Sunday, August 23, 2009

Credit counseling from the field: How to use your race card.

The post that I am about to do pains me, because I believe that if you happen to be one of the forty or so million A-merry-cans with a race card you should use it from time to time. If you are a Negro in A-merry-ca, forget about American Express, this is the card you should never leave home without. I mean what's the point of a race card if all it does is sit there and collects interest on the balance and you don't ever use the damn thing? Having said that, I don't think you should use your race card for just any damn thing. You should save that shit for when it's really needed; like when a son of a bitch is trying to get at you because of your race "fo" real. That's when you break it out.

Now this crap with David Paterson is troubling, because the Negro is frivolously using his race card and he is causing a serious backlash. Those of us who always keep our race cards handy are going to have a hard fucking time the next time we try to use that shit. "We the jury find the defendant, young Negro boy, guilty of all counts of the crimes he was charged with. Wait,I get it, you found him guilty because I am his lawyer and I am black, is that it? Well hold up, I just happen to have a race card right here. Sorry Negro, race cards don't have any value anymore. He is still guilty. See the problem Mr. Paterson, when you go using your race card just because? It makes it bad for the rest of us.

Not only did you try to use your race card, but you tried to suck Deval Patrick and his O ness in with you. "The reality is the next victim on the list - and you can see it coming - is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than trying to reform a health care system." That shit is not cool. Don't use their race card for them, they are quite capable of using their own race card when they see fit. His O ness might have to pull his later on in his presidency for something he really wants, like the health care reform you mentioned, for instance.

"He's given the media more than enough to feed on with the incompetence shown in his administration," said state Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), an African-American."

Oh lawd! David, just cut up that card, try to build up some credit, and apply for another one later.

And try not to be such a free spender this time.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I keep forgetting I have one of those cards until I get pulled over by the cops for "looking suspicious".

JP said...

I live in NY. Patterson isn't a good governor, but he is taking heat for shit that probably isn't his fault. Part of that hit is probably because some folks aren't feeling a black governor, but as anyone who ever worked, esp. in professional job knows, the standards are higher for us. He ain't meeting them, so he needs to keep his mouth shut.

PS. Kevin Parker needs to shut up and stop getting in trouble with his car.

Monie said...

I love the sarcasm of your post. And I agree that we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of being seen as a monolithic group.

What Mr. Patterson does has nothing to do with what Mr. Obama does. And it's us who have to make that clear because it's really not Mr. Oboma we are protecting it's ourselves that we are looking out for.

We are and have been fighting the battle to be seen are individuals for a very long time. And not just by others because there are plenty of Black people that lump us all together too.

So I think this calls for a better vetting of those who use the race card (Professor Gates I'm looking at you) so that when we need it, as you say, we can use it.

And honestly I'm surprised Mr. Patterson is using race as his defense. I really thought he was smarter than that. I guess cocaine does rot the brain.

Race Traitoress said...

Nice, one, field, and FUNNY! I could feel the flow, there, in your writing.

Your first link didn't work for me; I'll check it later.

Monie's point about vetting was right on, too.

I stayed at that Day's Inn in Manhattan before I knew it was his love nest---

field negro said...

Monie, don't they have a disability card? He would qualify to use that one.

Race Traitoress, I think that link should be fixed now.

R.J., how can you forget that card? You better keep that bad boy in your wallet.

JP, I take it you live in NY and have the scoop on Mr. Parker. :)

Monie said...

"Monie, don't they have a disability card? He would qualify to use that one."

Ha! Probably but I think Patterson knew the disabled community wouldn't let him get away with using it. He figured after the way some of us fell for the Gates thing now would be a good time (to pull out the race card) since we're so gullible (Looking at you President Obama).

Anonymous said...

Those race cards don't work in post-racial America anyway. It didn't work for Gates and it didn't work for Obama when he tried to use the Crowley-Gates incident as a teaching moment about racial profiling. Remember? There was a backlash.

Come to think of it, there always seem to be a backlash whenever a Negro tries to use that card. Unless you have the skills of Rev Inc, what good is a race card anyway?

JP said...

