Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Tiger Question For The Ladies.

I am going to blog about this Tiger mess again, and then I am going to leave it alone. (I hope)

To be honest, this post really isn't about Tiger, it's about one of those Men are from Mars deals that I am struggling with. The women who read this blog will have to help me out with this one.

So here goes my question:

If you are having an affair with a man you know to be married, why is it that you only get upset when you find out that he is creeping on you AND his wife? (Remember that old blues song? "Your husband is cheating on us"?) Seriously, what is all that about?

So now we find that all sorts of women are coming out of the woodwork on Tiger because each of them are starting to find out that there were others. Noooooo. So he is creeping on his wife and you don't think he will creep on you?

And I love this Rachel Uchitel character. First she was willing to take a lie detector test and swore up and down that there was nothing between her and Tiger. Then, as the other women started to surface, she promised to hold a news conference. (Hmmm, I wonder what she was going to say?) Of course that news conference was called off today by Philly home girl and news hound, Gloria Allred, because....well, chi ching chi ching chi ching. Let's see now; Gloria takes about 25%....not a bad pay day.

But I digress. Back to my original question: What is it about the "jump off'" that makes her only feel offended when she finds out that she might be "jump off" number two or, god forbid, number three?

Just curious. Maybe if Tiger had asked some of these kinds of questions he wouldn't be in this mess.

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Anonymous said...

Any woman who would have an affair with a married man has poor judgment and no moral compass to begin with. So there really isn't much to understand. They get exactly what they deserve...the no-good, double-crossing cheater they hooked up with. Not too much to understand here. Really.

I think these babes are just trying to beat each other to the payday. Ker ching.

I'm Off The Air said...


I stopped at, "...If you are having an affair with a man you know to be married..."

Couldn't even wrap my mind the scenario. Not even for a second. Field...I tried. Honestly, I did.

I look forward to the next hypothetical. *mumbles to self -dumb azz broads*

Gregory said...

I've seen something similar with a close personal friend who had a beautiful wife and a string of girlfriends. All was going fine until one of the girlfriends found out about another girlfriend. It's not surprising that it all ended in tears but I didn't expect the catalyst (no pun) to be one girlfriend's jealousy of another girlfriend to light the fire that burned down his life.

Back to the bad jokes, maybe Tiger should change his name to Cheetah or Lion.

ANN said...

I agree with anonymous. Along with poor judgment and sewer morals, women who date married men are likely to be arrogant enough to feel that they must somehow be an "improvement" over the wife.

candy said...

FN, you are fucking idiot.
Get a life beyond Tiger.


Jody said...

People, both men and women, who build toxic relationships do so because they do not believe they are worthy of a healthy happy relationship. That, whether they are willing to admit it, is the bottom line. Their low self esteem can come from all kinds of messages they received about themselves throughout their childhoods and/or first romantic relationships. Often, to cover this, they will act with bravado and delusions of grandeur... but strip that away... it will always come back to not loving themselves, not believing in their own happiness... and looking for what others can offer them and not what they can offer to others.

LACoincidental said...

Candy, I would agree accept we can't seem to escape this Negro and his string of dumb bambis.

Try finding any real discussion about the politics of the day. Obama must breathing a sigh of relief since everyone's chasing the Crouching Tiger's 'Hidden Dragon'. How many people beyond the political junkies are more worried about this than healthcare.

Marc Coopers' blog hit the nail on the head -- so long as Americans choose plasma screen TVs over healthcare and global warming, we're screwed.

But to field's point -- I agree Ann and Anonymous. Very few of these celebrity cheaters ever have just one side chick. Guys like Tiger are young, good looking athletic and rich. What makes you think you're so special that he wouldn't cheat on you?

Anonymous said...

Field, All these women were lied to by Tiger...I think Elin really did love Tiger. I mean if She was not feeling Tiger Elin wouldn't take 9-iron to his freaking

Poor wifey thought she was his one and only love...Turns out so did his side hoes...hahaha

Now Tiger has to pay "Big" to keep these broads in check...I don't blame the chicken heads for wanting there payday. Hell, were talking about a Man worth millions field...We are in a recession right now and these women have to

Anonymous said...

Another thing that bothers me is the many women who get offend when others call the mistress what they really are...Whores!!!

I keep hearing certain feminist online screaming "How dare you call these beautiful young women whores etc.." Listen ladies from one woman to another these chick are straight up high class "prostitutes"... Women have a choice to sleep with a married man or not. I remember a married friend of mine husband hitting on me and turning his ass down. I felt insult that he would he think of me as a play toy to used behind my friends back. Plus, I respect the institute of marriage and my friend. But, not every woman honors some else marriage. Hell married men, like Tiger don't even honor there marriages. So, why bother to marry Tiger?!!!

He should have just not married ole Elin and instead just set her up in one of his many mansions...She would have still given him kids and would at least known the what the deal was upfront. Now, Elin feels betrayed and humiliated because that fool really loved her ass. All Tiger has left in the end is a wife who hates him and only staying long enough so he won't lose any endorsements...

metricpenny said...

Field, I don't have an answer for you.

Just posting to let LACoincidental know that the "Crouching Tiger's 'Hidden Dragon'" line is the bomb. I'm going to use it like it's mine!

Anonymous said...

This is a very theoretical guess: The "other woman" sees herself in competition with the wife, and there's a big ego thrill in being a better lover. As soon as the other woman learns that someone else might be better than her, or (even worse) that the guy is just a roamin' hound dog who'll take what he can get when he can get it and isn't really comparing or appreciating much of anything except for 20 minutes or so before the rocket launch, hoo-boy watch out.

Call it Chapter 421 in the never-ending book titled, Women Take This Emotional Shit Seriously, Guys. Actually, I think guys do too but it just looks different.

vanishing point said...

here goes, a woman(women) who play around with a married man with young children, and, the man doing it, are low life scum who just do NOT CARE.

why would a slut who is getting cheating on by another slut care, hell, she thinks she is better than the wife and girlfriend, and, most importantly, she thought all this time that she was "safe", she wouldn't have to give birth, marry him, put up with his shit, she could have him and still be free. yup, met enough women who think a married man is safe to bet on it.

in the end, while i never agree with "moral compass anyonymous" this time, i do. so there.

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, you're gonna have to ask one of those type women who lay with married men.

'I keep hearing certain feminist online screaming "How dare you call these beautiful young women whores etc..""

Yeah Until some young beautiful pied piping whore play a tune with their husband to Whoreville with an std, bet you won't hear how young and beautiful she is after that.

Serves Tiger right for cheating on his wife. And I don't feel sorry for the Elvin either, she was just the "luckiest" of the golddiggung whores he encountered in the first place.

Blinders Off said...

It is definitely sad times in America, when infidelity is a leading news story for days. I have no compassion for Tiger or anyone who do not respect their marriage vows. Also, women who creep with a man that they know are married, especially men with wealth are nothing more than a high price prostitutes.

When are men in high profile positions be it sports, entertainment, politics or business are going to learn? Women who play with you behind your wife back can and will extort you once you piss them off. If they really loved you are cared about protecting you they would not be saving every text or voice message you leave for them. Tiger's little waitress jump off proved that point!

Soapbubble said...

Why would a guy like Tiger Woods get involved with a bunch of clubrats with fake lips? I always thought it was crazy for him to marry the nanny in the first place. Sure she's nice looking but she's a nanny. No education. No real job. Just nice to look at and as most people find out, looks get boring after a minute and people get 'older' everyday.

mesha said...

Sorry, Tiger wife knew he was cheating...YEAH SHE KNEW IT..but she was fed up that her HUSBAND would be texting or making arraignment with another woman after they probably had a good ole FAMILY Thanksgiving dinner..

Tiger choose those women who or making than minimum wage "jumpoff" i.e. nanny or waitress for a reason. He is unhappy with himself. A man that is 1st in his sport but unhappy with himself. He wanted someone to love him DEEP...What man is his right mind would call his other woman and insist that woman take her name or tell to take her name off of her voicemail and plus use his name Tiger on the voice message..Did he know who he was??????.. He thought this woman would go to bat for him or either luv him...But now he is waking up.

