Thursday, January 22, 2015

The bread-lady and her family had some help.

 Man I wish I could stop talking about the bread-shoe lady, but, like Sarah Palin before her, this
republican matron has some issues.

The bread-shoe lady declared that her family was poor and had to pull themselves up. They weren't like those urban dwellers who depend on the government and refuse to work. No sir, the bread-shoe lady and her family were hard workers who had nothing handed to them.

But then....

"Joni Ernst, the new Republican senator from Iowa who delivered the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, called in her address for cuts in government spending and described how her views grew out of her own “simple” upbringing, one in which her family diligently watched ever scarce penny, to the point where she owned only one pair of shoes.
But an investigation of public records by the Washington D.C.-based District Sentinel online news site showed that between 1995 and 2009, Ernst’s family received nearly a half-million dollars in government handouts, payments targeted toward subsidizing farms with taxpayer funds.

“I had only one good pair of shoes. So on rainy school days, my mom would slip plastic bread bags over them to keep them dry,” Ernst described in her State of the Union rebuttal Tuesday.
“But I was never embarrassed. Because the school bus would be filled with rows and rows of young Iowans with bread bags slipped over their feet. Our parents may not have had much, but they worked hard for what they did have.”
The address sounded many of the same themes used by Ernst in her election campaign in 2014, one which featured an advertisement depicting Ernst castrating a pig, as she declared that because her family learned to “live within our means,” the federal government should “do the same.”

But the District Sentinel investigation showed that Ernst’s own father, Richard Culver, received $38,395 in taxpayer handouts, almost all of which went to corn subsidies. The Iowa senator’s uncle, Dallas Culver, made out even better, soaking up almost $370,000 in federal agriculture subsidies.
The total subsidies enjoyed by members of Joni Ersnt’s family came in upwards of $460,000.

Ernst failed to mention her own family’s reliance on government assistance in her speech touting the virtues of self-reliance. According to Media Matters for America, no major media outlets that covered her speech made note of her family’s willingness to benefit from government spending, at the same time that Ersnt called for the new, Republican congress to “cut wasteful spending.”

CNN, for example, highlighted Ernst’s “hardscrabble upbringing,” while NBC News told how the 44-year-old Joni Ernst “brushed aside the president’s call for higher taxes on the wealthy, vowing that Republicans would cut wasteful spending and propose meaningful tax reforms.”

The Wall Street Journal even criticized Joni Ernst for not calling for enough cuts to “wasteful spending,” noting that her outspoken opposition to “federal government subsidies” was a big factor in earning her election to the Senate." [Source]

I am not surprised that our cowardly press didn't call out the bread-lady, but what is surprising is just how shameless she is.

Her family got almost half a million dollars from the government and she sits there on her high horse and tells us stories about how hard they had to work.

The truth is that while she is calling for cuts in the safety net, she was using government subsidies to get where she is.

Finally, I am glad that president Obama is acknowledging that there are sill biases in our society while discussing the relationship between police departments and minorities.

"YouTuber GloZell asked President Obama about police and minorities today, and the president said it’s important to admit “there are still biases in our society” and sometimes cops might target young black males just by the virtue of what they look like.

GloZell told Obama she cut all of her husband’s hoodies off because she’s worried about what could happen to him. Obama assured that the “overwhelmingly majority of police officers” do a good job and do it well.

That being said, the president said statistics show black males are seen as more threatening. Obama argued the solution is to improve training, citing the way he fought against racial profiling when he was in the Illinois state legislature." [Source]

Some of you Negroes wanted him to spend more time talking about Eric Garner and Ferguson in his SOTU address, but that was not going to happen. The fact that he mentioned them at all was noteworthy.

Although when you see stories like this and this taking place in America, you have to wonder if he didn't need to say more.


PilotX said...

Republicans are hypocrites. Just like Paul Ryan using government assistance that helped him make his way through college. Let's just call them the hyp party. They are very hyp.

Anonymous said...

Field, I thought you were sorry that you made fun of my home girl in the previous thread? Then why are you still messing with her?

You should be talking about that discriminatory racial suit against the San Diego Police Dept by a Black cop. This is more important because it indicts a entire police dept with racism.

It proves that MOST cops are racist. We have a hot mess on our hands and you are screwing around with the bread lady.

Where are your priorities?

Anonymous said...

Shhh Field, that's who they're gonna pick for presidential candidate in the next election! :)

Her campaign slogan will be 'An empty bread bag in every home'

Anonymous said...

The New Jersey police shooting to which you linked is hard for me to evaluate.

The passenger who got shot should have immediately unlocked his car door and gotten out. Refusing to unlock his door was a really bad idea. Maybe he was scared, and that's why he didn't initially do so, but that ended up being a fatal mistake.

