Sunday, April 29, 2007

No love for the Gipper.

I have never liked Ronald Reagan. I always thought-until the frat boy came along of course, that he was probably the worst President in the history of the Republic. I never bought into his phony ass cowboy persona, or his so called quick wit and great communications skills. To me, he was created by America's media, and his greatness was a figment of our imaginations, caused in part by a need to feel good about ourselves after the gloomy seventies.

"Mr Gorbachov tear down that wall" my ass, that wall was coming down with or without the "great communicator". And the hostages were coming home as well.Timing is everything in politics, and no one was luckier when it came to timing than the Gipper. But all that's not why I despise the Gipper and everything he stood for. No, driving through South West Philly today-an area that is about as safe as a Baghdad market these days-I realized why I really despise the faux cowboy from California.

Now I am not one who believes in conspiracies. I really think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, the World Trade Center was blown up by a bunch of crazed terrorist who call themselves Al Qaeda, and man really did land on the moon. But I do believe that the Reagan administration was indirectly responsible for the flow of crack cocaine that hit our urban areas in the eighties. See I believe that story by Gary Webb from the San Jose Mercury News, about the Reagan administration funding the Contra's and allowing them to flood the West Coast urban markets with crack cocaine. I do believe that they did it in order to fund the Contras as they-the Contras- attempted to over throw the Sandinista Government in Nicaragua. Why you say? Well it seems that the Sandinistas were Socialist in their thinking, and we just couldn't have another left leaning government in our back yard now could we. I mean who knows, before you know it we could have had another Cuba on our hands.

So what did we do, we (Reagan and the CIA) allowed our cities to be flooded with a potent cheap form of high known as crack cocaine. This insidious drug, would eventually destroy the fabric of many of our urban areas, and our families for years to come. As a result of crack, we have lost an entire generation of African Americans. (Maybe two) If you don't believe me, take a trip to any inner city in America, and see how many grand parents are raising their grand children. Or, see how many homes have been abandoned and foreclosed on after grandma and grandpa died. Check out the rising prison populations and then check out the race, poverty level, and the background of most of the inmates there.

Every time I see that ex convict, Ollie North, on the FAKE NEWS NETWORK, I want to puke. I mean the nerve of him to even show his face in America after all the shit he did to destroy this country. Now the guy has his own show, does speaking tours, and is the darling of the conservative right. And they wonder why black folks will never come into their so called "big tent". It's because we are scared you will fold the tent up with us in it, and burn the mother fu***r, that's why we won't come in it. We don't trust you, and why should we? Because of your cowboy hero, our families and our communities are in crisis, and who knows when we will recover.

I am driving past boarded up home after home. I still see the crack addicts doing their dawn of the dead walk, and the dealers with their nice whips, and their entourage. There isn't much open space or green, and when you do see them, they are filled with trash, bottles, and who knows what else. Yep, this neighborhood like so many others in Philly is fu***d up. It's like it's not even a part of America. Trust me, I have been through the ghettos in West Kingston, and this isn't much better.

But this is what happens when a government that is supposed to be looking out for its citizens abandon them. This is what happens when we get too cute and intellectual for our own good. (See Iraq) We worry about the spread of socialism in our back yard and the effects it will have on our country, while destroying a part of the very country that we are supposed to be looking out for in the first place.

So now as America crumbles from within, we are stuck with yet another President that Americans tried to make great. Only this time we can't. We cant ignore the terrible job that he has done, and what a terrible cost we are paying for his phony ass war. Reagan was smart, he waged his little dirty war in a clandestine manner, and he made sure that the only people that would be hurt were poor African Americans in America's inner cities.

Not so with this President; his f**k up is front and center for all to see, and most Americans ain't liking the picture. If this had been the Gipper, he would have sold it better. At least he can communicate, and he is a good actor. Just look at all the people that still love him and think he is great.

Jessie said he would rather have "Roosevelt in a wheel chair that Reagan on a horse". I don't know Jessie, I would have preferred if we never had Reagan at all.


Unknown said...

I am trying to understand something. If this is true, did Regan and the gov’t force people to get hooked on crack?

I think that people often like to have someone to blame? How can we blame the gov’t for people being on crack, but not blame rap music and video games like GTA for violence. How can we blame guns for violence and not blame welfare for single mothers and fatherless homes?

