Monday, April 09, 2007

"... nappy-headed hos"?

I know I am late to this party, (this is why I hate to be out of the fields even for a minute) but I must comment on the latest little...ahem ahem, racial problem facing America, compliments of famed radio shock jock, Dom Imus.

Let me begin by thanking my girl "i am not star jones" for blogging about this story last week, and being the first to bring it to my attention. This is what I love about the "blackosphere", it helps to push a story so fast.

Now quite a few people will not like this post, because I doubt seriously if what I am going to say is the conventional thinking among black folks. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't speak my mind and keep it one hundred with you. Scary as this is going to sound, I actually agree with ...gasp, John McWhorter on this one. This is probably the only time that I will ever agree with home boy, but he is right about this issue. Don Imus is one man who speaks for many, and who represents a type of thinking in this country that us black folks need to simply start ignoring. He could do a thousand Mea culpa's on Reverend Al's radio show, and it will not change what is in his heart. I have been trying to preach on my blog from day one, that you cannot regulate or legislate morality. Don Imus is a racist and a hustler, who speaks to a very wide base, and tells them exactly what they want to hear. He can do this, because they are either too afraid to say it, or, whatever environment they are in, prevents them from doing so. And believe me when I tell you, he and his sidekicks have done quite well for themselves insulting black folks and other minorities.

So let's make no mistake, Imus didn't make his millions because he didn't have an audience. His Schick is quite popular, and his is the number one radio program in many major markets. (What does that tell you about your fellow countrymen?) So as he goes on the latest white man racist apology tour; just remember that his program regularly plays hosts to major politicians and journalist-resident house Negro, Harold Ford, happens to be one of his favorite people in the world- including many of the very people who will be now condemning him for doing what they do privately in public.

But I am sorry, I can't get all bent out of shape over the Imus comments. Why? Because I have come to expect it from his ilk. I refuse to act like the police inspector from Casablanca and be "shocked, shocked", that such racism exists in America. You will start hearing any day now, about other insensitive and racist things Imus and his sidekicks have said in the past, (called the New York Knicks "a bunch of chest pumping pimps", called Ben "Whitehorse" Nelson, Senator from Colorado, "the guy from F troop") and I am sure that you will be shocked, shocked , that this has been going on under your noses all this time. Yeah right, you must not live in the same America that I do. Here is a news flash; this is exactly the type of shit many of these folks sit around and say when your black ass isn't around. So don't get it twisted; all the marching in the world and all the preaching by Jessie and Al won't change that. And we better start getting our shit together among ourselves (yeah some of our own high profile entertainers call our women hoes too) and stop worrying about some racist cowboy from New Mexico, or else we will be hearing allot more of that type of ignorance from politicians and influential thinkers as well.

"I did a bad thing but I am not a bad person"

I am sure you don't think you are Mr. Imus. In fact, given the nature of modern day America when it comes to matter of race; you are quite the norm.


Tafari said...

I blogged about this yesterday & said "To be devil's advocate, Black men in particular rappers call Black women hoes & bitches all the time, where is the community outrage on this. Instead of being pissed of for being respected, woman buy the very music that degrades & objectifies them. Why come???"

This too is another reason not to be pissed off, just depends on your mind set.


field negro said...

Bygbaby I feel you. Now don't get me wrong, I love and respect Vivian Stringer, and if I had a daughter who played for Rutgers, I would probably want to whup the mother f*****s ass myself.

But at the end of the day, why are we even surprised? As I stated in the post; how do you think he got so large in the first place?

Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

Bygbaby hit it right on the head. How in the world can you get upset about the comments made by Imus when the top 20 rappers make his comments seem childish in comparison? I could care less what Imus is saying, I care more of what we are saying. Like the old sayings goes in the south, "sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around mine."

Sonya said...

I agree with you FN, and you too bygbaby.

Imus just says what a lot of white people already think. Look at all his friends in the media who have come to his defense.

Until black folks stop supporting the sell-outs who profit from calling women bitches and ho's, we will continue to be universally disrespected.

plez... said...

i blogged about this earlier on plezWorld and it now appears that don imus has been given a 2 week vacation for this whole episode to die down.

i guess everyone has a point of view on this whole vile THANG, but until he sits down in front of the Rutgers University womens basketball team and their parents, and offers an apology and a heartfelt explanation for his evil deeds, he can be on Al "PovertyPimp" Sharpton's show until the cows come home.

i want to be a FATHER in the room when imus explains why he felt it was ok to refer to my daughter as a "nappy-headed ho" ... and i pity the fool who dares to try to pry my fingers from around his crawny neck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I really tired when people use the "rappers are doing it" argument. Rappers degrade black women, true. Many black women buy into it, no doubt. That doesn't give the world a free pass to disrespect the race. White people degrade their women just as badly. The videos on MTV are no better than BET. "Girls Gone Wild" has become a huge industry. Does that give me a right to call their women out their names?