Well I have the paper scoop on Mr. Parker, here are some of his known issues.

Noble Giant said...

David Patterson isn't that talented of a politician, in fact the only reason he became governor cause Elliot Spitzer was caught up in the call girl ring mess. He was just a feel good piece that put Spitzer over the top. The only thing that he had to handle was replacing Hilary Clinton's Senate seat and he bungled that badly. He's done nothing to quel down NY state's rising tax situation. He can't really think he's as good a politician as a Deval or an Obama, hell a Dinkins can he? What stinks is that this will be the talk of the corporate news media to flame up the racial divison in this country in the name of ratings, taking away whatever momentum that healthcare was receiving. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it.

@Monie and Anon- What do you mean by fell for the Skip Gates thing? Could you please tell me what actual law(s) that Gates broke so I can more informed at what you're trying to say. Thank you

SouthernGirl2 said...


Did you see this?

Phillie Eric Bruntlett made an unassisted triple play! It hadn't been done since 1927! Bruntlett had runners going & nobody out!

Just too cool!

Monie said...

@Noble Giant

Well what I said is pretty simple. In the context of this post Professor Gates turned out to be the wrong guy to get behind (for a myriad of reasons). It took a lot of people a little while to realize that.

The incident with Gates should have turned into a larger conversation but since Professor gates decided to make it about himself as did the President, ultimately nothing was accomplished.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to Gates, the race card was futher devalued.

I believe that certain people should not even have one at all.

When I first heard of Gates' incident like everyone else I concluded the officer was wrong and a racist. I still think the officer over reacted. However, when I also heard that Gates was yelling about being a Black man in America on his porch, an incident that was witnessed by others, I realized that he pulled the race card out too soon and new very little about being harrassed. And this in the end was bad for everyone.

Clearly Gates has little expereince being harrassed for his race. If you have encountered enough discrimination you know how to play dumb in a given situation while you collect the evidence that you will need later to prove your case. One thing you DON'T do is pull out the race card immediately. You need to have atleast 3facts to call a person. Calling a person a racist is an indictment and you better have proof.

What Gates did was show a now common culture of abusing the race card.

When I heard he had pulled the race card, I was immediately dissappointed by him coz being a Havard Prof. I thought he was smarter than that but it turns out he is just another Black Male hustler exploiting his people's struggle.

And its men like him, educated and above the poverty line that should not be allowed the race card unless that card is being used in a general cause to uplift the community but not for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Bush was an incompetent fool the electorate never held it again him. Don't you know competence and intelligence doesn't even matter. Remember Sarah Palin running for VP. Gov. Patterson is being held to a higher standand. I wonder why just asking? Are they finish scraping the bottom of the barrel?

Noble Giant said...

@monie and grata- I'm a give you one more chane to tell me what laws did Skip Gates break no your opinion on how to use the "race card". Here's a clue while it doesn't matter what he said to the police that day, but by saying anything did he break the law and also the rules of conduct for using the "race card" are not covered by Massachusetts or Federal law. Remeber we are a nation of laws, for better or worst. (Ps If your one of these its only 9 months and Obama hasn't given fixed all the 8 years of the Bush screw ups so done with him then you'll probably won't take the time to answer the question so don't bother)

Black Diaspora said...

The race card was never really worth a plugged nickle to begin with.

You could never guarantee its value, and if used in the wrong place, at the wrong time, it could spell disaster.

The closest blacks ever got to having a massed-produced race card was Affirmative Action, and even that card wasn't ours solely--so many non-blacks piggy-backed on it, it almost doesn't qualify as a race card.

Whites have their own card, appropriately known as the MiLK card, to counter the race card, and, specifically, Affirmative Action.

What is the MiLK card and how is it used?

Well, think for a minute: You'll quickly realize you've heard of it, and can recall the times it's been used to counter the race card, even if it wasn't referred to as the MiLK card.

Since whites don't usually honor our race card, they don't always have to whip out their MiLK card as a defense against the race card.

For that reason, they hold it in reserve for special occasions.

