Friday, May 04, 2007

Musings From My Barber's Chair.

It's Friday evening and I am in my barber's chair. I am listening to the barber shop chatter, enjoying the nice cool feel of shaving cream on my dome, and as is usually the case; my thoughts turn to a few things:

Like right now I am thinking about an excellent piece that was forwarded to me by Mario Ruiz over at the Hufington Post, about an article written by John Ridley. John found out first hand that the Republican "big tent" ain't so big after all.

And while thinking about John's article, my thoughts run to those ten white men who were on that stage last night, and how out of touched the Republican party seems to be with the rest of the country. Not for how they looked (although that gave me cause for pause)but for what they said.

I am thinking that the idiot who has been posting here lately with the web site satirising African American criminals, is probably some loser holed up in his mother's basement who can't get a date, and probably has a picture of his fist in his wallet.

I am thinking of Jared Roebuck over at Lies Before Breakfast and how he did the Afro Spear proud by getting some ink in the Washington Post.

I am thinking about that old Eddie Murphy joke (although there is nothing funny about this situation) when I hear that Barack Obama has to have secret service protection already. They won't talk about it, but apparently Obama has been receiving lots and lots of threats promising harm to him and his family. Now I am sure most of it is coming from the likes of my trailer park friends, but all it takes is one; so you can't be too careful.

I am thinking gas is over $3 a gallon again right in time for the summer. I wonder what excuse the oil companies will give for raising prices this time.

I am thinking about all the shit still happening in Darfur, and places like the Congo, and how black folks in this country are apathetic about their plight. Millions of people who look just like they do are being killed or driven into refugee camps. I mean do you really think that if kids were dying by the thousands in Australia and Norway white folks wouldn't move mountains to save them? The sad irony is, that some of the strongest people out here advocating for the poor people of Darfur are white, and most black folks are just sitting on their asses like it's all happening in a f*****g movie.

I am thinking about that madam down in D.C. with the little black book. How much do you want to bet that 80% of the people in her book, are God fearing conservative republicans.

I am thinking about my brother in law who is still f****d up after doing a tour in Iraq. The VA isn't really helping by keeping him hopped up on pills and sticking all kinds of pain killers in his face without even asking. And these mother f*****s over at the VA are getting bonuses while the troops are given the most shitty treatment one can imagine after they return home.

I am wondering; why is Karl Rove's crooked ass not in jail? And why haven't we heard anything more from Dick Cheney's so called friend who he shot in the face?

I am thinking George Tenet should just go away. You sat on your ass while the frat boy and his minions plotted this war. And now you want to talk about how misguided they were after you sign a 4 million dollar book deal? Well too late for over 3,200 poor young Americans. So please go f**k yourself!

I am looking at my dome and it looks pretty good. Thank you Mr. Barber, I will catch you next time.


Christopher Chambers said...

You forgot--jobless rates creeping up, foreclosures up (and not from deadbeat scumbags...from regular folks), the Chinese poisoning our food, the Indians taking our good phone bank jobs (and both poisoning the air and oceans) while the Rove types get rich. Folks loosing personal data (or selling it). The list rolls on.

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone's thinking about these things. Wish more would.


Anonymous said...


I saw your link on a blog I frequent and found it to be stimulating, provocative. We are much more political correct over at, because it is a non-partisan consulting site with a lot of members, but being linked to sites like yours gives us insight into what others are thinking out there. Our blog is sort of laid back,

I too am appalled at the freedom Karv Rove is enjoying, while everyone knows his butt should be in jail.
I will continue to come here because I like the tone and spunk you have.
Those so-called debates was the biggest piece of bull I've seen in politics in years.


field negro said...

"You forgot--jobless rates creeping up, foreclosures up (and not from deadbeat scumbags...from regular folks), the Chinese poisoning our food,..."

Damn Chris, my shave is only but so long :)

Thanks anon. I will be checking out your site as well.

Francis Holland said...

Hi, Field!

"I am thinking of Jared Roebuck over at Lies Before Breakfast and how he did the Afro Spear proud by getting some ink in the Washington Post."

Yes, there are certain moments when you know that Blacks have reached a new milestone. I felt that way when I saw Jared Roebuck, a 21 year-old Black man blogging, mentioned in the Washington Post for his blogging. Maybe it's because I spent a year fighting against being ignored over at DailyKos that I feel especially good when the WaPost acknowedges one of our bloggers. The Afrophere has NEVER once been mentioned at DailyKos, ever.
Just as I expected, it is easier for our opinions to be acknowledged in the mainstream media than in the even-more-exclusively-white male supremacist "progressive" whitosphere blogs like DailyKos. That's why I will never link (provide free advertisement) to a whitosphere blog that doesn't link to any Blackosphere blogs.

