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10 Reasons Donald Trump Should Be Our Next President

"It’s become a common theme online recently to make fun of Donald Trump, the current front runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I wondered if we could look past the socially acceptable thing of criticizing him to look at every legitimate reason he would make a great President. In order to do this, I created 10 list items and then filled them in with reasons to support Trump.

Let me know if you agree!! I filled them in with as many reasons as possible!
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I agree, Jacob, I have the very same ones.

Shout out to  Jacob Genoa for this witty post


President Donald Motherfucker Trump said...

"Shout out to Jacob Genoa for this witty post"

Wow, that is witty, almost as witty as the guy who comments here as "The Fixer".

I'll bet that post goes over big on the playground.

Tanganyika said...

Yisheng is definitely a bottom bitch.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the self-enriching, flip flopping, lying, say anything to get nominated, multi-millionaire, presumptive Democrat presidential candidate, Field?

In the scheme of things, Hillary is more corrupt than any of the Republicans, including Trump. While I despise Trump, I despise Hillary x 3.

Anonymous said...

meanwile, while you folks are arguing i lost me job at Anon, Inc simply because you folks just wouldn't comment on my comment. Karma will get you for this.

Yisheng said...

Tang Ting Tong said...

My mammy is definitely my bottom bitch.

Yes dear, we know.

Randall Parker said...

Donald Trump is sane on foreign policy compared to mainstream (i.e. supported by elites) Republican presidential candidates. Only Rand Paul is less hawkish. Surely Hillary Clinton is more hawkish than Trump as well. Look at her policies toward overthrowing the Libyan government - which let open the gates of hell into that country and now ISIS controls a substantial chunk of Libya. Yet the press tries to portray Trump as extreme and rash.

Curiously, the Trump Revolt is strongest among less educated voters. I suspect that smarter people are most heavily targeted by elite propaganda and so more likely to drink the Kool-Aid.

From David Frum's The Great Republican Revolt:

These populists seek to defend what the French call “acquired rights”—health care, pensions, and other programs that benefit older people—against bankers and technocrats who endlessly demand austerity; against migrants who make new claims and challenge accustomed ways; against a globalized market that depresses wages and benefits. In the United States, they lean Republican because they fear the Democrats want to take from them and redistribute to Americans who are newer, poorer, and in their view less deserving—to “spread the wealth around,” in candidate Barack Obama’s words to “Joe the Plumber” back in 2008. Yet they have come to fear more and more strongly that their party does not have their best interests at heart.

Really, they do not have their own party. The Democrat elites abandoned them in favor of a permanent majority of Hispanic voters. The Republican elites pretended to embrace them but elite interests are increasingly diverging from those of the middle class.

Will the Republican Party fork? Will the Democratic Party eventually fork as well? It is also made up of a coalition of increasingly diverging interests.

The bitterness of American politics is going to grow. Trump's rhetoric a symptom, not a cause. What we are really seeing with Trump's rhetoric is a challenge to elite marginalization of anyone who opposes their will.

Limpbaugh said...

Trump is a racist, uncouth, and an idiot, but his competition is bad too. Trump is good on some things. He probably is a good negotiator. Tariffs could be the only way to get the jobs back. His stupidity could get us into a war, but he is anti war more than any other candidate except Rand Paul and possibly Bernie Sanders. Like Sanders, Trump is a Zionist who is likely to fund things like Israel's oppression of Palestine. Clinton is as bad as the majority of the Republican candidates are. Her vote to authorize the Iraq War even though the intelligence that Iraq destroyed their WMDs came in when her husband was president, and her "brainstorming" about giving Israel a green light to attack Iran, are more than enough to disqualify her as a war monger. But there is more. She was integral in Obama's support of terrorists to over throw Libya and Syria. There is information out there about it. Look up what Putin said about it. It makes more sense than what the mainstream news tells you. And John Kerry just conceded to Putin that we will stop fighting Assad less than too weeks ago.By contrast, Trump said we should sit back and watch Russia take out ISIS.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

