Thursday, April 19, 2007

A conservative and a coward.

This post is about two types of people, the good and the not so good.. ahhh change that; the good and the ignorant.

I will start with the good. When I got into this blogging thing about a year ago, one of my first intellectual battles was with a brother named Cobb, who happens to be conservative blogger from the West Coast. The brother and I clashed ideologically over the crisis in Darfur, and what should be African Americans response to it. I posted what I thought was a passionate piece, and he responded. Of course, I fired back, and so it went with my man and I for awhile, but behind the disagreements, the respect grew.

Well fast forward over a year later, and I found myself having lunch with my man right here in my hometown of Philly today. Through the power of the Internet and e-mails, we stayed in touch, and when my man told me he was coming to Philly to work his software magic for a health care conglomerate, I decided to reach out and hook up with him.

So Cobb, it was nice meeting you my man, I was surprised at how much we have in common, and how easy it was to get along with you. At the end of the day, we both want the same good things for our people, we just might disagree at times on how we can accomplish those goals.

So that was the good. Now let me tell you about the ignorant. In fact, I will show you the ignorant. I have posted the e-mail exactly as I got it from one of my trailer park friend, who apparently took a break long enough from mixing his moon shine to reach out to the field.
So here it is: (And yes homey I am publishing your e-mail address)

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:19:03 -0700 (PDT)
"x x" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Your blog....

"Hey Field Nigga....

Love your integrity!
Especially when you dont accept reality that a coon sista is a lying nappy headed ho in the Duke Lacrosse case.

Nice to see that you call it fairly.

Don Imus = racist
but Gail Crystal Mangum = undaunted, proud sista


Yep, white people really give a shit what opportunistic niggers like you think. (thats sarcasm, ya darkie) Always willing to play the race card when it suits your purposes. Always looking the other way when its time to take responsibility for doing so.
Has Sharpton apologized for Tawana Brawley yet?
How about Jesse for "Hymie-town"?

Better yet, are either of them... or the New Black Panthers... going to come to Durham to apologize for stirring up racial hatred?

White people arent going to take you or them seriously until you acknowledge your own hypocrisy.
Peace out!

lolololol "

Yes folks, this is the type of ignorance I deal with via e-mails from my friends in NASCAR country from time to time. And you should see the search words people use before they stumble on my site. "nigger monkeyes, smelly niggers,negroes and animals,how to keep a negro from your daughter", and on and on. And people wonder why I am always angry.

But anyway, thank you xx, -they never leave their real names, cowards are like that. Although maybe xx is his real name; after all, I doubt if home boy can read- you can go and call your cousin now, I think she needs a date for the weekend.

The field is out.


Liz Dwyer said...


Man oh man, now I know how you stay sane. "You can go and call your cousin now..." As sad/angry as that email made me feel, that right there made me laugh out loud!

-=Topper=- said...

Trailer Parks and Gated Communities. The make up of the demagogue hypocrisy we call the Unites States.

A book never written I actualy have a cover of, "The Avererage Americans Point of View" with a picture of just the US on a globe.

Trailer parks and Gated Communities, the metaphors of ignorance.

Dangerfield said...

What a slime ball, my eyes felt slimy just reading his email.

But field I disagree with some of your sentiments about the duke case simply because the young lady who accused the duke boys of rape would have done the same to black men in a similar situation and those black men would not have had the resources to fight the case.

The duke boys got railroaded ( I wont shed any tears but the truth is the truth), no man deserves to be accused of rape if they are innocent. Also what happens the next time a black women is really raped, will the rapist attorney use the duke rape case to try to cloud the issue at aid.

Christopher Chambers said...

Why don't you lay that on Cobb, and force him to stand and deliver. Hey he should disavow that point of voew in his camp, if he's truly deserving of the respect you've afforded him.I don't embrace the Hip Hop Summit's b.s. on misogyny and "don't snitch," etc and still call myself a proud black man. Let's see if Cobb will do the same...

Christopher Chambers said...

PS--as for Whitlock, yeah he's a fat slobbery hypocrit. But look, who else is out there doing their damnest to point out the larger sins and hypcrisies of Hip Hop? Look, in WWII we allied with Joseph-damn-Stalin to beat Hitler and the Japanese. If I got to ally with the devil to wake a lot of dumbasses the f**k up, than so be it.

As for Harris Faulker--who's being the hypocrit now? hahaha. If she woke you up one morning wearing nothing but high heels and lipstick, and carrying a silver tray of scrapple, fluffy eggs, cheese danishes fresh squeezed guava juice, Blue Mountain coffee, hell man you'd be there with Hannity cheesing away like Colmes hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

"Trailer Parks and Gated Communities", topper, I love that metaphor.

liz, I knew would like that line.