A lot of Liberals/Progressives/Democrats like to blame guns and gun manufactures for gun violence w/o placing blame on the individuals for shooting people. They like to blame the gov’t for crackheads, but not point out that smoking crack is voluntary.

On the flip side Republicans/Conservatives like to blame welfare for single mothers and fatherless homes when it’s individuals that decided to kick the fathers out and replace them with a welfare check or have kids w/o getting married. It’s individuals that listen, promote, sing, and buy rap music. If you don’t like rap, don’t buy it or make sure that you know what your kids are listening to. Paents are called parents for a reason.

All I am saying is that people make/made these decisions. It wasn’t the gov’t doing all of it. Now I may fall on the Republican/Conservative side of the fence because I say that I can’t opt out of paying taxes into the welfare system. I could argue economics and say that if the gov’t subsides something (in this case single mothers, fatherless homes, etc) that there will be more of them.

One could argue that because drugs are illegal, crime and poverty follow them. One could argue that if we legalize drugs, we can eliminate a lot of crime an deaths that go hand in hand with drugs.

Because I like to at least give a solution. Even if it’s not the best one, let’s see if we can’t find some middle ground here.

Drugs - Let’s decimalize drugs on the federal level. To be honest I don’t know if the federal gov’t has the constitutional authority to outlaw drugs, but for the sake or argument we are going to get rid of federal drug laws. We are also going to get rid of the federal war on drugs.

Drug legalization and regulate will be left up to the states. If drugs are legal, that removes the violence that come with drug gangs and cartels. I don’t care how it’s handled. States can legalize them either through the ballot or they can handle it through their state houses and senates.

Each state will handle rehab for druggies if they even offer it. I can see how a state would want to say that if you decide to do drugs, make sure to save enough money for your OWN rehab. We aren’t going to steal I mean tax other citizens to pay for your habits.
Some conservatives should be happen because tax cuts will follow as a result of the billions that are saved by this failed war. Some liberals should be happy because they can smoke their weed w/o worrying about cops arresting them.

Rap music - Since rap music isn’t illegal yet, there is no need to discuss it a lot. Keep current decency levels as far as beeping out certain words. There isn’t a whole lot the gov’t can do because it’s protected under the 1st amendment.

Guns – Since guns are a federal issues, I think that a lot of these guns laws need to be taken to federal court to make sure that hey aren’t unconstitutional. I can already tell you that Chicago and DC should get ready to allow gun ownership. Those bans violate the 2nd amendment and to be honest they should have been struck down a long time ago. Each state should have tough sentences for people that commit crimes with firearms. I could go on and on about this issues, but I’ll stop.

Welfare – I could write an entire page on this issue, but we need even more welfare reform. I think that it should max out at 5 years for all forms of welfare and not just the welfare check. I’m talking about public housing, welfare checks, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. After you have used your 5 years up, that’s it. I may throw in a super hardship appeal process, but for the most part we do need to tell people that they are responsible for their own destinies and futures. Conservatives should be happy because more tax cuts will follow this welfare reform.

So how did I do Field?

Amenta said...

Serious issues here! Welfare, start with cutting corporate welfare, then cut Israel off. How about cutting off spending money on "invisible" stealth airplanes and stealth naval ships! These are not needed in a real war. They spend all of my tax money and yes I am in the tax bracket that pays taxes, on flying and floating technology that is not needed and send young people off to war in vehicles that offer no protection against the simplest weaponry. If you are gonna take my money feed the people, clothe the people. I can deal with that. I believe conspiracies do exist. think about 911, why didn't we get the emergency alert systems blaring over our televisions and radios. Why did the Bin Ladens fly out even when former Bush I had to be grounded. Why how could the Federal Supreme court rule over the State Supreme court in a sovereign state of Florida in 2000? Why didn't a Senator sign the motion by the Congress to block Dubya's election? Just some questions...

Francis Holland said...

As far as I'm concerned, Ollie North is just another Mark Fuhrman, who trades on his innocent white male face to commit the most heinous of crimes, secure in the knowledge that America cannot distrust and always believes someone who looks like him, no matter WHAT he says.

When Ronald Reagan was running for president, his wife, Nancy, went to New Hampshire during the primaries, looked out over the crowd, and said, "Look at all these pretty white faces!" At that point, I KNEW with utter certainty that Reagan could not be elected president, because America, with all of its imperfections, just wasn't racist enough and had progressed too far to elect someone like Reagan as president. The liberals wouldn't allow it!