He got the panties. They are getting the 15 minutes of fame. I heard it was 5 other women...and we know by now multiply it by at least 5 that will not talk.

Tiger is type of man that hate who he is..I dont feel sorry for man who looks in the mirror and dont see a BLACK man...BUT media and public will remind him of that everyday from now and out.. Years from now...He will still be joke of the parties or comedy club..

vanishing point said...

"Serves Tiger right for cheating on his wife. And I don't feel sorry for the Elvin either, she was just the "luckiest" of the golddiggung whores he encountered in the first place."

La, that is why i like you!!

vanishing point said...

"He is unhappy with himself. A man that is 1st in his sport but unhappy with himself. He wanted someone to love him DEEP...W"
omg, that is so fn' true!

NSangoma said...

Next time tyga, try one of these, not white and yet not black:

Anonymous said...

I hear ya NSangoma, those are some lookers.

vanishing point said...

"If they really loved you are cared about protecting you they would not be saving every text or voice message you leave for them. Tiger's little waitress jump off proved that point"
yes, why they saving all the text messages, they want money!!!

Anonymous said...

"If you are having an affair with a man you know to be married, why is it that you only get upset when you find out that he is creeping on you AND his wife? (Remember that old blues song? "Your husband is cheating on us"?) Seriously, what is all that about? "

It's about delusion. These types of women have deluded themselves into thinking that the man whose cheating on their wife for them, isn't going to cheat on them for another woman.


Anon 9:29 said "Field, All these women were lied to by Tiger...I think Elin really did love Tiger. I mean if She was not feeling Tiger Elin wouldn't take 9-iron to his freaking"

That could have nothing to do love. I could have to do with 1)anger at the situation (didn't she just have a *second* kid for this guy) and/or 2)ego (e.g. "Who does he think he is cheating on ME"?).

Anonymous said...

Somewhere along the way, TIGER'S father forgot to tell him, he was a BLACK MAN, but, the MEDIA will remind him, and is reminding him!

If Tiger's wife ,doe's not want to divorce him, the MEDIA will force her too! the MEDIA is already talking about MONEY! look at GLORIA ALLRED, she is already on the PROWL!

This young BLACK MAN has to learn! he has had it too EASY! he has a CARELESS PERSONA! and he brought all this MESS on HIMSELF! and now look, women coming out of the WOODWORK! when did he have time to do all of this MESS?

I Pray the MEDIA will not DEVOUR this young man, well, get ready people, we will see AL SHARPTON on TV soon, once again trying to DEFUSE the ATTACK'S of a BLACK MAN! and I hope he doe's, after all when it is all said and done, the ATTACK on TIGER will be TEN time's harder, than the ATTACK'S on a WHITE MAN!


Ecosoulintellectual said...

the stinker this gets, the more complex and idiotic it gets. awww field negro, jump offs want to be loved too. smile. but the psyche in the jump off is deep.

Val said...

If Tiger pays his wife, as reports suggest, not to leave then doesn't that make her now just a high priced prostitute?

Sandy248 said...

I knew a guy who was a master sergeant E7 and he (a married guy) was carrying on an affair with a senior airman E4 and she actually tried to get some money out of him. When he didn't pay (he's in the military so she should have known he didn't have any money for blackmail) this young woman produced EVERY text message they exchanged as proof of their affair. SMDH

Anonymous said...

LACoincidental said...

...And the vast 'middle' are too busy on Black Planet and Facebook gossiping about Tiger Woods' secret hoe stable or the next episode of the Real House Wives of Orange County.


Seriously, brother? Tiger again?

buffbaygrl said...

Wealthy men get ass on a platter on the regular. They don't have to go looking the skanks are waiting for them. A lot of these women would sell you out and trample you for a high priced d*ck. No more no less, morals is not even a thought.

Wanna start taking dibs on who will be the next wealthy man to take the p*ssy dive?

Tigga wanted to get married because it made him "look better" as a Golf Pro, that all American perfect look. Advertisers eat it up.
He enjoyed the sound of the media fawning about his Swedish girlfriend and how it's perfect a match.
It's all BS and requires a high level of narcissism.
When wife is bitching at you about the trash and how you don't pick up your towel off the floor, your narcissism requires praise.
These side chicks are professionals only the athletes don't think/know that.
Wanna cheat don't get married.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't answer your question Mr. Field, but I got this---

I heard the wife's been cheating, too. AND---the wife actually took him from another blondie he'd been going with for a long time. Karma. Will bite you in the ass fo' sho'. I don't feel sorry for either of them, wifey or Tiger.


Anonymous said...


Maybe when you think you are the "only other woman" it is the guilt over being involved with the married man in the first place that sends you over the edge when you find out there are more.

But I really don't think Tiger's wife gives a flip about his other woman. She chose her time and did what she had to do in order to walk with her $300 plus millions with no hassle-she might even leave the kids when she goes. First time in my life I wish I was a young blond white nanny.

La♥audiobooks said...

Hey Kathy. LOL

Ok. While I was sitting here on my horse, I did some thinking. How many of us have been in relationships with guys who may not have been married, but already had a girlfriend? Ok fine, I have been guilty of that once, or maybe twice, men lie who knows.

Anyway, I remember being in a relationship with someone for 10 months before I found out he already had a girlfriend in which he was still seeing. When I found out I was hurt and pissed, but I was in love with my papi so much that I justified all sorts of shit in my head to stay with him. Of course It didn't last, he got nasty, I got nasty and I ended up getting a restraining order against him - long story, I was young. One thing as women we sometimes fail to realize, if he is going to cheat with you, he will eventually cheat on you too.

Furthermore, I have a close friend who's busy being a whore at the moment. I have warned her about this man's wife coming to her place of business to make a scene (she could lose her job because of the sensitive nature), but it's still not detouring her. So now another major holiday is coming up, I'll see what's going to happen. I'll be packing up my shoulder this time, I am sick of it.

And Field, I have a question for you as a guy. Why is it that some men always seem to act up and "need space" around major holidays when lots of spending is involved? LOL. I have another friend who can't see this pattern from her so call boyfriend. sigh.

Hathor said...

I guess in any fantasy you would want to be the star, and if you are led to believe you are the only other one it would feed in to your fantasy.

To those women who are so quick to make moral judgments technically one could be a whore if they had sex with out marriage. One must look at ones own life before casting stones.

Never presume what level fidelity plays in someone else's marriage.

Anonymous said...

Tiger's a billionaire. That means he's whatever color or combination he says he is. He doesn't live down here like the rest of the 99% of the population and he never will. He might as well be a space alien for all he or any billionaire (or millionaire) has in common with any average American no matter what color, ethnicity or gender they happen to be.

As for Elin, I don't get the gold digging charge. Her mother is a big time politician in Sweden (like cabinet level) so Elin's not from the lower classes but quite the opposite. I think most people would agree that Tiger's a good looking guy. Why wouldn't she be attracted to him? No gold digging needed when a handsome, charming, athletic guy who went to Stanford comes along.

Given her family connections, political power and good looks it's not like she couldn't hook up with tons of rich guys even guys richer than Tiger was when they met -- plenty of royals and tycoons of various nationalities roaming around Europe who'd give anything to find a blonde bombshell, especially one with family connections in government. That's a businessman's dream come true -- he gets the girl and can use her to make piles of more money to boot. Powerbrokers would also be all over her.

I think there's a whole lot of assumptions and 'classism' attached to the word 'nanny' that's shifted the reality of this woman's background and her possible motives.


Blinders Off said...


The morality of this situation is Tiger and the women who slept were morally wrong. Speaking for myself no stones where cast when I referred to Tiger's women as high priced prostitutes.

Keeping it real..It is no secret SEX is what makes MEN happy. If we are honest here, we are all guilty of using sex to get what we want be it married or not. Personally, I rather be a whore in marriage than a whore not married. There is no shame in being a whore or whatever for your husband.

I agree we cannot presume the level of fidelity in someone else's marriage, but the fact of the matter SEX is right behind COMMUNICATION in the making or breaking of a marriage.

