Ay ay ay ay, ijoleee, andale, andale, from time to time.

Good luck Texas law enforcement, there's a new sheriff in town!

PilotX said...

G-Money will probably get caught by the minute men and sent packing. Maybe he should have stayed in FL.

Anonymous said...

The senior vice president of the NAACP agrees with O'Reilly regarding the disintegration of the AA family:

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in reading the license, the cop refers to him as a white male. Hmmm....

Other interesting details:
Gray Honda Pickup
Plate: 816 TLP
DL number: Z565313833650
DL exp: 2016

Surely someone, somewhere can use this information to stand his ground.

Anonymous said...

anon@10:30p, thanks for that link. O'Reilly will be credited over time with the reconstruction of the black community simply because he is persistent about improving the conditions in the AA family. We sorely need it.

So will Don Lemon. But Sharpton and Jesse Jackson won't get credit for anything, which is the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Interesting that in reading the license, the cop refers to him as a white male. Hmmm....

Other interesting details:
Gray Honda Pickup
Plate: 816 TLP
DL number: Z565313833650
DL exp: 2016

Surely someone, somewhere can use this information to stand his ground.
Oh my gosh! How'd you get all those details?

Anonymous said...

Desert, it's in the video but obviously you haven't seen it. Try clicking on a few links in the post and you will see and hear for yourself. It's not that hard.

Anonymous said...

NAACP AND O'Reilly go off the grievance rails:

JuJu Dupree said...

As far as Cooper, lets see how well the black guys on the team block for him since they bore witness to his rants expressing his true sentiments.
I am just wondering if Texas is going to be Zimmerman's new residency for him to have been caught there despite his reason for being in the state.

Wesley R said...

Zimmerman is making the same mistake OJ made. He's doing too much. He needs to lay low for a while or he'll end up getting caught up in some shit before long.

Anonymous said...

anon1102p, watching that interchange between Hillary Shelton of the NAACP and O'Reilly showed that O'Reilly has been studying the AA family for over 30 years and actually know where the root of the AA problem lies. But the NAACP doesn't know.

Eric Dyson was on that tape and he continues to prove that he is a neurotic and off the chart.

I am grateful to O'Reilly for keeping this issue at the forefront.

Anonymous said...

Crazy. We're all crazy and many don't know it.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

If it's not in your heart, it won't land on your tongue.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman for president in 2020!!!!
"He knows how to fix this country's problems and he has experience"

field negro said...

Zimmerman's wife is being charged with perjury. I think lying runs in the family.

field negro said...

#7 has forgiven Cooper and says he is moving on. Oh the irony.

control+halt+delete said...

"O'Reilly has been studying the AA family for over 30 years and actually know where the root of the AA problem lies."

O'reilly needs to get his own house in order.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nobody gonna respect Blacks till Blacks start respecting themselves. Where the hell were all the Black leaders 30 years ago when America started referring to Blacks as "MINORITIES?" How come none of them protested that? Where the hell were all of the Black leaders 20 years ago when Black boys started wearing their pants on the ground with their assess and their underwear showing in public? Nobody did a damn thing to instill respect for self into these boys. Not the parents, not the ministers, not the schools, not the Black leaders NOBODY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The wonderful Black leaders just sat back and watched Blacks glorify prison and gang fashion, listen to filthy lyrics on rap music, reject school, smoke dope, steal, make lean, and ON, AND ON, AND ON. I guess this wasn't profitable enough for the Black leaders to address.

Through The Bible with Dr. Stevens said...

I am GLAD Cooper came out of the closet, I would rather MY racist be up front and not undercover.

Anonymous said...

Gz is a psycho child kkkiller!

He also has horrid karma!

He will kkkill again…


Anonymous said...

from the previous thread:

Anonymous said...
"You can tell how much a person deep down inside feels like a "nigger" by the way they respond to being called one."
I wonder what the person who calls a person a "nigger" feels like deep down inside?

Black Ink said...

Amen to my Brothers and Sisters @ 10:10, 7:58 and 8:04 for presenting the REAL issues that face our communities!