This blogger catches the essence of the MiLK card. He quotes another article as an example of it:

"Affirmative action is the 100% polar opposite of King's dream. Affirmative action judges individuals based only on the color of one's skin and certainly not by the content of their character, their achievements, qualifications or anything else. Affirmative action is a step backwards by justifying the very racism it was established to thwart."

field negro said...

"And thanks to Gates, the race card was futher devalued.

I believe that certain people should not even have one at all."

Grata, that's a great point! We might have to start doing race credit checks.

Justice58, I was watching it live on TV as it happened. Talk about highs and lows.

"Come to think of it, there always seem to be a backlash whenever a Negro tries to use that card. Unless you have the skills of Rev Inc, what good is a race card anyway?"

Anon 12:08 AM, was that a trick question?

JP,thanks for that link.

"What stinks is that this will be the talk of the corporate news media to flame up the racial divison in this country in the name of ratings, taking away whatever momentum that healthcare was receiving. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it."

Noble Giant, I don't think it will be a very big story. At least I hope it won't. But you are right; the folks over at FIXED NEWS will try to push it. This is right up their alley.

field negro said...

"Whites have their own card, appropriately known as the MiLK card, to counter the race card, and, specifically, Affirmative Action."

BD, what kind of interest rates do they get? I bet it's lower than ours. :)

Anonymous said...

Re: MiLK Cards -- All conservative whites get a 0.0% flat interest rate plus a $2500 signing bonus and free flat screen tv upon first completed transaction. Rewards points are earned on a scale with double rewards going to MiLK card users who either opposed and/or still resent the MLK Jr. Holiday. MiLK cardholders who actually voted against the Holiday get free lodging and meals at select luxury hotels and are eligible for triple rewards.

Eligibility for whites who are either moderate or left leaning is strictly limited. Moderates will be processed on a case by case basis and not guaranteed acceptance. They're interest varies from 15-35% and applications must be accompanied by a $250 non-refundable processing fee. If accepted they are eligible for rewards points standard.

Liberal whites declared Honorary Field Negroes, Race Traitors, and/or those who participated in Civil Rights Demonstrations, Freedom Rides, or any number of events listed in section iivx(b) are strictly prohibited from using MiLK cards. Those whites who fall under section iivx(b) caught trying to use a MiLK card may find themselves now eligible for MiLK card membership as their iivx(b) Honorary Field Negro etc. status is revoked. They may then apply under the terms and conditions applicable to moderate applicants.

Any status iivx(b) status "Honorary Field Negro or other" caught trying to combat or counter the usage of a MiLK card by a MiLK cardholder with direct knowledge, either personal or academic, of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. his statements and/or beliefs will be subject to a fine of not less than $500, permanent outcaste status, and possible imprisonment.

All terms and conditions are subject to change.


Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

OT-- Field, you need to create a "House Negro of the Year" award for Chris B. I swear-to-God I want to slap him upside his head and tell him, "son, these white people will use the hell out of you and then turn on you like a rabid dog."

Trust me on this. They ain't got your best interests at heart; and if they get their precious "race war," they ain't gonna pick you for their side.

field negro said...


Ivan,I already got your boy.

uptownsteve said...

The problem though Field is that Patterson is right.

The NY media is notoriously racist and inordinately unfair to black politicians.

They went after David Dinkins from his first day in office and never let up.

If someone could explain to me specifically what Patterson has done to warrant such low approval approval ratings?

It's just like they did with Dinkins.

Just yell "incompetent" long and loud enough and it becomes imbedded in the minds of the (white)public.

uptownsteve said...

Black Diaspora

On Point As Usual.

uptownsteve said...

On the flip side is the diefication of Rudy Giuliani who is widely hailed as NYC's greatest mayor of the last 60 years and a hero after 9/11.

What specifically did Giuliani do after the planes crashed into the WTC that was so heroic?

Can anyone explain?

Yeah, he cracked down hard on (black) street criminals during his administration, but if you look at violent crime nationally during the late 90's, the rates dropped to 30 year lows.

Directly in correlation with a booming economy and unprecedented prosperity.

Media smoke and mirros I tell ya.

White mediocrities become heroes, especially if they antagonize blacks.

Black mediocrities become abject failures because many whites don't want to see them in positions of authority in the first place.