Mark, I understand that no man wants to be falsely accused of rape or anything else. But let's not pretend that the Dukies did not have more resources (just like O.J.)than 90% of the population.

And let's not forget that they were not exactly choir boys that night. I am sure a racial epithet or two was thrown around.

Damn Chris, why did you have to call me out like that? Could you substitute the scrapple for some ackee and salt fish at least?

Dangerfield said...

Oh yeah Field Cobb is full of shit. I respect his intellegince however, but to be as intelligent as him his says some really stupid shi# at times.

I still like the cat though.

Dangerfield said...

And let's not forget that they were not exactly choir boys that night. I am sure a racial epithet or two was thrown around."

mark bey: Yo Field trust me I feel I aint shedding no tears for them, they were rich white kids who probably felt they could call her a nigger and they paid out the as@ for it.

But still my real fear is what may happen the next time a black woman or any other woman is raped will they be assumed to be lion and if those had been black boys with no cheedar to fight this bogus case they would probably still be in jail. Mark

Kip said...

@ Field Negro & Cobb

Glad you finally met Cobb face to face -- he is a really intelligent man who has some god qualities. He and I clashed over at his blog very strongly once about a particul statement I made that was true. I also feel that Cobb say some of the things he say because he is trying to fit in with a certain type of conservative political ideology, but he knows that not all of the conservative ideology is based upon ideas. Some of it is based upon white society only and Cobb knows this. So he tries to mold his conservatism into a fashion that is -- very close to white conservative ideology but some what different. Cobb is trying to avoid moving on over into the category of where Lashawn Barber and Rev Jesse Lee Peterson are because he finds it too mentally and emotionally painful too humiliate himself that way in front of whites, blacks, and non-whites by talking bad about blacks and criticizing whoever white conservatives criticize. Cobb does not want to come across as an inferior looking Uncle Tom like Peterson and Barber and other mentally defeated blacks.

Cobb’s writing’s walk a fine line of being on the border of inferior feeling Uncle Tom and yet semi pro black. This good but at the sametime it hurts his writing because he can’t pick up the needed credibility with black America but he also is not willing to cross over the border of Inferior feeling Uncle Tom who secretively hates white (especially conservative whites) but takes his frustrations out on blacks. But without defining himself he and his conservative brotherhood will never find the credibility they need among black America, white America, and non white America. Currently Cobb does not really technique that would allow him to say what he wants to say about whites, blacks, and non-whites and still be admired by all groups. Personally I have this I am admired by many white supremacists, Black Nationalists, and other non-whites but at the same time I am disliked by many of them. But Cobb does not know how to do this. Cobb will possibly change in the future.

Maybe in the future he will define himself. But Cobb does have some integrity, dignity, and honor about himself and those are very admirable traits.

Christopher Chambers said...

The scrapple thing was to cement your tie to Pennsylvania...but feel free to fantasize about her brimming with ackee, maybe some Milo to drink rather than coffee.

Anonymous said...

Cobb is trying to avoid moving on over into the category of where Lashawn Barber and Rev Jesse Lee Peterson are because he finds it too mentally and emotionally painful too humiliate himself that way in front of whites, blacks, and non-whites by talking bad about blacks and criticizing whoever white conservatives criticize.

I agree with you on this, which is why I don't mind visiting his blog.

He is NOT one of my least favorite kind of Black conservatives:

Those that talk ABOUT Black people TO White people.

THOSE, I just can't deal with anymore.

Woozie said...

Glad to see you and Cobb could get along; internets arguments often ruin good friendships.

Abadiebitch said...

The Duke Boys:

1. Some of the (White) Duke Lacrosse team members called the two (Black) women “niggers” and “bitches”;
2. One of the (White) Duke Lacrosse members threatened to rape them with a broomstick;
3. Another (White) Duke Lacrosse team member spoke of hiring strippers in an e-mail sent the same night that threatened to kill “the bitches” and cut off their skin while he ejaculated in his “Duke-issued spandex;” and
4. Another (White) Duke Lacrosse team member shouted to the (Black woman) victim as she left the team’s big house, “Hey bitch, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt.”

Cobb said...

Somebody's projecting bigtime.

I don't even think about LaShawn Barber or Jesse Lee Petersen when I blog, and I can't remember the last time that I have considered either one of them.

I am not trying to be accepted by 'blacks' or 'whites' because I don't need to be and further I don't believe that any consistent position that could be considered 'black' or 'white' is worth paying attention to. That is to say my world isn't black or white or somewhere in between, it has got about 8 more dimensions.

I talk about where I come from without any apologies, and I'm very clear about that. I also talk about where I'm going.