1. Because it's been 8 years since we've had a national embarrassment for president.

2. Because America deserves a president who turns every dispute into a dick measuring contest.

3. Because, like America, he is rich, loud & stupid.

4. Because the rest of the world couldn't think much worse of us anyway.

5. Because it's been too long since there was an official Oval Office hoor.

6. Because why should Italy be the only Western country with a billionaire president who lives like Saddam Hussain.

7. Because a century of American leadership in the world is quite enough thank you.

8. To laugh when he issues some of his crazy orders & finds out that it REALLY doesn't work that way in a democracy.

9. Because it would unite the Republicans & Democrats in congress.

10. Because it would give us a great joke to laugh at when we aren't crying.

Josh said...

Number-one reason to elect Trump: Because it gives the progressive black collective and the right-wing loons something in common to hate. It's funny to see Field and Bernie Goldberg run Trump down on the same day, in the same way. lol

field negro said...

WC, I like your ten.

Anon, relax, I will speak to the powers over at Anon Inc. for you.

The Purple Cow said...

Will you guys relax over Trump?

Ain;t gonna happen.

A years from now you'll hardly be able to remember his name.

"Who was that white guy with the orange skin and a dead squirrel on his head, briefly popular back in '15? You know the one, hated blacks, hated Mexicans, hated women, inherited a shit load of money from his Dad, lost half of it, but claimed to be a successful businessman anyway? Yeah, that guy. Ronald or Donald something.....Whatever happened to him?"

Yisheng said...

@PC, ignorance like Trump's won't disappear anytime soon unless male whooteemoos disappear.

Anonymous said...

Mr PC, you don't know what you are talking about. I have a lot of friends and relatives who are planning to vote for Trump, including myself. And my friends know a lot of others who will vote for Trump.

I don't know anybody who is voting for Hillary. SHE is the one nobody is voting for. Get real, man. Trump is the man for America in 2016. Already ISIS is shaking in their scarves and tennis shoes at the thought of Trump becoming President.

You live in the UK where the Brits are overjoyed at the possibility of Trump ruling the world.

Your thinking is off.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Do you and the media get that Butt Trumpet is laughing his ass off at how easy it is to push your buttons and to control the conversation and keep the focus on him and away from the real issues? Capitalism needs checks and balances, not a game of Monopoly where all the money flows one way and everyone else goes bankrupt. Job creation and rebuilding our infrastructure. Ending "American Exceptionalism" aka the world is our chessboard and our military are pawns to be pushed and sacrificed. Ending police brutality and the mentality that a human sacrifice every now and then is not asking much in return for our safety. Ending voter suppression and genetic engineering of Congressional districts. Ending the mentality that minority rights are not rights but privileges bestowed by good graces of the white majority, and the obligation of said minorities to absorb their fair share of abuse in gratitude. These issues, and candidates such as Bernie Sanders whose mission it is to address them, is the list you should be focusing on.

Viva Trump! said...

1. He will defend the interests of people already here over those of anyone who might want to come here.
2. He will make US companies pay a price for shipping jobs overseas or hiring illegals over citizens.
3. He will pursue US interests in foreign policy, not try to weaken America's positions.
4. He will not engage in reckless regime change wars in the Middle East like Bush and Obama.
5. He will not needlessly antagonize Russia like Obama has done in Ukraine.
6. He will stop cultural imperialism projects pushing the homosexual agenda on African countries.
7. He will not wage ideological wars on American industries he doesn't like, as Obama has done with the coal industry or the Keystone pipeline, destroying millions of jobs in the process.
8. He will appoint government officials based on their ability to be effective, not merely by their ideology, race or gender.
9. He will stop the current administrations divisive policies designed to stir up racial tensions as a get-out-the-vote measure.
10. People feel much better when the President actually likes America.