If Imus had made nasty comments about the lacrosse team or the swim team, would anyone have criticized him? Or would we still have said that it comes as no surprise.

meera bowman-johnson said...

Well put, fn. Was it hard not to sigh while posting this? ;)

Qusan said...

If there were no rappers does anyone think that people like Imus wouldn't exist and say ignorant, vicious things? I was in college before the current trend in rap. White people said and did exactly what Imus is doing now. Does anyone actually think that his old ass his sitting around listening to rap, watching BET and thinking - gee, I'm going to imitated them on my show. He called PBS's Gwen Ifill a cleaning lady. He called the black wife of Clinton's Secretary of Defense a "ho" and she is a well respected journalist just like Gwen. He is not of the rap generation and has been saying things like that long before 50 and his ilk were even born so let's lose that false argument. White folks have been white folks have been white folks ... forever and a day.

Sonya said...

The mainstream embrace of "niggers, bitches and ho's" on the public airwaves as acceptable characterizations of black people is a result of the corporate takeover and exploitation of the most negative aspects of rap.

Black people will have to reverse that.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know how I feel about them trying to fire Imus. It's not an isolated incident with him, and I'm tired of Black folk being so disrespected.

IF he had 'manned up', and taken his racist self TO Rutgers to apologize personally to the Basketball team- that would have been best.

As is, he didn't, the apology he uttered isn't worth crap, and while I have called MSNBC, I won't think another moment about Imus and his fate.

And if, for all of Rev. Al and Jesse's pontificating, they don't include Imus getting in a limo and going to Rutgers, they'll prove, once again, who they're NOT representing.

Sonya said...

Gwen Ifill has written an op ed for the NY Times:

Trash Talk Radio

Kip said...

Black Pathologies vs. White Supremacy

Don Imus and his producer should both be fired they feel comfortable using this type of language because so many blacks use nigga, bitches, ho’s, etc to identify certain blacks. Now these whites like Imus, Michael Richards, etc feel they have a pass to say these things. In sports, entertainment, music, television, and films blacks in these fields say these words to describe other blacks. Blacks have to change first, and also the fact that whites like Imus, Imus’ producer, Michael Richards, Latinos committing hate crimes against blacks, etc signifies that a potential racial violence is gradually manifesting.

I feel that there will be a race war between blacks and whites that will destroy this country. There will be race wars between blacks and Latinos and Latinos and whites, whites and Asians (China will be a major cause for this when China and America go to war but America will do things to initiate the war with China). Blacks had better start thinking in survival mode, I am serious too. Blacks have another problem, and that is they hurt and kill each other when ever police and local authorities loose control over black areas. A race war will leave blacks open to negative blacks and this is sad.

When this goes down whites will be destroyed too. People are sick and tired of racism whether it is from silly white men like Don Imus or from some other non-white person. People are sick and tired of black pathologies too, blacks are more tired of black pathologies than any other group.

Don and his producer should be fired.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I just finished watching Michael Eric Dyson (and Jesse) on Lou Dobbs, trying to make excuses for Gangster rap. They were trying to make some mindless point that rap music was a different situation and should not be looked at the same way. MY A**!!!!

I had a somewhat different take on the matter. Although, I am 110% against Imus.

I'm against this behavior across the board.

When will the hypocrisy end in the so-called "Black Community"? This is one of the reasons why we get no respect.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with what you said here - I'm originally from VA and back during the Allen - Webb drama, I was having a similar argument about how people respond to explicitly racist comments...

The person I was arguing with had stressed the importance of acknowledging a mistake and apologizing and showing actions change over time...and I can sort of nod along with that but I had also said -

"i don't believe there is automatically merit in apologizing and claiming to change. i think thats part of my whole point. that there IS no definitive way to measure someone's intentions, goodness, "transformation" and things like that. while it APPEARS that making an apology is a sign where the absence of an apology isn't...i still think its important to note that an apology is an expected and politically correct act - not necessarily a sign of one's intentions (to behave nonracistly) nor can it be taken for a sign of change (i apologize, i will no longer BE racist)...

