Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Open thread Wednesday.

TWEET MEIt's open thread Wednesday field hands, and I need your thoughts on a few things.

Does Sean Hannity and his network now have a serious credibility problem

Do you believe president trump when he says that he has been tough on Russia? 

Is Nikki Haley going to run against trump in 2020?  ("I don't get confused") 

Why is the story of white terrorist found guilty of plotting to blow up an apartment complex full of African immigrants getting so little press?

Will trump fire Robert Mueller? The Pittsburgh police department seems to thinks so. 

Should the new climate of little or no regulation in Washington be blamed for that recent Southwest Airlines crash that killed one person? 

Did the New York AG take away trump's pardon power with their latest move?

Finally, will Michael Cohen give up his boy, Donald trump, to the feds?


Puerto Rican food looks, smells, and tastes like shit said...

It's laughable to think that tr**p has been "tough" on Russia. Quite the opposite, really. Whoever runs against this imbecile in 2020 has plenty of ammo.

Philip Bump said...

Why does black on black violence get so little press? Why does black on white violence get so little press? Why do stories centered around negroes confirm that your kind are petulant turds?

Rachel Maddcow said...

I will accept nothing less than the nuclear annihilation of Russia before I'll consider Trump tough on Russia.

Priorities said...

"Why is the story of white terrorist fond guilty of plotting to blow up an apartment complex full of African immigrants getting so little press?"

Because it was an obvious FBI set up. Also, two loitering black men were made to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

Libtard said...

"Should the new climate of little or no regulation in Washington be blamed for that recent Southwest Airlines crash that killed one person?"

Definitely, the mechanical failure of an engine on a Southwest Airlines that caused a woman to have a fatal heart attack is the fault of Trump loosening regulations on coal mining and tax related shareholder litigation. Duh.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Those white terrorists were just angry and bitter that the Africans were packing a lot more between their legs.

No justice, no peace said...

Hilarious reveal in the Comey book: Instead of getting search warrants for Clinton lawyers' laptops that had held her classified emails before deletion, the DOJ "negotiated" access over a period of weeks out of concern for attorney-client privilege.

Anonymous said...

President Trump nominates Marine to be first black female general.

But Starbucks.

dinthebeast said...

1) If they had credibility, that would be a problem. What Sean has is thirty six million dollars a year and the de-facto white house chief of staff job.

2) No. I also don't believe in the Sasquatch, the Easter Bunny, or tax cuts that pay for themselves.

3) I don't know, she is certainly ambitious, and I don't think Fergus will avoid a primary as badly as he is already fucking up.

4) Because they're white.

5) He certainly wants to. Whether he can pull it off is another question entirely.

6) I doubt it. I've read some pilots who are concerned about the Allegiant situation, and wouldn't take one of their flights, but it would seem that Southwest has had maintenance issues that predate the Fergus administration, so it would be hard to pin it on him. None of the pilots I read expressed any qualms about flying on Southwest when they were discussing Allegiant, but that post was before this fatality.

7) Maybe. Depends on whether Mueller thought of it first and recommends state charges from the get-go for that very purpose. I hope the bill passes, though, just in case.

8) That probably depends on whether his charges are pardonable or not, and also how stupid he is. Relying on Fergus for anything personally important to you is a bad move.

-Doug in Oakland

Dave Zirin said...

Does Field Negro and his blog now have a serious credibility problem?

(For you dimwitted dindus, the answer is: they never did.)

LilacPR said...

Yisheng, honey, I've been fantasizing about your husband lately. Yum!

Yīshēng said...

The world is filled with some beautiful people!

Except the trolls here of course!

White feminists are retarded cunts said...

If the Democrats can't take down Trump in 2020, then their party deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed and be taken less seriously than what it is right now.

The Purple Cow said...

19April 2018. Meters of wall built = 0.

Love scratching my asshole said...

Trump will rival James Buchanan for title of Worst President Ever.

Yisheng loves coating her husband's dick with fried chicken grease said...

I can't tell who the bigger loser is: Mike from Iowa or Purple Cow.

PilotX said...

Fox news is the definition of having a credibility problem.
Nikki Haley is ambitious so one never knows. They are grooming her for some higher office because for some reason Mia Love doesn't seem to be getting any pib these days.
Lack of regulation doesn't seem to have any bearing on the SWA engine failure. There was an advisory on the CFM engine so there seems to be some awareness that this typevof event may be a problem. We'll learn a lot more in the coming weeks.

