Friday, January 16, 2015

Jamal does the right thing but Chancellor does not.

Couple of wild stories tonight.

The first one comes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where one of my little cousins made me proud.

"A Florida police department is honoring a teenager for his role in saving the life of the cop who arrested him.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, was sitting with his hands cuffed behind his back in a booking area of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department last September when Officer Franklin Foulks keeled over.
Surveillance footage shows the young man, who was suspected of violating juvenile probation, walk over to the locked door of the security fence and start kicking it, yelling to alert other officers that Foulks was in distress.

“The teen is being recognized with doing the right thing when presented with a challenging circumstance,” Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said in an interview with Yahoo News.

After hearing the noise, Sgt. Todd Bunin saw Foulks semiconscious on the floor, clutching his chest, so he alerted police dispatch to send the city’s fire rescue department.

Bunin, understanding that time was of the essence, removed Foulks’ police gear and cut off his shirt. Two other officers, Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, overheard Bunin’s radio transmissions and rushed to the scene to help.

Norvis administered CPR and Ketchmark used a defibrillator to electronically stimulate the officer’s heart.

Fire rescue workers arrived and brought Foulks to the Broward Health Medical Center, where staff attributed his survival largely to the actions of Rutledge and the other officers.

Rutledge, who was on probation for alleged criminal mischief and burglary, was taken into custody for violating that probation and his home detention, authorities said.

Fort Lauderdale police declined to comment on the specifics of his September arrest because he is a minor and that information is protected under the state’s “Sunshine” law.

Greenlaw did, however, note that Rutledge has been arrested multiple times since September." [Source]

Rutledge's actions were field Negro worthy. Now let's hope that he can get his life together. "Multiple arrests" at 17 is not good.

The other story comes from my adopted hometown of Philadelphia.

"Philadelphia man chased his ex-girlfriend around a terminal Tuesday, following her into the woman's bathroom, in an attempt to swab her for a paternity test.
In a scene worthy of the 'Maury Show,' Elonte Chancellor-Brown, 22, chased his 19-year-old girlfriend around the 69th Street Terminal demanding a DNA swab from her in order to get a paternity test on their child, police say."
Chancellor-Brown and Raashan Coleman, 27, were given harassment citations after police received a 911 call from a woman claiming she had locked herself in a bathroom stall at the terminal to get away from a man with a gun, Philadelphia Daily News reports. 
'Brown was attempting to get a DNA swab from one of the victims as they have a child together and he was conducting a paternity test,' Michael Chitwood, Upper Darby Police superintendent, told Daily News." [Source]
Ok, so Elonte's behavior was not field Negro like.
Dude, why are you chasing your alleged child's mother all around the 69th Street Terminal? If you have doubts about the child being yours, why don't you both sit down together like civilized human- beings and amicably get a DNA test, together?
"The victims went into the woman's bathroom to escape but the men followed them inside and the women locked themselves in one of the stalls.
Police responded and chased the men out of the bathroom, taking them into custody. Police say neither of the men had a weapon, Daily News reports.
The man never got the DNA swab, police say, and it remains unknown whether Chancellor-Brown is the child's father."
Oh my! All this "baby mama drama".
I swear some of my cousins make me want to holla sometimes. 





PilotX said...

Their child needs to demand a dna test. They need to know if that idiot is indeed their father.

Bill said...

The Field Negro said...
If you have doubts about the child being yours, why don't you both sit down together like civilized human- beings and amicably get a DNA test, together?

I would think common sense would dictate that she had something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, how big is the 69th st Terminal? Is it as large as 30th st station?

The brother had every right to swab her for child identification. Some of our bw like to run around...probably a lot of them.

Have you ever watched Maury Povich? Check it out. You will find that a lot of bw on that show are "runners" who try to trick bm into believing he is the child when it's somebody else's child.

Ask PC why he married White instead of Black? I bet he gives the same answer.

Curly LeBeavre said...

They tried to swab Yisheng, but they had to use a mop.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Curly, I resent your disgusting remarks about Yisheng. As a bm, I demand that you show some respect to one of our leading intellectuals in our community.

Frankly, I do not understand why brother Field allow folks like you on his blessed blog.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't even understand the paternity test story. Does the dude doubt that the woman is really the child's mother? Because that is the only reason that I can see for him wanting her DNA.

If he wants to find out whether he is the father, he needs the DNA from a different person: himself.

Maybe he should have chased himself around the terminal.

Anonymous said...