I think what I'm suggesting is that while we can utilize the opportunity presented by visible pattern of racist COMMENTS observed, (in this case I was referring to the case of condemning Sen. Allen) we must simultaneously make a larger statement that challenges this ....sort of invisible framework for classifying someone as unfit for office - i think part of the silent assumption is - if you've made a racist statement, that's proof that you take racist actions and thus good reason to get rid of you. And my point to that is - it seems to exonerate anyone who is able to keep the racist talk silent and secret (as most people now do!) - and we must REMEMBER, when prosecuting those who have made public "slips" that does not mean that those who are silent are pursuing any less racist of policies. an obvious and yet ambiguous example - a lot of clinton's "cool" persona masked the fact that his policies were some of the most detrimental for black people...

and a little more on this line of thought...

My friend commented about the incident "it means he's a racist bigot and its coming out now..."

but i responded

Why? I mean, really it's like...duh, right? i mean most people in office probably have dif elements of this in their past and/or present. why is it coming out now? why didnt people care before? why does it suddenly have meaning now whereas jillions of others can keep it hush hush and that makes it ok??

and given that context what does this mean for the case of a truman who says racist shit and is racist but had better anti-racist policies than most people in office ?? i guess its almost like why do we privilege personality and "character" over actions and outcomes? not that it isnt RELEVANT and not that actions and outcomes should trump "intentions" and shouldnt be an either-or to BEGIN with. but its just like anything else the context we put it in the public arena. like youre either FOR security or supportive of terrorism. obviously no one wants to say they're for terrorism. I'm clearly not saying im FOR people who say racist shit - but does this not help undermine the fact that the truly or at least SOME of the truly racist and institutionaly racist work being solidified day in and day out of our country comes from the actions of politically correct SOUNDING people? Is it not a problem that we put the focus on ONLY the overt words spoken?

ps love your blog, field.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

As a nappy headed non-ho I am not shocked by Imus' remarks. I am shocked that other people are shocked. Come on. Are people living under rocks?

I am not saying things are perfect in other countries but out of all the places I have been, America would be the most racist. It's a fact, so how do we deal with it?

I am not going to shead tears because of what Imus says. I know who I am. I am more concerned about the latino gangs out here that are targeted black folks. Being from the East coast where brown and black mix, I don't know what is going on out here. A black woman was killed in broad daylight walking down the street by a gang only because of her race. A guy who witnessed the shooting was later viciously killed and dumped on the street. Folks, things are getting hectic.

Anonymous said...

NBC has suspended Don Imus for two weeks which was the right thing to do. I don't agree with what Imus said but he has shown some humility and excepted NBC's decision.

On the other hand, we as afro american tolerate the filth produced within the entertaiment industry, particularly Rap music and vidio's. Is there any wonder why Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Riley and Ann Coulter continue to demean and marginalize blacks with little or no repercussion.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that things are going so well in the black community that Negroes can afford to be all twisted over this latest nonsense. Yeah, it was racist, and it's mild in comparison to what rappers say about women every day on the radio. The hypocrisy of some black people on this issue is disgusting. Sharpton claims to have taken Flav to task about something or other. Well, what about 50 Cent who has appeared on his TV One talk show?

Furthermore, Al Sharpton is in no position to dictate to anyone about morality or appropriate behavior. Tawana Brawley. Thank you, hold your applause. Sharpton is a greaseball who does not nor will he ever represent me. I feel like gagging every time this pimp opens his fat mouth on television as the "leader of black people."

If Imus is fired, you can be damned sure that every black voice on the air will be silenced because they have offended someone white. Be careful what you wish for.

It's really pathetic that colored people can get this worked up about Don Imus (who's been doing the same schtick for over 30 years) but don't seem to have much to say about Katrina victims, the Iraq war, the daily slaughter of black people from one end of this country to the other. We need to get our priorities straight and stop wasting energy on the wrong issues. Don Imus has no power over us unless we give it to him. Everyone needs to focus on the real issues in our lives and it damned sure isn't Don Imus.

field negro said...

"..but does this not help undermine the fact that the truly or at least SOME of the truly racist and institutionaly racist work being solidified day in and day out of our country comes from the actions of politically correct SOUNDING people? Is it not a problem that we put the focus on ONLY the overt words spoken?"

Thanks for that great post Elizabeth, and thanks for your kind words about my blog. This is what drives me crazy day in and day out about the hypocricsy of racism in America. The true racist get away with it because they know how to hide that shit so much better than an ignorant old coot like Imus.

Anon made some good points as well. Black folks out here need to start focusing on real issues and the shit that really effect us. Killing each other on a daily basis, and wasting our lives on bullshit while all kinds of real stuff is happening around us just ain't gonna cut it.

Now does that mean we should give Imus a pass? Of course not; he is an ignorant ass racist and he should be called on it. But let's not lose focus of some other stuff out here too. Stuff that really can have an impact on our lives and our day to day existence.