Anyway, I know 'ghostface' is 'chance' who sounds like he's still pissed off that I booted him from the blog. You need to chill.

field negro said...

"..But Cobb does have some integrity, dignity, and honor about himself and those are very admirable traits."

the best [ghostface], I will certainly agree with you there. From my briev meeting with him Cobb, I detected all of those traits.

And I must confess that I haven't read enough of Cobb's stuff to get into that type of a deep analysis of his writing. But I can see that there are some issues between you two that obviously predates the stuff that's going on now.

Thank you "chasingmoksha" for adding some facts to the discussion. What a neat concept.

MartiniCocoa said...

i needed this laugh.

please keep posting these smash notes from the troglodytes who think rush limbaugh, bill o'reilly and sean hannity are their personal jeebuses.

i don't feel sorry for the duke lacrosse players. they did not rape the stripper but they did do something to dehumanize that young black woman.

I have a friend who is a Duke alumnae who feels they said something to her that hurt her so bad that her only recourse was to create the fiction of rape.

we will never know the truth unless of course oprah and lisa ling get to the bottom of it but I do not feel bad for the Duke players -- they took a risk and ended up in a a perfect All -American shytstorm -- lying stripper, ambitious DA, America's sexual/racial history, all the white strippers hanging out with me reading Howard Zinn.

Now they know how unfair life can be.

Kip said...

@ Field Negro & Cobb

Oh yeah Field Cobb is full of shit. I respect his intelligence however, but to be as intelligent as him his says some really stupid shi# at times.
I still like the cat though.

The statement by mark was made before I even commented. I and Mark were over at cobb’s blog together commenting. I have read a lot of Cobb’s writings and I can give an analysis of his writings especially on politics. Elizabeth Wright even called Cobb an arch chair revolutionary (or something along that line) who claims to be a conservative republican and pro Iraq war. She also said that if Cobb was young enough he would think twice about sending American troops in a war to get killed because he would be one of the ones going. Cobb offered me membership in the conservative brotherhood which I refused; also I am responsible for Mahndisa getting into the conservative brotherhood because I informed Cobb that he needed to get his conservative brother hood bloggers back to blogging. Some had gotten lazy.

He then added Mahndisa and I think rattle gator(if I am not mistaken). Rattle gator was already on Rss but not an official member until I informed cobb about how come he had not recruited more bloggers for the conservative brotherhood. So Cobb and I were not always on strange hostile terms. He got angry at me because I would ask him difficult questions and he did not like that. Mark would also ask Cobb difficult questions one day Cobb said both of you (Chance and Mark) are full of Shit. This was after we had both grilled him intellectually about a particular topic. He was so angry that he went and wrote a post about me and Mark and booker rising posted it. I said that some blacks displayed too many pathology in black communities; Cobb said there are no black pathologies that black folks have. But we all know the real answer. Also, more commenters started to respond to my comments. Cobb said the Republican Party has no hidden agenda to help whites stay in power, and that there are no racist whites who vote republican. When commenters disagreed with him about his statement he got frustrated.

I said that blacks need to stop doing drugs and alcohol because of their brain structure drugs and alcohol makes it worse on blacks. Cobby got angry and wanted me gone. He called me a racist.

If I had joined the conservative brotherhood I will tell you this -- that I would be one of their most popular bloggers if not the most popular, even over COBB. Booker rising and black informant are just simple news blogs they write hardly anything of their own, they just like to what has already been written. He knows I have a style that appeals to all racial groups.

Like I say Cobb is a good writer but he is limited because he tip toes (can’t figure out which side he wants to be on) the fence and this hurts his political and social writings. He wants to be one way but is afraid to cross over and join the rest of the psychologically defeated Jesse lee Peterson, Barber, Mychal Massey, Larry Elder, etc.

Kip said...

@ Cobb

I am not mad about anything everything is swell and well on my end.

Dangerfield said...

@ chance and Cobb

Mark bey: I say the the both of yalls, should have a knock down all out brawl/fight (intellectually of course) and have done with it. I hold the jackets while the 2 of yall's get
to fisticuffing.

That is unless one of you guys are afraid of intellectual battle. :)

Also if you 2 decide to get to thumping (intellectually of course) Ill the blog version of Don King and promote it.

DivineLavender said...

That email proves that internet access at the public libraries should be banned.

There isn't a word or that pile of hot steamy mess.

Trailer Parks and Gated Communities=Perfect!

Anonymous said...

"That email proves that internet access at the public libraries should be banned."

Or at Duke dormitory rooms :)

sandy said...

Except for the language, I would agree with some of xx's statements. It does seem that Jesse and Al never feel the need to apologise when they get it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yo Field.

Man, white folks like that don't even upset me anymore. They just remind me not to fall asleep.