@10:12, your mammy needed a cervical swab for a pap smear. But the doctor was so turned off from the smell as a result of the anal/vaginal fistula she developed from being f**ked in the ass by your father/uncle too long, that the doctor decided to fumigate her with clorox bleach instead.


Yīshēng said...

Something strange about this post.....

Ztrap48 said...

I'm not black, but I never knew my father either.

Josh said...

Civilized?! Shit, I'm fi'n to put a child on him! He know he the baby daddy. It can't be but one person! I ain't been with but one person! He know he this baby daddy, and I'm fi'n to get child support. He will take care of his child!

*audience goes wild*

"Chancellor, you are not the father."

Yo, bitch. Yo, bitch. I told your dumb-ass self I weren't this baby's father!

*Raashan runs off stage*

It can only be one other person. it can only be one other person!

9 DNA tests later...

"Jimmy, you are the father."

Now what! Now what! Now what! Now what! Now what! Now what! Now what! Now what! I told you. I told you. I told you. I told you.


Seriously. Do you think there might be just a little teeny reason why a female wouldn't want to submit to a DNA test? lol

Anonymous said...

Josh-"Seriously. Do you think there might be just a little teeny reason why a female wouldn't want to submit to a DNA test? lol"

BW don't mess around. If she said it's his baby, it's his baby. You folks always try to paint the bw as promiscuous when in fact they are not.

They just need a little love. Of course, Josh was born and raised in Selma Al.

Thank goodness for FN! Josh can vent his hatred for Blacks to his evil heart's satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Kareem was a Muslim.

field negro said...

There is a moral to this DNA story somewhere. I just haven't found it yet.

Josh said...

"BW don't mess around. If she said it's his baby, it's his baby"

"Thank goodness for FN! Josh can vent his hatred for Blacks to his evil heart's satisfaction."

Biased nonsense is biased.

Am I displaying hatred for blacks, or are you just creating a bullshit standard that black women are somehow mystical, magical creatures that are always honest?

Oh, I forgot. Queen mother earth. Strong black queen. The boson whence rose civilization. BW can do no wrong.

From where did I get my little humorous comment? I didn't just pull it out of my ass. Maury was famous for having dozens of sluts on his show every week for years, none of whom knew who the baby's father was!

Let me say that again: None of whom knew who the baby's father was.

These weren't just whores who cheated on their boyfriends and ended up with a different baby daddy than they originally thought; these were whores who let so many men dump inside them that they had no clue whatsoever who the father was. There'd be a lineup of 6-10 guys per 1 girl, and she swore up and down it was every single one of them. On what planet is this considered sane?

It's why STDs are so pervasive! Pull your head out your ass. Whores letting men fuck them raw, and men sticking it in anything with a pulse.

Out of the number of women with multiple bastard children, how many have different baby daddies? The majority. So, what you're saying is that these women always know, beyond a doubt, who the father is, and that saying differently is just a hatred for blacks?

You're irrational.

A person's skin color has fuck-all to do with it. A BW is just as likely to be a whore as any other, and the fact you have to chase one down to get her to submit to a DNA test is a huge red flag. If she's right, then give a swab. We'll see.

50:1 this story comes back in a few months updated, and dude is not the father, but rather his homeboy who was dumping inside her in the same two-week window.

Bill said...

Only in san francisco could you have #BlackLivesMatter protest and only white people show up. And dance.

Guess it is hard to find black people in San Francisco.

Isn't the liberal city of San Francisco down to a black population of 6%?

SF has America’s second-biggest income gap, study says

I see a pattern with liberal cities like san fran and seattle. Big income gaps. Low % of minorities.

Anonymous said...


You might consider the possibility that maybe "Maury" (like virtually all reality TV fare) is not an accurate representation of reality but rather a carefully selected and often scripted freakshow designed to appeal to its audience's most shameful beliefs and prejudices.

Also, Santa and the Tooth Fairy are not real either. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

For richer or for poorer said...

"Seriously. Do you think there might be just a little teeny reason why a female wouldn't want to submit to a DNA test? lol"

Do you think there might be just a little teeny reason why no one wants to marry a female who needs a DNA test to find out who the daddy is?

This kind of woman comes in every color, but the fact that there are so many black women like this is at the heart of the problems of the black underclass.

Bill said...

With those sober facts in mind, we had to ask Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs whether the organization has a problem with recognizing diversity.

"Not at all. Not at all," she told Vulture this morning, after reading the nominations out loud with Chris Pine.

She's an Obama supporter.

She also comforts rich white hollywood liberals with her words that there is no diversity problem in hollywood.