Race mongers like Field, Black Sage, PilotX et al prefer to focus on an old rotten tree while the forest burns.

The Jesse Jackson philosophy was needed in the 60's and early '70s and I will always be grateful for his efforts and sacrifices back in the day. However, times have changed--like it or not. And with change we, as a people, must adapt or we shall perish. History has shown us that survival of the fittest NOT survival of the dependent rules the day.

Consider the technological changes that have occurred over the last decade........can you imagine the changes that will come over the next decade?
Should we be content to cling to our government issued cell phones and outdated laptops or do we want to have ownership in the R&D and corporate profits?

There are black folks who would rather dress, talk and otherwise act as fools all the while blaming the "creepy cracka" for their life's failure.......then there are those of us who choose to engage life responsibility and acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed in a 1st world economy.

Ironically, the black American success story too often carries with it an even greater sense of guilt than the commonly coined phrase, "white guilt".

The successful American black is universally shunned from the old 'hood. We are labeled a sell out, house nigga, Tom etc. That is unless we castigate our success by overtly beating down, "the Man".
You see, the Fields of our black community feel they can (and sadly must) conceal their achievements--God forbid they be held "accountable" for not being a ghetto rat. Success for these type of black folks is bittersweet--assimilation of whiteness marked by the virtue of success means being ostracized by the roots of their birth!

What is a successful Brother or Sister to do?

Take the heat by going back to the old neighborhood and lead by example. Teach a youngster that taking responsibility for his/her actions is not a white or black thing but rather the right thing. Break the cycle of hate and despair the 'hood would otherwise invariably cripple the children with. If this behavior leads only one child off the government plantation imagine what that child will achieve!

After achieving success in corporate America condemn the process and all white folks generally thus encouraging your fellow brothers and sisters to be victims rather than taking responsibility for their lives. Do as I say not as I have done......hypocrisy be damned.

My fellow successful Brothers and Sisters we CAN choose what type of community leadership role we shall embark on.
We can choose to be a big fish in the scum pond with impunity like Field OR we can roll up our sleeves and clean the pond so that all the fish can grow strong and prosper.............which will you choose?

field negro said...

Personally, I chose to clean the pond a long time ago. The problem is that there are some house trained fish (let's call them goldfish) who have never swam in a pond before. They think that fixing problems and pathologies that set in due to a system that has been rigged for generations can be fixed by writing and preaching from a bowl.

PilotX said...

Quick poll, how many believe that Black Ink is really Black? GTFOH, what exactly are you doing to help "your" sistas and brothas? I live in the community, I go into the schools to preach the message of success and if observing the fact that racism exists today makes me a race monger then so be it. That was mistake number 1, no blah person uses the term "race monger", that is strictly a term used by racist whites. BTW you violated the new Godwin's law by mentioning Jesse Jackson, another clue to your whiteness. So don't try to play the I'm Black game because you have too many previous posts under that handle that show your true color or lack thereof. Nice try.
Race monger, ha!


They are definitely going to step aside and let him take a few hits for his stupidity.... He should just expect it , and wear some extra padding....

PilotX said...

"If Obama had four more sons....I guess they'd look just like these killers!"
Now I ask, does that sound like a quote from a down brotha who is a non race monger? But wait there's more.
"A horrible, senseless murder. Why hasn't it received wider attention? This might be why: Joshua Chellew is a white man".
"If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States".
Really? And we're supposed to believe you're a blah man? If by chance you are let me hip you to something, the people supposedly calling you an Uncle Tom because you're successful aren't doing it for that reason. Fact is that is serious cooning. Advocating that whites get a raw deal in the media opposed to us? I hope you are white pretending to be Black because if you really are Black (seriously doubtful) quotes like those show you are seriously delusional. SMDH.

Black Ink said...

Brother Field,

I learned a long time ago that folks are best evaluated by what they actually do; not by what they portend to do.

You, sir, are anything but a Field Slave, all the pretense, notwithstanding. You were raised in the "house" and remain in the house and all your cheerleading for the field workers ain't gonna change shit, my brother.