PilotX said...

Oh yeah, he's gonna fire Mueller.

Anonymous said...

Criminal referral letter from the House of Representatives to AttyGen Sessions et al:

It names James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strok, Lisa Page...

... and Hillary Clinton.

The demolition of the Democratic National Committee has begun.

mike from iowa said...

More obstruction of justice from stoopid fucking wasicu wasteys in congress. Nothing more, nothing less. We have heard all of this before. My how the mighty have fallen. A couple weeks ago it was 4000 sybpoenas locked and loaded. Now only as handful to intimidate. Stoopid fucking wingnuts.

mike from iowa said...

Vicious, slavering fanged, rabid Drumpfuck getting tough with Putin.

Anonymous said...

FN:"Does Sean Hannity and his network now have a serious credibility problem?"

None what so ever.You are thinking of CNN,CNBC,MSNBC and other left wing Nazi propaganda machines.

Anonymous said...

FN:"Why is the story of white terrorist found guilty of plotting to blow up an apartment complex full of African immigrants getting so little press?"

Why does the left ignore the fact that negroes slaughter each other everyday and negroes commit the majority of violent crime in this country???

Anonymous said...

Chicago 2018 to Date:
Shot & Killed: 107
Shot & Wounded: 530
Total Shot: 637
Total Homicides: 133

Bill Maher is a kike said...

Remember to vote Libertarian in 2020.

Bernard said...

What farm animal do you think Mike from Iowa is molesting right now?

Anonymous said...

"Does Sean Hannity and his network now have a serious credibility problem?"

Journalists have decided it was improper for Hannity not to disclose his relationship with Cohen while defending him on air, but many have had their own connections to a famed political lawyer.

Bob Barnett has represented scores of politicians, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Laura Bush. He served as the Clintons’ personal lawyer while they were in the White House. In addition, he is one of the most prominent lawyers representing journalists and TV anchors.

In fact, his own website describes him as the “leading representatives of television news correspondents.” A Washingtonian article from 2008 says Barnett is “Washington’s indispensable man, the link among politicians, authors, government officials, journalists, ex-presidents, future presidents, and even foreign leaders.”

According to Barnett, he has represented famed Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Jim Acosta, and Jeff Zeleny, MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Peter Alexander, and Chris Jansing, and Fox News’ Steve Doocy, Brit Hume, Neil Cavuto, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Juan Williams.

Questions about Barnett’s ties between politicians and journalists have been raised before. Barnett gained major influence in the Clinton White House after the Whitewater incident and, in 1993, The Wall Street Journal wondered if journalists could properly report on the Clintons while retaining their personal lawyer.

Media critic Marvin Kitman wrote, “How exactly does a real reporter, I found myself wondering, cover the President and then sleep with his lawyer every night?”

Barnett even resigned from being the Clintons’ lawyer due to the heavy criticism, but returned to the gig in 1997 after his wife left her job at CBS.

That same year, Barnett helped now-ABC anchor George Stephanopolous sell a book proposal for $2.7 million. He went on to help Woodward and Bernstein sell the Watergate papers to the University of Texas for $5 million. He has been responsible for tons of book deals for top reporters and politicians in the game.

With all of the criticism thrown at Hannity for his relationship with Cohen — which he claims was just “brief discussions” about legal advice — it’s certainly interesting that journalists haven’t considered their own potential ethical dilemmas with Barnett.

Pussy hat said...

"Will trump fire Robert Mueller? The Pittsburgh police department seems to thinks so."

Only the National Guard can handle the resistance soccer moms.

Kersey said...

Every Time Starbucks Cucks, Another White Person Grows a Spine

Coffee is Black said...

Fake Starbucks coupons purporting to offer free coffee to African Americans are making the rounds on social media.

The voucher, believed to be a hate-filled prank crafted by the white-supremacy movement, features a QR code that, when scanned, reveals the N-word.

The so-called "Let's Talk Coupon" reads, "We're sorry. We know we can do better. Starbucks values all people of color and we are working on employee sensitivity training. The best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we'd like to buy you one."

The apology and the reference to having open conversations about racism are references to real actions Starbucks has taken. CEO Kevin Johnson has apologized for last week's incident. On Tuesday, the company announced plans to close all company-owned stores in the U.S. for the afternoon on May 29 for racial-bias training.