Beyond that, it's hard to tell whether the officer was making a reasonable judgment in firing on him, because it's dark and the angle of the video doesn't allow one to see what was going on inside the vehicle. The officer will no doubt claim that the man was completely uncooperative and that's why he felt he was in danger and needed to unload on him.

Here is an uncut version of the video, including the fatal shots:

The officer involved in this shooting, Braheme Days, was black, for whatever that is worth. Here is Officer Days:

Yīshēng said...

The President can only say so much given thr record number of
threats against his life.

But the again no one forced him to run for office.

Yīshēng said...

PX I think the party of "me" is more appropriate.

Bill said...

The Field Negro said...
Some of you Negroes wanted him to spend more time talking about Eric Garner and Ferguson in his SOTU address

Well at least you mentioned it,.

Anonymous said...

Here's the uncut leaked video of Jeb in December talking about Ferguson. His true colors are showing:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Omg! This is so bad! I'm taking a shower and then Oprah's face appears in the shower and steals my shampoo bottle ..."

It sounds like your local drug dealer gave you PCP instead of the usual crack. I suggest you demand a refund.

field negro said...

Anon@2:42, WTF?

Anon@10:24 PM, I did link that SanDiago PD story. Read the post again.

anotherbozo said...

NBC removed the video of the traffic stop shooting (go figure). It's available here, if anyone needs to see it:

Josh said...

Garner I get. That's fucked up.

But Ferguson? The dude attacked a police officer. That one might have to be let go.

And I actually agree with Pilot fully that the Republicans are hypocrites. They have their own version of big government. However, their reasons for their welfare are slightly different. They are attempting to artificially prop up an industry; whereas progressives are attempting to prop up individuals. The reasoning behind it--which I disagree with--is that a healthy industry will become self-serving. Propped-up individuals are just more likely to become dependents. But it's still hypocritical.

If Republicans had their way, they'd be throwing 90% of the budget into farm and oil subsidies and the war machines. But if liberal Dems had their way, they'd be throwing 90% into the drive to turn every teenage girl into a single mother.

Anonymous said...

Josh, I hate to admit it, but your comment @9:03am makes sense. It looks like another political party somewhere in the "middle" of those two philosophies might be a better answer.

But first, we need to lift up those individuals who truly need help in America. I mean, there are folks who living on the edge of life, not 'in' it.

Bill said...

The Field Negro said...
Some of you Negroes wanted him to spend more time talking about Eric Garner and Ferguson in his SOTU address

Do you think maybe Obama didn't mention ferguson because of the legal decision not to charge darren wilson?
Do you think Obama wants his supporters in the media to stop talking about ferguson?

Do you find it funny that all the mocking of foxnews you do, foxnews was the only news station that was correct that wilson wouldn't be charged?

Why was the dumbocrat media you trust so wrong about this case?

California Girl said...

i like PilotX's comment.

It has always amazed me how shamelessly many people decry government assistance but if you threaten their little piece of the pie, be it Social Security, Tax breaks, farm subsidies, oil drilling subsidies, they suddenly want to protect their rights. I mean, oil drilling subsidies? WTF? It's lobbyist driven and kept in place by big time campaign contributions.

Farm subsidies, for the most part, are now going to big agra. The need to help the small farmer from which sprang such grass root efforts like Farm Aid is not what it was 30 years ago. Do we really need to subsidize Con Agra & the like?

Bill said...

A black politician calls out black parents for gun violence?


San Francisco?

S.F. supe, London Breed, calls out black community on gun crime...
“When you know your kids are involved in this violence, let’s turn them in.”

Note to Field...
Your comment about politicians pretending they were poor? Just like you said...
grew up in San Francisco’s public housing, speaks from personal experience

Bill said...

And while politicians are asking parents to turn their child into government, the same people were caught giving themselves 33% raises.

Contra Costa supes sued by deputy sheriffs union over alleged retaliation for pay hike opposition
Contra Costa supervisors finalized their vote to rescind 33 percent salary increases
The suit alleges that in December, during the signature-gathering effort, Piepho told former DSA President Ken Westermann that the union "made a bad decision, and it is not going to end well for you guys" -- presumably a reference to the next contract negotiations between the board and the union. The union's current contract runs through June 30, 2016.

33% raise.

If only these greedy politicians were rethugs Field Negro would rip them a new one.

Being dumbocrats, Field Negro will give them a free pass.

Not all greedy politicians are equal to Field Negro.

Plantation Pete said...

It's Joni Ernst's time for the Alinsky treatment, and Field does his part dutifully.

Put some bread bags on your feet and jig Field, jig!

Richard Wytemete said...

"That being said, the president said statistics show black males are seen as more threatening."

Bingo, President "Dark N. Angry", statistics show black males are seen as more threatening because they are.