As to whether or not you have gone back to the old neighborhood to mentor kids to take responsibility for their lives and throw away the shackles of victimhood.......I hope you have. However, based on your blog's persona--common sense and rudimentary logic would indicate otherwise.

Your reference to me being a House Goldfish was clever, albeit unfounded and clearly not supported by any personal knowledge or credible line with your judgmental "journalistic integrity" as too often demonstrated on this blog.
On a lighter note I'm shocked not to have been labeled a House Whitefish in massa's bowl.

The intent of my comments is to offer options for our people to explore other than anger, hate, and victimhood. .....we all have seen where that road has taken too many of our people.

Black Ink said...


Perhaps I have more cream in my coffee than you.

I definitely have less of a chip on my shoulder and hate in my hear than you sadly harbor.

Black Ink said...


I do not accept your premise that being black means having to disregard all logic, reason and equity when it comes to evaluating right from wrong.

If a man, black or white, is to have any credibility in a debate; clinging to prejudice precludes it.

Anonymous said...

traythug martin was the product of nigger parenting who thought he could attack white people.this time he got what he was looking for,a bullet in the heart.this was self defense which has nothing to do with stand your ground you stupid niggers.keep fucking with whitey and you will run into more armed whiteys who will kill more usless niggers.

PilotX said...

Let me get this correct Ink, it is your opinion that white people are given unequal treatment in the press? I agree that having prejudice is wrong but you seem to have an anti-Black bias. Another question, do you really think President Obama is a "race baiter"?
Nothing personal brah but unless you are Jesse Lee Peterson you aren't Black. I've been around long enough to know how people relate to each other and I'm not buying it.

PilotX said...

I've seen it all now, Black Ink was a typical racist troll now suddenly it morphs into a conscious Black person. GTFOH.

Another question Ink, do you see. Barack and his family as positive roll models in your community?

BTW, you use slave language a bit too much for my tastes, "shackles" ect. That is also indicative of a white troll trying to distract and attack Black individuals. Funny, if you hate prejudice why do you only seem to have a problem with Black posters? You see no white racism? Fake!

PilotX said...

Oooops. You know the deal, ignore/excuse typos. My career as a receptionist is in serious trouble.

Black Ink said...

I think the American press as a whole is about as objective as Wayne Bennett is on this blog.
The press' primary concern is ratings and the resultant revenues that come with that.

Racism is rampant on both sides and is manipulated by the press to distract the majority of Americans from the real issues that face our nation.

Remember Katrina? The press never interviewed anyone like me........instead they found the most illiterate blacks they could round up to portray the image of what they wanted mainstream America to see and stereotype. The local and national news always highlights criminals as predominately young black males. Why? they want to scare and incite white folks. Then the media entraps both races in a televised race war when they find a crime of inter-racial violence......the ratings soar and the most brain-dead on each side are unfortunately the loudest in their protestations which are inevitably and ironically grounded in racism.
This sells and the media laughs all the way to the bank while the racial tensions continue to soar.
OJ Simpson was the Holy Grail or Pandora's Box .........and blacks as well as whites refuse to open their eyes to the scam.

Imagine, if you will, if people drew their conclusions on a case by case basis based on the actual relevant facts instead of the emotions of racism? Objectivity over irrational thought will quash this fraud.

We are not born racists; racism is taught and the largest "University of Racism" ever constructed is the US Media Industrial Complex.

I suggest that rather than buy into the media's agenda of racism that we rise above it.

Rather than fighting racism with more racism I submit that we call it out whenever we see it.
However, there is a distinct difference between perceived racism, pretend racism and actual racism.

Know the truth, speak the truth and never shy away from the truth......and we all know what the truth shall do.

PilotX said...

For the record Ink I do not advocate anyone ignore logic, reason and equity. That was never a premise I proposed. Show me where I made that statement.
I am befuddled about your logic though. You seem to be pushing for more successful outcomes in the blah community but only for certain types of blah folks. I will use myself as an example. I grew up in a blah neighborhood, did ok in school and graduated from college. I'm now a commercial airline pilot. Wouldn't that be the type of individual you would want to promote as a success or am I not the right type of blah person? How about Field? He's a successful attorney and yet in your eyes he's some type of dysfunctional malcontent. Seems to me you dislike blah success because the only people you attack are sistas and brothas who happen to have a differing opinion than yours.
That is mighty white of you.

