Monday, September 15, 2014

"A history of violence"

A long time ago when I was a single man and getting my party on, I tried to hook up with a beautiful sister while partying in another country.

I approached her and tried to make small talk, but before I could even ask her name she asked me if I was an American. I asked her why she asked, and she said that it was because I looked and dressed like an American.

I told her that I was born and raised in Jamaica, but yes, guilty as charged, I now make my home in America.

"I don't like American guys", she said, "You all are too macho and into that John Wayne culture. Look at your favorite games: Football; hockey; boxing; and stuff like that." (OK, that was awhile ago, and we don't even do the "boxing" thing that much anymore. It's more like MMA these days. But I get what she was trying to say.)

I was thinking of how I struck out with that Nubian yesterday, as I listened to pundit after pundit talk about the NFL's violence problem.

Let's face it, whether it's against children, or against women, the NFL now has a huge problem on its very well paid hands.

The good news for them is, though, that like that sister in the club in Bermuda was saying; Americans embrace violence, and football brings it for 16  games every year. That kind of passion just doesn't go away overnight. Throw in all the gambling that goes along with it and you have the perfect storm.  

The NFL knows this, and they have the billions to back it up.

For now, Roger Goodell and the boys will just ride out this storm, because they know that at the end of the day, Americans love their controlled violence and mayhem. They know that the same people pontificating and sermonizing on television about all the terrible things that the NFL is doing, will be offering their insight into Tom Brady's lack of an offensive line or Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense in a few weeks.

 I am thinking about that young lady in Hamilton, Bermuda again. I wonder what she did with her life.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she married some dude who played in the NFL.



Lilacpr said...

'Zero tolerance policy'

There needs to be one in place!

Because that way the players know, 'you do something illegal, whatever it may be, and you are out'

No second chances! That's BS, the bottom line is pain, and that way they'll be sure that if they want to play and be role models and stars,and make all that honey money, they better walk a straight legal and moral line,

But I hate even more that SOB Peterson.

He prolly rendered his little four year old son sterile in that testicle or maybe even both.

That is 'specialized tissue' it does not reproduce once injured, so it will only scar and never produce sperm!

SOB needs a psychologist bad!!!
They both do!

Field, you still thinking 'bout that girl??? omg ;*D you're too baaad Field!

PilotX said...

Football will have its day of reckoning. Many parents won't let their kids play because of the concussions and now more and more players are waking up to the reality that professional football can ruin lives. Even Superbowl shuffler Jim McMahon said if he had to do it all over he wouldn't have played the game. Add in the racist mascot in the nation's capitol and now you have a toxic mix. Methinks football will look a lot different in a few decades or sooner.

PilotX said...

At least sistagirl didn't bring up our fascination with guns. Now that would have been a deal breaker for you right? Ha!

Joder La Resistencia said...

Now i understand field.

Field was enjoying the lifestyle black privilege affords him when he was rejected by a Nubian princess.

Later on at the party- field saw the Nubian princess with a white man.

Field never forgot the Nubian princess or the white man that entertain her well into the night.

Field grew to resent YT. Blaming YT for all his ills. This resentment was enough to get field into racial grievance industry.

But that wasn't enough for field.

Field needed a release for all his anti-yt feelings.

Thus field negro was born.

Field sits alone in his study copying and pasting posts onto his blog. Checking his emails hourly for orders from massa.

On some nights, while field enjoys a glass of Franzia red, field's mind drifts back to that night.

What would have happen if that Nubian princess had "hooked up" with field?

Would field still harbor anti-yt feelings?

Would the field negro blog ever been born?

Would field be a corporate lawyer?

Would field by married to a white woman?

What if......

Anonymous said...

"Add in the racist mascot in the nation's capitol and now you have a toxic mix."

Football fans of every race support the "racist mascot".

I doubt that is adding anything to the "toxic mix".

Lilacpr said...

señor kinky said...
Now i understand field...

What if......
9:01 PM

Ahahahahaaa! That was too funny! :D

Joder La Resistencia said...