Hathor said...

Blinders Off,

Sometime fidelity may not be about sex, but about a deeper connection between the couple.

I had often thought that if Bill Clinton had cheated with his press secretary Dee Dee Myers or someone who was accomplished as Dr. Rice; Hillary Clinton wouldn't have in any sense, stood by her man.

MartiniCocoa said...

Because some people can rationalize a man cheating on his wife but can't rationalize a man cheating on a wife and a girlfriend.

It's not sane or logical but neither is sleeping with a married man.

Anonymous said...

After posting here earlier, I was ramblin' round the 'net, and came upon this story. I've reversed my opinion. All I can say is wow. Now I'm really starting to feel sorry for the both of them. Lives reduced to dollars and cents. Those poor children. All of this is so public. No more jokes about them from me. Something about the story at the link just made me feel sad.


MartiniCocoa said...

oh yeah...
if I were Tiger's wife I would tell him if he wanted me to THINK about forgiving him that he had to buy me an island and build a deluxe compound so I could hideout with our children whenever I felt like it.

And I would name my island Marriage!

agape2010 said...

Hello Field Negro and readers. As a black woman I have never viewed Tiger Woods as black because he denounced that part of him years ago. However, as black men will do, THEY accepted him as being black because of his prowess on the golf course. (Turn 'yo head black man and don't say a word) What would I care as a black woman about a "black looking" man who has denied his heritage and married the whitest of whites in the world...a Swede...and cheated on her...with other white women all over A-Merry-Ca? It's my understanding that his house masters (who need their paychecks) will pull him out of his shame by blaming it on "he is still grieving his father's death". Ooops - wasn't his daddy black...wait..naw...I think he was some kinda house negro too...he married an asian. I guess that's what happens to the black men that stay in the house too long...they pass that mentality onto their children's children.

@ LA Coincidential: LMBAO about "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"


Anonymous said...

agape2010, you are not married, are you?

Anonymous said...

"It's not sane or logical but neither is sleeping with a married man."

It's makes perfect sense. A married man who is running around is not looking for a relationship, he is looking to get laid. He has no intention of committing himself to the women outside of his marriage.

I suspect this is the case for Tiger. And I suspect that Elin has no plans to divorce Tiger but will try to make things work. That's the difference between a Swedish woman and a vindictive angry black woman.

You are right in that Tiger is not Black, he has said so. It's his life, and he should know who he is and who he wants to be.

Anonymous said...

Field, "I am going to blog about this Tiger mess again, and then I am going to leave it alone. (I hope)"

No such luck, Field...You will be blogging into next year about this, unless you intentionally put forth effort not to write about it. As I mentioned before this story has some very strong legs.

And the way Tiger has been reacting towards the media only strengthens those legs with steroids. You won't be able NOT to blog about this story. There is too much 'pin action' between Tiger, his wife, other women and the media, even though the Woods are trying their best to hide.

Imo, this story has many layers of gender emotions, celebrity emotions and racial emotions. How can you not blog about this again, when there is more of the story to come?

Blinders Off said...


I left divorce court saying, "I will never get married again", after a terrible first marriage.

Never say never.

I know of that deeper connection you speak. I am blessed to have that overwhelmingly tender, passionate affection for my husband. I did not become conscious of the depth of that type of love until I married my second husband...twenty years and counting :)

IMO, in Tiger's case sex is the culprit; I bet a silver dime Tiger start creeping when he and his wife started a family. He did an interview stating how boring his life is at home. A statement like that signifies trouble. How could life be boring at home with young children running around, if it is not about what is happening in the bedroom?


Hey Field,

Well, you know that the "jump off" always thinks that SHE is superior to the wife because she feels that he risked sooo much just to have some cookies from her cookie jar.

She imagines that her cookies are just the best, the blazin' and the bomb if this fool is going to roll the dye and possibly loose his reputation and his family for her desserts.

She creates an illusion that there are no cookies on Earth that he will find like hers since he devours them as if he has never tasted one in his life.

So yes....that makes her tell herself that there are no other jump offs.

Anonymous said...

"How could life be boring at home with young children running around, if it is not about what is happening in the bedroom?"

60% of marriages end in divorce because, well, "it was boring". People get married because of the wrong reasons and far too soon.

Field Hand G said...

Going from the massa's house to the dog house ought to be an interesting experience for

Field Hand G said...

All joking aside, we're living in the United States of Amusement. Tiger is the joke of the moment. It will be someone else's turn soon. In the meantime, I'll remain the nerd that ignores the exaggerated importance of celebrities, and how they choose to live their private lives.

agape2010 said...

@ Anonymous:

If I am married or not it matters less to me what Tiger Woods does or does not do to/with/out/for his wife. What I am happy about is that Tiger Woods stated some years ago he does not consider himself black, nor did he want to be considered a role model for black male youth. I think that was the best thing he could have done was to seperate himself from black male youths, considering that the dark has come to the light on who he truly is. Hopefully our young black male youths will understand that it's "not cool" to be having sex with alot of women and especially when you're married.
I'se got no luv fo da Tiger (other than agape love) he don needs it noways...he kin BUYS him sum love...aint das whut he wuz doin???(Ebonics is my native tongue). And one last thing...if me, or any of my black/white/asian/creole/
english/german/SWEDISH, ect. girlfriends were married to a billinaire and he cheated as did Tiger...we have all agreed WE WOULD NOT..I repeat...NOT divorce him. And I suspect neither will Tiger's wife. It's defintely NOT vindictive to divorce a man who cheats on you. (and what is this about black women being vindictive to a cheating man...???...ludacris) When did cheating become acceptable in our so called society? Ooohhh Hilllary...I got a question for you...(it has less to do with love than it has with his image and THEIR wealth) Let's see...another prominent man is caught getting some different poonanny (no pun intended)...just another boring drive by train wreck.


PS. Nice website...think I'll tell my friends to come and chat with ya'll :)

Anonymous said...

Don't care at all about Tiger. What do you think about AI coming back to Philly? I am excited and I don't even live there.

field negro said...

"And Field, I have a question for you as a guy. Why is it that some men always seem to act up and "need space" around major holidays when lots of spending is involved? LOL. I have another friend who can't see this pattern from her so call boyfriend. sigh."

La~Incognita, it's called "the set up". And it stems from being cheap. Well, I take that back, some poor guys really can't afford the gifts. So what's a poor guy to do?

J, thanks for the 411 on Mrs. Woods.

"Going from the massa's house to the dog house ought to be an interesting experience for"

Field Hand G, you are coooold.

"Just posting to let LACoincidental know that the "Crouching Tiger's 'Hidden Dragon'" line is the bomb. I'm going to use it like it's mine!"

Yeah metric, I might have to join you in that line theft. That was classic.

Ladies, thanks for all your answers. I am learning as I go.

Agape 2010, always feel free to stop by. We are just one big happy family here...

Someone up thread mentioned giving Tiger a pass because he is a golfer we all admire. Some of that is true. I would give up sex for a year to have that golf swing....well, maybe not a year, a few months....well,never mind. But I would love to have that swing. Still, there is something about Tiger -like his boy Jordon-that always said house to me. So I am not really feeling the Tiger pity party right now.

You folks will have to just shoot the messenger for awhile.

no_slappz said...

Cover-up Alert. Who was driving the SUV? Not Tiger. His wife was at the wheel. She was enraged and trying to run him over.

For a while she has been dealing with the emotional turmoil of his infidelities. As a result, she has been taking some prescription medication. Maybe she's been taking an extra pill or two. The other night, when things were reaching a boiling point, she might have had a couple of drinks too.

She exploded. Went after him with the golf club, chasing him around the SUV, swinging the club and shattering the rear side windows when ducked. She stopped swinging and he walked off down the driveway.

Her rage returned and she got in the SUV and went after him. But due to the combination of her anger, the prescription drugs and her sudden plan to run him down, she swerved left and right trying to nail him. He saw her coming and zig-zagged out of the way, but realized he needed to go somewhere safe, so he ran for a big tree.