Even Eric Holder couldn't find anything wrong with what Officer Darrel "The Gentle Giant Slayer" Wilson did that day in Ferguson.

So all you Goddamn communists need to start apologizing to Officer Wilson, the people of Ferguson, and all of white America for your false and slanderous accusations.

And let the profiling begin!

Josh said...

"But first, we need to lift up those individuals who truly need help in America. I mean, there are folks who living on the edge of life, not 'in' it."

And if even half of those people struggling would show some more drive and responsibility, we might not have to prop people up.

When we will start charging single mothers with neglect when they have children they can't afford? We charge fathers for children they can't afford. We put them in jail for not being able to pay child support. We take children away from fathers who cannot afford them, give them to the state, and charge the males with neglect. But for women, we encourage them to have children; we tell them it's not their fault, society should do more, and we proceed to shower mothers with entitlements as they keep having bastard children.

These bastards grow up unruly without guidance. They wreak havoc on their neighborhoods, they shun school, and they turn poor neighborhoods into cesspits from which there is no escape.

So if we're going to prop up individuals, said individuals need to meet us halfway.

Stop making bad lifestyle choices when you're poor and uneducated! It is not society's job to coddle people. Society is not to blame that poor people worsen their own plights through bad choices.

Richard Wytemete said...

"sometimes cops might target young black males just by the virtue of what they look like."

i.e. sometimes cops might make observations about individuals based on what they actually see.

Obama identifies Reality as the Enemy.

Field is Anti-Reality.

Everyone knows young black males with sagging pants wearing gang colors are much more prone to criminality. Everyone knows interracial crime is almost exclusively black on white. But no one can say this and keep their job.

Political Correctness is a War on Noticing patterns, a tool of control in the government's quest to manage reality. Or as Theodore Dalrymple noted:

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

The sooner we can stop making racist excuses for criminality and start treating everyone equally, the sooner we can move back towards a reality-based existence. We need to break the government system that controls society by inflaming racial acrimony.

Reality is not your enemy.

Fight the Power.

Anonymous said...

Okay - open letter to the commenters on this blog:

You guys are terrible. I'm not normally one to criticize - I don't have to like it for it to be good - but seriously, it helps if you can all pick one topic and work with it together, and it seems like maybe half of you guys know how to do that. That one half ends up giving insults to the other half. It'd be funny if it weren't for the fact that you do the same crap every time I run into you guys. Seriously, you need to focus on the topic. Maybe then you'd be tolerable.

On top of that you are so full of yourselves. Not all of you, but actually the same asses who don't understand the concept of sticking with the same topic as the rest of you. Everybody knows the only reason you keep commenting here is because you know the owner of the venue won't kick you off, and if he were paying any attention he'd probably put a stop to it anyway.

Then you sit around judging other people's comments when THEY are only doing what you do. First off, nobody asked you. Secondly, keep it down. Third, what the hell kind of right do you have to judge another commenter given what absolute crap comments you turn out every f-ing time?! It's infuriating. I didn't come out to listen to you sh-ts heckle people with real ideas. From now on I'm going to have to see if there's a real conversation before I comment. If you guys are going to be here doing your usual crap I'll stay post elsewhere or just listen to my refrigerator hum. It'll be a lot more pleasant than reading what you guys write.

Anonymous said...

So I've got this Guatamalan live-in maid who's 25... most of the time she's just very sweet and lazy...nice quiet company...but about once every other month or so it's like she remembers..."oh yeah...I haven't checked lately to see how many times I can make my boss yell 'NO' in one evening..." And then we have an evening like tonight.

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Then she's out of annoying stuff she can do right in front of me so she starts the whole cycle over again. She's so cute I can't really get mad at her for the most part, but it's exhausting putting up with this much naughtiness and until I started writing this and realized how silly it was, it was starting to get me kinda tense.

it's a really good thing she's cute and she's so good at certain things :D

Jose Orina said...

You oughta spank that bitch. But good.

Yīshēng said...

Wonder what the Rethugs think about the record numbers of veterans killing themselves?

My bad, nothing they're making too much MONEY being warmongers.

Anonymous said...

Preach it Yisheng. Obama's abandonment of our war veterans has led to record numbers of suicides. It's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"Preach it Yisheng. Obama's abandonment of our war veterans has led to record numbers of suicides. It's a disgrace."

Actually starting two unnecessary wars creating vets is a travesty.

Anyhoo, gotta love the lies the gop tells and like Charlie Brown the same people fall for it every time. I thought they were going to create jobs and grow the economy but one of the first orders of business is an abortion bill that would get vetoed anyway? And these fools who don't work much are getting paid for symbolic votes? I thought they were done fighting the culture wars.


field negro said...

Richard, racism is my enemy.