Second Adrian Peterson case involves alleged head wound, scar

According to KHOU 11 in Houston, the second case against Peterson, which has not yet resulted in criminal charges, arose after he administered a “whooping” to another four-year-old son by creating a head wound that reportedly left a scar over the boy’s right eye.

In a chain of text messages with the boy’s mother, Peterson admits that the wound occurred as Peterson disciplined the boy for cussing at a sibling.

Per the report, Peterson never admits what he struck the boy with, but Peterson told the boy’s mother, “Be still n take ya whooping he would have saved the [scar].” No charges were filed, according to the report. The boy’s mother filed a report with Child Protective Services; the outcome of the investigation is unclear.

If this is true, will black privilege save Peterson's Vikings career?

What about his NFL career?

Lilacpr said...

Wow! That Peterson is one sick dog!

It doesn't help either that those guys all shoot up anabolics and epo.

Anonymous said...

Field, "I am thinking about that young lady in Hamilton, Bermuda again. I wonder what she did with her life."

Field, you won't believe this but I just found out from my wife that she is the nubian princess you are talking about!

Seriously. my wife and I were reading your post together and she said, "OMG! I remember him."

It's a small world isn't it? All this time on FN I never knew why you called me White when in fact I'm Black. Now I know.

Deputy Anon said...

Weeelll it surelooks like I'm gonna have to fine a couple of peeps on here!!!

That's right, I said fine y'all!

If you people think youse are gonna have a 'field day' with the Field, you are so wrong!

Matter of fact let me go back and get my taser. I think I'll be needin it, oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Tasers don't work on FN Negroes but bullets do. Ask any police officer and he will tell you not to waste time using a taser. Shoot em.

PilotX said...

"I doubt that is adding anything to the "toxic mix"."

It is, and the toxicity is growing.

field negro said...

Thank you Deputy Anon, I am sick of the abuse.

What's a poor field Negro to do?

Pilot and Dr. u make some good points about the NFL.

No regrets Kinky, to use a football analogy, I
outkicked my coverage with the Nubian I did happen to marry. So it's all good. ;)

Unknown said...

Field is right on this one, ops,
I meant he is left on it. A culture that produced such patterns is bound to hit home, personally.

We can point fingers at individual players, but the reality is Sunday night is the most violent night for some women in this country.

Warriors come home too..

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to completely dismiss the violence inherent in the game of football as a factor in why some of the athletes commit violent crimes. But I would hesitate to put too much weight on it, either. I think there are other factors that need to take more of the blame.

For starters, it's the raw material these pro teams recruit from. A large percentage of their players come from the wrong side of the tracks. They come from broken homes, and from neighborhoods where violent crime is the norm.

A lot of these guys were raised to be violent. They were thugs long before they became football players. It's the culture of their home neighborhoods, not the NFL, that is the bigger source of the problem.

On top of that, there is the extreme privilege of the rich and famous. Players' violence off the field is enabled by the perception that they can beat, and even kill, other people, and they will end up with a lenient punishment from our legal system. They can afford great legal representation, their fame will buy them preferential treatment by judges and juries, and their teams' managements will intercede on their behalf and try to make legal problems go away.

If you know you can get away with being an asshole without facing any consequences, you just might be more likely to act like an asshole.

Bill said...

What makes violent males?

Crappy mothers.

It is much easier to blame football.

So the democrats talk about the game of football.

If the democrats get their way and ban the violent game of football, that doesn't solve the problem of violent males or crappy mothers.

But like most democrat agendas, poor black males trying to escape poverty by playing pro-sports will have another option closed for them.

Thanks democrats.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Police responded to a citizen complaint that “a male white and female black were involved in a sexual act inside a Mercedes” outside the gate of CBS Studio Center on Thursday, according to a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Legal experts said the officer had the right to request identification if he suspected illegal behavior, but audio of part of the encounter with police, published by TMZ, revealed that Watts did not believe so.