Ms G said...

“My name is KUNTA KENTE” the slave defiantly cried!

“Your name is Toby” insisted the overseer while instructing the “trusted” slave to administer another crack of the lash on KUNTE KENTE’s back.

Tears began to form in my eyes as I sat riveted to the television screen. ROOTS the movie of all movies for my people, brings me to my knees each and every time. To know what my people suffered – so that others might be. It was such an overwhelming thought I fell prostrate across my bed – yes I’m extra dramatic, but doesn’t this warrant drama?

I eventually drifted into a fitful sleep. Hours later I awoke not to the smooth feel of my 600 thread count sheets, but to a rough burlap sack scratching the skin off my back. What in the hell is going on I thought. Then I realized I have to be dreaming.

Here I was on Mainstream Media Plantation. A slave to Massa MSNBC hired out to his neighbors CBS and General Electric at will. Never seeing a dime for myself to put up towards my freedom. Instead I was shucking corn & peeling ‘taters for Massa’s big party. All the slaves were talking about it. Old slave Snoop was gone sang his signature “I Don’t Love Dem Ho’s” for all of YT to waltz to. He had been showing off to Missy Paris all day while she laughed and clapped and proclaimed what a “dumb nigger” he was. This made him so proud; he offered to sing a special song at her upcoming birthday party. He’d even have old chicken dancing Con Ludacris to come with him. Give the YT folks two slave shows at the expense of many (yeah catch that meaning if you can).

Anger was simmering in my heart and suddenly came to a boil as I watched Goober Game lead a group of female house slaves in a circle for the visiting Massa’s from the other plantations. Giving instructions on how they should shake their ass and bounce their breasts so Massa could get a good look at ‘em. Letting them know that their performance and his narration of all their HO talents was going to be his entrance into the “Big House”. If they shook their tales enough, crawled between enough legs to do unspeakable acts – especially if they were as good as Karrying Karine, (whom Massa had given her very own cabin cause she was so good at being the lascivious, do anything for a shiny penny HO they knew we all had to be, so she could train the other slaves); He was “gone be ‘llowed to sit at the table and be dey’s equal”. Just the thought of all the broadcloth and stickpins he would have made him nigger grin even harder.

“Them some hard core HO’s” one of the overseers cried out.

“Yeah, some NAPPY HEADED Hoes” laughed another. I recognized the voice of that Ole Overseer IMUS. He always had something to say bout us black slaves.

Suddenly I woke with a start clutching my pearls with a silent scream lodged in my throat. I had heard this before and it was NOT on some 1810 plantation lawn either. It was just the other morning. April 9, 2007. Exactly 142 years to the date after General Lee surrendered and the Civil War was over. Had my people not progressed any further since that time?

As I got out of bed to try and pull myself together, I had to face the stark realization that we actually had not. No matter how much education, money, manners, fine cars & clothes to the established “mainstream” we’d always be niggers! Unfortunately Black Women, who have bared the burden of this world on their backs for centuries, bare the brunt of this abuse. Always maligned, marginalized, and exploited in the most degrading sexual insinuations that we are all known as “NAPPY HEADED Hoes”. From the gyrating Video Vixens to the glorified ghetto Baby Mama to STRONG, EDUCATED, TALENTED FEMALE ATHELETES at one of the most prestigious schools in this country. We’ve been reduced to “NAPPY HEADED HO”.

Just as we stood on the auction block being appraised by the width of our hips, the fullness of our lips, thickness of our thighs, how sturdy we would be to bare children. How sexually unrestrained we would be for any man’s pleasure. So are we still judged today!

However we are not afforded the reasons our ancestors were to allow this to happen. We are supposed to be FREE. We should know better. Instead Black Americans are caught in a new type of slavery. Our hip hop artists make millions to put in the pockets of others at the expense of the BLACK WOMAN. Our so called leaders have traded in their walking shoes, shouting voices and fiery conviction of the Civil Rights movement for the comfort of a seat in the room where the table is located.

As parents we no longer teach our children the value of a good education. Instead we instill the constant thirst for the material things we feel make us equal. So we can say to the world “Look at me! I’m different! I’ve made it!” Instead of continuing the battle cries of our forefathers that would hopefully incite a roiling of indignation in the belly of the underserved, underprivileged and misguided.