PilotX said...

Good post Ink but I have a few questions for you.
1. Do you really think Barack is a race baiter?
2. Do you think Barack is a good role model?
Please answer in essay form. Thanks.

PilotX said...

Ha! You're accusing the media of using stereotypes and bias but you have no problem trafficing in your own. You continue to use the tired racist meme that blah folks see successful blahs as sellouts and Uncle Toms when in my 40+ years of being Black I've seen the opposite. Now you want to attack distressed folks who survived a cat 5 hurricane and probably saw loved ones die as ignorant. I like to think I have it together but I have no clue what I would say during an interview after having escaped with my life. Bad you seem to have a serious problem with "your" people.

Black Sage said...

Black Ink said: "Racism is rampant on both sides."

Shhhh, what have you been imbibing as of late?

When was the last time it was reported that an armed black man profiled an unarmed white teenager and after realizing he was getting his ass kicked, subsequently shot the white teenager and then claimed he was standing his ground?

Even futher, it's mighty white of you to misinterpret valid questions regarding the ill-behavior of quite a few white men as being angry. You're being patently stereotypical as most white people are.

In any event, I'm hitting the snooze button, someone awake me when Black Ink (suposed) is no longer intoxicated. I'm out!

Black Ink said...


Since you seem to like quotes here's one you made @2:13; "...I agree that having prejudice is wrong but you seem to have an anti-Black bias..."

Now my "Brotha" how can you say that with any degree of seriousness?
Would I just be "cooning around" if we were to talk about your use of creepy cracka, whitey, white troll, etc when we debate the veracity of your non-prejudicial philosophy?
Perhaps your understanding of logic, reason and equity are unique?

According to the teachings of PILOTX if a black airline pilot or a black attorney uses racist terms to describe white folks there is no racist intent; however, if a white person uses racially charged terms to describe a black person said white person is a racist? OMG ROTFLMAO! You are effing with me, right Bro'?

As to me providing a cite whereby you advocated supporting logical reasoned equitable are correct in that you never directly ;advocated unbiased behavior; I was merely giving you the benefit of the doubt, my bad.

With respect to me being schooled by you in essay form......pilot puleeeeze!

PilotX said...

Never said I was trying to school you. Um, if a person is a white troll a fact is a fact. And yes you caught me, I am pro-Black is there a problem with that?
You also ignored my questions I see. Even though you call me bro I still don't believe you're Black. Nice try though.

PilotX said...

Don't know man, I just find it interesting that you seem to only attack your sistas and brothas. You accuse the president of race baiting but when O'Reilly and Limpballs make racists statements crickets from you. And funny how you suddenly just turned Black yesterday. We see right through your game man. Either that or you're the biggest Tom on the planet.

field negro said...

Piliot, I think what the Inkster is suggesting is that we start showing more love for America and become more patriotic. Isn't that right, ink?

field negro said...

"What's the matter boss? We sick?" :)

Let me stop.

Carry on.

Black Ink said...


Abstract thought is a daunting challenge for a concrete thinker; so we'll leave logic and deductive reasoning for another day.

Best of luck and I sincerely hope that one day peace will replace the anger you have in your heart.

black Ink said...


Generic racially motivated insults ought to be beneath a man of your stature.

Why not choose instead to debate objectively on the issues.

Throw out a hypo and we might just agree on more than we only request is that the dialogue remain professional without racist slurs or petty stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

according to pilotx the klan is not racist they're just pro-white lol :)

Anonymous said...

