Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Faces Needed

"Goodbye are not the country that I love and I finally realized that no matter how much I sacrifice, I can't make you that country unless you want it" ~~Cindy Sheehan writing in Daily Kos~~

Gee Cindy, when exactly did you discover that?

But thanks for your sacrifice; you lost your son, and I am quite sure that very few of the talking heads and right wing crack pots who bashed you on a daily basis could make that claim. It was easy for them to pick on you while you were on center stage, because you had the nerve to speak truth to power, and very few people in America have the guts to do that.

Still, you had to have felt betrayed when not even those in the Democratic party would take a real stance against this insane war. Hey, it can be lonely when you stand up for your principles and your beliefs. This is, after all, America, where everyone is busy pursuing happiness.

"I have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed.." You sure have Ms. Sheehan, but consider the source: Slimy, gutless, greedy fear pimps, who prey on the ignorance and faux patriotism of a particular segment of our population. But don't feel bad, you did all that you could do. Now it's time for you to head back to Cali and try and get your life together.

So the anti war movement needs a new face, and I am thinking of a couple of people who could take Ms. Sheehans place right now. How about Paris Hilton? She is certainly prettier than Cindy Sheehan, and I am sure that given her popularity, Americans would pay attention to her. And she is on about the same intellectual level as the President and many of those on the right, so she would certainly be able to go toe to toe with them in debating the issue. I mean think about it. Between her stints in rehab, and her club hopping; girlfriend could make a statement like: "This war is terrible, let's get out of Iraq. How can those poor people shop with all the killing going on?"

If Paris doesn't work for you, how about Dr. Jack Kevorkian? Hey, home boy will be free soon after serving eight years for second degree murder. Now, of course, as it turns out, most people agree with old Dr. Jack, and actually think that assisted suicides is not such a bad thing after all. So who better to lead the anti war movement than a guy known for assisting suicides? Hey, most politicians seem to think that if you vote against this war you are committing a form of political suicide, so why not the face of suicide, Dr. Jack, to lead the movement? The movement is dying anyway, so we might as well put Dr. Jack out there to put it out of it's misery without any real pain. "Hi, I am Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and I am against the war in Iraq, and as someone who will assist you in committing suicide, please feel free to join me in this movement. I promise you that your death will be painless."


FriĆ°vin said...

What a great post. You matched my current frame of mind rather exactly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I say we go one step further than the good Dr. I nominate Anna Nicole! Media can't keep their eyes off her poor dead soul. She's perfect!

field negro said...

Thanks konagod!

LOL at dani, you are killing me with the Anna Nicole reference.

C-dell said...

I may be naive, but I can't give up yet.

Francis Holland said...

Field, you've got Walter Mosley as Field Negro of the Day. Mosley and E. Lynn Harris write the books that I find hardest to put down, so I don't even try. I just read their books in one or two sittings and then I wonder when the next one will be published.

I guess Cindy has found DailyKos as frustrating as I did, maybe more so. She's leaving the country, or so it seems from her letter.

Tasha said...

Good post, field. It's a shame that she's giving up completely, but I definitely appreciate her efforts

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

This woman is the caucasian version of Cynthia McKinney.

And just like the CBC slung McKinney under a political bus, the Democratic Caucus slung Cindy Sheehan under a bus, and engaged members of her family (i.e. ex-husband) to help out.

Casey didn't die needlessly. His mother saw to that, and because of her efforts, we must pick up where she left off while she rests. Once she's rested, I think she'll be back, because this movement was too important to her to let it go.

She just can't count on the Democrats. Neither can we.

west coast story said...

My heart breaks for Cindy Sheehan. She lost her only child and is grieving the best way she knows.

The most important issue facing the US is the war. There's no point in talking about universal health care as long as we are pumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into the war machine annually. This war is costing us everything many of us want to support like health care, education, housing, etc.

It is also costing us adequate health care and other support services for the service men and women who volunteered to serve their country and come back maimed or severly damaged psychologically. Prepare for another generation of homeless vets sleeping on the streets. As long as the war continues, we are all screwed.

Good post, FN.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

I have expressed my heartfelt thoughts about Cindy Sheehan and her sacrifice. It should serve as a reminder to all who would bring about social change, to sit down and count up the cost, first. I believe more energy is lost through ineffective tactics than soldiers lost in Iraq. If we do the same thing the same way, over and over again, how can we expect a different result? But people are so locked the civil rights style street protests because they know of no more effective way to accomplish their goals. I hope that we, in the Afrosphere, are smarter and more efficient.

Connecticut Man1 said...

She deserves props for everything she did. I wish her the best in whatever she choses to do now.

Tsedek said...

She went against her son. His views were totally different than those of hers and she desecrated this. How can a mother do something like that? Even to still her own pain?

rikyrah said...

CBC/Faux News Update:

This was one of the topics on this morning's Washington Journal on C-Span. Bennie Thompson was on, but I missed him. I was just listening to the open calls afterwards. Anyone know what Thompson said?

Francis Holland said...

West Coast Story said above, "There's no point in talking about universal health care as long as we are pumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into the war machine annually."