Josh said...

@ Anonymous:

I'd rather not believe that Maury was real. I'd really rather hold him in the same esteem as Springer.

But there is a news story after news story after news story after news story every single ever-lovin' day about a man who was forced to pay child support for X years, until he demanded a DNA test, found out he wasn't the father, and then the woman ends up ruining his life by still receiving monetary payments, full custody of the child, and then getting to go find out who the real father is, put the child on him, get even more child support, and continue to make babies.

These stories exist ad nauseum. You can find tons of stories out there of women who have no earthly idea at all who the father of their child is, so they cannot get as much money from the state because they do not have the hardship of filing child support claims with deadbeat dads who can't pay. They simply have no idea who the father is, and so they're f'd until which time they can round up the guys and hold them accountable.

Courts don't recognize "Tay-Tay" and "Baby G" as real people. Yet these hos are out there giving it up raw dog and spitting out babies.

These situations are reflected in legitimate news stories on the daily. Unless you want to contend they're fixed too, then they seem to jibe very well with Maury.

Besides, who would put themselves through that if it weren't true? Once these women do find out which one of the ten men is the father, our fucked-up justice system will force that man to pay money, even though the woman is obviously a whore with no regard for life and no business being a mother. Our justice system will force men to pay, while allowing her to continue spitting out bastards. Fuck, we'll even encourage her to do it! The more bastards you have, the more money you get.

Don't believe it? C'mon -- every one of us here knows at least two single mothers with multiple kids who live completely off the government and still get fat-ass tax checks for claiming their kids. If you don't know them, I'd have to wonder where you live at. I grew up around hundreds of them. Babies spitting out babies, and plenty had no idea who the father was.

Teabag Burnett said...

Bill said...
"I see a pattern with liberal cities like san fran and seattle. Big income gaps. Low % of minoritise"

You are not supposed to notice some patterns, Bill. Much of our culture is dedicated to fighting a war against pattern recognition.

White Liberalism needs a certain distance from minorities in order to persist and a secure financial position in order to maintain that distance.

Notice that the reddest of red states are those with the highest percentage minority population. Working and middle class conservatives tend to be intimately acquainted with the realities of diverse communities.

While minorities are part of many conservatives day-to-day life, they are mostly an abstraction to liberals. The dangerous ones live far enough away for liberals to deny that they even exist. They know the nice ones they see in movies like "Selma" or on TV selling them auto insurance. Their omnipresent media can transform strong-arm robbing thugs into "Gentle Giants who are turning their lives around" and working class whites who don't want their country taken away into "Klansmen".

So liberals want integrated public schools but send their kids to private schools. They want low-income housing and Section 8 subsidies, just not in their neighborhood. They are all for massive third world immigration that drives down working class wages and crowds public universities because they don't see the children of peasants as a threat to their own children's careers and posterity.

Most of all they want to feel good about themselves by demonizing whites who can't afford their delusions.

Liberals give and give and give, but never from their own capital.

Be careful: Pattern recognition is racist.

field negro said...

Teabag Burnett, your name is fitting. And your diatribe was nothing if not predictable.

Teabag Burnett said...

"And your diatribe was nothing if not predictable."

And supportable.

Some patterns get pretty hard to obscure. Thanks for noticing Field.

Bill said...

I'm thinking as the youtube videos of Glozell become known, Obama will throw her under the bus.

"I don't know why you looking at me. You need to be at work so you can pay for my healthcare."

Is that your breath or did you just fart!

Sounds like something a 7 year old would sing.

President Obama couldn't go to the Paris rally yet picked Glozell to interview him after the STOU.


Yīshēng said...

As long as Whites outnumber Blacks by about 5:1, there will ALWAYS be FAR more Mollys that are hos than Shanaenas.


field negro said...

Bill, what are u talking about? Your O obsession has been noted.

Teabag, the only thing I noticed is that you are a raving lunatic , who should be watched by his government.

Josh said...

"As long as Whites outnumber Blacks by about 5:1, there will ALWAYS be FAR more Mollys that are hos than Shanaenas."

LOL ... One could only hope! Seriously. It's not a necessary truth; it's just playing the odds with the numbers. But, I mean, damn. Even if it were only 4:1, that means a lot of BW are whittling away at that number, fast as they can, going hard like rabbits, raw dog, spreading that shit around the hood and blaming it on down-low men. lmao

Anonymous said...

"Teabag, the only thing I noticed is that you are a raving lunatic , who should be watched by his government."