Black ink,
You're exactly the type of negro that holds us back. It's not the brothers walking down the street with their pants on the ground, it's YOU. Those brothers got my back.. you on the other hand, don't. Your writings reflect a "better than you" attitude. You're sitting somewhere on a high horse looking down on the rest of us lowlife. Go f' yourself. You are the perfect tool for the likes of Beck and O'Reilly. Are you hear auditioning for a gig on Fox? Instead of sitting somewhere keying your criticism (like whitey) Why didn't you list the jobs you had to offer, the careers you've impacted the small business loans you're prepared to make? WHAT have YOU done, but assist in the tear down. Black folks don't need any more criticism or tearing down. We need building blocks, fresh creative ideas and togetherness. If you can't be on board with that go eat shyt and die!

Anonymous said...

cc hobama/the PIC prez:

cornel west is a hero

cw is also a REAL christian

"precious" = as in divine brothers

some divine brothers belong in prison

and west would agree

shame on the insane demonic hobama nazi pookie mf who penned this libelous lunacy

field negro said...

"Generic racially motivated insults ought to be beneath a man of your stature.

Why not choose instead to debate objectively on the issues."

Debates are good for Sunday talk shows and college classrooms, but not in the real world. Debates won't get people jobs or put food on their table.

No offense, but I have been debating people like you all of my life. I won't change you and you certainly will not change me.

If you really have the best interest of the black community at heart, you will try to put whatever plan you have floating around in that brilliant mind of yours into action. It's as simple as that.

If you are just a wingnut troll pretending to be black (As Pilot suggests), continue to enjoy life trolling the web. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Black Ink said...

Anon 5:25,

I am nothing special or elitist. I am simply a Family Physician who provides care in a large urban area.
My practice is primarily low income and fairly diverse: 50% black 30% Hispanic and 20% white.

I have mentored quite a number of less fortunate kids than myself. Less fortunate in that I may have grown up in the projects but I had a father and mother who taught my brothers and sisters and me the importance of faith, an education and moral conviction. We were richer than most when it came to character and family values. I have tried to pass this wisdom to my children, my patients, my community and now, as time permits, online.

I am proud to have made a positive difference in more than a few lives and I have done so without regard to race. When you take the time to get through racial barriers I have learned that the vast majority of people have so much more in common than the media and extremists would have us believe.

I have delivered Medicaid babies from broken homes and seen these young blessings go on to medical school on full scholarships and rotate through my clinic as interns and residents.
I have been to many graduations and cried tears of great pride to see young kids who statistically should not have made anything of themselves go on to law school and graduate school.........and when I get a letter thanking me for my contribution I smile realizing all I did was help plant the seed; these children who grew to responsible men and women overcame more than I ever could have.

So I have no great wealth or accolades to quote. I am merely a black man near retirement who has seen much human waste and would like to leave this world knowing that I did all I could to repay God for the blessings he has given me......nothing more, nothing less.

PilotX said...

Oh this is rich, this guy is a Black doctor. Don't worry Doc, I have no hate even for fake Black doctors but I notice you turn and run when directly questioned. Funny, you started out as a troll who simply posted Black crime statistics, then you became a watchdog for anti-white media bias and now suddenly you're a family practice doctor who mentors youth in your community. You really do have a low opinion of Black intelligence because Stevie Wonder can see through this BS. GTFOH. Doctor, ha! See ya Cliff Huxtable.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink is an honorable brother. It's Field, PilotX and a few other FN Negroes who are eff'd up.

PilotX, you have some nerve to question someone's profession, you no flying creep! No one believes you are a pilot for UA. You have far too much time on your hands to blog. You are a person on the Southside of Chicago without a job.

Black Ink said...


"Methinks the lady doth protest too much".

I have no need for pretense and could care less if you have ever even flown on a pane, much less piloted one.

I mentioned being a physician and my role as a mentor in response to another commenters' direct question.
Note that I do not refer to myself as Dr. Black Ink; as my profession is not relevant to the general dialogue of this blog any more than yours is.

I will continue to preach peace and tolerance; which ought never be confused with weakness.

I am off to supper with my wife........blessings my brother.

PilotX said...

Answer my question "doctor" Ink. Is Barack Obama in your opinion a race baiter?

Thanks, we'll deal with you suddenly becoming a doctor born in the projects with your brother JJ and sister Thelma later. Ha!

PilotX said...

