Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When a house Negro wears blue.

When I write about house Negroes and field Negroes in America I hope that folks understand what this means: Being black does not automatically get you a black pass. "All my skin folks ain't my kin folks as the old saying goes".

Some white Americans (ahem ahem, conservatives, ahem) are using the shooting of a black 14 year old near New Orleans by a black police officer as a "Gotcha moment!".

"See, they shoot each other too, what's the big deal if a white police officer shoots one of them under questionable circumstances?"

The thing is, though, we expect this type of behavior from certain types of Negroes. Especially those who are corrupted by the wrong elements in certain police departments across the country.

I don't want to jump to conclusions about this particular story, because, unlike Ferguson, it is not as clear what exactly happened. There are allegations that the young man who lost his life had a weapon, and that the shooting was justifiable. We will see.

If it was not a justifiable killing then that officer who pulled the trigger deserves just as much shade tossed his way as Darren Wilson.

The color of his skin or the badge he is wearing does not give him the right to unjustifiably take the life of another human being.

If it turns out to be a justifiable shoot I will take it all back.

At least as it relates to this particular officer. Not the other house Negroes running around with a gun and a badge.


PilotX said...

Did you see the video of the brotha shot in Walmart? He was executed! Check it out and let us know what you think. White people can open carry real guns but a brotha can't carry a bb gun in a store not bothering anyone?????

Anonymous said...

"White people can open carry real guns but a brotha can't carry"

OH THE HORROR! A blah thinks YT can do something he can't.

Call Jesse. Call Al.

Where's field?

While we wait on the racial grievance industry to coordinate a response,let's watch the video of the blah getting shot at wally world.

Let's review the witness statements.

This was justified.

PilotX said...

Yeah, justified. The kid never pointed the "weapon" at anyone and was just standing doing nothing. I guess that's justified huh? Well at least the governor of Ohio agrees that it merits a Justice Department review. Glad there are a few grown ups left.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect any justice for a bm in America. It never has been and never will be.

PilotX, stop comparing because there is no comparison. The value of a black life is far less than a White.

Even Blacks live and behave by this measurement. It is very common in our race. Again, the effects of slavery doesn't go away. It cannot be erased.

It's a soul-murdering evil perpetrated by a group of demons. Racism has America in its grips and there is no escaping it.

Stop torturing yourself and get used to it. White Privilege is honored by both Blacks and Whites.

PilotX said...

Nope, time for that shit to end. Long past time.

Anonymous said...

Who says it's long past time? You, a bm?

Well, there are plenty of Whites and Uncle Toms and House Negroes who think other wise.

You see, brother PX, there aren't many Blacks(or Whites) willing to stand up for Justice. Their hearts just aren't in it.

It's easier to let things be.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother PilotX.. sometimes I ask the question why should we continue to fight for the uplifting of our people. What Anon 11:06 and 11:33 says has merit and if we follow suite that WOULD be the ballgame.

I see the horrors of my race on automatic with no compunction to have any pride. I know these people have been damaged beyond repair. Most of the damage was by other Blacks that too are damages. This corrupt gene/seed must be tampered by people like us that still remember the times when even if we did not like you we did not kill you.

Now we have a race of people that is struggling against the biggest tidal wave of discontent and hopelessness I have seen. You look in the eyes (be careful- don't stare too long) of my Brothers and you see a human far detached from his history and his home. We have always been lost in America. AND I think we always will.

But Bro.X I say to you and all otherBrothers and Sisters. Keep serving as an example of an honorable people. Not knowing our history we fill the void with the white man's ways and his standards. None of which, he will always show you as a people at his feet. On this globe the white man has never been at parity with any other people they have interacted with. Why should he lose his edge now. I stay strong and so do you. Things might change soon. So maybe one day we will have to lead a people that served as chaff to another. Power to you, Bro.

Anonymous said...

StillaPanther2, you have GOT to know that PX is fighting a battle that has been lost a long time ago.