Leftist = Fascist

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
Bill, what are u talking about?

Bill's inanity is only exceeded by his obtuseness.

As usual, he is talking to himself.

Anonymous said...

"Only in san francisco could you have #BlackLivesMatter protest and only white people show up. And dance.

Guess it is hard to find black people in San Francisco.

Isn't the liberal city of San Francisco down to a black population of 6%?"

Well, Blacks in the Bay Area are different from Blacks elsewhere in America. It is true that there is a small % of Blacks in SF.

However, across the bridge in Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo, Hayward, and a few other places in the East Bay, you will find the % much higher.

However, it doesn't matter because the state of mind of Blacks is basically the same: they will not stand up for what's right for Blacks. In fact, it is very common in Oakland for Black behavior to show they actually hate being Black, and will support Whites against them.

Josh, you know this, don't you? Aren't you from the area? If not, you should check with leftist Whitey or even Field. They know the truth.

Anonymous said...

BW like to have sex as much as anyone else. They might even like it more than most.

But that doesn't make them whores. They just need help from the church community which has not lifted a finger to help teach them sexual discipline.

Anonymous said...

the bay area is one of the most racist places in America. It ranks a close second only to MS, and AL.

Josh said...

"They just need help from the church community which has not lifted a finger to help teach them sexual discipline."

Are black women too stupid to understand that sperm + egg = a potential fetus?

One need not be to the levels of Einstein or even of an average IQ to grasp that. The evidence exists all around them. Even some species of animal in the wild are able to show restraint in mating if they're ill equipped to bear offspring. Yet, for black women, we need to make excuses for them? Oh, it's not their fault. The church needs to do more. Society needs to do more. White people are racist! We need more uplifting stories. Don't focus on the negative. Spend more on education.

Always any and everything but putting the problem on those whose shoulders deserve to bear the full weight; that is to say, those spitting out babies.

It is orders of magnitude more difficult to conceive a child than not to conceive a child.

Here's discipline: Want dick? Make sure it's wrapped. Or perhaps exercise another one of your numerous birth control options, provided to you free of fucking charge, like a thousand other things, thanks to Uncle Charlie: The patch, vaginal inserts, the pill, the shot, hormone treatments, creams, etc.

At some point, we're going to have to admit that these girls and women are having babies because they want to have babies!

Have a baby, get an apartment. Get monetary checks. Get free food. Get child support payments. Get special tax credits. And get a record deal if your unruly bastard attacks a white Hispanic and gets put down.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if sisters are making so many babies that they hate their babies. The sister in N.J. set her child on fire in the middle of the road in NJ. Pemberton is near Philly so I am sure Field has heard about it.

Brother Field, there is no need to post about this horrific evil story.

Some women have no morals. A lot of sisters need Jesus with a lot of religion to learn about 'what's right and what's wrong.'

I wonder what the Scriptures say about this unbelievable crime and where is the church?

focusedpurpose said...

it seems it is always a Good time to bash BW.


WHO teaches little girls what the Real Love of a man looks like?

find the answer and folk will find WHO needs to teach their daughters re: the games men play to access sex.

these same ones would need to introduce their daughters (and sons) to Yah + Scriptures. his being bowed down to Yah, first, of course.

i will leave it at that.

this isn't the blame game.

family breakdown, all the way around= on the menu for humanity.

i don't have the time, patience nor inclination for a remedial school lesson today.

Love is Patient.
Love is Kind.

not really feeling all of that Right now, with the same 'ole usual suspect, so i will hold myself in check. with an eye focused on the Heavenlies.


women that see children as the only value proposition of men come in all colors. it just looks different depending on the color of woman. folk would need to know what to look for, frankly.

in most cases, BW end up with a baby ONLY. WW and others end up with the baby, the house, his money, etc.

THIS is why WM are crossing the globe in search of NON- westernized women.

then there is the low fertility rates in WW...

IF i were a WM, i would be too busy focused on the breakdown of my people. i don't think i would have too much time to speak recklessly as it relates to the most UNprotected/provided for women on the planet. quoting ashkenazi maury povich while i am at it...

like THAT = a Good source.

newsflash: it is NOT.

what is on tv = NOT Real. hip hop = no way to learn Black history. fyi.

folk may pretend that menfolk have NO control over where they plant their seed/life force if they so choose.


free will.

hint: the daughters of ALL nations are in crisis.



they are taking their cue from mk'd, beta programmed, sex slave change agents. there is previous post with one such ensnared soul featured prominently.

i pray for ALL souls that we will...



without ceasing...