And 11, his wife is really hot and we will get to see a lot of her if he is elected President.

I also think he has the best chance of beating Hillary in the general election. Hillary Clinton is a criminal of the highest order. She has been a blot on American politics for over 40 years, starting with her being fired from the Watergate commission for "fraudulent and unethical behavior". She has endangered American security in her attempts to hide her corrupt dealings with a private email server. She has sold American policy decisions for donations to her foundation. She used the Haiti relief drive to enrich herself and her cronies. She illegally started a war in Libya and cackled as she watched video of the deposed leader being tortured to death. She has rigged the Democratic primary process and engaged in dirty tricks against her main opponent. She is universally though of as a liar even by her supporters. A US government headed by Hillary Clinton would have zero credibility when it came to keeping its word.

The Purple Cow said...

"You live in the UK where the Brits are overjoyed at the possibility of Trump ruling the world."

Oh yeah, the comedy possibilities are limitless. Personally I can't wait, I just feel sorry for Americans.

Sadly though, a Trump candidacy isn't going to happen, (unless he runs as an independent), but even then the Dem candidate will crush him.

There's a graph you can Google that shows the correlation between minutes of TV coverage and Republican candidates national support. The correlation is uncanny. Republican candidates on TV the most, get the most support, regardless of the news that's putting them there. Trump understands this and knows that for Republicans there is no such thing as bad publicity. He's worked out that the stupider things he says - the better.

However, once people start paying attention to the campaign, which tends to happen in the weeks around the Iowa caucus (when campaign-related Google searches rise by 1000%) that will change. This is nothing new in this, it happens every cycle to hyper-conservative candidates. Think Santorum, Gingrich, Forbes, Buchanan, Huckabee, etc.

Secondly, Trump's core support is among "low information voters" i.e. stupid people. However stupid people are much less likely to vote than the rest of us. When opinion polls start to focus on "likely voters" rather than the electorate at large, his standing in the polls is likely to drop.

Finally, Trump has poor organisations on the streets. He's built up some level of organisation in Iowa, however he's well behind the game in New Hampshire.

President Donald Motherfucker Trump said...

PC is wishsplaining again.

The Purple Cow said...

Time will prove me right, and of course, you know I'm right.

Yisheng said...

And 11, his wife is really hot and we will get to see a lot of her if he is elected President.

Her nipples have already been on magazine covers, what more do you need to see?

That alone makes her UNQUALIFIED to be FLOTUS.

Anonymous said...

PC, "Secondly, Trump's core support is among "low information voters" i.e. stupid people. However stupid people are much less likely to vote than the rest of us. When opinion polls start to focus on "likely voters" rather than the electorate at large, his standing in the polls is likely to drop."

Are you calling my friends and relatives "stupid people" because they are going to vote for Trump? Well, let me inform you this is America and the American voters have always been right in electing the right person for the WH.

Just look at the list of Presidents the voters have elected and you know there are NO stupid people in America. Besides, we a rich, good looking and powerful. We run the world. What can you say about the UK? NOTHING!

Lance Cockstrong said...

@Purple Cow -

Beyond the typical hyper-conservative such as those you mention, Butt Trumpet is a quintessential con artist and self-promoter who, aside from self-promoting as the quintessential non-politician, separates himself from the other hard liners by showering them with abuse as well as liberals. In so doing he is conditioning a response in the dumb cult followers as the people's choice. And the ratings-starved media has no choice but to suck in every fart that blows out his bloviating blowhole. Contrast with Hillary who in spite of her poll numbers does not appear to be inspiring anyone with her grandma-in-chief campaign. Don't be surprised if it is in fact her voters who fail to turn up to vote.

PilotX said...

"A years from now you'll hardly be able to remember his name."

He might not win but he will still be a fixture here in the States PC. The Donald has been synonymous with wealth since the 80's. Like all of our 80's stars he holds a place dear in the hearts of us gen Xers, the same way the old Mtv does.

