Thursday, April 26, 2007

When all else fails, just sing & dance with some black folks

Quick, what do all these people have in common? I. Lewis Libby, J. Stven Girles,David H. Safavian,Roger Stillwell, Claude Allen, and Darleen Druyun. If you guessed former Bush appointees who have been convicted (yes convicted) of a crime, move to the head of the class.

And let's not forget all the Bush officials who are currently under a cloud of suspicion. People like Alberto Gonzalez-we all know about his current problems-Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, who helped a certain lady he was getting his freak on with get a high paying job there. Then there is Karl Rove, and his potential violation of the Hatch Act, by carrying on his sick partisan politics with the people's equipment. And to think, Republicans used to call Clinton corrupt. Oh, and did I mention the Pentagon's cover up of the Pat Tillman killing, or the way they lied about Jessica Lynch in order to put a white heroines face on the war? "I think that he feels deeply sorry for the family and all that they've gone through...and he hopes that people are held accountable." Yeah right,where have we heard that before?

And this Tillman thing is really troubling. According to the frat boy, he did not learn of the circumstances surrounding Tillman's death until after the May 3, 2004 memorial service for Tillman. (Tillman died on April 22,2004) The frat boy's press secretary, Dana Perino, says that she is not sure whether the frat boy learned about how Tillman died from the press or the Pentagon. (How come this white house can never remember shit?) Mmmmm,didn't a top general send a memo just seven days after Tillman died saying that it was "highly possible" that Tillman was killed by friendly fire? And didn't the the good general say that his warning should be sent to Bush? Now you must ask yourself; did the frat boy get the warning before his speech in late April of that same year, or did he get it after,as he is alleging? Well, given the frat boy's record with the truth, you would be a whole lot safer betting on the fact that he knew.

So it's been a rough patch for the frat boy, and the latest Wall Street Journal polls bare that out. So what's a President to do? Well you could find some African drummers and bust a move on the White House lawn. Yeah I saw you George, you were alright up there shaking your "money maker". Laura was a little stiff though; but hey, you actually had some rhythm. Somehow I was feeling you a lot more than your side kick, Karl Rove. Homeboy just looked down right pathetic when he tried to do that whole rap thing. It came off as condescending and contrived. And the house Negro dancing behind him didn't help. I guess Karl just doesn't know how to do that hug and dance with a black person thing like you do George. Oh I saw you George; when you went down to the Gulf Coast after Katrina, you made sure you were hugging some black folks; you always do. I swear your handlers sure know how to find the black people in the crowd. What do you do when you go to a NASCAR event? "Did you see any, any blacks at all. We need one for photo op. Well I saw one on the way in Sir. Well go get him man, the event is almost over." You must love when those sports champions visit you at the White House. Lots of blacks to hug, hold, and do a little cheesing with. Nothing like a little cheesing with the black folks to make you more sympathetic huh George. They really taught you well in Texas, cause you sure know how to get along with black folks when you have to.

But good for you, I am sure that's a skill that is coming in handy right about now. Heck, given the way things have been going for you lately, I bet you are one white man who is glad black folks are here to sing and dance with.


Anonymous said... one point in his first term, el chimpizente's White House site had a page titled "Compassion". It was just pictures of him and/or staff and family with African Americans. Only on that where else.

I can't even begin to hash out exactly how many different ways that was screwed up.

-=Topper=- said...

I've had the chance to see the dance, and saw a bit on The Daily Show, but damn that mans embarassing.

Just another reason to ask why he is still our president.

Kip said...

@ Field Negro

Bush it a politician and he does what many of them do, he dances to the tune of a group when there is something to gain from them. Many politicians of all ethnicities dance to the tune of a particular crowd. After seeing some of the things that gone on among humans I wish that once in awhile I could disappear from humanity into the astral world for a couple of days. It is too much to bear seeing some of the things that happens among humanity.

Kip said...

AT Field Negro

Blacks need a new culture that they currently are not able to produce, and therefore, just like in the bible a generation had to die in the desert after being in the desert 40 years a generation of blacks have too die off too. This is the civil rights generations and the two generations after it. The 4th generation will start a new culture that is mixed. You do the best you can with the blacks who are alive today and this is good Karma that you can take with you after death. White culture is also dying and stagnant this is one of the reasons they have become more negative towards non-whites and blacks.

