Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Oh Come All Ye Black Folk"

I would like to thank my sister for bringing this article to my attention.

The first time I learned about Tufts University I was a little kid who had no idea how prestigious the school was among academics. All I knew was that one of my favorite aunts was married to a guy who lectured there. Now that I am an adult, I am quite aware of Tufts, it's academic reputation, and it's stature among educators in this country.

Still, when I heard about the campus conservatives publishing a satirical jab at black folks in their newspaper, "The Primary Source", I was not surprised. The parody had words that said all black people are '"boisterous," and born in the ghetto.' One line said: "Oh Jesus we need you now to fill our racial quotas". But nothing about race surprises me anymore. Especially on college campuses. Oh yes, it seems that these days the more educated and younger the person is, the more insensitive he or she will tend to be on matters of race. So things are a little tough at Tufts right now, (damn I loved saying that) and black students have actually filed institutional charges alleging that the carol parody constituted "harassment and created a "hostile environment". The school has about 8,500 students of which about 7% is black. And everyone of those black students seem to be offended. So the school administration who prides itself on the free flow of debate and encouraging an open discourse on campus, is a bit embarrassed. "We write to express our one should have to endure verbal attacks based on race" So says President Lawrence Bacow, who must feel like he is caught between a rock and a hard place right about now.

Well President Bacow, let me throw my two cents in this debate and try to help you out a bit.
Do not take any action against the campus conservatives! Let me repeat that: Do not take any action against them! To the black students on campus, my advise to you is this: Hit your books, focus on graduating, and forget about those white conservatives on campus who want your black asses gone. Nothing you do is going to change how they feel about you. (They are white republican conservatives for crying out loud!) In fact, you should be glad that they are publishing this type of ignorant shit, because at least you know where they stand. When are black folks going to learn? This is the reality you live in, just because folks hide their true feeling about your ass on a daily basis does not mean that racism and ignorance does not exist. Even at a fine institution like Tufts University. I feel for that black sophomore who said; "I think they crossed the line." Because I just bet that when she headed on up to Tufts with her 1,300 SAT score and straight A's from high school, she thought she would never have to confront racism again. Well as my man Borat would say": "Not!" This is America young lady, and in a way, you are getting a lesson in reality 101 right there on your campus. This is what one of your fellow sophomores of the white persuasion said: "I honestly don't believe that it was intended to be racist. Of course I could see why they (Black people) would be offended". See, he understands, and I bet lots of other white people do too.
So suck it up, move on and try to get your degree. When you do, enter the work force with a renewed sense of passion, and try and do everything in your power to help to uplift your family and your race.


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Angela Mcglowan on google video...idiot. I mean, if I ever get hard up for cash, it's nice to know that there's always a job available whoring for the Right.

Hathor said...

I was a little surprised to see how enamored students were with Ann Coulter, when seeing the preparation and response to her speeches on youtube. I should be to old to be surprised anymore.

Christopher Chambers said...

Wasn't the song old news? Or did I miss something?

Look, time to start up the ass-whippins of these little smarmy fools. If black young people psent more time busting these frat boys and Ann Coulter bulimics in the head, than dressing like convicts and watchng "College Hill" (which this season makes all West Indians look like savages), then the racism problem would disappear very quickly.

PS folks, check and comment on my recent post on the "DC Madame." We all hoped there'd be some juicy stories about hoes and white dudes. Yes, as Borat said "Not!!!"

Anonymous said...

I hear you, FN. Now you know how they really feel, so you can be empowered for the future.

PS - LMAO on your picture of Paris. The thought of her going to jail is just hilarious to me.

PPSS- Did you have Snoop Dogg as HN of the Day? Why you ask? Why not? How about Russell Simmons - one of the Front men for the Modern Day Minstrel show. I still maintain...those who say that Condi puts a Black face on the Frat Boy's rotten policies...what do you think Russell has done all these years at the globalization of our dehumanization on a world stage? Different arena, same purpose; Condi got power, Russell got 300 pieces of silver.

field negro said...

maxjulian, glad you saw Ms.McGlowan in live andliving color.

Chris it muight be old news, but it was news to me. Not that I am surprised or anything.

hathor, don't be surprised, Coulter and her ilk, have always enjoyed a following among the white bred college crowd.

And rikyrah, I don't think I have featured Snoop as a HN. Although Fifty Cents have. It's certainly worth a thought though. Mmmm, I will think about it.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I blame Black Parents who think they've "made it" for not teaching their children that no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter how prestiegous you're considered to be in upper-income/class circles, you're still considered a Nigger by those who would hate on you anyway.

Recommended reading: THE RAGE OF A PRIVILAGED CLASS, by Ellis Cose. The bigots know they can still knock us down with the word, "Nigger" and we need to know that we can recover and succeed. If those kids at Tufts want to piss off the bigots they go to school with, graduate in the top 10%, get that Oxford Connection or primo internship with the University Hospital, make that paper and live large.

It's the best revenge. I remember when Chris Rock told that joke about how he was tormented by a white bully in school, and that same bully wound up chauffering him around New York. I loved that flipping of the script, and if those kids could get into Tufts Univ., shake the dirt and really represent the race!

BTW, Field, the bigot kids should face some repercussions for that stunt. Like expulsion. That follows their academic career like a prison record. Just to teach them a lesson...

Jameil said...

i got my cold, hard slap in the face the day of my high school graduation. one of my white male "friends" was going on and on about how i shouldn't be going to a 4-year school b/c he'd get a degree in 2 and make more money than me and blah blah blah. i said well, you are a white male so you'll be making more money than me anyway. do you know this fool said to me, "that's not true anymore" and tried to argue me down. first i'm me, 2nd, i was captain of the debate team so that wasn't gonna happen. but i was suddenly overjoyed i was going to an HBCU. GO HAMPTON!

JustMeWriting said...

"it seems that these days the more educated and younger the person is, the more insensitive he or she will tend to be on matters of race".

I can't agree with that statement more. Young people today think the thing of race is so far removed from their lives it's crazy...they don't know and don't want to know because they say...'that's in the past'...and 'get over it'. I think most see a seperation between slavery and racism, which cause them to turn a deaf ear and blind eye.

Anonymous said...

OT: Remember how paranoid I was about the Pet Food and China thing, even though I had no pets?

Now, we've got the Chinese killing people globally because of a ' mistake' in medicine ingredients.

Wake up, people.

dc_speaks said...

rather than just add along with every other comment of agreement in long comment form.

I'll just say a few words of encouragement: GO HEAD ON BROTHA, KEEP DOING THE DARN THING!

field negro said...

chris prog. I have not read that book by Elis Cose,but it's now on my must read list.

jameil..thanks for sharing.Makes you wnna holla don't it?

justmewriting, it's always nice to see Philly in the house.

thanks dc_speaks; we are all speaking truth to power my brother, let's just hope that the right people are listening.