At the last second he looked over his shoulder to check the position of the SUV, and at that moment he ran into the tree, knocking himself silly.

The erractic path of the vehicle shows it was driven by someone who was impaired, and Mrs Tiger was the obvious candidate for impairment that night.

Moreover, no one is knocked out after driving a luxury SUV into two objects at such a low speed that the air-bags are not triggered. Only the fenders were damaged, showing that both hits were glancing blows, not head-baning collisions.

Field Hand G said...

Oh, BTW, a guy in Philly stole a cell phone yesterday, then he took a picture of himself, and he is now being sought by the police. How did they figure out that he is the suspect? (1) He's "familiar" to the cops, and (2) The image was picked up by the owner's computer. I was SURE that Kadeem Kooke would be the HOUSE NEGRO OF THE DAY ! Okay, this cat needs some rest.

Unknown said...

Why would the GF get mad? Because she new the "alpha female" slot was taken, so she was willing to settle for "beta" ... but not "gamma".

Farley said...

It transcends man/woman relationships as it's anyone who is the 'second' person in line that gets upset.

uptownsteve said...

Chris Rock once said:

"A man is only as faithful as his options."

That's the damn truth.

All the moralists out there ask yourself:

If you were young, handsome, famous, rich and had gorgeous females throwing themselves at you everywhere you go, how many of you could honestly say your response be "No Thanks. I'm good. Gotta go home to momma."

Be for real. said...

Off topic, but I was wondering if Field's favorite Lawn Jocky Lloyd Marcus's new video "Our Girls: A tribute to conservative women" It hurts, real bad. said...

Oh yes, the link.

Anonymous said...

grow the fuck up, people.

i don't know what percentage of people cheat, but lots, and lots do. me included.

i'm not a whore, or a a slut. i am a professional woman with a job, career, home, kids. an upstanding member of society--we aren't all "cocktail waitresses."

i cheated with a married man while we were both married. on and off over a 6-year period.

to answer your question directly--i found out that i wasn't the only one he was cheating with. it made me sick. i thought cheating me with was bad enough, but that it was ONLY me. i wanted him to be faithful to me (and his wife--his choice)--and i thought that he was. i thought what we were having was a "love affair." it seemed that way to me, by every indication he had given me (including many gifts and pledges of love). we had known each other a long time and got back together at weak points in both our marriages. we lived in different cities; our spouses never knew. i didn't like the idea that he was exposing me and my spouse to his other liaisons.

he had a different view...who was i to say? make demands of fidelity that he wasn't even honoring to his wife?

i didn't end it there. it continued a few more years, sporadically. but it was one of the major factors that prompted me to end it finally recently.

was i wrong to cheat? nope. i did what i had to do to survive my marriage during that period.

any woman wants to feel special and you never think you're being whored around on.

it's a legitimate question if field felt like asking it.

all of you who felt the need to attack him for asking are immature morons. and i'm sure you'll attack me, too--perhaps out of your own guilt.

go right ahead.

uptownsteve said...


I appreciate your honesty.

I too get tired of all the phony moral posturing and finger wagging.

Tiger Woods has a giant media microscope on him 24/7.

How many of us could pass the scrutiny test?

I damn sure couldn't.

Anonymous said...

the Real fun's gonna be when Tiger announces he has Magic Johnson's Disease...
and he cheated for the same reason I do, I mean other guys do, his wife wouldn't blow him.
and howcome he's considered "Black" hes as much an Indian (the Tomahawk and TeePee kind) as anything else??? That "One Drop" rules alive and well...


uptownsteve said...

Yeah Frank,

If Tiger was out there mugging and stabbin, you wouldn't be tryin to make him an Indian, would you?

Hmmm "Magic Johnson's Disease"?

You mean the same pestilence that took out Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson, Anthony Perkins, Robert Reed and Rudolph Nureyev?

Anonymous said...

thank you, UTS.

Don said...

hahahahahahaha @ "Your husband is cheating on us"

I recall the song myself.

True, so true.

rw said...

Mr. Woods behavior gives new meaning to that old gasoline commercial:
"Put a Tiger in your tank"

Mr. Woods new tagline,
"Put a Tiger in your skank"

Anonymous said...

Women who creep around with married men (especially) or men they know are in relationships deserve the bullshit they get. The men they cheat with are even more disgusting.

If you're with a man you know is in a relationship, tell yourself you aren't the only cheap sex he's getting nor will you be the last.

Anonymous said...

The "other woman" gets mad because she thinks that SHE is the one he REALLY loves. To her the wife is an inconvenience. Someone he stays with for the sake of the kids or some other reason thats convenient for him.

Despite women's lib, women still have a hard time dealing with the fact that for men, sex doesn't always equal love and/or commitment. Sometimes its just sex.

Anonymous said...

i didn't think i was the only one he loved--i KNOW i was.

but i wasn't in it to end my marriage--nor was he. see, i understand the difference between sex and love. i didn't pick some random person and then delude myself into thinking it was going to lead somewhere.

we loved each other AND we had sex. the point is wanting to be "only" other woman. i was never trying to be his wife. never talked about her, never considered her my rival. she didn't matter. and that's what makes the "wife" mad (see above).

in the end, i wasn't the only one he was fucking--and that was too much for me.

you'll never understand unless you've been there. and i believe the question was asked of those who have.

alicia banks said...

i am appalled by millions who are BOLDLY blaming tiger's stable of whores for his own decision to whore with them!

tiger played his wife with far less precision than he plays golf.
HIS foul. period!

his wife had a right to be enraged and she will be righteously paid for his rabid adultery...

here is my question:

why do whores get married???
why bother???
tiger could have been a happy rich bachelor forever

privacy is a relic
especially for those who are rich and famous like tiger
smart whores know this so they choose superior whores to play with and play discreetly...

tiger is no victim!
his whores are not the adulterers!
they are all single!
like elin, they will all be paid for tiger's sloppy nasty foolish deeds...

i am not mad at elin!...FORE!!!

uptownsteve said...

"his whores are not the adulterers!
they are all single!"

AB, do yourself a major favor and don't try to make these skanks out to be victims.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

And they're just as guilty as Tiger.

And it always cracks me up how protofems like justify female violence against men.

I'm pretty sure you would agree that regardless of what SHE may have done, a man should never be violent with a women.

Why is the opposite okay?

Any female here is free to answer.

Gwhizz said...

Or maybe married men should act married. If you cannot forsake all others for the woman that is your wife-as you vowed you would-then perhaps you should NOT get married. Eldrick should have taken a page from the Derek Jeter guide to dating.

alicia banks said...


why do u always force issues unspoken by me??????

i never said the whores were victims

i said ELIN is the ONLY victim here

and i never mentioned the violence

why did u?

i am not mad at elin

some beatings are deserved

tiger EARNED that beatdown

only elin and the suv have been wrongly abused in my book

see all at my blog

alicia banks said...


unlike you
i am a realist

most people are selfish whores

men cheat because they want to and can.

and most wives masochistically allow men to cheat.

most men do not equate sex with love ONLY when they are doing the cheating...when their women cheat on them, they swiftly equate sex and love just like most women do

this is why people fear gay marriage so...they fear monogamous lesbians and gay men with open relos will divorce less than hets


Adam said...

Uptown Steve:

I think you nailed it!

You said:

"If you were young, handsome, famous, rich and had gorgeous females throwing themselves at you everywhere you go, how many of you could honestly say your response be "No Thanks."

Tiger's moral failing should be an opportunity for each of us married men to reflect a little more deeply about our vulnerabilities and our potential to sink below our commitments.

Yet, I think it is worth noting that there are/were athletic and wealthy men who have towed the line and remained faithful to their spouses. I think some people simply do a better job of thinking ahead, planning ahead, and being strategic. It is a matter of knowing what your vulnerabilities are before jumping into all the activity. (For instance, the athlete who calls his wife every night on the cell phone and speaks to her and his children.)

alicia banks said...


not only are tiger's whores not victims...they all have hit the jackpot just in time for christmas!

kudos to them all!

DuchessDee said...