Blessings all!

Josh said...

Yep, WW end up with the house, the car, 50% of the business, full custody, thousands a month in alimony, and thousands a month in child support.

They get to walk into court and make accusations that the fathers sexually abused the children, and just like that the judge gives full custody to the mother. And even when it's realized that the women were lying and falsely accusing the men, nothing happens. The judge doesn't reconsider custody, the state doesn't charge the woman; it's just used as a weapon to get money and custody.

A man can be happily married to his wife for 30 years. He can treat her kind and lovingly, spending money on her, spending all his time with her, showering her with affection. Then, one day, the man comes home and catches his wife taking it doggy from the mail man. As stupid as he is, he actually wants to forgive her, but she ain't having it.

"I'm leaving you. I want a divorce. I'm just not happy anymore," she begins to cry.

There's absolutely nothing he did to bring this on. This is her thoughts, her feelings, her whorishness. Yet what happens?

She still gets to take him to the cleaners, even though she's exposed as a cheater, and even though she's the one who filed for the divorce. The justice system still showers her with the fruits of the man's labor and treats him as a fucking criminal just because the wife wants out of the marriage.

These WW are sinister. Nobody's saying otherwise. Yet some stupid people would claim we live in a patriarchy, where men wrote laws that did this to men! lmfao!! You can't make this shit up.

But it's not WW who are birthing bastards at such a historically alarming rate and sucking dry every available taxpayer penny in entire communities to support a reckless, selfish lifestyle where a simple fucking birth control pill would change the lives of an entire generation. It's not WW who are churning out these fatherless bastards that are wreaking havoc on the community.

And WW doing that to WM is really bad. It ruins lives and WM end up struggling alcoholics whose lives never recover. But BM have it much worse. They typically don't have the money the state demands, so they end up in jail. said...

Oh my Lord Josh! Lawd have mercy! Ahaahaaa! What a manifesto! Holy cow! You actually are creative though. My goodness :) what a story with a beginning a middle and an ending. That mailman was by any chance...;D

Josh said...

Just quips from real stories. You can read about them all over the place, when the goal is to find actual news which affects the nation and not some bullshit Al Sharpton emergency meetings to deal with a suddenly-in-one-year racist Hollywood.

There are countless stories of women who initiated the divorce, against the man's wishes, when no cheating or abuse had occurred on his end, and walked away with practically everything.

The justice system is tilted that way. And it should be black men who are the most aware and upset about it. They get hit the hardest.

A woman can decide she doesn't want you around anymore. And what recourse does the black man have? None. She can call the cops, have you locked up, go file for separation, seek full custody, get child support, and the best-case scenario is a man paying half his earnings to care for a child (which oftentimes turns out not to be his), with the threat of jail looming over his head for 18 years.

And if that man doesn't walk the straight and narrow, that woman may harm the child to get back at him -- like burning babies in the middle of the street.

Is this shit I'm making up? We all know it's not! This is the real shit that happens. The only difference is: Cowards don't want to speak about it. If whitey can't be blamed, then it's not uplifting enough; it's airing black laundry in the streets. said...

You know Josh of course we've all heard these things.

But I just wanted to mention another devastating thing that the justice system and Family court many times are not aware of, or just do not care enough about.

That is Parental Alienation Syndrome. It happens a lot here. It happened to my son with his ex, and she even tried to alienate them from us after remarrying. He fought long and hard against the system that seemed to turn a blind eye to even psychologists reports that the kids loved their father and us.

This affected him no end and we all suffered.

Women are not angels. they are human and subject to any mental illness.

I believe in shared custody. You can't force people to stay in love/together but they must share in the upbringing of the kids.

The system def does not care really about the kids.

field negro said...

Anon@12:47, thanks for those comments. Very interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

@Field: If it was my 12 :47 comment that was me Field, Lilac :)

focusedpurpose said...

there is a reason Proverbs warns men re: wayward womenfolk. those that refuse to know what is written won't be any wiser.

the fear of Yah is the beginning of Wisdom. there are many heavily programmed, bastard making fools following their penises around.


the menfolk and the womenfolk in these stories clearly need Wisdom.

foolish men may continue to run through dropping seed where ever IF they think that makes sense.

i feel compassion, despite none coming my way as a BW for the most part.

i will continue to speak the Truth as i know it, though. there will be NO rivers cried for fleeced menfolk who think discretion, wisdom, and discipline = a joke.

everything that looks Good to folk is not Good for folk.

