Monday, April 30, 2007

Please stay!

Well well well, looks like the "slave catcher" who inspired me to blog is kind of leaving the game. I read this while snooping in on another blogger. I love how he didn't link girlfriend, and I refuse to link her as well. So here is a little gem written by Ms. Thing from that blogger's site:

"This blog is undergoing a transformation. I love blogging and writing, but I’ve grown increasingly dissatisfied with this blog’s format. I’m running into the same issues I dealt with about a year ago: disenchantment with politics, finding time to do more off-blog and faith-focused writing while keeping up with client work.
My blogging has slacked off the past few months because I feel directionless. My intent in starting this blog was to share my views, and that goal has been accomplished. Plenty of people know exactly how I feel about race preferences, race hustlers, illegal aliens, child killing-supporters, and people who call “good” that which is perverse.
My focus in life is gradually shifting away from maintaining a daily political blog and everything that goes with being a “top” blogger: recognition from other political bloggers, invitations to political events, blog conferences, lots of links, high traffic, etc. It’s startling to think my desire for those things is receding when I’ve spent the past three years pursuing them. Who in her right mind, one may ask, would give that up?
Maybe turning 40 (in May) has something to do with it. Certain birthdays seem to signal big changes for me. As I approached 30, I was determined to stop drinking before my birthday. When I turned 35, I knew I had to get serious about writing. Now that 40 is approaching, it’s time for another change.
I doubt I’ll ever give up blogging, but perhaps it’s time to give up La Shawn Barber’s Corner as it currently exists. I’ve been thinking of closing shop and reopening under a new banner, so to speak, a blog that is less focused on politics and more on faith, writing, and things that make me happy instead of what makes me angry (although this blog would remain accessible as archives). While I could just as easily do that on this blog, LBC has too much baggage attached to it. Starting a whole new blog would feel like a proper “new beginning.”'

Hey LaShawn, don't let the type key hit you where the good lord split you. My only regret is that you didn't stay around long enough for me to lay a royal smack down on your ass. I say this, because I despise everything about your phony sanctimonious behind. Like some of the other African American bloggers out here (you know who you are) who think their shit doesn't stink, you were a legend in your own mind. (Check out how the blogger I lifted this post from exposes LaShawn for the liar that she is about her daily hits) And in case you didn't know it, you are someone who has been propped up by right wing white males out here to say: "See, some of them think just like we do."

And what really sets me off, is when you throw religion and faith into the mix. Like you know Jesus (if there is such a person) anymore than I do, and he gave you the right to speak for him about all things political and social. Give me a f*****g break! I do believe that if the big guy wanted someone to speak on his behalf, the last person he would choose is LaShawn f*****g Barber ~~~Ohhh just typing your name gives me the Willies~~~

So bye LaShawn, I wish I could say that I will really miss you, but I won't......well I take that back; I will miss you, because you banning me from your blog, inspired me to start my own. So hey, I guess I should thank you for your IP banning fetish (You have been celibate for how long?)

"LBC has too much baggage attached to it. Starting a whole new blog would feel like a proper "new beginning"'

Amen sister.


Anonymous said...

Guess who's joing the White Citizens Council Network?

Michael Steele

Dangerfield said...

YO Field good post that is a suprising blog. Also it dosent suprised because her silly zealot ass started mix politics with religion.

And when her boys started to steal money, harrass congressional pages and played politics on her boogie man illegal imigration issue. It was more than her supperficial god believing arrogant as@ could handle. She is a pure fool.

Christians are supposed to be about love not demonizing people.

I would love for her to name how her actions have helped bring life to the black people she so demonizing.

MartiniCocoa said...

something happened to LaShawn that she feels justifies her twistedness.

something she did while high and/or drunk that she can't quite forgive herself for yet she does want to punish all the rest of us darkies for her sins.

whatever she does next, I wish her the best. The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on.

thank u, FN, for another thought provoking post and even better, peeping me to the wisdom of Star Parker!

The world is a generous loving place.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 01 07

Hehhehe Show you right FN! Madame Barber actually inspired me to blog because after commenting on her blog a few times, she did not respond except once. Her response was that me being called a "NIGGER" in junior high was my experience with PERCEIVED racism. I will never forget that. It was the most hateful, disturbing comment I have ever seen; not because she used vile language. She did not. But her tone and implications were delusionally disturbing!