There are too many woman who is acting hight and mighty. I know there are a quite a few married females here who has stepped out on their husbands. marriage is hard. It takes a strong couple to weather storms for 30..40 years without receiving solace from another party. sorry i cant throw a stone at Tiger and Elin will learn NEVER rap yourself up and around in another person you really need your own interest.

emenest said...

you are kinda dumb bro.

LACoincidental said...

R. Maldonado said...

Seriously, brother? Tiger again?

R., I feel you playa. I honestly don't care that Mr. Eldrick Woods that his 'little tiger' loose on a bunch of Barbie doll chickhead. But, we also posted how much stuff over a drugged up dead pop star? Hell Obama could have declared open war on the Saudis with tactical nukes when Micheal Jackson died and none of us would have noticed.

But hey, posting is what I do when I'm between meetings and projects at work.

AB, again, we have to agree to disagree. It takes two to tango. Yes, Tiger is a creep and may be a sex addict (5 different chicks? Damn.), but that doesn't make the hoochies jumping in bed with a known famous man any less guilty.

If anything, it should warn any moderately successful man to keep it in your pants or work it out with your wife. To quote the Wu disciple Cappadonna -- 'You get what you get when you think with you think with your dick. MCF means you thinking with your head.' (Money Comes First) Tiger's about to loose how many millions in endorsement over these trailer trash hoochies? WTF?!

You're right about one thing, Alicia, his wife is the only real victim. Gold digger or not, she's the wife. And as someone who found a wonderful queen, I'm working to guard my own heart. Hurting the mother of your children for a cheap thrill is low.

Though Tiger's 'homey' who introduced them should truly be called the 'honorary house negro of the day'. He regrets introducing them? Stop working for the 2009 Kato Kalin award and sit your behind down. If you're really his boy, you condemn his action but you don't throw your boys under the bus in public.

alicia banks said...


i am not defending his whores at all

how did you get that?

i am only saying that they are NOT married adulterers like tiger

i am hopelessly monogamous and i have an aversion to ALL whores

it takes 100% of my time and attn to keep my wife happy and my marriage alive...

i have no idea how/why men like tiger try to collect an endless stable of whores...and be husbands too???

single life is free and simple

whores need to stop getting married!

alicia banks said...


we agree to disagree x 2

i think elin is classy and really loved tiger

and if i had hooked her up with tiger, i would feel horrible/responsible for her broken heart too...

i am not mad at elin or tiger's honest friend

tiger has betrayed his wife and his matchmaker by being a serial adulterer/whore and a sloppy rude husband...

many true players would revoke his playa card just for that silly voice mail msg alone!

alicia banks said...


what i really despise about you is that you constantly hurl your imaginary tangents at what i post...

and then others come along and assume that i have started the bs that you deliberately interject

check that you dirty sexist dog!

Zimbel said...

My opinion is that a significant percentage of the population isn't monoamorous, but this society conceals that fact by a number of things, including forcing marriage contracts to be between two people.

The result is that a lot of non-monoamorous people both get married, then "cheat" on the person they're married to - often with multiple simultaneous partners.

I'd guess that the (wo)men in question typically assume that the person is either monoamorous (now with them), or biamorous (with them and their spouse), without understanding that cheating is often a symptom of polyamoury (as opposed to leaving their present pair-bond, and entering in one with them). When they find out otherwise (particularly since the person in question almost never informs them - after all, to admit to polyamory is to make oneself a pariah), they get pissed.

Or, in shorter form:

1) The person (A) cheating is lying.
2) A person (B..Z) intimate with that person thinks that A is telling the truth, but suddenly finds out that they're horribly mistaken.
3) (B..Z) get pissed.

In other words, I don't think it's much different than why the spouse gets pissed, if it's marginally less rational.

Zimbel said...

For those interested in a paper on why some males are more prone to cheating than others, here's one.

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

The mistress always has the idea in her head that she will be "The One" to take him away from the wife. They some how think they are special and that he'd never cheat on them because they are"special" to the married man.Really dumb thinking because married men hardly ever leave their wives for the "other woman." I have too many married friends who have been cheated on and the husbands always come grovelling back for forgiveness and leave the mistress high and dry.

uptownsteve said...

AB sez

"I am not defending his whores at all

how did you get that?"

By this:

"especially for those who are rich and famous like tiger
smart whores know this so they choose superior whores to play with and play discreetly..."

and this

"tiger is no victim!
his whores are not the adulterers!
they are all single!
like elin, they will all be paid for tiger's sloppy nasty foolish deeds..."

oh, and this

"not only are tiger's whores not victims...they all have hit the jackpot just in time for christmas!

kudos to them all!"

You make this too easy AB.

uptownsteve said...

AB must be off the meds today

She sez..

"and i never mentioned the violence"


"some beatings are deserved

tiger EARNED that beatdown"

Now, I'll ask again.

Is there any situation that you can concieve where a man would be justified in hitting a woman with his hands?

Let alone a 9 iron.

alicia banks said...

useless sexist;

thank you again for proving that your insanity is surpassed only by your blindness!

YOU mentioned violence FIRST!!!

how dare you post my REPLY to YOUR initial query about violence as if i INTRODUCED violence as a topic!!!

again(with feeling):

tiger and his germy penis earned that beatdown...go elin!


ONLY elin and the suv are victims here...not ANY soon to be rich whores, including that sloppy soon to be MUCH less rich whore tiger!!!

you us are an evil dirty amoral shameless lying dog who cheats on blogs as expertly as tiger cheats with whores...FAIL!!!!


krystal*lyte said...


what happened to anyone having a sense of integrity in their inter/extrapersonal lives with others?

Bro could have taken a page out of Kobe's book, kept it real and divorced if he wanted to do all that..when you lay down with dogs..

as far as what moi thinks, this is just a case of loose morals and even looser lips any real female would know no ho can be a housewife (or at least a housewife for too long), I don't doubt that miss Uchitel was dumb enough not to know that.

Field, its really simple..a womans brain has wires..emotional internal wires mainly that make up a good percentage of our brains and men have it easier whereas they don't have as many wires as they are more external (what they see is what they feel they get) google: circle and the square complex to further understand male/female fundamental differences.

and this may get my feminist sistas a little p.o'd but We are more prone to deception...thats why the snake went to eve or lilith(really, whatever) first and not adam and if a man/another woman comes along and moves one of those wires out of place or tries to replace one, we get out of sorts and if you have no home training, attention depraved, or (ahem) by default believe you are entitled to play havoc on other ppls lives for a belief that you are superior and think yours is the best on the market to recieve such rejection...well..there ensues the scandal.

miss U. is an example as to what happens when those wires get snapped..the rascism and the need to exploit this over and over in between..well...thats just typical to white MSM Amerrykkka..oh and speaking of which..

Jimmy kimmel wins the Sit your ass down/blank Stare award (thanks AttorneyMom for getting me hooked on that phrase love her blog) for going into a black barbershop and making stereotypical/Obama jokes and making other dumb racist whites and toms think its okay to berate another man of color because you're around a bunch of coons who who will do anything for the camera.

congrats asshole.

caddyhack said...


What's up with the Tiger/Jasper "homey under the bus" and "house negro" whining? Jasper and Elin are both Swedish.

Golfers that cheat get no respect. Get a grip.

alicia banks said...

utterly sinful:

yes i can imagine a situation:

if a woman posted arrogant ignorance to a blog daily, as she was too inept to debate like you...

and she deliberately and incessantly lied and baited and cut and pasted a man's posts out of context and out of sequence as if any sane person could not simply scroll to see her hatchet jobs...

she and her pc would deserve to be beaten down just like tiger and his suv were...with 3 golf clubs!!!!

and i would LOVE to help him beat her as much as tiger's whores' other tricks are going to LOVE helping them spend tiger's cash for christmas!

uptownsteve said...

oh my!

Hathor said...

I thought tiger met her through Mark O'Mera.

I wish you would speak for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have an affair with a married man because I really do the see the benefit of it myself. I would always get the short end of the stick. It is poor judgement, but I would not say that the person does not have a moral compass.