We cannot place the blame solely on the lips of Don Imus because we lay the words on his tongue. We made it ok for Black Women to be “Baby Mamas”, “Nappy Headed Ho”, “Biaches & Tricks” and whatever else we are calling ourselves these days. Until we hold ourselves accountable and stop vilifying those of Cosby’s ilk for speaking the truth about our weaknesses we will forever be reactive versus proactive. Black People we have to respect ourselves before we demand it of others. I cannot be outraged at my brother being the YT man’s nigger in the streets if he is still my nigga at home because there is no difference. It’s all semantics but the meaning remains the same.

But the biggest power of all. The strongest weapon we have - is the DOLLAR! Black people are a billion dollar people. We spend money we don’t have on the latest consumer goods and YT knows it. So let’s learn to speak with our wallets. If we stop supporting the people – MSNBC, CBS, GE and whosoever else that support the people that don’t like or disparage (black artists included) OUR people, than our message will hit its mark.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

We have been picked up by Slate...


(This is what I was talking about over at Asa's site).

Copy & Paste

Anonymous said...

Wow ms g, that was deep. You had me at "My name is Kunta Kente"

Scrappled said...

THIS is who the CBC wants to team up with?

Glad Obama and Hillary dropped out.

Tasha said...

I'm in no way shocked by Imus' statements. He just gave voice to what a lot of his contemporaries already think.

When we continually support and perpetuate racist and misogynistic lyrics and images amongst ourselves, we leave ourselves open to be attacked in this way. Ms G hit it right on the head "Black People, we have to respect ourselves before we demand it of others."

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

Ever so often I would hear how one african american will address the other by using the N word, "Hey mah N. Wussup mah N." Reasons being.. ohh, it was said as an endearment term. However, its deragotary when its being used by non-black to address them in that manner.

If its deragotary and racist, why the bias treatment. If its wrong, why its okay for blacks to greet in such manner.

I'm just trying to understand.

Dangerfield said...

Yo Field good post about this issue, Imus is a racist to the bone, the fact that one of his sidekicks has been fired several times tells you all you need to know.

Also his producer Bernard McGurk is one of the most outwardly racist weasels going he has a long track record of saying totally racist and foul things out of his mouth.

The proof of Imus's racist is the company he keeps.

But like field said this is to be expected of his ilk so dont be suprised also black folk Imus is only proving what most of us already know which is America is a racist society, period.

Lastly although I think Imus crime is not the same as when the rappers disrespect black women, it is Ironic that we (black folk) allowed this disrespect to take place of our women and practically did nothing.

The most sinister part about this is that the majority of rappers were raised by single black women without without the support of thier fathers but instead of uplifting black women they have disrespected our women a lot worse than Imus.

Although I think Imus is pig I just cant get all that up in arms over this when brothas have been totally dissng black women way too much all my life.

Black men we need to change this reality and make loving black women (our mothers, wives and daughters) the center piece of our lives period no more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Like I said previously, be careful what you wish for. If Imus is fired, people will be auditing every black voice on the airwaves and demanding blacks who "offend" people be fired.

I never thought I'd be agreeing with Pat Buchanan about anything but last night on some cable shout fest he basically said enough already with this Imus issue. And Bill Maher, who usually annoys me as much as Buchanan does, hit it on the head with his claim that this whole brouhaha is "fake outrage." It isn't just black people but it does seems to be a cultural phenomenon that some people get off on being outraged about something, even if it is not a terribly weighty issue. It isn't good enough that people are outraged and apologies are made, appointments with rehab are made, everybody just keeps stoking the fire until the crescendo of outrage and demands reach the ridiculous.

I am personally offended that black people are putting this much effort into hysteria about Imus. For a moment, I thought we were going to have a dialogue about popular culture as represented in hip hop that demeans black women every day, if not every hour on the radio and on television. But no, that is clearly not going to happen. Just as blacks go berserk when a white cop shoots a black person, and shrugs off the daily slaughter of blacks by blacks, it seems it is still acceptable for black men to demean and denigrate black women. In yesterday's press conference, one of the Rutgers’s players referenced the same thing. I believe the operative word here is hypocrisy. It is hypocritical for blacks to shriek about Imus but not have anything to say about Russell Simmons besides that he is a great businessman. Never mind on whose backs he, Shuge Knight, and others built their fortune and at whose expense.

When black people get serious about the black-faced images that get projected around the world portraying blacks as oversexed, violent, psychopaths, I'll believe that the reaction to Imus is something more than fake outrage.

Finally, the idea that Al Sharpton would be the spokesperson for black people is disgusting to me. He doesn't represent me, he barely represents himself. This is a man whose primary purpose seems to be chasing headlines. Watching that pimp on TV last night appointing himself as the arbiter of who should be on the airwaves and who shouldn't makes me violently ill. Tawana Brawley. Tawana Brawly.