I tried to meet her halfway in that we both want Black folks to succeed and care about the integerity of the Black family. But I think that is about it. We could not even agree that the legacy of slavery still affects us to this day. At that point, 'twas time to say goodbye:)

Anonymous said...

Dag, just when I was warming up to her..... NOT!

Brian said...


I had similar experiences with LaShawn's Barberism (pun intended).

I eventually stopped participating. She would often block my comments anyway. Anyone who does not agree with her, gets blocked. There is no real debate allowed on her site.... I once referred to her site as an echo chamber...because that's basically what it is. A bunch of (mostly crazed) neo-conservative Republican Party supporters, who reinforce their own distorted views.

She is not walking away completely....just re-evaluating her site. But hopefully she will crawl back under the rock where she came from.

This is all part of the fallout of the Republican collapse. She (along with many other Republican Party operatives) became dissillusioned with the Party. She got tired of defending lunacy.... eventually these people get to a point where they can no longer lie to themselves.

She probably also felt betrayed after the release of the David Kuo book, "Tempting Faith", which showed that the Bush Administration was just using evangelicals. Other conservative Christians began to re-examine their relationship with the Republican Party after that....AND after the Foley Scandal.
With all the immoral activity from the Bush Admin & the Republican Party over the last several years.... it just became very hard for Conservative Christians to defend them anymore.

Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter are just as bad... but unfortunately they show no signs of slowing down. It's amazing to me that as long as they are willing to run their mouths....there is always a TV network willing to put them in front of a camera....even though these people don't know what the hell they are talking about most of the time.

Prepare for additional fallout.... I'm trying to keep up with this DC madam thing.... The names are starting to come out :)
I believe a second name has now been released.

I shake my head when I juxtapose the DC madam thing and all the other immorality and corruption, with the image that these people are holy and talk to God all the time.... Jesus Camp, Their relationship with all of these neo-Conservative Christian schools... (Regent University, Bob Jones University, Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, etc), their Faith based bull, and all the just seems so hypocritical to me.

Amenta said...

Nice post FN, there are some House Negros that realize they are wrong and just like ex junkies the run to the lord for cover!

Kip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kip said...

@ Field Negro

Lasahwn Barber is an inferior feeling black woman who is jealous of whites. She can’t get what she wants by competing with whites so she talks bad about blacks to whites to get what she wants. I criticize whites and blacks evenly; I mean which do you prefer white supremacy or black pathologies? Neither both are a pain in the end. Lashawn is just like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson defeated, they should get married. Blacks have a lot of Lashawn Barbers among them and this is sad. I wrote an essay in my archives about Lashawn and her type. She does not like being black, hates her skin tone, feels inferior and she also feels blacks are inferior based upon some of her suggestions. I have been accused of implying that blacks may be inferior but this is not true of my thoughts.

Lashawn with all of this self hated of being reincarnated in black skin makes many creoles, mulattoes, and Cajuns feel glad that they are not fully black and mixed with white and Indian and other ethnic groups. I mean if this is how she feels imagine how one would feel if one was predominantly black possibility the same way if ones mother and father did not raise them to feel proud. Lashawn does not like her skin tone she is a dark caramel skin black woman and feels that being black has set her back. Yes, the psychologically defeated.

Dangerfield said...

@ chance

" Lashawn with all of this self hated of being reincarnated in black skin makes many creoles, mulattoes, and Cajuns feel glad that they are not fully black and mixed with white and Indian and other ethnic groups."

mark bey: Yo Chance man you are the only person I have ever know who makes statements like this, chance I like you as a person but from this and your prior statements I believe you think your bieng mixed makes you better than black folks who are not mix.

Also chance Coons come in all colors thier are plenty of mixed coons and lighter skin black coons out thier. How you can percieve her hatred of her brown skin tone makes hate and demonize black folk is beyond me.

Chance in all seriousness you really need to check yourself I have aunts who are literally half white and I have never heard them talk the kind of talk you talk.

Christopher Chambers said...

I don't care where this heiffer goes, I will hunt her ass down. We can't coexist with her b/c crazy peeps like her, the preachers and Clarence Thomas truly have a severe mental illness/emotional baggage and thus don't think rationally anyway. The only option is extermination! There's a big difference b/w the H.L. Mencken-like hating that Jason Whitlock and Stanley Crouch do, what THIS TRICK writes and preaches.