LisaMJ said...

Usually I'm with you 100% Field, but I gotta disagree on this one and call BULL. I'm not so familiar with the Gov of NY but first of all, the only race card that exists in this country is the white folks race card. They invented it, they use it effectively and have never let anyone else use it except in the most minor of incidents. I have never seen a black person play the so-called race card and have it get them too much of anything but called a whiner, ridiculed and today called a racist. I think ya'll are being to hard on Gates too b/c I haven't seen any credible evidence that he even accused the cop of giving him a hard time based on race from jump. I actually don't believe that happened. NOw once the cuffs were on maybe, but that isn't important. The race card has been used as a tool against black folks not for us, and everytime anyone brings it up who is black they will get hurt by it, not helped. The Gov probably shouldn't have brought it up b/c it will give him heartburn, and he may have a point b/c as someone else pointed out there are plenty of mediocre to bad elected officials who are white who are not given the level of scrutinity and it isn't fair. I know we are supposed to be "twice" as good but that is an unfair double standard and the fact that has to be the case is an unfair use of the "race" card. As far as I'm concerned, that word should be banned, and though I am agnostic, and generally think if there is an after-life the creator would be very selective with who get punished for what and for how long, but with that being said, I hope Robert Shapiro rots in one of the darker pits of hell for making that term up or at least putting it into the popular lexicon.

Lisa J

uptownsteve said...

Notice Shapiro didn't resign in outrage from the Dream Team nor did he return any of the fees he collected from OJ.

He's a slimy piece of shit who saw the outrage of white America after OJ's acquittal and wanted to distance himself from Simpson.

As for the rest of your post Lisa...


Shady_Grady said...

What Lisa J said....

Anonymous said...

Patterson's popularity is low and I think in a poll last week that his popularity had gone up to 25-30%. Now that is not nothing to brag about because the percentage is still low. He has a PR problem that he partly created himself. The handling of the Caroline Kennedy senate seat, the budget, and the coup that occurred in Albany with two democrats siding with the republicans to take over the state senate (that was not his fault, but did not do very great PR on the matter).

The article got something else wrong, Patterson is not running for re-election considering that did not run for Governor the first time, but details details. Pattern is going to take some critical hits because he is governor, and you have to take the good with the bad. I am surprised he did not pull the blind card since is going to pull at the race card. He pulled the blind card when SNL did a parody of him.

I am not saying that the press can be unfair because sometimes they can, but it his job to have control of his imagine and message. I do not think Deval Patrick and President Obama is going to pull the race care as a defense.

I do live in the NY/NJ area, and as JP has written in his comment, Patterson is not a good governor.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Paterson double-crossed Leecia Eve for the Lt. Gov spot and used his own father to do it. So he can cry a river of crocodile tears. He's part of the Black Elite he's supposed to be above all of the "usual" problems of us regular black folk.

RiPPa said...

Damn you Governor Patterson! Silly Black rabbit, you should have pulled the "they hatin' on me because I'm blind," card. Americans, and I'm sure the people in New York state are sympathetic to the physically challenged. Look at the grief they gave Obama for that "retarded" joke when he was The Tonight Show.

west coast story said...


Here is a website for Hassani, the missing 5-year-old Oakland boy. Also, today's vigil on College Ave. at Harwood is at 6:30PM.

Go said...

I love it!



Anonymous said...

Patterson's blind??? I just thought he was doin a Stevie Wonder impression... don't tell me little Stevie's blind too!?!?!?!?!

Roderick said...

I assumed that Patterson was going to be a placeholder at best since he is a double minority who was only elected Lt. Governor.

After he admitted that he and his wife had had martial issues I was sure that he had no desire to run to become governor on his own.

Maybe I was wrong.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, for the 1,000th time I'll say that we need to ressurect Sgt Waters from A Soldier's Story. It's not just dumb bammas, violent negroes destroying neighborhoods, Jesse Sr., crooked or lazy black pols, Michael Steele/Ron Christie or Real Housewives of ATL and Tyler Perry et al he's got to get to hang themselves like CJ Memphis (or cut their throats)but fools like Patterson (why stop there--how about Burris and Conyers on general principal?