The voucher says the offer for a free beverage of any size and any variety is valid from April 18 until May 18. One version of the coupon adds that it's for "People of Color only", while another says, "Limited to persons of African American heritage and/or identity at time of exchange."

To use the coupon, baristas are told to use the discount code 1488, which is an allusion to two numbers white supremacists have embraced.

The so-called "14 Words" is a white-power slogan and 88 is a reference to "Heil Hitler," words that both begin with the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Laugh. My. Ass. Off.

the0clean0slate said...

As a Chinese-American I would say that blacks shouldn't question the credibility of others when you people have BLM.

See more at:

Anonymous said...

California introduces Bill to ban books:

Progressive Center Left=NAZI

Debbie Wasserman Traitor said...

House Hacking Suspects’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner Claims

FAISALABAD, Pakistan — The father of Imran Awan — an IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who investigators concluded made “unauthorized access” to House servers — transferred a USB drive to a Pakistani senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency, the father’s ex-business partner, Rashid Minhas, alleged.

Minhas told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Imran Awan’s father, Haji Ashraf Awan, was giving data to Pakistani official Rehman Malik, and that Imran bragged he had the power to “change the U.S. president.”

Asked for how he knew this, he said that on one occasion in 2008 when a “USB [was] given to Rehman Malik by Imran’s father, my brother Abdul Razzaq was with his father.”

“After Imran’s father deliver (sic) USB to Rehman Malik, four Pakistani [government intelligence] agents were with his father 24-hour on duty to protect him,” he said. Minhas did not say what was on the USB.

TheDCNF traveled to Pakistan for this story and interviewed numerous residents who interacted with Imran, and they confirmed that he does travel that country with a contingent of armed Pakistani government officials and routinely brags about mysterious political power.

The House Office of Inspector General charged in Sept. 30, 2016 that data was being funneled off the House network by the Awans as recently as September 2016 — shortly before the presidential election.

Nearly Imran’s entire immediate family was on the House payroll working as IT aides to one-fifth of House Democrats, and he began working for the House in 2004. The inspector general, Michael Ptasienski, testified this month that “system administrators hold the ‘keys to the kingdom’ meaning they can create accounts, grant access, view, download, update, or delete almost any electronic information within an office. Because of this high-level access, a rogue system administrator could inflict considerable damage.”

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

dinthebeast said...

So Kobach got slapped with contempt of court for failing to stop cheating the vote after being ordered by a judge to do so.

-Doug in Oakland

S said...

Fact of the Day: There is no such thing as a good white person.

mike from iowa said...

She claims to be yer sister, Bernard. I'm hosing her down with diesel fuel so she'll smell like the rest of the hogs and they won't fight.

mike from iowa said...

A native American, from South Dakota, ne'er do well flipped off a judge in court and got 30 days added to his sentence for contempt. He didn't got that white privilegs thang going for him like Kobach.

mike from iowa said...

2 minutes after their arrival at Starbucks, the police were on the way. Way to go wasicu waste of white.

Anonymous said...

Rural white America April to date:
Number of OD's: 30,000
Number of white babies sold for meth: 30,000
Number of teeth: 1
Number of showers taken: -5

dinthebeast said...

So an "evangelist" in Alabama is in jail for buggering boys...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

So it turns out your two stand-up boys at Starcucks have good old traditional English names.

Rashon Nelson
Donte Robinson

No reason for ANYONE to think they were ghetto scum, amirite?

It gets better.  The real-estate guy they were going to meet is Andrew (((Yaffe))).  Their lawyer is Stewart (((Cohen))).  You'd think Feeled would have a shot at this scam being in Killadelphia himself, but "Bennett" appears nowhere in the article.  This scam is 100% Jew.

End Game said...

The Washington Post today reported that Rudy Guiliani is joining Trump's legal team.

Guiliani joining the team to negotiate the exit of Mueller is confirmation of earlier analysis on Mueller's "referee" intent.

The investigative and indictment balance was always between Clinton and Trump. Mueller was always playing the role of leverage fulcrum.

If you look at Mueller from the position of trying to protect his cherished Deep State institutions from horrible Trump swamp draining.... things begin to take a more accurate context.