John Ridley must have felt like he was at YearlyKos when he found himself in a an almost exclusively white group that clearly had no intention of increasing the diversity of their gatherings.

I'm really glad we have TWO candidates in the Democratic presidential race who are capable of breaking the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency. Considering how often Black men have been assassinated while challenging white male supremacy, and now with a young white student arrested for planning to kill Hillary Clinton, I think it's important that we have some redundancy in the effort to end the white male monopoly of the presidency. In fact Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might be each other's best insurance policies at this point. (Electing Hillary wouldn't end the WHITE monopoly and electing Obama wouldn't end the MALE monopoly, but electing EITHER of them would end the white male monopoly.)

Tafari said...

Yesterday I paid 50 bucks to fill up & was angry all the while.

Like you I got my dome did & my appointments usually take 4-5 hrs so I try not to think too deeply because if I did, I would wind up in the news cuz I would probably kill the first mutha I see (just like Peaches fro Nina Simone's 4 Women).


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 07 07

Hey FN:
Yeah, gas is crazy! We pay $3.35/gallon for the lowest grade unleaded! EEEKS! Anyway, your post got me to thinkin'. Darfur is a sad situation. What can we do as Americans to change the situation? The only thing I can think of is to really raise hell and ask the government to invade. You see, I always wonder what is up with our humanitarian motivations overseas. I feel that we would have established a VERY STRONG military presence in Africa if we really cared. But yet we have not consistently done a damned thing for Africa and we certainly are capable:(

As to your railing Madame McGlowan, well I am a bit saddened by her thin analysis in her new book. She is passionate, beautiful and doesn't think too deeply. I feel as though she portrays Blacks as mindless sheep who are easily led.

While I do agree with the gist of her position, which is that the Democratic party has a legacy of RACISM, hell I say the same thing about the Republican party.

She is reporting skewed information because she is biasing towards the right. The truth is that as Blacks, we don't need to hold to such party allegience; NO!! What we need to do is to think about priorities and values and vote our consciences.

I have not joined a political party in a long time. My last affiliation was Green with a slight libertarian influence. Now, I vote for whomever I think will do the job. Currently, Ron Paul is a good contender.

In terms of Mr. Obama, that is really sad and expected. Although we have fundamentally different politics, I have to take off my hat to him because he is a talented, intelligent and great candidate for the position of President. One of the things that bothers me about many Black GOPers is that they rag on Black Democrats simply due to party affiliation. They have totally lost the point!

Like I have said before, my great Grannie used to say that we needed Blacks on both sides of the fence to advance. But that assumed that we had a common agenda. I figure there are an infinite amount of ways to skin a cat and I don't care how we get there; simply the results.

With that in mind, I have no beef with Black Dems or Goper's but only beef with those who are brainwashed into having exclusive party allegience.

After all, nobody ever gave a damn about Blacks! The only way we can change our position GLOBALLY is to band together and exert economic and political influence.

Oh I ramble. Great post FN.

Anonymous said...

4-5 hrs? Bygbaby you must have some serious locks on you my man:)

mahndisa, this is going to surprise you somewhat, but I do believe that black folks need to be invovled with BOTH political parties. We just can't put all of our eggs in one basket.

Honestly, at the end of the day, I don't think any of them have our best interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a good contender.
I like Ron Paul a lot too. I think that he is one of the FEW real small gov’t Republicans left. I also realize that he doesn’t’ have a real good chance of winning, so I hoping that Thompson hurries and enters.

Paul isn’t for the faint of heart. He’s a no-nonsense Republican with a very huge Libertarian Streak. I think that he’s so small gov’t that he voted against the civil rights renewal, Katrina money, and a host of other things that he stands against. What I don’t like is that he’s not really getting taken seriously and not getting a lot of MSM attention. He has a very huge web following and that’s where a lot of his support/money is coming from. Only time will tell, but I would like to see him at least in a cabinet position in one of the many departments that the feds have.

Anonymous said...

"probably some loser holed up in his mother's basement who can't get a date, and probably has a picture of his fist in his wallet."

Now I thoroughly wish I had written that.

field negro said...

Thank you bruce, I knew somebody would get that ;)