"And not be content to do the bidding for the plantation massas of the Democratic Party" Black Ink.

I see the game now, a GOP plant. Nice pivot.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Sun i am well saw my son for the first time in ahile and was introded to my newest grdson..We are going to Tanzania today and to the former Zanzibar We have posted photos mon hubbys webpage ( his employees want to see)
Moving along The raggedy N word

Is there anything new here?
other than a new way of spelling .?. And not even that
In my next offer i will share the origins of the word and why it does not bother me or those in my circle
Sun i am also an Eagles fan and when my hubby played for your other home team i loved the Eagles even then
Now what is not obvious here? This son of others said the N word what is the big deal?
i would bet $$ that he is only apologizing because he was caught Do i believe that he says it often YES! And?????

Next the real story behind the ROYAL N word vs the one in rags

Anonymous said...

Making it plain from my Royal lips


The Historical and Occult Origins of the Word N.
means Serpent in the Vedic Sanskrit. The Hindu Naga Serpent Gods of India are mentioned in the Upanishad Texts, Nagini for the feminine. Indian Serpent Ruler, son of Kadru Kedar in Hebrew means Black.

In ancient India , the people with the blackest skins were respected and held to high esteem; original, first or primary.

The Nagas ruled India as well as a substantial portion of Asia from Arabia to China and the South Pacific, as well as the Indian Ocean region. There are a few definitions of the Naga but the origin is the Naga serpent, or the Naga’s a race of serpent like people from Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

The word Naga comes from the Sanskrit and nag is still the word for snake, especially the cobra, in most of the languages of India . The Naga is referring to the people who have full access to the Kundalini energy.

Kundalini being a serpentine force, to be honored with being called a Naga is to be wise as the serpent. from the questionable biblical Matthew 10:16 " Be ye therefore wise as Serpents, yet gentle as doves.?
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Anonymous said...

Making it plain the

Royal n word

Note that the Snake Serpent has been a symbol of wisdom since the metaphysical story of Adam and Eve. It’s the wise Serpent who offered them the fruit of knowledge.

Nibiru’s orbit passes through our solar system only once every 3,600 years, which is equal to one Nibiruan year. This controversial theory is based on Mr. Sitchin’s interpretation of ancient Sumerian texts and cuneiform tablets, having its origins in the Bible, the book of Genesis. Sitchin has spent decades as an archeologist and historian researching ancient writings from the Sumerian civilization and putting them into his five-part paperback series.

Netjer: is the Medu origin of the word Nigger, which means “God”, God of wisdom or force of nature. Medu Netjer is also the origin of the word “Mother Nature.” Netjer, a Kemetic word meaning “divine power,” is the one self- created deity which manifests in myriads of forms as the many forms of god/goddess manifest in nature. Each of the aspects is separate, but each remains a part of the whole.

The word for divinity that they used to represent the sum of all the names of the gods and goddesses is “NTR”, pronounced “Net-jer”, this word means simply means God. GOD!

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making it plain

The Royal Nager GODs

Nergal: is “the Healer” in the Sumerian lore. In ancient Sumeria, the Anunnaki which are also called Sun Serpents, The Heavenly Serpent, or The Serpent and the Rainbow, were the Serpents kings. Take for instance the Naki in the word Anunnaki. As in one of the chief Sumerian gods Enki, (connected to the Naki) “en” is translated as a title equivalent to lord; also a title given to the High Priest; “ki” which means earth; (connected to Geb the black goose). Naki is also connected “Nake” in s-NAKE) name for the Initiates of Chaldea, corresponding to the Nagas or “Snake-Kings.”
Shub-Niggar-uth: is an ancient Sumerian name for God, called later in Latin called Pan. It is a reference to the constellation Sirius. Shub-Niggurath; often associated with the phrase “The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”. Also is sometimes referred to as “The Black Ram of The Forest with a Thousand Ew.” The Black Goat is a personification of Pan.
Nakiel: another name of the Arch-angel Uriel. Naki-el in Hebrew means “Serpent of God,” or “Knowledge of God,” or” fire of God.” In The Book of Adam and Eve he presides over repentance. He’s is the dark angel who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel (Pineal Gland). The Magus claims that alchemy was brought down to earth by him.

