Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Imus:

Here is hoping that this letter finds you in good health. I say this because I Have been seeing you all over the television lately, and quite frankly, you don't look so hot.

Now Don, you don't know me, I am one of millions of people of color in this country who you offended with your fool hardy and insensitive remarks about those fine young women from Rutgers. But unlike most of those other people, I didn't want you fired. I was fine with you being on the radio, because I honestly believe that people like you and your cohorts need to be given a forum. After all, how else would people like me know that people like you still exist and are so prevalent in modern day America? Honestly Don, if it were not for you hurting those young ladies, I would have been glad for your little slip up. I will tell you why. We Americans need that kind of reminder every now and then to jar us back to reality about our racial divide in our country.

Trust me on this one Don, I know why so many of your fellow Americans in the majority population were so frustrated with you. After all, you did the unpardonable by making your racist views public. Don, you must have missed the white memo; don't you know that as a white person you are never ever supposed to make your true feelings known when it comes to matters of race? These discussions should only be held amongst other white people who you really trust, and in the privacy of your own home.

So you f****d up Don, there is no kinder way to say it. But again, I am not going to beat a dead horse, what was done is done and it's over now. (Well, until the next white man ignores the memo)

I know that every one is saying that this will start a great nationwide discussion on race, and organizations will now come together to try and change the racial climate in this country and bring the races together. But let's be honest, this will all last until the next hot news story. Who knows, maybe J-Lo and Marc Anthony will break up and she will start dating P-Diddy again. Or, some no talented actor or actress will over dose on coke, and the stories will monopolize the news cycle instead of your infamous comments.

Don, I also see that you were disappointed with Harold Ford Jr., for abandoning you and not coming to your defense after you suffered death treats for supporting his senate run in Tennessee. Well Don you should have known better. I could have told you that Harold is nothing more than an opportunistic weasel who would sell you and his own people down the river if it meant more votes. He used you Don, just like all this politicians and famous journalist who used your show to sell their books. See how fast you can lose your friends when you disobey the memo Don? But don't worry, they will all be back, they just have to wait for this all to die down a little.

Finally Don, you made the mistake that most other out of touch white folks make; you held Reverend Al up as the leader of all black people in America. Don, if you should poll black people you would find that most of us don't even agree with Al and Jessie most of the time. So your first silly move was going on the Reverend Al's show, and legitimizing the good Reverend in this debate. I am sorry you did it too, because it gave your fellow white folks an excuse to use their famous racial bogeyman to detract attention from the real debate, and the real issues surrounding your comments.

Oh, and one other thing, I know Karl Rove and the White House is happy for you, because your ignorant and racist ass statements pushed their little e-mail deleting issues, and the war in Iraq off of the front page for awhile. So unlike the rest of us, my man Karl and his cronies are probably saying go Don go just keep those racist rants coming.

Anyway, here is wishing you all the best. And although I know the people you directed your comments at forgave you, don't for a minute think that I do. Still, I did not want you to lose your job, and here is hoping you will bounce back and end up on the FOX NEWS channel as a host or something. I honestly think you would fit right in there.


Your fellow American, and former nappy headed ho, the field Negro.


Daniel said...

I read your article and talked it to my friends on EbonyFriends, we are with you.

Anonymous said...


great letter. Nothing more to say.

As my best friend, a FN to her core said last night..

" $*%& him. $(%* turning anymore cheeks. That's Black folks' problems as it is."

A gal after your own heart, isn't she FN?


Unknown said...

field - Excellent letter. I hope that the I-man checks it out. On another note, I've been watching the 30-year reprisal of the miniseries, Roots, on TVOne this weekend. I have to admit that I thought about you and the imagery of your blog in many of the scenes!

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Thanks daniel,rikarah your friend sounds like the real deal:)villager, I checked out bits and pieces of Roots too, but I don't think I will again, it pisses me off way too much just to watch.

wst... said...

great post FN. our thoughts pretty much mirror yours. as you noted over on our blog april 2007 is the worst month so far in the iraq occupation.

it makes one wonder if this whole thing wasnt a media creation to shift the attention away from iraq, karl rove deleted emails etc, else why would the powers that be seize upon this (one of many) statements made by imus to raise hell over?

we guess "i wish" by stevie wonder is now banned from radio playlists. for your younger readers it starts off "looking back on when i was a little nappy-headed boy."

its also strange that out of all the millions of black people in america the media always chooses to promote al sharpton and jesse jackson as the undisputed spokesmen and vessel of black thought. oh sure fox has that cross-eyed guy who must be a brother or cousin of weird wanda (jamie foxx ILC) but who takes fox seriously?

when will black people and white people realize that we arent each others enemy? the typical black person and white person want the same things which is to have a decent job, raise a family and be left the hell alone.

when we see things like imus, kramer etc etc being promoted in the media its only to drive a wedge between the races - divide and conquer.