However, in Tiger's case, the women is dealing with are cocktail waitresses and the strip club type, so for them Tiger is a big payday. If he was dealing with a woman of a similar statue to him, she would not come out in public with that information. Katherine Hepburn had a 20 year affair with Spencer Tracey and she did not mention anything about that affair. In fact, did not attend his funeral out respect for his wife. Spencer's wife knew about the affair, but why would anything to just rub her face in it.

I do not condone extramarital affairs, but if you going to have one, then be discrete. I am wondering what is going on in Tiger's marriage because having an affair is just a symptom of a larger problem inside the marriage. Personally, I think Tiger's wife hits in a lot and this is not the first time this has happened. I mean he was leaving the house to get away from you, why on earth would you just him down the driveway with a golf iron.

alicia banks said...


it just got deeper!

tiger can survive the typical drama of adultery with whores

but the atypical damage of drug addiction upon his image may actually break him

this would explain both "snoring" in the street and the wreck:

Lola Gets said...

Ok, I didnt read all of the comments here because, well, I have a life. But I do want to address part of your question, Field:

"If you are having an affair with a man you know to be married, why is it that you only get upset when you find out that he is creeping on you AND his wife?".

Now, I like to read a column by sex therapist Dan Savage, and he answered a similar question a few weeks ago. A man wrote in and asked why his female coworker who was initially interested in having an affair with him, a married man, til she found out said married man was in an "open marriage".

To whit, Dan said...

"Try to look at it from her perspective: When she thought you were willing to cheat on your wife to be with her, NFW, that meant you found her so attractive, so utterly irresistible, that you would break your marriage vows and risk everything to get into her pants. Sleeping with her with your wife's permission? Meh, where's the ego boost in that?"

Now, I know its a somewhat different situation, but think about it: if you THINK youre the "only one" that married man is fooling around on his wife with, then you must be some kinda special, right? You must have some golden tang or some such, to make this man - who is under VOWS for Gods sake - break those vows just to get with you.

But...if hes also screwing others...breaking his vows with other tangs, well then, yours might not be that special, huh? And now you just look (and possibly feel) like a a fool, and to make yourself feel better, you decide to wreak havoc on all other parties involved.

Imma quote a very intelligent and learned judge....Judge Marilyn Milian of the Peoples Court and say that all these mistresses need to keep (and should have kept) their "big girl panties" on, and suck it up and deal with the consquences of their actions! They knew the mess they were getting into! No one has any sympathy for them!

All this noise is about ego and money. Ill be interested to see what their payout will be.


Greg "The Anti Furby" Dragon said...

Big Boi from Outkast: "Chop dem hoes and then you skate!"

Methinks T.Dub needs some work on the second part of that line. The only thing wrong with Tiger is that he got caught. More preachers are out there running up in choir members than half these celebrities we choose to crucify.

Wanna know something interesting, the Ashley Madison ads on my sites do the best out of the lot. What does that tell you?

Furby Banks and the rest of you hypocrites, keep at it if it makes you feel better about yourselves.

alicia banks said...


as usual your hatred and GLARING envy blind you to the actual content of my posts

i said MOST humans cheat

i refuse to let anyone exclusively judge tigers' whores rather than the whore tiger

handle that you bitch assed reptile!

vanishing point said...

maybe i am wrong, but to me, all this cheating is what brings hiv, hepatitus, hpv, and all other kinds of std to far too many women.

maybe elin was cheating too, but somehow, i don't think so.

whether or not humans are supposed to be monogamous, i sure as hell don't know, but it seems pretty apparent that children want their parents to stay together, and all this cheating usually ends up with a marriage in the garbage can.

Anonymous said...

When the Tiger Woods story first broke, the news TV media correctly identified the women in the story as prostitutes. However, after Tiger posted his apology on his website, the TV media dropped any mention of prostitution/hookers. So now as Tiger squirms in his seat in the "Stocks" in the middle of the town square that is gossip America, the women involved are being groomed in the MSM to look like characters out of the "Desparate Housewives" TV show.

A lot of folks have said that maybe Tiger will wake up to the fact he may think that he's multi-racial, but to these money hungry white folks out there, he's just another rich nigger ready to be relieved of his cash.

In my estimation Tiger Woods as a national celebrity will never recover from this, and if he is realy smart he will sell out any and all investments including all property in the U.S. and take his wife (if she wants to go) and kids and retire to some remote island for the next 5 to 10 years. Hiring lawers to fight leaches like Gloria Allred and paying off people to keep their mouths shut will prove to be a huge waste of time and money. Better to spend both on a empty tropical beach with sand between your toes and a drink in the hand and lean back and say "sure I f**ked up, but to the rest of the world out back there, f**k you!"

Anonymous said...

I thought we were going to have a longer break. Nothing ever last.

alicia banks said...


ice skates last

and tiger's bimbo hos are ice skating all over his bank accts as you and that reptilian trick dreglizard post your typical drivel...


Hathor said...

One thing that has been annoying me during these post about Tiger, is that he does not consider himself Black. I don't know if his only statement about what he considers himself was only made at 19 years old or not, but I do know that he knows that he is treated as a Black man even inside golf circles. His dad saw his child's talent and knew that he had to be better and the most skilled to successfully compete in that sport. His dad an old time Negro knew the deal and knew the Black old timers in golf and their perils. His approach was to raise a very disciplined, bullet proof Black man.

Upon winning his first Masters some southern golfer had to make one of those implied racist jokes. Tiger had been taught to ignore that, to ignore the taunts and being called names when he was growing up. When Tiger got that Green Jacket he named all the important Black golfers who had preceded him and has done this on other occasions.

Most of his world was golf, so I think this is where his identity lies, where he was taught to be the good Negro.
When he dyed his hair and wore an ear ring he didn't wear it on the course like his white counterparts. Always conservative, never the pink or plaid tight pants, as other young golfers wear.

You see most old time Negroes of my age were brought up to be the same way and Tiger father was over ten year older that me. While I got changed by the sixties, his father's generation didn't.

alicia banks said...

ditto hathor

i have never been a fan

that is why i have never been a tiger fan

and remember the racist jokes tiger told to a wm interviewer?

and how the single tiger dissed and evaded the swooning tyra banks?...

see more on all of tiger's racist bs at:

vanishing point said...

@Hathor:Tiger had been taught to ignore that, to ignore the taunts and being called names when he was growing up. When Tiger got that Green Jacket he named all the important Black golfers who had preceded him and has done this on other occasions."""
thanks for that, i didn't know that.

Phil4Real said...

Guys use money for sex. Women use sex to get money. Everybody gets what they wanted in the first place. Unfortunately Tiger loses some of his cash when these poor women cry their asses all the way to the bank. boooooooohooooooo=Chiching

Anonymous said...

Field, month's back, I told you about my sister in Law Sharon, well, I didn't finish the story!

Sharon was cheating on my brother, the man was MARRIED, he told her, he was going to leave his wife, well,he didn't!

Sharon and my brother were separated, well, last November Sharon decided she couldn't take it anymore, so she HUNG herself!! she left my brother to RAISE two children alone, and he is yet trying to HOLD on! he take's it one day at a time!

This is the Extreme result of what can happen, behind CHEATING! Sharon didn't want to live, if she couldn't be with a MARRIED man! so she HUNG herself from her living room ceiling!


grinder said...

He might as well be a space alien for all he or any billionaire (or millionaire) has in common with any average American no matter what color, ethnicity or gender they happen to be.

There are 6.7 million American households with a net worth of $1 million or more, not including their primary house. If you start throwing the house in there, I think the number would be a whole lot higher. Not exactly space aliens.

On the main topic, Tiger. A joke: "Given Tiger's racial heritage, can we call this a Black Thai affair?"

caddyhack said...


It was definitely Jesper Parnevik who introduced Elin, not Mark Omeara. There's a story in the LA Times.

It was Fuzzy Zoeller who made the dumbass "implied racist joke", when Tiger thumped the field at his first Masters. He was twenty-one!

Hathor said...


