Saturday, December 05, 2015



I need a caption for this pic.

Example: The blacks always have such nice products in their hair.

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Anonymous said...

A bunch of black folks and a comb over.

Anonymous said...

What is Trump doing with these folks? I swear. I cannot figure out our future Prez.

PilotX said...

This ma fucka!

Anonymous said...

Look how the London Police handles someone with a knife vs how the cops in SF handled the situation. Those cops in London need more training. They should have shot that dude at least 12 times.

Anonymous said...

Inside Trump's brain:

"Huh. A whole room full of black people. Never encountered this problem before. How do I know which one is the valet if I need him to fetch my car? I usually just look for the nearest black guy.

Note to self: When I become emperor, the obedient blacks will be required to wear name tags at all times. The bad blacks, of course, will be declared 'honorary Mexicans' and deported along with the beaners."

PilotX said...

Damn, will this fool shut his mouth?

Wesley R said...

We Sellout House Negroes just got our brand new Cadillac. Thank You Mr. Trump, you have our vote.

Yisheng said...

Wesley the winner so far IMHO, ROTFL!!

A Black Panther Forever said...

if the police can use deadly force if someone is 10 feet away- (with 3 inch knife)- from them..... then surely I should also have this right. My life is just as valuable as theirs'. Seeing that the police is there to protect me, should not our standards be the same. Or even mine's greater - seeing that I have not had extensive training. It seems the threshold is, "I was scared for my life". Also if 8 officers are shooting at the same time, should not 7 be charged with something. Surely the knife wielder can not stab all 8 at he same time.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

I don't like cops myself, AFPF...but, I can't say as I wouldn't have used a weapon I was issued, and trained with, to defend a fellow officer. Even if he was stupid enough to walk down the middle of a bridge.

And NO, ABPF...the SOUSUS has ruled that Your life is NOT equal to a cop's. Sorry. Talk to the shits on the Bench.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

My Bad....I meant to say I WOULD have used my weapon. My comment looks rather dubious, in recompense.

Anonymous said...

"Also if 8 officers are shooting at the same time, should not 7 be charged with something. Surely the knife wielder can not stab all 8 at he same time."

Actually, Mr. Panther, I don't think the officers in that case have argued that they shot in self-defense. Killing someone is allowed in the broader category of "defense of life" -- meaning, defense of oneself but also defense of another person. The officers claim they were protecting the entire neighborhood by stopping this knife-wielding dude from escaping them and possibly stabbing a civilian later on, and this provided the justification for them to shoot him.

And I'd be sympathetic to that argument if, say, it had been just one cop on the scene trying to stop an armed maniac from escaping him and then rampaging through a crowded area. But those were not the circumstances here.

In this situation, there was a large group of cops who were capable of clearing the surrounding area around the man and getting anyone else out of harm's way. They had him under observation, he couldn't really get away, and no one was at imminent risk of getting stabbed at the moment the officers fired.

The cops additionally have argued that they tried less lethal means before resorting to firing squad action. They said, for example, that they shot the man with baton rounds and he would not drop the knife, and so they then resorted to real bullets.

I am finding this extremely hard to swallow. We're supposed to believe that the dude was Superman, that he could just shrug that off? Baton rounds at close range? What about pepper spray? What about lighting him up with a Taser? This is exactly the type of scenario those less-lethal weapons were intended for. What about a gang of SWAT members with shields and body armor and flashbang grenades wrestling him to the ground? SWAT are available on relatively short notice in a major city like San Francisco.

I'm inclined to believe the cops did NOT exhaust all their available alternatives before resorting to becoming a firing squad. I think this is an example of poor training leading to panic and bad decision-making.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

What happened to the allegations of PCP usage by the swiss cheesed perp? Was that...mmm...forgotten?

You wax some bastard loaded up with PCP, and they wouldn't know the difference until they quit breathing our air. PCP idiots seem to like knives, too. Look it up.