And one more thing. TV One, a reputed black cable network, has a loathsome program called Black Men Revealed. It is a collection of semi literate black men who, on one occasion, actually had a discussion about who they preferred, light or dark skinned black women. They discussed the paper bag test. Yes they did. One Negro said that dark women seemed more thuggish than even he was. As a black, middle aged woman pushing 60 who has gone through the struggle, it is far more hurtful and infuriating to hear black men say these things about black women than some stupidity from Don Imus and his stooge crew.

Now, deal with that.

Sign me,

Too tired and too fed up in Oakland.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning "McGurk" Mark, people seem to forget that he is the one who started the conversation down that path (as he always does)in the first place.

And in a lot of ways I am going to co-sign with gigi and Anonymous from Oakland. Sometimes we are our own worse enemy.

As brothers we have to seriously start respecting our sisters out here,or else we cannot get outraged when someone else disrespects them.....well, I thought about that one for a minute, and f**k it, I am still going to be pissed off if someone disrespects one of my Queens. But the gist of my point is the same. We have to start setting positive examples of how we treat our women for others to see. Period!

Anonymous said...

ESQ, outstanding, I am not pissed by Imus, he is a racist, what white person is not. We have bigger fish to fry. Stop by to get my take on this issue. I will post it later today

Dangerfield said...

" I am still going to be pissed off if someone disrespects one of my Queens. But the gist of my point is the same. We have to start setting positive examples of how we treat our women for others to see. Period! "

mark bey: I holds with this comment, in fact if black people are serious about making life better for black americans then we would devote a herculean like effort to changing black mens attitudes towards black women and stressing education as the most important tool of uplift for black america.

Black women must be respected and protected at the cost of death after all they are the primary ones raising black children.

Good post Field.

Anonymous said...

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." I don't believe in double standards. That's why I am not outraged by Imus and his band of fuck-ups. They have a right to say whatever they want to say and I have the right to blast them for it. I never had any respect for them so now that I know they don't repect me or my people, should I have less than no respect for them? I don't think I'll waste my time with that.

But I am distressed that we still don't understand what hip-hop and rappers are really all about. That is a musical expression of an aspect of ghetto reality. As much as we don't want to admit it, there are some serious real world issues with how some Black folks choose or are forced to live and act. Hip-hop, for the most part, is simply an expression of that reality. Where some people see glorification of a dysfunctional lifestyle, real fans of hip-hop recognize the pain, anger, and rebellion that is the hallmark of this music. Whether or not you agree with how it is expressed doesn't alter that reality.

Can some of it be described as misogynistic? I don't think it's misogyny to enjoy sex or enjoy looking a women's bodies. I don't think it's objectifying to admire someone's physical attributes. That's a hard question to answer in the context of a group ethos, because I think the behaviors that are being expressed are most often compartmentalized and do not reflect an overall impression of women. Like Snoop said earlier, when he says bitches and hoes he is in no way even thinking about talented black student athletes. He is speaking on a specific situation that exists in his reality. I honestly think it's necessary to address that on an individual basis rather than branding the entire genre.

Be honest with yourself. There are women and men (but mostly women) out there who sell sex which I personally don't think should even be a crime. There are women whose actions inspire other women to call them bitches and hoes. There are women and men (but mostly men) who enjoy the strip club scene and all the bumpin', grindin', shakin' and bouncin' they can get. It's not wrong for them to like those things any more than it's wrong for other folks not to like it.

It's past time we recognize that there is an inherent difference in Black folks referring to each other as nigger/nigga (and I neither condone nor condemn the practice here) than when a white person does it. They don't pick up anything from us. They often try to mimic us, but they never even get that right. They have never used our positive images of ourselves to inform them of how to treat us, so why is it that we think our negative images are controlling them? They had those negative images already, we neither assisted in starting it, nor are we complicit in continuing it. White supremacy is not in any way facilitated by Black people.

Imus is a micro-aggression. One of the many small offenses we face in this society on a daily basis. It was deserving of a micro counter attack, not the pandemic waves of outrage that have resulted.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Interesting point Exodus but as someone who grew up during the birth of hip-hop I do have a problem with what is going on with music now. You cannot compare P.E. telling it like it is to Fiddy bragging about how he's a P.I.M.P.

Sometimes I think I'm just too old for hip-hop now but my sister is 10 years younger and feels the same way.

In no other genre of music are women consistantly dissed like we are in hip-hop. Snoop can say he doesn't mean all woman but that fact is lost on the suburban white kids (who purchase more than 80% of rap music). It's interesting that the corporate sponsors of Imus' show NBC/GE are concerned about the Imus scandal but meanwhile it's okay for their music divisions to do whatever they want.