sin serving women will run circles 'round sin loving men. trust. there is not even a close match. BOTH genders have equity/capital/privilege to be leveraged. when a deceitful, sinful woman hits it one Good time..

i have yet to see a caught up man that was ready.

menfolk are not the only ones that look over after a period of years and seek a do over. lol. that's the 30 year marriage sob story recounted on this thread.

you know the trade in/ do over menfolk are notorious for? trading their wives in after 25-30 years for a younger model? well women are getting in on the act. forget saggy scrotums and blue pills. lol.

cry rivers at the karma if that is how your will leads you.

it is human nature to want to trade old stuff in for new. which is why marriage is a commitment. one that BM in larger numbers than others are NOT willing to make. so their seed is planted in places it should not ever have been. planted in women they don't even like much less respect. wouldn't even consider for a moment making that woman his wife.

bastards are man made. menfolk control marriage. women control sex. Good parenting and in tact families help hold all of this together for the Good of the babies.

this Truth knows no gender, despite the popular societal lies. menfolk get this when discussing cars and women among themselves. to understand womenfolk, think...

handbags or shoes.


few are the women that are not eye peeled seeking the next new...

some women do this with men, too. especially today in our womenfolk get to act like menfolk brand new way to operate.

ps. old men look EXACTLY like old women do. so the notion that a woman can't look over at her same old husband and be rather tired + bored= menfolk stroking their sensitive little egos. take his $ and the provision piece is taken care of, too, when the younger, less established man comes through. WW have cornered the market on this.

folk pretending that the courts treat BW the same as WW would do well to stop.

or not.

whatever is clever.

IF she is a she devil- folk could figure that out prior to pumping her full of his expensive seed. if not...

focusedpurpose said...

oh well.

wife= favor of Yah. as it is written.

some people are just doing stuff just because they want to. so if Yah is not in it...

folk get what they get- which is usually what their hands call for.

isn't that what folk tell silly BW holding unemployed, not even seeking employment Tyrone's baby?

notice that when discussing the many games WW play, folk are NOT calling names, whores, + some more? even in the story where wifey is getting it in with the mailman she is called no nasty name.

typically when a WM plants seed he marries the women where he planted it. self respect and respect for his promise (seed/child) marriage is controlled by men. bastards are man made. there. i said it again for the remedial one. get it, yet?

women control sex.

men control marriage.

fathers teach daughters re: Real Love, which better helps control sex. fathers also protect against predators which the Black nation is full of since folk have turned from Yah and all Good sense in large numbers.

some women folk have the children of men they hate. menfolk that have lied to 'em, lied on 'em, used them, and threw them away like crushed discard beer cans. the children of these men get some of that hatred on the daily.

a demonic mess.

where are those tv shows for folk to point to that demonstrate how Wfolk and others do? those shows that reveal how folk take to murder + some mo' when all the fakeness comes undone?


usual suspect indeed.

folk would do well to consider that the BW image smear is by design. destroy the woman = destroy the nation. THIS is why the usual suspect won't go there with the same gusto when discussing WW. WM will not EVER throw WW under the bus the way so many BM can't wait to do to BW.

BM don't have it all that bad. BW will stand for BM harder than the average BM would ever bother to stand for a BW.


please know that i see clearly the usual suspect coming on the racist, divide the Black men and women tip...

it is all Good though. as indicated, Black folk are the LEAST of White folks' concerns. IF folk are feeling bold + concerned about a drain on tax payers, they can follow the government money trail to Israel...

then boldly start asking questions.


folk would not DARE.

so back to name calling BW and girl fighting-knowing full well the average BM won't make a peep to shut it down. THAT makes perfect, coward, usual suspect, remedial sense.

far be it from me not to call it.

Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...

i feel compelled to say, again, for the record:

ALL nations are slated to get the family breakdown.

my comments are NOT digs at any nation, understanding what i see.

color is not a major factor in the big picture.

keeping folk focused on color= keeping folk UNfocused on the bigger picture.

the conditions of Blessed Blacks is further along than other nations. but then we had a 400+ year head start with the tampering of man/woman relations + slave/family breaking tactics that are now being employed on ALL nations.

hope my efforts to clarify help.

i pray ALL nations will look to Him/His Word.

Blessings all!

Josh said...

"BW will stand for BM harder than the average BM would ever bother to stand for a BW."

Lol. Yeah...and yesterday I was visited by a leprechaun riding a unicorn.

Anonymous said...

Also 100% true. Not sure why you would slam his post. It had nothing to do with blacks, he's talking about White liberals. Nothing he said was false.