I think he was 19 with the interview with Oprah in which he discussed his identity. I could be wrong. I guess my sentences run together to much. I had hear about the relationship through the banter during the broadcast. Not an accurate source.

vanishing point said...

This is the Extreme result of what can happen, behind CHEATING! Sharon didn't want to live, if she couldn't be with a MARRIED man! so she HUNG herself from her living room ceiling!


that is so heartbreaking, for you and your family, i feel so bad reading that iseeisee, that is terrible.

field negro said...

"Given Tiger's racial heritage, can we call this a Black Thai affair?"

Lord have mercy...I swear these Tiger jokes.

Iseeisee, i am sorry to hear of your loss. That is truly a sad story. :(

sandra said...


I agree. How can a mistress complain about another mistress.

The song is by Denise Lasalle. Funny

agape2010 said...

This is the Extreme result of what can happen, behind CHEATING! Sharon didn't want to live, if she couldn't be with a MARRIED man! so she HUNG herself from her living room ceiling!

@ anonyomous:
In my very humble opinion...I would venture to say that this woman's emotional issues had less to do with a man that she could not have and more to do with herself. Statistically women do not committ suicide by hanging, it is usually done by something milder (say pills for instance).
When women make the decision to use this type of way to committ suicide, it usually stems from deep, chronic, clinical depression and self loathing. Extremely sorry to hear about your brother's loss.


LB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LB said...

There is even a song written by Ryan McDaniel called "Hole in One". It reminds me of Tigers' situation. Talk about "jump off". Check it out for yourself:

To answer your question, she wants to be the one and only.

grinder said...

Uh-oh. Fourth mistress lawyers up! Come to think of it, tigers are an endangered animal, right?

Karlton Davidson said...


I have been reading you for a year and I think you can handle this, I am going to try to send it to Jason Whitlock too, but why hasn't Elin Woods been arrested? Why hasn't Diane Sawyer and Oprah jumped to the defense of Tiger as he was physically abused by his spouse and chased from his home . When everybody was DVRing the interview with Rihanna and crying about how strong she was (as she promoted her new album) we learned, as we have been told before, there is never an excuse for domestic abuse. So why was Elin not arrested and deemed the new Chris Brown, or OJ, Ike, "Mister" (from The Color Purple), or any male villain from a Tyler Perry play).

Flip it Field

If Tiger had been standing in his driveway and Elin had been barefoot and floating in and out of conscience (most likely hit from a golf club because she didn't smell of alcohol) as he stood with a club in his hand while she lay defenseless with scratches on her face, a busted lip, and maybe snoring (because of a blocked air way) in a wrecked cadillac on the outskirts of his yard they couldn't have gotten the handcuffs on him fast enough. Nothing he or she could have said could have stopped him from the perp walk all the way downtown in front of 10,000 paparazzi.

So come on Field, everybody has made fun of the obvious but what about the underlying bias that goes with being male in a domestic altercation. I actually asked people about this on my fb and people (mostly women) said crazy stuff like he cheated or he could have defended himself. NO HE COULDN'T that would have cost him billions. She got cheated on and he got victimized. So does infidelity or adultery justify domestic abuse?

The kids were there so where was Florida Department of Children Services because if a child is present when domestic abuse happens then it becomes child abuse. Where are the expert analysis in her behavior? Statistics show that this is not the 1st time Elin has accosted Tiger and probably wont be the last. Why isn't Oprah telling him to leave, claiming she will do it again. Save Tiger from Elin, Field

Why aren't the officers under investigation and on suspension? Why do police only follow procedure when black people MAY be at fault? Where is The View, Geraldo, Ricky Lake, Dr. Phil, and Donahue, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The Word Network and ESPN and why aren't they all clamoring for her arrest. Where is Jessie, Al, Tavis Smiley, Tom Joyner, NAACP, SCLC, ACLU and all the spousal abuse people?


Maybe it is because she didn't bite him.

My black male mind is confused sir and I am asking for your help.

Karlton Davidson

You are probably laughing but I am somewhat serious.

no_slappz said...

As I have noted, the Official Tiger Tale is false.

The police are playing along. Who was driving?

Elin Woods. NOT Tiger. Elin was driving. She was irate and trying to run him over. Attempted vehicular homicide.

According to the police report, none of the neighbors saw the driving in the moving vehicle. Tiger was on the ground and Elin was near him.

No doubt she is taking prescription drugs for her emotional distress. And no doubt she had boiled over that night.

She exploded after 2 AM, when most people are asleep. However, she was probably ranting and raving in their bedroom and, after hearing all he could stand, he probably fell asleep.

Him falling asleep while she was ranting and raving made her angrier and the physical attack began. He left the house with her behind him, she grabbed a club as they went through the garage, started swinging, nailed the windows on the SUV, and he scooted down the driveway.

She got behind the wheel and tried to hit him, swerving like a drunk/drug addled driver as he zig-zagged to save his life.

He ran into the tree and she hit the same tree with the SUV.

Cover-up. The cops are playing along because Tiger is a decent celebrity rather than a bad-boy celebrity thug with substance-abuse problems.

bousia said...

what happened to anyone having a sense of integrity in their inter/extrapersonal lives with others?

girl you are talking about black men, the majority of us do not have that integrity word.

Angie-in-Japan said...

I can't speak for any other woman here...but I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in getting involved with a married man. In the same respect, I will not date a guy with a girlfriend. And finally, when I am in a relationship, I honor it.

Angie-in-Japan said...

"And finally, when I am in a relationship, I honor it." well as the man I am in it with.

evita said...

Most women willing to get into the secondary status of jump-off enter the arrangement with the need to be loved- by anyone. Women now confuse sex for attention (ie he calls you to schedule some sex.)

I think that women who enter into an ongoing "relationship" with a rich or famous man are looking to for esteem. (perhaps gleaned from osmosis?) Either way, they are in it for their own needs esteem and the experience of being loved. When the lie is exposed I would guess it is a rude awakening and a faux moral superiority. Tiger straight up called the one jump off and told her to take her name off her own voicemail... he did so easily and not even apologetically. Is that doesn't acknowledge her lack of esteem I don't what would...

They are chasing love, esteem (they can get that through money,) and when all else fails just the money.

The Thinker said...

While the act of cheating is wrong I feel there is a deeper issue. That is the one that only Tiger can answer; and that is about the quality of women that you are dealing with ( I am not saying this because they are white), but the fact is that in some ways they are all looking for some kind of payday. Without calling themselves prostitutes they will continue to offer themselves up to the highest bidder. So why Tiger did you allow yourself to be put in this type position. There is no element of trust in them nor do they have any pride about themselves.

What is even worse about this situation is the time we as a people spend in being involved in his problem, remember, LET PEOPLE WHO ARE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.

Anonymous said...

The police are playing along. Who was driving?

Elin Woods. NOT Tiger. Elin was driving. She was irate and trying to run him over. Attempted vehicular homicide.

If it had gone down the way you say, he'd have had tire tracks on his back.

field negro said...


I have been reading you for a year and I think you can handle this, "

Yes I can Karlton, it's called a double standard in our society. But it's changing. In my line of work I see many men coming forward to report abuse.

You are not the first person I have heard with the theory that Tiger is covering for his wife.

evita, Angie, bousia and others, thanks for the continued education from the female side.

arealOG said...

The problem is Tiger ain't got no fuckin' game...all the other shit ya'll folks spouting here is irrelevant!

I blame Tiger's lack of "hood sense" and his handlers...ever heard of a $29.99 throwaway phone from KMart or Target?...rule #1 of the "game" is never, NEVER...leave evidence of contact...this dumb mo'fo leaving these skeezers with his cell phone number and texting them on his phone!

Yo...Tiger ain't no real brother because most brothers from the hood know betta! lol

Now this stupid azz kneegro' gonna have to payout big scrilla to keep these white bitches from exposing his freaky-ness...

but in the meantime...why ain't the media runnin' Roethlisberger azz into the ground like they doing TDub or how they did Kobe?

legal troubles for a rape he committed in vegas...what happen to that story?

things that make you go hmmmm?

Anonymous said...