PilotX said...

Now Field, is this a group effort because 10 reasons Trump would make a good President is like asking us to come up with 10 reasons getting your hand nailed to a board is a good thing.

1. He isn't as insane as the rest of the gop field.

Yisheng said...

Hillary who in spite of her poll numbers does not appear to be inspiring anyone with her grandma-in-chief campaign. 

She has to play that role so that weak ass, punk ass men like you are able "tolerate" her presence in the election.

Anonymous said...

She's a cunt, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lance Cockstrong said...
"Hillary who in spite of her poll numbers does not appear to be inspiring anyone with her grandma-in-chief campaign."

She even got Chelsea to plan her second pregnancy so that she has her baby two months before the election:

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. 2000 teens shut down a mall in Kentucky for fighting. I won't go into what color they were because we already know.

It's a damn shame that people can't even go shopping in piece without a bunch of Blacks screwing up everything.

I went to see the Hateful 8 today and guess who ruined the movie too? This is so depressing. Of course, brother Field won't be talking about this shit. He's got his eye on Trump.

Hmmmmm. wonder why PC never talks about this shit? Yisheng stays quiet too. TNB.

Jim said...

The Purple Cow said...
"Sadly though, a Trump candidacy isn't going to happen, (unless he runs as an independent), but even then the Dem candidate will crush him."

Hillary is a stupid drunken carpet munching bitch. No matter what polls may say, people are only saying they will vote for Hillary because they know that that is what they are supposed to say. If Trump becomes Republican candidate, as is highly likely if nothing extraordinary and obviously undemocratic is done to stop him, and if he then starts to lead on Hillary, and then the government does something extraordinary and undemocratic to stop him, that is likely to lastingly discredit democracy.

Mass immigration, and the ensuing fall in living standards and rise in rape and murder, has caused the half boiled frog to show ominous signs of twitching. The standard response to a twitching frog is to allow the outer party, the conservatives, the appearance of power so that they can conserve the gains made by the left until the frog calms down and the left can resume boiling the frog.

Standard operating procedure would be Trump wins, illegal immigration is halted, legal immigration, like that which brought in the recent jihadi mass murderers, continues, jihadi terrorism continues and escalates, then in eight years illegal immigration quietly resumes again despite loud announcements to the contrary.

But as the left moves ever leftwards, it becomes harder for them to pull off their standard operating procedure. They are reluctant to slow down just because the frog is showing signs of life.

So, predicting Trump gets the Republican nomination, predicting that he easily outpolls Hillary, predicting that he will win unless the government does something undemocratic to stop him, which it well may, predicting that if elected, he will find the permanent government highly uncooperative, and that anything he manages to do, will be quietly undone. Predicting high risk of crisis that the left causes, and does not need to cause, that just as they are engaged in proxy war with Russia and are spoiling for open war with Russia for absolutely no sane reason, they are spoiling for proxy war and open war with the American voter for absolutely no sane reason.

To state the same prediction in different words: Either Trump wins or the left does something considerably crazier even than the crazy stuff we have recently seen to stop him.

PilotX said...


PilotX said...

Jim, what will be more interesting will be seeing what the gop does to stop Trump's momentum. The convention will be interesting.

The Purple Cow said...

Quote Jim

"No matter what polls may say, people are only saying they will vote for Hillary because they know that that is what they are supposed to say"

Yep, Jim is definitely a "low information voter".

Anonymous said...

What are 10 accomplishments of politician Hillary Clinton that qualify her for President?

1. She has been in Washington for decades.

Um, Uh, well......

That is her singular accomplishment.

Jerky Josh is a dick said...

Q: What's the difference between White Nazi asshole Donald Chump and
bloated welfare cowboy punkhonky Cliven Bundy?

A: 5 pounds!

Ohmigosh said...

#1. To give every one darker than a marshmallow reason to take flight from this Caucasian Paradise. Can't think of anymore reasons.