Francis Holland said...

I'm "missing" a lot of insults by living in Brazil, where such insults are illegal and often result in the malfeasors doing a few days in jail and paying a fine. I agree that free speech is fundamental, but I think calling college girls "nappy headed hos" falls into the exception carved out for crying "fire" in a crowded theatre.

Some insults are ought to legally be considered to be in the category of "fighting words," since we've literally been fighting over them for over three hundred years.

It's time to call a halt to these fighting words, or just go ahead and FIGHT, and leave the words words behind us!

Today at my blog, on this sixtieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in Major League Baseball, I published an article entitled "The Enduring Importance of Firsts," making an argument that breaking into new areas that were once off-limits to us is an important part of securing our place in America and establishing ourselves as equals.

I first published this article at DailyKos with the title "Ending the White Male Monopoly of the Presidency," and I was banned from participation at DailyKos a few days later.

MartiniCocoa said...


and isn't the Harold Ford Jr connection to Imus and how it all turned out...HYSTERICAL?

Did Imus really expect Harold Ford to show any loyalty to him? When I think about Imus disappointment with Harold...I can't help myself but laugh heartily.

Francis Holland said...

Hi, Field:

The repression has begun!

Conversations Afrosphere blog censored from whitosphere host for "too Black" "agenda," moves to new URL.

Advisory message from Conversations Blog posted at Francis L. Holland Blog.

Thanks for lending me a place to share this news with the whole Afrosphere.

And lets ask ourselves, "Can a white hand pull the plug on our Afrosphere blogs?"

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The I-Man was severely disillusioned if he thought his favorite House Negro was going to defend him.

That would have meant open season on Mr. Ford by the likes of Gwen Ifill, Clarence Page, Eugene Robinson, and CBC members who have wanted to rant about what a House Negro Mr. Ford is, but didn't have an opportune platform from which to rant.

Dangerfield said...

Good post field.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field.

Man, you nailed it about us needing those reminders. Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water, here comes that damnedd theme music again...

Anonymous said...

Ah, Field, a person after me own heart. I didn't want him fired either, although not for exactly the same reasons. I am glad that MSNBC is continuing the Imus tradition of having talking heads on the morning. Without out the inflammatory racism, it's actually quite enjoyable now and I don't have to keep switching channels.

Huzzah for your comments about Al Sharpton. As was stated by a couple of talking black heads this weekend, we can thank the media for appointing Uncle Al because they are the ones who keep running to him for comment then they lambaste him for being such a sucky leader. I'm not a fan of Al at all, would like to see him slink back into whatever primoridal ooze from whence he came. Oakland

Anonymous said...


I think the way to have a conversation is to have it. I think a lot of people spoke better than Imus did.

If it's assumed that, say, a primary slur's effect on the target is involuntary, even if the user and the target can conceivably be described externally as the same, and we skip over attempted proofs, for now, I'd be happy to discuss if there's a response, why wouldn't the field be blamed for telling a corporation, "Your employees engage in hate speech." Art doesn't only reflect the way things are, without movement. That's an excuse. Corporations strive for market stability above all else.

It seems to me involuntary response indicates a system. A system has input and output. A system without input, stops output. A lot of people affected by the system have tried to stop the system's function for a long time. Assuming the input overcomes attempts to stop the system's function, it's the input which has to stop.

I might add that the input into the system might be intentional. Factory owners know what product is produced, and what it is used for. Rich people make money any way they choose. A group of people demeaning each other can't possibly get anything done. The employees might have a faulty notion of art, and make a lot of money. The factory owners might be producing exactly what they want: insults. Insults which have real-world effect when input into the system.

- Pickler

plez... said...


you are a Royal Mess! i love your open letters... i just hope that i'm never on the receiving end of one! *smile*


Anonymous said...

well said. Great open letter

Cynthia said...

Nice post!

I heard it was a rouse to get out of his contract with CBS.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

The debate has taken on a life of its own in the Afrosphere.