And so, in the immortal words of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick: "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!"

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer former "Welfare Queen" of Reagan's.

Dangerfield said...

" I don't care where this heiffer goes, I will hunt her ass down. We can't coexist with her b/c crazy peeps like her, the preachers and Clarence Thomas truly have a severe mental"

mark bey: Whenever you are ready to expose the preachers(specifically those in the black church) I will ride shotgun with. Right on my literary brother.

Anonymous said...

LSB - when hittin the bottom and workin the middle goes wrong...,

Francis Holland said...

So she's leaving the blogging game? The Republicans will miss her, since she personally is probably 15% of the whole Black Republican blogging community. I read the first paragraph of your quote from her and didn't want or need to read any more, since I've heard it all from Republicans so many times before.

FN, here's some help for bloggers who want to join the Afrosphere: Did you get my e-mail about the prefabricated Afrosphere members list for posting at Afrosphere blogs?

In the past, new Afrosphere blogs had to develop their own Afrosphere logos and type in the names and URL’s of the Afrosphere blogs one by one. That was a lot of work for the early members.

But now, we have a single packet of HTML code that you can paste into your blog to cause to appear (1) the AfroSpear Logo with Caption, (2) the Caption “Afrosphere Blogs” and, below that, (3) the full list of Afrosphere blogs, all at once.

Because of the special code written by BronzeTrinity, this Afrosphere Blogs list automatically updates itself as new blogs are added to the Afrosphere, so you don’t have to surf around looking for the names and typing them in.

Moreover, as new members as you add this HTML code to to their blogs (the Afrosphere Blogs) we add the new blog's name to the list and the new blog is simultaneously announced and linked to ALL Afrosphere blogs simultaneously.

This means that Black bloggers can trade links with many like minded and pre-screened Afrosphere blogs just by joining the Afrosphere! Don't work hard, work smart!

For the HTML code for joining the Afrosphere community, people wanting to join the Afrosphere can contact Field Negro or contact me at, or contact any present AfroSpear Blog.

The Afrosphere blogs are to communication what the "talking drums" were to African tribes, except that with our blogs we can immediately and urgently communicate with each other across all boundaries of states, countries and continents. I love African drums, but I think the AfroSpear represents a real improvement for 21st Century intra-diaspora communication.

There's power in unity. One Nation Under an AfroSpear!

C-dell said...

I am sorry I don't know anything about her to make a comment on this situation

Eddie G. Griffin said...

During the movement of the 1960s and 1970s, there were numerous splits and defections in the ranks. Not to worry. Many more will drop out because it is a test of endurance for the long haul. I am 60 and has been at it since the assassination of JFK in 1963 and MLK in 1968. The objective is the save the next generation. The bloggers on this Afrosphere network are the proud product of Old School. But some of the younger generation (age 45 and under)are disillusioned because there are no immediate gratifications and rewards, but hard work, long hours of study, and balancing personal and family affairs. We found that it does not take millions to win a struggle... just a few decided. As a matter of fact, every leader should be tried and tested by fire- the same as I was. There is no free ticket to freedom, justice, and equality. Some people just underestimate the cost of the sacrifice. They would rather chose something easier to engage in idling their time away. It took less than 50 dedicated brothers and sisters to bring down the Nixon administration. Fact is, we don't need everybody, because not everybody is productive.

Christopher Chambers said...

I don't know, Eddie--I can't chaulk up folks like LaShawn or Star to the frustration of New School objectives or ethos. Mabye for clowns like Michael Steele, who are also simply self-serving mooks who can get more mileage out of the GOP rather than be subservient to the Jesses, the Maxine Waters, etc. I'd say Amy Holmes lay in that continuum somewhere, though Field Negro would prefer for her to be laying up on the futon next to his TV, but that's another story hahaha

I just posted something on my blog about the new bio of Clarence Thomas, "Supreme Discomfort" and I truly think there are profound and complex personal issues at work in the minds and souls of these chicks that bear more study (whilst we kick the crap out of them). It goes beyond strict religious dogma as well. The religious aspect is the sympton, truly, not the disease, even in these okey doke preachers...

Abadiebitch said...