They know they can’t control non-whites the way they use too, non-whites have many of the material possessions that whites have now. This makes whites feel they are becoming semi irrelevant. Blacks and non-white are becoming more relevant which is why you see Karl Rove and Bush and other frequenting blacks and singing rap songs. The West is deteriorating and will go the way of the Roman empire, and a new people will emerge.

Dangerfield said...

Yo Field I agree with the best on one particular point which is politicians all or them dance to the popular tunes of the day, wherever they can get support and traction that is what they will support.

But of course this is what I heard that repubs and white folks would do my whole life, I was given the impression that they had to be watched by their antics.

So whatever america, or politicians (specifically repubs) do is not supprising because I was told they would pull all kinds of antics you blog about so often.

Anyway another good post Field. Peace

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Parallel to the same topic; some racist ReThug comic decided to draw Hillary in blackface, ala Al Jolson...

And here's the actual strip:

As soon as Media Matters gets a hold of this, cue the phrase "It was only a joke!!!"

Why spew your racist schtick and try to couch it in the context of "It's only a joke - African-Americans have no sense of humor..."

If they only knew - we had to laugh to keep from crying or killing someone for over 400 years.

Then when you tell them that, they want to holler "Get Over it." And they still drag their feet over apologizing for it, too.

I wish white people had been enslaved right along side us. Those rebellions would have occured within 30 days of implementing slavery...

Christopher Chambers said...

Hey the chickens are coming home to roost in rapid succession. The difference between these right wing as*holes and us is that we don't gloat. It actually makes us sadder and more scared that these fools were allowed to attain what they have, and sadder still that there were cadres of blackfolks who were complicit in this. Saddest is that most of these house negroes were NOT the usual suspects that we stereotypical ascribe this to: the Amy Holmes/Barbers/Williams/Elders types, the Bob Johnson types voting GOP behind closed doors. No it was a lot of okey doke black ministers and folks of that ilk...

Dangerfield said...

@ Chris Chambers

" No it was a lot of okey doke black ministers and folks of that ilk."

mark bey: The ministers fell for the okey doke because of all of that christian and morality talk by the Gop.

Those were the preachers who werent truly spiritual or looking for truth. When the obvious truth is the Gop has no love or sympathy for black people whatsoever.

Francis Holland said...

Man, that photo of Bush singing in the middle of Black calamity made me laugh with horror! It's PhotoShop, right? If only the New Orleans disaster had been PhotoShop instead of real!

(Laughing is how I deal with horribly visual images sometimes. I laughed at the Exorcist. It really got me into trouble when I took a new date to see the movie "Glory" and I laughed at the scene where the Black Union Soldiers were taking the candelabra from a Southern belle's house and they beat her down when she grabbed hold of their legs while she was trying to save her good China. "You laugh at violence against women?! If some people have "nervous laughter, I guess mine is what you'd call "aghast laughter".)

Anyway, on a much more serious topic, please have a look at my article, "Why Black People Don't Snitch," which addresses critically some of the criticism that Blacks have been getting for our unwillingness to call and cooperate with police.

Christopher Chambers said...

Thanks Mark--those preachers outnumber the for real folk out there trying to meld spirit and humanity.

Francis--Amen as bad as Bush is, he's not actually pulling any triggers. This don't snitch b.s. is the dirty secret of hip hop, not the bitch/booty stuff!!! FN needs to do a post about that too, cause I bet there's more violence in Philly do to that nihilistic aspect of hip hop than any disrespecting of females!!!

west coast story said...

About this snitching business. I do a lot of (volunteer) work with the community, City Hall, and the police. There has been a lot of violence in my neighborhood and a lot of killings citywide. There have been occasions when police arrived and detained the wrong person. One neighbor refused to file a police complaint even though neighbors were witnesses and the citizen's review board said he had a good case. I guess he didn't want to snitch on the cops. Another time, my neighbor's boyfriend, not the actual aggressor was put in handcuffs and it pissed off all of us.

However, in my city, we have had three women in their 50’s; two were grandmothers, shot to death by stray bullets. Someone knows what happened in all three instances and isn't saying.

A man hollered at some youths drag racing in front of his house to stop. They came back around and shot him to death. Someone knows what happened and no one is saying.

A day laborer going to work on a bike was shot to death for no reason. Someone knows something and isn't saying.

A few days ago, a shootout occurred right next to an elementary school. Someone knows something and isn't saying.