“Somebody called, which gives me the right to be here,” the unidentified Los Angeles police officer is heard saying to Watts. “So It gives me the right to identify you by law.”

So much for the "white privilege check".

Deputy Anon said...

Thank you Mayor Field! That's right, can'allow these people to be having fun at your expense! Uh uh noo!

although I gotta admit, Brother Kinkys anecdote was kibda...funny.! But I wasn't was Sheriff BIB, But Mayor I promise I stopped.him cold, yes I did! Yes sir!

Anonymous said...

In order to cover up her shameful behavior, she then decided to make a big racial bruhaha over it!

Shame on her on so many levels! Won't be watching her films any more!

field negro said...

Thank u Deputy Anon. Please arrest Kinky forthwith.

He is a fraud.

Deputy Anon said... Mayor Field there's just a likkle problem with that sir... Sheriff doesn't allow me to make arrests yet. He says "just hold em till I get there" BUT I can taser him! That I can do! :D and I much prefer it too! Watch em wriggling around on the ground holding their sides! Ahahaha! That'll teach em to rispec mah atharatah!!!

Yīshēng said...

So CBS is "punishing" Rihanna for getting HER a$$ whipped?

Dumb a$$ move CBS punishing a DV victum. Great, that's one less TV station to watch not that I have time anyway!!

field negro said...

Poor Amanda Coyne, she is fighting a losing battle with America's right wing hero. They will do everything in their powers to make the beer brawling hillbilly seem credible.

Bill and others will just keep tryiing to spin their way out of the latest Sarah embarrassment.

Bill said...

field negro said...
Bill and others will just keep tryiing to spin their way out of the latest Sarah embarrassment.

All I want is the cellphone video.

Even the cops asking Daniele for id allowed her boyfriend/husband to use his cellphone to video them.

Anonymous said...

"If you know you can get away with being an asshole without facing any consequences, you just might be more likely to act like an asshole."

11:03 AM
I agree. Just look at the assholes on FN who get away with being an asshole everyday. And they aren't even rich!

Anonymous said...

To Kinky and Bill, Re: Peterson:

You folks ought to know that Peterson whipped his children because he was whipped by his parents.

Peterson's parents whipped Peterson because they were whipped by their parents.

Peterson's parents parents were whipped by their parents.

And finally, they were whipped by the White Master.

That's right...that's where it all began. Folks ought to know this and cry out about those white devils.

I am so sick of Kinky Whites. Because of Whites like Kinky and Bill during slavery and Jim Crow, there should be unlimited individual and group psychotherapy provided for Blacks and Native Indians as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon5:57pm, I co-sign. Btw, I am White who wants to not only do the right thing, but to make the amend and make restitution for the ghastly and horrible things Whites did to Blacks during slavery and Jim Crow.

To this day, I am not sure what period hurt the black race the most.. Slavery or Jim Crow?

If there are any opinions about this please let everyone know. Mr Field, I am sure you have an 'opinion' about this, given your vast insight into these matters. Come to think of it, it would make a great post and discussion.

Joder La Resistencia said...

Field, I'm no fraud.

I just think your brand of racial demagoguery is dangerous and

Fareed Zakaria, there's your fraud.

Anonymous said...

Blogger señor kinky said...
"Field, I'm no fraud.

I just think your brand of racial demagoguery is dangerous and

Kinky, I agree with you. You are most definitely not a fraud. You are who you are. You are here to expose Field for being a racist fraud.

I often wonder if you are on any other blogs that are White racists against Blacks?

How about Stormfront?

Are you exposing any right-winged blogs who are clearly racist on a daily basis?

I noticed that, thus far, you have supported every killing of bm by the white police. That seems odd that you attack Field for being racist yet you support murdering bm.

You don't surprise me at all. What surprises me is that there are Negroes on FN who believe in you.

But then again, it's not surprising at all when I consider that there are far more uncle toms and house Negroes than there are those who actually love their black brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

"So CBS is "punishing" Rihanna for getting HER a$$ whipped?