The only way for Mueller to protect his Swamp Allies and Institutions, was to generate leverage against Trump.

Having established only political leverage, nothing factually unlawful or illegal, the investigation begins to dry up. Leverage diminishes.

Without direct leverage against Trump, Team Mueller moved to position leverage against those Trump cares about.... that's a secondary approach.

But the secondary leverage approach is fraught with public noticing Mueller is on a "witch hunt".... the investigation into outlying Trump allies becomes transparent in motive. Support for Mueller erodes amid independent-minded people.

Enter Rudy Giuliani, a political and legal Subject Matter Expert - with direct knowledge of evidence held by NYPD and NY FBI field office of gross criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton. (Weiner Laptop etc.) Buried by SDNY Clinton Allies.

With Mueller having exhausted most of his investigative leverage, Giuliani enters to negotiate exit and discuss his team's path of retreat and image face-saving.

The discussion from Mueller will not center around Trump, but rather center around how much risk to Hillary Clinton, and by extension political allies within FBI and DOJ - including Obama White House, Mueller will permit.

Mueller will be looking to protect the interests of Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc. and negotiating degrees of risk to the institutions each represents.

This is the political horsetrading phase. The leverage cards held by each participant are laid on the table for discussion. Low leverage officials will be sacrificed by Mueller to protect those holding more leverage.

Giuliani is a well qualified person to present the Trump administration position within these negotiations. They are essentially negotiating who faces criminal prosecution and who doesn't.

Ultimately protecting Obama and Clinton will be of higher importance to Mueller. If Mueller doesn't protect Clinton, he knows her team will destroy everyone if she goes down. That scorched earth approach is a historic part of Team Clinton's leverage.

The stronger the evidence is against Clinton, the more people Mueller will have to give up to protect her. The stronger the evidence against the corrupt institutions, the bigger the officials Mueller will have to sacrifice to save them.

Negotiating all this with Robert Mueller will be Rudy Giuliani's job.

The general public will never know the ultimate deal decisions. We will only be able to gauge the scale of corruption by the officials Mueller agrees to sacrifice.

That's life amid the swamp when SHTF...

Russian Bot said...

Comey is going to be sacrificed:

mike from iowa said...

Meth makes all stoopid fucking wasicu wasteys into bloviating conspiracy theorists. And lousy ones to boot.

PilotX said...

dinthebeast said...

I know, right? I don't know exactly what it is about meth that makes one prone to conspiracy theories, but it seems to do it to everyone who uses it, including otherwise intelligent and mentally stable folks.
I used to know a guy who was a microbiologist who graduated from Yale and worked for years in the biotech industry around here, for well-known companies (one was Cetus) and he used meth, and was big into conspiracy theories. I asked him about it once, and he said "Yeah, it probably is the speed."
Later on, he cleaned up and moved to Arkansas where he has authored several papers at a university there, with some pretty good results.
The only Republican I know is a long time meth user, and he's way gone off into Alex Jones and shit like that, so that it's hard to even talk to him any more.

-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...

You mean you don't believe 1/3 of the Dems are in a baby eating blood drinking cult lead by the Clintons? Wow Mike.

Anonymous said...

No, but I believe at least 2/3 of the Dems at the highest levels of the Obama administration were at least tangentially involved in the use of the DOJ and FBI to try to swing an election.

It’s Common Sense, Boy! said...

Anonymous Bernard said...
What farm animal do you think Mike from Iowa is molesting right now?



Anonymous said...

"If that fucking bastard wins, we're all going to be hanging from nooses! You better fix this shit"

~Hillary Clinton, in an email to interim DNC chair Donna Brazile, October 17, 2016.

What did she mean by this?

Conspiracy Theorist said...

BTW, if you don't think all this stuff was held back so it could be deliberately dropped this week during Comey's Big Book Tour, you're incredibly naive.

Page said...

Everybody who posts here is a dumbass...except for me of course.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Rural white America April to date:
Number of OD's: 30,000
Number of white babies sold for meth: 30,000
Number of teeth: 1
Number of showers taken: -5
6:25 PM

Total BS,but the Chicago data is 100% factual,check the morgue and hospital records......

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, why would anyone pay meth for a white baby? What are white babies even good for, besides upping the mandatory sentence if you get busted?
Those stickers on lighters that say "keep away from children" are really good advice.

-Doug in Oakland