Last year, a young man was shot to death a quarter of a block from my front yard. Someone knows something and isn't saying. Another man was shot to death a block away. Someone knows something, no one is saying.

In another city, two four-year girls were shot to death while standing in front of their homes with family members when someone drove by and opened fire. The children were the only ones hit. There are rumors that the children were deliberately targeted to send a message. Someone knows what happened and isn't saying.

Except for one of the grandmothers who was Asian and the Latino day laborer, all the victims were black people.

When I hear someone screaming for help, I call 911, I don't walk to the corner and ask the gangbangers to make it stop. I will take my chances with the cops any day. I've had my own bad experiences with the police. But the cops don't drive by a person's house and open fire, they don't have shoot outs next to school playgrounds, and they don't murder the pizza deliveryman then steal the man's pizza.

There is a long way to go improve relations between the cops and the community where I live. But allowing murderers and other criminals to go free because no one wants to snitch is not only an abomination all by itself, it also jeopardizes the lives of innocent people, many of whom look just like us.

It is ironic that the most calls for police services come from black and brown neighborhoods. We are the ones most impacted by crime.

I'm a snitch and don't apologize for it. If you walk down my sidewalk and someone attacks you, this snitch will not only come outside and start raising hell, this snitch will also call the cops and be a witness for you. Looking out for each other is as an important part of community as anything we can do.

Our dysfunctional police department made international news and was denounced by Amnesty International for their deplorable actions during a nonviolent anti-war demonstration. They attacked demonstrators and dock workers who were just trying to get through the crowd to go to work. The cops brutalized drug dealers in one part of town.

But I'm still ready to take my chances with the cops than any other alternative.

What a mess.

Dangerfield said...

@ westcoast

Yo westcoast hit me up at I like to run some ideas by you that I think can help our people on local ideas.

I have been reading your comments and I agree with your sentiment.

field negro said...

Mark and westcoaststory sound like kindred spirits. wescoaststory, I know Mark, he is a good brother doing some good things in D.C.

See, I told you, the people that come to the fields do work :)

Abadiebitch said...

I know the first photo is photoshop but do not know about the second one. Is that something Bush actually did. Good gawd!

About the snitching, I can understand in a way. The cops are nasty and brutal people. And even when someone body tries to talk to them, they treat them like crap.

As far as Cam'ron. What a dork. I read the entry on wiki and he was bragging about how the car jacker was sloppy, while others from D.C. said it is what he got for fronting. Okay probably not fronting, but showing off for sure. I think it was funny how he and his posse were not able to get in a D.C. club. That really had me LMAO! They thought they were going to roll up there and get in for being somebody and those DC folks said, our rules, our way.

field negro said...

chasingm.... the second picture is REAL :0)

Abadiebitch said...

How embarrassing.

Woozie said...

If he had some rhythm, does that make him half-black? If that's the case, how can he hate on himself? :)

Omar said...

I am quite certain that the evangelically christian George Bush fervently believes that slavery, when placed in its celestial context, was redemptive for black folk.
No doubt he thinks he's down.

Liz Dwyer said...

Next thing you know, he'll be trying to crip walk next time he comes to Cali to fundraise...Lord knows he can teach some of these gangsters out here a thing or two about being a crooked thug.

And Cam is SO in the house that he needs a serious intervention to pull his pink fur wearing a** out.

-=Topper=- said...

I'll have to take issue with hip hop being nihilist and causing strife in urban areas such as Killadelphia, Murderapolis, south east, north east, where ever.

Those attributes of segregated people taking it upon themselves to be leaders in their country, ergo urban area, are what has driven the hip hop artist to tell the story in the art.

First the violence, then the hip hop. Rather like country music, the hicks were hicks long before they started singin about crying in their beer.

I'd say "like that was thier biggest problem, crying in their beer". But in actuality, it is.

Hip Hop has alot more to say about that culture within the culture.

But that's just me and what I get from it.


Anonymous said...

I think we have our first "outhouse negro" with young Cam there.

Dangerfield said...

@ Julie

" I think we have our first "outhouse negro" with young Cam there. "

Mb: I completely holds with this statement.LoL

Anonymous said...

This is enough to make you want to holla.

Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unclaimed

I just think that this is a story that should be told. Spread the word about this travesty.

field negro said...

Thanks rikyrah, I will check it out.

west coast story said...

Mark: will do.

Jameil said...

"i do not recall"