Then, Reagan made a big foreign policy speech in which he promised to use the US military to maintain "normalcy" (keep the white 25% minority in control of the Black 75% majority) in South Africa, should fighting break out there between Blacks and whites. At that point, I simply KNEW that America would not elect a president even though, or BECAUSE, he promised to maintain apartheid in South Africa.

Boy, was I wrong! Reagan knew he was appealing to a racist streak in America and that streak went deep! He played it like a fiddle!

If the Republicans promise a return to the glory days of the Old South in 2008, don't count them out! Particularly the white blog apartheid "progressives" might cross party lines to vote for that. Hey, Kos (DailyKos) voted for Bush in 1992 because Kos and Bush were in favor of "state's rights!" Then, Bush (father) gave us Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court intervention in Florida 2000, and now the end of reproductive choice. So, Kos's "progressiveness" really worked out for America, huh?

Sorry. I guess I'm "whining."

Francis Holland said...

Here's Stanley Crouch accusing a Black woman of "whining." And and maybe Stanley Crouch is right. Why should we beg and plead verbally for whites to respect us, considering that the "off the pigs" and "pick up the gun" generation was so much more successful at getting whites' attention and winning their respect?

In a country where the Second Amendment is revered and a trillion dollars is spent trying to impose military the national will on Iraq, perhaps we should EXPECT to be accused of "whining" when we simply express ourselves verbally, in writing, and on talk shows?

It seems to me that the white male supremacist champions of political incorrectness should be careful what they wish for. I don't think they'd like the alternatives to "whining" any more than they like "whining" itself. When they ridicule "whining," they are implicitly if unintentionally endorsing the violent alternatives to "whining."

Brian said...

You made some good points...

But compared with what we have now.... Reagan was like a breath of fresh air. lol
At least the U.S. had the respect of much of the world....if nothing else.

And thank you thank you thank you for the House Negro of the Day. Whatever pass that she has been allowed to hereby revoked.

I am currently trying to put together a separate section on my blog for all of these people. I have not figured out how I want to post their pictures yet.... (a link to a picture gallery website or post the pictures directly on my blog?).

Anonymous said...

OK llr,I will try to find some common ground with you. (Although I find it funny that you are so flip when it comes to the 1st Amendment (your comment about a possible ban on rap music bares that out) but would give up your 2nd amendment rights, only when your gun is taken from your dead hands.

But I will agree with you about decriminalizing SOME drugs at least on the federal level.

I am not for more welfare reform, but for more economic incentives to small businesses for employing mothers (and fathers) who are transitioning off of welfare, and ex offenders who are trying to get jobs. One of the big lies and myths out there (and you seem to buy into it) is that these "lazy welfare mothers" do not want to work, but just sit on their asses and collecet a check all day. Nothing could be further from the truth. I see many of these poor women going to 9-5 jobs where they are only paid $6-7 an hour to take care of old white people, and clean office buildings etc.every day.

Without getting into the details of what I do for a living, I have inside knowledge of the effectiveness of many of these programs, and the impact they are having. I can tell you that the solution is not more laws restricting benefits, but laws making it easier for these people to be given the proper opportunities to advance themselves.

And as for your taxes,ensayn1 was right, most of your taxes don't go to take care of poor shifty welfare moms. Most of your taxes go towards giving large corporations tax breaks, and funding the military industrial complex.

So to answer your question; you did alright, still a little misguided, but you are gertting there ;)


Anonymous said...

The Gary Webb story has been confirmed. The US government dealt crack cocaine to black communities across the country. Bill Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, allowed planes transporting 'caine into the States to drop cargo in Mena, AK. Bi-partisanship at its finest.

The drugs were dropped for two reasons: to raise money for the Contras; but more importantly, to subdue the black community. Guns were a part of this mix as well, as they flooded the community accidentally on purpose.

Yes, we always have a "personal" choice; in communities that have been scientifically impoverished, capitally disinvested, educationally stripped, etc, is there REALLY choice? We get 31 flavors of ice cream, 1000 different kinds of guns, but two political parties. Is that really choice?

Criminals populate the high places in this country - but they criminalize us. And then ignorant House Negroes defend their unjust system and their criminalization of us.