And do you really believe PX believes what he says? I don't.

I have been on this earth too long to know what most of our folks say is just words. We are known to be all mouth. And it's true. been that way for centuries.

Look what happened to the Panthers...they didn't trust each other. Here's the troubling truth:

Blacks don't trust each other. Secondly, we don't value ourselves as much as Whites.

field negro said...

Saw the video, Pilot. I agree 100%.

But it's not surprising.

Also, those.officers will suffer ZERO consequences for their actions.

Heck they might even get promotions.

Anonymous said...

Blogger PilotX said...
Did you see the video of the brotha shot in Walmart? He was executed! Check it out and let us know what you think. White people can open carry real guns but a brotha can't carry a bb gun in a store not bothering anyone?????

10:25 PM
Dear Mr PilotX, I wonder if just being Black is the problem in America, not guns or bb guns?

The justice and law enforcement system seems to point to unspoken skin color as part of judgment. This makes our laws a justice system for Whites, but a penal system for Blacks.

Since views about skin color operates at an unconscious level, Whites are not only unaware of it, but feel justified in persecuting Blacks. At an unconscious level, Blacks are hated.

Personally, this cannot be changed because racism breeds and lives in the dark recesses of the mind that is least it has been that way in America. Maybe even globally.

I ask people of color to do their best to avoid jail, law enforcement or any other system connected with white justice. The whole system is rigged by the subconscious that is centuries old. It has a wisdom unparalleled by modern society's ability to be fair.

In other words, racism is too powerful to be overturned, treated or cured by people. The painful truth is it won't be changed no matter what century humans are in.

TIME does not change the psyche whether 1000BC, 10AD, 1500AD, or the year 2014 or beyond.

Hence, if one is Black, one has to reconsider one's position, understanding, and what it means to be an African American.

Again, TIME means nothing to the psyche. Even in the midst of advanced technology, science etc. the American human heart does not change. If anything, it becomes even less human.

One can 'hope' for change but without a an effort that is willing to go to any length to bring change, it just won't happen.

Because Blacks have been UN-willing to fight for themselves, there won't be any change. In fact, Mr Field's post gives a long standing view of the psyche of MOST Blacks, which is that of Whites: Uncle Tom, 'my' nigger, Stephen, Buckwheat, slave catcher, sell-out, House Negro, etc....are all terms Blacks use to indicate what we were, and have become.

Mr PilotX, I have heard your voice before throughout black history. Unfortunately, nothing much has come of it when it comes to ACTION. Rev Al, NAACP, CBC, and others sound-off with similar voices for the 'Black Cause'. But nothing ever comes of it. As a matter of fact, they just become another 'sell-out', which is so 'common' Blacks expect it.

Anonymous said...

AG Eric Holder is announcing his resignation later today. I wonder who his replacement will be?

Bill said...

Maybe the country has reached the point that government employees no longer get a free pass because they work for the government.

Let every government employee be held responsible for their actions.

Unfortunately, that goes against everything government unions stand for.

field negro said...

How do u know Mr. Shabbaz is a democrat?

StillaPanther2 said...

The history of the Panthers has not been shown in a favorable way. We were changing the way Black people were interacting with the police. The police were oppressive in our neighborhoods across the whole of USA.

Our ability to stand as men against the power structure that was fronted by the police, allowed the community to see this strength and to act likewise. The Panthers never had the support of all the people. When the Panthers displayed strength, the government had to react to this new position they had never been in.

Infiltrators was the downfall of the major units . Usually ending with the Government using all their resources to tamper down the influence of the first national militant group that effected change.

The Government even started welfare programs that was far superior to what the Panthers could provide. Problem is/was is- beware of the hand that gives you something free. The Gov. provided all our basic needs plus new drug infiltrations to get to where we are today. A race of people still taking just the basics even when the basics are being titrated downward. The drugs is their ace.

Yes there were moles in most units.

Anonymous said...