There's nothing abomindable about culling your own herd...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for my gov. however, he is not a good politician, nor is he a good governor. Period. Being a state Senator, reprensenting a few block in harlem, is wayyyyy different than running the state of NY. He was one of my idols because of the historic black political pedigree he comes from. He has dropped the ball so many times since he as been the leader of NY is a shame. He had no business saying that people are hard on him because he is black. They are hard on him because he is not effective AND black. Everyone knows we have to go above and beyond everyone else, he is not different.

AS for Sen. Kevin him lol

uptownsteve said...

"He has dropped the ball so many times since he as been the leader of NY is a shame."

Examples please.

I'm hearing a lot of amorphous bull$hit about Patterson "not being a good governor" or "not being a good politician" but not hearing anything in detail about how he fucked up enough to have a 35% poll approval ratings.

It's all about race.

Higher bar and different standards for black elected officials.

Especially black elected officials in majority white jurisdictions.

Anonymous said...

OT but I think we can all use some good news. AG Holder has decided to appoint a prosecutor to investigate the CIA torture charges. The scope is limited but it may go farther. The prosecutor is familiar with CIA interrogations and probing to see if there's cause to prosecute.


Vérité Parlant said...

Don't know much about Patterson, except that I always felt he was a figurehead.

But we have several black politicians down here in New Orleans who pull the race card in the worst possible way and I wish someone would send the drop squad down for 'em. When they get caught doing things like, oh, keeping $90K in bribe money in the home freezer, they cry, "I was targeted because I was black." Never a simple "I'm sorry. I should not have done that." And there's always a group of people who buy it.

Anonymous said...

Patterson was speaking in Fact, how many of you are Black Male Politician's?

It only take's a Black Man to tell the truth before Black Folk's turn on him! and they sure better not Scream the word (RACIST)! black folk's will call a Blind Black man every name but, a child of God!

We don't have to worry about white folk's Devouring us, we are devouring one another, we beat down and criticize a Black Man for what he has had to put up with! he can only tell his story! I wonder how much Hate Mail and Death Threat's, he has received since Barack became President! do any of you people know? or do you even care?

Patterson is telling the TRUTH! he may be naturally blind, but, he is not Blind to the fact that, we as Black American's need to take Heed!

We have White Militia's in training as I write, have you people been watching the New's? what is it these people know, that we should know?

I was watching CNN last night, and trust me, Black high rank Politician's are under attack, and especially those that have close tie's to the President! this stuff has been going on since the President entered office!

Patterson did not have to warn the President that he would be next! the President has full knowledge that, the Republican's, Conservative's, some Democrat's, the Media and some of his own people, want to bring him down! in other word's, they want him to FAIL! but,I pray that,his Faith fail him not, in the name of Jesus.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, UPTOWN STEVE, I don't know what's going on with our people, but, some of our people are in deep deep Denial!

I don't know what's going on but, either they are Fearful of Fact or they just don't Care/ I believe it is both!

The shame is, if Patterson would have said anything Negative about the President, these same people would have called Patterson a House Negro, a Coon, and some would have suggested the Drop Squad come and pick him up! oh, and don't let me forget, Lawn Jockey!



Obama mmm mmm good said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Obama mmm mmm good said...

MR.R said...
I agree with you steve.Those racist Democrats can't stand the fact that there's a negro in the Governor's house.Better a negro be in the house than a negro be in they daughters!!!

filled,1,200 veterans where wrongly told they had ALS.What was that about the VA being ran just find?

Anonymous said...
OT but I think we can all use some good news. AG Holder has decided to appoint a prosecutor to investigate the CIA torture charges.

For the first time since 1975people on Social Security will not be receiving a cost of living adjustment (COLA).

Homeless rates rise in D.C and around the country.

With all that going on im glad to see we got millions of dollars to waste on investigating the past.

Mack Lyons said...

And as an off-topic aside (concerning the House Negro of the Day):


If he did get shot, it would have revealed the mountains of hypocrisy surrounding Whites who do open-carry and Blacks, whom they don't want carrying at all.

kid said...