I believe in freedom of speech and would never say we should ban any kind of music. However, I am really sick and tired of turning on the radio and hearing brothers refer to women as bitches and hoes. Can't we get just a little love? Really, some balance would be nice.

Dangerfield said...

"But I am distressed that we still don't understand what hip-hop and rappers are really all about."

mark bey: Exodus I dont mean to be a but head but I think you are mistaken.

Hip Hop represent a culture that has resulted in a lot of disrespect towards the entire black american population. With a specialized emphasis on disrespecting black women. Who according to pure #s are likely to have raised 50% of these cats by themselves.

Also people may be poor but that dosent mean they havent been exposed to teachers, reacreation centers and other kind of enlighting programs. I have first hand seen a positive black brotha who worked a youth recreation center tell me of the hurt they felt as they went to the funerals of young black men who reflected that culture.

Also you are attempting to justify a culture that encorages harm of black women. Half of these guys are raised by single black women, with no help from the fahter. You are trying to justifying a culture that gloryfies humilating the women that young black men rely on for everthing they have. When you harm black women you harm thier children, these rappers by default are encouring harm and disrespect of thier own mothers.

I understand that you feel hip hop so do I so do a lot of people who post here on this blog. Some dont but many do.

But do not use the fact that you like something to excuse the damage it may do because for example people may like to.

Smoke Weed
Cheat on thier spouse
Listen to hip hop, record and buy

You may like all of these things but thier are negative consequences to all of them thats a fact, please dont justify hip hop because it is more than obvious that the accumalative affect good and bad has been reprehensible.

It and its cultue are directly responsible for the death of some of its greatest ambassadors and practioners.

The continued glorification of sex and hypersexuality in light of what aids is doing to the black world is a little too much for me to agree with your attempted justification for negative aspects of hip hop.

How many times did a teacher congratulate them, or thier mother kissed or nursed them, how hard did their mothers fight to provide a decent family life for them, how coaches spent extra evening time with them not to mention the tutors.

Oh and also that justification should only apply to poor rappers not all rappers who spit gangsta or anything other kind of hip hop also anyone whos followed rap knows this.

Lastly hip hop cannot currently sustain itself as it presently exist niether the music or the culture, how many more of her superstars can she lose without destroying herself.

The is what it comes down to exodus you are jusifying a culture, music and lifestyle that has turned on all of black american including itself. Its so toxic that it kills its greatest ambassodors thats a fact.

Either we change or we die in fact it will get worse. Sorry for very long comment I am passionate about these issues.

Dangerfield said...

" Half of these guys are raised by single black women, with no help from the father. You are trying to justifying a culture that gloryfies humilating the women that young black men rely on for everthing they have."

mark bey: I just want to make sure that everyone knows I am not tryng to say that all black men are not around for kids or even most. Just wanted to clarify that.

Dangerfield said...

@ Exodus mentality

mark bey: One last reason why I disagree with although respectfully. About 2 years ago me and some friend of mine put on a music showcse featuring the resident of the distric of columbia. Anyway we additioned scores of people including a rapper in a wheel chair who was rapping about smoking blunts and killing people. I cant think of a better personal example of the silliness, foolish and destrutive behavior that way to much of hip hop glorifies.

Brotha was extremely gifted by the way.

MartiniCocoa said...


thank you for commenting on my post.

I just don't get mainstream American culture .... the Scarlet Knights achieved success ( a first in the history of the school) in a world that the mainstream and its adherents usually respect and admire.

To be denigrated in such a fucked up fashion makes me want to beat a senior citizen's ass and his producer, too!

What's next?
I understand that McCain and Giuliani will continue to appear on his show. I will be emailing them shortly to let them know how I feel about their decision...these are two men who have daughters...wonder how they would feel if Imus intimated that some one who looks their children were hos?

Will be emailing sponsors of the Imus show just to ask if my nappy headed ho ass should continue to buy their products.

And will consider Exodus Mentality' commentary and thoughts. Not to renounce my citizenship but to take a little break from this unique brand of disrespect.

all my best.

Brian said...

Sonya, Mark and The Field....

All of your points have been on target as usual.

Esp. Sonya w/

"Until black folks stop supporting the sell-outs who profit from calling women bitches and ho's, we will continue to be universally disrespected."

--Can the Church say Amen?

Dangerfield said...

" To be denigrated in such a fucked up fashion makes me want to beat a senior citizen's ass and his producer, too!"

mark bey: LOL. The producer (The Bernard McGurk Weasel) is a full fledge racist to the core.