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Making it plain

Thre case of the Royal GOD

Be Naki lol

be-Naki: “Father Serpent”, a name of an Indigenous people in amerikkka or the so-called Native The Abenaki also Wabanaki, meaning people of the dawn, are a tribe of Native Americans/First Nations belonging to the Algonquian peoples of the Northeast portion of North amerikkka .
Nuga-rmar-ta and Nago-mina: establishers of civilizations in Ghana and Mali that existed in the area before 1000 B.C.E.
Naba: In the Mossi tribe King is currently called “Naga”, which is “Naba,” which later developed into “Nuba” or “ Nubia .” Nahsi is another word for “Nubian.”
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Making it plain The Royal GODS Bib Nebo

BibNebo: the Babylonian word or the lical Hebrew word “Nebo.” Hebrew-Assyrian word “Nebo” means “Prophet” or “Eye” as in the “All-Seeing Eye.” “Nebo or Nabu” means prophet, proclaimer. The Babylonian “Nebo” is the heavenly scribe. In Star Wars the Phantom Menace the princess Padme Amidala home world was Naboo an obvious play on them being Babylonian. Jar-Jar Binks is a “Gungun” The Gungans resemble Hadrosaurs, A type of dinosaur. This is a representation of the reptilian Kundalini serpent life force. They lived under the water and the Naboo live above ground. The gunguns are the primal life force and Amidala’s people are the transformed version of the, beauty and the beast. When she meets with their king she tells them that they always lived together in peace and how they need each other to survive. Pointing out the higher and lover self coming together.

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Nakir: Is a black angel in Afrikah lore from Songhay to Nubia some say islam?
Nabi: is the Arabic equivalent, which means “Master of Knowledge” and is derived from the ancient Kama’atu word “ Neb. ” meaning Gold. Neb spelt backwards is “Ben,” short for “Ben Ben,” meaning Source, Spring or Phoenix-Bird or “Serpent in the Sky”).
Naga-raj: means “King of Serpents, Serpent King.” Nagaraj or Nagraj is a common Indian surname.
Naga-bhushan: means “One who wears Snakes as ornaments of Shiva.”

So how did GODS become less than GODS oooooops the euro made it up and the house negros said WE SICK

let me stop and lmao

Yes i copied and pasted from living out loud and being Afrikan out loud!
I am out of the us with limited online time but like the agitator i am i will be back to write again
next time for the little heads (as in small dicks)

Anonymous said...

Field said:

If you are just a wingnut troll pretending to be black (As Pilot suggests), continue to enjoy life trolling the web. I guess everyone needs a hobby.
Afrikan said
Are you saying that small dick pretending to be Afrikan Anon should continue to troll? We SICK! lmao
i would love for that short fingered wanna be Afrikan creepy crakka to meet me one day i would even pay for his travel; JAJAJA Yes anonymous little dick i am calling you out even though i will not read your response You know where i live and when i get back i will extend an invite!

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,
Thanks for taking time and sharing about yourself. I can relate to your post. I too am a little past middle age, was raised in a home with my mother and father and was part of an in-tact AA community. We were taught the value of faith, education and family and I passed those values on to my children.

I take your post to be true. However, I stand by every word I said. There is something in your tone that reflects a "better than thou" attitude (maybe it's the physician in you). TBS, I honestly believe you cannot reach young people with 'tude. We've got to meet them where they are and show them how they can get to where we are.

May, just maybe you do that, I don't know you personally, only what you post. Seems like you're doing your part to contribute, God bless.

Thanks for responding.
Anon 5:25

Anonymous said...

Milagros Garcia Villamil

Making it plain

Welcome sucker to the rolls of N words spewers

.With cell phones, instagram,you tube, have to be careful
beccause someone is always there ready to capture your voice

.At first some bred were supportive
of his apology but now that they are in training camp they allege that he was on the
sideline by himself looking pitiful no sleep hasn't been eating and weak.
He's a wide receiver and when he trys to catch the ball they
are going to hit him extra extra extra hard, he should be scared. We all know this is how
you really are.
Pay back is a bitch but it would be better if all Afrikans learned the truth about the word and

Anonymous said...