I disagree. The very reason that we MUST talk about universal health care to point out that we (average Americans) have other needs that are much more immediate than any "need" to control the world. For, if the US controls the whole world and many of us still cannot afford to get our cavities fixed and fill our medical prescriptions, then our priorities are obviously very screwed up.

But we cannot show that war is NOT the most important priority unless we posit other priorities that are clearly more important to us. We need to point out that the lack of affordable medical care in the United States imperils our health and safety far more than any actions by the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Black infant mortality rate in the US South (17.9%)is three times that of American whites (6.9%) and three times that of the largely Latino and Black population of Cuba. (6.6%) Cuba's Afro-Latino population has a better chance of reaching their first birthday than whites in the United States. And the reason is pretty simple. They spend their public health monies on national health care, providing free medical school education so that they have an excess of doctors rather than a shortage, while we spend our public health and dollars fighting for territory in Baghdad.

Anonymous said...

Gee tsedek, you have an amazing gift! Could you tall me what my dear Granny (may her soul rest in peace) is thinking right about now? Sometimes I really miss her.

rikyrah, I missed that HN Bennie Thompson too. I am also curious to know what he said.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, couldn't you have included Dennis Kucinich along with Senator Hairplugs for RSVPing to this farce of a debate.

Another prediction - I expect Barack Obama to split with the CBC because he's not falling into line by continuing to snub this debate. As a CBC member, Obama's continued snub has the impact of national questioning of the CBC's relevance to political discourse.

Francis Holland said...

Skin-Color, Urban Murder and Insanity: "The Elephant that Won't Go Away"

"The longer we ignore the truth behind the urban murder crisis, the longer the good guys will continue to lose."

Cross-posted at the American Journal of Color-Arousal (AMJCA).

For quite some time, Field Negro has been focusing our attention of the fratricide among Black men (and women) in Philadelphia, urgently asking what can be done to keep us from killing each other. Can the AfroSpear Help Reduce Urban Violence?

I have urged that we look at Color-Aroused antagonism and violence (antagonism and violence that target people because of emotions, ideation and behavior associated with their color) and I have urged that we think of this, in extreme cases, as a symptom of a psychiatric condition, Extreme Color-Arousal (ECA).

Now, Field points us toward an article by Simone at PhillyConfidential, with alarming statistics.

See the rest at the Francis L. Holland Blog

JD said...

hey, FN, Nice job on Cindy, this war has been horrible for all involved, at least Cindy knows she got fucked, Bush etc is still in denial. I did a short post on you and want to be added to your blog roll. Give me a shout

rikyrah said...


Kudos to you on Father Pfleger. If ever there were a White man that's a Field Negro, it's Father Pfleger. He's the real deal. He's willing to fight to the end, even if it's a losing cause.

White folks in Chicago have long since thrown up their hands when they see him coming...LOL

But, what has he done lately that has Faux News going after him? What's he done now? ...LOL

Tsedek said...

It is very much known that her son had different ideas than her and was proud serving in the U.S. army.

Anonymous said...

tsedek, like most soldiers in the army, I am quite sure Casey could not have made his TRUE feelings known about the war. After all, he was a soldier.

I think his mother was in a better position to know her son's true feelings don't you?

rikyrah,the Reverend told a gun shop owner who was selling death in Chicago that he was coming to smoke him. I am paraphrasing, but he said something like that.

Anonymous said...

James, shoot me an e-mail at:

And make sure you put a link to your web site.

Thanks for the kind words.


Hathor said...

I have never heard a woman who has condemned Cindy Sheehan, ever preface there statement about their grief in losing a child. You see I could never understand the pride that was presented by the Gold Star mothers who lost more that one son, during Vietnam, only that they needed the stoicism to cope. I would have never viciously attacked them simply because I didn't understand or believed as they did.
I heard that statement, but "Bush has seen her twice," too many times as if Bush had the power of God to lay his hands and assuage grief. The media would say with bloggin relatives, "she has grieved and enough is enough," as if they live in her shoes. Why was she made the focus? No one would let her just do what she thought she had to do. The Bush advocates needed to see her bleed as well.

It could be that her son's death brought her beliefs into focus, which are apparently different than hers son's. She may be a mother like me, that realized my son was from the moment he was born, was not an extension of myself and was his own person. You try to impart your values, but you are not raising a clone. Would a mother still not be a mother if she died in the military and her child a pacifist? The relationships are intimate, and cannot be determined by outsiders what they were, and one cannot say that she dishonors his memory.

Cynthia said...

I can't even imagine losing a child and my heart goes out to Cindy Sheehan. But, if you look at who White Americans elected, this is not surprising. When you elect moderate Democrats, it is equivalent to electing Republicans. I’m not surprised at any of this.

west coast story said...

"Francis Holland said:

West Coast Story said above, "There's no point in talking about universal health care as long as we are pumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into the war machine annually."

I disagree. The very reason that we MUST talk about universal health care to point out that we (average Americans) have other needs that are much more immediate than any "need" to control the world."

Francis, you completely missed my point. I thought my meaining was apparent in my post. I was being ironic. I live in a city that is trying to develop health care for the locals. I understand fully the importance of universal health care.

Tsedek said...

If so, Fields, why is it then that she never presented her sons 'true feelings' but only her own?

Anonymous said...

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