O'Gurl said...

"Yes, all the palms have been greased...Did Omarosa get her lifetime supply?"

field negro said...

O'Gurl is the leader so far.

Anon@9:08 in 2nd.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet and The Pips

ctrl+halt+del said...

Palin got pizza. Pastors got punked.

ctrl+halt+del said...

In a room full of pastors Trump doesn't have a prayer to become president.

Anonymous said...

Pastor: Whew!step aside! Let us outta here! We came,we saw,we...uhuh NO WAY!

Trump: If I just keep repeating 'they'll change their minds, they’ll change their minds, they’ll change their minds'...

Anonymous said...

The new "Billy Graham"!

Josh said...

We're here to defend our black women today. As you can see behind me, and to my right, Omarosa is not the only person here with a hair piece. White men do it too.

Unknown said...

The Face of Selling One's Soul

Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet and The Trumpettes

Bill said...

Did Shaun King admit he has a small penis?

Shaun King Verified account ‏@ShaunKing
Several psychologists have stated that the white male obsession w/ holding/shooting guns is compensation for small pensises & low sex drive
11:03 AM - 5 Dec 2015

Shaun King Verified account ‏@ShaunKing
I own 2 guns. Semi-automatic handguns. Have for years. Have a concealed carry permit. Just don't get who'd vote against background checks.
3:55 PM - 17 Apr 2013

It appears having a small penis makes you confused about if you own a gun or not.

Shaun King
I no longer have guns. HOWEVER, I am absolutely not against gun ownership. Just sensible improvements.
10:45 AM - 16 Jan 2013

Shaun King
I own 2 guns and have used them. At the range, and, unfortunately, elsewhere as well.
10:53 AM - 23 Jan 2013^tfw

I wonder why Blacks like Shaun and PurpleCow obsess over white penis.

Bill said...

Even TheFieldNegro made the comment about needing sensible gun laws.

If the San Bernardino shooters didn't obey any of these laws, why would anyone believe one more law would be the answer?

"-The Terrorists broke the law by conspiring to commit a mass-murder.
-They broke the law by illegally transporting weapons.
-They broke the law by concealing weapons without a permit.
-They broke the law by possessing unregistered semi-automatic guns.
-They broke the law by possessing guns with Illegal features and parts.
-They broke the law by possessing “high” capacity magazines.
-They broke the law by bringing guns to a gun-free zone.
-They broke the law by going armed to the terror of the public.
-They broke the law by constructing bombs.
-They broke the law by detonating bombs in an attempt to assault and murder.
-They broke the law by brandishing weapons.
-They broke the law by assaulting people with weapons.
-They broke the law by attempting to murder people with weapons.
-They broke the law by murdering people with weapons.
-They broke the law by disobeying Police orders.
-They broke the law by evading Police.
-They broke the law by attempting to murder Police Officers.
-They broke multiple traffic laws during the pursuit.
-They broke the law by endangering the public during the car chase and the police shoot-out.
-They broke the law by resisting arrest."

To believe another law is going to change things is batshit crazy.

Limpbaugh said...

Where's my friend Charlton Banks? He's supposed to vouch for me when I speak next and announce that the blacks love me.

ctrl+halt+del said...

Trump requests help of clergy to," make America great again."

Bill is an F'n Idiot said...

To believe another law is going to change things is batshit crazy.

Because laws never work. Let's just get rid of all laws because people ignore them anyway. To call Bill as dumb as a box of rocks is an insult to the box of rocks.

Josh has no penis said...

We're here to defend our white men today. As you can see behind me, and to my right, Josh is not the only person here without a penis. Bill and Lt. Commander are also dickless.

Truth Speaker said...

Hell, Yisheng has a bigger dick than Bill.

Anonymous said...

We have given up on Jesus,we have decided to side with the devil! Hallelujah!

ThatDeborahGirl said...

And we just want to advertise our new website,, sponsored by Donald Trump.