StillaPanther2, I have read comments on FN that Blacks are the 'real' chosen people and Whites/Jews are not.

Do you believe that?

I agree that the Panthers never got the support of the black community. That almost guarantees no success and it gives even greater power to the white 'injustice' system.

Blacks will only show up if it looks good for them. That is, most won't sick their neck out simply because they don't believe they are worth it.

Look at what happened with Obama in the beginning. At first, Blacks were unanimously for Hillary Clinton because they just didn't believe a bm could be elected President--exactly what Whites believed.

Then, they saw that he was indeed a contender and they jumped on the bandwagon without giving any thought to who or what he stood for. As usual, as in the past, he proved once again that Blacks cannot trust in their own people.

Bottom Line: We are a lost race, condemned seemingly to eternal bottom of the barrel. Any good, like the Panthers will be pulled down so the White power structure can maintain the status quo. It's crazy making for Blacks but great for Whites and White Privilege and superiority.

We, the Black people are at the bottom of this racist mess. We support the very structure that is killing us. One cannot have a lower self-worth.

Anonymous said...

"....because, unlike Ferguson, it is not as clear what exactly happened."

Ok, in Ferguson we know that a black youth was killed by a gunshot wound from a Police Officer.

What else is "clear?"

Well, that the black youth robbed a store and roughed up a store employee shortly before the altercation with the Police Officer.

Also that the black youth was walking down the center of the street.

Also that the black youth was in the company of another black youth that has a history of making false statements to the Police (i.e. "lies").

What else is "clear?"

PilotX said...

Wow, the chief of police in Furgeson apologized to the Brown family. Just wow. As amazing as Ohio's governor calling for an investigation into the Walmart shooting. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Why is it "amazing" that a governor of a state would be calling for a investigation?

Anonymous said...

What else is "clear?"

3:19 PM
Darren Wilson was part a very corrupt police force prior to getting a job with the Ferguson police.

It is also clear that there has been tension between the police and Blacks for a long long time due to police brutality and harassment.

It is also clear that Michael Brown was unarmed and he did not deserve to be murdered in the street by Darren Wilson.

It is also clear that the police is hiding information.

It is also clear that racism is alive and well in Ferguson.

It is also clear that the Ferguson police force is over 94% White and Ferguson is 70% Black.

It is also clear that Blacks have suffered injustices from Whites since slavery and it continues today unabated.

Finally, it is clear that Anon3:19pm is proudly evil, satanic and racist to the core. Of course, you cannot be otherwise. You come from descendants of slave masters, perpetrators of genocide, thieves, lynchers and Jim Crow law makers.

I often wonder if it's God's will?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why is it "amazing" that a governor of a state would be calling for a investigation?

7:28 PM
The man killed was Black. The office was White. That's what is amazing that a Governor of Ohio would even bother to investigate. That is so un-American for a White person.

One other thing that is so amazing: Your apathetic stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon, 7:30pm. I am White and anon 3:19p is embarrassing to Whites. Rest assured that Whites don't claim people like him.

field negro said...

"What else is "clear?"

That he (Michael Brown)DID NOT have a gun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...@ 3:19 PM

"It is also clear that the Ferguson police force is over 94% White and Ferguson is 70% Black."

I am not sure of what the racial disparity is, but it is true that there is an imbalance regarding the number of YT on the Police Force with respect to the numbers of Blacks on the Police force. Why would that be: qualification, perhaps? Literacy being a significant part of qualification.

"Finally, it is clear that Anon3:19pm is proudly evil, satanic and racist to the core. Of course, you cannot be otherwise. You come from descendants of slave masters, perpetrators of genocide, thieves, lynchers and Jim Crow law makers."

No, not really. But this statement simply proves that your argument is nothing more than opinion....nothing more than opinion.


"That he (Michael Brown)DID NOT have a gun."

That is true (maybe).

And what is your point?

mardabo said...

Most of the African Americans that I know actually LIKE watermelon, fried chicken AND sweet potato pie.