I suspect that your reality is colored( pun intended) with racism.

Zemir Begic said...

Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shooting

WASHINGTON — Justice Department lawyers will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against the police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., after an F.B.I. investigation found no evidence to support charges, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his civil rights chief, Vanita Gupta, will have the final say on whether the Justice Department will close the case against the officer, Darren Wilson. But it would be unusual for them to overrule the, prosecutors on the case, who are still working on a legal memo explaining their recommendation.

Man, I wish they could have come out with this a couple of months sooner...

Anonymous said...

"Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his civil rights chief, Vanita Gupta, will have the final say on whether the Justice Department will close the case against the officer, Darren Wilson"

Ms. Gupta is typical of the immigrant/1st gen voice represented in the media. Wealthy and educated, has all the right beliefs.

Ms. Gupta is totally unlike the average immigrant that you might find, say, driving a cab in a major city. The average immigrant is way more racist and hateful than your average Red Stater. I have had African immigrants talk candidly about refusing to pick up African Americans (and I don’t blame them–every so often a driver gets robbed and killed if he is so rash to go to the South Side). Today my dog and I took a cab up to Evanston, and the driver–an Ethiopian Christian who boasted about winning his citizenship from the “diversity lottery”–told me that I was lucky that he drove by since most cab drivers are Muslims and Muslims hate dogs. He was full of hate for Muslims, and regaled me with stories about how much Ethiopian Christians love love love the US Government for going into Iraq and getting Sadam, and generally for killing so many Muslims in the Middle East. It was pretty surreal.

Perhaps MSNBC could have Ms. Gupta why explain why her group has so few problems with the police, when they have about the same skin tone, on average, as those who just can’t seem to stop getting shot.

Chang said...

The whole point was to boost black turnout for the Nov. election.

I’m sure another Trayvon Martin (2012) or Michael Brown (2014) will be found in time for the 2016 election.

Anonymous said...

"Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana was a bad idea, the state’s governor said Friday.

Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who opposed the 2012 decision by voters to make pot legal, said the state still doesn’t fully know what the unintended consequences of the move will be.

“If I could've waved a wand the day after the election, I would've reversed the election and said, 'This was a bad idea,’ ” Hickenlooper said Friday on CNBC's “Squawk Box.”

“You don't want to be the first person to do something like this,” he said.

He said that he tells other governors to “wait a couple of years” before legalizing marijuana as Colorado continues to navigate an unknown, nonexisting federal regulatory landscape for the industry.

“There's a whole regulatory environment ... that really regulates alcohol,” he said. “We're starting from scratch, and we don't have a federal partner because [marijuana] is still illegal federally.”

In February 2014, the Obama administration released guidelines for the marijuana industry indicating federal officials would not target financial institutions or businesses engaging in selling pot as long as those businesses were compliant with state laws.

Despite the guidelines, banks are reluctant to finance marijuana businesses in states where it is legal because federal law still lists marijuana as an illegal drug. Congress would need to pass a law removing that language.

Marijuana is legal in four states: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington. Congress has blocked the District of Columbia from legalizing pot, after voters in November cast ballots that they wanted to make the drug legal."

Now maybe some of you FN Negroes will come to your senses and demand that weed NOT be legalized? It's destroys states and people.

Field, I expect you and Black IS Beautiful to lead the charge AGAINST marijuana.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Come on field you know is only welfare and mooching when your people get it. When white bread mofos are receiving government $$$$ it s cause they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much you grovel, black people will still hate you Gene.

PilotX said...

I don't hate Gene. He seems cool.

Anonymous said...

The 'cool' will be killed last.

Anonymous said...

"For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness."
-- Romans 6:20

Can somebody tell me what this means?

PilotX said...

So Bobby Jindal is hosting a huge evangelical prayer gathering in Baton Rouge. Gotta love the interplay between the Republican Party and the religious right. And this guy is in the clown car for the gop Presidentian nomination. If anyone goes the The Response let me know how it turns out.

field negro said...

"And this guy is in the clown car for the gop Presidentian nomination."

Pilot, am afraid that car is pretty crowded.

Anonymous said...

"Pilot, am afraid that car is pretty crowded."

GOP is the big tent party.

Democrats are the conformist party.

Hillary! said...

However bad the GOP candidates may be, there is no reason on earth to make the most awful woman on earth President:

The GOP said...

"GOP is the big tent party."

A tent a a circus full of clowns. Yes.

Anonymous said...

"Democrats are the conformist party."

You mean the most diverse party in American history. If that's what you mean by conformist.

DIE, WHITE DEVILS!!! said...

Democrats take Blacks for granted;

Republicans take Blacks for fools!

To hell with all of them!!

Anonymous said...

So bread lady ate Wonder bread. Expensive for any poor family.