If this were the sixties his weasel as# would be riding with the clan, no doubt in my mind about that.

Anonymous said...

So Imus is bumped from MSNBC and possibly CBS. Yet everything is still the same in the 'hood.

If nothing else comes out of this than black people having a real conversation about the images of us projected around the world through popular culture, then all of this will have happened for some good purpose.

I read a quote by Snoop where he was cussing up a storm about being compared to Imus. You know, if the shoe fits and all that...

Too tired and too fed up in Oakland

Dangerfield said...

Too tired and too fed up in Oakland

mark bey: Ditto, I am fed up with the nonsense as well.

Actually this action to get rid of Imus by the black americans(bloggers)hopefully will leave us no option but to deal with some of the foolishness going on in our nieghborhoods

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your most excellent hypocrisy with the rest of the world!

Today's nominee for the Nappiest Headed Crack Hoe: Cynthia McKinney!!

Anonymous said...

hoes_r_us, is that your family name or just a nick name?

BTW, does your probation officer know that you have access to the Internet ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL...pretty good. I do have a serious question for you. Why is it that you seem to bestow the designation of "House Negro" on whatever blacks seem to have the courage to point out some of the inherent issues within your own community and not play the blame game, ex. Jason Whitlock? Aren't people like Jason and Bill Cosby simply advocating introspection and self reliance vs. the crap that the good Rev's Jesse and Al peddle? Imo, people like the latter two as well as jackasses like the aforementioned Cynthia McKinney do the African American community a world of disservice.

Good blog, btw. The humor's cool.

Anonymous said...

Don Imus is a racist and a hustler, who speaks to a very wide base, and tells them exactly what they want to hear.


White people by and large are little racist bastards. I can say this with broad impunity because I'm white. Lily white, actually. Some would say fish-belly white. Whatever. I'm here to tell you that the field is correct as correct can be. This kind of shit is EXACTLY what passes for locker-room humor between old white men. I can't speak for white women, missing or otherwise, though I get the feeling that their racist is a bit more subtle and more classist than anything.

Love, Love, LOVE that you point out that Imus is a hustler. He does this kind of thing because he makes money at it. His schtick, his hustle, his con, is that he thinks just like you do, only he can say it and get away with it and you can't. He says on the radio the very same things that a lot of white men (not all) say when they are around their friends.

Yes, it makes me sick.

I can't tell you, really, why I'm the way I am. I've been this way since I was a small child in the Deep South. I don't like it when ordinary people are abused, and in my book the average person of color is no different than the average person without color. We all need decent medical care. We all need financial security. We all need to be protected from crime. We all need for our children to do better in America than we did ourselves.

That's the promise of America, isn't it? That we may not make it ourselves but our children will. And this very promise that lies at the core of the American ideal is why I'm angry with Democrats.

The Imus, and the Limpbaughs, and those like them will die off eventually. But unless something structural changes, those vile denizens of the white hindbrain will simply be replaced with a newer model.

We in America need structural change. If the Democrats won't give it to us, then we need to find (or found) a party that will.

Sorry for such a long post, field, but I've been gone. You rock my world, man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Neil!

We have missed you.

Anonymous said...

i realy dont mean to hurt any of you, becuase racism is wrong no matter how you look at it. But this is the opinion of one closed minded dj, he is and idiot and his opinion shouldnt be taken to heart. Please every time, some old racisit stupid white guy says something predictable, come down off your cross and use the wood to get the fuck over it.

Anonymous said...

Well, ask yourselves this question: if a well known, black DJ was to make an offhand, uncouth comment about a white person, would you be up in arms about that DJ, and asking that he be fired?

If you desire to end racism, then it ends for both ways on the road. I'm just as sick of being referred to as 'honky', 'cracker', and all that ilk, as you are of being referred to in an applicable slang.

I'm in the Army, and one of my close friends is black. Does that make me a 'non-racist'? Nope. Because I literally cannot stand being around anyone that doesn't use a semblance of proper English in their normal conversations.

I also can't stand being around people that, as many of you have put it, refer to women as 'bitches and hoes'.

Do I listen to country and rock? Yes. Am I fiercely proud of my race and German heritage? You betcha.

But then, you should be too. Because I get along just as well with my BLACK friend, as I do with my other white friends.

So, just as one subscriber put it, "Sweep around your own doorstep, before you come sweeping around mine."

And to note: Regardless of whether Obama was correct in saying it or not, his remarks about the whites in Pennsylvania were racist as well. Had McCain issued anything like that, he'd have been blasted out of his candidacy in a real hurry.

So, as I said before, racism works both ways.