Someone said
I honestly believe you cannot reach young people with 'tude. We've got to meet them where they are and show them how they can get to where we are.

Afrikan said
where WE are?? NOT!!

Where it is best and healthier both physically and mentally NOT where We are?
For over 40 yrs i have worked in mental health social services and the legal field and it has been proven that where WE are as a society is not where todays children are best directed

Nor can our children or any child be taught when arrogance self hate and or excuses abound..The children now are not US they are who they have become Now what?

Anonymous said...

First Making it clear

The majority of the european cave people who come here with names which they hope to convince people of their Afrikaness are imposters
Why/how do i know this?
Engage them a few times and watch the language i flushed out anonymous black ink and a few others a long time ago and do not engage them at all i read nothing they write
Albeit i have challenged (hubby wants to meet him/her)
Anonymous to a visit on my turf which we will pay for!

Moving along
Field and myself and a few others are AFRIKANS the rest are stormies or from white watch

Gotta love em though even though they hate themselves Perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Its is just a matter of time There will be another body

One should note that this dude going nowhere in particular is scary and its like telling me he is HUNTING
What law did he break? SPEED laws and with a gun in glove comp or whereever
Is there a body somewhere?

Did he deserve a ticket? Who is in charge there oooops RPerry & GOP or sympathizers

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Afrikan said
Keeping it simple is he an abortionist at the beck of call of the legitimate rapists?

Oh this is rich, this guy is a Black doctor. Don't worry Doc, I have no hate even for fake Black doctors but I notice you turn and run when directly questioned. Funny, you started out as a troll who simply posted Black crime statistics, then you became a watchdog for anti-white media bias and now suddenly you're a family practice doctor who mentors youth in your community. You really do have a low opinion of Black intelligence because Stevie Wonder can see through this BS. GTFOH. Doctor, ha! See ya Cliff Huxtable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

Why are we obsessed with what Whites are doing? I mean, we have a pile of shit so high the angels in heaven are complaining about the smell. We really need to "get busy" with our own problems.

Yes Anoymous you do have feces piled high in the white comm when will you get busy helping to clean it up? When will you put boots on the ground and stay out of the Afrikan comm business? My grands are here in Afrika with me and for the first time in a long time they have been to the cinema. Why? Because of the fear in ameekkka of them being blown up in a movie.

YES i am calling you out U have been wanting a piece of this Cuban BRING IT

Black Ink said...

Always Concerned,

I tell my patients, young and old, "I am not here to be your friend I am here to keep you as healthy as I can".
Ironically, at the end of the day we usually end up closer than friends...... we're like a big family.

I admit to having having been called out for being condescending and arrogant by a fair number of people for preaching tough love and I do not pretend that the end justifies the means. I do know, however, that real life is tougher than any of my office visits.

I am not a follower of Dr. Spock. I do not believe in a touchy feely approach to issues of importance whether in the role of physician, father or mentor.

Tough love works when the authority is founded in fairness and the recipient's best interest is at heart.

Most of my patients would be eager to tell you what an asshole I can come across as---especially after their first office visit or when they've been non-compliant with their treatment plan. They will also tell you they have never had a doctor care as much for them......and their trust and faith in that belief has allowed me to motivate beyond the clinic setting.

After family, the greatest accomplishment we can have in our earthly life is to ease the pain and suffering of others........spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunities I have had and it has been a privilege to share my blessings.

And for those out there that choose to condemn me for whatever reason; I am cool with that.....just don't disparage the message because you detest the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain and in your face

When a human with blood as red as mine comes to this place and disparages Afrikans simply because they are Afrikans while eluding to bad behavior I question that.
I also sense a deep abyss and a lack of insight from said scribes?
My view becomes even more clear when the messenger delivers a misquote cannot own it and then lacks facts

Anonymous said...

There's a reason life is short. It appears that after the age of about 16, all humanity transforms into gangs of anus holes.

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