Dumb a$$ move CBS punishing a DV victum. Great, that's one less TV station to watch not that I have time anyway!!"

It's not just that she got her ass whipped by Chris Brown. It's that she got back with him AND made a BIG deal about how much she wanted him back.


Sniveling Asshole KKKINKY@6:42PM

"I just think your brand of racial demagoguery is dangerous and counterproductive"----said one of the paid White racist trolls that infest this blog!!!

You, Bullshit Bill and Quick Lousy Bastard spew your racist dicketry in every single goddamn thread on this blog.

And phuck black-baiting TMZ!!! those redneck jews started all this bullsh*t just to get even for Sterling and no Black celebrity should ever talk to TMZ again, under any circumstances!!

You can tell this whole witch hunt is manufactured so that peckerwoods can get up on their hind legs and act all pious and self-righteous.

Chump-assed race-car hothead Tony Stewart kills Kevin Ward on the racetrack, and gets nothing but sympathy and ass-sucking!!; Jerry Jones harassed a white broad and nobody in the White racist revenge news media seems to give a shit--- they're all too focused on Whitey's favorite enemy: BLACK MEN BEHAVING BADLY!!!!
And it looks like Stewart won't even be charged, just like Cliven Bundy; another triumph for WHITE SKIN PRIVLEDGE!!!!!!

TMZ: Too Many Zionists... and may Joan Rivers Burn in hell for what she said about Gaza and Michele Obama and black people, the racist twatwaffle; God FINALLY got tired of her shooting off her mouth and struck her ugly overpriviledged ass down, just like Andrew Breitbart for what he did to Shirley Sherrod HAHAHAHAHA!!! Jackie Mason and Don Rickles are NEXT!!

field negro said...

Anon@12:25, I see u are not too familiar with domestic violence. This is not unusual behavior from a victim of domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

Youre an immature rambling idiot!

Redneck jews?! LOL wtf


Anon @6:05PM
And YOU are a White Racist Republikkkracker Imbecile!

Donald Sterling must be laughing his ass off...Harvey Levin felt bad he caused so much trouble for him and so he promised he'd get those schwartzas back for exposing his racism!

Whites are having WAY too much fun with this; It feels like a total set-up. Look at the TMZ blogsite with the endless racist black-baiting; the only difference between TMZ and Stormfront is the mailing address!!

And yes, Hollywood is full of vindictive redneck, paternalistic Jews like Levin and Sterling. Insiders tell us the REAL reason for the Arsenio Hall cancellation is, one Friday Bro. Arsenio went on the CBS show "The Talk" and bagged a little too hard on Ol'Leatherface, and one of the old Jewish suits: (Moonves or probably Redstone himself), took offense for their brother and secretly snatched the rug out from under him!

White racists often retaliate in secret so they can't be held accountable--especially Jews.

Josh said...

The NFL has a "huge" problem for individuals who cannot do math, and who insist the sky is falling.

Many of the same people who cite a tremendous culture problem in the NFL (e.g. Jemele Hill and many like her) also cite the supposed domestic violence statistics nationwide, which state that 1 in 5 women suffer domestic abuse.

Okay. I know these sports personalities and talking heads aren't analytically inclined. They went to school to do what they're doing in most cases. Math, logic and anything brushing up against statistics probably wasn't part of the curricula. But even someone with a grade-school understanding of math can crunch the numbers.

If the USA is supposedly such a hotbed of domestic violence that 1 in 5 women (20%)are victims, then that's 10.6 supposed abusers for every NFL team (assuming they have a wife/gf/SO). That's 339.2 abusers in the league, just counting active rosters.

That would be in accordance with the supposed national average.

Yet, these talking heads cite a "culture" issue of violence when the NFL is so well below the supposed national average that the actual cases of domestic violence break down to less than 1 player on every other team over the course of a decade.

If these pseudo-intellectual asshats want to feign credibility, at least purchase a calculator. You can't have it both ways. The NFL cannot be singled out as a hub of violence while simultaneously using data which shows the NFL is actually incredibly tame.