As noted, the real welfare goes to the corporations, the banks that own the US Federal Reserve - which is a private bank. But to throw the scent off of the real crimes, they target the "Welfare Queen", the "rapper." And fools of all colors fall for it. How many rappers pulled the trigger in Iraq today?

This government, this Constitution - all of it is a criminal enterprise. It was created and written by criminals who'd stolen a the land of multiple Indian nations. But llr is not down with correcting these crimes which resonate in everything that happens in Iraq, on the Rez, in S. Central. He'd rather adopt in whole cloth the white fantasy of the way things are.

Karim said...

I was just passing through and I like what you had to say. I too have lost all respect for Ronal Reagan. To me he was a poser, and no friend of the poor. Anyone who defends his actions is either a fool or a liar. Please keep up the good work.

Hathor said...

During Richard Nixon's presidency, his war on Marijuana brought harder drugs to the mostly white college campuses. Heroin became cool. No one blamed it on the students.

Anonymous said...


You need to have a House Negro page - a permanent one. Where we can click on it, and see all the sellouts.

Thank you for Debra Lee, BTW.

I believe crack was dumped into our communities, but I also think we have to take responsiblity for our community.

I used to think Reagan was the worst possible President in our times....that's the thing, though...I now know it can always get worse. Nixon, crook that he was, was an amateur compared to this crowd.

Anonymous said...

House Negress Alert:

Excerpt: The Price of Condi's Loyalty to Bush.

FN, I think there's a post here.

Unknown said...

OK llr,I will try to find some common ground with you. (Although I find it funny that you are so flip when it comes to the 1st Amendment (your comment about a possible ban on rap music bares that out) but would give up your 2nd amendment rights, only when your gun is taken from your dead hands.
Please reread. I said that rap was protected under the 1st amendment. I would NEVER want the gov’t to ban rap music any more than I want the gov’t to ban any more guns than they already have. When I said that they haven’t banned it yet, I meant that the gov’t hasn’t gotten around to banning it yet.

I am not for more welfare reform, but for more economic incentives to small businesses for employing mothers (and fathers) who are transitioning off of welfare, and ex offenders who are trying to get jobs. One of the big lies and myths out there (and you seem to buy into it) is that these "lazy welfare mothers" do not want to work, but just sit on their asses and collecet a check all day. Nothing could be further from the truth. I see many of these poor women going to 9-5 jobs where they are only paid $6-7 an hour to take care of old white people, and clean office buildings etc.every day.
I would never say that ALL welfare recipients are lazy welfare queens. I grew up in one of the poorest areas of the country (the MS Delta) so I know about poverty, welfare, etc. I am sure that everyone can tell the story about how Jane Doe used to be on welfare and got off. Everyone can tell the story about how Jane Doe is working the system.

I think that we do need some more welfare reform. Anytime a family can stay in public housing for over 10 years, there’s a problem there. If you haven’t gotten your act together in 10 years, you probably aren’t going to. In 10 years you can get a GED, under grad degree, a JD, and still have a couple of years under your belt. I think that there should be a limit on how long you stay in public housing before you have to start paying your own rent. Think about the other people that can’t get public housing because Jane Doe and other have been in there forever.

And as for your taxes,ensayn1 was right, most of your taxes don't go to take care of poor shifty welfare moms. Most of your taxes go towards giving large corporations tax breaks, and funding the military industrial complex.
I am for a smaller gov’t both socially and economically. There are a ton of gov’t programs that I want to see cut and eventually eliminated, but a STRONG military is not one of them. We gotta have one to make sure that these nuts overseas don’t think they can just come over here and take over.

So to answer your question; you did alright, still a little misguided, but you are gertting there ;)

wst... said...

gary webb? isnt he the guy that committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head?

Kip said...
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Anonymous said...

"different ethnic groups have different brain sizes"

woah woah WOAH. i almost just
threw up in my mouth when i saw that. ?!?!?! or, crap apparently i can't read sarcasm through the computer this morning, i hope that was somehow a joke.

...that's on some early/mid 20th century Samuel Morton racist anthropology ish... you know, that was disproved, right? kind of like eugenics was found to be, um, shall i say, "problematic" a "science" based on social theory?

i.e. fundamental racism + poorly executed science = find the racist result you were looking for when you started....

here, stephen j. gould says it better -


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Here's a little known tidbit, Field:

It was Jimmy Carter who negotiated the Iran hostages release. They were going to be released before Reagan took office.