The latest from the de facto head of the Republican Party:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Obama "wants us to have the same health care and plan that he had in Kenya" and "wants to be the black FDR

Will any of the lesser Republicans who defend Limbaugh have anything to say about this? Of course that would require the media asking them about it.
We have to think of some plan to DESTROY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FOREVER.They can say what they want and we have to be silent and shut up.

kid said...

Mack Lyons :

He belong to the same group and the guy in New Hampshire.That black fool Chris Broughton didn't know that when he put a target on the White House for his Klavern he hung one up on his door and his family's also.John gibson said those rallies aren't racist if black people bring their guns.Thanks Chris.

Mr.R since you're big and bad go to a black neighborhood with a gun and a "don't thread on me flag" and tell me what happens next.I guarantee you'll be in hell with your heros Hitler and Reagan.

kid said...

MR.R fuck you and America!

field negro said...

mr. r, I don't think kid likes you too much.

Obama mmm mmm good said...

kid said...
They can say what they want and we have to be silent and shut up.

No one wants you to shut up or be silent.

In fact,in this great country of ours,you are free to say things like this

kid said...
MR.R fuck you and America!

So enjoy your freedom and stop being so angry.

uptownsteve said...

Mr. R,

"In fact,in this great country of ours,you are free to say things like this

kid said...
MR.R fuck you and America

So enjoy your freedom and stop being so angry."

Cuz in Mr. R's ideal world only white boys like him would have the right to be angry and talk $hit.

We black folks don't know how good we have it, right?

Obama mmm mmm good said...


Didn't field just counsel everyone in the fields about how/when to play the race card??

Wasn't you listenin'???

Its people like you and Jessie Jackson that made the race card worth less than the American dollar.

trickster206 said...

Patterson is making some of the same mistakes the "O" has made.

Now according to the NY Post, about two months ago, he was seen in a club with a friend of his who just happened to get a State job despite a hiring freeze. Just last week, one of the Latino senators hired his son at $100,000 a year (no experience).

Patterson's hire paved the way for the senator's son. How could he say anything to Espada when he's doing the same thing.

He acting like he part of those "devils." You can't do what the "devils" do at all. He should know that. But being elite and all...

How many of us still get scrutinized on these jobs over bullshit? Post racial my a$$.

uptownsteve said...

Mr. R,

The only folks who ever had a race card that had any currency were white boys like you.

vanishing point said...

I think Patterson lost popularity after Gillibrand got appointed instead of Caroline Kennedy, plus Cuomo probably wants to run, he gained in popularity after he criticised the Wall Street bonuses,
Patterson can be extremely witty and sarcastic, so I would have to actually hear what he said, he said that on a radio station first.
I don't think he was wrong in pointing out that the media is after Obama, the Post and News are the worst papers in the world, but the NYT not far behind, and the Wall Street Journal is bad too. It just seems to me that all the media in New York is trying in subtle and not so subtle ways to do what Limbaugh had said about hoping that Obama fails, the New York media must love Limbaugh.

beale street talkin said...

now now black diaspora shush up yo mouth honey child.. you know white women under the aegis of affirmative action pretty much used up the unsecured funding for the AA card landing it into its current deficit position on the junk bond market? Why white girls gots mo PhDs and Massa degrees under the AA card plan than Blacks of both genders got with their ubiquitous degrees in higher education. Now this is kinda funny in itself given the abysmal level of education standards amongst us in lower education. What do all these black folks with doctorate in education do with them?

And lay off Patterson, taint his fault if folks hired bruh and he cant really see the documents he is signing until they transliterate them in brille. You could have the flophouse loving Mr. Spitzer back. Then New York and Jersey City would be going at it tit for tat as to who is number uno on the Hudson for sin city east [vegas has got it going on for the west].

Rev. Jacko's race card has default so many times since 04 April 1968, it should now be a family heirloom.. enshrined and bronzed like little baby booties used to be and handed down like those glass and cermanic figurines our grannies collect just to dust. Unfortunately for us, Citibank or one of dem, has written some pretty good CDO on operation push and well Jacko seems to keep beatin it all the way down the line...