That "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" line was spewed -- after the movie, of course -- by Keith Olberman. That person you quoted probably stole it from Keith.

La♥audiobooks said...

Anony 3:12 am, we all knew that, we black folks are verse with hollywood and foreign movies too. The humor came from the symbolic analogy to Tiger's scandal. So now the joke is on you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Field, what do you think of this?

Angie-in-Japan said...

Greg said: "The only thing wrong with Tiger is that he got caught."

Well, in my opinion, unless he and Elin had some kind of "arrangement" to see other people outside their marriage, it was a good thing he got caught. If I were married, a few of the things I would honestly WANT to know is if...

1. My partner is gambling with the possibility of infecting me with some kind of STD that I can never get rid of/live through.

2. He is hiding a "love child" from me.

3. They are taking OUR money and setting up their house with it

4. I am wasting my time, energy and life honoring a commitment that has only half a meaning.

I have a question for you guys out there? How many of you would have to seriously grapple with whether or not to blow out the brains of your wife and/or her lover if YOU found yourself being cheated on. Not to defend what Elin did...but rage and wrath can go both ways when it comes to some people. Some women get angry, too, just like some of you.

Many guys seem to think that having affairs is OK if they don't get caught. They are so self-absorbed in what they want, they can't seem to look beyond themselves to see how others will be affected by their actions. I had a guy ask me out a few years back. Asked him flat out if he had a wife or girlfriend, to which he replied that he had a fiance who "didn't need to know." I smiled and politely responded that as a strong believer in what you throw out into the wind eventually comes back, I would know. In my opinion, I wasn't being self-righteous...just trying to imagine myself in HER shoes before I actually found myself in her shoes with a man who was still trying desperately to eat all the cake in the bakery. I then excused myself to another section of the room during this particular concert. So yes, I have had the chance to become that "other woman" that so many of us women in relationships hate. Promised myself early on that I would NEVER do that...and it is a promise to myself that I have not knowingly broken. I'll be 43 this Friday...

And yes, I have been cheated on as well. Had a boyfriend couple up with his ex over a mysterious weekend in which he disappeared to Tokyo. The funny thing is that I knew something was up when his guy friends started calling me to find out where he was. LOL...yeap...the "WARNING!! WARNING!!" bells were on auto-pilot the entire weekend. I didn't ask because I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. And if he was stepping with others, I wanted him to be MAN ENOUGH to admit it. I didn't pry into his private stuff (cell phone, etc) looking for answers; nor did I follow him around without his knowledge. Truth much as I cared for him, I simply didn't want him if he didn't want me. Why should either of us settle for less than what we feel we deserve??

(To be continued....)

Angie-in-Japan said...

As many have said in here, "KARMA" does have a nickname...and it, indeed, begins with a 'b.' That woman gave him an STD which, lucky for me, began to itch before he and I got the chance to "scratch" any sexual itches we may have had after he got back! (So ladies, stock up on your condoms just in case; only ride bareback on a horse. Beautiful stallions, regardless of whether they are black, white or mixed, are not included unless they have FOUR legs..LOL!) Then she told him she was pregnant with his child and demanded they get married.

Hundreds of phone calls to his home and work nearly drove him crazy, and almost got him fired. He was so depressed with the crap she was putting him through, he literally got sick. I was the friend who saw him through that period. With some advice I gave, he found that she wasn't pregnant. He later apologized to me and asked for a second chance, claiming that I was the best woman to walk into his life. I said no and never looked back. Why did it take a real-life fatal attraction episode for him to see that? I don't know, but the man I have now appreciates me as is. Glad I was woman enough to let my ex go.

During his numerous attempts to "win" me back, I once said something that really seemed to shock him: "Do you really think that you were the only man I found attractive and sexy when we were together?" LOL...! Fact is, guys...we women ARE NOT BLIND (unless we have some health-related condition that makes us so!). We are OFTEN approached by men who claim to be capable of offering us more than you (whether that be love, respect, money, a bigger house, patience, stability, sex, companionship, trust, honesty, etc). Those of us who don't accept their offers CHOOSE, for whatever reasons, not to accept them. Never forget that if/as you are considering tiptoeing out on a woman who loves you. No matter how quietly you think you may tip, there are always telltale signs that show us where, hhmmmm, and to whom you've been going.

Not claiming to be an authority on this issue but as a final thought...maybe being a "man" (and "woman") has less to do with how many people we screw (and/or screw over) and more to do with how many commitments we can respectfully live our lives honoring. Again, just a thought. Stay blessed...

Dr. Nuwang said...

Ohh girl, that was deep, Angie!

Anonymous said...

FLY, how come you don't have hips like a real woman?

Dr. Nuwang said...

Anonymous said...
FLY, how come you don't have hips like a real woman?

Because I'm P-H-A-T, NOT fat like you and yo' mama, that's why, LOL!!

Perfect size 8 with NO cellulite and a perfect plump ass to match. And when I find a man of ANY race complain about my figure, I'll be sure to let you know, OKay pumkin??

Fat ass hater, LOL!!!

NOLOVE said...

let's keep it real there are 11 thousand black woman in california waiting to become pornstars in cali alone the white woman waiting is double.these numbers prove the average woman aint worth a shit
so why are you expecting the men to be any better? the human race is feces & we prove it daily!

Angie-in-Japan said...

NOLOVE: Now, if we could just work on decreasing that "DEMAND" part of the equation. LOL...
Honestly, I think these numbers simply prove that there are women in California who want to be porn stars. Their sense of self-worth, whether it be good or bad, can not be used to stereotype the millions of average women living and working in California. As for the human race, there are some really despicable people out there...and some real angels. Which is YOUR mirror?

FlyNMy40s: You so crack me up!! LOL...
I really believe that the choices we make chart the courses in our lives. I am far from perfect...and will be the first to acknowledge and embrace my many shortcomings as I challenge myself to correct them. It is an exciting, non-stop journey. (Heck, the day I give up on the human race is the day I give up on my family, friends, self and our community. It ain't happening!!)
Stay blessed...

NOLOVE said...

Angie in japan
Asian girl are the hot new commodity in the porn industry thier tiny bodies make a white mans cock look almost as huge as the real mans thats why they fuck with yall asians are probally the biggest sellouts on the planet expecially the woman all ways hugged up with some dirty ass white boy
for shame! i waould kill myself if i was asian & male,they gets nothing in the sex dept.
quit making excuse for whores we are all prostitutes everybody has thier price,its the american way!

NOLOVE said...

Which is YOUR mirror?
Im no angel thats for damn sure I hate all humans equally If you have straight Hair a flat butt & are living amongst whites im your worst enemy!Im that brother with 2 rugers aimed at your mellon!
you can call me an exterminating angel.

Angie-in-Japan said...

"Asians are probally the biggest sellouts on the planet expecially the woman all ways hugged up with some dirty ass white boy."

NOLOVE, if you "was asian & male," we'd more likely than not be seeing a little bit more eye to eye on this slippery topic that has somehow suddenly developed into an 'Asian thing.' And as for Asian men not getting sex, Asian women don't lay eggs. Considering the booming populations of certain Asian countries, quite a few Asian men here in Asia are getting a little something-something, don't you think...? (I don't mean to assume but do you have issues with Asian women who choose to be with White men or something?)

You mentioned Asian women being sell-outs and put up a new profile picture to further your point, right. You, the same man, who "...hates all humans equally." Just keeping it real in here...but wasn't it Malcolm X who said: "I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color."

I can't stop you from speaking for yourself on this one but NO, we are not all prostitutes, nor do we all sell our souls for that "price" you mentioned. Believe it or not, there are some of us in here who do manage to live without bending over backward (or forward for that matter) for the all-mighty American dollar. I, for one, make a really decent salary here. It doesn't define me...nor does it control me. There are probably many many others in here who feel the same about money.

Finally, I'm not making excuses for people and the choices they make for themselves..but even if I were, who are you to demand that I not do so? LOL...

Stay blessed all...

Angie-in-Japan said...

Hope y'all got that play on "almighty." LOL...
Can't believe the dollar is at approximately 85 yen.