Reagan called the kidnappers and asked if the hostages wouldn't be released until after he was sworn in, so he would get the credit for securing the hostages' release.

Furthermore, when Jesse Jackson used to be relevant, some forget that it was Jesse who secured the release of U. S. Navy Pilot Robert Newman, after he was shot down and taken hostage in Iran. Reagan had no intention of sending military forces to retrieve one of our own military guys, because he was shot down doing his duty.

I don't think I need to mention the fact that Capt. Newman was African-American may have played a part in Reagan's delay, do I?

Finally, I was an intern in Rep. Ron Dellums office when he chaired the military subcommittee that kept withholding funding for Reagan's "Star Wars" program until it was justified.

Reagan got the CIA after Dellums, trying to frame the man as a cocaine user, and get him run out of office. Dellums was a runner for his physical health; he ran six miles a day. How the hell are you going to snort the powder and stay physically fit as Dellums was? Dellums also began his divesture of investments in South Africa until that nation kicked loose Nelson Mandela.

So, if you dislike Ronald Reagan, I'll see you and raise you on your dislike. I'm from California and on his watch, he started homelessness by closing down most of the states's mental facilities and sending the patients into the streets all over California, where they remain TO THIS DAY.

Kip said...

@ Field Negro

Therefore, blacks must take responsibility for their own lives if Reagan did have his hands in the drug trade shame on him. Also drugs affect the brain and Blacks need to stay away from crack the way Native American needs to stay away from alcohol.

All I am saying is that blacks need to save their brains from drugs and put it to use.

Anonymous said...

ghostface - thanks for the edit...

but to your last post --

yeah, the way whites need to stay away from that nasty white-supremacy habit.

i'm just saying.

"analysis of the oppressed mentality and the psychopathic personality that accrue from contact with the prevarications of Amerikan culture must be carefully integrated with the analysis of the source. Simple interpretation of effects tends to calcify -- it certainly promotes defeatism...We cannot escape -- one simply cannot reject constrictions without rejecting and putting to death the constrictor..."

George Jackson (Blood in my Eye)


Anonymous said...

The Iran-Contra hearings were chilling especially when viewed in the context of things like the Kerner Commission that framed and created and architecture (as it were) for the influx of cocaine into urban centers - crack, poverty, isolation, racism and erosion of civil liberties partnered with a burgeoning prison-industrial complex create a lethal combination. No conspiracy necessary - those factors alone were more than enough to wipe out family after family until generations were gone.

We struggle with the impacts on a personal level - nephews, nieces, sister in laws, uncles ... have all fallen under the weight of decision made by the boys in the white hats...

Professionally - purposefully vague about my position - I feel real hope and promise with work that starts pre-release offering a continuum of services -- including eco independence through micro-enterprise -- that focus on reintegration and empowerment ...

Some days - the promise isn't enough and I plain worry about my kids, husband and family

west coast story said...

I don't believe that decriminalization of drugs will take violence from the streets. Even if Kimberle Clark got into the crack manufacturing business, there will still be street crime. Even if all drugs were legalized, there is still gun smuggling, gambling, prostitution, loan sharking, car theft rings, just all kinds of stuff that people would be happy to kill each other over.

And I believe that illegal drug sales will continue even if all drugs were legalized. People compare drugs to alcohol and Prohibition but 1920's alcohol manufacturing wasn't a multi billion dollar, international business like drugs are today. I believe that the cartels will still be able to offer street drugs at a lower price than at Target. And on a serious note, I don't ever expect to see crack legal anyway so there will always be an illegal market for it.

So much to respond to, so little time. Maybe later.

Oh, and one last thing. The US isn't Amsterdam. No more comparisons to Amsterdam. Please. There is no model that I am aware of for a country where guns are freely available and where drugs were suddenly legalized, that all the gangsters laid down with the sheep and sang Kumbayah in a show of solidarity with peace and enlightenment. Ain't gonna happen, people. All you will end up with is waaaaay more junkies to contend with, a need for more rehab facilities, and no money to fund them. Just like now. Same s**t, different day.

Liz Dwyer said...

Both these guys are puppets, Ronnie and and George junior. But even though George isn't claiming alzheimer's yet, his whole administration has it. Never seen a bigger bunch of "can't remember" a**holes.