Maybe she had a revelation and will not be more progressive and has too much pride to admit that revelation. So when she comes back it will be under a new name so no one will throw in her face how she used to think. A leopard can change its spots. I have to believe that, if not, I can never expect change.

Okay, it was just a thought.

Abadiebitch said...

That should be "now." I must proof read better:

Maybe she had a revelation and will now be more progressive (not saying she was ever progressive at all, but perhaps she will be now) and has too much pride to admit her revelation.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the vitriolic statements directed at Ms. Thing, I think we can all agree that she had (or has) some serious issues.
Chris was right;I think that sista is crazy.

And NO it's not her politics. I would chalk it up to her phony sincerity and her refusal to even attempt to have a reasonable debate on the issues.

mark said:"Chance in all seriousness you really need to check yourself I have aunts who are literally half white and I have never heard them talk the kind of talk you talk."

So should I get my whistle?

Yo Francis, good looking out. I did get your e-mail and I think it's a terrific idea.

The more the merrier in the AfroSpear as far as I am concerned; and if we can make anything easier for other bloggers, well then I am all for it.

Hathor said...

Skin color can be like a flip of a coin, being black isn't.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Hey LaShawn, don't let the type key hit you where the good lord split you"


First time i have ever heard that line.

Kip said...

@ Mark Bey

mark bey: Yo Chance man you are the only person I have ever know who makes statements like this, chance I like you as a person but from this and your prior statements I believe you think your bieng mixed makes you better than black folks who are not mix.

Why do people keep comparing themselves to others? I don’t compare them I view them separately; therefore, this allows me not to get caught up in skin tones. I don’t compare blacks, mulattoes, and whites and Latinos I view each in general as if they are their own group. And this is how I avoid worrying about skin tomes. Many people should do this but they are so obsessed with race. I have a solution for blacks and skin problems view each other as separate racial groups and stop comparing, then your skin tone problems will cease and desist. Some people obsesses over this and don’t like who they are this is why they compare themselves to others. Lashawn Barber hates being black.

Kip said...

Skin color can be like a flip of a coin, being black isn't.

I agree!

Kip said...

@ Mark

I don't think that those who are mixed are better, no more than some blacks who believe that being pure black with not mixture is the best.

Anonymous said...

Having gone to one of those uppity Ivy schools and working in IT, I see self-loathing fools like LaShawn Barber all the time. A woman who complains that Kwanzaa isn't a real holiday but Columbus Day and Thanksgiving (both which celebrate the massacre of my native american ancestors and the beginning of American imperialism) has some serious image issues.
I would agree with other Bloggers about Micheal Steele -- he's not a true conservative, but like Colin Powell, he figures he doesn't have to trip over Messy Jesse or Julian Bond for HNIC status. But people like Star Parker (ghost of election 2000 past) and Barber have some serious demons they need to work out.

I wish not to castigate all Black Republicans as a bunch of self-hating mental patients who would lynch their own mommas. I know a couple of older Black Republicans who voted for Nixon and Marched and supported Malcolm X. (Don't ask.)

But something about this new breed of Black middle class in general, particularly the neo-conservative brand just -- bugs me. These neo-conservative Blacks are simultaneously arrogant bastards and self-loathing malcontents.

Also, women like Star and LaShawn touching on their "youthful indiscretions" reminds me of a joke I heard about abstinence and hoochies a few weeks back. From the way they speak about poor people, they must have been doing some down right crazy stuff before they "got saved".

Both these women need to spend less time in church and salivating over President Bunny Pants and more time with a good therapist.

Kip said...

Star Parker had 4 abortions she slept around with different men, sounds familiar HUH!

JustMeWriting said...

WOW... this place is off the chain. I don't know the unfortunate being of discussion, but boy I'd like to read her page... lol (but then again...I think I'm be a lil too peeved). I'll most surely be back, plus I've not come across many bloggers from Philly.

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm glad I never came across her blog. I have limited time online and she doesn't sound like a good use of time to me.

Anonymous said...

Welcome cappadonna3030, your observation about the new breed of middle class black neo conservatives is on the money.

Welcome to the fields "justmewriting", you will find that there are some serious folks checking in from time to time here. I swear I have learned more from people on this blog than all my years in school :)

Woozie said...

LaShawn? What is it with black people and ridiculous names?

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