Iraqi Mojo said...

ensayn1 i totally agree with you, there is enough evidence re 9/11 and who the real culprits are. think 5 dancing schlomos. FN re drugs, i can't believe you can be so niave.
The world drug trade IS controlled by the cia, look at how the opium production increased by over 400% since the yanks attacked Afghanistan.
We all know noreiaga, escobar and those other South American drug lords were funded and protected by the cia.
What a way to control the population, sex, drugs.

field negro said...

chrisitian progressive, I do remember hearing that Carter's administration actually secured the relase of the hostages. I couldn't confirm it, so I didn't mention it in my post.

WCS, I do believe that decriminalizing SOME drugs would reduce the profit margin of the product, and therefore reduce the level of violence associated with the drug trade.

I co-sign with bitchwhoblogs about our lost generation, and what we have to do to get on track. But it just seems like such a daunting task.

And folks, let's be clear, I do not excuse trifling behavior. Just because the shit is there, doesn't mean we have to use it. Still, I am not going to excuse the government for helping to put the shit there in the first place.

Hathor said...

First I heard of Star Parker. Her specialness has become damned profitable.

C-dell said...

Wow I thought I was the only one. Since I have become more involved on Politics, I really look at the Reagan Presidency and his policies, and decied that I diagree with that common assumption that he was such a great president. He did more to hurt the black community and was proud of it. I really don't think that he was a good president.

Dangerfield said...

" He did more to hurt the black community and was proud of it. I really don't think that he was a good president."

mark bey: Even Newt Gingrich admitted that he didnt do much for black people and that his policies were not in the favor of black people.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 01 07

Crack kills. It truly is a tool of genocide. I tutor children who are third generation crack babies; children who have at least two generations before them all drugs; ALL drugs.

I recall living in East Oakland as a kid, and for a time, we knew our neighbors and had street picnics and so forth. One day in 1985 it was no longer safe to do that. We have never recovered. Now, folk are doing crack AND meth. I don't think decriminalizing either of these drugs will do a damned thing to help our society. Decriminalizing marijuana, peyote, mushrooms etc makes more sense.

But you probably never heard of anyone committing armed robbery just to score a hit of pot!

As to blaming crack cocaine distribution on Reagan, I don't buy it. HOWEVER, I DO believe that forces that were inside of his cabinet may have been responsible. As Spice-1 said: From over the seas come cocaine, but you never see a Black man fly the plane..."

Francis Holland said...

As far as Reagan putting cocaine in the ghetto, I don't know. But, I know Reagan traded arms to Iran in exchange for hostages to get money for the Contras, even after the US Congress had forbidden BOTH arms to Iran AND funding to the Contras.

Oliver North was at the center of all of this, coordinating the work of the Contras in Nicaragua for Reagan and, at the same time, the Contras were funding their operations by running Columbian cocaine. Oliver North's own notes confirm this and confirm his contacts with the Contras, with President Manuel Noriega of Panama and with the Columbians.

It was at precisely this time, when Reagan was looking for illegal ways to fund the Contras, that the US ghettos became flooded with cocaine, at the same time that inquiries show that Reagan's deputies were intimately involved and collaborating with the forces who were producing the drugs.

It's been a long time, and I don't remember all of the details, so that's why I offer these links. I'm not asserting that I know exactly what happened, but the US Congress investigated it and the things I am saying came directly out of those investigations. Each reader can read these reports and the original notes of each participant and figure it out for himself.

Like Mark Furhman of O.J. fame, Oliver North was one of the most lawless pirates ever to work for the US Government, a mercenary far more ambitious than those who conducted the Watergate burglary for Richard Nixon. Reagan hated Blacks, he hated the Contras, and North would do anything to please Reagan. ANYTHING!

Iraqi Mojo said...

"But you probably never heard of anyone committing armed robbery just to score a hit of pot!"

Actually i have! Any "addiction" can lead to crime the only difference with say "marijuana" is that cost wise, it's cheaper than most drugs.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Oh i am sick of people blaming the fall guy for the Iran/Contra affair. PLEASE!
How the hell does anyone sell ARMS to another country without the damn government knowing about it, let alone the cia.
The person who should have taken north's place should have been the president/vice president and the head of the cia at the time.
So sick of the ignorance of most americans.